matt1sI have a PHP script which forks into the background and daemonizes itself. Is it possible to control such a script through upstart?14:08
ionUpstart 0.6 is able to follow two specific cases of forking programs: ‘expect fork’ for a main program that forks precisely once and ‘expect daemon’ for one that forks precisely twice. Any other behavior, and you’ll confuse Upstart 0.6 and have to wait for 0.10.14:10
matt1sion: I see, thanks. I think this script forks an arbitrary amount of times actually14:13
ionSorry, i was unclear. If the main program does a fork-and-exit precisely once or twice, ‘expect fork’ and ‘expect daemon’ can be used. The program is then free to fork arbitrarily as long as the main process is still running.14:14
matt1sion: I see, thanks for the insights15:26
peeps[work]hello, i've restarted my ubuntu box today, and at least a couple services(apache2 and boinc-client) have not started.  I'm trying to figure out why.  these were automatically starting fine before today21:40
peeps[work]i fonud this bug, but i'm not sure if it's related.  they say there is a problem with, and that downgrading fixes it.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/50052021:41
peeps[work]though, i am on version 0.6.5-621:42
peeps[work]is it possible this same bug still exists in 0.6.5-6.  i don't understand this bug report because it looks like the workaround is to downgrade upstart, but was the source of the bug ever resolved?21:43
peeps[work]cups was not started either.  i'm tearing my hair out here, can anyone help?21:53
peeps[work]i will gladly post logs or whatever, but I don't know even know where to look or what information is useful in troubleshooting this issue.22:31

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