jagadishsudo apt-get install compiz gives me a erro00:00
Stamenii installed SIP, Qmake, G++, libxext-dev, python-qt4 and libqt4-dev00:00
* stygian gives jagadish a bow00:00
Stameniand if puthon3 configure.py fails again00:00
Stamenino .configure, that work00:01
jagadishstygian, ..???00:01
Stamenibut make report an error00:01
DennisCan anyone answer a question about the bottom panel, that houses programs in use. Why it would disappear, and how to get it back on Ubuntu 9.10?00:02
billybigriggerhow can i copy an ssh key, to a secured server, im getting denied00:02
bazhang!resetpanels | Dennis00:02
ubottuDennis: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »00:03
egaudethey all, I'm having issues creating a live usb.  I've tried the included creator in ubuntu 10.04, also unetbootin from both windows and ubuntu.  I get "boot error"  when booting then it falls back to the hdd.  It's a fresh A-Data 4GB key I just bought.  Is this most likely a bios problem?00:03
linux_is_my_heroanyone wanna help me fix my sound? :-D00:03
billybigriggerim trying to allow a friend to access my server via ssh, but keep getting pubkey denied messages while trying ssh-copy-id user@host00:03
egaudetI know i've usb booted in the past (although not since updating the bios a few weeks ago)00:03
egaudetand with a different USB key I've since lost00:03
billybigriggercan i just go into his ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and copy/paste it there?00:03
GarandirI need help using Razer mouse and keyboard with Lucid Lynx00:04
jagadishCould not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)00:05
jagadishwhy am i getting this error00:05
Kahluajagadish: may be u r running synaptic and you are trying to install from terminal00:05
GarandirJagadish: Do you have anything open like Synaptic or apt-get in terminal00:05
Stameniwhat g++ do ?00:07
Dennisubottu: you rock. Thank you very much00:07
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:07
jagadishKahlua, yes i'm trying to install frm terminal00:07
plaziaMy tty1 - tty6 have somehow been disabled. if I ctrl+alt+f1 - f5 it goes out of x to a black screen but there's nothign there not even a cursor. Is there a way to resolve this?00:07
Kahluajagadish: So you have a synaptic package manager open somewhere... Close that and you should be fine installing what ever packages u try to install00:07
GarandirAnyone using Razer products ok?00:08
Ego_ProctorI am trying to determine if my video card truly has dual head support or not.  It is a Radeon mobility 7500 in a Dell C640.  I am using the laptop display and an external monitor.  I am currently researching how to use XrandR/xorg.conf  to adjust my settings since gnome Monitor app offers very little.00:08
jagadishKahlua, i have update manager running00:08
KahluaThat's the reason. You can try to install once update manager is done..00:08
Ego_Proctorcan anyone help point me in the right direction, or should I just throw in the towel..00:08
jagadishKahlua, thanls00:08
jagadishKahlua, thanks00:08
GarandirEgo_Proctor: What do you need help with?00:09
KahluaI've a dumbest stupidest Q...I am Empathy now for IRC'ing here...Can somebody tell me the join command to join the ##C channel00:09
GarandirKahlua: /join #C00:09
Ego_ProctorGarandir, I am trying to fix my video problems with 10.04 some of them are multi monitor, some are internet video playback related, some are just general.00:09
jacob_Hey guys, I wanna to change the kernel source code, so when I can locate it in ubuntu and what is the procedure to recompile it00:09
KahluaGarandir: That failed to join the chat room00:10
Ego_Proctorsuch as I can't change resolutions or move the monitors with gnome.  The screens scramble for 30 seconds until the timer runs out then goes back to normal00:10
Sendo-EevpixCan anyone help me with My Tablet?00:10
GarandirKahlua: The channel is invite only. Tell someone to invite you that is in the channel.00:10
fanpaGeSendo-Eevpix, which one?00:10
GarandirEgo_Proctor: Go ahead with your first problem.00:10
Ego_ProctorGarandir, such as I can't change resolutions or move the monitors with gnome.  The screens scramble for 30 seconds until the timer runs out then goes back to normal00:11
KahluaCan somebody in C channel...please send me an invite to join that room00:11
GarandirEgo_Proctor: Have you installed the drivers?00:11
euph0riahi, if i run a bash script with  ssh -f option.. it will wait for it and not complete running the script, does anyone know why?00:11
Dr_Willis!kernel | jacob_00:11
ubottujacob_: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages00:11
Ego_ProctorGarandir, yes00:11
Dr_Willisjacob_:  you got a lot of learning to do i think...00:11
Sendo-EevpixI already got the information doctormo on that Ubuntu-us-ma wanted me to get to see what is wrong. Should I paste it here and now?00:11
IdleOne!register | Kahlua You need to register your nick.00:12
Ego_ProctorGarandir, I am using the xserver-xorg-video-ati open source driver00:12
ubottuKahlua You need to register your nick.: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:12
frogonwheelsEgo_Proctor: yeah - xrandr has some issues. It's not isolated to gnome I can assure you.00:12
jacob_ubottu: thx guys00:12
LorgonJortleI JOGL recommended to learn? I've been coding 3D in XNA for over a year, and to fully switch to Linux I want to work with OpenGL... Java seems like close family to C# to me.00:12
tantaemolisKahlua: just typing "/join #C" should work, it did for me--maybe try registering your nick with nickserv'00:12
Ego_Proctorfrogonwheels, well I don't have issues with KDE, I just don't really like KDE,  I actually want to use openbox, but the issues from gnome follow into openbox.00:12
LorgonJortleis JOGL*00:12
frogonwheelsEgo_Proctor: My second monitor has always been a bit hard to get working under xrandr - but currently it  just isn't.00:13
=== Kahlua is now known as Kahluua
frogonwheelsEgo_Proctor: Mine are with kde too :(00:13
GarandirEgo_Proctor: You have two monitors, correct?00:13
=== Kahluua is now known as Kahlua
Ego_ProctorGarandir, yes, the LVDS and VGA  (I am assuming LVDS means Laptop Video Display S?)00:14
GarandirEgo_Proctor: How did you install the second monitor? I would try plugging it in while the computer is off, and then booting.00:14
Ego_ProctorGarandir, I didn't have any issues until I tried playing Half-Life with wine a few days ago, and now everything is bunk.00:15
mybis there a simple way to create a bootable live lucid install on usb that is encrypted?00:15
Stamenidr_Willis, can you tell me what does g++ do ?00:15
Kahluatantaemolis: I did what you said. But it's not working for me.00:15
GarandirEgo_Proctor: Hmm very odd... let me think00:15
tantaemolisKahlua: have you registered your nick on this network with nickserv?00:16
Kahluatantaemolis: yeah...00:16
Kahluatantaemolis: I've tried "/join #C freenode" and it fails00:17
GarandirKahlua: You just want /join #c00:17
Kahluatantaemolis: I've joined this channel by doing 'join #ubuntu freenode'00:17
fanpaGecan I have an invite too? please00:17
GarandirEgo_Proctor: I'm not sure, I'm not too good with hardware. You could try to find someone better with hardware.00:18
KahluaGarandir: you were saying that room is a invite only00:18
geudrikCan you do basic math in the terminal window? Eg: 96^1600:18
Sendo-EevpixSo no one can help with my Wacom PEN Tablet?00:18
KahluaHow could I get an invite00:18
GarandirKahlua: It is. * Cannot join #c, channel is invite only00:18
PiciGarandir, Kahlua:The channel is ##c and you need to be registered and identified to join/talk00:18
Pici!register | Garandir Kahlua00:19
ubottuGarandir Kahlua: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:19
Ego_ProctorGarandir, I don't know what I did or what I installed to make it crap out.  I even erased xorg.conf and ran a sudo Xorg -configure  but still not working right00:19
GarandirEgo_Proctor: Can you afford a fresh install?00:19
Ego_ProctorGarandir, I guess if I backed up some stuff.  I won't lose to much...00:19
asymptote1My unattended-upgrades application is not performing unattended upgrades. Can someone help me with that?00:20
maxvaillancourt1Hi everyone :)00:20
tantaemolisPici, Kahlua: Yes, that is my guess... register your nick (type "/msg nickserv register" I think) and then login with "/msg nickserv identify password"00:20
Ego_ProctorGarandir, but I would like to understand the problem if I can before I try to sweep it under the rug00:20
maxvaillancourt1does someone have a minute to help me?00:20
GarandirEgo_Proctor: Try switching the two monitors. ie if VGA is default try the LVDS, the display might not work00:21
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:21
maxvaillancourt1nevermind, perfect timing and thank you tantaemolis :)00:21
frogonwheelsomg - things are now worse!  arandr just made my screen go all scrambled - the weird thing was that my mouse pointer was fine!00:22
tantaemolismaxvaillancourt1: welcome00:23
GarandirDoes anyone know why my razer mouse and keyboard hang/lockup after about 10 minutes of use?00:23
Ego_ProctorGarandir, I am trying to learn how to do that, but Xorg.conf only lists one monitor and the Gnome Monitor app in Preferences does not give me that option.00:24
asymptote1My unattended-upgrades application is not performing unattended upgrades. Can someone help me with that?00:24
GarandirEgo_Proctor: Are you sure both the monitors are in working condition?00:24
KahluaGarandir: Can you guide me to get an invite for the C chat room...00:25
Pici!register | Kahlua00:25
ubottuKahlua: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode00:25
=== fernando is now known as Guest85774
christ__Hi guys :)00:25
cablopasymptote1: verify your repositories, , check the prefered repositories in your synaptic and also upgrade your repos00:25
PiciKahlua: You need to register your nick.  Then join ##c , not #c, ##c00:25
GarandirPici: He is NOT talking about ##c.00:25
PiciGarandir: There is no #c.00:26
GarandirPici: Then explain * Cannot join #c, channel is invite only00:26
frogonwheelsI can't get dualhead working on my ati (xorg drivers - fglrx doesn't support my card it seems) - even specifying it in the xorg.conf00:26
KahluaPici: I think I've registered my nick with nickserv00:26
christ__I am looking for a theme, just like iron man's GUI =)00:26
asymptote1cablop: done - and I have the configuration file uncommented correctly.  It's still not performing an upgrade && update.00:26
Ego_ProctorGarandir, yes. they worked fine under XP and they work in KDE00:26
PiciGarandir: Its offtopic for here, but if ##C is set +r, and you aren't identified, then the forward from #c will  not work.00:26
frogonwheels.. kde 'thinks' it's working - it's spreading my desktop over that area - but one screen just mirrors the other.00:26
IdleOneKahlua: ok, once registered you need to /msg nickserv identify <password>00:26
PiciKahlua: You aren't.00:26
GarandirPici: I did not know #c was a forward channel for ##c.00:27
Ego_ProctorGarandir, but because of low ram I want to use openbox to conserve resources.00:27
Ego_ProctorGarandir, they are both working now, I just can't change there relative positions, resolutions, or play full screen videos.00:27
Ego_ProctorI mean their.00:27
christ__Any idea about how to make ubuntu look like iron man's gui :)00:28
Sendo-EevpixI give up... Later everyone.00:28
GarandirEgo_Proctor: You probably need to edit xorg.conf00:28
GarandirEgo_Proctor: Please see: http://tinyurl.com/22t58wk - Second post00:29
GarandirI need someone who has a working Razer mouse and/or keyboard to help me00:30
LorgonJortleHow would one view the current users in a room in Empathy?00:30
KahluaLorgonJortle: The right side view of the chat window consists of all the users00:31
LorgonJortleKahlua: It's not there.00:31
christ__join #ubuntu-fr00:31
LorgonJortleI know it normally is...00:31
LorgonJortleJust needed to be dragged over.00:31
LorgonJortleThanks. ;-)00:32
giampieroHello, I get an error message at startup, "no or unsupported wmi interface", can anybody help?00:32
=== Kahluua is now known as Kahlua
tylernolIs there a way I can get either XChat, or Psi to integrate into my notifiction area?00:32
jagadishcompiz gives a blacklist error... ???00:33
jagadishcompiz gives a blacklist error... ???00:33
KahluaWhenever I try to register my nick with nickserv in empathy it says Failed to open private chat. Any suggestions on that?00:33
cablopasymptote1: well, i don't know what else to check, maybe check it in services...00:33
cablopalso check dependencies00:33
cablopi'm going out, chatzila use to eat the RAM so i need to free some00:34
asymptote1cablop: thanks for your help but I think I'll seek answers from someone else00:34
giampieroHello, I get an error message at startup, "no or unsupported wmi interface, unable to load", can anybody help?00:34
KahluaWhenever I try to register my nick with nickserv in empathy it says Failed to open private chat. Any suggestions on that?00:36
asymptote1giampiero: I've googled and it appears to be a problem with an unsupported network card00:36
asymptote1giampiero: I apologize if you've already googled the problem and know that already00:36
UbuntuSupportKahlua I'll try to help00:37
gregdekCan anyone help with an apt-get issue?00:37
giampieroasymptote1: so what should I do?00:37
Kahluagregdek: What about it?00:37
asymptote1giampiero: I'm researching the matter further - looking for a solution00:37
gregdekKahlua, there seems to be a mismatch between versions of what I try to fetch.00:38
giampieroasymptote1: thanks a lot :-)00:38
GarandirI need someone who has a working Razer mouse and/or keyboard to help me00:38
gregdekI run "apt-get postgresql" and get "Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/p/postgresql-8.3/postgresql-8.3_8.3.9-0ubuntu9.04_i386.deb  404 Not Found".00:38
tylernolIs there a way I can get either XChat, or Psi to integrate into my notifiction area?00:38
gregdekBut then when I go to the mirror...00:38
asymptote1giampiero: I'm not doing anything you can't do - it's just googling and seeing if anyone else has posted this problem and how/if they resolved it00:38
UbuntuSupportGarandir: I might Be apble to help00:38
gregdekIt's clear that 8.3.9 isn't there, and it's 8.3.11 instead.  So why does apt-get ask for 8.3.9 in the first place, and how can I get it to fetch the right thing?00:39
GarandirUbuntuSupport: Awesome! My mouse and keyboard both hang after ~10 minutes of use00:39
GarandirUbuntuSupport: But they work fine on Win 700:39
UbuntuSupportGarandir: what version of ubuntu00:40
Typos_Kingtylernol:    I know Pidgin would do it from the tray, as far as Xchat, it does it from the taskbar by blinking00:40
GarandirUbuntuSupport: 10.04 and 9.10 both did it00:40
UbuntuSupportGarandir:dou you use00:40
giampieroasymptote1: I'm also lookin on the net, I didn't think about googling before.00:40
UbuntuSupportGArandir:Is it Wubi00:40
GarandirUbuntuSupport: No. Dual boot of AMD6400:40
tylernolI know, but I'd like to be able to set my Psi status message from the bar, since there is already an applet there00:40
asymptote1giampiero: ok np - let's use the pm so we don't have to read everyone else's msgs00:41
GarandirUbuntuSupport: Although, I have not tried it in a Virtual box00:41
Godfather8850does anyone have any news about the wavy VGA out in Radeons in 10.04?00:41
UbuntuSupportTest it with Microsoft Virtual PC 200700:41
GarandirUbuntuSupport: Will do00:41
UbuntuSupportK good tell me after00:41
unclemantisok something is screwed up here. Somehow my files had user:group and then they got changed to www:www somehow00:42
robin__i am looking to find out how to convert jpeg to pdf. can anyone help?00:43
unclemantisthis was working FINE at work but now at home it is not. yes I am using the same username and password and I am using SFTP00:43
=== CalgaryToad is now known as ve6sky
UbuntuSupportGarandir: Have you tried in Wubi00:43
unclemantis- error occurred - An FTP error occurred - cannot put cassandra-act-new.php.  Access denied.  The file may not exist, or there could be a permission problem.   Make sure you have proper authorization on the server and the server is properly configured.00:43
GarandirUbuntuSupport: No, I have not.. Should I try that as well?00:43
UbuntuSupportCuz my keyboard works great in wubi00:44
UbuntuSupportJust try in wubi00:44
UbuntuSupportIf that doesn't work i'm stumped00:44
LorgonJortleIs there any reason I should learn OpenGL with C++ over OpenGL with Java?00:44
GarandirLorgonJortle: Java is known for being slow on runtime00:45
robin__can anyone help me convert jpeg to pdf?00:45
unclemantisok that was weird00:45
unclemantiswhy did the file get taken over by www:www for no reason?00:45
UbuntuSupportRobin_: Sure00:45
LorgonJortleGarandir: Would Java be nicer to code OGL in?00:45
GarandirLorgonJortle: Java would be a lot easier.00:46
LorgonJortleWhy is that?00:46
GarandirLorgonJortle: Java is a common starting language, I've programmed it for a few years. I could even help you00:46
LorgonJortleI've been programming for over 4 years, that's not my worry.00:47
UbuntuSupportrobin_: yw00:47
GarandirLorgonJortle: You said C or Java, right?00:47
LorgonJortleI would love help though if I choose it. Thanks!00:47
LorgonJortleI've been coding 3D games in XNA for the past two years.00:47
LorgonJortleIn C#.00:48
LorgonJortleBut before that I coded only C++00:48
spanglesontoastwhat program do I need if my clipboard keeps emptying ?00:48
LorgonJortleAdmittedly... I sucked back then.00:48
zuscan some one please tell me how to group windows? i am running cssm00:48
UbuntuSupportrobin_: try This00:48
GarandirLorgonJortle: Well C is structured while Java is object-oriented...00:48
UbuntuSupportRobin: http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Multimedia_and_Graphics/Graphics_Editors/JPG_to_PDF_Converter.html00:48
LorgonJortleGarandir: And I long for my objects... ;-) - Is the slowness of the JRE a huge downfall?00:49
GarandirLorgonJortle: It's not really slow in my opinion.00:50
lacyI'm looking for an application similar to F-Spot, but for video file management. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really like the way F-Spot handles the import and duplication detection process.00:50
LorgonJortleGarandir: It seems to me like I'll be workin' with JOGL then. o.O00:50
=== SlidingHorn_out is now known as slidinghorn
GarandirLorgonJortle: If you need any Java help feel free to ask00:51
LorgonJortleGarandir: I'm positive I'll take you up on that. May I PM you?00:51
GarandirLorgonJortle: Sure.00:51
jason123when i try to make a flash vid bigger i have to min. the browser after doing so why00:51
Drone4fourright now i'm using totem as my mp3 player.  what alternatives do i have other than rythmbox or amarok?00:51
MuscovyDrone4four: VLC is a good player.00:52
jason123i use GNOME MPlyer00:52
junglist313i have just started using deadbeef, it's a nice lightweight player.00:53
=== Terminator_ is now known as Terminator
Typos_KingDrone4four:    Minitunes -> http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Minitunes?content=127381, or Audacious, I use a really small one, Qmmp, which is QT based, sorta like winamp,it also uses winamp skins00:54
lacydoes such an application exist for video?00:54
Drone4fourty Muscovy, jason123 and Typos_King: i'll try those00:55
Typos_Kinglacy:    dunno what f-spot does, so00:55
avisexaile has really nice features00:55
lacyTypos_King: it imports pictures from a camera or flash drive and stores them in your home/pictures folder00:56
lacyit also checks for dplicates and arranges the files based on date, and some other things... the defauly ubuntu app00:56
Typos_Kinglacy:   ... most digicam these days use jpeg or raw or else, if it loads, you can pull it out with any app pretty much I'd think00:57
Typos_King!cheese | lacy00:58
lacyit's a Flip, and it creates mpeg00:58
Typos_King!info cheese | lacy00:58
ubottulacy: cheese (source: cheese): A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component main, is optional. Version 2.30.1-0ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 62 kB, installed size 244 kB00:58
Typos_King.. not exactly the same hehe.... well00:59
lacyhmm yeah.00:59
lacy!info F-spot00:59
ubottuPackage F-spot does not exist in lucid00:59
KahluaEmpathy failed to open private chat whenever I try to register my nick with nickserv. Any ideas how to deal with that?00:59
NighthwkCan anyone help why my mount --bind command in rc.local won't work?00:59
NightDragonhey guys, anyone up for some IT systems administration advice?01:00
KahluaNightDragon: Sure01:01
Kahluabring it on01:01
NightDragonso i'm looking for a good IT systems management solution01:01
NightDragonand kace is slick but too damn expensive01:01
NightDragon(and windows... ick)01:01
NighthwkCan anyone help me with why my (mount --bind /media/directory /home/user/directory ) command in rc.local won't work?01:01
lacylooks like they tried to make f-spot import video files, but then it's being replaced with Shotwell in newer versions of ubuntu01:01
NightDragonright now i have GLPI + OCS-ng, and that gets me a little bit of the way01:01
NightDragonfor a french project its not half bad :-P01:02
Ego_Proctorwhat is the difference in the way KDE handles the video driver and Gnome handles the video driver?01:02
NightDragonbut i want to be able to do _management_ not just ticket support and inventory01:02
NightDragonany suggestions?01:02
NightDragon(anything short of BO2k)01:02
NightDragonoh cool, flood bots. Yay.01:02
KahluaI've no idea what you are talking about. May be somebody else can shed light on that01:03
Ego_ProctorKahlua, who are you talking to?01:04
EvilTrekhow can I find the version info of an installed package in terminal?01:04
KahluaEgo_Proctor: NightDragon01:04
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, kde and gnome don't really do anything with the video drivers, unless you're talking about the apps to install them01:04
LjLEvilTrek: apt-cache policy package01:04
Typos_Kinglacy:   I see it... in google images, well, one I have that looks a bit similar per se, will be Gwenview, which is kde's default image viewer -> http://gd.tuwien.ac.at/.vhost/www.kde.org/announcements/4.1/screenshots/gwenview-browse.png01:04
beeboob1hey has anyone installed tomboy from source?01:04
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, they're not responsible for loading them or anything like that01:05
KahluaEvilTrek: <packagename> -v should bring up the version of the oackage01:05
KahluaEvilTrek: *package01:05
=== slidinghorn is now known as SlidingHorn_out
NightDragonnobody has any ideas? sad panda :(01:05
Ego_Proctorcwillu_at_work, ok. can you help me to understand why I can run dual monitors well in KDE and not in Gnome...?01:05
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, define well01:06
NighthwkCan anyone tell me how to enable /etc/rc.local on boot up?01:06
lacyTypos_King: do you know if it handles video files as well as pictures?01:06
Ego_Proctorcwillu_at_work, my dual monitors work in gnome, but I am stuck with the default orientation,  I can't move them to match thy physical setup.01:06
cwillu_at_workNighthwk, it's enabled by default afaik;  make sure nothing exits with an error code in there though, it +e by default01:06
lost_soulrc.local should be automatically read upon boot ootb01:06
Ego_Proctorcwillu_at_work, I also cannot change resolutions01:06
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, how are you setting it up?  Via the monitors control, or via xorg.conf?01:06
Ego_Proctorcwillu_at_work, monitor control01:06
Nighthwkcwilu_at_work: but it won't start my mount --bind command on boot up but it will if I run /etc/rc.local on command prompt01:07
Ego_Proctorcwillu_at_work, I am also having to use open radeon video driver, my card is not supported for linux by ATI.01:07
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, kde's might be hacking on xorg.conf directly (it used to);  can you copy the output of xrandr to a pastebin, and then paste the link here?01:07
Ego_Proctorcwillu_at_work, you mean xranr -q?01:09
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, does the same thing01:09
Ego_Proctorcwillu_at_work,  http://pastebin.com/44TPw7SU01:09
Dan-902how to ftp folders using ftp cli on ubuntu server?01:10
EvilTrekwhere can I get answers to a security related question regarding the openssh-server package?01:10
Dan-902or recursive ftp01:10
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, that looks right, what resolution are you trying to change to?01:10
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, the monitor preferences dialogue should let you just drag one monitor around the other one, no?01:11
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, will it let you flip them side-to-side?01:11
Ego_Proctorcwillu_at_work, no it won't  it gives me garbage as the output, then the 30 sec timer runs out and it restores.01:12
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, so it'll let you, it just doesn't work :p01:12
cwillu_at_workrelevant information that is :)01:12
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, is that when you move the monitors, or when you change resolution?01:13
Ego_Proctorcwillu_at_work, both01:13
KahluaHey can somebody tell me how to deal with Failed to open private chat error msg in Empathy when trying to register my nick...01:13
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, are you using any extra repositories/ppa for drivers?01:13
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, might try disabling graphical effects (None in the appearances properties), and then moving the monitor again01:14
Ego_Proctorcwillu_at_work, already disabled.01:15
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Ego_Proctorcwillu_at_work, until about 30 minutes ago I was running only the default drivers.01:15
Ego_Proctorthat was a bunch of crap01:15
cwillu_at_worksilly people trying to flood the channel01:16
bits8mybyteswoah what is with the flood?01:16
cwillu_at_workbits8mybytes, the digital equivalent of taggers01:17
astrochimpFeels so 1990's01:17
sebsebseb!language | bits8mybytes01:18
ubottubits8mybytes: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:18
NightDragonso erm i'm going to repeat my question since it got flooded into /dev/null01:18
=== hagebake is now known as hagabaka
NightDragoni need a good systems management solution for my work, cant afford kace, boss wont go for BO2k, currently run GLPI + ocsng, but i need something for _managing_ the machines. Any suggestions01:19
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, not sure then.  kde and gnome should both be working the same way re: resolution and such, via the xrandr xorg extension01:19
=== SlidingHorn_out is now known as slidinghorn
cwillu_at_workEgo_Proctor, probably useful to file a bug: "ubuntu-bug xorg", and fill out the details01:19
mneptokNightDragon: if you buy support contracts from Canonical you get access to Landscape01:20
mneptokNightDragon: so then you have management plus support01:20
NightDragonno no-- i'm managing a bunch of windows systems01:20
NightDragonhowever i'll be damned if i pay for some half-assed software01:20
NightDragonso i'm looking into my FOSS options :)01:20
mneptokNightDragon: then your question is off-topic for Ubuntu.01:21
NightDragonnot nessicarily -- there is plenty of general IT admin tools that _run_ on systems like ubuntu01:21
ubottuInterested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment01:21
cwillu_at_workNightDragon, none the less, they're not really on topic for an ubuntu support channel01:22
asymptote1!development channel01:22
NightDragonfair enough01:22
NightDragondo you have a good idea where i could find a bunch of surly system admins on this net?01:22
NightDragon(system admins as in IT administrators, not freenode opers)01:22
asymptote1you looking to hire NightDragon?01:24
asymptote1what's so funny01:24
asymptote1did FloodBot get you01:24
NightDragoni'm a PFY looking for advice... do you think i have cash? :-P01:25
asymptote1I did not read that you were a pfy01:25
asymptote1and what is this "pfy" you speak of01:25
=== cdoublejj_ is now known as cdoublejj
NightDragonPFY = Pimply Faced Youth -- A Junior systems admin01:26
asymptote1I've never heard of any such term01:26
asymptote1you know what tho01:27
asymptote1ok so you're looking for advice ?01:27
NightDragonthen you obviously have not read the sacred texts of BOFH :)01:27
asymptote1like on career development ?01:27
=== aybabtu is now known as plustax
NightDragonnot exactly... i'm looking for advice on a IT Systems mangement solution01:27
asymptote1well can I give it a shot ?01:27
asymptote1did you already type it - should I scroll up ?01:28
NightDragoni'm looking to go with a FLOSS solution here, my boss is too cheap for Kace, Spiceworks is M$ only, and my boss would have a coronory if i try to use something like BO2K...01:28
asymptote1Spiceworks is a help desk ticketing software01:28
asymptote1and it's not M$ only but ok01:28
NightDragonso right now i'm using GLPI for inventory/ticket support (glpi-project.org) and ocs-ng for inventory backend... but i'm looking for something to take care of the _mangagement_ part of things01:29
NightDragonwell whatever i use i want to slap onto a ubuntu server and leave it there... i dont want to have to create a VM just for spiceworks01:29
NightDragonnot to mention that spiceworks seems to be very, very slow01:29
sebsebsebNightDragon: ok maybe #ubuntu-server or ##linux01:30
FYIhello, is there anyway to change "Chat" to pidgin instead of empathy (10.04 envelope tray icon)01:30
asymptote1request tracker is an open-source trouble ticketing solution01:30
asymptote1I'm not sure how well/if it will interface with your existing applications01:30
yacobhHi everybody01:30
asymptote1but it has active directory modules if you're using an AD network01:31
NightDragonwell i already have ticketing covered with GLPI (and IMO glpi is much smoother then RT)01:31
NightDragona plus, but i dont have domain admin privlages01:31
asymptote1yeah I'm not familiar w/ GLPI but I'll check it out01:31
NightDragonits a nifty piece of software01:31
NightDragoni'm looking for something more along the lines of management though01:32
NightDragonlike deployment, system compliance, that kind of thing01:32
asymptote1deployment - like imaging ?01:32
asymptote1or pushing out updates ?01:32
NightDragonyeah stuff like that01:32
asymptote1well for imaging01:32
asymptote1I'm sure you've heard of partimage01:33
NightDragonits actually hell @ my office, because we have too many machines to ghost (too many different models), and i cant find a good way to make an unattended install01:33
=== EvilTrek is now known as Mithos
asymptote1I've not yet tested partimage to deploying windows clients01:33
asymptote1but you can do it all in vm's01:34
NightDragonpartimage? *looks up*01:34
Fudgecan anyone tell me with alsamixer cli how to unmute please?01:34
=== Sup|Lobby is now known as Guest96157
macofudge: hit M01:34
asymptote1I've used the partimage iso in a vm and practised copying/deploying images01:35
asymptote1it shouldn't make any difference doing it from server to client01:35
asymptote1or is that a novice solution to what you were expecting01:35
johngilbroughpoyntz, I've got an iPod touch that I got used about a year ago.  How would I get the firmware updated on this puppy with Ubuntu?01:37
metrixI am trying to get xterm print commands to work..  echo "test" |lpr works, but if I try to do something like  echo "^[[4i" in the terminal nothing is printed..01:38
metrixany suggestion on how to get this to work?01:38
cwillu_at_workmetrix, use /usr/bin/echo01:38
cwillu_at_workthe bash builtin doesn't handle escape sequences01:38
metrixjust tried that..01:39
metrixit didn't help01:39
shtowerjohngilbrough, the only way I was able to update the firmware in ubuntu was to run iTunes in windows in a virtual machine in Ubuntu (whew)01:40
shtowerelias, hey01:41
=== Mithos is now known as EvilTrek
elias_ok im trying to download flash, but its asking me what type? YUM? .rpm?01:41
elias_and a few otheres...01:41
shtoweryou want .deb01:41
cwillu_at_workelias_, 64 bit?01:41
shtowerelias: do you know what architecture of ubuntu you installed?01:42
Typos_Kingmetrix: echo "^[[4i";   works for me on the bash session to print it out01:42
elias_ubuntu ultimate edition 2.601:42
shtoweri386, x86_6401:42
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes; please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ultimate Edition01:43
snarksterupgrading a 9.04 to 9.10 and locks up at 51 minutes during the installing upgrades portion. cant give any more specifics other than pentium 4 in HP Pav zx500001:43
hylianfor some reason i keep on getting the same error at boot. it ays it cant mount /media/Storage. the starnge part is that hard drive is totally healthy, listed clean by ubuntu, and no other os has any problems with it. also, sometimes storage will be mounted anywayz.01:43
snarksterworks fine with 9.0401:43
elias_crap. so that means no one can help me?>01:43
=== Nijverheid is now known as Guest82228
johngilbroughshtower, But I'm allergic  to Microsoft ... any other suggestions?01:44
cwillu_at_workelias_, that said, all you really need is the .so file, which you can dump into your user's .mozilla/plugins/ directory01:44
metrixtypos_king: really?01:44
=== NightDragon is now known as Underbyte
cwillu_at_workelias_, I'd also expect the repository to have a flashplayer that works01:44
Typos_Kingmetrix:   yep01:44
cwillu_at_worki.e., rather than downloading it from adobe directly01:44
elias_kk thats yall. peace out!!!! bye...01:44
snarksterwhat is the 3 button emergency exit for ubuntu 9.0401:44
metrixtypos_king: do you have anything in your Xsession or Xdefaults? or is it just a default ubuntu install?01:45
johngilbroughshtower, I don't even believe there's a Windows install disk in the house01:45
Typos_Kingmetrix:  kubuntu 9.1 install, defaults01:45
metrixtypos_king: what terminal emulator?01:46
euph0riaanyone have some time to help me with a cron defunct problem I'm having?01:46
Typos_Kingmetrix:   mrxvt01:46
metrixtypos_king: thanks, I will try it out01:46
johngilbroughSo Apple won't talk to Ubuntu? (iPod Touch wise)01:46
snarksterwhat is the 3 button kill for X in 9.0401:46
Typos_Kingipod touch? who?01:46
hyliani get an error occured while mounting /media/Storage press s to (i forgot the rest). and then storage was mounted afterwards...??01:48
Kahlua1Good to see you guys back on Pidgin...Empathy was having lot of troubles letting me register my nick01:48
buckelijI'm trying to get libpam-ldap authentication working on 10.04. 'id username' works for most users, but users who are missing the givenName attribute return 'No such user'. any ideas?01:49
snarksterHEY i need to kill X whats the kill sequence01:50
Kahlua1snarkster: 'kill <PID of X>' should work01:50
hylianA error occurred while Mounting O01:51
hylianPress s to skip or M to manual mount01:51
snarksterKahlua1: not working01:51
hylianbut not 001:51
snarksterkeyboard locked up01:51
Kahlua1I wonder how you are able to type then01:51
snarksterdifferent computer01:51
Kahlua1I cant think anything else other than restarting the system01:52
snarksterduring an upgrade01:52
Kahlua1May be you could wait till the upgrade finishes01:52
=== Kahlua1 is now known as Kahlua
snarksterupgrade cant finish if the system is locked up.. it just stopped reponding01:52
gimmeabreakHey, I was wondering if anyone can answer a few questions regarding install ubuntu on a computer with Windows 7 already installed. I got about 40gb of unpartitioned space on my HDD (the one with windows installed) that I want to install ubuntu on. Is it possible to do that with the default installer?01:53
KahluaIt's just its not taking any more commands from you. It might be busy upgrading the system...Can you see a progress bar?01:53
sebsebseb!dualboot | gimmeabreak01:54
ubottugimmeabreak: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:54
trojan_spikegimmeabreak,  is that 40gb being shown as unpartitioned space?01:55
gimmeabreaki believe so, when i installed windows, i left it unpartitioned01:56
gimmeabreakso it's not formatted or anything01:56
trojan_spikeu could install it , picking the use most avail free space.. would u want to use the ubuntu grub ???01:57
gimmeabreakgrub is the boot menu right? i would assume so yes. so i simply have to pick the use most avail free space option?01:58
=== gabriel is now known as gabrielbecker
trojan_spikeyea,, jus be really careful when installing?? be sure not to use all of the disk..01:59
rukubitesHi all. I'm having trouble with a new Ubuntu install. The problem seems to be with the Sata controller.  I have reason to believe that it is a kernel bug and would like to update to a more uptodate kernel if possible. How do I do that within the Ubuntu framework?02:00
gimmeabreakis grub installed by default and used as the default boot menu? or do i need to do something extra?02:00
spasticteapotWow. Empty.02:01
Underbytein ubuntu, grub is installed by default yes02:01
trojan_spikeinstallsa as default.. but u can choose not to use it..02:01
Underbyteyou only notice it though if you set up a dual-bot solution02:01
animeloe[net]hello there02:01
astropiratewhere can i find drivers for my hp photosmart 261002:02
rukubitesastropirate: Often the windows driver disk works.02:03
animeloe[net]I'm having problems booting a ubuntu 10.4LTS server using raid1 on vmware02:04
jefincanimeloe[net]: error probing smb1?02:04
animeloe[net]it boots up to the initramfs, then deadstops at the switch_root02:04
ImaLamerastropirate, follow this link please: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1519672&postcount=502:04
ImaLamerastropirate, ... wait do you have it on the network or USB?02:05
qcjn2hi, i can't connect trought wifi (ubuntu desktop 10.04 on a pendrive, minilaptop gateway lt2107h) but it connects, with the preinstall win7 and puppee linux on a pendrive ?02:05
animeloe[net]this is the 10.4 LTS server02:05
astropirateImaLamer: network02:06
ImaLamerqcjn2, you connect to the router and get no internet? can you see the router's config page?02:06
ImaLamerastropirate, then you are all set... that will generate the CUPS URL's I believe02:06
ImaLamerastropirate, the instructions are a bit dated, but should work the same02:07
Salvad1Hello. Know of any ppa to get a proper version of Mplayer and Mencoder?02:07
astropiratei remmember a few installations ago before i went to windows and back :p there was hp scanner/printer software02:07
astropirate:S i can't remmeber what it was called02:07
qcjn2ImaLamer, no, right now i cant connect from the laptop, but from the computer i m typing right now..yes02:07
ImaLamerastropirate, hp software for ubuntu... got me there (haven't owned a printer at home in years :P)02:08
astropirateok thanks i'll keep googleing02:08
ImaLamerqcjn2, so no connection at all?02:08
MagicJI run 10.4 and remember reading that it offers the option of encrypted home directories - I just created a new used and did not see the option - how do I set a new account to use this02:08
qcjn2right, no connection02:08
ImaLamerastropirate, i'd browse the synaptic listing for anything HP related, maybe will come up there02:09
ImaLamerqcjn2, do we know the network card is found in Ubuntu?02:09
qcjn2ImaLamer, the network manager sees my connections and other, but when it trys to connect it doesn't work02:09
ImaLamerqcjn2, in my HP laptop the light doesn't come on unless the driver turns it on02:09
ImaLamerqcjn2, ok - good place to start02:10
astropirateImaLamer: i think i found it http://hplipopensource.com/02:10
animeloe[net]at this point the only thing I can think of is to uninstall the vmware tools02:10
ImaLamerqcjn2, we have the right WEP/WPA version selected and the right key?02:10
qcjn2http://qcjn.pastebin.ca/1899441   <--- ImaLamer lspci02:11
thune3rukubites: there are mainline kernel builds (no extra patches, drivers) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/MainlineBuilds and there is https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/+archive/ppa where Maverick Kernel builds are backported to Lucid. I can't speak to the problems you may encounter.02:12
qcjn2ImaLamer, when i click on the name of my connection in the network manager, it doesn't give me any other choice of wireless security02:12
qcjn2ImaLamer, you want the ifconfig02:13
ImaLamerqcjn2, paste that, but i'm checking your card now02:13
qcjn2http://qcjn.pastebin.ca/1899431  <-- ImaLamer this is the ifconfig02:14
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trojan_spikebutton on?02:15
ImaLamerqcjn2, can you connect via ethernet to get packages if needed?02:16
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ImaLamerqcjn2, because i see a related issue maybe... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/535222/comments/802:16
qcjn2yes, i just connected a ethernet cable now02:16
qcjn2http://qcjn.pastebin.ca/1899470 <-- ImaLamer this is iwconfig02:17
ImaLamerqcjn2, seen that referenced to another issue of link speed (1MB) but also general issues02:18
qcjn2ImaLamer, ok, but i don't really understand02:18
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:19
ImaLamerqcjn2, following those will essentially update to the latest madwifi drivers02:19
qcjn2ImaLamer, i tried ubuntu 9.10 and ubuntu netbook 10.04, gave me all the same problem02:19
jimi_After upgrading from 9.10 to 10.4 my sound is no longer working in applications, however it works at the startup screen w/ the drums.02:20
ImaLamerqcjn2, the included drives may have a bug :/02:21
jefincjimi_: when you install do you use three partitions?02:21
animeloe[net]any ideas?02:21
jimi_jefinc, im not sure, i installed a while back....02:22
qcjn2ImaLamer, so you suggest that i follow what is on the page that you just gave me (that i'm having difficulties to really understand :(02:22
jimi_jefinc, sound preferences shows no devices using audio02:22
jefinchave you tried the sound guide on the forums?02:23
shtowerI installed Ubuntu last night, and I realized this morning that I installed the 32 bit verstion rather than the 64 bit. What kind of disadvantage am I looking at here.02:23
skumarahi, i'm new. has experience in ubuntu my first linux for 2 weeks. I want to test kubuntu now. how to change ubuntu to kubuntu?02:23
shtowerI havn't noticed much of a change at all.02:23
jimi_jefinc, just tried an mp3 that works... looks like youtube/flash no longer works02:23
jefincjimi_: that will be an issue with the the flash player you have installed02:23
xanguaskumara: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop02:24
skumarathank u.02:24
jefincshtower: 64bit is supposed to be faster, but unless the application you are running is 64bit as well it will not make a difference02:25
hylianshtower i have the 64 bit version. unless you have more than 3 gigs of ram, there wont be a huge difference.02:25
jimi_jefinc, how do i diagnose that? it was working before upgrade02:26
jefincjimi_: try this thread; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20402202:28
vodlhi, can someone tell me how to permanently disable disc checking on 10.4? thanks02:28
vodlhi, can someone tell me how to permanently disable startup disc checking on 10.4? thanks02:28
MagicJhow do I creat a new user with an encrypted home file system in 10.4 - I see no option to set this mode and remember that it is a feature of 10.402:28
fearfulAnyone know if iTouch os4 3g is supported yet?02:28
jefincjimi_: the comments seem to be hit and miss, but it may work for you02:29
ImaLamerMagicJ, Start here (though dated) http://www.linux-mag.com/cache/7568/1.html02:32
thune3vodl: that sounds like such a bad idea, that I have to ask why you would want to do that. Full disk checking should only happen after a clean unmount, after a period of time, or after a number of mounts. [normally infrequent]02:32
fearfulAnyone know if iTouch os4 3g is supported yet?02:33
vodlthune3 it's very very slow and it seems to happen randomly and with no consequence whatsoever if I just press "C". otherwise it can take up to 10 min02:33
sicascHey saben como puedo manipular el Brillo, Gamma, Contraste, saturacion, etc.. En Ubuntu Lucid?02:34
IdleOne!es | sicasc02:35
ubottusicasc: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:35
MagicJty ImaLamer - I thougt it was part of 10.4 though02:36
qcjn2thanks ImaLamer02:36
sicaschow can manipulate like the sheen, contrast and gamma in ubuntu lucid?02:37
eryn_1983can somebody tell me why  the keybindings in awesome and wmii2 don't work02:39
eryn_1983do i got to reate a config file>02:39
thune3vodl: sounds like your problem is elsewhere. Either you do have power-out or hard shutdowns, you check intervals are too short, or (unlikely) you have a hardware problem. Full checks should be infrequent. And running a filesystem in a potentially inconsistent state is asking for trouble later. Also, if you don't let the check finish, it WILL happen again on the next boot. I guess I'm trying to say that your problem is better addressed by 02:40
emeshow can I check what package provides a certain file?02:40
vodlthune3 well my system is ok now, can't I just stop it somehow from pestering me?02:41
foxloverI've a 2,7 GiB ISO created by ddrescue from a DVD that extracts only 543 MiB of its data... Is there any tool to extract corrupt ISO files? :S02:41
Jordan_Uemes: "dpkg -S" for installed packages, "apt-file seach" for packages that you haven't yet installed (also tells you about packages that you have installed, but takes longer than dpkg -S)02:42
foxloverPS: I don't have my DVD media anymore... :-(02:42
Jordan_Ufoxlover: If ddrescue says that it only recovered 543 MiB of data, then you won't be able to get any more than that from the image ddrescue created.02:43
thune3vodl: well if the filesystems are set as "unclean" then they need to be checked to get back to clean. Then: depending on the filesystem, you can set the check intervals to longer intervals (tune2fs for ext2/3/4)02:43
GryllidaI store some files on a windows xp machine. the windows user shared them with permission everyone full control. while being able to edit them allright, when I make new files, they have only me on the permissions list. resulting in the windows user unable to open them...02:43
Gryllidathe files themselves are stored on the other machine, not on this one , I get to it by smb://ip/. what can I config to fix it? Possibly to make the files I create inherit the permissions of the directory I'm making them in?02:43
RandumNumberjoin channel #arduion02:43
vodlthune3 come again?02:43
eeuOla para todo02:44
Jordan_U!es | eeu02:44
ubottueeu: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:44
realubotCan anyone confirm that Ubuntu 10.04 will work on GA-H55M-UD2H: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3309#sp with Core i 530: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=4647202:45
foxloverJordan_U: Sorry if I'm not clear, but the ISO file created by ddrescue have 2,7 GiB of size... ;~02:45
picnicHello new friends!   I have just installed Ubuntu Lucid and I want to use IRC.   I am thinking that Empathy would be the way to go. Does anyone know how to use Empathy with IRC?02:45
realubotThe specs at Gigabyte says: "Due to different Linux support condition provided by chipset vendors, please download Linux driver from chipset vendors' website or 3rd party website."02:45
n0a1iaspicnic, just use xchat02:46
foxloverSo... The ISO itself have 2,7 GiB, but it extracts only 543 MiB... :|02:46
xanguapicnic: iy you have used pidgin before, is almost the same: you create an irc account and select a server t oconect02:47
realubotI can't fins any chipset drivers for Ubuntu at Intel's stite so therefore I'm asking about your experience of Gigabyte H55M-UD2H and Intel Core i3 530.02:47
foxloverfile-roller --force -e 070925 ../ISOs/070925.iso give me this error: (file-roller:15062): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_bookmark_file_load_from_data: assertion `length != 0' failed02:47
fearfulAnyone know if iTouch os4 3g is supported yet?02:47
n0a1iaspicnic, hit f4 and then add an irc account im trying it now02:48
picnicxangua: I think I have it connected - but I don't know how to join a room.  (I am new to IRC as well.)02:48
Jordan_Ufoxlover: How much did ddrescue say it recovered? Sparse files can be large without containing much actual data.02:48
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blah_does lucid desktop have an option in the installer to encrypt the hard drive?  i noticed server had LVM2 encrypt disk, but can't find that in desktop installer02:49
realubotfearful: Maybe this is an answer: "IconWell, this is a welcome surprise for those of us waiting for Ubuntu 10.04, the Lucid Lynx. Several users are reporting that their iPod Touches and iPhones (including the 3GS) work in alpha 3 - without tweaking, without jailbreaking, without patching - with Nautilus and Rythmbox."02:49
realubotfearful: http://www.osnews.com/story/22942/Ubuntu_10_04_To_Support_iPhone_iPod_Touch_02:49
MadDecenthey, how can i install i386 flash plugin on x86_64 so I don't have all these flash bugs?02:49
n0a1iaspicnic, im on it now, it looks pretty cool02:50
realubotfearful: The article doesn't mention os 4 though.02:50
Jordan_UMadDecent: The "flashplugin-installer" package installs the 32 bit plugin (with nspluginwrapper) by default.02:50
fearfulrealubot, thanks bro I will check it out02:50
icarushello, is samba for some reason acting non-usual inubuntu 10.04?02:50
xanguaMadDecent: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree ¿02:50
foxloverJordan_U: I don't remember, but I think it reported 2,7 GiB... When I still had the DVD media I noticed that it have 5483 files. But extracting the ISO I get only 2985 files. Weird! :s02:51
DummyModehi there..02:51
eccwhat is the cli command to check status of master volume for OS?02:52
DummyModegot ubuntu 9.04 server, how can I see which services are automatically loaded in the current runlevel?02:52
emesJordan_U: thanks02:52
picnicn0alias: how do enter a room? eg this one. I am very new at IRC!02:52
n0a1iashey some one use my name in a message please, i wana see how empathy soows it02:52
sebsebsebn0a1ias hi02:52
icarushello, does samba act differently in ubuntu 10.04 thn others?02:53
Jordan_Uemes: You're welcome.02:53
xanguapicnic: "/join #channelname"02:53
icarusi cant seem to get a simple smb share going for my xbmc on my xbox02:53
n0a1iasmeh, it doesnt sow up in red...02:53
n0a1iaspicnic, go to Room ->join, then type #ubuntu, make shure your on the freenode chanel02:54
Gerwhile installing I get code need help02:55
ImaLamerhow do i find the current modules for my SATA controller and PATA controller?02:55
icarusfor instance, there is no /etc/init.d/samba02:55
n0a1iassomebody give me an ip, anything thats up please?02:55
icarusand i HAVE samba installed02:55
_genuser_heu guys.02:55
n0a1iasi wana try nmap02:55
ImaLameri've done lsmod - but want to be sure02:55
fearfulrealubot, OS 3.x and higher are not yet officially supported this way, but it is coming.  quoted from the site, I guess I'll have to wait02:55
mdganyone here installed a cdma2000 phone modem with success?02:55
Gerubi-partman crashed exit code 10 cansomeone help02:55
_genuser_using netbook edition.02:55
picnicpeten0alias: I am picnicpete on Empathy.02:55
icarustestparm registers all of my statements in my smb.conf just fine02:55
_genuser_it fails to install mplayer. is that a problem for netbook edition?02:55
n0a1iaspicnicpeat, cool its good to see that u got it upp and runing02:56
realubotfearful: " Having flashed iOS4 onto my iPhone 3G I can CONFIRM that the iphone on iOS4 plays nice with Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)."02:56
realubotfearful: http://www.sinfuliphone.com/showthread.php?p=16514202:56
_genuser_the installed totem actually wants you to buy codec for everything you want to play. for all of ubuntu's annoying warnings about proprietary graphics drivers, why is totem the default player?02:56
realubotfearful: Maybe it will work on iTouch too then?02:56
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n0a1iasif u want, go to conversation and make this room one of ur favrits so that u can get to it easyer02:57
totem_genuser_, i'm free of charge :)02:57
icarusis there anyone competent in this room at all?02:57
rukubites_genuser_: go to medibuntu.org02:57
_genuser_just trying to install mplayer and it fails saying one fo the dependencies or somesuch is failing.02:57
n0a1iasyes, many of us are, please be polite and ask your questions02:57
_genuser_rukubites: let me give it a shot.02:58
realubotfearful: Well, I don't know actually, just trying to help you out on this.02:58
rukubites_genuser_: no problem. For legal reasons, Ubuntu separates out the media repositories.02:58
GerI  need help with installing 10.04 lts02:59
_genuser_rukubites: I found it in the listed software. It just fails to install due to some dependencies which is lists as mplayer-gui.02:59
sebsebseb!install | Ger02:59
ubottuGer: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate02:59
_genuser_I was thinking why should the -gui be a dep on mplayer.02:59
sebsebsebGer: Basic install guide found in manual02:59
sebsebseb!manual | Ger02:59
ubottuGer: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:59
n0a1iasGer, do u have a 10.04 live cd, or are u trying to upgread?03:00
_genuser_overall the netbook edition is pretty cool and responsive.03:00
mdganyone here installed a cdma2000 phone modem with success?03:00
GerI am using cd and get two codes03:00
n0a1iaspicnicpeat, if u find out how to set it so that messages using ur name appear in a different color, let me know03:01
mdgGer: what codes?03:01
Gerubi-partman crashed exit code 1003:01
mmfbHow does one install java onto xubuntu?03:01
_genuser_rukubites: when it says a package is not installable, is it due to netbook edition or because simply the correct repo isn't included?03:02
IdleOne!java | mmfb03:02
ubottummfb: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.03:02
picnicpeten0alias: I have not seen the  Room->Join option you speak of. (And I saw it in docs as well.)   I got here with /join #ubuntu.  I guess that's working, but I wonder about the  Room->Join menu...  I am running as it comes from lucid repository.03:02
Gerubi-partman failed with exit code 10 further information may be found in /var/log/syslog03:02
realubotmmfb: This may be of interest: http://www.ehow.com/how_5130733_install-java-xubuntu.html03:02
Gerubi-console setup failed with the exit code103:03
n0a1iassomeone giva me an ip, anything as long as its up03:03
realubotmmfb: There is a new java packages in UBUNTU 10.04 though, lika openjdk6 or something. You may be installing that kind of Java support instead in Xubuntu too.03:03
wick94my cursor doesnt change to black, can any1 help?03:03
D3thfactorhelloooo :D03:04
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_genuser_nm. mplayer on it's way.03:04
xanguammfb: enable parthner repositorie and install it, but ypu could kust use open jdk03:04
_genuser_how linux world works without mplayer, it's unimaginable.03:04
icarus_genuser_: what problems are you having?03:04
wick94my cursor doesnt change to black, can any1 help?03:05
_genuser_rukubites: comment about source separation helped. one repo was unselected. it's installing. :)03:05
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icarus_genuser_: worst case scenerio just use the .deb off of the mplayer website03:05
_genuser_icarus: nah, it's fixed. hadn't selected a repo.03:05
xanguawick94: restart your session03:05
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_genuser_thanks all.03:05
wick94my cursor doesnt change to black, can any1 help?03:05
icarusdoes anyone here know anything about samba?03:05
icarusor smb shares03:05
_genuser_for the help with mplayer. :)03:05
n0a1iaswic94, system ->preferences -> appearance -> theme -> customize -> pointer03:05
wick94xangua yes i did tht, bt it doesnt work03:06
jdsbluedevlhi, I have been agonizing for over a month about how to do a shared Internet connection between my Ubuntu computer and my Roku set-top box.  The help page for ICS DOES NOT HELP and DOES NOT WORK.  I pretty much figured out that the problem is that only one Ethernet card is being enabled at a time, not both at the same time.  Also, I can't set up a connection profile for the inactive Ethernet card to share.  Can someone help03:06
jdsbluedevlme with this problem?03:06
sebsebseb!samba | icarus03:06
ubottuicarus: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:06
icarusis samba in /etc/init.d/samba replaced by /etc/init.d/smbd in ubuntu 10.04?03:06
icarussebsebseb: ive already been there, and it doesnt offer any explanation03:06
Gernobody can help me with the codes03:07
icarussebsebseb: i have samba installed, but it isn't showing up in /etc/init.d/samba03:08
_genuser_icarus: /etc/samba/smb.conf seems to the file where you'd setup shares.03:08
Jordan_UGer: Have you checked that the CD burned properly ?(There is an option to check the disk in the boot menu)03:09
MaRk-Iicarus: http://www.jonathanmoeller.com/screed/?p=159003:10
MagicJI want to create a new user with an encrypted home directory - I thought that this was an option in 10,4 but do not see the question - I tried a linux-mag article idea offered by a member here and it does not seem to work under 10.4 - it was from 8.403:10
alien_Hello I am trying to install ubuntu on my new Sony VAIO z1290x (http://YYBp) I when boot up the computer. All I get is a blank screen. No shell, no flashing cursor nothing. I ran the Check out http://ubuntu.pastebin/Q72xXsx9 for the results of the boot info script.03:10
RoastedSometimes when I boot up and log in, I dont have my window border with min/max/close buttons on it, etc. I just have nothing on ANY program window. Does anybody else?03:12
_genuser_sounds like your window manager crashes.03:12
_genuser_you're not using stuff like compiz, right?03:12
alien_I am not03:12
_genuser_that was for Roasted03:12
alien_o sorry. my bad03:12
_genuser_sorry no idea why screen wouldn't boot.03:13
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Roasted_genuser_, Im using the default settings on normal, or whatever.. so I suppose so03:13
hongmingis there anybody can hear me03:13
jdsbluedevlhongming: what's your question?03:14
hongmingo It is funny03:14
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hongmingNo question03:14
hongmingjust for fun03:14
jdsbluedevlubottu: off-topic03:14
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:14
_genuser_Roasted: sounds like your window manager craps. you using regular ubuntu?03:14
Roasted_genuser_, yes03:14
alien_jdsbluedevi can you help me with my question?03:15
shtowerhongming, are you an Ubuntu user?03:15
hongmingof course03:15
Jordan_Ualien_: That pastebin link is broken.03:15
alien_Hello I have *attempted*am  to install ubuntu on my new Sony VAIO z1290x (http://goo.gl/YYBp) I when boot up the computer. All I get is a blank screen. No shell, no flashing cursor nothing. I ran the Check out http://ubuntu.pastebin/Q72xXsx9 for the results of the boot info script.03:15
_genuser_Roasted: is it like that right now?03:15
hongmingI am03:15
alien_let me look03:15
dfeuerOK....  I just upgraded to Lucid and suddenly my window close, maximize, iconify buttons are on the left instead of the right.  How can I fix this?03:15
Roasted_genuser_, no, I just log out/back in till it works right.03:15
jdsbluedevlalien: this may be a stupid question, but have you tried any other boot-up disks for other distros?03:15
shtowerhongming: well, that's good then03:15
alien_ http://ubuntu.pastebin/Q72xXsc9 is the correct version03:16
Jordan_U!controlls | dfeuer03:16
dfeuerJordan_U, !controlls?03:16
_genuser_Roasted: if it craps out, use alt-f2 to bring up run screen, then run "metacity". see if it fixes it. if it does, then that's surely the case. your window manager dies.03:16
Jordan_U!controls | dfeuer03:16
ubottudfeuer: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side03:16
_genuser_Roasted: then you have to figure out what kills that.03:16
Roasted_genuser_, good tip, Ill try that next time it happens. thank you.03:16
alien_I am able to boot into recovery mode from the ubuntu alternate cd and then startx03:16
hongminghehe  by the way i am chinese03:16
jdsbluedevlalien_: that isn't a valid page03:17
_genuser_Roasted: :)03:17
Vince5just add a .com03:17
shtowerdfeuer: go to System > Preferences > Appearance and choose a different theme...I didn't like it either, so I use the "New Wave" theme03:17
icarusMaRk-I: thanks, testing it03:17
alien_I forgot the .com.... ya like Vince5 said03:17
dfeuerThanks, y'all.03:17
MaRk-Iicarus: yw, good luck03:17
jdsbluedevlalien_: still not valid. pastebin.ubuntu.com uses numbers only for its codes03:18
shtowerdfeuer...you're welcome03:18
MaRk-Ialien_: what's your video card?03:18
hongmingIf someone want to learn chinese , I can teach you03:18
Jordan_Ujdsbluedevl: It's actually http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/Q72xXsc903:18
Vin73hi, I get a Hash Sum mismatch error while performing upgrades on ubuntu lucid...03:18
dfeuerAnother problem, weirder and more annoying:  when I'm using certain apps, especially Chrome but occasionally in Pidgin, I'll be typing and suddenly the typing doesn't go anywhere and I have to switch to a different window and back to continue...03:19
IdleOnehongming: this is a support channel, if you want to chat please join #ubuntu-offtopic03:19
Mahjongghi all, can I remove the "Clean Up by Name" feature from the context menu in nautilus?03:19
alien_it has two one is03:19
MahjonggI hate it :)03:19
alien_NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 330M GPU (1GB VRAM) with Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator HD03:19
alien_Intel® HM57 Express Chipset03:19
hongmingbye guys .03:19
Vin73can someone help me with this issue?03:19
Jordan_Ualien_: Is there any change if you hold shift while booting?03:19
MaRk-Iand which one are you using?03:20
alien_Jordan_U: Ill try03:20
hongmingluck to you03:20
alien_Intel, but both are installed03:20
MaRk-Ialien_: either one try this, it lists for both http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/03:20
jdsbluedevlalien_: I'll hand it off to the more experienced.  I literally know nothing and am only in here because I have a problem myself03:20
alien_holding shift gave me the grub menu!!03:21
jdsbluedevlAnyways, back to my problem.  hi, I have been agonizing for over a month about how to do a shared Internet connection between my Ubuntu computer and my Roku set-top box.  The help page for ICS DOES NOT HELP and DOES NOT WORK.  I pretty much figured out that the problem is that only one Ethernet card is being enabled at a time, not both at the same time.  Also, I can't set up a connection profile for the inactive Ethernet car03:21
jdsbluedevld to share.  Can someone help me with this problem?03:21
d3thf4ctorany idea how to add irc.geekshed.com on xchat?03:21
icarusoh man ubuntu 10.04 is so frustratingly sucky, i remember why i stopped using03:22
picnicpeten0alias: I have found the Room menu!  I am very happy now. Thank you!03:22
NinoScripthow can I put a button on my Gnome-Panel that opens another partition, even if it's not mounted? (exactly as on the Places menu?)03:23
Jordan_Ualien_: What happens if you choose the recovery mode entry from the grub menu?03:24
alien_Jordan_U: i just get the blank screen03:25
wick94guys i m tryin to install the engine 'ubuntu looks' bt looks the package is obsolete or something, any help?03:26
Jordan_Ualien_: Try editing the first menu entry by pressing 'e' at the grub menu, then add " nomodeset" after "quiet splash" (on the same line), then press ctrl+X to boot this modified entry.03:27
wick94guys i m tryin to install the engine 'ubuntu looks' bt looks the package is obsolete or something, any help?03:27
GryllidaNinoScript: right click the panel, add to panel, custom app launcher, input the path / name of the partition as the command03:27
alien_When I remove silenNo mode set gets me a bash? login03:27
wick94sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks03:28
wick94guys i m tryin to install the engine 'ubuntu looks' bt looks the package is obsolete or something, any help?03:28
xangua!repeat | wick9403:29
ubottuwick94: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:29
MaRk-IGryllida: are you still having probs. with samba?03:29
TronGuyDamn, I love Ubuntu. My first Linux destro, pretty nice so far.03:29
GryllidaMaRk-I: yes. see my question several minutes ago.03:29
_genuser_wick94: when you try to install it does it say it not installble or obsolete?03:30
fearfulrealubot, I know I was just letting you know the results, I appreciate your help.03:30
MaRk-IGryllida: where it says user did you add the current linux user account?03:30
=== aperson is now known as APERSON
jdsbluedevl hi, I have been agonizing for over a month about how to do a shared Internet connection between my Ubuntu computer and my Roku set-top box.  The help page for ICS DOES NOT HELP and DOES NOT WORK.  I pretty much figured out that the problem is that only one Ethernet card is being enabled at a time, not both at the same time.  Also, I can't set up a connection profile for the inactive Ethernet card to share.  Can someone help03:31
jdsbluedevl me with this problem?03:31
Jordan_Ualien_: Have you logged in?03:31
Jordan_Ualien_: Ok, try running "sudo service gdm start"03:32
GryllidaMaRk-I: I'm 'user' on this linux OS, my username on that windows machine is 'bob', it is what I input along with password to mount it, however the new files I create have only 'user' permitted to edit them. what and where should I check / edit?03:32
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=== wai is now known as avidya
blorghey,i just tryed to install ubuntu on my mp3 player( i made it ext4) but i cant isntall with the usb creator,and gparted doesnt recognize it.. but i am able to mount it,help please03:33
=== avidya is now known as wai
marubuntu sux because you can't resize wubi partition after installation.03:33
wick94_genuser_ this wt it says Package gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks is not available, but is referred to by another package.03:33
wick94This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or03:33
wick94is only available from another source03:33
NinoScriptGryllida, It says: Could not open location '/media/Media'03:33
GryllidaNinoScript: well, you have to mount it before launching the shortcut03:34
GryllidaNinoScript: s/shortcut/launcher/03:34
alien_Jordan_U: should I Reconfigure Graphics?03:34
Vin73hello, any suggestions on the Hash Sum mismatch error?03:34
MaRk-IGryllida: strange the settings for that folder are, browsable, writable and public03:34
Jordan_Umar: You can resize a wubi partition.03:34
lyperHello guys, I have a question. What is the best IRC client in term of stability and user friendliness when it comes to Ubuntu?03:34
GryllidaMaRk-I: windows user set 'everyone: full control, read, and write'03:34
MaRk-Ialien_: if it worked no, you only need the nomodeset at grub03:34
Vin73lyper: I have found xchat to be good...03:35
blorgsomeone, please?03:35
marJordan_U: how ?03:35
ratcheerlyper: I don't know about everyone else, but I like ChatZilla.03:35
lyperI am using Xchat gnome(Not real idea what it does) and it just crashed on me twice03:35
BiggFREETry Quassel03:35
Jordan_Ualien_: Did you run "sudo service gdm start"?03:35
lyperI think gnome only changes the UI, I might be mistaken tho03:35
=== wai is now known as avidya
alien_Jordan_U: Yes*03:36
kazooHello, i have Ubuntu Desktop 10.4 and i keep getting this error when i try to get MySQL03:36
MaRk-IGryllida: you mean:  valid users = everyone?03:36
osmodivsCan Ubuntu handle render farm?03:36
Jordan_Umar: You do realize that starting off with "ubuntu sux" is not the best way to get volunteers to help you out?03:36
Jordan_Uosmodivs: It was used to render Avitar, so yes :)03:37
blorgi just started fine and noone helps me anyways ^^03:37
osmodivsGet outta here!!03:37
lyperis RizeNET Rizon's network?03:37
marJordan_U: it's the only way to get volunteers help i think03:37
marbecause the normal way a few days ago didn't help03:37
jdsbluedevlOK, maybe I should ask a simpler question.  Does anyone know how to set up an internet connection share step-by-step (which is not the way the help page does it with the graphical set-up)?03:37
kazoolyper: no03:37
squigleJordan_U, did you work on avatar?03:38
lyperWhy does Rizon do not appear under networks in Xhat:|03:38
=== avidya is now known as wai
macojdsbluedevl: command line you mean?03:38
_genuser_wick94: you have all the repos enabled?03:38
alien_Jordan_U: I recieve a menu asking me if I want to reconfigure my graphics.03:38
jdsbluedevlmaco: no, command-line isn't working.  iptables doesn't work03:38
kazooMaybe because i'm 386 and not 6403:38
wick94_genuser_ yea03:38
jdsbluedevlmaco: I mean using the nm-applet03:38
Jordan_Umar: You are incorrect, I helped someone yesterday who asked about resizing a wubi install, because they asked nicely. Being manipulative won't get you helped, it will only irritate those that would otherwise be helping you.03:38
kazoolyper you need to manually add it it XCHAT03:38
macojdsbluedevl: oh... dunno03:38
_genuser_then it might be an actual availability issue.03:38
Jordan_Usquigle: No, I wish :)03:38
lyperAhhh, thanks. I will check how to do it.03:39
squigleJordan_U, that was my renderfarm03:39
jdsbluedevlmaco: because it worked a month ago, then Ubuntu borked it03:39
GryllidaMaRk-I: yes, the windows user has set the shared dir to have everyone be able to modify the files03:39
macojdsbluedevl: if an update broke something PLEASE file a bug!03:39
marJordan_U: so can you guide me to some tutorial or whatever?03:39
macojdsbluedevl: like, ASAP, so we can revert it03:39
DummyModeI'l like to install and set up openlda on 9.04 server, I've got a working configuration from a suse server, but, I do not find slapd.conf, does ubuntu use slapd.conf or was replaced for something else?03:39
jdsbluedevlmaco: problem is, I don't know what package it would be03:39
GryllidaMaRk-I: but the files I make on it have only me on permissions list though03:39
=== BDsLoveGoat is now known as STiK
macojdsbluedevl: you say network manager could do connection sharing a month ago?03:39
jdsbluedevlmaco: would it be network-manager?03:40
kazooAny idea's on what i'm doing wrong?03:40
jdsbluedevlmaco: yes03:40
macojdsbluedevl: in lucid?03:40
MaRk-IGryllida: hhmm03:40
Jordan_Umar: Ask again nicely in a few hours :)03:40
jdsbluedevlmaco: yes03:40
jdsbluedevlmaco: problem is that I can't get both Ethernet cards active at the same time03:40
marJordan_U: sorry, no time for playing your games for solution you probably don't have.03:41
blorgdamn u guys, you made me kill my usbstick03:41
jdsbluedevlmaco: additional problem is that any connection profile I create is carried over with the main Internet connection to the other card03:41
macojdsbluedevl: ok, network-manager package hasnt changed since april03:41
macojdsbluedevl: lemme check the nm gnome one03:42
Berilioanyone knows w is the file of  desktop conf?03:42
jdsbluedevlmaco: maybe I should check a second connection client other than my Roku?  Only other one I know of is my laptop03:42
kazooi can't do anything until i get this problem fixed :(03:42
kazooAny idea's still on what to do.03:43
macojdsbluedevl: hmm thats from the same source package so hasnt changed eiher...03:43
GryllidaMaRk-I: ... I've been having this issue for several days03:43
edbiankazoo, Try purging everything mysql and then reinstalling it?  Just a guess, it's what I would do.03:43
snarksterhow do i get rid of kde and install the standard ubuntu desktop03:43
marapt-get install ubuntu-desktop?03:44
edbiansnarkster, First: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:44
edbiansnarkster, Then: sudo apt-get purge kubuntu-desktop03:44
maco!puregnome | snarkster03:44
macooy whered that factoid go03:44
IdleOnemaco: was removed because it left some cruft03:44
=== wai is now known as avidya
macoIdleOne: grr03:44
kazooit won't let me do that03:45
kazooit tells me to force install03:45
kazoobut when i try that i get the same error.03:46
edbiankazoo, mmm, I'm not sure then!03:46
edbiankazoo, :( sorry03:46
jdsbluedevlmaco: gotta restart network-manager, might be on to something with connecting to my laptop03:46
markazoo: maybe try disabling some custom sofware sources (just a guess)03:46
h-bombhey, anyone know how i can find out which program is triggering postfix to send mail?03:46
bolsterCan anyone remind me of the command for selecting server roles (thats presented at the setup; I'm talking about weather the machine is a CUPS server, LAMP stack, Asteriks etc)03:49
dreamer000Has got anyone experience with umts huawei? Anyway it sometimes behaves buggy even on WinXP which their own drivers are for.03:49
macobolster: for installing tasks? sudo tasksel03:50
h-bombhey, anyone know how i can find out which program is triggering postfix to send mail?03:50
kazooOkay i fixed it03:50
kazoothanks for the help :/03:50
bolstermaco, thanks *doh*03:51
* h-bomb knows the feeling03:51
h-bombhey, anyone know how i can find out which program is triggering postfix to send mail?03:52
dreamer000Sometimes it abortes anormally. Udev says "unable to enumerate device..." on reconnect. Have to reload ehci-hcd and uhci-hcd to make it behave correctly again.03:53
=== NightDragon is now known as Underbyte
wolf4914I am on wireless N connection on MBP 5.1 and the speed is never higher then 44 mbps and  10.04 64 bit. It is 300 in OSX and Win 7 though - Is it a poor broadcom driver performance under linux  ?03:55
h-bombi dont know why i ever come here for help03:55
h-bombnoone NEVER answers03:55
wolf4914too many people03:55
h-bombhey wolf, i think it is the driver03:56
torchieI'm trying to find a hardware guide for how well lucid runs on thinkpad x20103:56
h-bombbroadcom are bitches03:56
wolf4914they are03:56
h-bombthey never ever release their drives for linux03:56
wolf4914I am pretty sure it is a driver too03:56
wolf4914they do03:56
h-bombive had so much hell trying to get those damn drivers to work03:56
torchieall I see is that the x201 tablet is "ubuntu ready" on like, the fifth or sixth google result03:57
torchiewhich doesn't feel too promising03:57
slidinghornh-bomb have you tried #ubuntu-server?03:57
h-bombhmm, well, no, i dont ubuntu server03:57
h-bombwould i get better help there?03:57
peugi2greetings! can somebody help me with ip address woes?03:57
edbianpeugi2, Probably.  What are the wores?03:57
h-bombi just need a way to find which damn program is triggering postfix to send email to my hotmail03:58
slidinghornwell you're talking about sendmail functions and that's usually done through a server ( hbomb )03:58
peugi2regarding network aliases for eth0, do they all have to be in the same subnet?03:58
h-bombok :)03:58
edbianh-bomb, Isn't the message a good enough indicator?  What are these emails about?03:58
peugi2ie, I just got new range of ips from my ISP, but I'm having trouble adding them to my interfaces file03:58
h-bombhbomb-desktop postfix/smtp[6465]: 9F7C320222: lost connection with mx2.hotmail.com[] while sending RCPT TO03:59
peugi2idealy, I just create eth0:1 or something and put it there, but no avail03:59
torchiewhere can I find information on the different classifications of ubuntu certified hardware?03:59
edbianpeugi2, What?  An interface only ever has 1 IP address.  Did you buy more than one IP from your ISP or are they telling you that their DHCP server will give you an address in a certain range?03:59
torchieI see "certified" and "ready"03:59
h-bombnow i know what the cause of the error is, hotmail is blocking it, prolly via spamhaus03:59
toniHello , i was doing Skype with my mom , i can hear her talk , but she cant hear me talk , any help ?04:00
h-bombi just cant find which program is trying to send email04:00
peugi2yes I'm creating interface aliases04:00
bolstertorchie, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Laptop04:00
peugi2eth0, eth0:0 etc...04:00
wolf4914check yout microphone setting toni04:00
torchiethank you04:00
toniwolf4914: how do i get there?04:00
wolf4914Sound preferences - input tab04:01
_genuser_guys using gnome, want to change the preferred application.04:01
_genuser_right-clicking the app and setting the app and checking remember doesn't do anything.04:01
bolstertorchie, I have an x61 and it was going perfectly well for literally 2 years, then the wireless for one particular AP went very weird. So if something like that happens, check out the compat-wireless drivers instead of the stock intel kernel module; (shameless plug-I cover the process on my blog http://www.andrewbolster.info/blog/2010/07/intel-4965-poor-wireless-performance-under-ubuntu/)04:01
wolf4914toni - are you using your webcam mic or onboard ?04:02
toniwebcam mic04:02
wolf4914then switch to it in your sound preferences - skype is known for guesssing wrong on the input04:03
h-bombsigh, im going to bed04:03
jubobaanybody knows about X11 programming?04:04
toniwolf4912: how do i get there?! Im new to this new windows thing , and i dont no how to use things , everythings in different places .04:04
peugi2are there any bearded sysadmins in here?04:05
n0a1iasany one know any good hacking re3posototys?04:05
peugi2I have a networking question :)04:05
kazooI've been trying to set up a IRC Daemon but every time i try to make i get this error04:05
kazoogcc: ../src/sha256.o: No such file or directory04:05
_genuser_nm, problem solved.04:05
_genuser_rm totem04:05
kazooI've tried several different Daemon's but i always get that error.04:06
kazooWhat can cause this error?04:06
bugattackhello, i forgot how to use irc, how do i list all the users in here?04:08
kazoobugattack, /LIST04:08
kazoo/who #channel04:08
kazooi think will be the user list04:08
wolf4914toni - your panel's sound applet - right click on it04:09
wolf4914sorry - left click04:09
wolf4914and then click on Sound Preferences04:09
toniD': i dont see anything .. D':04:09
jubobaanybody knows about X11 programming?04:09
faddahhello, i have a question regarding install on an intel iMac — when i down load the 64-bit desktop install, to run in VMWare's Fusion for Mac OS X, it's named "ubuntu-10.04-desktop-amd64.iso," but i'm on an intel i7 chip iMac (??). does the amd install work for the intel also? i tried installing it and it works in VMWare & boots ok, but i can't install flash or anything like that as adobe's linux installer says it doesn't have an ins04:10
purveshHow to uninstall Lamp Server in terminal or any other way pls help.04:10
marfaddah: yes, intel uses amd64, weird huh?04:12
MaRk-I!lamp > purvesh04:12
ubottupurvesh, please see my private message04:12
kazooAny idea's on how i can fix that error?04:12
purveshMaRk-I, bro I want to uninstall there is information about to install not on Uninstall :(04:15
MaRk-Ipurvesh: do the opposite then04:15
n0a1iasis there steam for lunix?04:15
purveshMaRk-I, lol....04:15
bsmith093is there any explanation for old files and folders i KNOW i deleted mysteriously re appearing? its freaky!04:16
bsmith093note i did empty the trash after deleting them04:16
[thor]purvesh: try 'revrespmal llatsni teg-tpa odus' ?04:17
purveshMaRk-I, but Command is not applying, sudo tasksel install lamp-server, i tried via sudo tasksel remove lamp-serv it works, thanx04:17
dpyroquestion: i have an upgraded version of a package that i've compiled myself and i'm trying to install a program that requires this package04:18
dpyrohow can i do that without having apt-get delete the package and install the ubuntu binary instead?04:18
MaRk-Ipurvesh: I guess "do the opposite" works ;^)04:19
Empty_fooyou have to figger out how to ignore the dependency using aptget04:19
purveshMaRk-I, and it Works many times :)04:19
dpyroEmpty_foo: how would I go about doing that? can i mark one package somehow?04:19
bsmith093any explanation for unwanted resurrection of old files04:20
[thor]does apt-get skip downloads for packages it already has in the archive>04:20
bsmith093not if they are newer than wht ts got04:21
typemoreon rotten tomatoes, is a positive score tood or bad?04:21
kazoohow can i get the sha encryption?04:21
kazoo!sha > kazoo04:22
Topy44i am currently setting up lucid lynx on my netbook, i installed it without the ubuntu-desktop metapackage because i dont want all the bloat, but i dont really want to piece together all the essential bits by hand. is there a more compact metapackage that includes the full desktop but none of the applications?04:22
Topy44i would like gnome with all its stuff, alsa, printing support, and so on... but no openoffice, firefox, and and all the other stuff that usually comes with the desktop package04:23
faddahgonna log out and log back in via ubuntu04:25
dpyrowhat does it mean for a package to be manually installed?04:26
PoopieMcGheeHas anyone had a problem with getting a wireless USB thing to work? Specifically a belkin N150... Itried alot of stuff, but just started using Ubuntu today... Tried WINE and ndiswrapper and shit...04:29
Jordan_Udpyro: It means that you've specifically said that you want it installed, vs packages which are brought in as dependencies of something else.04:29
h00k!language | PoopieMcGhee04:29
ubottuPoopieMcGhee: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.04:29
thune3Topy44: There are probably several ways to do this but I would recommend installing ubuntu-desktop with: apt-get install --no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop     you can look at "apt-cache show ubuntu-desktop" do look at dependencies and recommends. You could these lists and customize them.04:29
Gryllida!networking | PoopieMcGhee04:31
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:31
PoopieMcGheeThanks very much, sorry for my vulgarness...04:32
n0a1iassigh* going to bed04:34
dpyrohow do i tell ubuntu i've installed the contents of a package myself already?04:34
dpyroi have python-mutagen which i installed from svn, it doesn't show up in apt, how do i get apt not to install its version on top of mine?04:35
bastid_raZordpyro: you compiled it yourself?04:36
dpyrobastid_raZor: yeah04:36
bastid_raZordpyro: instead of make install use checkinstall04:36
usacomputertecHey i'm installing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on Wine using PlayOnLinux and I need to force Gmount to unmount cdrom1 for me and then mount the second disk in it's place04:36
ubottucheckinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!04:36
usacomputertecpeople on the internet say to put in wine eject but that does not work04:36
usacomputerteccan anyone help me?04:36
Underbytewhats up?04:37
=== clay_ is now known as clayg
usacomputertecI need to force an unmount of a looped drive04:37
usacomputertecmounted using gmount04:37
usacomputertechow can I force gmount to unmount04:38
=== iotku is now known as jmad980
Underbytesudo umount --force04:38
usacomputertecsudo unmount --force what?04:39
ari_stresshi guys04:39
* Underbyte /mnt/whatever04:39
dpyrobastid_raZor: yeah but if I'm trying to use a program that depends on python-mutagen apt still will think its not installed04:39
ari_stresscan pls refresh my mind... there is a filesystem for storage, super efficient filesystem.. what's the name of it?04:40
usacomputertecUnderbyte how do I know what it is?04:40
Jordan_Uari_stress: What do you mean by "supper efficient"?04:40
twobitspriteI'm trying to set up a installer on my USB drive to install netbook remix on my toshiba... but the "Make startup disk" program tells me I need to format my device. So, when I hit format, nothing happens.....04:40
usacomputertecUnderbyte there is nothing in my /mnt/ folder04:41
Out_Coldari_stress, resiserfs is what i think you are looking for, but i don't think it's maintained04:41
Jordan_Uari_stress: Performance wise ext4 does as well or better than pretty much anything else.04:41
ari_stressJordan_U: it slices the file, and put it in the filesystem as chuck, exact chunks are overlapping, thus saving space04:41
ari_stressit's on the tip of my tounge.. :(04:41
Out_Coldusacomputertec, sudo mkdir /mnt/disk04:41
ross_my volume control is gone, where it is usually located at the top panel, can you tell me how to put it back?04:41
usacomputertecOut_Cold ok I just tried and it says it's bussy04:41
usacomputertecThe CODMW2 installer still has it locked04:42
ari_stressno it's not reiser nor ext4... arrgg i forgot. lol04:42
usacomputertecI can't close the installer because I need to insert disk 204:42
MaRk-Iusacomputertec: cdroms are usually /dev/sr0 sr1 depending on how they're detected04:42
=== Underbyte is now known as ND-smoke
usacomputertecMaRk-I it's not a cdrom it's mounted using gmount04:42
Out_Coldari_stress, not fat or ntfs??04:42
bastid_raZordpyro: have you used checkinstall?04:42
usacomputertecowner@owner-desktop:~$ sudo umount --force /media/cdrom104:42
usacomputertec[sudo] password for owner:04:42
usacomputertecumount2: Device or resource busy04:42
usacomputertecumount: /media/cdrom1: device is busy.04:42
usacomputertec        (In some cases useful info about processes that use04:42
FloodBot4usacomputertec: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:42
claygI would like to watch a movie and have the "box" be have as little of a border and as much movie as possible.  Is this a setting of the movie player itself or like a windowing setting?  I'm trying to make it easier to throw it up "always on top" but like an eight of the screen so i can do other stuff while watching a movie04:43
Out_Coldusacomputertec, is there a nautilus open to /media/cdrom?04:43
ari_stressohhhh i got it!!! it's lessFS04:43
usacomputertecOut_Cold I've done this before04:43
usacomputertecIt's not nautilus04:43
slidinghornclayg, i know with movie player Ctrl+H gets rid of the toolbar04:43
Out_Coldclayg, install vlc and double click the picture to get full screen04:44
usacomputertecOut_Cold it's the installer that's keeping it locked04:44
Out_Coldvlc pwns totem04:44
Out_Coldusacomputertec, then pkill or kill the installer04:44
usacomputertecOut_Cold NO!!!04:44
usacomputertecOut_Cold the installer has to stay open04:44
Out_Coldthen not too sure04:44
usacomputertecOut_Cold so I can mount the second disk04:44
usacomputertecto finish the install04:45
Out_Coldthat sounds like an issue lol04:45
=== _jesse__ is now known as _jesse_
usacomputertecOut_Cold now someone understands04:45
Out_Coldif only my understanding was worth it's weight in gold..04:45
Out_Coldor solutions04:45
usacomputertecOut_Cold so how do you force a disk to unmount while it's bussy04:45
ross__my volume control has disappeared from my panel can you please tell me how to put it back?04:45
Out_Coldusacomputertec, stick a pin in the tiny hole on the front of the disk drive lol04:46
usacomputertecOut_Cold it's mounted using gmount iso04:46
usacomputertecan iso mounter04:46
usacomputertecCan't I trick the installer into using another folder?04:47
usacomputertecto read from04:47
Out_Coldnot too sure mate... i don't really use cd drives anymore..04:47
usacomputertecI don't either04:47
usacomputertecOut_Cold I'm using an iso04:47
Jordan_Uusacomputertec: You can't just mount the second iso and tell the installer to continue?04:47
usacomputertecdon't you understand04:47
usacomputertecJordan_U tried04:47
usacomputertecJordan_U I even tried reconfiguring wine to use a diffrent folder while the installer was open04:48
Vigousacomputertec: Are you using Cedega or some such thing?04:48
Out_Coldusacomputertec, no.. i kinda jumped into the problem halfway... but even as an iso... if the installer won't let go of the device, good luck..04:48
usacomputertecRight but isn't there some way of tricking it?04:48
Jordan_Uusacomputertec: Try umount -l, if that doesn't work then start over using mount instead of gmountiso.04:49
usacomputertecI could kill gmount iso04:49
claygslidinghorn, just what i was looking for thanks.04:49
usacomputertecit appears to have worked04:49
twobitspritehas anyone used the "startup disk creator"? Mine tells me I need to format the drive, but when I click on format nothing happens. I tried running mke2fs on it, but that didn't help; still says I need to format it.04:49
usacomputertecthe -l worked04:50
purveshI got one dependency issue at the time of installing LAMP, can some one help ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/462794/ see the last para that main package is not installed :(04:50
Jordan_Uusacomputertec: I love lazy umount, it's not used often but very usefull when you need it :)04:50
Out_ColdJordan_U, that just doesn't flush?04:51
usacomputertecJordan_U I'll have to tell my friend about htat04:51
whinisWhy is there wierd horizontal lines on my screen when it gets dark ?04:51
jordanwhats up04:52
Jordan_UOut_Cold: It removes the mountpoint from the filesystem hierarchy but allows already opened files to stay open. It only actually completes the unmount when all files have been closed.04:52
jordanwhats up?!?1/1?1?1??!?"04:52
=== jordan is now known as Guest75649
Jordan_U!offtopic | Guest7564904:52
ubottuGuest75649: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:52
twobitspritecould I just use dd instead of the start disk creator?04:53
YzNwould 64-bit work on my 32-bit ubuntu?04:53
_jesse_purvesh: did you try installing apache seperately?04:53
Jordan_Utwobitsprite: No.04:53
ricky_hey i was wondering if anyone can help with a drivers graphic04:53
=== ricky_ is now known as Guest37650
Jordan_U!anyone | Guest3765004:54
ubottuGuest37650: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:54
elias_hey guys...for some reason, some how, it seems like adobe uninstalled itself....how do install flash?04:54
Guest37650does anyone can help me out04:54
ross__elias_ : sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:54
ross__elias_ : that will install flash04:54
MaRk-Ipurvesh: you just uninstalled lamp about 10 mins ago.....??04:54
Guest37650i have a problem installin my graphic card04:55
Jordan_Uelias_: Install "flashplugin-installer" with apt/synaptic.04:55
elias_how do i do that? im new to ubuntu04:55
YzNguest, whats your gfx card?04:55
elias_google is my freind....04:55
Guest37650intel 845g04:55
n-iCehi hi ! maybe this question has been answered before, but I wonder, If I insert and try to boot Ubuntu in a Mac, will it load?04:55
Jordan_Uelias_: Go to Applications > Ubuntu Software Center and seach for adobe flash.04:56
ross__my volume control has disappeared from my panel can you please tell me how to put it back?04:56
YzN64-bit games work on 32-bit ubuntu?04:57
Out_Coldross__, is there the mail icon??04:57
whinisI get wierd horizontal lines when area of my screen gets dark like when I turn the brightness down through compiz, dark movie scenes, and games04:58
Jordan_UYzN: No.04:58
ricky__maldtiocan anyone help me04:58
ross__out_cold : it's the volume control that usually rests on the top panel04:58
Out_Coldross__, is there a mail icon there or is it gone too??04:58
ross__out_cold : top right panel - it's gone and I can't find a way to get it back04:58
twobitspritenevermind, the usb drive needs to be mounted... *duh*04:58
ross__out_cold : yes04:58
ricky__maldtioim havin some trouble with my graphic card04:59
ross__out_cold : how did you know? lol the mail icon is gone as well04:59
ross__out_cold : so how do I get it back?04:59
n-iCehi hi ! maybe this question has been answered before, but I wonder, If I insert and try to boot Ubuntu in a Mac, will it load?04:59
Out_Coldi dunno... lets find out..04:59
ross__lol you have the same problem?04:59
Jordan_Un-iCe: Yes, hold 'C' at boot to boot from CD.04:59
thebossi need to rename the file extensions in a directory and its subdirectories05:00
ricky__maldtiodoes anyone can help me out with my driver graphic card05:00
Out_Coldno.. mine is here lol05:00
_jesse_ricky__maldtio: you have to state your problem05:00
ross__well then give me yours05:00
commodorwhere is em05:00
ross__transfer me those icons into my computer05:00
Out_Coldross__, try this first to see if it helps... alt-f2, type in xkill and click on the panel where it should be05:00
ricky__maldtiowell i cant install my intel 845g graphic card so i can use compiz05:01
commodorwhere is em str ?05:01
MaletorWhy do I get this error?05:01
ross__that doens't work05:01
soreauricky__maldtio: that gpu can barely run compiz and the intel drivers for it only really supported it a few years back05:01
Maletorflac -d | lame -V 0 07\ -\ Paradise\ Circus.flac ~/Desktop/second.mp305:01
purveshMaRk-I, ya for installation perfectly .... i have to Cleanly uninstall it bcz previous time there is some issue at my apache and may be at mysql ...05:02
Out_Coldross__, did the panel disappear and come back?05:02
MaletorWarning: unsupported audio format05:02
ross__but the same icons are still here05:02
ross__where is my volume and mail damn it!05:02
Gryllidaross__: right click the panel05:03
Gryllidaross__: add to panel05:03
emstrandcommodor: I see you05:03
MaRk-Ipurvesh: ok good luck05:03
Gryllidaross__: indicator applet05:03
ross__i tried that before05:03
ross__oh ye i didn't think of that05:03
Out_Coldya, you could have erased them by mistake... look for "indicator applet" where Gryllida suggested05:03
thune3purvesh: you exact problem is seen here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apache2/+bug/576255  see the end for fix.05:03
ross__gryllida: which indicator applet?05:03
purveshthune3, thanx...05:04
ross__gryllida: the session one?05:04
Out_Coldit should just be called "indicator applet"05:04
ross__oh smack they are back05:04
=== s0meon3 is now known as darth10
ross__i love you ubuntu people05:04
_genuser_ tmi05:04
Out_Coldross__, don't tell anyone, but you are ubuntu people too ;)05:04
ross__lol ok05:05
Gryllida ross__: yay05:05
ricky__maldtiodoes anyone have a min05:05
commodorI do't get how this verkahz05:05
SirCaptaincould someone help me get my webcam working?  linux isn't even recognizing that i have one built-in05:05
Out_Coldricky__maldtio, explain yourself05:05
Gryllidaricky__maldtio: sure05:05
Jordan_Uross__: And some of us are reptilian.05:05
ricky__maldtioi need some help with my graphic card05:05
_jesse_ricky__maldtio: did you see soreau's message?05:05
ricky__maldtiois a intel 845g05:05
ross__Jordan_U : i did not get that joke05:06
thebosshow can i rename a bunch of file extensions at once05:06
Jordan_Uross__: Probably not worth getting.05:06
Out_Coldtheboss, use *05:06
ricky__maldtiooh so no way i can use compiz soreau05:06
_jesse_theboss: try http://tips.webdesign10.com/how-to-bulk-rename-files-in-linux-in-the-terminal05:07
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras05:07
Out_Coldtheboss, mv *.jpg *.jpeg (renames all files from jpg to jpeg05:07
SirCaptainGryllida: thanks for your help!05:07
_genuser_ubuntu whatever but the netbook edition rocks05:07
thebosslike rename *.doc *.txt05:07
thebossi tried that the command would just run forever05:07
macotheboss: i use prename 's/.doc/.txt/' *.doc05:08
Jordan_UOut_Cold: theboss: That mv command does *not* rename all files from jpg to jpeg.05:08
thune3ricky__maldtio: you might look at workaround A of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes, if you are having freeze problems (i don't know your whole problem and compiz should probably be disabled for your card anyway)05:08
Gryllida!hi | YzN_05:09
ubottuYzN_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!05:09
soreauricky__maldtio: With that gpu you can manage to get compiz working but the whole thing is getting the drivers to cooperate. Lucid doesn't make it any easier by offering no way to bypass the hardcoded blacklist checks05:09
m_tadeuhi everyone05:09
m_tadeucan someone advise me on a good project management app?05:09
Gryllida m_tadeu: version control?05:10
justanewbiei'd like to setup a crontab command in ubuntu server,but the command needs the root permission,what's the trick to do this,any ideas?05:10
_genuser_justanewbie: use sudo.05:10
m_tadeuGryllida: nop...project management like ms project05:10
Gryllidajustanewbie: sudo <commandhere>05:10
commodorsudo is good05:10
justanewbiei know sudo ,but can i use it in crontab?05:10
justanewbiei think i need to type password for sudo commands.05:11
_genuser_whereever you can use a command, try it.05:11
_genuser_you can also edit sudoers to allow certains commands to run without requiring password.05:11
veovisI'm on a mac, and I need to install GRUB to a partition so that rEFIt will work.  But I've tried every method I could find in the last two days, and all that happens is that I get a blinking cursor on boot, and that lasts until I hard shutdown the computer05:11
emstrandcommodor: HYF05:11
purveshthune3, Thanx for link that works but still have issue with apache, can u tell me what does it means "apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName"05:11
justanewbiethanks what's the log path of crontab if there are any errors05:11
tonysancan I use Wubi to install netbook remix with existing netbook ISO?05:12
erucdhello how i can install openproj  via apt-get install05:12
justanewbie_genuser_: tks,i got it~05:12
_jesse_justanewbie: you could also just put it in root's contrtab05:12
=== ssutrave is now known as srinivas
Jordan_Uveovis: You don't need to install grub to a partition for rEFIt to work.05:12
justanewbie_genuser_: I'll try05:12
ricky__maldtioso is there any way to bypass the blacklist05:12
Gryllida m_tadeu: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_project_management_software AFAIK Ubuntu uses launchpad05:12
_jesse_justanewbie: sudo -i \\ crontab -e05:12
ricky__maldtiothe point of gettin ubuntu was cuz the effects but what the point to have it if i can t use it05:12
justanewbie_jesse_: Okay~05:13
thune3justanewbie: you could edit the "system-wide" crontab /etc/crontab05:13
whinisIs there a specific channel for video help ?05:13
justanewbiethanks ,u guys all ,so many solutions,:)05:13
Jordan_Uveovis: Just install to the mbr, preferably using pure gpt and a BIOS boot partition (which is what the Ubuntu installer sets up by default if you don't use boot camp, which you shouldn't when installing linux)05:13
erucdhow i can install openproj  via apt-get install05:14
erucdplease some body help05:14
mmfbHow would one go about placing different wallpapers on separate workspaces under XFCE?05:14
Out_Coldwow... head is goin into overdrive....05:14
Out_Coldi need a time out... cya guys05:15
_jesse_erucd: I don't think that will be in the repos05:15
veovisJordan_U: I'm installing alongside Windows 7 and Snow Leopard, so if I install to the MBR like I usually do, rEFIt's options for Windows or Linux both lead to GRUB.  Since I use an external monitor only, it's important to me to not have to interact with GRUB05:15
veovisSince it doesn't show on the external monitor05:15
thune3purvesh: i've not heard of that one, smells like a dns lookup failed, but I have no idea. I did think it was strange in your pastebin that the apt-get asked for your cd half way through.05:15
abhijainhello everyone how can i enable my webcam on ubuntu 10.405:15
srinivasping nessenj05:16
_jesse_!webcam | abhijain05:16
ubottuabhijain: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras05:16
tonysanCan I use Wubi to install netbook remix with existing netbook ISO?05:16
Jordan_Uveovis: As long as you understand that installing to a partition is unreliable.05:16
veovisI do05:16
tonysanRe-downloading it via torrent is extremely slow05:16
veovisBut it's the best choice I have05:17
Jordan_Uveovis: What happens when you try to install to a partition?05:17
thebosshow do i rename something that has a ton of files that are .doc;105:17
thebosslike linux is seeing the ;1 as another command05:17
veovisit gives me a warning and tells me to add --force, but then upon a reboot I just get a blinking cursor05:18
_jesse_theboss: use teh rename command05:18
IdleOneerucd: go to the website, click the download link it will take you to sourceforge and download the .deb05:18
fearfulDoes anyone know why the media buttons suddenly just stop working they won't even sound when I touch them.05:18
_genuser_theboss: use mv or ren. use a script.05:18
Jordan_Utheboss: Quote or escape the filenames.05:18
_jesse_theboss: you can escape the semicolon with a \05:18
mmfbHow would one go about placing different wallpapers on separate workspaces under XFCE?05:19
Jordan_Ummfb: You might get better answers in #xubuntu05:19
purveshthune3, sry my net Dis connected any idea my localhost is not showing :(05:20
purveshthune3, Thanx for link that works but still have issue with apache, can u tell me what does it means "apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName"05:20
_jesse_purvesh: define servername in your configuration, and that's just a warning05:20
emstrandcommodor: OMH05:20
purvesh_jesse_, ok.... so let me change at config file.05:21
thebosscan someone give me an example command to use that will work with .doc;1 to .txt everything im trying isnt working05:21
commodorI am not the channel ops05:21
_genuser_theboss: use mv blah.doc\;1 blah.doc05:21
_genuser_use the \ before hte ;05:21
DSSAAnyone willing to help a complete idiot (me) on a botched upgrade?05:22
commodorI am not the channel operator05:22
thebosshow can i extract arcchived ace files in linux05:23
Jordan_Ucommodor: Please stop.05:23
_jesse_theboss: unace05:23
_jesse_theboss: you can use google you know :P it was the first result05:23
justanewbie (root) CMD (  [ -x /usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime ] && [ -d /var/lib/php5 ] && find /var/lib/php5/ -type f -cmin +$(/usr/lib/php5/maxlifetime) -print0 | xargs -n 200 -r -0 rm),i've seen this cron log in my /var/log/syslog,is it nessary?05:23
fridgeratoris it ok to ask ubuntu server related questions here?05:24
commodoroh yea05:24
rot_hi  i dont know how to use thi05:25
MaletorIs there anything that will transcode my music files on the fly for me?05:25
MaletorMy library is FLAC and I want to stream LAME v005:25
_jesse_fridgerator: yeah05:25
Jordan_Ufridgerator: Yes, but you'll probably get better answers in #ubuntu-server05:25
rot_THanks gracias danke05:26
fearfulDoes anyone know why the media buttons suddenly just stop working they won't even sound when I touch them.05:26
fridgeratori install ubuntu server 10.04, and set up ssh to log in remotely, everything installs and runs without a hitch.... when i restart my computer, after post, i get what looks like a blinking cursor " _ " then my screen goes blank and nothing else happens05:26
=== nn is now known as definately_not_s
DSSADoes anyone know how to continue with an upgrade install if it locked up during the initial upgrade and had to be restarted?05:27
=== definately_not_s is now known as not_merma
Jordan_UDSSA: Was it still downloading packages?05:27
DSSAIt seemed to have downloaded the packages (I think) then locked up and wouldn't allow any input05:28
DSSAhad to do a hard shut-down05:28
DSSAnow it won't reboot anything05:28
^Jay2^what is gtk and what is kde?05:28
ubottuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI05:28
_jesse_commodor: what are you doing?05:28
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde405:28
DSSAjust strings of checking stuff (most saying "Fail") then stops on the battery test05:28
=== tech__ is now known as purvesh
commodorJust good stuff05:28
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)05:28
DynamicDesignzNeCan anyone tell me the best and easiest way to shh tunnel into port 80 to encrypt my http traffic?05:29
commodorI am out o here05:30
fridgeratornobody knows?  cause nobody in ubuntu-server is answering05:30
skumaranobody knows what?05:31
abhijainhello i want to enable my laptop webcam on ubuntu lucid 10.405:31
fridgeratorskumara i asked a question earlier05:31
skumaraabhijain whats the problem?05:32
abhijainskumara, how can i enable on ubunut 10.4 iam new05:32
fridgerator i install ubuntu server 10.04, and set up ssh to log in remotely, everything installs and runs without a hitch.... when i restart my computer, after post, i get what looks like a blinking cursor " _ " then my screen goes blank and nothing else happens05:32
skumarafridgerator i just joined.05:32
thune3justanewbie: i think that is a garbage collection backstop for php sessions. If you are running a webserver using, i might leave it in.05:32
Tehedraokay im a newb05:33
TehedraI know how to install an application in Ubuntu, but I have never actually learnt how to uninstall one.05:33
TehedraHow would I uninstall squid on ubuntu? if i installed it used sudo apt get squid-common ??05:34
fridgeratortehedra sudo apt-get remove05:34
abhijainhow can i use webcam in my laptop on ubuntu10.4. is there any package for webcam ?05:35
DSSAWhen I'm at the command line and type sudo dpkg --configure -a it says "dpkg: parse error, in file 'var/lib/dpkg/updates/0000' near line 0: newline in field name '#padding' "05:35
urlwallaceabhijain install cheese05:35
urlwallacejust use synaptic installer does video well05:35
interviewthevampabhijazn: i don't know i use software cheese from ubuntu software download and it worked on my laptop camera05:36
skumaraabhijan use kamosa05:36
skumarasorry kamoso05:36
abhijainskumara, from synaptic05:36
abhijainskumara, and cheese??05:37
interviewthevampi prob try other i never used skumara05:38
skumarano experience with cheese. kamoso dont do video. cheese does video. use choose what u want.!05:38
DynamicDesignzNeSSH Tunnel | anyone?05:38
speedioI'm having problems with 3d acceleration. I enabled the restricted drivers. and I have run the updater and rebooted. (new ubuntu install). However 3d acceleration hardly works. In quakelive I have 5 fps or less. and even cairo-dock lags horibly if i run it with "-o". My graphics card is a geforce 285 glx. sugestions? :)05:39
razz1Need to ssh a remote system behind NAT, can't port forward or upnp, one option is to reverse ssh port forward. any other options?05:39
interviewthevampif it don't work can always uninstall :)05:40
bastid_raZorspeedio: run cairo-dock -c isntead? not a fix for you overall issues but it would help cairo-dock run better.05:40
skumarainstalling cheese now05:40
speediobastid_raZor: aye. I am running cairo-doc with -c and it's smooth. but I'm also a gamer. thanks though05:40
faddahhi all - back with more questions on installing flash on an iMac w/ intel quad core i7 processor w/ VMWare Fusion: so i found these docus from mozilla about flash: http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/linux-amd64.html#flash , except there's no more  Flash Player 10.0 x86_64 Alpha to download any more and every time i try to do the alternate thing with nspluginwrapper i get "nspluginwrapper: no appropriate viewer found for libflashplayer.so" --05:42
faddahvery frustrating, as you can imagine. just want flash installed on my VM of Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit05:42
opakavicI'm using lucid, and i want to get grub menu list of kernels intalled in my linux box05:42
opakavichow to achieve it, any ideas05:42
abhijainurlwallace, installed cheese but where it locate05:43
interviewthevampabhijain try apps - sound and video05:44
DSSACan anyone help with a locked upgrade of 10.04?05:44
jmad980!ask | DSSA05:44
ubottuDSSA: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:44
opakavicjmad980: Can you help me05:44
jmad980don't even run *buntu05:44
abhijaininterviewthevamp, thanx it works05:44
DSSAI'm back in terminal, and typed apt-get -f and now it's giving me a list of options05:44
interviewthevampabhijain np05:45
DSSAI'm not sure which one to pick to continue/fix the upgrade05:45
opakavicjmad980: o_O05:45
razz1how to ssh a server behind NAT, no option for port forward.05:45
opakavicDSSA: you need to use, apt-get -f install05:45
interviewthevampabhijain i like it for the cool effects05:45
macointerviewthevamp: your nick rocks. well, and so does the book you took it from05:45
abhijaininterviewthevamp, more application for cool effect eny idea05:46
DSSAopakavic: Already did that.  When I'm at the command line and type sudo dpkg --configure -a it says "dpkg: parse error, in file 'var/lib/dpkg/updates/0000' near line 0: newline in field name '#padding' "05:46
interviewthevampabhijain no not yet05:47
DSSASo I did apt-get -f and I have an options menu now05:47
bastid_raZoropakavic: hold shift after POST05:47
abhijaininterviewthevamp, in xchat why link click connectivity is not works ..everytime need to copy url from xhcat05:48
=== richard is now known as Guest80775
snuxollso, it seems I'm good at my job05:49
commodorjust a lookin never been here before mite aswell never came here05:50
fridgerator i install ubuntu server 10.04, and set up ssh to log in remotely, everything installs and runs without a hitch.... when i restart my computer, after post, i get what looks like a blinking cursor " _ " then my screen goes blank and nothing else happens, any ideas?05:53
Jordan_Ufridgerator: Does anything change if you hold shift during boot?05:53
fridgeratorJordan_U i'll check05:54
abhijainwhat is the alternate option for c language in ubuntu05:54
philip-mintmaybe computer is trying to boot from wrong drive / wrong bootloader05:54
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
fridgeratorJordan_U hold shift after grub?05:54
tolkadThe SCO license ( http://www.sco.com/scosource/ ) seems kind of expensive, anyone know if there are cheaper personal licenses?05:54
Jordan_Ufridgerator: Holding shift should show the grub menu ( it's normally hidden )05:55
Guest80775why would you want to use sco?05:55
abhijainabhijain, c compiler in ubuntu 10.405:55
fridgeratorJordan_U i see the grub menu anyways05:55
abhijainwhat is the alternate option for turbo c05:55
snuxollerm, lolwut05:56
fridgeratorJordan_U my question was incorrect then, it is after grub that my computer hangs05:56
snuxollno one understands what you are saying abhijain05:56
tolkadanyone? I really like ubuntu but frankly, it seems kind of expensive05:56
abhijainsnuxoll, c/ C++ language compiler for ubuntu05:56
snuxolltolkad: eh?05:56
snuxollabhijain: gcc05:56
bastid_raZortolkad: free is expensive?05:56
tolkad<tolkad> The SCO license ( http://www.sco.com/scosource/ ) seems kind of expensive, anyone know if there are cheaper personal licenses?05:57
snuxolltolkad: why would you need that license?05:57
Jordan_Ubastid_raZor: Don't feed the troll.05:57
tolkadsnuxoll: read the page05:57
fridgeratorhe was just in the linux channel asking the same thing05:57
abhijainsnuxoll, and for .net alternate05:57
snuxolltolkad: what about it?05:57
snuxollabhijain: mono05:57
=== slidinghorn is now known as SlidingHorn_out
Jordan_Usnuxoll: Please don't feed the troll.05:57
tolkadsnuxoll: "Many IT users are concerned about using Linux since they have become aware of the allegations that Linux is an unauthorized derivative work of the UNIX? operating system. Users have come to SCO asking what they can do to continue to run their businesses. SCO has created the SCOsource  business division in response to these needs."05:58
Jordan_Utolkad: SCO's claims have been completely rejected in the courts, please stop trolling now.05:58
snuxolltolkad: SCO lost the lawsuit, Novell holds the appropriate licenses for starters, second there's no patented code in the linux kernel05:58
snuxolltolkad: ubuntu is 100% free, now and forever05:59
faddahno one responded to my question. is it ok if i ask again?05:59
snuxollfaddah: sure, what's the problem05:59
tolkadsnuxoll: where can you pickup ubuntu computers anyway?06:00
faddahok, here it is again --> hi all - back with more questions on installing flash on an iMac w/ intel quad core i7 processor w/ VMWare Fusion: so i found these docus from mozilla about flash: http://plugindoc.mozdev.org/linux-amd64.html#flash , except there's no more  Flash Player 10.0 x86_64 Alpha to download any more and every time i try to do the alternate thing with nspluginwrapper i get "nspluginwrapper: no appropriate viewer found f06:00
faddahor libflashplayer.so" --06:00
faddah very frustrating, as you can imagine. just want flash installed on my VM of Ubuntu 10.04 64 bit06:00
tolkadsnuxoll: or are they shipped?06:00
macotolkad: to buy an ubuntu machine?06:00
tolkadyeah snuxoll said they are free06:00
macotolkad: no, the software is free06:01
Jordan_Ufaddah: Go to Applications > Ubuntu Software Center and search for adobe flash.06:01
macotolkad: hardware's not06:01
fridgeratortalkad the operating system is free... you will not find a free computer06:01
tolkadJordan_U: it's not there06:01
snuxollfaddah: just install the flashplugin-nonfree package06:01
snuxollfaddah: it does all that for you06:02
snuxollfaddah: is awesome06:02
tolkadJordan_U: I have my Applications folder open right now06:02
Scunizifridgerator: I've found several.... door stops people wanted to give away06:02
fridgeratorscunizi i assumed tolkad was talking about a new computer06:02
DSSACould someone help me with a frozen 10.04 install that I had to manually shut down?  When I'm at the command line and type sudo dpkg --configure -a it says "dpkg: parse error, in file 'var/lib/dpkg/updates/0000' near line 0: newline in field name '#padding' "06:02
snuxollDSSA: erm....heh06:03
scriptwarlockfaddah: isn't flash available in there website for downloads?06:03
Scunizifridgerator: probably .. I just came in and saw the comment.. :)  .. now gotta go again.. ciao!06:03
Underbytehmm, interesting question06:03
snuxollDSSA: you are probably hosed06:03
DSSAsnuxollL That doesn't sound good..06:03
snuxollDSSA: your dpkg database is corrupt06:03
Underbyteokay, i would like to open a telnet session on a certain port on my server, to see if the port is open on my network (big school network) ... any suggestions06:03
tolkadDSSA: open the var/lib/dpkg/updates/0000 file, go to the "#padding" field, and remove the newline from its value06:03
DSSAIs there any way to revert to the older Ubuntu?06:03
tolkadDSSA: that should fix the problem06:04
DSSAtolkad: Sorry...I don't know what to enter to get there06:05
DSSAI'm pretty new at this.06:05
faddahJordan_U & snuxoll: hang on, checking that & checking install in firefox.06:05
speedioI'm gonna try my question again: I'm having problems with 3d acceleration. I enabled the restricted drivers. and I have run the updater and rebooted. (new ubuntu install). However 3d acceleration hardly works. In quakelive I have 5 fps or less. and even cairo-dock lags horibly if i run it with "-o" (i just run that with "-c" though). My graphics card is a geforce 285 glx. sugestions? :)06:05
tolkadDSSA: vim /var/lib/dpkg/updates/000006:05
snuxollspeedio: you installed restricted drivers from jockey, correct?06:05
tolkadDSSA: these people will probably try to get you to use emacs but don't, it's terrible, vim is much better and not terrible06:06
snuxolltolkad: please stop trolling06:06
snuxollI played along with the SCO thing, you can stop now06:06
nimbioticsHello. Im trying to setup remote desktop sharing but as soon as I enable it I get a message stating that my desktop is reachable ONLY from LAN and I need to be able to use it thru internet. How do I change this behavior? TIA!06:06
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest55262
speediosnuxoll: no. I can enable that in the software manager right? havent been on ubuntu for 6 months. gone a tad blank :)06:06
DSSAokay, now I have a screen that says "var/lib/dpkg/updates/0000" [New DIRECTORY]06:07
vladikoff_speedio, heya06:07
=== anderson is now known as TEL
snuxollspeedio: System -> Administration -> Restricted Drivers06:07
snuxollspeedio: that's jockey06:07
speediosnuxoll: allright. thanks. I'll have a look06:07
tolkadDSSA: honestly, fixing that specific error in the database probably wont help. if it got messed up there's probably a lot more wrong with it that you wont be able to fix06:07
snuxollnimbiotics: You need to forward the VNC port, obviously06:08
snuxollnimbiotics: for screen :0 it should be port 590006:08
DSSAtolkad: If I download the 10.04 file and reload along side of the current will that work without removing my personal data?06:08
DSSA..or anyone else?06:08
nimbioticssnuxoll>Any ideas why is it that cannot see tha advanced tba?06:09
snuxollnimbiotics: eh?06:09
snuxollnimbiotics: what advanced tab?06:10
speediosnuxoll: there was no "system -> administration -> restriced drivers" menu.06:10
snuxollspeedio: sorry, hardware drivers06:10
speediosnuxoll: righty. thats the one I enabled.06:10
snuxollspeedio: restarted your PC since?06:10
Jordan_UDSSA: I've never personally done it but you should be able to re-install without reformatting your Ubuntu partition, so that only system directories will be overwritten but your /home will be preserved.06:10
speediosnuxoll: yes.06:10
DSSAJordan: Thanks!06:10
snuxollspeedio: run "glxinfo | grep vendor" for me06:11
snuxollspeedio: tell me what server glx vendor says06:11
nimbioticssnuxoll>ive been searching and ive seen an advanced tab showing in the remote desktop preferences06:11
snuxollnimbiotics: there isn't one and it won't help you access it from the internet06:11
snuxollnimbiotics: you need to enable port forwarding in your router06:11
nimbioticssnuxoll>OK, thanks a bunch!06:11
speediosnuxoll: doh. I think I actually forgot to reboot. as I don't have that command. /facepalm06:11
snuxollnimbiotics: port 590006:11
Jordan_UDSSA: You're welcome, but be *very* carefull in the manual partitioning during install. Be sure that "/" is not set to be reformatted or you'll lose all your data.06:12
snuxollspeedio: heh06:12
nimbioticssnuxoll>roger that!06:12
snuxollspeedio: actually, no06:12
OpenSourceryim having some trouble printing from my computer; when i send something to be printed my printer just prints blank pages over and over again till i cancel the job from the printer06:12
snuxollspeedio: I have some developer packages installed06:12
faddahJordan_U & snuxoll - thanx for the tip, i tested it and it's working now. i thought i looked there before but i couldn't find it, maybe it was in the update center, but kept saying that you can't install on this machine as it's amd64 (even tho' it's intel quad core i7).06:12
DSSAJordan: I found this: http://blog.ibeentoubuntu.com/2010/05/unscrewing-your-failed-ubuntu-1004.html06:12
snuxollspeedio: inst'll mesa-utils06:12
snuxollspeedio: that'll have glxinfo06:12
DSSADoes that seem pretty reliable?06:12
scriptwarlockOpenSourcery: printer model06:13
OpenSourcerybrother mfc-822006:14
speediosnuxoll: server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation06:14
speedioclient glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation06:14
speedioOpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation06:14
speediosnuxoll: I'll do the reboot though. just to make sure. thanks for all the help mate.06:14
faddahi'll sign off now, thanx for the help!06:14
snuxollspeedio: speedio what does glxgears give you as a framerate (run it in a terminal)06:14
DSSA1doh!  MIRC booted me06:14
snuxolllol mirc06:15
Jordan_UDSSA: That guide looks good overall but I think that "gconftool --recursive-unset /" is overkill in your case as your gconf settings are probably fine (that command will reset pretty much all your preferences in all applications) and I would avoid Ubuntu Tweak.06:15
DSSA1Okay, thanks again!06:15
speediosnuxoll: 50 frames in 5 sec. but I think it's running using the CPU as the system basicly freezes06:17
snuxollspeedio: probably, which is not good06:17
snuxollspeedio: reboot once more06:18
=== bullgard_ is now known as bullgard4
speediosnuxoll: allright. back in a few06:18
eryn_1983hey can somebody help me?06:18
eryn_1983i need to setup X so i can have  two sessions (same user) one for gnome and one for  ratpoison..06:19
scriptwarlockOpenSourcery: does ubuntu detected your scanner automatically or you installed the driver thru web06:19
eryn_1983i can't seem to make  startx or ratpoision go to a  second session06:19
stwobenot at the same time??06:19
eryn_1983what am i doing wrong06:19
stwobewhat do u mean by a second session?06:19
eryn_1983i  another WM06:20
eryn_1983window manager..06:20
eryn_1983i want gnome and  rat poision running together06:20
eryn_1983on the same machine06:20
eryn_1983two X windows sessions.06:20
eryn_1983it seems like its been disabled or smething06:20
nomad77ctrl+alt+F2 . then login,then do xinitrc /usr/bin/ratpoision -- :106:20
shafican't connect to wireless in ubuntu 10.04:  { product: RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller, vendor: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.}06:21
eryn_1983ok i will try nomad7706:21
bnjmnwhat's a good text editor for linux that's like TextMate or Notepad++?06:21
Underbytehey guys, how do i check for the number of file descriptors compiled in kernel?06:21
scriptwarlockbnjmn:  depends on your taste for me im good on gedit06:21
stwobebnjmn - nano, ate, vim, zim -lots.06:21
eryn_1983nomad77:  it says  junk arguments06:22
stwobewho's jono?06:22
bnjmnscriptwarlock, anything else along the lines of gedit?06:22
stwobeno the jono?06:22
speediosnuxoll: works like a charm now. thanks a million.06:22
nomad77eryn_1983: any virtual consolewill do, if your current is screen 1 use 0 or 2 whoops use xinit not xintrc06:22
jonostwobe, the jono?06:22
jonothat jono bacon guy?06:22
scriptwarlockbnjmn:  as what stwobe says06:22
jonono he is an ass06:22
stwobeyeah, not that one?06:23
jonostwobe, I am him06:23
stwobehow u doing? Busy?06:24
mneptokjono: just 'cause you're him doesn't make you not an ass.06:24
* mneptok whistles innocently06:24
mneptokstwobe: Jono expects such comments from me, as he knows i'm insanely jealous of his raw masculinity.06:25
OpenSourceryscriptwarlock: its a printer connected to a remote computer and i used the add printer thing to add a network printer and i selected the driver from a list that came up after it found the printer06:25
eryn_1983says i am not authorized..06:25
nomad77eryn_1983: xinit /usr/bin/ratpoision -- :106:25
stwobeHave you ever seen GNUGuitarINUX? Awesome Live CD for guitarists.06:25
geekphreakhello all06:26
stwobeJono: I understand you play  a little guitar.06:26
geekphreakman new ubuntu has taken so many tools off the repo06:26
stwobehello geekphreak.06:27
mneptokgeekphreak: please don't refer to Canonical staff and MOTU members that way.06:27
jonomneptok, who are you?06:27
geekphreakmneptok: excuse me?06:27
jonoand why are you are being so rude?06:27
jonocan an op eject mneptok from here please?06:27
scriptwarlockOpenSourcery: have you ried connecting it with server:631 in your browser?06:27
* mneptok blinks06:27
stwobeI had a bad dream and couldn't sleeep/06:28
macojono: mneptok IS an op06:28
jonomaco, I was joking06:28
jonoI know mneptok :)06:28
stwobeI am using Knopix Adriane - for blind people..06:28
geekphreakmneptok: i did not say anything bout a staff06:28
macojono: ok youre a good faker06:28
jonomaco, I used to work with him :)06:28
macojono: i was starting to wonder whether you needed to set guard or whatever it is on your nickserv :P06:29
macojono: yeah see i thought it was *some other jono* using your nick06:29
geekphreakman some people06:29
macogeekphreak: he was making a joke that you'd referred to canonifolk and motu as tools06:30
stwobehas ubuntu got "Copy to Ram" at all for Live mode?06:30
macostwobe: yes06:30
macostwobe: i forget the kernel parameter for it... i think its just "toram" but yes06:30
TehedraAnyone here ever ran SQUID3?  I have it running now but i cant seem to connect to it06:31
stwobecool. Aha! So what do I type to acces it then?06:31
TehedraAnyone know if theres any way to find logs for it or anything??06:31
snuxollmaco: I think they removed copy to ram from casper, actually06:31
stwobemaco: would it be live + toram?06:32
macosnuxoll: what what?06:32
geekphreakTehedra: most logs are in /var/logs, looked there?06:32
macosnuxoll: when?06:32
OpenSourceryscriptwarlock: teh connection just times out06:32
snuxollmaco: fiesty06:32
stwobeSounds complicated. I am no expert.06:32
snuxollmaco: it's been broken since06:32
macosnuxoll: i did it with hardy or so...06:32
stwobePerhaps I meant is there an option when booting the disc?06:32
macostwobe: when the live cd boots theres an option to change the kernel boot parameters. i think its F6? you just type in "toram" in the box06:33
stwobethat is cool06:33
snuxollmaco: oh, hey , fix released, finally06:33
snuxollmaco: I remember it being broken ages ago, bug on LP seems to have a resolution now06:33
macosnuxoll: either in 2008 or 2009 it worked for me, when i did it on a bunch of machines at best buy :)06:33
snuxollmaco: get kicked out of the store? :P06:34
snuxollmaco: heh06:34
Tehedra/var/log thanks06:34
snuxollFF4 is rather nice, it actually feels like a GNOME app now06:34
Tehedranow the issue is its not even s howing that i attempted to connect to it06:34
macosnuxoll: awwww06:34
scriptwarlockOpenSourcery: so the problem is only at your network pc that cant print or print blank? assume we dont have problems at your pc server with brother printer06:35
Jordan_Umaco: toram seems to have failed for me with an lubuntu 10.04 CD.06:35
stwobeWhat's the waether like where you are? Anyone?06:35
stwobeinteresting Jordan_U06:36
Jordan_Usnuxoll: Do you have a link to that bug report?06:36
macoJordan_U: remember: better to open a new bug mentioning the old one than to reopen the old one06:37
snuxollJordan_U: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/+bug/2549606:37
Jordan_Umaco: I know, just looking at the old one for reference :)06:37
stwobeOvercast here.06:37
Jordan_Usnuxoll: Thanks.06:38
RaptorsHey guys, my bro is new to ubuntu and is trying to browse the samba server set up on my computer (he's on the same network as me)06:38
scriptwarlockRaptors: and then06:39
Raptorshe install samba and smbfs but he still can't see it under networks06:39
snuxollRaptors: Places -> Network -> Windows Network06:39
RaptorsHe can't see it under there...06:39
snuxollRaptors: then try smb://[HOSTNAME HERE] as a path in nautilus06:39
snuxollRaptors: or try Places -> Connect to Server and enter the info in there06:39
RaptorsIs there a way to refresh it or something?06:40
Tehedracould my issue be something to do with my iptables??06:40
Raptorsor tell it look for the servers?06:40
OpenSourceryscriptwarlock: i think i fixed it; when you asked me how i did the drivers, i went back thru the setup i did to recall it and i noticed that there is two drivers for the printer a postscript one and a br-script3 one06:41
scriptwarlockOpenSourcery: congrats you figure it out06:41
OpenSourceryscriptwarlock: i had set the print up as the ps one as i didnt know what brscript was and this time i chose the brscript one just to see what would happen and it worked06:42
RaptorsI told him to put smb://bash-desktop/ in the location bar and he said its not doing anything06:42
Raptorsjust loading06:42
scriptwarlockOpenSourcery: thats nice please document what you did and put it in a safe place06:42
OpenSourcerywill do06:43
OpenSourcerywell thank you06:43
=== Ckhi is now known as CkhiKuzad
RaptorsDoes anyone have any ideas?06:45
xubuntu_userhello who's here using google chrome?06:45
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports.06:46
WXZgnome-schedule doesn't run recurrent tasks, anyone else having this problem06:46
scriptwarlockRaptors: have you shared anything from your server like some folder?06:46
=== CK is now known as Guest34984
CkhiKuzadI need some help, i want to install ubuntu 10.04 on my second partition, without a live anything. no livedisks or liveUSBs or updating. i want to know how to use the semi-automated install process from a cd's ISO to install it on my second hard drive from within this system.06:47
Fudgehi, init 4 would change your runlevel ro 4 correct?06:47
ikoniaFudge: be aware that ubuntu no longer uses standard run levels with upstart06:47
Raptors<scriptwarlock> Raptors: have you shared anything from your server like some folder?06:47
Raptorsmy server was working fine when he was using windows06:47
Raptorsso I don't think its a prob on my side06:48
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest31736
nomad77Raptors: this may be dated https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba06:48
scriptwarlockRaptors: at the "connect to Server" what are the inputs06:49
Fudgeikonia  im trying to see if me changing init somehow killed my sound, i have no sound an all settings look fine06:49
Raptorsscriptwarlock, what do you mean?06:49
fishka112lj,hsq ltym06:49
Guest31736have a problm with a thunderbird 2 on ubuntu 8.04 it can not connect to mailserver06:49
fishka112добрый день06:50
maco!ru | fishka11206:50
ubottufishka112: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:50
scriptwarlockRaptors: easy way to connect to remote server is by Places>>"connect to Server"06:50
nimbioticsHello. Is there a linux ubuntu equivalent for synctoy?06:50
Fudgeikonia  runlevel outputs N 206:50
=== bastidrazor is now known as bastid_raZor
TehedraIf I wanted to allow a port for SQUID3 on my server on my IP tables would i type this?06:51
Tehedra-A INPUT -p tcp --dport 8888 -j ACCEPT06:51
Raptorsscriptwarlock, where is that?06:51
Tehedrain my IPTABLES file?06:51
scriptwarlockRaptors: Places06:51
eryn_1983hey peeps just wanted to  say thanks for the help06:51
eryn_1983i appreicate it06:51
kholefuck you06:51
Gryllidaeryn_1983: yay06:51
CkhiKuzadI need some help, i want to install ubuntu 10.04 on my second partition, without a live anything. no livedisks or liveUSBs or updating. i want to know how to use the semi-automated install process from a cd's ISO to install it on my second hard drive from within this system.06:51
scriptwarlockRaptors: just beside the applications and system06:51
Guest31736any one hd this problem&06:51
Raptorsscriptwarlock, isn't network://// easier?06:51
Gryllida!language > khole06:52
eryn_1983khole you get more with  honey then vinagear06:52
TehedraOr would I use this instaed ? -A INPUT -p tcp -m state --state NEW --dport 8888 -j ACCEPT06:52
scriptwarlockRaptors: well if gui is convenient for him then why not06:52
Raptorsscriptwarlock, I don't see why its not working for him...06:53
Raptorshe did a clean install and install samba06:53
Raptorsshouldn't it automatically show up under network?06:53
Raptorssamba and smbfs06:53
scriptwarlockRaptors: thats what were trying to look...06:54
RaptorsThis is a rather annoying process06:54
cggauravHi! Guys06:54
cggauravWhy is that if I play Youtube videos.06:54
cggauravI get the "ZZZZ" sound!06:54
cggauravIts really disturbing.06:54
jrgpwhere are transmission's dotfiles? I don't see a ~/.transmission/06:54
Raptorscggaurav, did you click the soccer ball?06:55
cggauravRaptors: I seemed to have bought a vuvuzela!06:55
cggauravRaptors: No mate, any sound.06:55
cggauravRaptors: But I wish it was a Vuvuzela.06:55
=== administrator is now known as Guest17848
CkhiKuzadyay, i get no help.06:56
cggauravRaptors: So, how do I correct the sound. New to Karmic.06:56
RaptorsI'm not sure...06:56
RaptorsDid you try the setting under sound?06:57
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:57
Gryllida!hi | fishka11206:57
ubottufishka112: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:57
fishka112on ru chan no people can i ask here?06:58
fishka112I have a problem with sound on my 9/0406:59
RaptorsIooks like my bro isn't the only one with this prob06:59
scriptwarlockRaptors: did you do what i have suggested?06:59
Gryllidafishka112: sure07:00
Gryllida!details > fishka11207:00
ubottufishka112, please see my private message07:00
Raptorsscriptwarlock, nothing. There are no replys07:00
fishka112in out speaker ok, but in build not07:00
RaptorsThis is so annoying >:(07:01
opijis there a good built in calendar program in ubuntu?07:01
opijwith ALARMS07:01
opijthat you can set for a future date07:01
scriptwarlockRaptors: let him use the "connect to Server" and supply inputs there07:01
byerleyhi, I've messed up my bootloader pretty thoroughly after a couple ubuntu/windows installations on what used to be a dual-boot system. I'm a fairly experienced linux user and I've been through a couple tutorials, but none of the usual methods seems to be working.(at the moment I just get a grub command line when I boot from hard drive) Would anyone be willing to walk me through some trouble shooting methods?07:02
Jordan_Ustwobe: Seems the reason that toram wasn't working for me was that I didn't give the VM I tested in enough RAM (though it should give an error message in that case rather than booting noramlly). I can confirm that if you have 1 GB or more of RAM toram works with 10.04.07:03
Raptorsscriptwarlock, What do I put under Server and share07:03
RaptorsSever = server name Bash-desktop?07:03
nomad77Raptors: what windows version?07:03
scriptwarlockRaptors: windows share07:03
RaptorsI'm on ubuntu07:03
Raptorsits a samba server07:03
snuxollJordan_U: good news07:03
scriptwarlockRaptors: skip the "share:"07:03
Raptorsscriptwarlock, I know its a windows share, I want to know what I put under server and share07:03
scriptwarlockRaptors: server is your servers network ip07:04
cggauravRaptors : There is too much information. Can you break down sound here for me.07:04
CkhiKuzadI need some help, i want to install ubuntu 10.04 on my second partition, without a live anything. no livedisks or liveUSBs or updating. i want to know how to use the semi-automated install process from a cd's ISO to install it on my second hard drive from within this system.07:04
scriptwarlockRaptors: username is your servers username login and then connect you are prompted to supply the passwd and use the server login password07:05
scriptwarlockRaptors: Folder: is the shared folder of your server07:05
paco_the_tacoit says null not working07:05
=== jeff_ is now known as Guest4026
opijthat you can set for a future date07:06
opijis there a good built in calendar program in ubuntu?07:06
opijwith ALARMS07:06
opijthat you can set for a future date07:06
MaRk-Iopij: evolution has calendar and alarm07:06
Jordan_Ubyerley: First, could you run this script http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/ and pastebin the RESULTS.txt ?07:07
WXZgnome-schedule doesn't run recurrent tasks07:07
WXZanyone else have a similar problem07:07
Raptorsok new prob lol.07:07
Raptorshe see's the folders but the password box wont pop up07:07
RaptorsSo he can't access anything07:08
Raptorswhen he double clicks on the folders on my share07:08
snuxollRaptors: this is where you use "Connect to Server" in the places menu07:08
snuxollRaptors: allows you to specify a username/password instead of Guest/nil07:08
WXZwhat happened to the little "/" in nautilus?07:09
RaptorsThere is no option for a password on connect to server07:09
Raptorsfor windows share07:09
snuxollWXZ: eh?07:09
WXZI upgraded to lynx from karmic07:09
snuxollRaptors: yes there is07:09
RaptorsNo there isn't...07:09
WXZnautilus is missing the button which changes the address bar from buttons to textfield07:09
WXZand vice versa07:10
macoWXZ:  upstream GNOME removed it07:10
RaptorsThere is server, share, folder, user name, domain name, add bookmark bookmark name07:10
snuxollWXZ: yes, they removed the pen icon07:10
snuxollWXZ: just press ctrl+l07:10
macoWXZ: they have a tendency to remove things thinking users are stupid and are confused by everything07:10
snuxollRaptors: and, *USER NAME* is what now?07:10
snuxollRaptors: it'll ask for the password upon connect07:10
CkhiKuzadI need some help, i want to install ubuntu 10.04 on my second partition, without a live anything. no livedisks or liveUSBs or updating. i want to know how to use the semi-automated install process from a cd's ISO to install it on my second hard drive from within this system.07:10
Raptorssnuxoll, kk07:10
macoWXZ: upstream gnome = ubuntu devs didnt decide this, dont blame us ;-)07:10
WXZanyway I can get the button back?07:10
snuxollWXZ: nope07:11
CkhiKuzadi'm going to keep asking when it gets pushed offscreen D:07:11
macoWXZ: nope. just have to use ctrl+L07:11
snuxollctrl+l is easier anyway07:11
WXZok, well ctrl + L doesn't change it back to button mode maco07:11
thamesHello all.07:11
macoWXZ: it doesnt toggle? ew.... the view menu should have it, but it really should toggle as thats the shortcut for that checkmark in the view menu...07:11
WXZnvm -.-07:11
WXZif you just press enter, it switches back maco07:12
macoWXZ: ahh07:12
WXZI liked my pen icon though...07:12
snuxollI don't miss it07:12
Jordan_UCkhiKuzad: Could you please explain what you are trying to do, and why, more clearly? As far as I can tell you want to install Ubuntu but you don't have any boot media you can use except the disk you are installing to. Is that correct?07:12
snuxollI only use location entry to get to some paths faster, but I should usually be working with those from at erminal anyway07:12
scriptwarlock!hi | thames07:12
ubottuthames: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:12
WXZbut it's not like It was bothering anyone07:13
WXZif there's a button, and you don't know what it does... don't use it :\07:13
WXZunless you replace it with a better button, don't change it /end rant07:13
Jordan_UWXZ: We're not the ones you need to convince :)07:13
snuxollI am, I don't care about the change, never even realized it07:14
thamesThanks. Ubuntu is my first venture into Linux. I've been a windows/mac user for most of my life and decided to make the leap.07:14
CkhiKuzadthat is correct Jordan_U. my computer has an outdated bios, so no USB boot, and a broken CD drive, so no CD boot. i downloaded the 10.04 iso, and i have it mounted as a loop device. now i want to install it using the program that it uses to install it, that is in the ISO07:14
byerleyJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/uCkeEF5Y07:14
Jordan_UCkhiKuzad: Do you have a GNU/Linux system installed currently to work from?07:14
CkhiKuzadjordan_u yes i do07:15
=== linxuan_ is now known as linxuan
jussiCkhiKuzad: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromLinux07:15
Topy44what is the correct way to get maximus to start on each login? (i installed it through apt, but i need to manually start it atm)07:16
jussi!autostart | Topy4407:16
ubottuTopy44: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot07:16
bnjmnwhat's a good text editor for linux that's like TextMate or Notepad++?07:17
mikemhi, I notice on the Lucid live CD the volume control looks something like this: http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/07/13/sound-indicator/ (sans the currently playing track info). on my Lucid install, the sound control is just a vertical volume slider. anyone know how to change it to the horizontal one?07:17
macobnjmn: umm might help if you say what features are you're looking for. all i know about those two is that they're graphical and able to have >1 file open at a time in one window thanks to tabs07:17
Raptorshe said it was unable to connect :\07:18
RaptorsI'll go and try to connect it myself later I guess07:18
Jordan_Ubyerley: You have a broken grub legacy installation (Auto Super GRUB Disk doesn't work with GRUB2, which is what Ubuntu uses as of 9.10).07:18
macobnjmn: kate is quite nice, but its a kde app. can do split screens, syntax highlighting, you can set the tab size, set whether its tabs or spaces, etc...07:18
macobnjmn: i use kde, so i dont mind it being a kde app ;-)07:18
CkhiKuzadjussi, that wont work for me. unetbootin seems to never work with ubuntu 10.04, like the kernels to boot are different07:18
scriptwarlockRaptors: recheck your shared folder if it was correctly configured for sharing..07:19
macobnjmn: http://kate-editor.org/07:19
jussiCkhiKuzad: that doesnt use unetbootin07:19
Jordan_Ubyerley: I would install grub2 following this guide: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide07:19
CkhiKuzadyeah, it uses a technique i have used before, but failed, and it uses a whole bunch of CDs. something i can NOT use.07:20
byerleyJordan_U: Thanks, I'll give that a try07:20
Jordan_Ubyerley: You're welcome.07:20
jussiCkhiKuzad: what I linked to does not use any cd's, and does not use unetbootin. did you read it?07:20
CkhiKuzadyes i read it. jussi07:21
Jordan_UCkhiKuzad: You can setup GRUB2 to boot from the iso file, using the toram parameter to copy the CD into RAM (otherwise the installer will complain as you can't install to media you're booted from).07:21
CkhiKuzadJordan_U, i cant copy the CD to ram, because its 700 some megs, and i only have a 512 meg hard drive.07:22
jussiyeah, that also, or the way I linked to where you create an extra partition and boot from there.07:22
CkhiKuzadand if you say upgrade, i am going to another server.07:22
jussiCkhiKuzad: 512 meg hd? and you want to install ubuntu?07:22
Jordan_UCkhiKuzad: Then you'll need to use jussi's guide (which will work just fine).07:22
Topy44ubottu: i know that method, but i wasnt sure this was the proper way to start a basic system tool like maximus, which should be started before any programs that might open windows07:22
CkhiKuzadi said it wrong07:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:23
CkhiKuzadnot 512 meg hd, 512 megs ram.07:23
jussiTopy44: ahh, sorry07:23
jussi!bum | Topy4407:23
ubottuTopy44: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto07:23
gwernout of curiosity, has anyone ever heard of a program to output all the text currently displayed in X11? this seems like it ouight to be possible to me. (the idea is to take periodic snapshots, but more searchable and smaller than just scads of PNG screenshots)07:23
CkhiKuzadJordan_U, i cant copy the CD to ram, because its 700 some megs, and i only have 512 megs of RAM <-- fixed07:23
Topy44jussi: ok thanks, i'll try that07:23
jussiCkhiKuzad: yeah, so use the method I mentioned, create a new partition, put the cd there and boot from that, as the guide says07:23
jagadishJordan_U, hi07:24
Jordan_Ujagadish: Hi.07:24
K1ngvolume icons is gone from panel07:24
mikemhere's what I'm talking about: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/02/lucid-has-sexy-new-volume-indicator.html how do I get the indicator instead of the old version?07:24
K1nghow do i bring it back?07:24
gwernit seems to me that X11 must know what text is being displayed, what with fonts and whatnot, so that such a tool ought to be possible07:25
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:25
Jordan_Umikem: Right click the pannel, add the "Indicator Applet".07:25
apporcyou can add it .volume icon.07:26
mikemJordan_U: ah there it is! thanks...07:26
Jordan_Umikem: You're welcome.07:26
scriptwarlockKing: or restore our default panel07:27
Jordan_Ugwern: While you are wrong about X11, most apps have long abandoned sending text to X and now use libraries like cairo, there are accessibility features that allow you to access text on the screen (usually for braille terminals / screen readers).07:28
gwernJordan_U: oh. are those apps better than just taking a PNG and piping it into an OCR prog?07:28
Jordan_Ugwern: Yes, much :)07:29
Jordan_Ugwern: Though they are not really designed to be used the way I think you want to.07:29
gwernJordan_U: well, I suppose I should look and see07:29
gwernJordan_U: any specific apps come to mind?07:30
gwern(lot of potential search terms)07:30
Jordan_Ugwern: Orca screen reader is included in Ubuntu by default.07:30
nomad77 /disconnect07:30
MaRk-ICkhiKuzad: this might work burning the image to usb:  dd if=ubuntu-blah.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1M   <<<just make sure the USB is formated fat32 and is not mounted and X is the correct USB device07:31
gwern'Orca helps provide access to applications and toolkits that support the AT-SPI (e.g., the GNOME desktop).' <-- I wonder how many programs I use don't support that...07:31
CkhiKuzadmark-i no! no! no! i am not using USB boot, i have said before my BIOS doesnt support it.07:31
CkhiKuzadi am doing the method on this web page.07:31
MaRk-ICkhiKuzad: you said "unetbooting doesnt seem to work for me"  anyways07:32
FlomasterI am getting a   runlevel = Unknown   I believe this is causing 2 of my init.d scrips not to auto start on bootup07:34
WXZgnome-schedule doesn't run recurrent tasks... at all07:34
FlomasterWXZ: was that directed at me?07:35
CkhiKuzadjussi, i need some help with this guide, it doesnt say where i am suppose to create these directories.07:35
jussiCkhiKuzad: where are you running into trouble? which directories?07:36
CkhiKuzad sudo mount disk-image.iso -o loop /tmp/install_cd07:37
CkhiKuzad sudo mount /dev/sda1 /tmp/installer07:37
CkhiKuzad sudo rsync -a /tmp/install_cd/ /tmp/installer07:37
CkhiKuzad && shut it floodbot.07:37
FloodBot4CkhiKuzad: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:37
CkhiKuzadi dont know exactly where those are supposed to be created.07:37
jussiCkhiKuzad: so you are changing the diskimage.iso for the path to your cdimage?07:39
jussiCkhiKuzad: as the guide says, you first need to create those dir's, then mount the partition into them, then copy the cd over with the rsync command07:39
CkhiKuzadjussi thats not what i asked, i want to know whether i put it in my "new" partition, or my "old one"07:40
madridexists some program similar to autocad in linux? ..07:40
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jussimadrid: for which use? 3d? 2d? electrical?07:41
=== darth10 is now known as an0n
jussi!info bcad07:41
ubottuPackage bcad does not exist in lucid07:41
jussiahh, hang on07:41
madridjussi is for jaunty07:41
Flomastercan I add a script from init.d  to my startup menu ?07:42
jussiCkhiKuzad: ?07:42
CkhiKuzadam i supposed to create these directories in my new partition, or old one?07:43
jussiCkhiKuzad: in your old one. you then mount the new partition into those directories.07:43
CkhiKuzadalright, thank you.07:43
jussi!info qcad jaunty07:43
ubottuqcad (source: qcad): professional CAD system. In component main, is optional. Version (jaunty), package size 1201 kB, installed size 3984 kB07:43
jussimadrid: ^07:43
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kevixhi folks. i installed lxde on lucid and my font for the lxde menus, for titles on windows is realllly small.07:46
kevixlike 6pt.07:46
bnjmnwhat's a good text editor for linux that's like TextMate or Notepad++?07:46
madridjussi Archimedes is good?07:46
kevixany clue for how to make them bigger07:46
jussimadrid: Ive not used it, sorry07:46
jussikevix: try asking in #lubuntu07:46
ActionParsnipbnjmn: gedit can have nice plugins07:46
bullgard4Where is to be found  a detailed description of the GNOME_Settings_Daemon (gnome-settings-daemon)?07:46
byerleyJordan_U: I'm running into problems with grub-mkconfig because my device.map is empty. I'm having trouble finding anything on how to populate it.07:46
kevixjussi: oh. that could be useful, thanks07:46
ActionParsnipkevix: look in the openbox settings. You xcan specify the size there afair07:47
Jordan_Ubyerley: grub-mkconfig should work fine without a device.map.07:47
ActionParsnipKevix: you could also ask in #lxde07:48
Jordan_Ubyerley: grub-mkdevicemap is the command to create one, but what is the exact error you're getting from grub-mkconfig without one?07:48
kevixActionParsnip: your first suggestions sounds promising. I am also in #lubuntu but will go #lxde if that does not do anything :)07:49
ActionParsnipKevix: I'm on a bus now so have no access to my desktop right now07:49
CkhiKuzadok jussi, i use grub2, is my configuration menu.lst, or grob.conf?07:50
byerleyJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/VZVBNgPC is what I get from the command. It generate the file, but the install step fails which I attributed to the errors07:50
kevixActionParsnip: no need to leave your bus or do anything dangerous :)07:50
ActionParsnipkevix: hehe07:50
jussiCkhiKuzad: read down a little more :D07:50
jussiWith Grub2, the bootloader in new installations of 9.10, the procedure is a little different. You should edit the file /etc/grub.d/40_custom and add the lines07:50
ActionParsnipCkhiKuzad: fgrub.conf but you don't manually edit it07:51
CkhiKuzadalright, thanks07:51
kevixI do need to add more parsnips to my diet, I only have them in chicksoup currently07:51
Jordan_Ubyerley: Did you bind mount /dev and /proc as the instructions say to do?07:51
byerleyJordan_U: I was under the impression; proc seems to be empty so I'll try running through the steps again07:52
rebirthwhat is the standard method of updating software in ubuntu?07:53
ActionParsniprebirth: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade07:53
Jordan_Urebirth: System > Administration > Update Manager07:53
CkhiKuzadjussi, since i have this as the installer, would it be a good idea to make a new partition from the remaining space on my installer partition, leaving the installer to have only enough for the CD contents, so i dont get the error?07:54
zushow do i unlock a folder? .wine>dosdevices>c:>winetrickstmp is got a lock icon and cant make a folder in there as per terminal output.07:54
jagadishscriptwarlock, hi how are you07:54
scriptwarlockjagadish: fine07:54
jussiCkhiKuzad: Im not sure. I havent actally completed the process before.07:54
CkhiKuzadwell i will do that, because it seems like a good idea.07:54
FrozenFireIs there a command-line utility for managing AVI metadata?07:54
ActionParsnipZus: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /home/$USER/.wine07:54
jussiCkhiKuzad: I need to disappear now - actually have to do some work. please keep reading the instructions and hopefully someone else can help if you run into issues.07:55
zusActionParsnip,  thank you07:55
CkhiKuzadand if it fails, and i am stuck with a partition i am using, a big one that i want to install to, and a wiped installer one, i can just redo the process07:55
CkhiKuzadalright jussi, i am good for now.07:55
rebirthwhat if there is a newer version of a particular piece of software on the website that doesn't show up in the update manager?07:55
jagadishscriptwarlock, were were you... i was desperate to get some help yesterday...07:55
ActionParsnipZus: it can happen if you run gui apps with sudo. Or use sudo -s07:55
ActionParsnip!ppa | rebirth07:56
ubotturebirth: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.07:56
scriptwarlockjagadish: sleeping.. whats the problem07:56
red2kicActionParsnip: "USER=andrew ; sudo chown -R $USER:$USER /home/$USER/.wine" ? :)07:56
zusActionParsnip,  what ya mean?07:56
ActionParsnipred2kic: USER is already set07:56
jagadishscriptwarlock, my nvidia card (that's not sorted leave it...) i removed it and i was trying to start compiz with my Intel 82845G07:56
madridome program similar to utocad and with a package debian for jaunty 9.04 ?.07:57
ActionParsnipZus: those are 2 ways that ownership can be skewed and you get locked folders07:57
red2kicActionParsnip: Yes yes. I was just saying... to override it. ;)07:57
realubotWilll this cron job execute my scriot using abc and def as $1 and $1: 15 05 * * * /home/myusername/script.sh abc def07:57
zusActionParsnip,  oh.07:57
ActionParsnipred2kic: ahh, gotcha07:57
jagadishscriptwarlock, and it gives a blacklist error The strangest thinng is my PCI ID is not listed in he hardware/blacklist section07:57
MaRk-Imadrid: qcad07:57
scriptwarlockjagadish: have you talked to #compiz?07:57
red2kicrealubot: The best way is to test it yourself. That's how I usually make sure my script works correctly then I adjusted the time.07:58
jagadishscriptwarlock, yeh i'm right now07:58
realubotred2kic: Yes, I will. :)07:58
madridmark only is for 2D?07:58
scriptwarlockjagadish: ask a bleeding question to that compiz guys there.. :)07:58
ActionParsnipRealubot: you can use gnome-schedule if you want a cron gui07:58
red2kicrealubot: You might want to put some kind of quotes on it too to treat the whole thing as one command.07:58
jagadishscriptwarlock, yeh i am...!!!!07:59
Poisoned_Goldi need some help with my system -_-'07:59
ActionParsnip!details | Poisoned_Gold08:00
ubottuPoisoned_Gold: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:00
MaRk-Imadrid: no idea, might want to try "blender" for 3d08:00
realubotActionParsnip: Thanks for the tip, but I want to learn to use the Terminal as UI as much as possible. I'm just wondering how I input environmental variables to a script using crontab -e to set the cron job.08:02
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm08:02
Poisoned_GoldI am using Ubuntu 10.04 - the Lucid Lynx and I extremely new to Linux so I don't know much about it. I have been using tutorials and how-to's but I cant seem to figure out how to turn off sleep mode or the screen saver08:02
Poisoned_Goldcould someone point me in the right direction?08:02
SirGrantgo to system --> preferences08:03
SirGrantand then screensaver08:03
realubotred2kic: Yes, I thinkI have seen this before, either use quotes or maybe, do someting like this: 15 04 * * * var1=abc, var2=def; /home/myuser/script.sh08:03
ActionParsnipPoisoned_Gold: well phrased uestion dude08:03
Poisoned_GoldThanks SirGrant -_-08:03
SirGrantoh and then click "power management"08:03
realubot*var1=abc; var2=def;08:03
SirGrantand then you can turn off sleep mode08:03
Poisoned_GoldI cant believe I didnt see that08:03
red2kicrealubot: Keep trying until you got that right. :)08:03
ActionParsnipPoisoned_Gold: look in the power options under system -> admin or system -> preferences08:03
jhesketh_Hi. In Lucid there is a new window in the live cd asking whether to try ubuntu or install. Clicking install launches ubiquity but I'm just wondering which program provides the welcome screen with the languages down the left?08:04
red2kicrealubot: If you're going to pass in parameters, you could predefine the parameters in the script.08:04
MaRk-Imadrid: what version of ubuntu you're using?08:04
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Poisoned_GoldxD Thanks guys I cant believe I didn't see that xD08:05
realubotred2kic: Yes, I know, but I rather set them from the cron job. Well, I will have to think about how to get this working the best way.08:05
realubotred2kic: The problem is that I want to use the same script but with different values as variables each times.08:06
red2kicrealubot: "/home/$USER/bin/script.sh CHICAGO ILLINOIS" -- Maybe?08:06
byerleyJordan_U: remounting proc and populating device.map did the trick; Thanks again for the help.08:06
Jordan_Ubyerley: You're welcome.08:06
madridmark jaunty 9.0408:06
bullgard4Where is to be found  a detailed description of the GNOME_Settings_Daemon (gnome-settings-daemon)?08:06
apporcHi ,everyone.08:09
red2kicrealubot: Cronjob is not for that. It runs the script at interval time. Maybe you can pass the global variables. Check with #bash to find what you're really looking for. :)08:09
rocket16Hello all,08:09
JonCruzso... did the project just change its name, or did someone deface wikipedia?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_%28operating_system%2908:10
rocket16Can anyone kindly point me to a tutorial for building Python GUIs for Ubuntu using wxglade and wxpython?08:10
apporcIs there anyone who can tell that what does the directory name "etc" stand for?08:10
miststlkrhey all.  I seem to get an error almost every time i boot one of  my systems which says, among other things, "Target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init.08:11
miststlkrNo init found. Try passing init= bootrag" and is "fixed" by booting to a liveCD and having gparted run a scan on the boot partition than rebooting.   could anyone say what might be causing this, or an easier/faster way to fix it when it does fconme up?08:11
madridwell blender and qcad  have been installed, thank you...08:11
rocket16apporc: See http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/860108:11
chriswaterguyhi folks... how does Linux Mint compared with regular Ubuntu for RAM usage?08:11
madridmark thank you...08:11
gimHi! I've created my own software repository after this manual https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Personal . Now I can use aptitude to install packages from it, but I get security messages complaining about unreliable packages. How can I make my rep reliable?08:12
raptureddoes anyone have a tutorial on implementing disk encryption on ubuntu ?08:14
scarface94@gim i don't know much about repos, but could it have something to do with PGP keys?08:14
red2kicchriswaterguy: Iirc, Linux Mint should be about same as Ubuntu with a different UI facelift. And we don't support Linux Mint here. :o08:15
jagadishscriptwarlock, hey will my video issues be solved if i go back to a earlier version of ubuntu08:15
realubotred2kic: Yeah, thanks. I'll have to check this out for some more time to get it working in a comfortable way.08:15
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red2kicraptured: Alternative Disk have disk encryption option for an installer.08:15
scriptwarlockjagadish: possibly on 9.04 if you have some budget buy a decent videocard which f course nvidia i personaly recommends... so you can enjoy the desktop effects itf thats what you are up to.08:16
chriswaterguyred2kic: thanks. (if i'd found the Mint channel, they could have said they don't support Ubuntu, so are you suggesting somewhere else to ask? :-P)08:16
Q_ContinuumHrm, can't get DVD playback on 10.04 even after installing restricted-extras and running the libdvdread4/install-css.sh script...08:16
rapturedred2kic thx08:16
red2kicraptured: Or if you want to install encryption on external hard drive, you want cryptsetup. Also, a link. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EncryptedFilesystemsInstaller08:16
jagadishscriptwarlock, yeh...08:17
gimscarface94: Exactly, for example opera rep setup is described here -- http://deb.opera.com/ . Remains to understand how to create my key and how to subscribe packages08:17
Q_ContinuumAn error occurred Could not read from source.08:17
red2kic!mint | chriswaterguy08:17
ubottuchriswaterguy: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)08:17
sjconroydoes anyone here have experience of swfdec or gnash?08:17
red2kicchriswaterguy: This is where Mint Channel can be found. If you're using Mint, you should refrain asking questions in here. :308:17
scriptwarlockjagadish: vc ar enot really that expensive these days..08:17
jagadishscriptwarlock, yes i have to check out08:18
rapturedso the normal installation disk does not have an option for disk encryption ?08:18
chriswaterguyred2kic: it was a comparison question between 2 distros including Ubuntu, and I'm not using Mint atm. I don't see the point of a heavy hand on a simple query.08:18
chriswaterguyred2kic: but you did answer, so thanks, and bye for now.08:19
red2kicraptured: This is what you probably look for -- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystems -- And no, normal liveCD does not have option for disk encryption.08:19
scarface94gim: I can't help you there, all I could do is make the suggestion. Sorry I can't be of more assistance. I've never set up my own repo before.08:20
red2kicraptured: If you're looking to do a full system encryption, you want alternative iso.08:20
=== jan247_ is now known as jan247
jagadishscriptwarlock, if i'm stepping down which version u think would be good08:20
akashahi, I've an Asus k50in laptop, yesterday installed lucid lynx on it using wibu, but the nvidia graphics does not work, and I had no net. So I decided to install using the alternative installer. Once it's ready, what should I do to get a proper desktop installation?08:20
scriptwarlockjagadish: 9.0408:21
rapturedred thanks, i will check it out. Or maybe i will look at the truecrypt tutorials08:21
gimscarface94: thanks, I've found manual https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and seems like it's what I want08:21
Spyzeris there any way to know my CPU's PLL through ubuntu ???08:21
red2kicraptured: If you only want to encrypt a different hard drive, you could install cryptsetup and figure out how to encrypt/partition the said hard drive. I'd prefer native linux cryptsetup over truecrypt. ;o08:21
Spyzerkindly tell08:21
rapturedi will look into that too thx08:22
jamesI just updated my 10.04 but now it looks like i've got old style gtk08:22
jamesfirefox looks super ugly08:22
jameswhat should I do?08:22
=== james is now known as Guest65393
tuxx-give it some make-up.08:22
scriptwarlockjames: restart your machine08:22
Guest65393just did08:23
scarface94gim: ok, excellent. good luck!08:23
gethohti prefer truecrypt because it's cross platform... i can read it from linux, mac or windows08:23
jagadishhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/jaunty/ is this the page where i get it08:23
Guest65393hah, I went to system -> pref -> appearance and it just fixed itself08:23
scarface94akasha: you may need to install proprietary drivers for your nvidia graphics card and wireless device.08:23
biotinhello guys :)08:24
=== p3rson is now known as an0n
ejvhello, im setting up kvm/qemu/libvirt and when i `virsh -c qemu:///system` it gives me the error: error: no connection driver available for qemu:///system ; I have sufficient write priveleges on /var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock (700), what am I doing wrong or missing? thank you. :)08:24
ejv!hello | biotin08:25
ubottubiotin: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!08:25
gimscarface94: thanks!08:26
akashascarface94: I've realised that, and I'm sure I'll manage to do it once I have a gnome up&running. the question is whether the alternate installer provides a GUI, or should I install ubuntu-desktop or something.08:29
MaRk-Iakasha: gnome is ubuntu's desktop default08:30
MaRk-Iakasha: why dont you use the regular livecd?08:32
ubottucalendar is at http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event08:33
jagadishscriptwarlock, transmission says operation failed08:33
akashaMaRk-I: because it does not work, the same graphics problem08:33
scriptwarlockjames: needs stable internet connection when you download something...08:33
MaRk-Iakasha: what graphics problem?08:34
akashabasically this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsWnozx8sn808:34
akashaMaRk-I ^^08:34
pizzleHello, I'm on Ubuntu 10.04. I disconnected a USB sata connection from a 1.5 TB drive on my system and replaced it with a 160 Gb drive without unmounting the first drive. The 160 Gb drive now shows the geometry and label of the 1.5 TB drive and cannot be read. I have tried testdisk and have not been able to get the drive to work properly yet. Any help?08:35
scriptwarlockjames: or check more torrent sources for 9.04.08:35
MaRk-Iakasha: what video card?08:36
akashaMaRk-I: nvidia gforce g102m08:36
jagadishscriptwarlock, ok man... i'll catch up later...08:37
jagadishscriptwarlock, thanks a ton08:37
MaRk-Iakasha: try this, there's instructions to start the livecd and what to edit after installing http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/08:37
Loshkipizzle: are you saying you hotswapped the disks, without even unmounting first?08:37
pizzleloshki: yea08:37
bullgard4Where is to be found  a detailed description of the GNOME_Settings_Daemon (gnome-settings-daemon)?08:37
ResQuehello people08:38
Loshkipizzle: have you rebooted since you swapped the disks?08:38
pizzleLoshki: yes several times08:39
bullgard4pizzle: Use the umount command.08:39
=== jan247_ is now known as jan247
pizzlebullgard4: I neglected to use the umount and now have the wrong geometry and label on one of the drives. I'm trying to see if I can get that fixed or if I've just lost my data08:40
MaRk-Iakasha: did you get it?08:41
Jordan_Uakasha: MaRk-I: I don't think that guide will help as it's specific to intel graphics, not nvidia.08:41
Loshkipizzle: I don't suppose you have any record of the partition scheme on the 160GB disk e.g. the output of 'fdisk -l' from before it got corrupted?08:43
erUSULpizzle: remounting replugging the disk does not help ?08:43
Jordan_Uakasha: Press any key early in the LiveCD boot and you will get a boot menu. Select your language then press F6 to change the kernel parameters (you'll have to press escape to get out of the menu of common parameters as the one you want isn't there)08:43
MaRk-IJordan_U: I'm just going to what i'm told <akasha> MaRk-I: nvidia gforce g102m08:43
zusdamn now my a: in .wine is locked. why is it that everyone gets this crap working but its always a problem? no one in #winehq answers anyquestions either08:43
MaRk-IJordan_U: and if you see for nvidia it says:  nVidia: nomodeset08:43
pizzleLoshki: nope. However i have another drive that is the exact same model, size etc. It happens to be my primary drive on the computer being used08:44
Jordan_UMaRk-I: Ahh, sorry, I should have looked at the complete guide rather than skimming.08:44
zushow do  i unlock these folders and get winetricks to open so i can install the bs that i need to run rutting games?08:44
pizzleerUSUL: remounting replugging the disk works for the 1st drive. the 2nd drive shows the same geometry and label as the 1st drive however08:44
vikasi am running a compaq laptop and my cpu temp is upto 65deg Celsius08:44
zusseriously some one in here has runes of magic and wow and maybe starwars galaxy....08:44
vikasis that okay ?08:44
MaRk-IJordan_U: np, the generic part I think goes for ati08:44
erUSULpizzle: there is no way i know off a kernel modifies label or geometry or partition table of a disk you have to use specialized tools for that ...08:45
erUSULzus: checked appdb ?08:46
pizzleerUSUL: is there anything I can do in a terminal window to get some outputs to figure out exactly what's going on then?08:46
zuserUSUL,  no  what is that?08:46
erUSUL!appdb | zus08:46
ubottuzus: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help08:46
Loshkipizzle: you could copy the *geometry* from the primary to the 160GB disk, but you'll still be lacking the *partition table*. If you had the latter, you stand a good chance of recovering all your data....08:47
erUSULpizzle: sudo fdisk -l ; sudo parted /dev/sdx print ;08:47
zuserUSUL,  the wine site read i didnt need winetricks  but  everything i read says i do, i cant sh winetricks etc now folders are locking  left and right in my.wine08:47
zuserUSUL,  as it turns out, i have the page open in my browser i didnt know that was appdb08:48
pizzlewhere do I paste my results?08:49
erUSULzus: chmod -R 755 ~/.wine/08:50
aneesh1pizzle: use this08:50
erUSUL!paste | pizzle08:50
ubottupizzle: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:50
pizzleaneesh1: ty08:51
zusnow i get opperation not permitted08:51
pizzleerUSUL: http://paste.ubuntu.com/462874/08:51
erUSULzus: did you run wine or wine cfg or something like that with "sudo" ? or "gksudo" ?08:52
zuswine config  i got to it thourgh the menus08:52
erUSULpizzle: /dev/sdx was to be replaced with the correct disk device ...08:54
aneesh1pizzle: it should be sudo parted /dev/sdb1 print ;08:54
zusi have runes of magic installed were i to rename my .wine will it recreate it again clean or will the game need to be reinstalled?08:54
erUSULzus: it would have to be reinstalled08:55
pizzleerUSUL: I referenced the wrong drive... here's the new output: http://paste.ubuntu.com/462876/08:55
erUSULzus: check the owner and permission of the files you see locked08:55
pizzleerUSUL: actually shouldnt it be sdb?08:55
erUSULpizzle: yes; aneesh1 said sdb108:56
zussays group root08:56
rebirthis there a wine channel?08:56
saphello; i'm trying to install a ubuntu from usb stick (configured with unetbootin). it boots but when trying to detect the dvd/cd sources, it fails. any ideas how to link the usb to cd?08:56
erUSULrebirth: #winehq08:56
MaRk-Isap the usb is the cd source08:57
erUSULpizzle: and the problem is that sdb is actually a 1.5 TiB disk ???08:57
=== jan247_ is now known as jan247
sapMaRk-I, but why does it still not recognize the device? it boots from it, so the usb should be fine?!08:58
Jordan_Upizzle: That output looks fine. What problem are you actually having?08:58
pizzleerUSUL: no it's actually showing the correct size in this output. However when I try to access the drive I cannot. I cannot mount the drive in disk utility as well. The label is supposed to be bizzle but shows up as bajizzle which is the 1.5 TB drive08:59
MaRk-Isap: did you check the md5sum of the iso?08:59
ssnhi guys08:59
pizzleI'm not able to access the drive to view the contents.. I'm sure it's something simple that I just don't know how to do08:59
erUSULpizzle: what is the error when you try to mount ?08:59
sapMaRk-I, not yet, will do right now, just a sec08:59
ssndoes anyone know where to find the default gdm theme in a lubuntu installation (tried the lubuntu channel, but no one did respond)08:59
Jordan_Upizzle: First, have you rebooted since you swapped drives?09:00
zusrebirth,  good luck in the channel - prolly on holliday or the most anti-social bunch i've seen all weekend!09:00
* zus is dealing with wine issues all week.09:00
Jordan_Uzus: Can you pastebin the output of "ls -l .wine/" ?09:01
pizzleJorday_U: yes I have several times09:01
pizzleerUSUL: error msg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/462879/09:02
zusJordan_U,  yeah one sec to get it please09:02
erUSULpizzle: "dmesg | tail" to see the details please ...09:02
sapMaRk-I, hash is good.09:03
pizzleerUSUL: http://paste.ubuntu.com/462880/09:03
MaRk-Isap: hhmm then should be fine, odd09:04
pizzleerUSUL: that's the output that had me thinking I had the incorrect geometry for the drive09:05
zusJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/UqunkhDN09:05
hjstI'm trying to install Sun's Java JRE on 10.04 using this link for info - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - it says to enable the universe repo and search for the sun-java6-jre package, but when I do I find nothing09:05
sapI have a dvd rom and dvd writer in the computer; could that be the problem? i just wanted to install from usb anyways...its easier for me09:05
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
erUSULpizzle: maybe you just need to fsck the partition ? seems that the ext4 fs there may be corrupt09:06
pizzleerUSUL: how would I do that?09:06
erUSULhjst: in lucid that package is in the partners repo09:06
Jordan_Uzus: Can you also pastebin the output of "ls -l .wine/dosdevices" /09:07
erUSULpizzle: gparted can fsck partitions or you can use e2fsck from command line09:07
hjsterUSUL: aha, thank you09:07
erUSUL!java > hjst09:07
ubottuhjst, please see my private message09:07
zusin terminal i get No such file or direcory09:08
hjstsweet, thanks again erUSUL09:08
pizzleerUSL: I'm in gparted right now and have the sdb1 drive up on the screen but do not find any options to fsck09:09
erUSULpizzle: right click on the partition. it should be something like check for errors ...09:09
=== jan247_ is now known as jan247
pizzleerUSL: options which are avail are (delete, format to, manage flags, information)09:10
pizzleerUSUL: check is greyed out09:10
zusJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/Ezt4gpsb09:11
erUSULpizzle: make sure you are in the correct disk and also make sure it is umounted09:11
Jordan_Uzus: Have you been running winetricks with sudo?09:11
erUSULpizzle: the option is "Check"09:11
erUSUL!tab | pizzle09:12
ubottupizzle: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.09:12
zusJordan_U,  sh winetricks or chmod 755 for winetricks to open up09:12
zusJordan_U,  it cant make a folder in  the /.wine>dosdevices/winetrickstmp  the folder was locked.... then the  a: got locked too09:13
Jordan_Uzus: Have you been running winetricks with sudo?09:13
pizzleerUSUL, umount: /dev/sdb is not mounted (according to mtab) and I'm accessing the /dev/sdb drive in gparted09:14
erUSULpizzle: you should be checking sdb1 ...09:14
zusJordan_U,  not that i know of no09:15
pizzleerUSUL, I only have the option for sdb and sda in gparted09:15
Jordan_Uzus: Well someone has...09:15
pizzleerUSUL, /dev/sdb1 shows 149.05 GB (correct size) and label Bajizzle (the improper one)09:16
erUSULpizzle: but when you choose sdb in the drop down menu in the righ you see a partition in the graphic area? right click n that partition09:16
erUSULpizzle: you have to check the partition09:16
zusJordan_U,  well can i unlock the two files or and have the winetricks open up then?09:16
zusJordan_U,  how can i fix this?09:16
pizzleerUSUL, Actually you are correct, the graphic shows /dev/sdb1 but when I right click it I am still unable to check... umount: /dev/sdb1 is not mounted (according to mtab)09:17
bullgard4Where is a stylesheet for /usr/share/gconf/schemas/gdm-single-greeter.schemas?09:17
Jordan_Uzus: run "sudo chown -R zus:zus .wine/" and in the future don't use sudo unless you're specifically told to.09:17
erUSULpizzle: check is grayed out ?09:18
pizzleerUSUL, yes check is still greyed out09:18
erUSULpizzle: grep sdb /proc/mounts09:18
Jordan_UerUSUL: It could have been mounted through /dev/disk/by-uuid/ also (which would mean that grep might miss it)09:20
pizzleerUSUL, no outputs in terminal09:20
letharionMy mysql server refuses to start. The only interesting log file I can find is daemon.log, and all it says is: http://pastebin.com/fecMbSAQ Can I find more information somewhere?09:21
silviu_hIs there anyone out here who used yaps ( http://freshmeat.net/projects/yaps/ ) to send sms from an isdn card ?09:21
erUSULpizzle: sudo e2fsck -nv /dev/sdb1 <<< that does a read only check ( nothing will be modified)09:21
pizzleerUSUL, umm you want all of that pasted? that's a hell of a lot of output09:22
zusJordan_U,  how can i unlock the a: and z: folders in dosdevices theyre still got the lock icon ?09:23
erUSULpizzle: no; just see if some errors are being corrected or reported09:23
ddavidstrism: u there?09:23
pizzleerUSUL, It seems to be giving a lot of errors: something along the lines of illegal block number passed to ext2fs_test_block_bitmap #.... for in-use block map09:23
pizzlesomething like that09:23
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its-me-againhi all somehow my computer is not using the nvidida drivers how cn i activate them again. in terminal so i cn just restart x09:24
pizzleerUSUL, how do I stop it?09:24
its-me-againhi all somehow my computer is not using the nvidida drivers how cn i activate them again. in terminal so i cn just restart x /join #nvidia09:24
ddavidspls i got my some problems on my laptop which is cause my music players to crash, id like to create a new user and delete the old one but still have my files09:25
erUSULpizzle: well after that you can use -py instead of -nv ( that will actually try to fix the issues with all answers yes )09:25
erUSULpizzle: mind you. some data may en app being moved to /lost+found/09:25
Polysicshow much slower is performance in wubi compared to dedicated?09:27
Polysicsit looks way slower to me but it might be due to network issues09:27
pizzleerUSUL, pizzle@Lizzle:~$ sudo e2fsck -py /dev/sdb109:28
pizzlee2fsck: Only one of the options -p/-a, -n or -y may be specified.09:28
=== eric is now known as Guest94362
pizzleerUSUL, which option do I use?09:29
erUSULpizzle: -p09:29
pizzleerUSUL, that didn't work. it told me to run it without -p09:30
erUSULpizzle: then use -y ...09:31
ddavidspls i got my some problems on my laptop which is cause my music players to crash, id like to create a new user and delete the old one but still have my files09:31
pizzleerUSUL, that didn't work either. Here is the output for both in detail http://paste.ubuntu.com/462886/09:32
erUSULpizzle: Either the superblock or the partition table is likely to be corrupt!09:32
pizzleerUSUL, any way to fix that?09:33
erUSULpizzle: fsck has an option to use an alternative superblock.... we will try that forts.09:33
erUSULpizzle: fsck has an option to use an alternative superblock.... we will try that firts.09:33
k1ngcan anyone tell me how to reset compiz setting09:33
dar__i don't understand why i have thousands of messages of this kind, it is blowing my available space every day :( could you please tell me what is that ??? http://pastebin.ca/1899603 it s not stopping :(09:33
soreauk1ng: ccsm>preferences>reset to defaults09:33
erUSULpizzle: e2fsck -b 32768 -y /dev/sdb109:34
k1ngsoreau, i cannot see any window coz i misconfigured window place09:34
its-me-againhi i am trying to play the game warzoe 2100 on my laptop but it uses the rong display mode for my screen nd i cant play it09:34
pizzleit's telling me I dont have permission09:35
soreauk1ng: Then get to a tty (ctrl+alt+f2) login and run 'DISPLAY=:0 metacity --replace' then go back to X (ctrl+alt+f7) and fix it in ccsm09:35
pizzleerUSUL, http://paste.ubuntu.com/462890/09:35
erUSULpizzle: use sudo09:35
=== unknown is now known as LoneWolf
=== LoneWolf is now known as Thomas82
pizzleerUSUL, sorry my mistake. Used sudo and got this output http://paste.ubuntu.com/462891/09:37
erUSULpizzle: so is the partition table... use testdisk09:37
erUSULpizzle: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step09:38
pizzleI've used testdisk prior but it didnt seem to fix it. I can try it again09:38
rebirthi'm in the process of updating to 10.04 and it's asking me about GRUB and i have no idea what to do09:40
Dr_Willisrebirth:  grub normally goes on the mbr of the hard drive. /dev/sda09:40
Dr_Willisrebirth:  what specifically is it asking?09:40
erUSULpizzle: we can try with other superblock backups ...09:40
erUSULpizzle: do --> sudo mke2fs -n /dev/sdb109:41
rebirthit wants me to select which devices i want grub-install to be automatically run for09:41
pizzleerUSUL, that might be better. testdisk isnt getting me anywhere09:41
IronChefhow can I enable root login?09:42
Dr_WillisIronChef:  use sudo as needed to do 'root' tasks09:42
pizzleerUSUL, http://paste.ubuntu.com/462892/09:42
Illuminatusto access via rdp (terminal server) from windows to ubuntu ?09:42
IronChefDr_Willis: I need to login to gnome as root09:42
Dr_WillisIronChef:  You dont want to directly login as root. "sudo -s' to get a root shell.09:42
erUSULIronChef: ubuntu does not use root account and we do not support enabling it09:42
Dr_WillisIronChef:  I doubt very much that you actually 'need' to do that09:42
rebirthDr_Willis: there are several options beginning dev/sda09:43
IronChefi'm a professional linux sysadmin for a fortune 100 company! I NEED IT :-)09:43
Dr_WillisIronChef:  if you 'must'  then go to the console. stop the gdm service. than use  'sudo -s' to get to root terminal. and try 'startx'   I imagine you will break you system with this 'habbit'09:43
erUSULpizzle: now try  « sudo e2fsck -b <number> -y /dev/sdb1 » with the numbers printed there... we already used the first one 3276809:43
apapahi guys I have a multi-partitioned drive sda1,4,3 & 2 (in that order). sda3 is an extended partition housing ubuntu lucid, sda3 is an ntfs partition that I use to store data in general(for compatibility with winxp), sda2 is my OEM recovery partition and sda1 is an ntfs partition that I want to install win xp on. When I try to boot up from the win xp cd it says "setup is loading hardware configuration..." and it just sits idle;  is this because of my partitioni09:43
erUSULpizzle: the next is 9830409:44
Dr_Willisrebirth:  you want /dev/sda   NOT /dev/sda1 or any other #09:44
rebirthand not dev/sdc?09:44
apapa*sorry sda4 houses ubuntu not sda309:44
IronCheferUSUL: so can you please tell me where it's disabled?09:44
apapacan somebody help me?09:45
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo09:45
erUSULapapa: ##windows can help with windowsXP issues09:45
St0n3-C0lIronChef : Try out sudo su09:46
St0n3-C0lThat will get you root.09:46
IronChefyeah that's great, but if i login then my home dir gets unencrypted, and gconf starts writing, i don't know how many of you have tried to repair a broken gconf but it's rotten difficult!09:46
=== n3werne0 is now known as darth10
IronChefsudo su -09:46
ikoniaIronChef: please don't suggest that09:46
Dr_WillisSt0n3-C0l:  more proper way is 'sudo -s' not 'sudo su' :)09:46
St0n3-C0lNot here...btw is it normal to have Xorg occupying 20-30% of your CPU usage when Firefox is loading up certain pages, even on one tab..my Xorg has at a point reached 40%09:47
ikoniaIronChef: check out "sudo" as a tool with sudo -s and sudo -i for the right options09:47
IronChefdoes the ubuntu community ever worry it's making linux a bit too cuddly?!?09:47
zusJordan_U,  thank you09:47
St0n3-C0lOk Dr_Willis.09:47
zus thank you all.09:47
Dr_WillisIronChef:  No we dont worry about stuff liike that at all.09:47
pizzleerUSUL, would you believe it if I told you none of the numbers worked?09:48
* IronChef considers going back to opensuse09:48
zusJordan_U,  is there a way to get the other two folders unlocked as well?, im sure they werent locked before the a: and z: in dosdevices09:48
IronChefi get laughed at at work when the other *nix admins find out my lappy can't do root when i want!09:48
erUSULpizzle: well i would believe anything.09:48
Dr_WillisIronChef:  feel free to do what you want. Thats the linux way.09:48
erUSULIronChef: it can. « sudo -i »09:48
pizzleerUSUL, so what now?09:48
Dr_WillisIronChef:  You just need tolearn the ways to do it.  I have no admin issues at all with ubuntu.09:48
Jordan_Uzus: That command should have "unlocked" them all.09:48
rebirthcuddly? wtf does that mean?09:49
IronChefsimple, for this particular task i need to login as root09:49
Dr_WillisBad habbits on their part. do not prove its a ubuntu 'problem'09:49
ikoniaIronChef: it can do root when you want it, and it's not hard to unlock the root account if you really feel strong about it09:49
zusJordan_U,  it didnt, BUT it unlocked the winetrickstmp and got the sh winetricks working,....09:49
Dr_WillisIronChef:  i allready mentioned the console and 'sudo -s' and 'startx'09:49
IronChefoh poppycock, who has time to type 'sudo' in front of every command all day!? :-)09:49
St0n3-C0lis it normal to have Xorg occupying 20-30% of your CPU usage when Firefox is loading up certain pages, even on one tab..my Xorg has at a point reached 40%09:49
ikoniaIronChef: however Unix administrators will laugh at you more for doing sudo su - than for unlocking the root aaccount09:49
consitcould anybody help me about activating screensaver in GDM mode09:50
ikoniaIronChef: you don't have to, unlock the root account properly then09:50
Dr_WillisIronChef:  who is spending all day configuring a system? get it configured.. and let the users get to work.09:50
ikoniaIronChef: or switch to a root user shell "properly"09:50
erUSULpizzle: i'm afraid this is beyond my knowledge amybe there is something to be done via "debugfs" but you will have to ask the ext4 devs or someone wiser09:50
IronChefi run over 200 nix servers, i spend all day as root - and i love it lol09:50
Jordan_UIronChef: If I found out that one of my sysadmins was running gnome as root, even on their own computer, they likely wouldn't last very long...09:50
Dr_WillisIronChef:  i peronally find that statment hard to belive.09:50
IronChefi don't break things, because i think very carefully before hitting <enter>09:50
ikoniaIronChef: yet you've just had to ask in ##linux how you login as root09:51
ikoniaIronChef: can't be that good09:51
pizzleerUSUL, how would I get in contact with them? are they in this room or do I have to go somewhere else?09:51
* MaRk-I keep feeding the troll, is amusing09:51
Dr_Willisikonia:  :)  its like a 'test' of skills'09:51
darth10Dr_Willis, IronChef is mostly an admin in a lab or something. nothing unbelievable about it09:51
IronChefi'm not actually trolling, i just want to know how to enable the root account in gnome, then i'll happily go back to what i was doing09:51
erUSULpizzle: maybe a mailing list... if they use irc i do not where sorry.09:51
Dr_Willisdarth10:  ok. Not in the 'real world' then. :)09:51
ikoniaIronChef: the guys in ##linux told you09:51
ikoniaIronChef: it's also well documented09:51
ikoniaIronChef: however, you'll need to unlock the root aaccount onteh system first09:52
pizzleerUSUL, ty for all the help and time09:52
Dr_WillisGDM also prevents root from directly logging in. I recall.09:52
ikoniaDr_Willis: correct, which is why enabling root in either without the other is pointless09:52
erUSULpizzle: no problem09:53
* Dr_Willis changes his root users theme/colors to be bright red. so any apps running as root.. get a real real bright warning/colors. :)09:53
IronChefand fwiw i totally agree with locking users out of a root login, lest they run xchat as root etc, but that's not my situation, it's no lie, i do this all day for a living :-)09:54
Jordan_UIronChef: You realize that it isn't just a matter of being "carefull", Gnome was not meant to be bulletproof and running millions of lines of GUI code as root is a huge security risk.09:54
consitas I understand GDM is nobody login session, and I find how to change background, but I wabt to put screensaver when nobody is log. I put slideshow in GDM mode in same way as background but is minimized and I want to maximize09:55
IronChefJordan_U: sure, but i just need to take a system snapshot, then i'll log right out again :-)09:55
Jordan_UIronChef: Why do you need to run Gnome as root to "take a system snapshot"?09:55
ikoniaIronChef: you shouldn't be running the system if your taking a snapshot09:55
ikoniaIronChef: you should be doing that from single user mode to minimise in use and locked files09:56
* Dr_Willis wonders what system 'snapshot' even means09:56
ikonianormally an "image" of some sort of the box09:56
Jordan_UDr_Willis: That's why I put it in quotes :)09:56
* IronChef means "of my encrypted home dir"09:56
ikoniaIronChef: again - you don't need to be root for that09:57
ikoniaIronChef: you're making a poor argument for logging into a desktop environment as root09:57
Dr_Willisroot user has an encrypted home dir?09:57
ikoniaDr_Willis: I'm guessing someone else, which is why he wants to do it as s root09:57
IronChefi'm windering if anyone here actually knows the answer...09:57
IronChefwondering also09:57
ikoniaIronChef: I've told you the answer09:57
IronChef<ikonia> IronChef: however, you'll need to unlock the root aaccount onteh system first09:58
ikoniaIronChef: I wonder if you actually fully understand what you're doing logging into a desktop environment as root to backup a home directory ?09:58
* Dr_Willis isent clear on the probpelm. if you want to backup /home/* then you should be doing it from single user mode/recovery mode09:58
zusJordan_U,  what do i do then to remove the lock from them two folders? i dont know why the command didnt unlock them.09:58
IronChefoh ffs i'm going back to suse, this is childish09:58
ikoniaIronChef: yes, so you need to change gdm config to ALLOWROOT login, but you'll also need to unlock the system root account as the ubuntu root account actually has no password by default as it's locked09:58
* Dr_Willis wonders what tool in X is being used to snapshot stuff.09:59
IronChefikonia: many thanks :-)09:59
Jordan_UIronChef: Who is your employer? I'd like to warn them about you...09:59
ikoniauncalled for09:59
IronChefJordan_U: oh grow up09:59
ShapeShifter499I'm trying to compile and use a linux ethernet driver and the "make install" keeps spitting out "CFLAGS was changed /home/lance/Downloads/e100-3.5.17/src/Makefile  .   Fix it to use EXTRA_CFLAGS"   how do I fix this09:59
Jordan_UIronChef: Sorry.09:59
blinkizHi. I would like to bring up a vlan without setting a ip address in interfaces file. Same time I would like to set a custom hardware (mac) address. "iface eth1.231 static, address, netmask, hwaddr ether 00:19:5B:FD:28:00". This line does not work. How should I modify it?10:01
IronChefJordan_U: cool10:02
consitPlease help about screensaver or slideshow in GDM - how to put screensaver in GDM in Ubuntu 10.0410:02
Dr_Willis /filter add joinquit * irc_join,irc_part,irc_quit *10:02
IronChefconsit: it's called 'pictures' i think10:03
IronChefpictures folder in fact10:03
consitYes, but I want to put in mode GDM when nobody is logged10:03
ddavidshow do i delete my primary user and transfer admin rights to the new user?10:04
consitI find to change baskground (splash), and on some way I put slideshow bu window is minimized, and I want to maximize or to put real screensaver10:05
IronChefconsit: ah, it's something to do with the gdm user sccount i think...10:05
ndohi guys how do i list hard drives connected10:06
sapDoes anyone here use ubuntu with a microsoft exchange alternative? like scalix, openxchange or something like that? I'm looking for something that works with MS outlook and supports shared inboxes, shared contacts and calenders10:06
IronChefndo: df -h10:06
IronChefor fdisk -l10:06
ikoniaIronChef: df will only show mounted devices, not connected10:06
IronChefyep then fdisk -l :-)10:07
IronChefikonia: enable root login is no longer in gdmsetup...10:07
consityes but I can't find how to activate GDM user account. I copy in LoginWindow cosmos-slideshow.desktop and I activate slideshow10:07
ikoniaIronChef: that's a drag, you should be able to force it in the config file10:07
MegaHerzhi all10:07
katan_how can I change directory to my cdrom in ubuntu ?10:08
ikoniakatan_: cd /cdrom10:08
marblecakealsothcd /cdrom10:08
ndoIronChef: actually i want to dd disk to disk10:08
marblecakealsothbeat me to it10:08
MegaHerzUbuntu is very slow here, and I was trying to understand the reason. I ran gnome system monitory but it eats 60-80% of my CPU itself! wtf?10:09
marblecakealsothswitch back to windows10:09
katan_ikonia: thanks10:09
marblecakealsothubuntu doesnt like you10:09
MegaHerzmarblecakealsoth: ignored10:09
ikoniaMegaHerz: stop that now10:09
ikoniaMegaHerz: sorry - not yo10:09
MegaHerzikonia: kk10:09
ndoIronChef: if i do df -h i dont see sda sdb or something10:09
ikoniamarblecakealsoth: don't do that again10:10
liuzhixingso quite10:10
marblecakealsothswitch back to windows ubuntu doesnt like you\10:10
marblecakealsothdid it again10:10
consitIs it possible to put maximized window while open f-spot - this could solve problem, but I don't know how to do it by default10:10
ikoniaIronChef: try AllowRoot=true in your gdm custom.conf10:10
metaltuxhello. how do I activate ip forwarding on an ethernet interface on ubuntu 6.06?10:10
MegaHerzI wonder why gnome-system-monitor is eating CPU so much, so this is my question. Maybe something goes wrong?10:10
katan_ikonia: if my exe file contains a windows virus, would it affect my ubuntu system under wine ?10:11
ikoniaIronChef: not %100 sure if custom.conf is the right place now that gdm.conf has been split out10:11
NeverCastkatan_, Yes10:11
NeverCastkatan_, well. not in the same way10:11
ikoniakatan_: very doubtful, unless it does something like fireup an smtp server and mail out people,10:11
genuxlo after looking at this bug..10:11
NeverCastkatan_, It could probably delete user files10:11
NeverCastkatan_, but I doubt it would do much.10:11
ikoniaNeverCast: not on the ubuntu operating system it can't10:11
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: open your system monitor and observe what services eats your system resources10:11
IronChefgdm-ccd.conf by the looks of things ikonia10:12
NeverCastikonia, Like i said, to an extent.10:12
genuxI can view the website fine.. webdiplomacy.net, is there anything else to check ?10:12
NeverCastikonia, I would imagine it couldn't do much 'infection' or 'run on startup', and of that crap.10:12
liuzhixingwhich language could be used there?10:12
katan_ikonia: NeverCast it is infected by this virus : http://www.securelist.com/en/descriptions/old7030610:12
katan_ikonia: NeverCast it uses Iexplorer, so it shouldn't do anything ?10:13
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: you never introduce your machines specs also....10:13
acee12345how do i give a program permission to bind ports without invoking sudo?10:13
NeverCastkatan_, That's what the message says it does, doesn't mean it uses internet explorer.10:13
ikoniaacee12345: what progam ?10:13
ikoniaacee12345: you shouldn't need root for that10:14
MegaHerzscriptwarlock: gnome-system-monitor is eating ~60%. Then VirtualBox goes with ~15%. Interactivity almost lost in g-s-m, and I have to kill the app to close it. It is notebook, Acer 5930G with10:14
MegaHerzIntel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     P7350  @ 2.00GHz10:14
acee12345ikonia without it i get "unable to bind [permission denied]"10:14
ikoniaacee12345: bind to what ?10:15
acee12345ikonia port 665(arbitrary)10:15
katan_NeverCast: ikonia so it would affect the system only when I run wine right ? If I have wine installed and installed the app containing the virus. Would i affect only when wine is run ?10:15
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: thats impossible for gnome-system-monitor to eat your system there shoud be anything that eats... your specs is more than enough to run ubuntu10:15
Lumeehi, how can I install kde on ubuntu without lose my ubuntu splash screen during loading at booting time? I dont want the kubuntu splash screen10:16
ikoniaacee12345: is anything else already using that10:16
=== naomi is now known as Guest53946
NeverCastkatan_, It wouldn't 'infect' anything I don't believe.10:16
acee12345ikonia dont think so. got a way to check?10:16
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: ok type "top" in your terminal to see those things10:16
Guest53946ubuntu 10.04 sometimes not boot from grub - randomly10:16
Guest53946in both i386 and AMD64 versions10:17
katan_NeverCast: so it must be safe then :)10:17
NeverCastkatan_, just don't run it :P10:17
NeverCastkatan_, best way to be sure :P10:17
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: and then start kill -9 (proc) whatever causes your sytem to peak...10:17
katan_NeverCast: ok :)10:18
=== Guest53946 is now known as naomi_alpha
naomi_alphai have 8.04 i386, 10.04 i386 64 bit on one machine10:19
naomi_alphasometimes the 10.04's wont boot10:19
MegaHerzscriptwarlock: http://www.onlinedisk.ru/view/475813 http://www.onlinedisk.ru/view/475815 etc10:19
Dr_Willis_naomi_alpha:  how old a machine?10:19
naomi_alphaabout 200810:19
MegaHerzscriptwarlock: ok, let me play with top (htop I think is more handy)10:20
Dr_Willis_Lumee:  you can always reset the splash screen back to whatever one you want.10:20
Dr_Willis_Lumee:  its not like the splash screen is a 'mission critucal' part of the OS.10:20
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: id rather recommend htop10:20
naomi_alphaoh, and having active synaptic and loading nvidia driver at the same time gives error in nv driver installation10:21
katal_NeverCast: Is there a firewall for ubuntu like ZoneAlarm for windows ?10:21
MegaHerzscriptwarlock: is there a tool to measure cumulative cpu expenses per app?10:21
Dr_Willis_!firewall | katal_10:21
ubottukatal_: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist.10:21
acee12345ikonia "netstat -anp --tcp --udp | grep LISTEN" reports only 631 open10:21
Dr_Willis_katal_:  firewalling in Linux is very different then how firewslls work in windows.10:22
MegaHerzscriptwarlock: because there not much info when I view like processes jump up and down )10:22
NeverCastkatal_, Ip tables.10:22
consitIronChef: I can't find gdm-ccd.conf in Ubuntu 10.04 to manage gdm10:22
MisterioTalking about firewalls. I am via router, do I need firewall enabled?10:23
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: start killing goole chrome, inkscape... whatever that is not neccessary to run now10:23
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=== thames_ is now known as Thames
Dr_Willis_Misterio:  i dont bother with one, to be honest with you. Unless you are running some services or somthing. I dont see the need.10:25
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: htop and top have those features you said..10:25
MisterioDr_Willis_: I only have torrent's port forwarded from router10:25
Dr_Willis_Misterio:  if the router has some sort of logging feature. its neat to monitor the logs to see if anyone is 'attacking' or scanning you.10:25
Dr_Willis_Misterio:  about the same thing here.10:25
MisterioDr_Willis_: Okay :)10:26
Dr_Willis_Misterio:  i set up ssh port forwarding once for my brother to get in.. then the next day i saw all sorts of failed login attempts. :) so i dont even forward anything i dont need any more10:26
acee12345ikonia: ping?10:27
Dr_Willis_Misterio:  I have to wonder what omne would actually 'firewall' if you dont have any services going.. block pings? router does that.. block other things? router proberly does that also10:27
Dr_Willis_Misterio:  it seems most of the 'firewall' stuff in windows is to keep the windows apps/malware from getting Out. :)10:27
acee12345how do i give a program permission to bind ports without invoking sudo?10:28
MisterioDr_Willis_: Yeah, that's right. My router has firewall in it, so it can block pings, identd and other stuff. And yes, I haven't got Windows installed, just ubuntu and puppy (in a small pc), so I think there are not problems :)10:28
Dr_Willis_acee12345:  for lower ports. I dont think you can. FOr higher ports. they should be able to do so allready10:29
acee12345Dr_Willis_ define higher please10:29
Dr_Willis_Misterio:  the biggest 'danger' i find to a linux box. is the user doing 'things' (often as root) they shouldent be doing in the first place.10:29
Dr_Willis_acee12345:  anything over 1024 i think.. i forget the cutoff.10:29
* Dr_Willis_ forgets his networking 101 knowledge.10:30
MegaHerzscriptwarlock: :( I can't find to collect statistics with htop.10:32
acee12345Dr_Willis_: perfect10:32
MegaHerzscriptwarlock: visited its setup screen, don't see such a feature10:32
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: man top... reboot to think your machine is too tired of somthing :)10:33
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: dont use fancy desktop effects. if possible install conky so you can have a visual monitor on everything you do in your ubuntu.10:34
crankyadminHi, does anybody know if and when ruby1.9 will become the default in 10.04?10:36
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: #conky for more info... have a good day :)10:36
graczHi :)10:36
scriptwarlock!hi | grcz10:36
ubottugrcz: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!10:36
graczIs any Polish language ubuntu channel?10:38
PALCOHi guys. I love Ubuntu. Love using it. But have a question now. Are out there any Pulseaudio tools (or any other ones) that make it possible to define a soundcard to be used to output sound from a program (media player)? Need it badly. PLS10:38
MegaHerzscriptwarlock: thank you very much.10:38
Jordan_U!polish | gracz10:38
ubottugracz: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.10:38
scriptwarlockMegaHerz: your Welcome10:38
Dr_Willis_crankyadmin:  ubuntu normally dosent push out new versions on releases that way. If its not there now. it proberly wont be in ubuntu as the default till the next release.10:38
Dr_Willis_crankyadmin:  there are a few exceptions of course.10:38
graczJordan_U, thanx :)10:38
Jordan_Ugracz: You're welcome :)10:39
gschweppHi does anyone know how gdm controls ssh login by ubuntu?10:39
Dr_Willis_PALCO:  theres a few pulse audio config tools in the repos.  I forget the names. somthing like 'pavcontrol' or similer10:39
Dr_Willis_gschwepp:  as far as i know. gdm dosent controll ssh at all.10:39
totaamPALCO: pavucontrol10:40
graczDr_Willis Is it "Pulse Audio Device Chooser"?10:40
graczbye :)10:40
Dr_Willis_gracz:  theres several in there. Ive not played with them in ages.10:40
Dr_Willis_I do know they had rather confuseing names. :)10:41
metaltuxhello. How do I share my internet connection on ubuntu?10:41
metaltuxit doesn't seem to work as a router10:41
PALCODr_Willis_, but it is possible in general, right?10:41
graczbye :)10:41
Dr_Willis_PALCO:  im not sure what you are doing. but Pulse has a lot of features that people never notice.10:41
scriptwarlockmetaltux: have you tried the network manager feature like share this computer?10:42
knxvilleHow is it I add programs (Conky) to run automatically at startup?10:42
gschweppDr_Willis_: That was my opinion since yesterday :). I set up a vncserver (by hand not with remote desktop). As long as i was logged in to my remote computer i could establish the ssh connection with my laptop. After logging out at my Remote host it didnot work. After reboot neither(because noone was logged in)10:42
Dr_Willis_knxville:  for conky ive had tomake a script (startconky.sh) that sleeps for 20 sec, then starts conky with the proper options)  and add that script to the list of auto started apps. via the startup manager tool10:42
Dr_Willis_!startup | knxville10:42
ubottuknxville: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot10:42
gschweppDr_Willis_: i killed sudo gdm-stop gdm, logged off and tried to loggin via ssh and it worked.10:42
Dr_Willis_knxville:  with out the 'pause' conky often gets goofed up and runs on top of - or below the gnome desktop10:43
knxvilleDr_Willis: ahh alright10:43
Dr_Willis_gschwepp:  i can ssh into my remote box's with gdm started, or stopped. or not even installed..10:43
PALCODr_Willis_, I want Totem music to be played to Sound card A, and Rithmbox sound to go to Sound card B10:43
rebirthamarok question since the amarok channel seems to be dead: i just updated to 10.04 and now amarok will not find any music when it scans10:44
gschweppDr_Willis_: i expected that. is someone logged into remote host when you start your ssh ?10:44
Dr_Willis_PALCO:   i think thats doable.   but never really tried it thatway. I tended to reroute sound to my soundcard. Or my Bluetooth headset.10:44
Dr_Willis_gschwepp:  its a headless server. :) so no.10:44
Dr_Willis_gschwepp:  ive never heard of GDm in any way  affecting ssh logins.10:45
gschweppDr_Willis_: me neither. but i wanted to ask and then write a bug report.10:46
airtonix<your test failed>10:49
Dr_Willis_CedricAthelstone:  'If  a train leaves New Work traveling east at 100 MPH, and a 2nd train leaves...'10:49
CedricAthelstoneSorry, just ignore me I'm mucking around with irssi/irc in general, this is all new to me :-\10:50
Dr_Willis_CedricAthelstone:  if you like irssi - check out 'weechat' it has some features that are not in irssi10:51
click_mi have deleted wine from ubuntu 10. but it still has his programs (which i had isntalled them with wine) on the "open with" list which i open my programs . how to clear it ? and why there are many thinks about wine even i have deleted it. linux has problem with unistalling completely softwares ?10:51
Dr_Willis_it does take a bit of learning however.10:51
Dr_Willis_click_m:  those come from some directoruy in yiour users home dir.10:51
Dr_Willis_click_m:  your USER installed the wine apps..  that has nothing todo with the actual package manager system10:51
helloerHello, my ubuntu works only on vesa driver(xorg) when i set driver to nv ubuntu hangs on black screen, when i set to nvidia my screen gives me alerts about analog or digital - i have ubuntu 10.04 & geforce 620010:51
=== JimmyJ is now known as JimmyJ|zz
Dr_Willis_click_m:  what if the admin removed/reinstalled wine. You wouldent want it to remove everyones 'wine' apps they installed.10:52
click_mDr_Willis_: i have delete the .wine and other files which i have see on the user directory ...10:52
Dr_Willis_click_m:  theres some .desktop files somewhere you missed.10:52
n7478Hi, I am looking for some help. I've upgraded from karmic to lucid and the gnome panel is visually broken.10:52
CedricAthelstoneDr_Willis_: One step at a time :-) I have just found this one, I think I was using ircii a few minutes ago. You don't happen to know how I can ignore all the join / leaving messages do you?10:52
click_mDr_Willis_: also i use blecahbit :( which deletes many thinks....10:53
n7478Does anyone have an idea how it can be fixed?10:53
XimoDevdear all, something went wrong with my ubuntu installation, it was installed using WUBI but now it just goes to a grub prompt10:53
Dr_Willis_click_m:  check .appdata/10:53
XimoDevfrom the windows boot manager10:53
XimoDevplease help10:53
Dr_Willis_click_m:  oope wrong dir. I see mine in ~/.config/menus/applications-merged10:53
Dr_Willis_i see several .menu entries in there for my wine apps.10:54
click_m Dr_Willis_: isee something about wine :D10:54
Dr_Willis_click_m:  its also possible the alacarte program could eelete them10:54
Dr_Willis_click_m:  theres also ~/.local/share/applications with .desktop entries i see10:55
K1nghow i start a .sh file on startup?10:56
K1ngi mean when gnome start10:56
pheelin_eerietoday is my second day with ubuntu and my second week with linux. my only question for this channel is this: why did i wait so long?!??!?10:56
metaltuxI havn't tried network manager because I don't have any graphical environments installed on this server10:56
pheelin_eerie<3 <3 <3 <3 <310:56
opakavicK1ng: add that to startup10:57
n7478I've tried reinstalling the ambiente theme10:57
K1ngdevilspie & gnome-terminal --window-with-profile=DesktopConsole --geometry=100x30+270+30010:57
Dr_Willis_K1ng:  make it executable, add it to your startup listing with the  'startup applications' tool10:57
metaltuxso how can I do it?10:57
n7478but the panel is still screwed up10:57
K1ngdevilspie doesnt it work10:57
click_mDr_Willis_: oh! there are many files .. :( laso there are texts inside files about wine. how to clena all of them ?! one by one.. are there programs to do that ?10:57
n7478it works, but it is barely possible to read10:57
K1ngopakavic, Dr_Willis_, already done that but devilspie doesnt work10:57
Dr_Willis_click_m:  if you want them all gone.. move them to some other 'junk' directory,  or just delete them10:57
Dr_Willis_K1ng:   does the sh wrok when you run it from a terminal?10:58
K1ngDr_Willis_, yes10:58
metaltuxhmm. not online anymore?10:59
metaltuxcan anyone else help?10:59
n7478any ideas?10:59
al1ashi dudes i have a problem with reason410:59
Dr_Willis_K1ng:  it may need a 'delay' when starting  with gnome. Ive seen some apps that i have to do a 'sleep 20' or so when auto-starting them. this lets gnome get setup. You could also set up the script to launch a terminal and the app. so you can see what its doing/error messages10:59
XimoDevdear all, something went wrong with my ubuntu installation, it was installed using WUBI but now it just goes to a grub prompt. I am using Karmic Koala10:59
opakavicK1ng: is that a theme file?11:00
opakavicK1ng: what is that file at first !11:00
Dr_Willis_Gotta run to the store. Be back laters11:00
K1ngopakavic, no11:00
K1ngdevilspie & gnome-terminal --window-with-profile=DesktopConsole --geometry=100x30+270+30011:00
metaltuxHow do I share my internet connection on ubuntu?11:00
metaltuxit doesn't seem to work as a router11:00
K1ngDr_Willis_, how do i do that?11:00
obscurant1stsomebody know how to pack in crx for chrome themes in linux via terminal?11:00
=== schmidtm_ is now known as schmidtm
al1asreason 4 on ubuntu dont work it wonts the dvd11:01
al1aspleas help11:02
al1aspleas help reason4 dont work it wants dvd11:03
al1asany one?11:03
al1asi have wine ubuntu and my reason4 propelorhead dosent work it demands the dvd11:04
n7478why is gnome panel producing unreadable text in my freshly upgraded ubuntu 10.04?11:05
rebirthwas instructed to install libmysqld-pic, can someone tell me how to go about doing that?11:06
helloerHello, my ubuntu works only on vesa driver(xorg) when i set driver to nv ubuntu hangs on black screen, when i set to nvidia my screen gives me alerts about analog or digital. I have ubuntu 10.04 & geforce 6200 can someone help me?:P11:06
n7478rebirth: open a terminal and type:11:07
n7478sudo apt-get install libmysqld-pic11:07
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jt76Hello everyone, does anyone know if Ubunt supports PEAP/WEP connection "out of the box"?11:09
dang_iti'm pretty sure it does.  WEP's kind of basic.  If your wifi's supported, that is.11:10
jt76dang_it: Yes, but to my understanding a PEAP connection uses a 2 pass connection .. and im not sure how to set this part up ..11:11
dang_it ah, me neither :-/11:12
jt76dang_it: haha thats cool .. thanks anyways ;)11:12
n7478any ideas how themes can get screwed up during an upgrade and how it can be fixed?11:14
Robin______Hello guys. I've just had to install windows 7 on my ubuntu machine (ubuntu 10.04 installed first), but of course windows gets rid of grub2. how do i get my boot menu back?11:15
Robin______sorry, dual booting11:15
erUSUL!grub2 | Robin______11:15
ubottuRobin______: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:15
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al1asplease help me11:17
* Dr_Willis_ has no idea what 'reason4' is11:18
Dr_Willis_or hes totally missed the question11:18
al1asreason4 propelorhead is a audio program11:19
Dr_Willis_and this is a Windows program?11:19
=== Dr_Willis_ is now known as Dr_Willis
Dr_WillisMoo to you vikas !11:25
vikashi how r u11:25
Dr_WillisFirst Coffee of the day. :) answering Questions on IRC.. life is good.11:26
vikaswell can u tell where the packages get save in ubuntu11:26
Dr_Willisthe .deb files get cached to /var/cache/apt/*  if thats what you mean11:26
Dr_Willisi may have the dirs backwards. :)11:27
Dr_Willis/var/cache/apt$ ls11:27
Dr_Willisarchives  pkgcache.bin  srcpkgcache.bin11:27
Dr_Willisthere we go. In teh 'archives' directory for the most part.11:27
vikasthere must b so many .deb files so is it possible to get all in one .deb11:27
atudeHi, how can I use XFT with gnome-terminal?11:28
=== U is now known as Guest15777
Dr_Willisvikas:  Huh?  merging everytuing into a single 3+GB deb wouldent make much sence.11:28
=== sgevatter is now known as RainCT
vikasbecause i want to save the installation files so that i can just copy in my pen drive and install on another pc without internet11:30
Dr_Williscopy  the /var/cache/apt direcotry to the pendrive.11:30
vikaslike .exe files11:30
Jordan_U!offline | vikas11:30
ubottuvikas: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://apt.alturl.com/ - See also !APTonCD11:30
Dr_Willisthen copy it to the other box. you will stillneed to actually reinstall the packages. but they wont be needed tobe redownloaded11:30
Dr_Willisvikas:  so you can move/copy the .debs then use that script mentioned above and reinstall most of them. and save download time.11:31
Dr_Willisvikas:  but that cache may NOT have everything you have ever installed. It gets cleaned out every so often11:31
vikasanother dought11:32
K1ng/etc/X11/xorg.conf is no more?11:32
Dr_Willisvikas:  if you are on a home (or othe) lan,  you can set up one ubuntu box as an 'apt-cacher' to cache the packages for the rest of the lan.  That way the stuff gets downloaded once by one machine. the rest of the lan can use the cache from that box.11:32
Dr_WillisK1ng:  for the most part X auto configures. so yep. xorg.conf is often not needed11:33
Dr_WillisK1ng:  i have it on a few machines for some settings11:33
K1ngDr_Willis, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=40368411:33
kimechi guys anybody using nss-ldapd on hardy?11:33
vaibhavhow i can run my shell script at boot time?11:33
Dr_Willisvaibhav:  put it in /etc/rc.local is one way11:34
cppiiiwhen I run the ssh command, I got a warning "/usr/local/zend/lib/libcrypto.so.0.9.8: no version information available (required by ssh)"11:34
cppiiihow do I fix it?11:34
Dr_Willisvaibhav:  it has to run BEFOR users login  with no X right? rc.local can do that11:34
vaibhavkk 'll try..11:34
vaibhavDr_Willis: thanks11:34
kimeccppiii: do you have openssh installed properly?11:34
vaibhavactually I want my graphics driver settings at boot time..11:35
vikasthere are many softwares vlc,opera,xchat,pidgin....etc so can v make only one .deb file of each software separately like .exe it would be easy to find and install only the needed software. Dr_Willis11:35
cppiiikimec: I don't know, I installed that by synaptic package manager11:35
cppiiikimec: I tried re-install that but also not work11:36
kimeccppiii: well to install ssh you should do: sudo aptitude install openssh-server openssh-client11:36
tonysanI accidentally delete the schema in metacity/general while using gconf-editor, how can I recover it?11:36
cppiiikimec: the server needed too?11:37
n7478any ideas how themes can get screwed up during an upgrade and how it can be fixed?11:37
kimeccppiii: if I remember correctly both packages are interconnected in ubuntu. maybe not11:37
tonysanI deleted /schemas/apps/metacity/general/button_layout schema...11:37
n7478any ideas how themes can get screwed up during an upgrade and how it can be fixed?11:37
kimeccppiii: I would consider having ssh server an advantage11:38
kimeccppiii: well it seems they are not. try aptitude install openssh-client11:39
cppiiikimec: I am trying to install the ssh-server, but got the error too11:39
kimecwhat error?11:39
vikasthere are many softwares vlc,opera,xchat,pidgin....etc so can v make only one .deb file of each software separately like .exe it would be easy to find and install only the needed software. Dr_Willis11:39
kimecvikas: virtual packages?11:40
kimecor meta packages?11:40
Dr_Willisvikas:  ubuntu package manager dosent work that way. You are thinking in windows terms11:40
kimeccppiii: drop here those errors11:40
Dr_Willisvikas:  if you look at how the package manager works.. vlc basically is a .deb as is opera, and xchat. the however have dependencies that are also oteh .deb packages11:41
Dr_WillisThus you are not constantly redownloading 'support libs'  that are 'built into' the 'installer .exe' like they do in windows.11:41
* DarkStar2 Greets everyone present "IRC-ing in windows feels strange" :)11:42
Dr_Willisvikas:  you could (and i DONT suggest this) copy all those .debs to the other machine and 'sudo dpkg -i *.deb' and reinstall them all.. BUT THIS CAN break things.11:42
tonysanI accidentally delete the schema in metacity/general while using gconf-editor, how can I recover it?11:43
Dr_Willisif theres old/new versions of the .debs or other issues.. that can be a very bad idea. best to put them in the cache. and reinstall the apps using the proper commands11:43
vikasya and it will install all softwares11:43
Dr_Willisvikas:  it will install those 'deb' packages..11:43
al1ashey Dr_willis please man help me i need this to work reason 4 check it out man11:43
Dr_Willisvikas:  but I dont reccomend doing it that way11:43
vikasok thnx11:43
Dr_Willisal1as:  i asked you some time ago if that was a windows app. You never replied..11:44
cppiiikimec:  Creating SSH2 RSA key; this may take some time ...ssh-keygen: /usr/local/zend/lib/libcrypto.so.0.9.8: no version information available (required by ssh-keyge11:44
al1asyes it is11:44
DarkStar2Quick question does anyone have a problem with pidgin? specifically it adding the number 1 to your nick sometimes when you attempt to log into IRC channels?11:44
Dr_Willisal1as:  then see the wine app database, or the #winehq channel. i cant really 'help' with a windows app ive never had/tried/cant install..11:44
Dr_Willis!appdb | al1as11:45
ubottual1as: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help11:45
vikasthe batter thing will be to download the software packages in different folder and save them Dr_Willis11:45
Dr_Willisvikas:  the pacakge manager archive is the same deb's you would be 'downloading'11:45
ioDarkStar2: Possibly because your primary nickname is already in use. Most IRC clients either add a numeral or an underscore.11:45
ioDarkStar2: However, you should get a notice telling you that from your client. I am not sure Pidgin does that notice.11:46
al1asok thanks man dident help but thnx any way11:46
DarkStar2io: It did but I can't find it in use..11:46
ioDarkStar2: The server will send it, whether Pidgin chooses to show it or not is anyones guess as I don't use that client.11:46
MaRk-Ihhmmm libraries are in /usr/bin, cppiii did you install libcripto by yourself or why they show in /usr/local/zend/lib?11:46
vikasi mean each software in different folder like vlc packages in vlc folder opera packages in opera folder and so on...... Dr_Willis11:47
ioDarkStar2: You do not own the nickname DarkStar.11:47
MaRk-Ierr /usr/lib**11:47
ioDarkStar2: DarkStar is registered by another user. "/msg nickserv info darkstar".11:47
HallajHi all, I've installed a server with 4 hdd to raid 5 (3 disk + 1 spare) and when I finish installing and rebooted, I get into a busybox console instead11:47
HallajI'm using the default install, is there anything wrong with it?11:47
AceKingFor the last week or so my PC (running 10.04) has been lagging real bad. It starts up fine, but once I'm at the desktop it takes forever to open programs. Any ideas besides a re-install to fix this issue?11:48
MaRk-IHallaj: were you expecting a desktop environment?11:48
vikasDr_Willis, will .net framework can be installed in ubuntu to excess softwares like wine11:48
vikaslike wind do11:49
Dr_Willisvikas:  it dosent work that way. and you would have redundant packages in the different folders.  what if prog1 and Prog2 both needed  some support library.. your way would have that support.deb in both folders11:49
cppiiiMaRk-I:  I don't know... maybe I have to reinstall the ubuntu11:49
AceKingI should say "takes forever" just say Firefox for instance.. It takes about 5 to 8 seconds to open11:49
Dr_Willisvikas:  ive heard .net stuff dosent work very well in wine.  The few apps ive used that need .net often have tweaks to let them use the mono instead11:49
MaRk-Icppiii: well you need to find out first why they're in a different location11:49
HallajMaRk-I, well, I would at least hope to see my OS booted, but there's just nothing11:49
dminusHallaj: is it complaining about not being able to find /dev/disk/by-uuid/[uuid] ?11:49
cppiiicppiii: as I remember I have installed zend-server11:50
Hallajdminus: Yes, that's exactly what I saw11:50
MaRk-IHallaj: any errors during boot up?11:50
ioAceKing: Obvious question but did you install any software during that time that could have possibly caused it?11:50
dminusHallaj: is it a scsi or SAS array?11:50
Hallajdminus: It's SAS array11:50
AceKingio, I'm always installing stuff from the repositories, but nothing that I haven't had on before11:51
dminusyou might need to add bootdelay=30 to let the array initialize, can you see anything in /dev like sda, sdb?11:51
Hallajdminus: I even tried with double raid1, it's still refusing to work.11:51
Hallajdminus: I'd have to reinstall. I've been trying a couple of combinations for now, none seems to be working. Let me try it and let you know. Thanks.11:51
Hallajdminus: Anyway, is this because the array wasn't initialized on time for the boot?11:52
dminusyeah that's it exactly11:52
vikasi tried to install mono but did not worked how to install mono Dr_Willis11:52
dminusi have an old dell box with an adaptec card and had the same problem on lucid11:52
dminusyou might need to modprobe the module for your scsi card first, then it should show detection in dmesg11:53
ioAceKing: Unusual, something has obviously changed for it to be like that - maybe someone else can help. :-)11:53
AjitarshHello dear, I am facing a weird problem with UBUNTU 10.04. It gets freeze after booting up. What should I do?11:53
sanghoi want find *.tar.gz file or *.zip file with ls, how can i do this? (i know "ls *.tar.gz" command find *.tar.gz file in current directory)11:53
dminusthen you can exit the initramfs shell and it should boot11:53
AceKingio, thank you for the reply. It's been driving me nuts11:53
dminusto fix permanently, add "doscsi rootdelay=30" to your default linux cmdline in /etc/default/grub11:54
MaRk-Isangho: locate *.tar.gz11:54
vikasAjitarsh, where does it freezes11:54
sanghoMaRk-I, what it means?11:54
Hallajdminus: I'm running software raid, so the timeout is what I really need right?11:54
Dr_Willisvikas:  i tend to avoide anything using .net or mono. I thouight mono was installed by default. but that dosent mean that wine apps will use it automatically11:54
MaRk-Isangho: it means type in terminal:   locate *.tar.gz11:54
iosangho: "cd <folder>" then "ls | grep .tar.gz" or "ls | grep *.zip".11:55
sanghoio, i want do that at same time11:55
Shvonderso use cron11:55
dminusHallaj: as long as your devices are showing up in /dev, yeah, but if not you need to add doscsi11:55
Shvonderthe corntabs11:55
AjitarshAfter sometime from booting up. freezing time always vary. sometime it happen within a minute sometime it takes 10-15 min.11:55
killerhoundgood day I was looking for some help about a twinview configuration in which the second monitor cannot be set to its highest native resolution (using nvidia driver)11:55
sanghono, i mean one result11:56
iosangho: "ls | grep *.tar.gz | grep *.zip" then.11:56
Shvondersangho: use the corntab but with your script11:56
dminusHallaj: there might be some other fix needed to force initializing the md volume though, dont do much with mdadm arrays myself :-)11:56
ioShvonder: His question has nothing to do with using crontab or a script.11:56
sanghoio,  that's result is None, because there is no *.zip in result of "grep *.tar.gz"11:56
Shvonderio: He said he wanted to find some file periodicaly11:57
Hallajdminus: Oh, there's no guarantee that the grub would load then?11:57
vikasi have and  want to use software to download books from google. it uses .net how can it be get into work in ubuntu Dr_Willis11:57
AceKingio, You're not going to believe this.. I tried searching again on Google and I found that I am not the only one having the problem! I'm not sure if it's ok to post a link in here, but it shows the fix11:57
MaRk-IAceKing: post it11:58
dminusHallaj: i've had trouble in the past with that, but that's RHEL 5, so it might not be the issue11:58
iosangho: You expected a file ending in .zip to show when using "grep *.tar.gz", obviously not. The .zip file will show when using "grep *.zip". You asked for a single command to list files ending in *.tar.gz and *.zip, which "ls | grep *.tar.gz | grep *.zip" will do.11:58
dminusHallaj: did you try exiting the shell after waiting a minute or two?11:58
MaRk-IAceKing: so firefox is the problem?11:59
killerhoundHmm still looking about that resolution problem for second monitor...11:59
Hallajdminus: sometimes exit or ctrl would boot the OS11:59
Hallajbut most of the times, doing so will just cause the machine to freeze11:59
AceKingMaRK-I, yes!11:59
io!hi | tranchinh11:59
ubottutranchinh: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!11:59
vikasAjitarsh, well go in recovery mode11:59
Hallajthe keyboard sequence works tho (num lock, etc)11:59
Ajitarshvikas: Dear can you suggest something for it?11:59
MaRk-IAceKing: noted11:59
dminusHallaj: if you can get it booted, try just adding the rootdelay=30 (or 60 or 90) to the grub defaults11:59
dminusthat should be all you need12:00
AjitarshOk, I'll do and come back to you.12:00
Hallajdminus: just add that to the grub file and reboot, no need to initfsram or something?12:00
sanghoio, http://dpaste.org/CX9x/ it doesn't work12:01
dminusHallaj: theres a line in /etc/default/grub that sets GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX12:01
dminusthats where you need to add it12:01
vikasAjitarsh, go and use repair broken packages12:01
sanghoi want show *.tar.gz and *.zip at the same time12:01
* bleah away : oszt csak csendesen mert torom a diot12:01
=== om26er_ is now known as om26er
jb12hey all12:02
MaRk-Inow at the same time...12:02
MaRk-Isangho: you keep changing what you want out of ls12:03
iosangho: "ls | grep 'tar.gz\|zip'".12:03
sanghoio thanks, it works12:04
iosangho: It does. :-)12:04
vikasMaRk-I, i want to backup whole ubuntu and formate my drive and want the same ubuntu back is that possible12:04
MaRk-Ivikas: in the same hdd?12:05
jb12is the csm changed in new version i only get desktop cube12:05
jb12where the spherical cube..12:05
Dr_Willisvikas: what are you planing to gain from this?  (or your use of the term backup is vague)12:05
Dr_Willisjb12:  its in there.  i saw it. theres extra compiz plugins in the package manager you may need12:05
MaRk-Ivikas: no, where are you going to save your backups if you're formating it, unles you have a separate partition and format only what you need12:06
jb12ahh ok12:06
* Dr_Willis meditates on the term 'spherical cube' - How 'zen'12:06
Riottahi, how to recognize ad-hoc wifi network in network manager applet or maybe some other program?12:07
jb12Dr_Willis, thanks12:10
MartiiniAnyone ever successfully copied ext3 filesystem to another partition ??12:13
Dr_WillisMartiini:  thers numerous tools to do that.12:14
Dr_Willismake a ext3 fs on the iother partition and copuy over the files.. is one way.. Unless we are missing somthing in your problem12:14
pookyis there a way to get an onscreen notification of sound events?12:15
pookylike make the edges of the screen light up12:15
pookyor something along those lines12:16
pookythat would still appear as a normal sound device12:16
c3lhow do I get a list of last logins with time and date for a certain user?12:21
blainemc windows storage ftw12:22
c3lturns out it was the command last12:23
Dr_Willisc3l:  like the 'who' or 'w' command?12:24
Dr_Willisc3l:  or 'lastlog'12:24
c3lDr_Willis: lastlog is only last login, not any logins previous to that12:25
c3lDr_Willis: its the command last12:25
fabien_does anyone know how to find out what hard disk driver ubuntu is currently using for a disk12:26
c3lfabien_: df?12:26
kimecc3l: driver...12:27
Dr_WillisHmm. most all hard disks are using teh  kernel drivers. guess you could see what lsmod has loaded.. but not sure what else to check12:27
c3lkimec: oh hahh12:27
Dr_Willisor do youmean for a 'controller card' ?12:27
chrism2671anybody know how to start a full desktop gnome session over x transport?12:27
chrism2671i can get individual apps to start but I'd like to whole desktop12:28
Dr_Willischrism2671:  local lan? of over the internet?12:28
chrism2671Dr_Willis: local lan12:28
Dr_Willischrism2671:  2 linux machines? or linux + win? or what?12:29
kimecchrism2671: freenx12:29
chrism2671linux + mac w/X11 installed12:29
=== vincent is now known as Guest48357
chrism2671I can normally do ssh -X just fine from the mac12:29
chrism2671but would like to open an entire gnome display12:29
Sbiokohow to enter recovery mode?12:29
Dr_Willisfreenx, vnc, or the xdmcp feature of X are also ways12:29
=== Guest48357 is now known as vinc3nt
SbiokoUbuntu 10.0412:30
kimecxdmcp works only on lan12:30
blainSbioko single ?12:30
Dr_Willischrism2671:  freenx works very well for a 'whole' dekktop. vnc works well. but is a little slower. but easier to get going12:30
Dr_Williskimec:  he said it was on a lan. :)12:30
Sbiokoblain: hmmm, what? :-)12:30
Sbiokorecovery mode12:30
Sbiokoonly console12:30
kimecDr_Willis: I see12:30
Dr_WillisI wonder how xdmcp compares speed wise with freenx.12:30
Sbiokoblain: at the startup?12:30
chrism2671grand. are any standard with 10.0412:30
kimecnevertheless, freenx is appropriate for both scenarios12:31
blainat the startup you need single in the kernel line12:31
Sbiokodont understand12:31
Sbiokocan you explain?12:31
Hallajdminus: that seems to be working well. Thanks :)12:31
chrism2671Dr_Willis I'm certain there's a way to do it without installing anything extra, just over an ssh -X session, or am I wrong about that?12:33
remoteCTRL1hi guys! can somebody pls explain to me why these stoopid firefox and thunderbird allway have to use way beyond 100% cpu and tha while IDLE???12:33
^Jay2^does fglrx shows ati's gpu temp/12:33
Dr_Willischrism2671:   the whole desktop apps would all run as seperate apps.. so you sould have windows scattered all over.  try running  gnome-panel and see.12:35
Dr_Willischrism2671:  using freenx, or vnc would keep them all int heir own 'window' and thus neater12:35
Dr_Willischrism2671:  run 'gnome-session'  over the ssh -X . and hang on to your hat. :)12:35
linxehis mutt still the best command line email client?12:37
nawk!Jockey > nawk12:37
chrism2671Dr_Willis oh my goodness i wish you could see what this has done to my desktop!12:38
chrism2671Dr_Willis It has fused mac + ubuntu in one!12:38
linxehremoteCTRL1: how can they use beyond 100% cpu ?12:39
Sbiokoblain: thanks12:39
Dr_Willischrism2671:  i warned you. :)12:39
kimeclinxeh: cone12:39
Dr_Willischrism2671:  tecnically its just ran a lot of gnome apps...12:39
linxehkimec: ?12:39
Dr_Willischrism2671:  hope nautilus dosent goof things up when it tries to take over the desktop :)12:39
chrism2671Dr_Willis it's pretty fun to see, if a little crazy!12:39
remoteCTRL1linxeh: start one of each and hafe a look at top or your system monitor then you will know12:39
Dr_Willischrism2671:  now ya know why we suggested freenx12:39
kimeclinxeh: is mutt still the best command line email client? -> not for me, i like cone12:40
linxehkimec: ah, ok thanks12:40
chrism2671Dr_Willis yep makes perfect sense! :-)12:40
linxehkimec: I shall take a look - cheers12:40
linxehkimec: cone is presumably a clone of pine ?12:40
totaamlinxeh: also take a look at xpra and shifter12:40
totaamfreenx is a major pain to setup12:40
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
kimectotaam: not really12:40
Jinxed-I wanted to record videos and have them sent to my pc and then be able to stream those videos across my network on demand, does ubuntu have anything that would be good for this application?12:40
kimectotaam: works out of the box12:41
Dr_WillisI got freenx working.. but dont fully understand some parts of it. :)12:41
linxehJinxed-: like mythtv ?12:41
totaamkimec: you must be the lucky one!12:42
ddavids_pls, i just deleted my old user cos some config in it was causing my music players to crash but the new user keeps using the details of the original user i created...any explanations as to why?12:42
Jinxed-linxeh: would mythtv or mythbuntu be what im looking for?12:42
kimeclinxeh: cone is from courier12:42
kimectotaam: I suppose so12:42
linxehkimec: yeah, the screenshots of it look remarkably like pine though (I assume cone is a play on "pine cone" or something)12:42
linxehkimec: ok, anyway, thankyou12:43
Dr_WillisJinxed-:  mythtv can do some amazing things. :) its a complex and powerfull system12:43
=== emc_ is now known as emc
linxehJinxed-: it might be - check the mythtv feature list. mythbuntu is a "get you working quick" solution12:44
Jinxed-linxeh: the only thing I was wondering about was that I feel like mythtv is optimized for recording television, where as I want to be able to send raw video. Im also trying to figure out what the best way to get the video to my server would be12:44
kimeclinxeh: choose the one that suits you best12:44
plaziaI can't access my tty's. I ctrl+alt+f1 - f5 and x dissapears and it goes to them but there's no prompt or even cursor; just a blank screen. How do I re-enable the consoles?12:44
Dr_WillisJinxed-:  clarify what youmean by 'raw' video.12:45
linxehJinxed-: just dont use the TV part of it :)12:45
Jinxed-Dr_Willis: as in I record some footage from a camera and then just send that video prob maybe encode to h264 to server12:45
gozcpogada ktos?12:46
ddavids_pls, i just deleted my old user cos some config in it was causing my music players to crash but the new user keeps using the details of the original user i created...any explanations as to why?12:46
MaRk-IJinxed-: stream it with vlc?12:46
Dr_WillisJinxed-:  'send that video'  ? You mean copy from a camcorder to HD? mythtv wouldent be involved in that..  If you were recording a video Input  or somthing from a tv card.. well then mythtv can help.12:46
Jinxed-Dr_Willis: yeah... i don't actually need the tv part of mythtv,12:47
Dr_Willisive used mythtv to record from the Svideo In on my tuner card. :)12:47
Jinxed-MaRk-I: vlc has good streaming capabilities?12:47
Dr_WillisJinxed-:  then you basically need some sort of video 'server' im guessing.12:47
gfatherhello guys12:47
=== meteor` is now known as strywgr
gfatheri installed s2-liplianin , how can i remove it ?12:47
MaRk-IJinxed-: try, just go to menu streaming select video device12:48
=== pjarnahomzz is now known as pjarnahom
Jinxed-Dr_Willis: exactly, and I wasn't sure if mythtv was appropriate or if it was too far away from what I needed to really be applicable12:49
Dr_Willisgfather:  installed how?12:49
gfatherDr_Willis: i cloned the source, then make , then sudo make install12:49
Dr_Willisgfather:  then try 'sudo make uninstall'12:49
gfatherDr_Willis: didnt work12:50
MaRk-Igfather: you need to be inside the folder where you compiled12:50
gfatherah thanks :)12:50
Dr_Willispeople over look that logic. :)12:51
phpl0v3rany one know good php irc ?12:51
vandorhey, i got some problems with ati radeon 9800se video card12:51
zingbatsWe have a really stupid router. I am redirecting WAN:8080 to LAN:80. ShieldsUp says the port is open, but it can't see apache on the server. Is there a way to rule out ubuntu blocking it? I'm pretty sure that even the desktop edition of 10.04 I'm using as the server doesn't have a firewall...12:51
vandorubuntu wont boot if its installed in computer12:51
gauhohi i am new in ubuntu do you tel me abought it ?12:52
Dr_Williszingbats:  check iptables rules with 'sudo iptables --list'12:52
vandoror boot like few times and then i got errors12:52
icerootzingbats: wan and lan are differente networks, correct?12:52
ddavids_pls, i just deleted my old user cos some config in it was causing my music players to crash but the new user keeps using the details of the original user i created...any explanations as to why?12:52
zingbatsiceroot: Yes they are.12:52
icerootzingbats: you have to enable network-forwarding12:52
MaRk-Ivandor: try this http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/12:52
gfathercan i paste 3 lines here ?12:52
reberhi, how to get the xorg.conf file with the driver used etc. in livecd ubuntu 9.04 ?12:53
phpl0v3rany one know php irc over here?12:53
zingbatsDr_Willis: It says ACCEPT to all, which means no firewall, right?12:53
gfather~/s2-liplianin$ sudo make uninstall s2-liplianin12:53
gfathermake -C /home/xbmc/s2-liplianin/v4l uninstall s2-liplianin12:53
gfathermake[1]: Entering directory `/home/xbmc/s2-liplianin/v4l'12:53
gfathermake[1]: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'.  Stop.12:53
gfathermake[1]: Leaving directory `/home/xbmc/s2-liplianin/v4l'12:53
FloodBot4gfather: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:53
gfathermake: *** [uninstall] Error 212:53
Dr_Williszingbats:  i have no rules -> http://pastebin.com/VmEKrwfw12:54
Piciphpl0v3r: The php channel on this network is ##php, but you will need to be registered/identified to join.12:54
Pici!register > phpl0v3r12:54
ubottuphpl0v3r, please see my private message12:54
MaRk-Igfather: heh just "sudo make uninstall"  no need for the name or flood12:54
zingbatsDr_Willis: Mine is the same.12:54
Dr_Willisgfather:  why did you use  sudo make uninstall s2-liplianin12:54
zingbatsiceroot: I have to tell ubuntu to forward internet traffic to local, then?12:54
Dr_Willisgfather:  why not sudo make uninstall12:54
icerootzingbats: you have to tell the router, is ubuntu the router?12:54
gfatherDr_Willis: sudo make uninstall same error12:55
Dr_Willisgfather:  i just use the xbmc ppa's :)12:55
zingbatsiceroot: I've forwarded on the router, but not getting the webpage. ShieldsUp says the port is open, which made me think I've configured the router properly12:55
icerootzingbats: what is a trace showing for the serverip?12:56
solowI recently installed a game, and I'm looking for a 'packages' folder, which should hold the maps. But I cant find it. Where could it be located?12:56
gfatherDr_Willis: iv been trying to make xbmc with tvheadend work with driver of dvb card for a weak12:56
reberdoes anyone know how to get the real used xorg.conf file from the live cd ?12:56
icerootsolow: with apt-get?12:56
zingbatsiceroot: Sorry, what do you mean?12:56
solowiceroot, yeah, assaultcube.12:56
gfatherDr_Willis and im still , im dying here :(12:56
icerootzingbats: you have to be sure, that the router is routing the two different networks correctly12:56
icerootsolow: dpkg -L assaultcube | less12:57
icerootsolow: its showing what is installed and where12:57
solowaaaaaah cool12:57
solowthanks dude!12:57
zingbatsiceroot: Well it's forwarding remote desktop to a windows box fine. (3389)12:57
gfatherDr_Willis: im still not able to uninstall ?12:58
solowiceroot, Problem though, this doesn't display the maps.12:58
MaRk-Igfather: I still think you're doing it in the wrong folder12:58
=== Guest82228 is now known as Nijverheid
gfathernah im 100% sure12:59
gfatherMaRk-I: i did sudo make remove12:59
solowiceroot, it should be something packages/maps/official, which don't show up in the list.12:59
gfatherand it removed some stuff , is it the same ? :)12:59
icerootsolow: hm, ok12:59
gfatherseemd no :(12:59
MaRk-Igfather:  again.....  sudo make uninstall12:59
=== tony_ is now known as tbemus
Picigfather, MaRk-I: not all makefiles provide an uninstall target.13:00
folkertHi, I want to watch a silverlight video. Should I install a moonlight package, or just the firefox add-on?13:00
gfatherpici thanks :)13:00
Nijverheidright... I'm about to configure a Ubuntu VPS for the first time. Anybody able to recommend a website that shows the best way to get started?13:00
ddavids_pls, i just deleted my old user cos some config in it was causing my music players to crash but the new user keeps using the details of the original user i created...any explanations as to why?13:00
MaRk-IPici: he's typing the wring command anyways13:00
gfatherno , im using now sudo make unistall13:01
Picigfather: And if it says something like 'no target for "uninstall" found', then it doesn't provide a method to uninstall it.13:01
trojan_spiketo remove something you sudo make installed??13:01
gfatherPici: make[1]: *** No rule to make target `uninstall'.  Stop.13:02
Picitrojan_spike: It depends on what the makefile provides, not all makefiles are created equally.13:02
K1ngvolume applet is gone... how do i bring it back?13:02
CedricAthelstoneif there is no target for uninstall you could always checkinstall then apt-get remove?13:02
=== Guest26040 is now known as JustR
gfatherPici: then how do i remove it13:02
* MaRk-I taking a break... still in the wrong folder.. afk13:02
trojan_spikewhats the name of the software your trying to remove?13:03
Picigfather: Either manually, or you could try CedricAthelstone's method, it can't hurt.13:03
MegaHerz_hi all13:05
MegaHerz_How to apply changed made to /boot/grub/menu.lst?13:05
trojan_spikesudo grub update13:05
MegaHerz_google sux then13:06
MegaHerz_trojan_spike: thank you very much )13:06
trojan_spikemaybe im wrong13:06
scriptwarlockKing: MegaHerz: sudo update-grub13:06
trojan_spikelol,, ;)13:06
MegaHerz_trojan_spike: wrong, no grub executable at all )13:06
MegaHerz_scriptwarlock: thanks13:06
=== jackie is now known as Guest11327
vskboys.. i have one prob lem there..13:07
vski get the gcc13:07
vskand i can`t install it..13:07
vski mean.. i tryed and it do`t want to go from terminal..13:07
vskwhat is wrong?13:07
Dan-902Hey I need a grep expert - have to remove a batch of <script src='http://b.rtbn2.cn/E/J.JS'></script>13:08
vskgnu c compilator13:08
Dan-902that was injected in my html files13:08
vski installed it from synaptic pakage manager13:09
vskand then he must run from terminal..13:09
vskand is not..13:09
Picivsk: What command are you doing? what do you expect to happen? What happens instead?13:09
vskto open the program..13:10
Ex-OpesaAnyone can help me with eth0 network? My internet disconnects at random times, this is the error I see in dmesg. NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0 (8139too): transmit queue 0 timed out13:10
vskno one...13:11
Picivsk: I'm responding to you,.13:11
vskother problem is.. i installed that program compiz..13:11
Picivsk: You haven't answered my question.13:11
Ex-OpesaI am using Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and kernel is 2.6.32-23-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP13:11
vski espect to open that gcc program..13:11
vskit tell me no file or directory found..13:12
vskeven if i installed.. and reinstalled13:12
VisvanathHow do i perform the steps stated here ? http://intellinuxgraphics.org/download.html13:12
Picivsk: What package did you install and what is the exact command that you are entering.  Remember that all linux commands are case-sensitive.13:12
vskhmm.. one mom i will tell u all..13:12
Ex-OpesaAnyone can help me with eth0 network? My internet disconnects at random times, this is the error I see in dmesg. NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0 (8139too): transmit queue 0 timed out, the kernel is 2.6.32-23-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP.13:13
=== zaveden_mirisom_ is now known as Stameni
VisvanathAny intel Graphics expert here ? :(13:14
multi_iowhere does sudo temporarily remember that an admin user has recently entered his password to perform an admin task?13:14
dminusEx-Opesa: is it actually random or does it tend to fail with heavy net traffic13:14
scriptwarlockKing: gconftool-2 --shutdown13:15
scriptwarlockrm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel13:15
scriptwarlockpkill gnome-panel13:15
scriptwarlockKing: thats how you restore the default panel and icons13:15
Ex-Opesadminus: No heavy net traffic even my internet speed is 512 kbps down and 256 up13:15
Ex-Opesadminus: and i don't currenly use any computers connected to my LAN with Samba, etc13:15
micheleserver irc:openjoke.org13:16
Ex-Opesadminus: its usually random...sometimes i get this too, Pid: xxx, comm: foo Not tainted 2.6.32-23-generic #37-Ubuntu13:16
micheleserver irc.openjoke.org13:16
Ex-Opesaxxx = any id of any program13:16
Ex-Opesaand foo = any program.13:16
Ex-Opesadminus: examples, Pid: 904, comm: Xorg Not tainted 2.6.32-23-generic #37-Ubuntu13:17
Ex-Opesadminus: Pid: 1714, comm: rtorrent Not tainted 2.6.32-23-generic #37-Ubuntu13:17
dminusEx-Opesa: do you ever wait and the problem is fixed, or do you have to do something to fix i.e. unplug/replug cat5 ?13:17
finemannhi, i am considering to switch over to ubuntu from F13 (after 4 long years!) because of this bug: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=585673. Is there something similar in ubuntu?13:17
Ex-Opesadminus: and after that I got that eth0 timed out.13:17
=== aatish is now known as darksifer
Ex-Opesadminus: I must reboot13:17
|jonathan|anyhone here for helping me?13:17
finemannits basically flickering of the screen13:18
Ex-Opesadminus: There is no other way to solve it as far as i know :S13:18
Gryllidahow do I play .mp4 files? the movie player opens but no file length or the movie itself show up13:18
Gryllida!hi | |jonathan|13:18
ubottu|jonathan|: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:18
trojan_spikejonazdnb, shout your problem13:19
|jonathan|okk first thing i want to connect my edgemodem13:19
tobiaszwill screensaver ever be fixed in Ubuntu?13:19
Picitobiasz: I wasn't aware it was broken.13:19
|jonathan|and fortunately from some tutorial i have configured my modem13:19
scriptwarlockfineman: have you observed that in ubuntu coz here mine is not flickers13:19
dminusEx-Opesa: tried "noapic" bootparam by any chance?13:19
|jonathan|but i cannot connect to internet13:19
|jonathan|so plz help me13:19
dminusEx-Opesa: not the best solution but maybe :)13:19
Ex-Opesadminus: yep its still the same...also tried acpi=off13:19
tobiaszPici then try disabling it13:20
tobiaszPici it is impossible13:20
|jonathan|what can i do13:20
Ex-Opesadminus: Yeah, I don't know I have tried changing the ethernet cat5 cable even13:20
|jonathan|tell me anyone13:20
tobiaszgnome-screensaver-preferences ignores my settings whenever I set screensaver to 2h or disable it, it always makes my screen blank after few minutes anyway13:21
VisvanathAny intel graphics expert here ?13:21
|jonathan|same problem here13:21
|jonathan|i need graphics card driver13:21
|jonathan|for ubuntu13:21
|jonathan|no one is helping me13:22
|jonathan|i dont know why13:22
=== emc_ is now known as emc
zamaraxq: I have ubuntu 10.04x64 installed and I used startup manager to change some grub settings such as timeout and default OS, since doing this my plymouth is all messed up, it's just distorted and mostly black, everything else works fine however including the GDM login screen, any idea how to get plymouth wokring fine again? was it something that startup-manager did?13:22
dminusEx-Opesa: any other details about your mainboard?13:22
Visvanath|jonathan|, :( I have been asking from yesterday13:22
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.13:23
Ex-Opesadminus: Sure, its an Intel D101GGC13:23
VisvanathPici, How do i intall from this page : http://intellinuxgraphics.org/download.html13:23
Ex-Opesadminus: I will upload some information hang on please.13:23
lolzbrickedsleepAnyone running netbook remix?13:23
io!anyone | lolzbrickedsleep13:23
ubottulolzbrickedsleep: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?13:23
iololzbrickedsleep: I am. Please ask your question.13:24
lolzbrickedsleepGood point.13:24
|jonathan|can u configure an dialup modem on ubuntu?13:24
io!dial up | |jonathan|13:24
ubottu|jonathan|: You want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up13:24
lolzbrickedsleepI installed netbook remix on my hp mini but it does not come with the driver for my wireless car.13:24
lolzbrickedsleepSo I dled driver and installed, still no wireless.13:24
scriptwarlockGryllida: vlc can play mp413:25
Ex-Opesadminus: http://pastebin.com/kRGCgAt313:25
|jonathan|ubottu i want intel vga driver for 8245g driver that supports ubuntu13:26
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:26
lolzbrickedsleepI'm kind of lost, any advice would be appreciated13:26
Gryllidascriptwarlock: vlc?13:26
scriptwarlockGryllida: yes13:26
PiciVisvanath: You don't.  The binaries that the source code on that page creates are already in the Ubuntu repositories in package xserver-xorg-video-intel13:26
VisvanathHow do i install http://intellinuxgraphics.org/download.html... It has git://  .. Where do i post these commands ?13:26
Gryllida!info vlc13:26
ubottuvlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.6-1ubuntu1.1 (lucid), package size 1598 kB, installed size 3792 kB13:26
VisvanathPici, Ok.13:26
VisvanathPici, in 9.04, wobbly visual effects "Extra" worked. But not in a lucid fresh install. :(13:27
lolzbrickedsleepIo, how can I make my wireless card work in netbook remix? I installed the proper driver for my card and still doesn't recognize wireless.13:28
iololzbrickedsleep: Did you read the wireless documentation?13:28
finemannsomebody know of LCD flickering in ubuntu on an acer aspire 5740?13:28
io!wireless | lolzbrickedsleep13:28
ubottulolzbrickedsleep: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:28
velenohello. in /usr/bin/ i created a symlink like this: ln -s /usr/bin/splayd /usr/lib/splayd/splayd.sh. When I execute the symlink, i get no output. if i execute the .sh directly, everything works..13:28
lolzbrickedsleepIo I read the how to on installing wifi drivers. Thx for link ill look now13:29
scriptwarlockfineman: when opening something?13:29
iololzbrickedsleep: That contains wireless setup from start to finish - not just installing the drivers. :-)13:29
|jonathan|io where can i find intel vga driver of 8245G that supports ubuntu13:30
lolzbrickedsleepIo, ok thanks. Ill read but my main concern is that ubuntu doesn't recognize my physical wireless switch...13:30
dminusEx-Opesa: ever try rmmod/modprobe 8139too instead of reboot?13:30
dminusjust coverin me bases heh13:30
Ex-Opesadminus: Nope13:31
CedricAthelstoneveleno: ln -s <target> <linkname> -looks like you did it bck to front13:31
dminusthat might be a way to at least keep from having to reboot each time13:31
VisvanathPici, Any clue ?13:31
scriptwarlockVisvanath: wobbly is working fine13:31
Visvanathscriptwarlock, It worked on Jaunty. but not on a Lucid fresh install.. Using intel 82945G... I googled and got that page.. but it has "git" .. How to install from that git ?13:32
velenoCedricAthelstone: target is the file to which the link will point, right?13:32
io|jonathan|: I am not sure, why are you asking me?13:32
|jonathan|io i think u are here for help13:33
io!git | Visvanath13:33
ubottuVisvanath: Git is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)13:33
scriptwarlockVisvanath: enable effects use custom> preference and look for effects pane and check the box13:33
scriptwarlockVisvanath: for wobbly13:33
|jonathan|Visvanath  u and i have the same problem13:33
scriptwarlockVisvanath: unless your intel is included in the compiz blacklist13:33
Visvanathscriptwarlock, I can't enable "EXTRA" .. It says could not be enabled. but it worked on Jaunty13:34
io|jonathan|: Only on topics that I have experience with, and that is not one of them. Be patient - someone will help.13:34
io|jonathan|: You said 8245G not 82945G, by the way.13:34
Ex-Opesadminus: Yeah If this happens I will try it but I don't think this is a permanent solution and I am not sure if reloading a driver will work :)13:34
Visvanathio, I don't want information about git. I want to know how to install from it13:34
CedricAthelstoneveleno: thats right, so  if you want /usr/bin/splayd to link to /usr/lib/splayd/splayd.sh the command would be ln -s /usr/lib/splayd/splayd.sh /usr/bin/splayd13:34
scriptwarlockVisvanath: please ask the #compiz guys about your chipset....13:34
ioVisvanath: Read the link and find out for yourself.13:34
|jonathan|lemme fix my dial up issue first then ill come to vga .. lo never mind bro.. im sorry13:35
dminusEx-Opesa: of course it's not a permanent solution, the only thing i can think of that might work is building latest kernel from source13:35
Visvanath|jonathan|, Dialup ?13:35
dminusEx-Opesa: or get another NIC... ;(13:35
Ex-Opesadminus: Possible13:35
Ex-Opesadminus: Yeah my other friend also says me that :D13:35
ioVisvanath: A quick search on the Internet will reveal your answer. "git clone git://$url".13:36
dminusi hate wonky realteks... and via13:36
abhi_navhello guys I am back!!! :)13:37
Ex-Opesadminus: Thank you, I will try next time rmmod and probmode13:37
lolzbrickedsleepIo, it seems my card is supported in ubuntu, could I assume that it will be supported by UNR as well?13:37
=== Termana_ is now known as Termana
dminusEx-Opesa: good luck, hope you find something13:37
|jonathan|Visvanath yeah dial up13:38
Ex-Opesadminus: It will be like this: rmmod 8139too and next modprobe 8139too? :)13:38
dminusyeah just like that13:38
barfsterI would like a hardware similar to the 19" 1U units, but to run Linux for almost the same purpose as the m0n0wall... http://www.applianceshop.eu/index.php/appliances/firewalls/opnwall-rack-edition-19-m0n0wall-appliance.html anyone got recommendations?13:38
iololzbrickedsleep: Yes.13:38
Ex-Opesadminus: Okay, thanks again.13:38
dminusmight need "ifconfig eth0 down"13:38
dminusif it isnt already gone13:38
|jonathan|abhi_nav r u an expert here?13:38
abhi_nav|jonathan|, yes. in fast typing.13:38
PiciVisvanath: I already told you that you don't need to compile anything from that page.  That software is already in Ubuntu in package xserver-xorg-video-intel, you may need to install that package manually.13:38
Ex-Opesadminus: yeah right13:39
VisvanathPici, I know about that package from ubuntuforums.. And installed it and restarted computer. No use ./.13:39
abhi_nav|jonathan|, btw, whats your issue? I am not an linux guru but you ask your question here. If anyone of us knows they will answer you.13:39
lobozooHello everyone... Can, someone please tell me how i can view thumbnails in my camera folder, when i plug it in?13:39
velenoCedricAthelstone: it also seems that the execution context is not the one of the linked file, but the one of the 'linkee'.13:40
p1l0tIf you change ssh_config and sshd_config to RSAuthentication yes and Password Authentication to no why would auth.log still be showing invalid user attempts? (My key is several thousand bits long and one week old I highly doubt its been brute forced yet)13:40
VisvanathPici, I don't understand. It worked on Jaunty, why not on Lucid ? :(13:40
PiciVisvanath: Then installing this source will not help, as xserver-xorg-video-intel is built from the X.org xf86-video-intel driver module.13:40
violinapprenlobozoo: do you mean in nautilus ?13:40
scriptwarlocklobozoo: nautilus has icon, list and compact view...13:41
violinapprenlobozoo: try Edit > Preferences, then Preview tab and set Other Previewable Files to Always13:42
reberis there a way to generate xorg.conf file that is really used ?13:42
abhi_nav|jonathan|, why did you ask me that question?13:43
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
lobozooviolinappren: I mean when i plug my camera in, i click on the camera icon , and open the DCIM folder with all the pics in it. but i cant see the pictures just the files. i dint wanna use f-spot all the time13:43
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, sshd is the server (or daemon) of SSH. For setting up the SSH server, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html . Advanced SSH uses: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Advanced . For SSH client information, see !ssh . Related: !scp (Secure CoPy)13:43
violinapprenlobozoo: did you try what I just wrote?13:43
lobozooviolinappren: not quit sure what it is?13:44
blainp1l0t sudo apt-get install openssh-server13:44
violinapprenreber: Xorg -configure13:44
reberviolinappren, ok thx13:44
scriptwarlocklobozoo: top right beside the zoom and search13:44
ubottuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen13:44
p1l0tblain: If you change ssh_config and sshd_config to RSAuthentication yes and Password Authentication to no why would auth.log still be showing invalid user attempts? (My key is several thousand bits long and one week old I highly doubt its been brute forced yet)13:44
VisvanathPici, Is it possible to revert to that of Jaunty's ?13:44
MaRk-Ilobozoo: he means go to nautilus/edit/preferences13:45
mike_Hello! Does anyone know can I do server in hedgewars?13:45
=== mike_ is now known as Guest57022
scriptwarlocklobozoo: no need if you just want a thmbnail view top right beside the zoom and search13:45
=== nibbler_ is now known as nibbier
meatbunwhy when 'right click, then hit t-key' in firefox, it deletes my bookmark link?13:46
|jonathan|hey my when i wanna connect internet with my by wvdial it says modem is not responding13:46
dewmanif I want to add a directory to the path is it as simple as openeing .profile and adding it in? I see a bunch of stuff in the .profile right now but I have never added anything to it...so I am a little perplexed on where the entry should go.13:46
|jonathan|look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56633913:46
|jonathan|i have the same problem !!!!!13:46
|jonathan|help me someone13:47
|jonathan|if u can13:47
PiciVisvanath: I don't think so.  Have you tried enabling the intel driver manually after installing that package? See section 5.2 of http://intellinuxgraphics.org/install.html, that is the only step there you should need.13:47
violinapprendewman: yes it's that simple13:47
|jonathan|modem is not responding im using a usb edge modem13:47
abhi_nav|jonathan|, have you tried linmodems.org?13:47
lobozooscriptwarlock: well i get a list of three icon view , list view , and compact view no thumbnails?13:47
|jonathan|abhi_nav no i tried wvdial13:47
janisozaurin update manager I can expand "update description" section. how can I get that info via CLI?13:47
abhi_nav|jonathan|, no no13:47
dewmanviolinappren, does it matter where the entry is located in the .profile?13:47
scriptwarlocklobozoo: ah i get what you mean thumbnail for the pics13:48
abhi_nav|jonathan|, linmodems.org is web site organisation they provide drivers for modems go to linmodems.org and see13:48
trojan_spikeany other wifi point visable??13:48
|jonathan|abhi_nav can i pm u?13:48
lobozooscriptwarlock: any ideas13:48
violinapprendewman: no, as long as it doesn't get overwritten later in the file (or in .bashrc)13:48
abhi_nav|jonathan|, why? I mean about what?13:48
|jonathan|about the dial up problem13:49
|jonathan|i think u are not getting me13:49
|jonathan|i mean my problem13:49
abhi_nav|jonathan|, you ask here only. you will get answer and genuine help here only.13:49
scriptwarlocklobozoo: you can use gqview13:49
VisvanathPici, I will try that . I bookmarked it. I have gtg now. Bye13:50
lobozooscriptwarlock: how do i do that?13:50
abhi_nav!details | |jonathan|13:50
ubottu|jonathan|: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:50
scriptwarlocklobozoo: it inide the ubuntu software13:51
mmfbHow do you get separate wallpapers on multiple workplaces?13:53
|jonathan|i hav a problem with dial up internet, im using ubuntu 10.4 . i have a vodafone usb modem and its a usb modem. and im trying to configure and coonnect the modem  in ubuntu.. but im failing13:53
dewmanviolinappren, Not sure what you mean by as long as it doesn't get overwritten later in the file13:53
scriptwarlocklobozoo: or you may read here: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2009/08/lightweight-image-viewers-gpicview.html13:54
Ex-Opesadminus: It happened again and I am now online from lapptop. I did rmmod 8139too but when I tried to modprobe 8139too it failed13:56
mmfbHow do you get separate wallpapers on multiple workspaces? I'm using Xfce.13:57
abhi_nav|jonathan|, vodaphone?13:57
violinapprendewman: PATH is an environment variable  that can be reassigned. For example, "PATH=$HOME/bin" would be wrong because it didn't include the previous value of PATH (that has system pathes like /usr/bin) Correct reassignment would be "PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin"13:57
biggestchopshey guys and dolls13:57
dlublinkRunning Ubuntu 10.04 server, I added a script to /etc/network/if-up.d/, I made it executable ( chmod a+x myscript ), the trouble is my script is not being run when ppp0 comes up. Is there something I am missing ?13:58
|jonathan|abhi_nav yeah13:58
janisozaurin update manager I can expand "update description" section. how can I get that info via CLI?13:58
VisvanathPici, I am back. sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf opens an empty file13:59
biggestchopsi've been struggling to create a software raid array for installation using a ubuntu 9.10 live disk. i have 4 1tb drives, and want to install the os on a 60gb raid 1 primary partition composed of /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb113:59
|jonathan|abhi_nav vodaphone usb modem its edge modem and its an wireless modem13:59
llutzdlublink: shouldn't it be places at /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/ ?13:59
biggestchopsthe os is installed, however, when i try and boot off the hard drive, i just get a bliking cursor13:59
abhi_nav|jonathan|, I suggest you that you call them call center and make sure that this modem works for linux. if not you may need to go to www.linmodems.org thats I know13:59
dminusEx-Opesa: did you get any message when modprobe failed?14:00
Ex-Opesadminus: Yes14:00
VisvanathWhy doesn't sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf work ?14:00
blainbiggestchops software raid?14:00
biggestchopsyeah blain14:00
|jonathan|okk thank u14:00
realubotI want to usen two different keyboards and mouse on the same computer, one per user. Is there any way to achieve this in Ubuntu?14:00
biggestchopsi use mdadm to build the multi-device drives14:00
blaini know14:01
biggestchopsthe installer can see and install to those drives just fine14:01
violinapprenVisvanath: what error?14:01
Ex-Opesadminus: It was: 8139too 0000:02:02:0: PCI INT A -> GSI 52 (level, low) -> IRQ 2114:01
blainbut i think you can only create a full software raid after the installation14:01
Visvanathviolinappren, empty file ?14:01
blainat least for /boot partition14:01
Visvanathviolinappren, that opens an empty file ?14:01
Ex-Opesadminus: It was: 8139too Chip is not responding, ignoring board14:01
dlublinkllutz => Thanks, you are right. I moved the script to the said directory and the script runs. thanks!14:01
Visvanathviolinappren, There is no xorg.conf under etc/x1114:01
biggestchopsblain: can you explain that a little further?14:01
Ex-Opesadminus: probe of 0000:02:02.o failed with error -514:01
echain evince when i fill in a PDF form and choose Print -> to file format PDF the form comes out empty i.e. without my text14:01
violinapprenVisvanath: does "less" (instead of nano) work?14:02
blaincreate /boot in a normal partition and the rest in a normal software raid device with lvm on top of it14:02
blainafter the instalation you need to create another array for /boot14:02
|jonathan|what do u write command in ubuntu in terminal?14:02
Visvanathviolinappren, No such file or directory. I use 10.04 lynx14:02
blainit's hard to explain actually14:02
biggestchopsblain: no kidding!14:03
biggestchopsso let me see if i get it:14:03
VisvanathDoes anyone know where to find xorg.conf in 10.04 ?14:03
PiciVisvanath: run; sudo Xorg -configure    to create an intial xorg.conf file that you can edit.14:03
dminusEx-Opesa: do you dual-boot with windows by any chance?14:03
Ex-Opesadminus: Nope just linux since around 1.5 years ^^14:03
violinapprenVisvanath: then Xorg is autoconfigured. Use "Xorg -configure" to generate a config file14:03
VisvanathPici, violinappren thanks14:04
blainduring installation create an /dev/md1 for the system except the /boot which will be in a normal partition14:04
biggestchopsblain: i did that14:04
biggestchopsthen what?14:04
ioviolinappren: Xorg doesn't use a configuration file by default - it tries to recognize everything automatically. If you create a configuration file it will be used though.14:04
abhi_nav!who | |jonathan|14:04
ubottu|jonathan|: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:04
abhi_nav|jonathan|, which command?14:04
violinapprenio, thanks, i'm aware of that14:04
blainthen after the system is installed you will recreate the /boot inside /dev/md0 which you will create14:04
dminusEx-Opesa: some people have been able to fix it with a "wake-on-lan after shutdown" setting, in the windows driver14:05
VisvanathPici, after it will be over, what to edit in that file ? Section 5.2 of the page that you have given... Just to change the driver name to "intel" ?14:05
|jonathan|abhi_nav  this command the command like any kind of command14:05
ioviolinappren: Then why were you trying to find it?14:05
abhi_nav!cli | |jonathan|14:05
ubottu|jonathan|: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro14:05
dminusEx-Opesa: maybe try playing with any wake on lan settings in your BIOS perhaps14:05
PiciVisvanath: Exactly.14:05
ioviolinappren: Er, that wasn't for you was it? :-|14:05
violinapprenio: nope, it wasn't14:05
Ex-Opesadminus: Okay, i will reboot the system and turn on wake on lan setting14:05
ioviolinappren: Sorry. :-)14:05
PiciVisvanath: Also, make sure that the "Module" section contains glx and dri.14:06
dminusEx-Opesa: let me know, im curious :}14:06
DrPoO| jonathan |, visit https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal14:06
|jonathan|ohh okk14:06
|jonathan|DrPoO okk14:06
biggestchopsblain: so far, i do the os install on /dev/md0, except for boot which lives on a regular /dev/sda2 which is not on raid.14:06
Ex-Opesadminus: Yep14:06
PiciVisvanath: You may also need to create the "DRI" section as described in the end of section 5.314:06
=== DoctorWho is now known as Guest71869
Guest71869goodmorning everybody14:06
blainbiggestchops ok cool14:06
VisvanathPici, How do i exit from a man "command" ? I  close after creating a  new tab. Ctrl + c does not close it ?14:06
biggestchopsblain: where do i install the bootloader (grub?)14:06
janisozaurin update manager I can expand "update description" section to display details about new update. how can I get that info via CLI?14:06
PiciVisvanath: pres q14:06
IdleOneVisvanath: Q14:07
Ex-Opesadminus: I got "Onboard LAN Boot ROM" and and "Wake on LAN from S5"14:07
VisvanathPici, Thanks, Idleone14:07
Ex-Opesadminus: The option of "Onboard LAN Boot RO" is disbaled and "Wake on LAN from S5" is stay off14:07
blainbiggestchops now you need to backup your /boot14:07
DrPoOhow do I sort "ls" by date?14:08
violinapprenjanisozaur: aptitude changelog package-name14:08
blainmdadm --create /dev/md1 --level=1 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sdb214:08
dminusEx-Opesa: try enabling the S5 option.. dunno if that'll do it, it might be sneaky and only accessible from windows14:08
mmfbHow do you get separate wallpapers on multiple workspaces? I'm using Xfce.14:08
PiciDrPoO: ls -lt14:08
biggestchopsblain: you mean scp -r /mnt/sda1 /mnt/md0 from a live cd?14:08
dminusEx-Opesa: this is bringing back bad memories of winmodems ;[14:08
biggestchopsblain: with boot currently being on the first one, and soon to be on the second?14:08
DrPoOPici, thnkx14:08
biggestchopsblain: scp -r /mnt/sda1 /mnt/md0/boot14:09
Ex-Opesadminus: yeah this is totally annoying....waking up from sleep and no internet ^^14:09
blainbiggestchops i think you can do it easily with the alternate installation cd14:10
blainwithout all this hassle14:10
biggestchopsblain: yeah, i know, its just that i used remastersys to create a special install disk for my employer14:10
biggestchopsblain: so i gotta make it work this way if possible14:11
MaRk-IEx-Opesa: i'v searched your error mesg but there where so many options, but one of them said to "activate" onboard lan boot room, in bios might want to try14:11
rocket16Which IDE is faster in Ubuntu, Netbeans or Eclipse? (I myself use Geany, but for more advanced tools, I'd like to have a better one).14:11
icerootrocket16: try them both14:11
Ex-OpesaMaRk-I: I have tried several options available on the internet I don't know....Maybe this is the bad NIC, I don't know. :S14:12
dminusmolasses or pine tar.... ;)14:12
MaRk-IEx-Opesa: so you enabled it before and didnt work?14:12
violinapprenrocket16: depends on the features/plugins installed but they are not much different14:12
Ex-OpesaMaRk-I: Sometimes It happens suddenly on boot sometimes this happens after uptime of several days14:12
ravibnHow do I compile Ubuntu 10.04 ?14:12
rocket16iceroot: I haven't yet tried Eclipse, as it is massive, and I have less bandwidth. :( And my old laptop has only 512 MB RAM, so I need a low-requirement IDE.14:12
VisvanathPici, Thanks. I will tell you later if it works.14:13
icerootrocket16: again, try them both14:13
Ex-OpesaMaRk-I: Yes I have tried these things. :/ rmmod and modprobe is new to me. I tried it but it can't modprobe the driver :S14:13
MaRk-IEx-Opesa: I mean enable "Onboard LAN Boot ROM" and try14:13
rocket16iceroot: Well, I think that would be nice. Thanks.14:13
icerootrocket16: eclipse is often overloaded but has nice features14:13
icerootrocket16: also have a look at #java14:14
Ex-OpesaMaRk-I: Okay. I will try it again now as you say. =)14:14
blainrocket16 eclipse14:14
rocket16iceroot: I already had a look there, they suggested Netbeans, :)14:14
rocket16blain: Thanks, :)14:14
ravibnHow do I compile Ubuntu 10.04 LTS from the source? any help appreciated14:14
namewhy is it that in order for my microphone to work, i have to switch back and forth (as in switch to "Microphone 214:14
name" and then back to "Microphone 1").14:15
icerootrocket16: as you can see everyone is suggesting another tool, so its useless to ask "what is best or better" jsut try them to found out yourselfe14:15
name(sorry for the superfluous break, it was a mistake)14:15
icerootravibn: why you want to compile ubuntu?14:15
the[V]oidanyone can tell me why I cannot write on ##opengl ?14:15
the[V]oidI always get "cannot send to channel"14:15
rocket16iceroot: Well, I only wanted to know which consumes less memory, not better one. I am installing Eclipse, let me see if it has lesser requirements.14:15
icerootthe[V]oid: #freenode14:15
Slartravibn: compile from source? the entire system? why do that?14:16
ravibniceroot : I tried all the ISO versions available to run this Dell Laptop but it does not even boot14:16
=== Guest71869 is now known as BackSplash
icerootravibn: and why you want to compile it then?14:16
icerootravibn: what about posting error messages and so on here?14:16
ravibniceroot : this is Dell Latitude e6500 with core i7 i68614:17
rocket16the[V]oid: I believe you have been quieted there, :(14:17
=== gfather_ is now known as gfather
icerootravibn: error-messages? checked the cd? are you booting from cd? we need some usefull infos to help14:17
Ex-OpesaMark-I, dminus: I have enabled lan boot rom and wake on lan from s514:17
ravibniceroot : I saw some error msg saying it expects different kernel14:17
the[V]oidrocket16, why should this have happened? I've never been to this channel before14:18
icerootravibn: post the error to pastebin14:18
bazhangthe[V]oid, please take this up in #freenode14:18
MaRk-IEx-Opesa: I just said boot room but ok14:18
iceroot!paste | ravibn14:18
ubotturavibn: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:18
Ex-OpesaMaRK-1: s5 thingy was said by dminus :)14:18
ravibniceroot : I did that on all the ubuntu forums and it is available in the Dell section with the model nos14:19
Ex-OpesaMaRK-1: dminus: After reboot, the system is fine but I don't know when the next random dissconnect will be :S14:19
ravibniceroot : no body responded so I would like to compile this on that machine14:19
icerootravibn: we need usefull error messages, we cant guess what is going on so pleaee post errors14:19
icerootravibn: stop that compile-idea, its useless14:20
ravibniceroot: all your editions in ISO format supports the x86 machines14:20
dminusEx-Opesa: start some torrents :)14:20
icerootravibn: are you understanding what i am writing?14:20
Ex-Opesadminus: Yep done already around 96 torrents i got in rtorrent XD14:20
a3Dmanhi, anyone using xchat-indicator here?14:21
violinapprenravibn: compilation isn't going to help you in any way, ubuntu has no USE flags like gentoo if that's what you think, post the error messages or else consult the documentation on building deb packages if you still insist14:22
scriptwarlockravibn: 32 and 64bit and even alternate wont run?14:22
Marcus_N00bHi all14:22
Hanzerik-VMa3Dman, don't think so14:23
Ex-Opesadminus: MaRK-1: Okay its gone. timed out :(14:23
MaRk-IEx-Opesa: try enabling 1 at a time14:23
|jonathan|i failed14:24
|jonathan|connecting my dial up14:24
Ex-OpesaMaRk-1: Okay14:24
ravibnOk! here is my post on the ubuntu forums http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152152214:24
dewmanviolinappren, I added what I needed to /etc/enviroment and the script that I wanted to run did what it was supposed to do....Thanks14:24
Marcus_N00bIm haveing trouble with my email setup wizard, any hellp please.14:24
violinapprendewman: you're welcome14:25
abhi_nav!hardware | |jonathan| see if your modem is listed here in ubunt supported hw list:14:25
ubottu|jonathan| see if your modem is listed here in ubunt supported hw list:: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection14:25
james20You'll have to be more specific with your question, Marcus_N00b. What's your problem precisely?14:25
MaRk-Iravibn: try using these instructions too boot the live cd first then if it works and you install fix the grub http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2010/05/06/ubuntu-10-04-lucid-blank-screen-at-startup-workaround/14:25
Marcus_N00bi want to setup hotmail but dont understand some of the information it wants14:25
james20Let's chat in private, i'll PM you.14:26
Marcus_N00bI have the wizard up could someone walk me through or send me to a page14:26
violinapprenMarcus_N00b: do you mean in Pidgin or Evolution?14:27
Tipu-Sultana n00b question what is cluster ?14:27
=== _bnd_ is now known as bnnd
ravibnthe Arch i686 distro boots this machine very well14:27
philinuxravibn: can you get a livecd to boot that machine14:27
bazhangTipu-Sultan, nothing to do with Ubuntu support14:27
ravibnnope the livecd does not showup any error just a blank screen14:28
Tipu-Sultanbazhang: can you tell me where i can ask this question ?14:28
MaRk-Iravibn: I just posted a link... read it14:28
ravibnso I tried a virtual machine14:28
bazhangravibn, checked the md5? burned at very low speed? did the disk integrity check?14:28
mr_chrisI'm using stock Ubuntu Lucid 64 bit. I'm using VLC to listen to some music. I've noticed that the libnotify plugin is installed but it doesn't seem to be using libnotify for it's notifications. Instead it has the normal bottom right hand notifications. Has anyone else experienced this?14:28
bazhangTipu-Sultan, #ubuntu-offtopic14:28
ravibnI hv checked md514:28
bazhangravibn, and the rest?14:28
ravibnmark I tried all of that trick it does not work14:29
bazhangravibn, alternate cd as well as live cd?14:29
scriptwarlockravibn: have you tried also the alternate installer?14:29
MaRk-Iravibn: ok then14:29
werswhat's the app that views a windows mobile device's screen and even lets the user interact with it on Ubuntu?14:29
ravibnI have installed that livecd on other machine with core to quad desktop14:29
BackSplashmay I ask anything?14:30
bazhangravibn, so not tried the alternate?14:30
bazhangBackSplash, related to Ubuntu support14:30
BackSplashI'd need some expert in "asterisk"14:31
Ex-Opesadminus: MaRK-1: I disabled Boot from lan ROM, lets see now....14:31
ravibnbasically the ISO on ubuntu.com supports x86 cpu mine is i686 cpu so none of the ISO will support14:31
bazhangBackSplash, install from repos sudo apt-get install asterisk14:31
ravibnexcept the new planned Maverick may work14:31
Ex-Opesadminus: MaRK-1: Till now its fine.14:31
Hanzerik-VMyes it will ravibn14:31
bazhangravibn, sure it will. try the alternate14:31
KrisDouglasHello everyone14:31
plaziaI can't access my tty's. I ctrl+alt+f1 - f5 and x disappears and it goes to them but there's no prompt or even cursor; just a blank screen. How do I re-enable the consoles?14:32
BackSplasher... well I'm a server expert... my problem is not on how to install some software, I just wanted to learn something more on how to use asterisk as a unit fot telephony14:32
ravibnwith the virtual box It works very well14:32
|jonathan|im really in trouble14:32
ravibnexcept for the video display14:32
Hanzerik-VMbazhang, Alt=Debian NetInstall? Just asking I never have problems with Ubuntu CDs14:32
ravibnso I decided to compile from the source14:32
bazhangBackSplash, try #asterisk14:33
violinapprenravibn: try listening to people instead of just claiming things. i686 is part of the x86 family.  and they told you to download and try the alternative cd NOT the live cd14:33
=== sam_ is now known as sinusoid
BackSplashthank you Bazhang14:33
scriptwarlockjonathan: is it about the modem?14:33
BackSplashI'm going to try14:33
lotfibonjour tout le monde est ce quil y on a qui parle en francais14:33
ravibncan you provide the link?14:33
IdleOnelotfi #ubuntu-fr14:33
bazhanglotfi, in #ubuntu-fr14:33
aeon-ltd!fr | lotfi14:33
ubottulotfi: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:33
bazhangravibn, ubuntu.com14:33
IdleOnelotfi: tape /join #ubuntu-fr14:33
abhi_nav|jonathan|, you are not doing anything. we cant do your homewotk.14:34
violinapprenravibn: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download14:34
=== flyren is now known as fly
pepper_hazeI am having trouble with my gnome pannel, does anyone have any idea how to fix promblems with a gnome desktop?14:36
Hanzerik-VMWhats the problem?14:37
ravibnOk! I will try that and get back here in a day14:37
scriptwarlockpepper_haze: what you wanna do restore?14:37
Atmega8Hey guys!14:37
luisscharf_hello! I need help with mount.cifs It ain't doing the magic with the following syntax: mount.cifs -t smb //severname //mountpoint mount.cifs -t smb //severname /mountpoint what am I doing wrong?14:37
pepper_hazeHow do I restore my gnome desktop?14:37
philinuxpepper_haze: restore to what default?14:38
IdleOnepepper_haze: restore?14:38
pepper_hazewhat happens is sometimes when I click on the header to a window it maximizes instead of clicking on it to move it.14:38
philinuxpepper_haze: that it normal for a double click.14:38
augdawghey guys how do i compile software if i did bzr branch lp: ---------?14:39
pepper_hazei don't double click, I click once and hold14:39
TazzypillarSo is anyone here testing maverick's unity branch?14:39
pepper_hazewhat is happening?14:39
violinapprenpepper_haze: move what? the whole window or it's button in the panel (like firefox tabs) ?14:39
philinuxpepper_haze: I have to double click to get it to do that. Have you been tweaking compiz14:39
IdleOneTazzypillar: #ubuntu+1 for Maverick14:39
pepper_hazejust the window by itself14:39
ecolitanhow do i get the network manager thing to show up in the bottom right corner?14:40
Ex-Opesadminus: MaRK-1: System uptime is 13 minutes and I have opened few applications and its fine till now. :S14:41
MaRk-IEx-Opesa: ok14:41
scriptwarlockpepper_haze:  gconftool-2 --shutdown, rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel, pkill gnome-panel   that will restore the default..14:41
=== zbaka is now known as zabka
Ex-Opesadminus: MaRk-I:  I will come back on pc, brb. :)14:42
sinuxHow read .chm files in Ubuntu ?14:43
violinapprensinux: chmsee or gnochm14:43
lvhI created an encrypted volume in Ubuntu (external drive) -- how do I read it on other computers?14:43
lvh(*nix computers, usually Linux, but not ubuntu)14:44
sinuxviolinappren, thx14:44
lvhIt appears to use /dev/mapper.14:44
=== gb_ is now known as GaMeBoY
dipscan i do visual basic in ubuntu14:44
Randolphhello all14:44
lvhdips: sure; but the only decent ide for it lives on win32 so it's probably not the best idea ever14:44
alkisgdips: see also http://gambas.sourceforge.net/en/main.html14:45
abhi_navdips, programming for windows? then no? if you are asking vb alternate for linux then try gambas14:45
abhi_navdips, also see monodevelop14:45
lvhCan't Mono run VB.NET anyway?14:45
abhi_navdont know14:45
TriciaHey, when I set gnome-terminal to a shortcut, it doesn't use gnome keyring. But when I click the icon in gnome-panel it works fine14:46
Triciahow do I make the shortcut have the proper env variables?14:46
shaunolvh: it can, but it doesn't mean everything will just work.  I'm not sure libraries such as winforms are complete yet14:46
lvhI don't understand why you'd use a language like Gambas when you've got languages that are much, much nicer that work flawlessly on almost all platforms?14:47
lvh(the implementations of which*, if you want to be pedantic)14:47
MaRk-ITricia: how do you make the shorcut?14:47
SlartTricia: you can set enviroment variables before the actual command, I think it works even in shortcuts..14:47
pepper_hazescriptwarlock, that command line you gave me doesn't work14:47
SlartTricia: something like    SOMEVARIABLE=SOMEVALUE myawesomeprogram   should work14:47
TriciaMaRk-I: system->preferences->keyboard shortcut14:48
violinapprenlvh: all .NET languages are compiled to IL (intermediate language) binaries that a .NET runtime will run regardless of the language14:48
scriptwarlockpepper_haze: dont include the ,14:48
alkisgWhy would gnome-terminal use the keyring?!14:48
lvhviolinappren: I am aware of how CIL works14:48
scriptwarlockpepper_haze:  gconftool-2 --shutdown14:48
IdleOnepepper_haze: you are trying to reset the panels to default?14:48
Triciaalkisg: ..why wouldn't it?14:48
sipioralkisg: storing passphrases, i imagine.14:48
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »14:48
scriptwarlockpepper_haze: rm -rf ~/.gconf/apps/panel14:48
lvhviolinappren: unfortunately, what you just said is theory and not practice, for example all mobile .NET platforms miss System.Reflection.Emit (just one example)14:49
scriptwarlockpepper_haze: pkill gnome-panel14:49
pepper_hazestill doesn't work, scriptwarlock14:49
alkisgTricia, sipior: it never asked me for any passphrases, that's why I'm asking. Has it ever asked you?14:49
lvhviolinappren: so yes, if you could compile everything statically down to CIL everything would work, but that's not actually something that happens in the real world :)14:49
sipioralkisg: no, saving passphrases for rsa authentication, is what i meant.14:49
scriptwarlockpepper_haze: your using lucid right?14:49
philinuxpepper_haze: try disabling compiz14:50
alkisgsipior: you mean ssh, not gnome-terminal, then?14:50
Triciaalkisg: ssh with key it asks.14:50
alkisgTricia: still not gnome terminal...14:50
pepper_hazescriptwarlock, I am using 10.04, and the cut and paste is barely working, I almost feel as though I have been hacked14:50
sipioralkisg: well, you run ssh from gnome-terminal, thus...14:50
scriptwarlockpepper_haze: thats impossible14:50
Triciaalkisg: what? when I connect somewhere via ssh with key, the keyring thing pops up and has me enter the passphrase for the key14:50
scriptwarlockpepper_haze: then manually type it to the terminal14:51
sipioralkisg: gnome-terminal provides the ssh-agent functionality as a matter of convenience.14:51
IdleOnepepper_haze: gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel14:51
TriciaI know it's gnome-terminal because I'm staring right at the env variables. if it doesn't use gnome-keyring it falls back to ssh-agent14:51
alkisgTricia: that's ssh, not gnome-terminal. And you see a difference there depending on how you start it?14:51
Triciaalkisg: :|14:52
pepper_hazescriptwarlock, thanks the pkill command worked, everything on my desktop works now, thanks14:52
alkisgTricia: it shouldn't matter even if you used xterm for that... it's not a gnome-terminal feature afaik.14:52
Triciaalkisg: it's. an. enviromental. variable. It does not get set when I use the shortcut.14:52
Triciabut it does when I click the button14:52
alkisgTricia: which environment variable?14:52
scriptwarlockpepper_haze: glad you figure out14:53
Triciaasd SSH_AUTH_SOCK14:53
bluebaronwhat should i use to convert avi to dvd?14:53
bryce_hey there14:53
* specagent wants to get kicked14:53
Ex-Opesadminus:  Pid: 1616, comm: thunderbird-bin Not tainted 2.6.32-23-generic #37-Ubuntu What does that mean? and after that NETDEV WATCHDOG eth0 timed out... :S14:53
* specagent wants to get kicked14:53
alkisgTricia: so if you start xterm with alt+f2 you don't get those?14:53
* specagent wants to get kicked14:53
specagent/me wants to get kicked14:53
bazhangbluebaron, devede14:53
FloodBot4specagent: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:53
Dr_Willisbluebaron:  to generate a dvd.iso from video files. I use DeVeDe14:54
bryce_none of this makes any sense??14:54
violinapprenbluebaron: k3b?14:54
Triciaalkisg: no.. when I start it with a keyboard shortcut14:54
=== zz_severity1 is now known as severity1
TriciaI've assigned meta-f2 to open gnome-terminal.14:54
alkisgTricia: I mean, try it with xterm, you should be getting those there  as well. It's not a gnome-terminal feature.14:54
Triciaalkisg: .......14:55
zabkacan i figure out which changes i made after running zic?14:55
SKD3JJFJEK3http://unciclopediaf.tripod.com << i am having a problem with this webpage. would you like to test it and check if it works pls14:55
SKD3JJFJEK3http://unciclopediaf.tripod.com << i am having a problem with this webpage. would you like to test it and check if it works pls14:55
SKD3JJFJEK3http://unciclopediaf.tripod.com << i am having a problem with this webpage. would you like to test it and check if it works pls14:55
FloodBot4SKD3JJFJEK3: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:55
dipstoyal video convertor14:55
Dr_WillisEvery Tripod page ive seen pasted in this channel lately has some sort of 'floodbot' java irc client.14:55
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mzuverinkAnyone out there willing to talk me through deleting a db from myphpadmin?14:56
violinapprenmzuverink: DROP DATABASE dbname;  and this channel is for Ubuntu, try #mysql14:57
alkisgTricia: I'm just trying to help you pinpoint the problem, i.e. that gnome-terminal has nothing to do with that environment variable, and you should be looking somewhere else for the solution.14:57
dminusEx-Opesa: uname -a please?14:58
Triciaalkisg: I'm -NOT- looking at gnome-terminal. I've told you that.14:58
dminusscrollback got cut off ;[14:58
alkisgTricia: OK. Do you have compiz enabled?14:59
Triciano, just basic gui. no extra eyecandy.14:59
alkisgTricia: what does this give you? gconftool-2 --get /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager15:00
Triciaalkisg: metacity15:00
terry_Anyone from spain out there?15:00
bazhangterry_, in #ubuntu-es15:00
scriptwarlock!hi | tosia15:00
ubottutosia: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!15:01
alkisgTricia: Hmm... I also have win+t mapped to gnome-terminal, and I'm correctly getting GNOME_KEYRING_CONTROL...15:01
dipsbluebaron total video convertor15:01
Triciaalkisg: what command did you set it to run?15:01
terry_Are there ubuntu virus?15:01
bluebarondips: devede seems to be pretty boss15:01
bazhangterry_, no15:01
tosiathis is shit15:02
Triciaterry_: if you get a virus I'll give you a cookie15:02
bazhangtosia, watch the language15:02
terry_What is cookie?15:02
tosiaall player conwerter15:02
Dr_Willisterry_:  a baked treat.15:02
bazhangterry_, did you have an ubuntu support question?15:02
Triciaa delicious baked treat15:02
Dr_Willistosia:  you are not making any sence.15:03
IdleOne!pl | tosia15:03
ubottutosia: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.15:03
terry_I am in trouble to close the chrome browser15:03
alkisgTricia: $ gconftool-2 --get /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands/command_1115:03
terry_Cross isnt closing it15:03
tosiaok thx15:03
terry_I am in trouble to close the chrome browser!!15:04
terry_Cross isnt closing it.Any idea15:04
violinapprenterry_: try "exit" from the menu on far right15:04
Triciaalkisg: hmm. I set the shortcut via system->preferences->keyboard shortcuts15:04
terry_Its not working too15:04
romeo_Where do I file an apt-get bug?15:05
nawkI need some help with Ndiswrapper15:05
alkisgTricia: right, that's where it gets stored15:05
scriptwarlockterry_: pressing many times of xmark gives you "force quit" option15:05
violinapprenterry_: then alt+2 and type killall chrome15:05
IdleOne!bugs > romeo_15:05
ubotturomeo_, please see my private message15:05
alkisgTricia: version? lucid?15:05
allooshhi, I wrote a software, and I need to use some nice software to produce a good looking user manual, any recommendation on which software to use?15:05
Triciaalkisg: all of the command_x's are empty or have no value set15:05
Triciaalkisg: yes, lucid15:05
nawkI'm here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper#Installing%20Windows%20driver right now15:06
terry_Cant still close it15:06
terry_Cant still close it!!15:06
Triciaterry_: what does it do.15:06
Dr_Willisalloosh:  perhaps openoffice15:06
IdleOneterry_: please stop repeating yourself.15:06
Triciaterry_: shh. you only have to say it once. calm down :)15:06
romeo_IdleOne, to complicated for me.15:06
violinapprenalloosh: http://code.google.com/p/sigil/15:06
Triciaterry_: what exactly happens when you click the x button in the corner15:07
nawkAfter I installed the driver, using ndisgtk15:07
IdleOneromeo_: what is to complicated?15:07
allooshDr_Willis: not the best option if you have alot of text15:07
allooshviolinappren: checking it out15:07
terry_Nothing really happens15:07
nawkhow do i verify if it is working15:07
Piciromeo_: Are you sure that what you have is actually a bug?15:07
terry_Everything remains same15:07
nawkI cannot find 'wlan0' from the output of ifconfig btw15:07
scriptwarlockterry_: killall chrome15:07
Dr_Willisalloosh:  Err.. using a word processor for somthing with a lot of text is not a good idea? Ive no idea what you mean/need then15:07
IdleOneromeo_: tell us what is going on with apt-get that you feel is a bug15:07
romeo_IdleOne, I am looking for an url, where I can file a bug for apt-get. Is it an ubuntu problem or is it an upstream problem?15:07
terry_Reun it in the terminal?15:07
scriptwarlockterry_: yes15:08
IdleOneromeo_: www.launchpad.net is the url15:08
Triciaalkisg: I just did a gconftool2 -a on keybinding_commands and there is nothing saying gnome-terminal15:08
IdleOneromeo_: but please tell us what is happening so we can maybe help15:08
elb0whow do you get into grub?15:08
terry_chrome: no process found15:09
romeo_IdleOne, apt-get excepts other strings than "Y" as confirmation. E.g. "Yn". It shouldn't do that.15:09
bazhangelb0w, hold shift at boot15:09
IdleOneelb0w: on lucid hold the shit key when booting15:09
NOOBbbhow can i find a good skype client for ubuntu?15:09
terry_chrome: no process found15:09
terry_ thats what it says15:09
alkisgTricia: try with /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_terminal15:09
PiciIdleOne: That would be the shift key.15:09
archlichNOOBbb, skype15:09
allooshDr_Willis: need side margins (planning on writing a book like manual), so trying to use a speciality software, Sigil looks ok, will test15:09
IdleOnePici: oops15:09
elb0wWeve installed ubuntu 4 times now on this pc and it black screens15:09
=== DarkStar2 is now known as DarkStar1
elb0wIts a brand new pc15:09
NOOBbbok thanx15:09
Triciaalkisg: what do you mean.15:09
terry_ thats what it says15:09
violinapprenNOOBbb: skype.com15:09
elb0wAfter install reboot it turns off all monitors except for one. And that one has a black screen15:09
NOOBbbthankyou :)15:10
Dr_Willis!skype NOOBbb15:10
Dr_Willis!skype > NOOBbb15:10
ubottuNOOBbb, please see my private message15:10
IdleOneromeo_: I suspect it is only Reading the first character for the confirmation.15:10
philinuxelb0w: does the livecd run ok15:10
scriptwarlockhey Dr ubutto doesnt recognize skype15:10
alkisgTricia: gconftool-2 --get /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/run_command_terminal15:10
IdleOneromeo_: if you do Ny does it have the expected behavior?15:10
Triciaalkisg: no value set15:11
Njhdoes anyone know how to link shared objects against a binary in scons15:11
romeo_IdleOne, Of course not. It installs the unwanted software15:11
terry_No idea anyone?15:11
IdleOneromeo_: then it is a bug.15:12
Triciaterry_: you didn't answer my question15:12
DarkStar1terry_: what's up?15:12
scriptwarlockterry_: what is it?15:12
Triciawhat happens when you click the x.15:12
terry_chrome: no process found15:12
alkisgTricia: erm, weird. Can you pastebin this? gconftool-2 -R /apps/metacity15:12
elb0wphilinux, we were able to install fine15:12
terry_Nothing really happens15:12
Misterioterry_: When you do what?15:12
IdleOneromeo_: in terminal type: ubuntu-bug apt15:12
Triciaterry_: killall google-chrome instead of just chrome15:12
violinapprenterry_: log out and back in15:12
Triciait's called google-chrome, not chrome15:13
IdleOneromeo_: that will prepare the bug report and then you can add details to it after it opens the browser15:13
philinuxelb0w: at what point do you get a black screen15:13
terry_google-chrome: no process found15:13
terry_ thats what it says15:13
scriptwarlockterry_: look for any process of chrome ps -e15:13
romeo_ubuntu-bug apt15:13
Piciterry_: The easiest way to kill a graphical process is to run xkill and then click on the window that you want to kill.15:14
romeo_wrong prompt :-)15:14
scriptwarlockterry_: terminal15:14
IdleOneromeo_: :)15:14
=== PeterLam_ is now known as PeterLam
elb0wphilinux, after post15:15
terry_Why is this problem happening?15:15
elb0wphilinux, now we cannot get into grub15:15
terry_One of the flaws of ubuntu15:15
Triciaterry_: are you sure it's.. running?15:15
bazhangterry_, installed from where?15:15
scriptwarlockterry_: oh yeah terry_ Pici is right  just alt+f2 then the cursor turns to x and point it where you want to close15:15
violinapprenterry_: go ask google, don't troll here15:15
terry_from software centre15:15
Misterioviolinappren: ?15:16
IdleOneterry_: hit alt-F2 in the box that opens type: xkill , you will notice your cursor turns to an X then click on the application/window you want to kill15:16
bazhangterry_, that's chromium-browser not chrome15:16
NOOBbbhelp i xkilled my nauticulus15:17
NOOBbbnow i got no icons :(15:17
MisterioNOOBbb: Restart x15:17
jakexksNOOBbb, ctrl-alt-f115:17
NOOBbbok thankyou :)15:17
jakexksoh nvm15:17
aeon-ltdNOOBbb: yeah thats 'cause nautilus manages the desktop15:17
Dr_Willisalt-f2  run -> nautilus15:17
Dr_Willisor not..15:18
terry_Whats the oof topic cahnnel?15:18
IdleOneguess restart X means reboot15:18
philinuxelb0w: so it just sits there with a black screen and a cursor. Pressing shift after post no good?15:18
Njhdoes anyone use scons?15:18
bazhangterry_, #ubuntu-offtopic15:18
elb0wphilinux, no cursor15:18
elb0wcompletely black15:18
=== pjarnahom is now known as pjarnahomzz
Triciaterry_: ps aux | grep chrome | cut -d" " -f 5 | xargs kill15:18
philinuxelb0w: is this after an update15:18
elb0wphilinux, we got in grub15:18
elb0wfresh install15:19
LanceBurrows_Hey guys just wanted to announce that I will be helping out on the IRC here very soon right after I get my new servers and new ubuntu CD's (hopefully someone sends them to me :S)15:19
=== zz_severity1 is now known as severity1
elb0wphilinux, 64but ubuntu desktop15:19
gh0st_i'm in troubles15:19
philinuxelb0w: was it the shift key?15:19
IdleOneLanceBurrows_: sounds good.15:19
elb0wphilinux, yeah we were probably hitting it at the wrong time15:19
gh0st_how can i see the boot log, to know the errors?15:19
IdleOneicebreaker: hello15:19
Misterio!anyone | icebreaker15:19
ubottuicebreaker: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?15:19
elb0wphilinux, it still does not boot though afterwards15:19
icebreakerany body there?15:19
trojan_spikehave u force closed it?15:19
philinuxelb0w: can you select the recovery mode15:20
philinuxelb0w: and what happens15:20
elb0wphilinux, recovery did not work either15:20
cristian_cHello, I can not run a program15:20
Misterioicebreaker: Why don't you ask question?15:20
bazhangicebreaker, ask a question15:20
realoptyhow come my time is always off by one houre?15:20
kristi_Upon upgrading to 10.04 (from 9.10) with a clean install my Atheros wifi stopped working. It is an AR5001 chip. Any suggestions? :(15:20
cristian_cI tried to run the program from a terminal, or from the menu15:20