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ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto00:01
roger___maco: ping00:03
macoroger___: pong00:03
fartbonerJames147: still here?00:04
roger___maco: knowanything about Microphones?00:04
James147fartboner: yup00:04
fartbonerJames147: i can't login now00:04
macoi know mine doesnt work and wont work til i get around to reading the azalia hardware spec and fixing the driver00:04
James147fartboner: hmm,00:04
roger___Where would be a good place to find out about Mic issues?00:05
fartbonerJames147: like, it shows me the login screen, which is more than what it used to, but now i can't login without getting thrown back to the login screen00:05
James147fartboner: can you try loggin in with a new user (you can use adduser command to create a new user "man adduser" for more info) this will show if its a config problem or osmething worst00:06
fartbonerJames147: okay, i'll try that00:06
roger___maco: how far away is the Sound options in KDE from Alsa?00:06
fartbonerJames147: hold on, upon switching to tty1 i see an error: [drm] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: GPU lockup - switching to software fbcon00:07
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James147fartboner: hmm00:08
macoroger___: kmix, if you view the full mixer, should match00:08
roger___maco: ah that's another issue kmix has dissappeared and won't open00:09
fartbonerJames147: anyway, added another user and still no dice, same issue00:09
roger___can't get the applet and can't get it to open from the terminal00:10
macoroger___: does it give an error when you try typing in kmix in the terminal?00:14
roger___kate: can you see if maco can help you get kmix working?00:15
roger___maco: kate has the microphone and kmix issue00:16
James147fartboner: never seen that error before and cant find much help on it sorry :( I found this: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=234245 which should get you back to a gui (although on vesa drivers) from there you might beabl to use jockey-kde to install the nvidia drivers again00:17
fartbonerJames147: okay, i just hope that fedora and kubuntu have that solution in common00:18
James147fartboner: if they use grub2 it should be fine :)00:18
roger___kate: open terminal and type kmix and tell maco if it says anything00:18
macoroger___: she's talkingto me in pm00:19
roger___maco: Ah brilliant :)00:19
fartbonerJames147: well, how might i access the boot options? grub doesn't really give me a chance00:19
James147fartboner: "e"00:20
James147fartboner: then "b" to boot after you have added that line to the end00:21
fartbonerJames147: i continuously tapped e while booting but it still booted to the login screen00:22
James147fartboner: press esc if the grub prompt is hidden00:22
fartbonerJames147: i'll try that00:22
James147fartboner: select the kernel version you want to boot and press e00:22
fartbonerJames147: doesn't do anything, just returns to login screen after booting; i might not be using grub? i installed via text installation with LVM00:25
James147fartboner: and you can still not login?00:25
fartbonerJames147: nope*00:25
James147fartboner: and it still dosent work with a the new user?00:26
fartbonerJames147: i can't get around to changing the boot options00:26
James147fartboner: you should be using grub :S all kubuntu installs I know of do00:27
fartbonerJames147: i just don't get an option or prompt. i get "error: no disk" then it tries to boot into kubuntu00:28
James147fartboner: :S00:29
fartbonerJames147: i might just have to reinstall and do it the right way; damn updates take so long though!00:29
James147fartboner: not sure what to do... you could try reinstalling the nvidia drivers again see if that helps :( but a reinstll might be easier00:30
fartbonerJames147: if i could, i would. i don't have wifi in my terminal so i can't apt-get anything00:30
James147fartboner: do you not still have the nvidia installer?00:33
fartbonerJames147: yeah i do, i thought you meant installing it via apt-get install nvidia-current; im reinstalling now00:36
jcgsfartboner: have you tried the 'recovery mode' option in the grub menu?00:43
James147jcgs: think that will take you to a commandline prompt, which he has access to00:44
* James147 goes off to see the recover mode options00:44
fartbonerJames147: okay, after reinstallign the drivers and editing my xorg.conf to have fbdev instead of the nvidia driver selected, i'm able to login, but no closer to getting the drivers operational00:45
James147fartboner: now try installing nvidia-current (or using jockey-kde)00:46
fartbonerJames147: with the binaries still installed?00:46
James147fartboner: worth a shot :S00:47
fartbonerJames147: okay, lets try that00:47
James147fartboner: or try uninstalling nvidia again but leaving xorg :S00:47
James147xorg.conf ^^00:47
fartbonerJames147: thats what i did originally, then deleted it after it didn't work00:48
fartbonerJames147: but anywho, where is jockey again?00:48
James147fartboner: btw, why fbdev, not hear of that?00:48
fartbonerJames147: it's what works, i dunno00:48
James147fartboner: "hardware drivers" it is called (i tend to alt+f2 > type: jockey-kde)00:49
fartbonerah okay00:49
fartbonerJames147: yeah, i found it thanks00:49
BluesKajthat's some nick , must be all of 13yrs old, to think that's funny00:56
aguja85how do you enable 3d desktop effects?01:02
James147aguja85: generally; system settings > desktop effects... but as for '3d effect' that might depends on what video driver you are using01:04
aguja85James147: iḿ using nvidia propietary driver01:04
James147aguja85: then you sould be able to use 3d effects01:04
aguja85James147: yes, but where is the option01:05
James147aguja85: generally; system settings > desktop effects..01:06
aguja85James147: thanks01:08
fartbonerJames147: everything is in order, thanks man01:15
fartbonerJames147: i had to edit my xorg.conf for my laptop specific stuff, like a custom edid and the usedisplaydevice option01:15
fartbonerJames147: hitting the shower and headed to the movies. thanks again bromigo01:16
jschallanyone using kubuntu on an ASUS eee 1001p-mu17?01:43
cato37i changed a lot of the management permisions trying to get the system to see cd's yesterday. what are the default  'privileges and groups' settings in the advanced system settings of the 'user management' tool?01:46
aguja85what is the default path where the jdk installs?01:47
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LnxPrplxdFew questions from a noob here: after putting in my username password, why do I get an additional sudp password prompt box?01:49
well_laid_lawnLnxPrplxd: where does this happen?01:56
LnxPrplxdon boot you get a username and password box - then you enter that and another pops up labeled sudopassword box or something01:57
well_laid_lawnLnxPrplxd: what user are you logging in as?01:58
LnxPrplxdmy normal username01:59
well_laid_lawnLnxPrplxd: have you set something to start that needs sudo ?01:59
LnxPrplxdwell not that I know - fresh install 1 day old - booted twice01:59
LnxPrplxddoes it do this by default02:00
LnxPrplxdall I installed was poprietary drivers for video?02:00
well_laid_lawnLnxPrplxd: did you do the cd check before installing?02:00
LnxPrplxdonly verified burn, did not do actual verify under installer02:01
well_laid_lawnLnxPrplxd: you could check who owns your home folder with   ls -lh   in a terminal02:02
LnxPrplxdIt looks like I am the correct user02:03
LnxPrplxdlets move to next issue, Whats with this KDE Wallet bothering me for passwords02:03
well_laid_lawnLnxPrplxd: set it's password to blank/nothing then02:04
LnxPrplxddoes not accept no password02:05
well_laid_lawnLnxPrplxd: it's never done that here...02:06
LnxPrplxdI licked on my user account in system and it would not let me use a blank pasword02:06
LnxPrplxdare you on the latest version02:06
well_laid_lawnLnxPrplxd: there's a config for kwallet02:07
LnxPrplxdis Kwallet advisable - I thought secure computing means not storing your paswords on the machine02:08
well_laid_lawnLnxPrplxd: they're not stored in plain text - it is your choice to use it or not02:09
LnxPrplxdok maybe I should disable it for now, how do do that02:09
James147LnxPrplxd: its 'more' secure to not store password on your mechine... even more secure to not store you pasword at all.. and even more secure to use 20 character long randomly generated password :) at some point you have to give up on security for convienence02:09
James147LnxPrplxd: kwallet is more secure then using the same password for every service02:10
LnxPrplxdagreed - I dont store them and I dont use the same - but I have to admit I am not using 20 characters02:10
LnxPrplxdwhat can ya do02:10
LnxPrplxdso far I am loving the interface over gnome - I am very new to KDE and also new to linux02:10
James147LnxPrplxd: Welcome, and hope you enjoy the stay :)02:11
LnxPrplxdI loaded the Nvidia driver and my fonts all look different - like not smoothed - whats that all about - sizing seems different vs default driver02:11
James147LnxPrplxd: loaded the driver from where?02:11
LnxPrplxdwell from whereever it offered it from02:12
James147LnxPrplxd: kubuntu advised you to install it? (probally though jockey-kde then)02:12
LnxPrplxdwell - let me go and find where and how I loaded it02:13
LnxPrplxdI seem to have windows transparency now - but things look different02:13
James147LnxPrplxd: you can try configuring the fonts in System settings > Appearance > Fonts02:14
LnxPrplxdLooks like I loaded driver version 195.36.2402:14
James147LnxPrplxd: sounds about right :) not noticed that version screw up fonts though :S02:15
cato37is there a good program that isolates duplicate files in order to erase the duplicates?02:15
LnxPrplxdis there a quick way I can show you two screenshots?02:16
LnxPrplxdto compare02:16
James147cato37: can only think of kleansweep even though thats a kde 3.4.x program :(02:16
cato37James147: k.02:16
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:16
LnxPrplxdBOOT FROM LIVE CD LOOK - before drivers - http://imagebin.org/10521402:21
LnxPrplxdhttp://imagebin.org/105215 - after drivers - note how thin the fonts looks -02:22
James147LnxPrplxd: System settings > apperance > Fonts   you can enable sub pixel hinting there02:23
LnxPrplxdI dont see that option there02:24
LnxPrplxdforce fonts dip or use anti aliasing02:24
James147LnxPrplxd: anti aliasing02:25
LnxPrplxdthats what I thought - enabling that now and opening a new program to see the change02:25
LnxPrplxddarn - still nothing02:27
LnxPrplxdI thin kI found it02:34
LnxPrplxdWell there was an options box or similar and in thre was subpixel02:36
LnxPrplxdbut that still is not it - the live cd fonts were nice and thick02:37
LnxPrplxdUse anti alising=enabled and then configure within that02:38
LnxPrplxdWhat should my general font be02:40
James147LnxPrplxd: I have Fonts > General: "Sans Serif 9"02:42
James147LnxPrplxd: but feel free to change them to what looks best for you02:43
LnxPrplxdyes I understand - but all I want is how it looked when I ran the live cd and or before I loaded the driver I dont get it02:43
LnxPrplxdwhy would loading a driver change the look of the fonts?02:44
James147LnxPrplxd: I dont know why it would :S it dident here and I have the same driver you do :S02:44
LnxPrplxddid you see my two screenshots?02:44
LnxPrplxdDont you agree the after looks thin?02:45
James147LnxPrplxd: I wouldent say they look any thinner... after ones look slightly larger02:46
LnxPrplxdI made it 12 trying to fix it02:47
James147LnxPrplxd: try forcing the DPI to 9602:47
LnxPrplxdit lost its thickness and smoothness02:47
LnxPrplxdalso now setting it back to 9 has made this text tiny in this window02:47
James147LnxPrplxd: try creating a new user... see how the fonts are there (will show if its a config problem or a system problem)02:48
LnxPrplxdgood idea -02:48
LnxPrplxdarg where do I add a user02:50
aguja85is it possible  with a mail client to only download unread mails?02:50
James147System settings > advanced > user magment02:51
James147aguja85: they dont do that?02:51
aguja85James147: i think by default its gets all the mails both read and unread02:52
James147aguja85: all mail not previously downloaded ^^ (by that client at least)  do all mail server keep read/unread data?02:53
aguja85James147: yes, the problem was that it was the first time i was downloading. it wasn t so dramatic, it was quite fast because it only download the headers of each mail. 5 years using  gmail... thanks02:56
cato37i changed the settings trying to get the cd player to work yesterday. what are the default system settings->advanced tab->user management->user accounts->default user ->privileges and settings?03:09
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LnxPrplxdOk - same issue under new user - how do I revert back to default driver?03:12
LnxPrplxdvideo driver03:13
James147LnxPrplxd: easiest way should be to delete /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:13
James147LnxPrplxd: I advice moving it rather then deleting :)03:14
LnxPrplxdJames = do I need a reboot after that?03:14
LnxPrplxdsp back it up and move it then reboot?03:14
James147LnxPrplxd: reboot, no... restart X yes :) (naturally rebooting restarts x in the process)  but you can just restart X by loging out and clicking one of the menus and selecting restart X server or similar  (or press alt+pint screen +k)03:15
James147LnxPrplxd: one of the great things about linux is a reboot is rarly `required` but can be done if its easier :) in this case restraing X is quite easy and faster then rebooting03:16
cato37James147: i dont suppose you would know what the default privilege and user settings are in user management?03:19
James147cato37: you can create a new user to see... although the "first" user (one created at install) is in extra groups to "new" users :(03:20
James147cato37: i suggest not removing yourself from admin (or adm) as that will stop you being able to use sudo :D and lose you root access03:21
cato37James147: good idea with creating a new user account. . i am trying to find documentation. i am sure it is somewhere. k. thanx for the advice with the sude.03:22
James147cato37: otherthen that I am in currently in; dialout, cdrom, plugdev, lpadmin and sambashare03:22
cato37James147: thanx. i knew i had 5 but didnt remember which03:22
James147cato37: well i have 7 :)03:23
James147cato37: fairly sure sambashare was one i added my self to... but i cant remember03:24
cato37James147: sambashare is something i will need when i hook up to the home network. roomates and i have a two ms pcś and wifi03:31
James147cato37: then you will need to install samba :) and I suggest using user shares (thats what that group is for) via the "net usershare" command... at least thats what the new samba UI is ment to be doing :)03:33
LnxPrplxdeverything seems tiny again even though I deleted my xorg03:33
James147LnxPrplxd: not sure what to do then :S03:34
LnxPrplxdwhat resolution would the lvie cd run in?03:35
James147LnxPrplxd: iI think its try to get your native resalution03:36
James147much the same way not having an xorg.conf file would :p03:36
LnxPrplxdok well i hate to reinstall again03:37
LnxPrplxdwhere I control the proprietary drivers?03:37
James147LnxPrplxd: nvidia drivers can be configured by "kdesudo nvidia-settings"03:38
James147but I dont really see anything that might help with fonts in there03:39
LnxPrplxdwell for example the text in this chat window os about 70% smaller than it was before I loaded the drive and I cannot explain how a driver would do that03:40
James147LnxPrplxd: nor can I :(03:40
LnxPrplxdI guess I will have to reload and reload driver just to confirm I am not crazy03:41
James147LnxPrplxd: wonder what happens if you install the driver on the live cd? (should work, for taht session only :)  )03:42
LnxPrplxdok let me try that03:43
LnxPrplxdWhere will I need to go for that once I am in -03:43
LnxPrplxdI thought a windows pops up and asks me about prop drivers03:43
James147LnxPrplxd: try running "jockey-kde" (called Hardware drivers in the menu, but I find alt+f2 quicker)  if thats not there run this in terminal "sudo aptitude update; sudo aptitude install nvidia-current"03:45
ubuntuThis is LnxPerplexed I am back on as LIVE SESSION - how do I install the .run driver file I downloaded from the Nvidia site while in a live session?04:07
cato37good evening all.04:08
ubuntuhow do I install a .run driver file04:11
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vbgunzubuntu: chmod +X "the .run file"04:34
vbgunzubuntu: did you do that?04:34
vbgunzubuntu it's +x not +X, sorry04:35
ubuntuno - question - is it safe to run the latest drive on the nvidia site vs what comes up n the hardware repo?04:36
ubuntuchmod +x filename04:36
vbgunzubuntu: one sec04:36
vbgunzubuntu you sure you can run the 256.35 driver?04:38
ubuntuvbgunz: tried that no repsonse04:38
vbgunzthats a ppa for the 256.35 drivers04:38
ubuntuI dont know I just went and go tht leatest one like I did on windows04:38
vbgunzI use that ppa with a gtx260 and it's good04:38
ubuntudoes this not work under linux?04:38
vbgunzubuntu: if you try and avoid run files, you make your life easier04:39
vbgunzif you really want to use the run file you can but you gotta jump through a few hoops04:39
vbgunzyou can do the exact same thing right now, the better and recommended way04:39
vbgunzuse the ppa to do it04:39
ubuntuno thats ok - I loaded on from the repo and it seemed to screw with my font sizes and made everything look tiny -04:39
ubuntuunsure why04:39
vbgunzits easy and a piece of cake to install and easy to uninstall04:39
ubuntuso now i am in a live session trying to test - but I dont think I can from alive session right?04:40
vbgunzubuntu: you not understanding though really, the ppa only opens your options for newer packages04:40
vbgunzit doesn't do anything else to your system especially mess around with font sizes04:40
ubuntuwell - I know what your saying but I swear something went wrong04:40
vbgunzubuntu: after installing nvidia from any source, run or deb you gotta reboot not jut restart x though you might get away with it but most likely not see the best results04:41
ubuntuok so I am confused - lets say I reload Kubuntu fresh - what driver do I want for say an Nvidia GEFORCE 860004:41
ubuntuI did reboot thats when I logged in and got tiny fonts04:41
vbgunznot sure about that, which one works for you on windows?04:41
vbgunzis it legacy or the latest?04:42
ubuntuchecked the fonts and sizes were the same as the live cd but they were tuiny looking04:42
vbgunzubuntu: probably to do with your dpi04:42
vbgunzthats not too hard to change through system settings and through xorg04:42
ubuntuI am sure Windows 7 would allow me to load the latest thats shows as available for the 8600 on the NV site04:42
vbgunzthen you should be able to use the latest driver from the repo I gave you04:43
ubuntudpi - ok where does that get adjusted - I think I played with that trying to fix it but looked bad still04:43
ubuntualso the aliasing seemed off tried turning that on and off04:43
vbgunzthere in the same place in system settings under appearance > fonts I think04:43
vbgunznot sure though, one sec04:43
vbgunzyeah, look and feel, appearance, fonts04:44
ubuntuthat seems to be this one 256.35-0ubuntu2~xup04:44
ubuntuyea I played with DPI and it was not it04:44
ubuntuits wierd04:44
vbgunzyou can try setting your dpi in your xorg file04:44
ubuntuok - what is this ppa you sent me - how do I get a file from it -04:45
vbgunzIn your monitor section add this > Option   "DPI" "99 x 99"04:45
ubuntuI see the same driver listed in the ppa as on the nvidia site04:45
vbgunzubuntu:  you know how to open krunner?04:45
vbgunztype in kpackagekit and hit run04:46
ubuntulet me do this - let me boot back into my actual install and out of this love cd and lets continue this04:46
vbgunzits Alt+F2 by default I think04:46
ubuntuI have deleted after backing mup my nvidia xorg file04:46
vbgunznot sure if I would be around, I am waiting on pizza04:46
vbgunzyou can write this down and get access to the latest official binary from a safe ppa04:46
vbgunzabsolutely highly recommend vs ever trying to loop yourself with a run file04:47
ubuntuyea this is where I went - I got the driver from kpackage that hosed me04:48
vbgunzubuntu: but how did it hose you?04:48
ubuntuI seacrhed for nvidia04:48
ubuntuexample - right now this text looks nice - if I loaded the driver and rebooted the text comes in tiny04:48
ubuntumakes no sense04:48
vbgunzdo you know how to edit xorg?04:49
ubuntueve though its san 9 etc04:49
ubuntusure I can edit xorg  - I have it backed up04:49
vbgunzgood thing04:49
ubuntuso add this option thing?04:50
ubuntuis that what you mean by editing04:50
vbgunzI am not sure if you have to disable dpi in your system settings *but* you can add this option to your monitor section in xorg -> Option   "DPI" "99 x 99"04:50
vbgunzits obviously a bit bigger than 96 DPI04:50
vbgunzubuntu: what not make your fonts bigger the easier way? just do it through system settings fonts?04:51
ubuntuits hard to explain - they did not look the same - they were all thin and tiny04:51
vbgunzwell, you can try restarting x a few times until the dpi is what you want04:51
ubuntuI guess its related to sub pixel smoothing or anti aliasing but I could not get it to look like the live cd after I loaded the prop driver04:52
vbgunzbut you have more room to customize using xorg but still not sure if you have to disable the dpi handling in system settings04:52
ubuntuok - how I restart X usually without rebot04:53
vbgunzyou can log out then hit the power system and restart from there04:53
vbgunzor go to tty1 and do a sudo service kdm restart04:53
ubuntui thought there was like a control k print screen or something04:53
vbgunzoh yeah, but that don't work out the box no more04:54
vbgunzsomething about nozap or dontzap option04:54
ubuntuok ill play with it somemore04:54
vbgunzwhat I do which is easiest is safely logout and restart x04:54
ubuntuWhat am I looking for in Kpackage - in the search box?04:56
vbgunzubuntu check this and look at the adding a ppa repo part https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu04:56
ubuntuok I know how to lcik to add the other repos04:57
ubuntuso I want to add those unsported repos?04:57
vbgunzyeah, their safe, its only one04:58
vbgunzfrom experience, well, it works for me just fine I got the 256.35 driver04:58
ubuntuSo I want Multiverse and Restricted04:58
ubuntuand maybe the 256 is from Multi which is not enabled04:58
vbgunzI believe those have the 195.24 or something so version04:59
vbgunzthats even better for you if you don't like adding repos04:59
ubuntuhmm well I am trying that and I cant find this listing for 256 at all05:01
vbgunzgotta go, pizza here, ubuntu, adding the ppa repo is safe just not officially supported. it does contain the latest driver. check the repositores how to link I sent you for adding the ppa. remember the dpi monitor option as that might help. good luck I might be around later05:02
naftilos76hello, how do i do firestarter to appear in Kubuntu with a decent GUI? Should i install any Gnome pkgs? Its' interface is ugly!06:12
enzoplexWhat is the channel for the Ubuntu server?06:19
commander_how do i enable 3 monitors on ati 5series06:21
dan_errr...anybody experienced any issues with virtualbox not recognizing a cdrom drive?06:22
enzoplexdan_: I have that issue from time to time. It will usually resolve itself when I restart VirtualBox. I'm using XP in VirtualBox, if that matters.06:25
dan_enzoplex:  I'll give it a shot.  I'm running xp in vbox as well.  I just temporarily got around the problem by mapping the cdrom drive like a shared folder.06:27
enzoplexdan_: I am not in front of my computer at this time to give you my setup, but I know I have it as its own CD drive.06:29
dan_I'll putz with it.  At least I know it can be done:)06:29
dan_I run a vbox for one reason:  excel.  How's that for a kick in the ass?  An entire operating system to run _one_ program.06:30
enzoplexdan_: I run it for quicken. You can use OpenOffice for Excel.06:42
dan_enzoplex:  I wish it were true :)  OOO is good.  Don't get me wrong.  But for a lot of stuff in my scope of needs excel just has the edge.  (I already put on my flame retardent suit)06:43
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trax_What is the general channel for just BS talk?08:35
thenappyhi everybody08:47
thenappyi want install X os on my laptop08:48
cafeteriaWhenever I try to use OTR encryption in Kopete, the program crashes while trying to generate the key.08:48
thenappyso i have only ubuntu on08:48
thenappynow i wat i do ?08:49
cafeteriaHas anyone run into this problem?08:51
trax_Wish i could help you guys but i'm a complete n00b08:58
trax_i don't think many 'gurus' are on tonight08:58
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unnii want to run swf2jar software pls help09:04
unni i want to run swf2jar software pls help09:04
cafeteriaWhenever I try to use OTR encryption in Kopete, the program crashes while trying to generate the key. I've tried pidgin. It has a diferent bug with OTR, and I don't like it, anyway.09:05
unnifuck off dont use it09:05
macounni: excuse me? watch your mouth09:05
unni[13:34] <unni> i want to run swf2jar software pls help09:06
unni i want to run swf2jar software pls help09:06
macoi dont know how, and im about to head to bed, but as thats not a kde specific question, give #ubuntu a try09:06
unnidone still not working09:07
cafeteriaTry learning some grammar and manners, too.09:07
unnii said sorry sorry09:07
unnipls help in using swf2jar09:07
unniresponse someone09:10
unniok i quit09:11
unnithanks for the corporation with me Love you all09:12
trax_ahh peace and quiet its so under rated...09:13
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cafeteriaWhenever I try to use OTR encryption in Kopete, the program crashes while trying to generate the key.09:57
camilosebastianlhola alguien habla español?10:25
camilosebastianltengo conflictos con el apagado y el reiniciado de mi equipo10:27
Misteriocamilosebastianl: Sí, pero para soporte en español puedes ir a #kubuntu-es, aunque habrá poca gente10:27
Misteriocamilosebastianl: Aquí sólo se permite en Español10:28
Misteriooops, inglés10:28
jillsmittwhere can i create open gpg key in kubuntu?11:19
Misteriojillsmitt: http://utils.kde.org/projects/kgpg/11:20
jillsmittMisterio: thx11:21
MisterioYou're welcome11:21
camilosebastianlon mi ubuntu11:35
camilosebastianligual estoy feliz con mi ubuntu11:36
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Guest27925just upgraded to 10.04...and KPackageManagement screen always empty11:44
robin___just upgraded to 10.04....KPackageManagement screen now always empty in 'Software Management' page (Software updates works ok)11:48
robin___Laptop networking stops after power sleep mode....can someone help pleas11:50
coz_hey guys..a couple of things... first... how to get wallpaper to stretch across both monitors on dual monitor set up or at least mirror on the secondary monitor...and  second   I use cairo dock at the top of the screen but icons want tomove "under" the dock...any way to remedy both of these issues?11:55
robin___upgraded to 10.04...SoftwareManager now empty - any ideas?11:55
coz_hey guys... what is this "bar" above the panel at the bottom?  it is not on my other system?  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/screenshots/snapshot1.png12:06
poyntzdoes Alt+F2 not work in kde 4.4?12:09
coz_hey guys   any way to  stretch a wallpaper    onto secondary monitor or at least  mirror it on the secondary?12:46
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RaGNORAKsamba seems to like mocking me way too much  :(14:00
EzroHey, can someone help me with my kmail, please?14:01
EzroIt won't check my mail anymore.14:02
SilverCodeEzro : what happens when you try check your mail?14:03
EzroIt's grayed out.14:04
EzroI can't click it at all :-/14:04
SilverCodeEzro: have you specified mail accounts?14:04
EzroYa, I think so?14:04
EzroIt says my email in the identifier thing14:04
SilverCodeEzro: are you talking about the "Check Mail" button?14:05
SilverCodeEzro: ok, so you have an identity set up under identities14:06
SilverCodeEzro: do you have accounts set up under accounts?14:06
EzroMy kontact won't even load now.14:06
EzroKubuntu has been acting up lately.14:07
SilverCodeEzro: Don't feel bad, my Kubuntu fucks up all the time14:07
EzroI had the desktop effects on14:08
EzroAnd I was in love with it lol14:08
EzroBut now the desktop effects don't work properly14:08
EzroAnd sometimes they just turn off completely14:08
SilverCodeEzro: yeah, that used to happen to me too14:09
EzroAlright, my kontact is open14:09
EzroHow do I check if my account is set up under accounts?14:09
SilverCodeEzro: on the left hand side, click the "Accounts" option14:10
RaGNORAKis there anyone here who is  a samba expert or something14:10
RaGNORAKthis thing is just trying to fuck with me14:10
SilverCodeEzro: you should see a list on the right, is there anything in that list?14:11
EzroHm.. hold on14:11
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.14:13
EzroI don't see an "accounts" option anywhere.14:14
EzroI see account wizard, to add accounts.14:14
EzroBut no "accounts" option14:14
SilverCodeEzro: do you know which version of KMail you are using?14:14
EzroI'm using Kontact.14:16
EzroAnd this alt-tab effect is bothering me. It used to look so cool and now it looks like garbage.14:18
SilverCodeEzro: ok, KMail is a part of Kontact. When you Click ""Settings" in Kontact, do you see a "Configure KMail"?14:19
EzroAnd I see my email there.14:20
EzroIdentity name: Ezro (default)14:20
EzroAnd then my email is there14:21
SilverCodeEzro: ok, down the left hand side of the "Configure KMail", you shoud see "Identities,Acounts,Apperance,composer,Security,Misc"14:22
SilverCodeEzro: you see those?14:22
SilverCodeEzro: right, click on "Accounts"14:23
SilverCodeEzro: there should be 2 tabs at the top now, "Receiving" and "Sending"14:24
EzroYa, there's nothing in receiving.14:24
SilverCodeEzro: ok, click "Add..."14:24
SilverCodeEzro: then do you know your email settings?14:24
EzroI forgot how to configure live mail on here, but I'm googling.14:24
SilverCodeEzro: live mail ... as in the Microsoft mail service thingy?14:25
SilverCodeEzro: heh, then you are on your own :)14:25
SilverCodeEzro: you should be able to find the detials you want though and just fill them in. You will then need to do the same for the "Sending" tab and set up an account for sending mail14:28
RaGNORAKFixed it :)14:32
EzroJust need to get it to download my new emails -_-14:33
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EzroI absolutely love this Kontact program lol14:39
EzroBest stock program I have ever seen in any OS.14:39
EzroI just need to figure out how to add comments to a pdf now lol14:40
EzroOh, SilverCode, are you using netbook edition of Kubuntu?14:43
SilverCodeEzro: nope14:45
EzroOh :-/14:45
EzroWould you happen to know how to move this taskbar, though?14:45
EzroWhen I go to the top of my screen it brings a taskbar14:45
EzroAnd I don't like it there lol14:45
SilverCodeEzro: if I had to hazzard a guess, I would say right click on the desktop, click "Unlock widgets", then a small semi-circle will appear on the right of the taskbar. Click on that, then click on the "Screen Edge" button14:47
SilverCodeEzro: I haven't ever looked at the netbook edition of Kubuntu, so that is based on my knowledge of the desktop version14:47
EzroAh, I'll try that thten14:47
SilverCodewhen I say click the "Screen Edge" button, I mean click and drag to where you would like it to be14:47
SilverCodeEzro: then once you are done putting it where you like, right click on the desktop again and cheeck "Lock widgets"14:48
EzroBleh, couldn't get it.14:51
SilverCodeEzro: what happens?14:52
James147Ezro: the netbook version is different, to do it (Note: I am on kde 4.5 RC2, I dont know if it was there in 4.4.x) click on the cachew in the bottem corner, it should bring up a popup over the panel that will allow you to drag it (by dragging the "height" button14:52
James147SilverCode: Just so you know, there is no semi circle that appears on the netbook planel, and no "panel settings" on right click of it :S14:53
James147Ezro: you also will need to unlock the panel :)14:54
EzroTyvm James14714:55
James147Ezro: not sue why they put it at the top :S (generally i have no problem with it there) but the default settings on the netbook make it very hard to click the menu bar of programs, as 1/2 the time the panel pops up :S14:57
EzroWhen I'm on Kontact/Google Chrome I constantly bring up the taskbar14:57
EzroI wish I could play d2 in class T_T15:00
EzroI keep getting locked at the server connection page lol15:00
Misteriogparted for KDE?15:15
James147Misterio: kde partition manager :) (install: partitionmanager)15:17
MisterioOkay :)15:17
estresHi there, I have a laptop and Ijust installed kubuntu the last version please help me, I want to configure the touchpad but I can not get access to the options in the Touchpad-System setting tab, the touchpad is working but I would like to make some changes but it does not let me, a little help please15:21
blainestres mouse under System Settings ?15:26
estresblain: there is a Touchpad section in System Settings I want tou use this tool15:27
estresblain: System settings - Keyboard & Mouse - Touchpad15:28
James147estres: that control module is now to this release and I havent had much luck with it so far :(15:29
James147new ^^15:29
estresJames147: ok15:30
James147estres: I ended up searching the fourms for a manual approch but cant remember what I did :) if you do that I advise looking for newer posts as the way they are configured has changed15:30
Godfather8850Hi! does Kubuntu use the same Kernel with Ubuntu?15:47
James147Godfather8850: yes15:47
James147Godfather8850: it shares the same everything, but the default isntalled packages :S15:47
Godfather8850James147, which is the last update?15:47
James147Godfather8850: i have 2.6.32-2315:48
Godfather8850James147, There is a bug in Ubuntu with the VGA out of Radeons. I was wondering if it is gonna make any difference if I install Kubuntu15:48
James147Godfather8850: not sure sorry :(15:49
James147Godfather8850: you could try a live cd, see if that has the issue15:49
BluesKajGodfather8850, which radeon ?15:49
Godfather8850BlueKaj, X160015:49
Godfather8850BluesKaj, X160015:49
BluesKajGodfather8850, using the xserver-xorg-video-radeonhd driver?15:52
Godfather8850BluesKaj, is this one the default open-source?15:52
Godfather8850BluesKaj, It is a big problem for me since when I connect my laptop with the VGA i get a wavy projection in the TV screen15:53
BluesKajGodfather8850, not sure , but the package manager lists your card as supported by this driver. ...I'm an nvidia userso it's difficult for me to tell whether it's the default kernel source driver .15:54
Godfather8850BluesKaj, how can I check that?15:55
BluesKajGodfather8850, what kind of tv connection , VGA?15:55
BluesKajlspci | grep VGA , in the terminal , Godfather885015:55
Godfather8850BluesKaj, Yes VGA connection but the image on the TV screen is tooo wavy I don't know what to do15:57
BluesKajGodfather8850, using an adapter/converter from the pc VGA out to the TV in ?16:02
BluesKajGodfather8850, VGA to SCART ?16:05
rnd`vga to hdmi16:08
Godfather8850BluesKaj, VGA to VGA16:09
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BluesKajGodfather8850, open a terminal and type, lspci | grep VGA16:17
BluesKajor copy and paste16:17
BluesKajtell us what the terminal responds16:18
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sorindi have a problem with the nvidia driver.  After the required reboot  after the driver installation everything works fine, but at the next restart it is very slow, and some kwin effects stop working(blur)16:41
sorindi saw that there is a problem with the driver,  and that the solution is to patch xserver16:42
sorindbut i don't really want to do that16:42
sorindi made a little mistake, it isn't the nvidia driver, it's the ati driver16:45
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BluesKajsorind, which ati card?17:15
sorindRadeon Mobility HD545017:16
sorindwhen i had ubuntu installed it had no problems with compiz. Only now, in kubuntu it started to misbehave17:17
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kavurtwhen my kubuntu is idle for 10 minutes, my monitor turns off. how can I keep it on at all times?17:45
coz_hey guys...how to get previews on the desktop of icons etc etc?17:58
Mamarokcoz_: what do you mean, previews on the desktop?17:59
coz_Mamarok,  right now I see icons for images on the desktop but  not the actual preview of the image18:00
Mamarokah, you mean the folder view widget?18:00
coz_Mamarok,  well I have folder view set for the desktop18:00
coz_Mamarok,  but no previews18:00
coz_Mamarok,  I have all of the preview files ticked under folder view18:01
Mamarokcoz_: which KDE version do you use?18:01
coz_Mamarok,  4.5 RC218:01
simulacrumcoz_: you should try #kubuntu-devel or #kde-devel this channel is for the stable version18:02
simulacrumof the KDE from Kubuntu18:02
coz_simulacrum,  okie dokie :)18:02
Mamarokcoz_: it works here18:02
Mamaroksimulacrum: not #kubuntu-devel, it is not a support channel, #kde is the place to ask18:03
coz_mmm ok let me go there then18:03
Mamarokcoz_: well, something must be wrong with your settings, it works here18:04
coz_Mamarok,   this is a fresh install too18:04
coz_let me screenshot it18:04
simulacrumlet's see..18:04
Mamarokcoz_: I don't need a screenshot18:05
Mamarokand let's take to the other channel18:05
kavurthow can I stop my monitor to sleep?18:11
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ncfi1013in linux by default i dont have to worry about not having a router right?19:19
blainwhy shouldnt you?19:19
macoer... well if you want to route data to more than one computer, you do need one19:20
macoof course, you can configure your linux box to BE a router...19:20
blainlinux routes by default19:20
ncfi1013mainly protection from security threats19:21
macorouters arent security devices19:21
blainit depends on the router19:21
macosome routers have NATs, which *still* arent security devices (though some people pretend they are)19:21
blainbut i still dont get your question right19:21
=== oem is now known as Rerix
Rerixhow to restart gnome from trminal?19:22
macofirewalls are security devices, and linux has one built in. in the kernel its called netfilter. in userspace it's iptables, and in the ubuntu world there's a handy little wrapper to make it easier, called ufw19:22
MisterioRerix: logout, and relogin19:22
blainsudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart19:22
macohowever, ubuntu has no services listening on any ports by default, so there's nothing anyone could try to connect to anyway19:22
maco(which is why it doesnt matter that iptables lacks a default config)19:23
Rerixany russians here?19:23
macoblain: that a detailed enough answer?19:24
blainsay what?19:24
ncfi1013maco youre very knowledgable thank you19:25
macoblain: er not you sorry :P19:25
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* maco getting confused by all the humans19:25
ncfi1013dont even know if i spelled that word right...19:25
blainjust say he's geek19:26
maco<-- she19:26
blaindidn't know19:26
aguja85_any game reccomendations from the repositories?19:26
blainsorry about that, won't happen again19:26
ncfi1013maco how do i configure my linux box to be a router?19:27
macoiptables forwarding rules can do it19:27
macothere's also software in the repos to make it easier19:27
macoive only ever done it with pure iptables. was a few years ago19:28
blaini'm sure there are tons of guides out there19:29
blaini actually don't know since my router does it for me19:29
blainand it's not linux19:29
macoi had to do it in school19:29
macoconfigure one centos vm to be a router between two others19:29
maconcfi1013: youd need to have >1 network interface for starters...19:30
blainnice :)19:30
blaini've done it in live production ^^19:30
ncfi1013what keywords do i use to find info on the net?19:30
blainlinux router howto19:30
QuintasanHello, did anyone manag to connect Kubuntu to a HDTV?19:31
afiefHow can I diagnose a crash in my Kubuntu? (black screen, ctrl+alt+fn not working, couldn't try ssh because I don't have another pc at hand)19:31
blainafief less /var/log/messages19:31
ncfi1013oh how stable is lynx by now? i still havent upgraded because of all the issues there still are with plasma.19:32
blainisnt lynx a cli browser?19:33
afiefblain, apparently the last message before the crash is "Jul 14 17:38:35 afief-laptop kernel: [38751.636074] device eth1 left promiscuous mode"...19:34
blainthat's not something who could cause a crash19:34
blainwhat are you trying to hack?19:34
afiefblain, me? I was trying to write a a little Qt program, all userspace(and nothing malicious)19:36
blainpromiscuous mode..19:36
macoblain: ncfi1013 means lucid lynx19:37
starslightsQuintasan:  well i dont have tried with TV but i work with HD monitor on HDMI wildscreen only  and it work fine for me, so i presume that must be the same for a TV if you use the same cable19:37
maconcfi1013: pretty stable for me. akonadi's still kinda "eh" (need to manually start it before starting kontact for address book to work), though i havent tried with the 4.4.3 ppa linked in /topic19:37
blaini had an issue with the first boot19:38
Quintasanstarslights: did it auto configure for you?19:38
blainit hanged at the login manager19:38
blainhad to reset the machine19:38
blainand boot with the older kernel19:38
afiefblain, I honestly don't know. All my program does is send some Http requests... perhaps it's from using wireshark to look at the packages being sent?19:38
blaini would say kismet19:38
blainwireshark does turn the card to behave like that19:39
blaini could be wrong19:39
macowireshark needs promiscuous i think19:40
macois why it needs to be started as root, iirc19:40
maco(though having it then drop root perms is preferrable)19:40
starslightsQuintasan: well yeah, on Lucid, it was auto but not on karmic19:41
starslightsif the problem persist , try the next kernel who will soon come out , the "2.6.35" who must fixed that problem, well for me sure, after , dev must look about your problem specifly, but i thing related ,19:43
starslightsfor my part, i am really impatient that it will be ready and commit  :p19:44
starslightsQuintasan:  take a look at my report if you want https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/58577619:46
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Quintasanstarslights: well I have VGA cable and the biggest resolution xrandr reports is 1600x1200, serial console works fine on my HD screen but when I start X I get only a black screen19:53
starslightsah ok, so it's not the same problem , what graphic card do you have ?19:55
QuintasanATI Radeon HD345019:55
QuintasanI have tried toying around with xorg.conf but that didn't help19:56
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starslightsi don't know ATI but you have sure a panel where you can set differents screens, have you look in if you can configure your TV ?19:56
Quintasanstarslights: I have it connected to a TV only, let me move my LCD scrren19:57
enzoplexCan I please have someone's default /etc/apt/sources.list file?20:00
starslightsenzoplex:  i have a generator for that if you want ?20:03
starslightsbut i don't have the official , sorry20:03
enzoplexstarslights: Yes please.20:04
starslightsyou have the defaut catégorie , well i never used it but it's always usefuul :p20:05
raindogOther than extra libraries, what are the drawbacks of having both gnome and KDE environments installed?20:06
enzoplexstarslights: Thank you. I'm getting exactly what I need.20:06
starslightsyou are welcome  ^^:D20:06
James147raindog: giving your users more options ;) thus more ways to screw you over20:07
raindogJames147: Very true.  Thankfully this is a single-user machine.  I'm currently only using KDE.20:08
James147raindog: but other then a larger amount of updates and space there isent really any downside20:08
raindogJames147: It's common for me to have both installed and switch back and forth, but I've been using only KDE for about 6 months now on this machine.20:09
James147raindog: there is also the down side of a larger memory if you use kde in gnome or gnome in kde (due to ahving to load both sets of librarys)20:09
James147raindog: but that a runtime issue not an install one :)20:10
raindogJames147: Ah, yes.  What about bits like CouchDB?20:10
James147raindog: i have no clue what that is20:10
raindogJames147: I believe it's used in Ubuntu.  I'm just not sure if it needs to be loaded all the time no matter the desktop environment.20:11
James147raindog: never heard of it before and dosent sound like a kde app so i doupt its imporant :) what does it do? if kde has a simular feature there is no point in running both20:12
James147raindog: its not installed on my system...20:13
raindogJames147: It's a database that I think is used for things like Tomboy notes and such, but I'm sure that I'm truly ignorant of the extent of its usage.20:14
James147raindog: well, it dosent appear to be used in kubuntu by default20:14
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daniel__I am having difficulty logging into my cups server (at http://localhost:631). Although my username is a member of the lpadmin group, cups does not validate my password. Any suggestions?21:08
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jillsmitthow to made kubuntu faster?21:36
jillsmitti have visual problems with resizing windows in kde21:36
blainuse better drivers21:36
jillsmittblain: its nvidia drivers installed from Hardware Drivers application21:38
James147jillsmitt: not sure if this will help much, but you could try launching kde/qt application with the option "--graphicssystem raster"21:38
blainare they being used?21:38
jillsmittblain: yes it is21:39
jillsmittJames147: i need to start every program like that?21:39
James147jillsmitt: try it and see if it actually make a difference21:39
blainei cara21:49
blaintudo bem21:49
gugamilareopa :) falando português21:49
blaine mesmo21:50
gugamilareeu estava tentando reportar um problema usando o ubuntu-bug21:50
gugamilaremas ele reclama que eu não estou usando um "flavor" que usa "pulse audio"21:50
gugamilaretem alguma ideia?21:51
blainmas o que e que reportar um bug tem a haver com pulse audio21:52
blainnao estou entendendo21:53
gugamilareeu também não21:53
gugamilareeu abro ubuntu-bug21:53
gugamilareaí eu escolho xorg21:53
ubottuThe #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat21:53
gugamilaresorry :/21:53
gugamilarecan someone else help me?21:53
gugamilareI'm trying to report a bug using ubuntu-bug21:54
blaininstala o pacote que ele pede21:54
blaine tenta de novo21:54
gugamilarelet me try21:56
=== jt|away is now known as jtheuer
gugamilareok, I got the problem, thanks21:59
philipposDoes anyone speak German?22:18
=== eristik2 is now known as eristikophiles
blainphilippos nein22:23
blainWarum fragen Sie?22:24
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ionuthei, how can i cancel a package (kopete) because the webcam is not working anymore. i want to cancel the package , and reinstall it new from the beginning22:31
James147ionut: cancel? you mean uninstall/remove? normally "sudo aptitude remove <packagename>" will do it but to just reinstall you can do "sudo aptitude reinstall <packagename>" I dont see why this would help however22:33
James147ionut: Havent used kopete in a while but last time I tryed it dident have great web cam support :(22:34
ionutJames147: maybe i done some settings wrong.however i want to uninstall the package, like he never existed22:34
derdonJames147: may you try again? then I could check my web cam support :)22:35
James147ionut: to completely remove the package "sudo aptitude purge <packagename>" the difference from this to the ohters is that it will also remove config files installed by the package22:35
ionutJames147: ow yaa , this is what i want, thanks22:36
James147derdon: I would, but I no longer use msn and cant remember the password (it seems to display my cam in thevideo settings though)22:36
derdonJames147: what about jabber?22:37
James147derdon: never could get jabba to work with kopete (not that I have any friends that use it)22:37
derdonJames147: ok22:37
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* James147 loves having "alias i='sudo aptitude install'"22:40
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jillsmitt_why i cant sign message in kmail?23:39
jillsmitt_Signing failed: Bad passphrase23:39
jillsmitt_where need i enter passphrase?23:39
Torchjillsmitt_: you need to correctly set up a pinentry helper23:41
jillsmitt_Torch: what is it?23:41
Torchjillsmitt_: a program to ask for your passphrase.23:44
Torchjillsmitt_: basically you need /usr/bin/pinentry-qt423:45
Torchjillsmitt_: and the line "pinentry-program /usr/bin/pinentry-qt4" in .gnupg/gpg-agent.conf23:45
Torchjillsmitt_: i don't set this up every day, but i think that was it ;-)23:45
jillsmitt_Torch: thank you23:46
ridinjust use a different mail client23:46
jillsmitt_ridin: or...23:46
Torchjillsmitt_: the former is from the package pinenty-qt423:46
jillsmitt_kmail is very cool23:46
Torchridin: which KDE mail client do you suggest?23:46
ridini just use whatever i get23:46
ridini just started with gnome, so i'm using evolution23:46
Torchridin: great suggestion.23:47
jillsmitt_Torch: pinentry-qt4 installed23:47
jillsmitt_before i ask here23:47
eMyllerhello, i just installed kubuntu on a relatiely old machine and it's not behaving very well with the monitor; the resolution is right, but it looks like the desktop is zoomed, the display is cropped, i think you know what i mean. any workaround?23:57
jillsmitt_Torch: http://imglink.ru/pictures/15-07-10/f4da09aab1ab4ea668d4694891e6d980.png23:57
Torchjillsmitt_: that error message doesn't say much, iirc. to diagnose what's wrong you need to turn on debugging output and run kmail from a shell, then look what it's complaining about.23:58
jillsmitt_okay, i will solve it tomorrow23:59

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