wgrantlifeless: Ah, I'm glad you have a better solution than granting launchpad.View on private teams just because of a PPA subscription.06:55
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lifelesswgrant: I try07:11
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wgrantThat's not very Czech.08:51
StevenKOh, sorry. DzieƄ dobry08:52
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poolieleonardr, wbn to extract whatever groundcontrol uses for this and make it sit on top of a generic authenticate mechanism, and be the default gtk impl10:02
leonardrpoolie, i don't think it's worth it, given that the common case will be to use the credentials manager packaged with ubuntu10:03
pooliejml wow ec2 test is pretty classy10:17
lifelesspoolie: you've seen bzr selftest --parallel=ec2 ?10:36
poolieheard of it10:36
pooliei think i tried it and hit some snags10:36
pooliei think for me it looked like a bad latency/throughput tradeoff :)10:37
pooliemaybe i should try it10:37
wgrantBut with LP it's different, since the test suite is damn slow?10:37
poolielifeless,  i'd actually like a variation that runs remotely on my desktop10:37
poolieyeah basically10:37
leonardrpoolie, want to review the launchpadlib branch we talked about yesterday?10:47
pooliei'd be delighted10:48
leonardrpoolie: the reason there are no automated tests is we don't have the framework for them10:49
poolieleonardr, you know when i said 'rhinos' i meant the internal mailing list about this? not the animals?10:50
leonardrpoolie: i thought you meant the o'reilly book (after whom the list is presumably named)10:50
mwhudsonthe problem with launchpad for ec2 is that instance setup is quite slow of course10:51
mwhudsonwe could have an instance with the results of 'make schema' baked into it, that would help a bit10:51
poolienice cover letter10:51
poolieleonardr, reviewed, very nice but i have some tweaks11:05
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leonardrpoolie, maybe you can help me understand how os.open works11:48
poolieleonardr, maybe i can :)11:48
* poolie waves11:48
wgrantIs ShipIt still a Launchpad parasite?12:02
wgrantAh, lunch, I guess.12:03
mwhudsonwgrant: yes12:03
mwhudsonwgrant: to both bits12:04
wgrantmwhudson: :(12:04
mwhudsonwgrant: although there was talk of not rolling out launchpad to shipit app servers any more12:04
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mwhudsongary_poster: it seems our VirtualHostRequestPublicationFactory doesn't really implement IRequestPublicationFactory, because __call__ returns a request *factory*, not a request13:36
mwhudsongary_poster: does this ring any bells?13:36
mwhudsonor hm13:39
mwhudsonmaybe the docs are just broken13:39
mwhudsonyeah, i think so13:41
gary_postermwhudson: (Sorry no reply before) That sounds likely to me, fwiw.  If it works with the rest of the Zope machinery, then that sounds like a good argument.13:50
mwhudsongary_poster: np13:50
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maxbI appears there is one or more Git imports in the Reviewed state which somehow I am Forbidden to see14:37
maxbThis manifests as a Forbidden error when I try to page through the list of them, on one particular page14:37
maxbIt appears to be number 459 in the list14:39
maxband mumber 498 too14:40
mwhudsonmaxb: hmm14:41
mwhudsonmaxb: sounds worth of bug filing14:41
maxbCan you view that?14:42
maxbor that?14:43
maxbhoping to find someone to figure out which ones are the problem, so I can say something more definite than an index in search results which will change14:43
mwhudsonmaxb: i can't see that14:45
maxbhmm. I guess we'll need a losa14:45
mwhudsonbut i can see the branch name in the traceback14:45
mwhudsoni assume it's a private branch-only project14:46
maxbmakes sense14:46
james_wleonardr: hi, is there a solution for using launchpadlib.load in (launchpad) tests that doesn't involve hardcoding the root uri or accessing a private attribute? I thought I had seen a branch from you to make load work with relative URIs.14:51
leonardrjames_w: yes, in the latest version of launchpadlib you can pass a relative url to load()14:58
leonardror, actually, in the latest lazr.restful14:58
james_wleonardr: is that landed in launchpad yet?14:58
leonardryeah, it's lazr.restfulclient 0.9.20, revno 10214:58
james_wgrep restfulclient versions.cfg14:59
james_wlazr.restfulclient = 0.9.1414:59
leonardroh, i see what you mean15:00
leonardris it part of the launchpad application, not is it on the launchpad site15:00
james_wI'll try an upgrade branch15:00
leonardri'll do a branch upgrading the packages later this month15:01
leonardrremind me to do it, if you would15:01
james_wleonardr: you don't want me to do it now?15:04
james_wleonardr: is there some way that I can mark the place in the code where I will put the ugliness for replacement at that point?15:05
leonardrjames_w: sure, if you want to take care of it i'd be very happy15:05
leonardri didn't know that was what you meant by 'upgrade branch'15:06
james_wleonardr: latest versions of lazr.restfulclient, launchpadlib and lazr.restful?15:06
leonardrlet me double check, but yes15:06
james_wi.e. should I upgrade all of them?15:06
leonardrjames_w: yes. send me the mp, but if the ec2 test passes, it's fine15:07
james_wleonardr: any gotchas you can think of that would save me time?15:08
james_wany dependencies that should be upgraded or anything?15:08
leonardrjames_w: the only thing i'm worried about is whether 'make' will generate a reasonable-looking apidoc15:08
leonardrwait, actually it doesn't matter, because i didn't release that launchpadlib revision as a new version of launchpadlib15:09
leonardrso it should be fine15:09
pooliehi james_w15:10
james_whi poolie15:10
poolienew post: http://blog.launchpad.net/api/three-tips-for-faster-launchpadlib-api-clients15:10
poolielifeless, one nice thing about having everything in debs would be less crap about 'please run link-external-sourcecode' etc15:11
james_wI'm actually starting to like the approach taken by buildout etc. for development15:12
benjipoolie: utilities/link-external-sourcecode -p ~/launchpad/lp-sourcedeps/15:12
james_wpoolie: co-located branches would make that less of an issue too :-)15:13
pooliehm, though you'd still need to rebuild them etc15:15
mwhudsonwriting unit tests for publication details makes me want to stab things15:23
mwhudsonILaunchBag needs to die15:26
kikoflacoste, mwhudson: who currently runs our mootbot?16:02
mwhudsonkiko: no idea16:03
leonardrpoolie, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpadlib/+bug/60546216:20
mwhudsongary_poster: this diff adds a vostok layer: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/463574/16:22
mwhudsongary_poster: this one adds a very simple new view for the root http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/463575/16:22
gary_postermwhudson: for first patch, I don't understand change to lib/lp/code/xmlrpc/tests/test_codehosting.py : why did it say "vostok" in the first place?16:26
mwhudsongary_poster: the scripts used to be run on a machine called that, i guess i went for 'realistic' test data16:27
gary_posterheh, what a coincidence16:27
mwhudsoni changed it because i want grep -ir vostok to only find this stuff :)16:28
gary_posterheh, cool, makes sense16:28
gary_postermwhudson: oooh, I like your root template16:33
mwhudsongary_poster: :)16:33
gary_postermwhudson: a 50% review: looks good to me.  It is sad that it requires so much machinery, though we do this so infrequently I suppose it is not worth thinking about16:38
mwhudsongary_poster: thanks16:41
james_wyou know, it might be useful for us to have vostok.launchpad.net as an "unsupported" interface to launchpad.net.16:42
mwhudsonjames_w: i guess you looked at the diffs16:45
james_wI did16:46
mtaylorthumper: around?16:48
mwhudsonmtaylor: sorta16:49
mwhudsonmtaylor: if you say stuff he'll see it i imagine16:49
mtaylormwhudson: heh. something seems to be quite off with merge proposal diff16:49
mwhudsonmtaylor: in what way?16:50
mtaylorI've got three up: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/swift/+activereviews (from pipeline, depend on each other) and the unmerged revision list for each is off16:50
mtayloras is the diff that was emailed and the one that is displayed in the UI16:50
mtaylormwhudson: if you don't have super-launchpad perms, I'll have to add you to a team so you can see it16:51
mwhudsonmtaylor: i don't have the perms any more16:51
mtaylormwhudson: ok. lemme add you real quick16:51
mtaylormwhudson: if you look at https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mordred/swift/add-doc-package/+merge/2989616:52
mtaylormwhudson: that merge should contain revs 16 and 17 - but even if it just contained rev 17 the diff still should not be empty16:52
mwhudsonmtaylor: bah, i can't see that16:52
mwhudsonUnauthorized: (<Branch u'~mordred/swift/add-doc-package' (361880)>, 'landing_targets', 'launchpad.View')<br />16:52
mtaylorhrm. lemme add you somewhere else...16:53
mtaylormwhudson: try again16:53
mwhudsonmtaylor: i think the unmerged revisions list being too big has been like that always16:55
mtaylormwhudson: no - that's not the problem ...16:55
mtaylormwhudson: sorry, I didn't mean unmerged revs...16:55
mtaylormwhudson: if you look at the grey list of revs under "Add a review or comment" ... it should be listing 16 as well... and then the diff should be quite different/larger16:56
mwhudsonmtaylor: thumper agrees that it's ****ed16:56
mwhudson(he's now sitting next to me)16:56
* mtaylor cries a bit16:56
* mtaylor was going to teach new people how to work with merge requests and why they're wonderful today... 16:57
mtayloris it possible that is's ****ed because of all the private nonsense?16:57
mwhudsonmtaylor: trying to reproduce something16:59
mwhudsonmtaylor: very unlikely16:59
mwhudsonmtaylor: can you delete the problem proposal and try again?17:00
mtaylormwhudson: sure17:00
mtaylormwhudson: there are two problematic ones... shall I delete bothj?17:00
mwhudsonmtaylor: which is the other problem one?17:01
mwhudsonbut no, just delete one for now17:01
mwhudsonmtaylor: yeah, the diff on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mordred/swift/rework-dh-install/+merge/29891 is just the diff from r13 isn't it?17:04
thumpermtaylor: hi17:05
thumpermtaylor: I've opened my laptop again17:05
mwhudsonmtaylor: same empty diff again17:05
mtaylorthumper: hi!17:05
mtaylormwhudson: bleh17:05
mwhudsonmtaylor: yes17:05
thumpermtaylor: I'm sitting next to abentley discussing your diff17:07
thumperor lack thereof17:07
mtaylorthumper: did I break somethignm17:07
thumpermtaylor: maybe17:07
thumpermtaylor: I seem to recall something like this happening before17:07
thumperbut I don't remember why17:07
thumperor what we did about it17:07
mtaylorthumper: I did push the first branch (~mordred/swift/bzr-builddeb) ... then I reconfigured to pipeline17:09
mtaylorthen I re-pushed it17:09
mtaylornot sure if it's relevant17:10
mwhudsonmtaylor: you should probably remove me from those teams17:10
mtaylormwhudson: I will17:12
mtaylormwhudson: do you not need it to see things anymore?17:13
mwhudsonmtaylor: i'm letting thumper and abentley worry about it :-)17:13
mtaylormwhudson: cool17:13
thumpermtaylor: bad news17:13
thumpermtaylor: when we manually do what the script should be doing17:13
thumperwe get a diff17:13
thumpersounds like a bug in our diff generation17:13
thumperplease demonstrate with a different project17:14
mtaylorthumper: should I try deleting an recreating all three merge props?17:14
mtaylormwhudson: done17:14
mwhudsonmtaylor: cool17:14
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thumpermtaylor: you could try adding a rev to the source branch of the one with the bad diff17:15
thumperthis would force a new diff to be generated17:15
thumperalternatively, try merging the prerequisite into the source17:15
thumperif the tip isn't already17:15
thumperit may be an edge case17:15
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james_wno ec2test mail makes james_w a sad panda19:58
james_wphew, there it is, just really slow19:58
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