omaris there software in edubuntu that can be used t monitor desktop and limit internet usage18:08
omarim new to edubuntu18:08
highvoltageitalc could possible do what you need for viewing desktops18:26
bencrisfordhighvoltage: is there a meeting tonight?  I just remembered what day it is18:46
highvoltagebencrisford: yep18:50
highvoltagebencrisford: and for a change I'll have some things to report again!18:51
bencrisfordhighvoltage: I can't wait :).  1900 UTC?18:51
omarhighvolatge thanks for that suggestion .. free open source -- thanks a million18:53
mhall119dang, same time as the #ubuntu-youth meeting18:54
highvoltagemhall119: btw, have you made any progress with the gnome session for qimo?19:21
mhall119highvoltage: honestly, I haven't started anything for the next round of Qimo yet19:30
mhall119been dealing with family issues19:30
highvoltagemhall119: ok, I was thinking in terms of what we should include in the installer as options19:31
mhall119I think the gnome session is going to require some gconf changes, so I'll have to figure out how to make that play nice with the regular Gnome session19:32
highvoltagemhall119: what's the problem there? I can help if you want?19:33
mhall119I just need to make sure my gconf settings are kept separate from the other session's gconf settings19:34
highvoltagemhall119: why?19:35
mhall119so there can be separate "Qimo Session" and "Gnome Session"19:35
highvoltageah, ok19:35
mhall119otherwise when I apply panel configs in Qimo Session, they'll be applied in Gnome Session too19:36
highvoltageyeah I didn't think of it as so much of a problem, but it would be nice being able to have the option at login time19:36
mhall119for Xfce, I had to change the value of XDG_CONFIG_HOME to be ~/.qimo instead of ~/.config19:36
mhall119that's the way it currently is, Qimo has a Qimo Session, and also an Xubuntu Session19:37
mhall119does Edubuntu have it's own Session?19:38
mhall119separate from Gnome Session?19:38
Lnsmhall119: no19:41
LnsEdubuntu isn't a window manager/DE19:41
mhall119neither is Qimo19:41
mhall119or Xubuntu19:41
Lnstotally different concepts19:42
mhall119but both Qimo and Xubuntu have their own Sessions19:42
mhall119separate from the Xfce Session19:42
Lnsthey do?? lol19:42
mhall119Session == WM/DE + Default settings19:43
mhall119Qimo Session = Xfce + Qimo settings19:43
mhall119no reason Edubuntu can't be Gnome + Edubuntu settings19:44
Lnsso a session can apply specific gconf settings? What's the scope of "Default settings" ?19:44
* Lns thinks an LTSP "Session" is in order to fix a LOT of problems regarding networked X19:44
mhall119in the case of Qimo, it keeps Xfce configs separate from the Xubuntu session19:44
mhall119Qimo's default settings are things like panel layout, launchers, gtk theme and wallpaper19:44
Lnswow, i had no idea sessions incorporated things like that19:45
mhall119they can19:45
highvoltagemhall119: edubuntu just changes the default gconf keys19:45
mhall119just change where it gets the default settings and where it stores them under ~19:45
mhall119highvoltage: in that case, maybe we can do both a qimo-session-gnome and edubuntu-session-gnome19:46
mhall119Lns: http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/8941/qimosession.png19:50
mhall119the same user can jump between Qimo session and Xubuntu session, without changes made to one bleeding over into the other19:50
Lnsthat is fantastic!19:51
Lnsthat would be very useful in a heterogeneous ltsp/workstation environment19:51
mhall119the thing with gconf, though, is that we really only want to keep separate gnome settings19:53
mhall119there's no reason to keep Qimo's gedit settings for a user separate from their Gnome Session gedit settings19:54
highvoltageon an installed edubuntu system, there really wouldn't be much difference between an edubuntu session and a gnome session anyway19:58
highvoltage(although that might not always be the case in the future)19:59
highvoltageEdubuntu meeting time :)19:59
bencrisfordwoo :)20:00
mhall119highvoltage: apt-cache show desktop-profiles21:06
mhall119highvoltage: looks like I can set an environment variable to change the placement of the user's gconf data, but it's going to be all or nothing21:32
mhall119which I guess isn't that bad21:43
mhall119I'll talk to you later about it, heading home now21:44

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