michaelhHi there.  I recently did a commit/push but forgot to tag the commit as fixing a Launchpad hosted bug.  What's the best way of doing a --fixes after the commit?02:24
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vilaparthm: ping10:31
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parthmvila: hi10:33
vilaparthm: hey !10:33
vilaparthm: do you remember bug #37638810:34
ubot5Launchpad bug 376388 in bzr (Ubuntu) "~/.bazaar created owned by root (when run under sudo) (affected: 4, heat: 20)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37638810:34
parthmvila: yes.10:35
vilaI think I introduced a regression with my fix for bug #52557110:36
ubot5Launchpad bug 525571 in Bazaar Subversion Plugin "No locking when updating files in ~/.bazaar (affected: 6, heat: 52)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52557110:36
vilai.e. when merging the fix from 2.0 -> 2.1 -> 2.2 the merge lost the copy_ownership call10:36
vilaI think the fix should b as simple as http://paste.ubuntu.com/463416/10:37
vilaSo I was wondering if you could look into reproducing it  and confirm the regression10:38
parthmvila: sure. i can look at that later today. i can propose a merge in case there is a regression.10:39
vilaSecond, I don't clearly remember the constraints around calling copy_ownership, I think the file should exist but otherwise how did you minimize the races ?10:39
vilaparthm: thanks a lot10:39
vilaparthm: My main concern here is that the test suite didn't catch the regression10:39
vilaI know we need to run as root to be able to setup a test context and I think we may want to file a bug asking for a specialized test suite that requires running as root (handwaving a bit)10:40
parthmvila: thats true. test suite should have caught it.10:41
* parthm looks at old merge proposal10:41
vilaparthm: I think the issue is that normal users can't run chwon to give ownership to someone else, so you can't test such things10:42
vilahence we need to run such tests as root, but I know some other tests should *not* be run as root or they will fail :)10:43
parthmvila: yes. the test cases basically monkey patch and check that chown is being called.10:43
vilaparthm: anyway, thanks for looking into it !10:43
parthmvila: np.10:43
vilaha, yeah, I remember I wasn't so happy with that :-)10:44
parthmvila: yup. we had a long discussion :)10:44
vilaparthm: in retrospect, tracking the chown calls looks like a good way to run the tests without being root, maybe there is a way to enrich the injected version so emulate the behavior we want10:45
vila*to( emulate10:45
vila*to* emulate10:45
parthmvila: yes. considering that the regression was not caught the tests could probably use some improvement. i will see if i can think of something.10:46
pooliehi parthm, vila10:50
parthmpoolie: hi10:50
vilaparthm: 2.2 should be the target10:50
parthmvila: will do.10:50
vilapoolie: hey :-P10:50
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parthmpoolie: ping14:04
pooliehi parthm14:07
parthmpoolie: regarding bug #605098 for bzr-grep ... did you happen to check your bzr-grep version?14:08
ubot5Launchpad bug 605098 in bzr-grep "ignore binary files (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60509814:08
pooliei did, i was just out of date14:08
pooliei closed it14:08
pooliejust now14:09
parthmpoolie: ok. cool.14:09
poolieon really big trees it's much faster than grepping the working tree14:09
pooliethat's pretty cool14:09
parthmpoolie: :) i recently added -p/--diff to grep changesets. if you are using trunk you could try that too.14:10
pooliei will14:11
asacif i push to launchpad how can i prevent this to happen:16:09
asacCreated new stacked branch referring to /~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-4.0.head.16:09
mwhudsonasac: bzr init the location, bzr reconfigure --unstacked the location, then push16:13
mwhudsonis one way16:13
asaclets try16:16
asacjust to repeat how much i disagree with the not-being-able-to-easily-prevent branch format attitude16:16
asacs/format/format upgrades/16:17
asaci have a good branch with old format still16:18
asacand whenever i push it it stacks and converts on the fly16:18
asaceven though locally its not even stackable16:18
asacbzr reconfigure --unstacked16:18
asacbzr: ERROR: The branch 'file:///home/asac/Development/ubuntu/mozillateam/firefox-3.7.head/'(Branch format 6) is not a stackable format. You will need to upgrade the branch to permit branch stacking.16:18
asacbzr push lp:~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-3.7.head/Doing on-the-fly conversion from RepositoryFormatKnitPack1() to RemoteRepositoryFormat(_network_name='Bazaar RepositoryFormatKnitPack5 (bzr 1.6)\n').16:18
asacThis may take some time. Upgrade the repositories to the same format for better performance.16:19
asacbzr: interrupted                                                           bzr info16:19
asacRepository tree (format: pack-0.92)16:19
fullermdWell, FWIW, that conversion is essentially free...16:19
asacit is not16:19
asacits not pack-0.92 anymore16:19
asacand hardy users cant branch it16:19
asacwithout enabling ppas etc16:19
fullermdIt is in every way that counts, data-wise.16:19
asacthese kind of transitions of default have to wait until hardy is EOL16:19
asacyou are too focussed on bzr and the data. i am focussed on the user and the reputation bzr gets by this kind of experience16:20
fullermdpack-0.92, 1.6, and 1.9 are all practically the same in terms of the data for the revisions/texts/etc.16:20
fullermdOh, sure, that's a valid reason.  But the cost of the conversion is almost immeasurable among that group.16:20
asacthen you shouldnt do this kind of default switch until the new branch format is out by at least 3 reasons16:20
fullermd_I_'m not making any sort of switch.  I don't have anything to do with LP.16:21
asacits not launchpad16:21
asacat least i think16:21
fullermdYes it is, it's LP forcing a stackable format.16:21
asacafaik bzr switch to the new default16:21
fullermdWell, not _forcing_, but making it fair bits of work to avoid.16:21
fullermd1.6 was NEVER a default format.  The default format went straight from pack-0.92 to 2a.16:21
asaci cant avoid it it seems16:21
asachow can i do that?16:21
asaci want to avoid it16:22
fullermdI don't know offhand.  I'm pretty sure it can be done, but it may require manual fiddling.16:22
asacmanual fiddling on launchpad side?16:22
asacor on my side?16:23
asacfullermd: thanks for clarifying though :/16:23
fullermdOn your side.  I think reconfigure SHOULD be able to do it.16:23
asacno its not16:24
asacmy local branch is not stacked at all16:24
fullermdNot on your local branch.  On the lp branch.16:24
asacbzr reconfigure --unstacked16:24
asac17:18 < asac> bzr: ERROR: The branch 'file:///home/asac/Development/ubuntu/mozillateam/firefox-3.7.head/'(Branch format 6) is not a stackable format. You will need to  upgrade the branch to permit branch stacking.16:24
fullermdbzr reconfigure --unstacked lp:whatever16:24
asacthe online branch doesnt exist16:24
asaci want to push to a new location16:25
asacand it lways gets stacked16:25
asaclet me see16:25
fullermdYeah.  As mwhudson said, use 'init' to create an empty branch at that new location first, reconfigure, then push.16:25
fullermdActually, maybe if you init --pack-0.92, it won't bother trying to setup a stack in the first place since that format isn't stackable.16:26
mwhudsonasac: the messages from bzr can be a bit deceptive, it might not actually be stacked even if it looks like its saying it is16:26
asacdoesnt work:16:27
asacbzr init --pack-0.92 lp:~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-3.7.head16:27
asacCreated a standalone branch (format: unnamed)16:27
asacasac@tinya:/tmp/new$ bzr reconfigure --unstacked lp:~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-3.7.head16:27
asacbzr: ERROR: The branch 'bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-3.7.head/'(Remote: Branch format 6) is not a stackable format. You will need to upgrade the branch to permit branch stacking.16:27
fullermdIIRC branch6 is what you expect from pack-0.92, so that sounds right.16:27
asacmwhudson: well. all i know is that when i push to the new place it upgrades on the fly because it thinks it is stacked16:27
asacfullermd: but when i push my pack 0.92 branch now it gets a) stacked and by converted on-the-fly16:27
fullermdNot on lp:~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-3.7.head; pack-0.92 isn't stackable.16:28
fullermd% bzr info nosmart+lp:~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-3.7.head16:29
fullermdStandalone branch (format: pack-0.92)16:29
asachmm. that remove init seemed to have helped indeed16:29
asaclet me see what comes back when i do a fresh branch (once the push has finished)16:29
fullermdLP does a lot of magic, so you need a pretty big hammer like that to keep it from enstacking things.16:30
asaci will go and fight this ;) (if i have engery left ;))16:34
asacbut i guess its too late now ... the harm is most likely done for many branches already16:34
asaci am happy if i can safe just th e mozillateam branches for now ;)16:35
fullermdWell, I DO get all twitchy at the thought of people running bzr's that can't read 1.6  ;p16:35
asacyes. as i said. it doesnt give a professional and mature impression16:36
asaci think bzr developers could have helped by not declaring 2.0a the default until its much older16:36
asacthat might have prevented launchpad to jump on it ;)16:36
asacbut thats just me16:36
asacthanks a bunch fullermd and mwhudson16:36
fullermdWell, you're not having LP jump to 2a here  ;)16:49
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thropehow can I delete some changes I've shelved?20:27
rubbsthrope: try bzr help shelve20:34
throperubbs: i tried ... it didnt say anything20:34
rubbsI believe there is a --destroy option20:34
thropein the end I unshelved them and reverted20:34
thropethats only when you are doing the shelving20:34
thropenothing about deleting existing shalves20:34
thropebut it would have been a pain if there were other changes that I didnt want them to mix with20:34
rubbsah, sorry20:34
lamontbzr: ERROR: gnomekeyring.IOError:21:44
lamontwth does that mean?21:44
lamontbesides "no, you don't get to do a pull on that remote machine", of course21:44
rubbslamont: I'm not an expert but that looks like gnomekeyring isn't able to unlock the ssh key that bzr is looking for.21:47
lamontnot terribly surprising, since it's a remote session.  then again, one would hope for a prompt or some such before it threw its hands in the air21:48
rubbslamont: well bzr tries not to be interactive so it can be used as a library21:51
rubbsthe key needs to be unlocked before bzr can use it21:51
lamontrubbs: and lacking a gui to talk to gnome, and a lacking a clue how to do it outside of gnome, I'm left with 'oh well'21:58
rubbslamont: I think you can use ssh-agent22:00
rubbssomething like that22:00
lamontrubbs: I could, and I won't22:01
lamontI see no reason to give root on the remote machine access to my ssh key22:02
rubbsI was unaware that ssh-agent did that. I'm not an ssh expert, or really a bzr one for that matter. just trying to point out what I think was the problem22:04
rubbsi was under the impression that ssh-agent only held keys in local memory, and only with agent-forwarding turned on did it forward those keys to the remote22:04
rubbsbut I could have misunderstood that22:04
lamontrubbs: if you pass your agent to a remote machine, root on that machine can access the agent.  this might not be quite what you want.22:04
lamontah, yeah - agent forwarding hands the keys over22:05
lamontthat's usually what I've seen people be referring to when they start talking about ssh-agent... my bad for jumping to the conclusion22:05
rubbsI think just ssh-agent will unlock the key in local memory. bzr will not forward the key IIRC22:06
rubbsbut I can't tell you that for sure22:06
lamontyeah - if it did, we'd have beaten them already, I suspect.22:07
rubbsright. that's what I was thinking.22:07
rubbsbut I can't definitively tell you yes or no on that question22:08
rubbsI understand people's aversion to security issues.22:08
rubbsaversion may not have been the right word, but I think you know what I mean22:09
mgzbug 605574 looks like a python 2.7 regression in xmlrpclib at first blush22:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 605574 in Bazaar "impossible to branch from web (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60557422:52
Stavroscan i pull/push to hg branches?23:41

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