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zusholstein, ping06:38
bluenode_the 10.04 is better than 8.04 from user perspective15:42
bluenode_more friendly.15:42
bluenode_wacom works out of the box!15:43
ExiledMicrobeOk, so after reading what I can I am no closer to sorting out PulseAudio/Alsa and Jack.  It all seems to conflict, which means I am doing something wrong.  But I cant work out what.16:05
ExiledMicrobeAny experts on here that can give me any pointers?16:05
straypacketanswer:  kxstudio distro :)16:06
straypacketkxstudio comes with pulse/jack integration enabled.16:06
straypacketit's a derivative of kubuntu16:07
straypacketyou could study the packages it includes, or talk to irc user falktx in #kxstudio or #opensourcemusicians.   falktx put together kxstudio16:08
ExiledMicrobeok thanks.16:09
* Blank__ is another convert from ubuntu studio to kxstudio16:12
ExiledMicrobeIs it safe to upgrade it over ubuntu studio, even though I upgraded to 10.04 from 9.10 and 9.04 before that.  A fresh install would be a drag...16:13
ExiledMicrobeWell, it seems harmless enough process, I will try and find out...16:16
Blank__ExiledMicrobe, probably not... i tried something similar and messed up a few things16:18
Blank__and it messed up*16:18
Blank__i had to format16:19
ExiledMicrobeyes well installing that is going to be a shit16:38
holsteinzus: ping20:24
holsteinlets do it over here20:24
zusholstein,  pong20:24
holsteinin case someone wants to look at the logs or something20:25
holsteinzus: so have you ran JACK at all?20:25
zusi must warn you.... i think i a few things to get a program or two to work, but beyond that... it's still default20:25
holsteinthats cool20:25
holsteinyou have JACK installed right?20:26
holsteinthis is an ubuntustudio install?20:26
zusubuntustudio over lucid lynx 10.0420:26
holsteinin the menu20:27
zusive got jack control, jackbeat, jackeq, jackrack...20:27
holsteinapplications - sound and video - jack control20:28
holsteinstart jack control20:28
kernel_geekholstein: Netjack ?20:28
holsteinkernel_geek: just plain old JACK20:28
kernel_geekholstein: oh...20:28
holsteinwe've been talking about getting it running on zus 's box for a while20:28
kernel_geekholstein: Whats the issues ?20:28
zuskernel_geek,  "Newbie"20:29
holsteinzus: go to http://qjackctl.sourceforge.net/qjackctl-ss1.html20:29
kernel_geekahahh k lolz20:29
holsteinso we can talk about these screenshots20:29
holsteinand i know we are looking at the same thing20:29
zusopening up now20:29
holsteinthe first screenshot20:29
holsteinthats what you should see20:29
holsteinwhen you launch jack control20:30
holsteinyour going to click 'setup'20:30
holsteinand you should see the second screenshot20:30
holsteinzus: do you have a realtime kernel installed?20:31
zusi should20:31
holsteinyou dont have to20:31
holsteintry it with the generic one first20:31
holsteinand get the RT one if you need20:31
zusi grabbed all the packages from the synaptic20:31
zuslinux -rt20:31
holsteinopen a terminal20:32
holsteinand run20:32
holsteinuname -a20:32
holsteinyou can paste that here20:32
holsteinit shouldnt be much20:32
zusbut when i boot up i only get a black screen with a flashing _ for a few seconds before the ubuntustudio splash highlights ubu20:32
holsteinwe can sort that out too20:32
zus2.6.32-23-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jun 11 07:54:58 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux20:33
holsteinSO look at the setup window20:33
holsteinthats the second screenshot on that link20:33
holsteinon the left, there is a realtime checkbox20:34
holsteinuntick that box20:34
holsteinif it is ticked20:34
zusit was, and done20:34
holsteinzus: this is your internal soundcard right?20:34
holsteinthat you're using?20:34
zusaye. i have no sound or video card installed other than what the motherboard provide20:35
holsteinSO the also driver should already be selected20:35
holsteinand that is the one you want20:35
holsteinAND most other setting should 'just work'20:35
holsteinthere are 2 settings that we 'tweak' a lot20:36
zustop right?, under the delete button?20:36
holsteinzus: yeah, that the driver selection drop-down menu20:36
holsteinyou can click it and look in there20:36
zusok alsa. is already displayed20:36
holsteinyou should see 'firewire' 'OSS' maybe20:36
holsteini forget what all is in there20:37
holsteinBUT, yeah, alsa is what you want20:37
holsteinthe setting we mess with are20:37
holsteinand periods/uffer20:37
holsteinand periods/buffer*20:37
holsteinzus: down in the bottom right20:37
holsteinyou see latency20:37
zuslatency is at 5.8msec20:38
zusframes/period is at 12820:38
holsteintweaking the settings above20:38
holsteinwill change that20:38
holsteinlets set frames/period to 25620:38
zusperiod buffer is greyed out for me20:38
holsteinzus: interesting20:39
holsteindoes it say 2?20:39
holsteinzus: what is your samplerate set to?20:39
zus ok changing frames/period,      released periods/buffer20:39
holsteinthat effects the latency too20:39
zuslatency is now at 11.6msec20:40
holsteinyou probably want 44.1 for sample rate20:40
holsteinif its not already set to that20:40
zusframes/period 256, periods/buffer 2, latency 11.6 sample rate 44100...20:41
holsteinlest go with that for now20:41
holsteinsince we dont have a RT kernel20:41
holsteinlets do frames/period 51220:41
holsteinwhats the latency now?20:42
zuslatency is 23.2msec20:45
holsteinlest try that then20:45
holsteinopen a terminal20:45
holsteinand add yourself to the audio group20:45
holsteinrun sudo adduser YOURUSERNAME audio20:46
zusi believe i have done so through the menu20:46
holsteinSO on the setup window20:46
holsteinclick 'OK'20:46
holsteinand close that20:46
zushow do i double check to see if i am already in the audio group?20:46
holsteinyou can run that command20:47
holsteinsudo addusuer you audio20:47
holsteinand it will say 'you are already a member'20:47
holsteinor nothing if it does it20:47
zusone sec, it cant hurt...20:47
zusdone i was already a member.20:48
holsteinso go back to the main JACK window20:48
holsteinscreenshot 120:49
holsteinand hit start20:49
zus(for the video group same as well just change audio to video?)20:49
holsteinyou'll NEED to do that to get access to firewire devices20:49
zusok start on jack got ya...(ill ask video questions after)20:49
holsteinyou see on that screenshot20:50
holsteinit says 'running'20:50
holsteinor 'started'20:50
holsteinsomething like that20:50
holsteinif its not running20:50
holsteinyou'll get errors20:50
holsteinin a messages window that will pop up20:51
zusyeah on the screenshot and on my jack it says "started"20:51
holsteinSO your running JACK20:51
holsteinon the main window20:51
holsteintheres a button 'connect'20:51
holsteinclick on that20:51
zus(only thing different now is there are -- instead of the RT )20:52
holstein8 screenshots down on that page20:52
holsteinthats what youd should see20:52
holsteinwhen you click 'connect'20:52
holsteinthis is where the magic happens20:52
holsteintheres probably 3 tabs20:52
holsteinaudio MIDI and alsa20:53
holsteinthe audio tab is where you make connections20:53
holsteinyou should see your sound cards physical inputs on the left side20:53
holsteinand the sound cars outputs on the right20:53
zuslike hooking up different programs?, hydrogen, gtick?...20:53
holsteindifferent programs, or physical inputs, or synths20:54
holsteinwhatever JACK can see and use20:54
holsteinyou can connect in here20:54
zusso far only system is there left has a red icon and right has a green icon20:54
holsteintheres a little '+' sign?20:54
holsteinclick that to expand that 'section'20:55
zus( like the back of an actuall rack/mixer)  yep there is a toggle "+"20:55
holsteinyou'll see that toggle on programs too20:55
zusi got capture _1 an capture_2 on left20:55
zusplayback _1-8 on right20:56
holsteinthat seems correct :)20:56
holsteinthats the deal20:57
holsteinyou can launch something like zynaddsubfx20:57
holsteinor hydrogen20:57
holsteinor whatever20:57
holsteinand start playing around20:57
zusill do zynaddsubfx.... had a problem with it before20:57
holsteinit is a problem :/20:57
holsteinbut it will make a sound20:58
holsteinopen it20:58
holsteinand go back to the connections window20:58
zusits open -20:58
holsteinand you'll see it20:58
holsteinit may have automatically connected20:58
holsteinif not20:58
zuswith red lines going to the right20:58
holsteinfind its outs on the left20:58
holsteinand connect them to the ins on the right20:58
zusout_1 and out_220:59
holsteinfor your sound cards outputs20:59
holsteinouts on the left20:59
holsteinto ins on the right20:59
zusplayback _1 and playback_2 (has red lines connecting them)20:59
holsteinthen, go back to zyn20:59
holsteinand in the menu20:59
holsteinunder 'intrument'21:00
holsteindo 'vitual keyboard'21:00
holsteinand you can click on the little keyboard21:00
holsteinor use your qwerty keyboard21:00
holsteinand you *should* hear it21:00
zuson zyn i see up top21:01
zusfile instrument Misc21:01
zuswiat i see a keyboard though21:01
holsteinunless you see a keyboard on the screen already21:02
zusclicking it works (mouse clicks)21:02
holsteinyeah, there are 2 modes21:02
holsteinunder 'misc'21:02
holsteinyou can change the user modes21:02
holsteinBUT that will work for what we are doing21:02
holsteindo you hear it zus ?21:03
zushow do i make it use qwerty? i prefer that over mouse, till i get the M-Audio midi contoller keybord thing?21:03
holsteinchange modes21:03
holsteinunder misc21:03
zusyeah it seems accurate as well as far as latency21:03
holsteinto the advanced mode21:03
holsteinand then open the Vkeyboard under 'instrument'21:03
zusmode changed to advanced21:03
holsteinand after you click on the keyboard21:04
holsteinyou whould be able to use qwerty then21:04
holsteinzus: you can change to the RT kernel21:04
holsteinand mess with the settings21:04
holsteinand get the latency down21:04
holsteinand that will help with using soft synths21:04
zusholstein,  ok qwerty works MUCH better than 3 days ago.21:04
holsteinthere will be a limitation with your onboard sound at some point21:05
holsteintweak all you want though21:05
holsteinzus: yeah?21:06
zusi dont have to "disconnect" zyn everytime i want to add another program?21:06
* holstein needs to get screenshots up on the wiki somewher21:06
holsteinzus: no21:06
holsteinyou dont want to stop and start JACK21:06
holsteinAND say for example21:07
holsteinyou fire up rakarrack21:07
holsteinwhich is a real-time guitar effects processor21:07
zus??? :)21:07
holsteinand you run zyn through it21:07
holsteinand you close rakarrack21:07
holsteinyou wont hear zyn anymore21:07
zusi think i get that?21:08
holsteinbecause it was being routed through rakarrack21:08
holsteinand rakarrack is gone21:08
zusid have to "plug zyn back to jack"21:08
holsteinyou'll get it as you go21:08
holsteinzus: exactly21:08
holsteinback into your soundcards outs21:08
zuslike adding another pedal and missing a patch cable21:09
zusto an existing effects chain.21:09
holsteinthe only limitation is your hardware and imagination really21:09
* zus feels smart!21:09
holsteinand some MIDI is limitied i think still21:09
zushardware will be a bit of a problem that and $$$21:09
holsteinbut getting better all the time21:09
holsteinzus: you can get around most hardware issues21:10
zuslmms sounds too nintendo for me sometimes lol21:10
holsteinand you can slave off to other machines with JACK21:10
holsteinnetJACK or jacktrip21:10
zuscan i plug in my bass and us "IT" as a controller?21:10
holsteinin theory21:10
holsteinyou could have a lot of cheesy old p3's running on a network21:10
holsteinand get some serious work done21:10
holsteinzus: you can kindof do that21:11
zus"in theory" as to my Q on bass as a controller or the netjack/jacktrip?21:11
holsteinin rakarrack21:11
holsteinzus: i tried it with my bass21:11
holsteinand it tracked pretty slowly21:11
holsteinit worked great for synth pads21:11
holsteinand there might be a different package that works better for that that im not aware of21:12
holsteinbut bascially, yeah21:12
zussweet i'd much rather use my bass than the qwerty especially for them slow spacey ambient tracks21:12
holsteinyou can trigger MIDI with an anolog instrument21:12
zusi can "see" my notes faster on a bass or guitar than on a piano if that makes sense21:13
holsteini ask [lsd] any and all MIDI questions21:13
holsteineven if he doesnt know21:13
holsteinhe knows where to look21:13
zusshiny, mouse, qwerty and a possibility to use my bass, poor mans set up.21:14
holsteinwith pro results too21:14
holsteinif you want to use that RT kernel21:15
holsteinyou can read21:15
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub221:15
holsteini like this one better ^^^21:16
holsteinyou run sudo gedit /etc/default/grub21:17
holsteinand change GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=021:17
holsteinand GRUB_TIMEOUT=1021:17
zusadd the #21:17
holsteinto GRUB_TIMEOUT=-121:17
holsteinand you should see grub21:17
holsteinand you get to choose the kernel21:18
holsteinzus: you have to run sudo update-grub21:18
holsteinafter making those changes21:18
holsteinthis doesnt really change much though21:18
holsteinjust turns the timer off21:18
holsteinand lets you see the menu21:18
* zus is doing this now 21:18
holsteinthere are other more permanant ways to do it21:19
holsteini would suggest starting here21:19
holsteinzus: when you get the RT kernel running21:19
holsteinyou can check that 'realtime' box21:19
holsteinand tweak those settings21:19
zusthis lets me see what options i have at boot21:19
holsteinthe GRUB_DEFAULT=021:20
holsteinthats the one that would let you choose one as default21:20
zushow do i get the RT kernal? or  at  boot will i just have to "choose" the rt kernel to log in?21:20
holsteinyou just arrow down to it21:20
holsteinand hit enter21:20
zusso it should be installed im just not booted into it?21:20
holsteinif you installed linux-rt21:21
holsteinthat would do it21:21
holsteinyou'll see all your kernels at boot21:21
holsteinif you made those changes21:21
* holstein looking at my grub to make sure21:21
zusso when booting into the kernel will all that i just did  stay the same or because its a different kerenl then i'd have different settings?21:22
holsteinzus: nah21:22
holsteinit should be all the same21:22
holsteinthe trouble would be if one of your devices is supported by the generic kernel21:23
holsteinand not the RT one21:23
holsteinbut that less likely now-a-days21:23
zusok i changed my gedit .21:24
holsteindont forget to run21:25
holsteinsudo update-grub21:25
zusi comment out the GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0 so its not "part of the file" and change the GRUB_TIMEOUT=-121:26
holsteinthat should do it21:26
holsteini had that on this box21:26
holsteintil today21:26
holsteinand i changed the GRUB_TIMEOUT=1021:26
holsteinso it would boot something if i leave it alone21:26
zusyeah lot of times i boot and grab foods so when i get back im at my password screen... i dont have to sit21:27
zuswhen i dualbooted anyways...21:27
holsteinyou dont have to wait that long to get to grub21:28
holsteinand then you can come back and log in21:28
holsteinif you decide the RT one is the one you want21:28
holsteinwe can make it more permanent21:28
holsteini usually keep 2 of each on my boxes21:28
holsteintat least21:28
holsteinat least*21:29
zusas long as "#" is before a line i can bassically write anything anywhere correct?21:29
holstein# just means ignore this21:31
zusnice i wanted to write in what i changed for future - but i saved anyways,21:32
zusfound linux image: /.....2.6.32-23 generic ........./.........2.6.31-11-rt21:33
zusholstein,  earlier you mentioned i didnt want to start and stop jack???? (scrolling back)21:35
holsteinwell, you can21:35
holsteinbut once you start it21:35
holsteinyou kinda want to leave it running21:36
holsteinif you close it21:36
holsteinsometime you can reconnect the apps21:36
holsteinand sometimes you have to relaunch them21:36
zusi see21:36
holsteinthere are managers21:36
holsteini want to say ladish is one?21:37
zusi do move round and drag this desktop EVERYWHERE21:37
ConzeitHey all...21:37
holsteinkxstudio has something like that21:37
holsteina jack session manager21:37
holsteinbut i havnet really gotten into it21:37
holsteinhey Conzeit :)21:37
zuswhats this kxstudio? ya mentioned it yersterday as well?21:37
zushello Conzeit21:38
holsteinits falktx's ubuntu based distro21:38
Conzeithey zus.......21:38
ConzeitI have a quick question21:38
ConzeitI thought ubuntustudio Lucid wasnt ready so I installed regular lucid, can I use the ubuntustudio lucid iso to install it's programs on my regular lucid?21:38
holsteinhe's got a lot of cool stuff in there21:38
holsteinConzeit: sure21:38
holsteincheck out21:38
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation21:38
holsteinConzeit: and also21:38
Conzeitcool, thanks. I have a xp dual boot....that wont get in the way will it?21:39
zuslol i did that to, so along with ubuntustudio i have all the memenu and social crap  hahah21:39
holsteinConzeit: shouldnt21:39
holsteinConzeit: i would21:39
holsteingot to where ever you install packages from21:39
holsteinsynaptic or whatever21:39
holsteinand search ubuntustudio21:39
zussynaptic packagemanager21:40
holsteinthe 'meta-packages' should be defined there21:40
Conzeitthanks guys21:40
holsteinand you can read about them21:40
holsteinand decide what you want to install21:40
holsteinsudo apt-cache search ubuntustudio21:40
holsteinor the software center21:40
holsteinyou should get the same end result21:40
zusConzeit,  grab the  "linux-rt" (no quotes) it wasnt highlighted when i grabbed my packages for me21:41
holsteinyeah, you can try the genercic one too though21:41
holsteinand move tot he real-time one whenever you want21:42
holsteinConzeit: are you interested in audio or video?21:42
Conzeitmostly graphics21:42
holsteinConzeit: so for you21:43
holsteini would read the package explanations21:43
holsteinthe buld of the packages are for audio21:43
holstein  bulk*21:43
* zus has a foot in all three in real life, so the computer made it easier for him to work and chose all three21:43
ConzeitI still want to dabble in audio though, so I'll install everything first, and then see what I'm defintively not using and remove that21:44
Conzeitbut thx21:44
holsteinConzeit: :)21:45
holsteinlet us know how it goes21:45
ConzeitI will =)21:45
zusholstein,  i'd add effects to the instruments then through the 8th screenshot down, in jack?21:45
Conzeitah. gotta love open source...I dont think a windows support asshole would say something like that :p21:45
holsteincool podshoe for the audio side ^^21:46
holsteinConzeit: lol21:46
* holstein looking zus 21:46
holsteinzus: yeah21:46
holsteinthats where you would run something like jackrack21:47
holsteinand route however you want21:47
holsteinyou can route physical inputs into an effect running in jackrack21:47
holsteinor rakarrack21:47
holsteinOR midi synths21:48
holsteinor whatever21:48
holsteinand run them out to other things21:48
holsteinor to the output21:48
holsteinor to ardour ro record it21:48
holstein              to*21:48
zusnow we have  2 mics and a 4 channel radioshack (poor lol) mixer21:48
holsteinzus: thats a good start21:48
holsteindo what you can with what you got, i say21:49
holsteinthen you'll find out what gear you really need21:49
zuswere going to be doing voice overs for some video, so i wanna  learn how to set up at least the mic and 4ch mixer21:49
zusholstein,  how much  paitience  you've left, i mean time hahahha21:50
holsteinim good for now21:52
holsteinwhacha got zus ?21:52
holsteinso you got 1/8 inch input on your sound card probably21:52
zusbrb i got to grab the mic and 4ch mix21:52
holsteinand 1/4" outs on the mixer21:52
zusyeah its the tiny ones21:52
holsteinyou gotta go back the the radio shack and get a cable21:53
zusyep i also have a 1/8 to 1/4 adaptor21:53
holsteinyou want to go from the outputs of the mixer21:53
holsteinto the input on your soundcard21:53
holsteinthis is going ot be the weak part of your set up21:54
holsteinyou'll probably get a little 'hum' or 'buzz'21:54
holsteinbut still21:54
holsteinits a good start21:54
holsteintell me what mixer that is?21:54
zusim here un tieing knots21:56
zusradio shack 4 chn stereo mixer21:56
zusone sec, 32-2056 is the No.21:58
zusi have to use the mic input on my sound card21:59
holsteinyou might21:59
holsteinyou'll have to just mess around21:59
holsteinand figure out what works best21:59
zusthe set is that way...21:59
holsteinthe line-in would be preferable21:59
zuslol hmmm22:00
* zus agrees 22:00
holsteinyou should22:00
holsteinin theory22:00
holsteinuse the line-out on your mixer22:00
holsteininto the line-in22:01
zusok, then im set22:01
holsteinand boost the signal with the radio shack mixer22:01
holsteinthen, it should be stereo22:01
holsteinwhich for your purposes just means 2 track22:01
holsteinso you can record 2 seperate tracks at once if you want22:02
* holstein gotta make a call22:02
zusthe line in is a dot with waves  on the sound card yeah?22:02
holsteinzus: what sound card?22:02
holsteini think they are usually black?22:02
holsteinpink is mic22:02
holsteinand green is output22:03
holsteindoesnt have to be like that22:03
* zus looks in the back of his machine22:03
holsteini would google it just to be sure22:03
holsteinbut i bet thats it22:03
holsteinOK im back22:05
zusits blue22:05
holsteini double booked myself friday22:05
holsteinand had to get a sub22:05
holsteinits sorted :)22:06
zusthe back has the same as the front  BUT its written line in on the back not the front22:06
holsteinid go for the back one22:06
holsteinagain, you'll have to just mess around with it22:06
holsteinand run alsamixer22:06
holsteinand make sure everything is turned up22:07
zusfrom term?22:07
holsteinlets just try it first22:07
holsteinwhat are the outputs on the mixer?22:07
holstein1/4 inch?22:07
zusrcs red/white (left/right) to 1/8 plug22:07
holsteinthat should do it22:08
holsteinin theory22:08
holsteinyou plug that in22:08
holsteinand connect the system ins to the outs22:08
holsteinin JACK22:08
holsteinand you should hear whatever is runing through the mixer22:08
zusminc into chn 1 mixer output into line in,...22:08
zus i dont see nothing in jack except zyn22:09
holsteinyour in the audio tab ?22:09
holsteinyou dont see what you saw before?22:09
holstein15:55 < zus> i got capture _1 an capture_2 on left22:10
holstein15:56 < zus> playback _1-8 on right22:10
zuswell pluggin in the mixer changed nothing  is what i mean22:10
zuscard: HDA  intel chip: Realtek ALC88222:11
holsteinSO the thing you plugged your mixer into22:11
holsteinthat should be caputer22:11
holsteinon the left side22:11
zusoh wait22:11
holsteinand the outs are whatever you were plugging zyn into22:11
zus+ wasnot -22:11
holsteinthe 'playback' ones22:11
zusi think i got it22:12
holsteinyou hear it?22:12
zussystem capture_1 and capture_2 are not connected to playback_3 and  playback_422:12
holsteinplayback 1 and 222:13
holsteinshould be the ones22:13
holsteinyou were hearding zyn22:13
zusi hear zyn22:13
holsteinso wherever you plugged zyn22:13
holsteinthats where you plug capture 1 and 222:13
holsteinwe know the 'out' is working22:14
holsteinand located22:14
holsteinwe dont konw about the physcial input yet though22:14
holsteinyou have capture 1 routed to playback 1 ?22:15
holsteinand capture 2 routed to playback 2?22:15
holsteinand you dont hear the mic?22:15
zuswhat did i have to do in the alsa mixer?22:15
holsteinlets look at it22:16
holsteinrun alsa mixer22:16
zusline was turned down22:16
holsteinpush F5 too22:16
holsteinthat should show everything22:16
holsteindid that do it zus ?22:17
holsteindo you hear anything yet?22:17
zusone sec22:17
zusi think im only good on playback_1 n 222:17
holsteinzus: thats normal22:17
holsteincould be a surround sound card22:17
holsteinor something22:17
holsteinOR alsa coule think its a surround sound card22:18
holsteinyou really just need playback 1 and 222:18
holsteinand they seem to be working22:18
zusnothing yet i. one sec22:19
zuspoop lol this plug isnt good22:20
zus brb22:20
zusok i will get this to work lol22:23
holsteinhey, the hard part is over really22:23
zushow do i  then connect more than one item then if i only can use playback_1 and 2_22:24
holsteinthe rest is just experimenting til you get a do-able set-up22:24
holsteinzus: you just make the connection in JACK22:24
holsteinin the 'connect' window22:24
zuscan i route them all to playback_1 and_2?22:25
holsteinjust drage a line between whatever you want to 'plug in'22:25
holsteinyou can route as much as your hardware will alow22:25
* zus thought only one per playback22:26
zusthat changes everything lol22:26
holsteinyou can do whatever you want in there22:28
holsteinJACK is great22:28
zuszyn is back up but this mixer isnt on, i think its this plug.22:30
holsteincould be22:32
holsteinyou could try it somewhere else to test22:32
holsteinheadphone out of something into ta stereo22:33
zusim using headphones now actually22:33
zusi used http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4lKpYXmwIA  at some point shell get into making connections by hitting tab. 3:04 into the vid22:34
holsteini highlight what i want22:36
holsteinand do ctrlC22:36
holsteinmaybe its alt-C22:36
holsteinand you might get into patchage22:37
zus /me really wishes he had reason on linux  :)22:37
holsteinor some of the other JACK gui frontends22:37
holsteinguitarman really likes patchage22:37
holsteinzus: heh22:38
holsteinyou got reason functionality :)22:38
zusjust realized how that sounded  hahah22:41
zusi think i may have found a solution22:46
zusbut not working, i went in system prefrences sound and changed to line in and still nothing22:48
holsteinthats going to be for pulse22:49
holsteinthose settings22:49
holsteintry the other physical inputs22:49
holsteinon the computer first22:49
holsteinthen you could go to google with you card and see whats there22:50
zus holstein  thank you for getting me through the hard part....22:51
zusis there a link on getting ardour configured and working for newbies?22:51
* zus would like to record open mic nights at this one spot....22:52
holstein#opensourcemusicians man22:52
holsteinthats the best place really22:52
holsteinit gets easier22:52
holsteinjust fire it up22:52
holsteinand start asking questions22:52
holstein#ardour is great too really22:52
zusthanks again mate, this got me going tons22:53
holsteini'll talk you through that eoo as some point :)22:53
holsteinzus: anytime22:53
holsteini'll talk you through that too at some point ***22:54
zuswell would you look at this!!!22:54
* holstein is on a new keyboard22:54
zus"front line" vol=022:54
holsteinand im a mediocre typist anyways ;)22:54
zusnow flipping wonder22:55
holsteinzus: where is that though ?22:55
holsteinis that in alsamixer?22:55
zusbrb...terminal alsamixer its still open22:55
zusi had hit f5 but didnt scroll far enough22:55
holsteinthat could be it22:55
zuslets hope , cuz then both lines are now open and working ....wonders why the spdif and the 5.1 sound wasnt working  is rooted in here as well?22:56
holsteinshould be22:56
holsteinbut it doenst have to be22:56
holsteinalsa just had to do what it can22:56
holsteinwith whatever drivers it has22:57
holsteinand sometimes it works great22:57
holsteinsometimes, you lose something22:57
zusthe 5.1 speakers have a 3way plug  that never worked,...even in windows hehe22:57
zusi dont knwo where to begin on the terminal alsa mixer lol   what keyboard you get?23:03
zusi shouldn't run this through the sound cards mic?23:04
holsteinyou can try it23:05
holsteini would try all the inputs23:05
holsteintil i heard some noise23:05
holsteintry and identify whats what23:05
holsteinthe labels dont have to be anywhere near right23:06
* zus jumps up EUREKA!23:10
holsteinzus: w00t :)23:10
zusalsamixer from terminal f5 for all  arrow FAR left to the last 3 empty slots they siaid  mic input source, i arrowed up it came on23:11
holsteincool :)23:14
holsteinthey are often mis labled23:14
zusone more thing, how do i adjust the volume for the mic so its not louder than the zyn?23:14
holsteinthats would be near impossible to keep up with and get right23:14
holsteinzus: zyn has volume23:15
zusor aside from the mixer...i mean in the os itself maybe?23:15
holsteinbut there is a mixer for jack23:15
holsteinpipeman was talking about it23:15
holsteini forget what its called23:15
zusya said the gui was more for pulse....23:15
holsteinyou'd want jack-mixer or whatever its called23:16
holsteinmight be a kstudio specific thing though23:16
holsteinin falktx's PPA23:16
zusif i grabbed that ppa it'll change my ubuntustudio set up?23:16
holsteinid wait23:17
holsteinand see what you need23:17
holsteinyou can really jank your install with it23:17
holsteinand its really meant to run with KDE23:17
holsteinwell, he used KDE to design ksxtudio23:18
holsteinand some of it is a little fiddly in gnome23:18
zusomg this would be friggin shiny!23:18
zusi do enjoy KDE much better than gnome..23:19
holsteinOH yeah23:19
holsteinin that case you might want to consider using kxstudio23:19
zusi was on ubuntu from karmic till a month before lucid, when i switched to kde.  gnome was simple but it lacked somethings i wanted in an os if i can grab dolphin into gnome i might feel better about my pc23:21
zusif i get to where i spin my own distro i'd love to see a decent hybrid23:21
zusthere somethings one does the other dont and vice versea,  im more after getting it all than "oh my i have kde libs in my gnome" for one i like kden live and ktorrent  lol i used them when i first began using linux/ubuntu23:23
holsteini really like LXDE23:24
holsteinnot really filling that inbetween niche market though23:24
holsteintheres a lubuntu23:25
holsteinunofficial AFAIK23:25
zusi have my mixer at 8 on the slider got it down to 4 so its an even balance between hearing myself and the me in the headphones....at this point i no longer need alsa open in terminal right?23:27
zusas far as my os goes, im going to say im pretty bloated....23:27
zusmy root is on a 40 hdd, dont know how much i used, but i got a lot of stuffs.23:28
holsteinyeah, you can just run alsamixer as-needed23:30
zusi was playing around here and  on the capture i raised it and i heard me even louder and clearer... should that go up as well or leave the capture to 023:34
zusi think i understand this mixer , the capture is for the input source.... thats how i can lower the slider on the mixer by raising that.23:35
holsteinyou really just have to play around with them23:38
zusnvm lol if you touch the desk the vibration gets picked up,.. (23:38
zusthanks man i appritiate all the help23:38
holsteinthers going to be a point when you'll get distortion23:38
holsteinyou might be able to tweak then input settings and get it cleaner23:38
zusseems at this point its up to me  to play "soundman"23:38
zusi dont want to blow my speakers23:39
holsteinand just get used to your gear23:39
zusmy broteher uses this mixer and mic in his laptop and now has terrible feedback when just trying to use youtube23:39
holsteinis that in windows?23:39
holsteinyou can go to the mixer and tunr off the monitoring23:39
holsteinits feeding back on itself23:40
holsteinif its xp23:40
holsteintheres a recording mixer23:40
holsteinand playback mixer23:40
zusim the ony linux in the network...in my town as far as i know23:40
holsteinand you should be able to mute it in the playback side23:40
zusits win723:40
holsteinits similar in there23:40
holsteinbut i forget the lingo23:41
zusi guess i can deal with the mixer on 823:41
zusone sec23:41
zushe said he got it fixed, lol23:46
zusi should b good with this mic set up beyond ubuntustudio then? i mean maybe for skype calls our audio voice overs for screencasts?23:46
holsteinzus: in theory23:50
holsteinyou dont want to be doing that with JACK though23:50
holsteintotally do-able though23:50
zusthats what i mean23:50
conzeithi again =o I was here a little while ago, asking wether I could upgrade from vanilla lucid to studio lucid...now I did =)23:57
zusconzeit,  you got it all done?23:58
conzeitI think I did...I mean I just left terminal running and now terminal is showing me a "package configuration" dialog that configures jackd23:59
conzeitI'm trying to ok it but dont know how...I just migrated from XP :p23:59

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