lamalexCan I get the maverick sound menu in lucid?00:42
RAOFlamalex: Probaby.  I don't know of an official PPA for the backport, though.01:31
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seif_djsiegel, we need ur opinion on something if u have a moment13:01
seif_its a design issue we are facing13:01
thorwilseif_: provided it's no secret - and then i would expect you to PM - i guess both he and the rest of the channel would appreciate if you just would come forward with the issue. that way a reaction can be given directly, instead of having to ask back13:11
djsiegelseif_: I'm here.14:17
seif_thorwil, sorry14:17
djsiegelthorwil: I don't think that's a constructive way to criticize the way seif_ asked for help.14:17
thorwildjsiegel: it was not meant as criticism, but a suggestion. and i saw the same do wonders in other channels several times. from awkward silence to constructive flow (albeit with usual varying irc latencies14:19
seif_djsiegel, we have http://yfrog.com/j84axp vs. http://ubuntuone.com/p/9ZK/14:20
seif_djsiegel, its just 2 siple implementations that need more work14:21
djsiegelseif_: what are you asking?14:21
djsiegelfor a UI review?14:21
seif_a structure review14:22
seif_the UI is terrible14:22
seif_i need to know if the layout makes sense14:22
seif_whihc layout makes more sense14:22
seif_having iconview vs listveiw14:22
djsiegelseif_: they both have big issues14:22
seif_and having the searchbar on top of the categories or below it14:22
djsiegelthis is not a way for us to work together14:22
djsiegelyou can't just come to me with two broken designs and ask me to pick!14:22
seif_djsiegel, ok then what needs less changes14:23
djsiegelI think the list view will be easier, I think you need labels to accompany the facet icons14:23
djsiegelI think the search entry should never be 100% width14:23
seif_ok notes taken14:24
djsiegelI thin putting "Last accessed: some time ago" is a huge eye sore and redundant14:24
seif_oh that was just a test14:24
seif_we did not implement that yet14:24
djsiegelsee, this is too confusing for me to work on14:24
seif_but i think we should keep it out14:25
seif_djsiegel, sorr14:25
djsiegelif you want to have a casual chat about design ideas, we can do it another time, I am quite busy right now14:25
djsiegelit's fine, no need to apologize14:25
seif_ok back to work14:25
djsiegelthorwil: sorry for snapping, I am coming down off a coffee high and a bit grumpy14:27
thorwildjsiegel: np, my formulation could have been gentler :)14:40
thorwilseif_: whether the search bar should be above or below the categories depends on its scope. is the search limited to the selected category? then below is better14:43
thorwilsame would apply to a left-right placement, though that does not imply a hierarchy that much14:44
LucidFoxkenvandine> Going to check the liferea patch15:55
kenvandineLucidFox, thx15:55
LucidFoxkenvandine> builds on my machine (maverick amd64)16:06
kenvandinethat should be ubuntu3 now16:11
kenvandinethere was an upload since your last diff16:11
kenvandinetry against the latest16:11
LucidFoxyes, I noticed, going to rebase the debdiff16:26
kenvandineLucidFox, thx16:27
kenvandinenot sure if that is the problem, maybe it is just something i have installed here16:28
kenvandinelet me knwo16:28
LucidFoxRebased, building - if it builds, I'll post the new debdiff16:41
LucidFoxkenvandine> It builds! Uploaded the rebased version to LP, going to try pbuilder now16:48
kenvandineok... i'll try in pbuilder too16:48
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LucidFoxkenvandine> Built in pbuilder for me17:47
kenvandineLucidFox, look at my last comment17:47
kenvandinein the bug17:47
kenvandinewell, here :)17:47
kenvandineYour debdiff from comment #33 does build for me in pbuilder, but it is missing a build depends for libindicate and doesn't explicitly enable libindicate so it builds without indicator support. If you add the build depends and enable it with configure i get the same failure in pbuilder for maverick.17:47
LucidFoxo_O How did I miss it17:48
kenvandineLucidFox, the build-depends should be on libindicate-dev17:50
LucidFoxYep, they are in the 1.7 version. Also found the build issue, the function I'm attempting to call is called ui_feedlist_select in 1.617:52
LucidFoxgoing to rebuild now17:53
LucidFoxkenvandine> Uploaded another version, this one definitely builds with libindicate. Sorry for the wasted time18:04

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