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Jefro1Hi all - anyone got time to help me debug?  I'm trying to boot on the BeagleBoard using the a download from a few days ago.  It all looks right, but bootloader stops at "I2C:   ready"01:31
Jefro1this is on a BB c401:31
GrueMasterJefro1: Try holding the user button while you press reset.01:33
Jefro1ok, thanks01:33
Jefro11 sec01:33
Jefro1same issue01:34
GrueMasterWhere did you get the image from?01:35
Jefro1just checking that -01:35
Jefro1I believe it came from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/10.04/release/01:36
GrueMasterHave you imaged before?01:37
Jefro1actually, I'm not sure - it is called "ubuntu-10.04-minimal-armel"01:37
Jefro1I have worked with BB images before, but not ubuntu01:37
GrueMasterOk.  I don't believe I tested that one.  I mainly focus on the netbook images.01:37
Jefro1does the netbook image work on the beagleboard?01:38
GrueMasterYes.  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/lucid/release/ubuntu-10.04-netbook-armel+omap.img01:38
Jefro1I'm giving a presentation at OSCON next week about Linux vs. BeagleBoard and would love to show Ubuntu.01:38
Jefro1ok, thanks.  stupid user question - what do I do with a .img?  I'm used to having a source tree or a prebuilt kernel/rootfs01:39
GrueMasterWe are also reworking the image so that all you need to do is flash it to an SD card and boot.01:39
Jefro1cool - I can mention that in the talk01:39
GrueMasterFor these images, you need to do "sudo dd bs=4096 if=<img file> of=<path to SD card>01:39
Jefro1aha - you guys are two steps ahead of me.  :)01:40
GrueMasterYou can demo the new image if you like.  It is available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/current/maverick-preinstalled-netbook-armel+omap.img.bz201:40
GrueMasterFor the 10.04 images, there is a how to at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Beagle01:41
GrueMasterOf course, this will change with Maverick.01:41
Jefro1excellent, thanks - don't know why I hadn't seen that page01:41
GrueMasterIf you decide to test Maverick, there are a few issues currently.  Namely, you need a class 4 SD card of 4G or greater.  Also, it will not boot into the netbook launcher by default once you get to gdm.  You need to select the 2d desktop for it to work.01:43
Jefro1no worries - my talk will be over by then :D01:43
Jefro1at the moment I'd just like to get something to boot that looks like Ubuntu, to whet people's appetites.  I only have 40m for the talk, and will be covering several distros.01:44
GrueMasterWish I could watch.   But work is callig me in a different direction next week.01:44
GrueMasterThe 10.04 image will boot into a live image, similar to booting a live CD on x86.01:44
GrueMasterIt is a bit sluggish due to only 256M memory though.01:45
Jefro1xM will be out in about a month...01:45
GrueMasterThat's the working theory.  :P01:45
Jefro1heh, yes.01:45
Jefro1whoa!  it's booting - awesome01:46
Jefro1I was watching the console thinking "hmm, shouldn't it be..." and then noticed the monitor.  very slick.01:46
GrueMasterWait until you see it on a newer system.  :D01:46
Jefro1I have an early xM here, maybe I'll try it.01:47
Jefro1mine has memory issues, though.  shocking, I know.01:47
Jefro1thanks very much for the help - this will be just fine for the demo01:47
GrueMaster10.04 doesn't boot on the xm.  And there is an issue with xloader on the current maverick image.01:47
GrueMasterAt least from what I'm told.01:47
* GrueMaster doesn't have an XM...yet.01:48
loluengohi Jefro1 GrueMaster01:48
loluengoit's me again01:48
Jefro1hi loluengo01:49
loluengoi've all the afternoon if there exists a good and not so expensive JTAG emulator01:49
loluengowhich one do you use/recommend?01:49
GrueMasterloluengo: Try the flyswatter for the beagleboard.01:50
loluengook... i'll google for it01:50
GrueMasterloluengo: http://tincantools.com/01:53
* GrueMaster wanders off to cook dinner.01:53
Jefro1thanks GrueMaster01:56
loluengotincantools is really great site!01:59
loluengoi've fallen in love with it01:59
loluengoi'm leaving....01:59
Jefro1tincantools guys are fantastic02:00
Jefro1have a good eve02:00
loluengoi'm REALLY hungry02:00
loluengothanks for all support Jefro1!!02:00
loluengoi hope to be soon back here ;)02:00
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lagmythripk2: Ping08:30
lagMorning hrw08:30
mythripk2lag: morning08:45
lagmythripk2: Hi08:45
lagmythripk2: Your patches won't apply08:45
mythripk2lag:It is on top of our latest tree which has 2 other patch as well08:46
lagAh! That's not helpful for me :(08:46
lagAre these other patches going to hit our tree any time soon?08:46
mythripk2lag: I m not sure of that ,you have one of those patches , ie for AVI checksum08:47
lagcommit 67d286d8c1db33a11113bb22125343f9afb2c12d08:48
lagAuthor: Mythri P K <mythripk@xxxxxx>08:48
lagDate:   Tue Jun 1 10:28:58 2010 +053008:48
lag    Remove compiler warning from HDMI related patches08:48
mythripk2I shall apply this on our old release and send you the  refreshed patch08:48
lagThat's the last commit on hdmi.c08:48
mythripk2ok that is the old one  there are 3 patches after that , ok i shall update the patch on top of that and send you the refreshed patch08:49
lagAnd that will have all the patches on?08:50
mythripk2The refreshed patch will be for the autodetect08:51
lagWhat do the other patches do? And do I need them?08:52
mythripk2one patch is to replace the raw read and writes with GPIO , it will not affect the functionality08:53
mythripk2and other one is AVI checksum which you definitely need and other one is for some audio clock issue which is not needed08:54
lagI'm assuming you use git?08:54
lagmythripk2: Are you going set me all of the patches?09:01
lagogra: How big does the SD card need to be for XM?09:03
hrwlag: 4GB09:04
lagThat'll explain it then09:04
hrwI got hit by that with my BB09:04
hrwlot of 2GB cards here09:04
cooloneylag: where can i find your patch to fix the  parport_pc oops09:07
cooloneylag: i am going to test it.09:08
ogralag, >2G09:10
ograthe filesystem is 1.4 plus we add a 512M swapfile09:10
sumitsemwallag: gm.09:16
lagsumits: Good morning09:17
lagcooloney: In my tree09:17
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lagmythripk2: ?09:37
mythripk2lag: i shall send you 2 patch for the EDID redesign for autodetect09:39
mythripk2i shall not send the other 2 that you dont need , if you think you need to pull you can take it from here : http://dev.omapzoom.org/?p=axelcx/kernel-display.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/display-next09:40
mythripk2lag: whats with this mythripk2??? :P09:41
lagCan't you see your name?09:41
lagYou must have had a ghost nick at one point09:42
lagAnd mythripk2 is your back-up nick09:42
lagIs that correct?09:42
lag<mythripk2> lag: whats with this mythripk2??? :P09:42
mythripk2i only have mythripk as my nick09:42
lagLook at my post09:42
lagI see mythripk209:42
lagType "/nick mythripk"09:43
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lagThere you go09:43
mythripkok ive mailed the refreshed patches09:43
lagThanking you09:43
fjrivashHello every one! :D10:16
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lagogra: Have you tested Mythripk's patches yet?12:58
ogralag, are they in any binary kernel in the archive ?12:58
lagWould you like me to compile you a kernel? :)12:58
ograor in any of cooloneys PPA packages ?12:58
ograsure, i would test it12:59
* ogra bzr pushes progress output support for the resizing function in jasper13:00
ograi hope that will look better now and people stop thinking the system hangs :)13:00
ograi'm hot really sure how responsive it is on real SDs though13:02
ograi only tested on a 4G imagefile13:02
hrwgenerate image so I will test it13:02
ogratomorrows daily should have it13:03
hrwok, remind me tomorrow then13:04
lagogra: http://people.canonical.com/~ljones/lp592295-maverick-omap4/13:04
lagmythripk: ping13:06
mythripkdid u apply the patch ?13:17
lagI have more information on my problem13:18
lagI did13:18
mythripkso did it detect the timing ?13:18
lagIt doesn't make much difference to me, but it does get rid of the SYNC_LOST_DIGIT errors13:18
lagBut I know what's happening13:18
mythripkcan you paste the log ?13:18
lagIt can't handle my monitor when it enters power saving mode13:19
mythripkyou dont have to give any bootargs now , what do you mean by it cant handle ?13:19
lagIf I turn on my monitor _just_ before kernel boot (i.e. does not give the monitor enough time to go into power saving mode) then everything is fine13:19
lagI still have to give bootargs13:19
lagIf I don't give bootargs, the monitor goes nuts13:20
lagBig blocks of colour flashing on the screen13:20
mythripkwith the patch , it doest take any bootargs13:20
lagWith the patch, if I don't provide bootargs, the screen goes bonkers13:21
mythripkdid u apply the one tthat i mailed?  can you please paste the log ?13:21
lagYes, both13:22
lagI need to give you two logs13:23
lagFirstly when the monitor is _on_13:23
lagThen when the monitor is in _power saving mode_13:24
lagBoth with no args?13:24
mythripkboth with no args13:24
lagsetenv bootargs vram=32M, omapfb.vram=0:8M console=tty2 console=ttyO2,115200n8 noinitrd mem=463M root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rootwait ip=none; mmcinit 0; fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 uImage; bootm 0x8020000013:24
lagI have to rebuild my card13:27
lagIt's saying "Bad Magic Number"13:27
mythripk:) take your time13:27
lagmythripk: This is with bootargs - monitor _on_ : http://paste.ubuntu.com/463491/13:35
lagmythripk: This is without bootargs - monitor _on_ : http://paste.ubuntu.com/463493/13:36
lagmythripk: This is without bootargs - monitor _power saving mode_ : http://paste.ubuntu.com/463494/13:38
lagThe first one works, the second and third do not13:38
mythripkya with first one it is selecting hdmi 720p mode , 2nd i see sync lost digit and 3rd one omapdss HDMI error: Failed to lock PLL13:40
rsalvetiogra: can you take a look at the code again? I changed to support root the same way as before14:53
rsalvetiI also changed usage so we can update the man page easily14:53
ogradevtmpfs.mount=0 needs to stay in the cmdline opts14:56
rsalvetiouch, true, forgot that14:56
rsalvetiI removed that when testing as user, so I didn't need to worry about giving a nod list for genext2fs14:57
rsalvetiogra: why this was added to cmdline in the past?14:58
ograbecause you end up without /dev/console and /dev/null in some situations14:59
ogralooks good to merge, did you think of adding the necessary dependencies to the packaging ?14:59
ografakeroot at least15:00
rsalvetiogra: yep, will do the packaging later :-) have the changes here, but want to push some more fixes first15:00
rsalvetiso I can update the package only once, with probably a new small release15:00
ograk, just go ahead, looks good to me (and i'll send complaints your way anyway ;) )15:00
rsalvetiogra: nice15:01
rsalvetiogra: so, back to the devtmpfs.mount=0, should I just add this by default and request a default list of nods to be created by genext2fs?15:01
rsalvetijust need to see what are the minimum dev list, and put that at the code15:02
rsalvetiwhen root we don't need to worry about it15:02
ograjust add it back to the cmdline and dont worry about it anymore15:02
ograit was for some combo of jaunty with lucid kernel iirc15:02
ograno need to create nodes15:03
rsalvetiogra: oh ok, but with user that gives a kernel panic, afaik15:03
rsalvetiwill test it here again15:03
rsalvetibecause you can't create the nods unless you request genext2fs to do it15:04
ograoh, then make it conditional15:04
ograthen we simply dont support --no-root with jaunty filesystems :P15:04
rsalvetihaha, easier :P15:04
rsalvetinice, will change it here and push at trunk15:05
rsalvetiand move to the other fixes15:05
ograjaunty will be EOL when maverick releases anyway15:05
rsalvetiI believe that after fixing most of the bugs, and probably testing/fixing the gui we can release the 2.015:05
ogracool !15:05
mpoirierogra: I installed lucid UNR via netboot yesterday15:15
mpoirierogra: is it supposed to be a console login prompt via VGA or graphical prompt ?15:16
amitkmpoirier: hope you are back in fighting fit condition :)15:16
amitkmpoirier: there was question regarding the IGEPv2 board support in ubuntu. I believe you have one?15:17
mpoirierI shipped the board to tgardner15:18
mpoirierI didn't have time with all the issues we see on bb15:18
mpoirierI whish I had time though...15:19
mpoirierseems like a good little board.15:19
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ogrampoirier, UNR is definately supposed to run a graphical session16:52
mpoiriermine is surely not.16:53
mpoirierGrueMaster told me to install netbook-launcher-efl16:53
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mpoirierany idea why it wasn't installed ?16:53
ogrampoirier, you selected the netbook task during task selection ?16:53
mpoirierwhat other choices did i have ?16:54
ograits a very long list16:54
mpoirierthen I assume i did it wrong.16:54
ograit includes all tasks that are available in ubuntu16:54
ograwhich doc did you follow ?16:54
mpoirierhold on.16:54
mpoirierit doesn't say anything about choosing the netbook option.16:55
ograwell, during install you are asked for selecting a task16:55
ograthat can be a LAMP server, an xfce desktop, or the ubuntu.netbook task16:56
ograot one of the other 100 things you can choose there16:56
mpoirierwill I be fine after installing  netbook-launcher-efl or there will be other things missing ?16:56
ograthere might be things missing16:56
ograyou should have installed the ubuntu-netbook metapackage instead16:56
ograit will install netbook-launcher-efl along the other stuff16:57
mpoirierok, I'll install the  ubuntu-netbook16:57
ograthat should give you everything you need16:57
mpoirierI'll try thanks.16:57
ogra(its what the task selection does as well)16:57
mpoirieris there another wiki somewhere that describe (properly) how to install lucid UNR on bb ?16:58
ograjust the std installer documentation16:58
GrueMastermpoirier: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Beagle gives you the install options available.16:59
GrueMasterFor Lucid.17:00
ograGrueMaster, i think mpoirier was rather confused by debian-installer ... and i dont think we have any proper docs for the non graphical install anymore17:02
GrueMasteryea, I can look into adding some in my spare time.17:03
GrueMasterRight now, I have several karmic/lucid kernels to test.17:03
ograhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation has a ton of docs, but i dont see a step by setp guide for the alternate installer17:03
GrueMasterI just wish there was a mirroring app that worked.  ubumirror sucks down everything we've ever created, and apt-mirror doesn't get enough to do an install.17:05
GrueMasterAnd for me, installing from ports.ubuntu.com is painful.17:05
ogrause approx :)17:06
ograit just cacches17:06
ograapt proxy17:06
GrueMasterI have a local server that I want to use as a mirror for lucid & maverick armel only.17:06
ograyou only very very rarely need a real mirror17:07
ograthen install approx on there17:07
hrwor apt-cacher-ng17:07
GrueMasterMy downloads from the main server are at best 100kps.17:07
hrw3MB/s here from ubuntu mirror17:07
ograit only downloads packages it doesnt have or which are outdated17:07
GrueMastersame with apt-mirror.17:08
GrueMasterProblem is when I need to do a net install.17:08
hrw724KB/s from ports. quite ok but caching helps for multi machines17:09
GrueMasterI'll tinker with ubumirror.  Maybe I can get it to overlay on top of apt-mirror's pull with only dists that I select and ignore pool.17:09
GrueMasterhrw: where are you?17:09
hrwGrueMaster: Poland17:09
hrwGrueMaster: 30/3Mbps connection at home17:09
GrueMasterports.ubuntu.com is in London.17:09
GrueMasterI'm in the states.17:09
GrueMasterThe bottleneck is in the pipe between.17:10
hrwus.ports.ubuntu.com would be nice17:10
ogramoving armel off the ports machine is the right solution17:10
GrueMasterI can pull from a local mirror for x86 stuff at ~1.5M/s but there are no ports mirros.17:10
ograits an official arch ... so it should live on archive.u.c17:11
hrwogra: not before 11.10 probably17:11
ograi know asac was fighting for it when he still was in the mobile team17:11
GrueMastermaybe bring it up at UDS-N.17:11
ograwell, until then use approx or apt-cacher-ng17:12
ograi even use it over my n900 line sometimes17:12
GrueMasterI'll read the docs on them.17:12
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hrwok, have a nice rest of day17:13
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mindlordHi, I'm having a problem creating a tarball with rootstock... aside from the required fqdn/username/password combo I've tried seeding lxde,gdm and just trying xubuntu-desktop, and I've tried 1GB and 1.5GB sizes... the result is the same every time... It gets to setting up libglade-2.0 and it just sits there indefinately. I've even run it overnight. Suggestions?19:04
mindlordOddly I've had success before with lxde,gdm and everything went peachy, but it doesn't work now... for some reason.19:06
mindlordCorrection- This library - Setting up libglade2-0 (1:2.6.4-1build1) ...19:09
rcn-eemindlord, lucid ?19:16
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mindlordrcn-ee: yes...19:18
rcn-eemindlord, bug 53273319:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 532733 in qemu-kvm (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 2 other projects) "apt/dpkg in qemu-system-arm hangs if a big task is installed (affects: 7) (dups: 1) (heat: 79)" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53273319:19
rsalvetiyep, probably this bug is the reason19:19
rsalvetimindlord: with big images qemu gets stuck19:19
mindlordI was hoping to get Ubuntu running on my Pandora.19:20
mindlordThe working image I created was on a machine that died suddenly.19:20
rcn-eetwo workarounds...  start with a simple rootstock image and apt-get what you need on real hardware, or use one of the native-rootstock patches floating around..19:20
mindlordI could probably go the simple route fairly easily. It's just a matter of getting the wifi working.19:21
rsalvetiyep, easier19:21
mindlordI guess I could always grab the packages I need and dump them on the card and dpkg them in afterwards.19:22
NCommandermindlord: your better off trying a real basic set of packages (ubuntu-minimial/ubuntu-standard), then apt-get the rest on19:22
NCommanderyou can use apt-move to move packages in-mass19:22
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mindlordAlright. worth a shot anyways... I'm not any progress as it is. :)19:23
mindlordThanks for the info.19:23
JaMacwillu_at_work: did you resolve your "unknown relocation: 3" problem in 2.6.35 kernel? I have the same with OE built kernels...21:16
cwillu_at_workJaMa, there was some changes in 2.6.35 causing that22:16
cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, what did you have to do to fix that?22:16
cwillu_at_workJaMa, it's resolved, but rcn-ee did the work22:16
JaMacwillu_at_work: maybe this patch? http://www.spinics.net/lists/arm-kernel/msg89760.html22:25
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