Gerfor some reason I can not install lts 10.04 i have one 19gig empty one partition harddrive there is nothing on it and when I run ubuntu cd live it say this computer has only 0 bytes disk space remaining please help01:36
GerI also got other codes01:37
Gerany one here able to help01:39
pedro3005hello Ger01:39
pedro3005so, when you open up Grub it shows nothing?01:39
Gerhave not oped grub01:40
GerI tried reformating harddrive with win xp then install on top no luck01:41
pedro3005err, I mean GParted01:41
GerI deleted win have a clean harddrive went to partition editor and made one partition01:41
pedro3005did it create the partition?01:42
GerI created one partition01:42
Gerno partion01:42
pedro3005is the disk mounted?01:43
Gerthe harddrive is seen on top as 19 gig01:43
Geri unmounted01:43
_CommandeR_Hi guys, question does ubuntu partitioner aligt partitions properly ?01:43
Gerwhy would it show up as 0 bytes disk space remaining01:44
pedro3005what type of partition is it?01:44
pedro3005file system01:44
pedro3005what's the file system?01:44
pedro3005format it to ext401:44
Gerit was that i changed it to ext 2 nothing worked01:45
pedro3005when you start the ubuntu installer, have you tried selecting "use entire disk"?01:45
GerI tried both01:46
Gerinstall to harddrive and live01:46
pedro3005are you accessing from the same computer?01:46
pedro3005ok, so is it on the live cd?01:47
GerI can get their but it is not on now01:48
pedro3005please do01:48
Geri have used it on the live cd very slow with trailing cursor01:48
pedro3005is it a PC or a laptop?01:48
Gerproblem is only one screen01:48
pedro3005what graphics card?01:49
_CommandeR_pedro3005, do you know if the ubuntu partition creator aligns the partition correctly to the harddrive so it will be splitted on even blocks ?01:49
Geri would have to find out01:49
Gerhow do I do that01:50
pedro3005_CommandeR_, I think you may set it to do so01:50
pedro3005Ger, lspci01:50
GerI am lost01:50
Gerwinxp installed no problem i deleted it and formated01:51
pedro3005so let's go step by step01:52
pedro3005when you boot ubuntu and select live CD01:52
pedro3005is it slow?01:52
GerI had earlier version of ubuntu on maching6.0601:52
Geryes very01:52
pedro3005Ger, would you happen to know your computer specs?01:53
Ger6.o6 i did upgrades on line up to 8.ver and they ran good01:53
pedro3005Ger, I mean how much RAM, processor, etc01:54
Gerthe system requirements are ok my ram is small 33001:54
pedro3005you are attempting to install 10.04?01:54
Geri have over 25601:54
Geryes from disk when I tried on line I could not do it so I ordered disk01:55
Gercould it be mother board bug01:56
Gerdell pc01:57
Gerabout 9years old01:57
Gerpedro you still there01:58
pedro3005Ger, you see, the recommended RAM for 10.04 is 512 MB. Now, you may be able to run it with less, but you'd need to do some modifications01:58
pedro3005first, you can try using the alternate install CD. and I would advise to use something other than GNOME01:59
GerI have the disk in front of me and it say 256 ram01:59
Gerhow would I do that01:59
pedro3005Ger, does your PC have a model number or something?02:00
pedro3005which is it?02:00
Gerdell dimension xps t60002:00
Gerintel pentium302:01
Geri have been at this for hours02:01
pedro3005Does anyone here know if 10.04 can run under 256 mb and 600 MHz?02:02
GerI got other codes when I tried to install to harddrive02:02
pedro3005what do you mean by codes?02:03
Gerubi-partman failed with exit code 1002:04
Gerfuther inormation may be found in /var/log/syslog02:05
Geri closed that one then another opened ubi-console setupfailed with the exit code 102:06
pedro3005Ger, you can attempt to use the solutions provided here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=149841702:08
pedro3005namely, "By changing the F6 Other ... at the initial screen, to nodmraid the problem was overcome."02:09
sebsebseboh more people in here than I thought there would be02:11
Gershould I hit a f6 at the first screen when it asks which install I want02:11
zkriessehello sebsebseb again!02:11
sebsebsebzkriesse: yeah hi02:11
pedro3005Ger, yeah, I believe that's it02:11
Gerthat is a hidden menu02:11
pedro3005you need to add the option "nodmraid"02:12
Gerwhere and when02:12
pedro3005sebsebseb, it is populated but mainly much quieter than #ubuntu02:12
sebsebsebpedro3005: yeah and not as known02:12
pedro3005Ger, when you hit F6 at the menu02:12
Gerwhich menu02:13
pedro3005the boot menu02:13
Gerwhere i pick to live cd or harddrive install02:13
pedro3005yeah, that one02:13
Gerit does not say anything about f6 there iwas looking how to get to other install I read about textmode install but do not know where to find it or how to do it02:15
pedro3005Ger, wait a moment please02:16
sebsebsebpedro3005: Do you help out in here?  Or just here at the moment for support?02:17
pedro3005I'm a member02:17
pedro3005so, always here02:17
sebsebseboh I didn't know you did Ubuntu support, well now I do then :D02:17
sebsebsebso this is mainly a support channel or what?  I notice from the wiki their are a few others.   and then the forums has its beginers channel as well or whatever.  uh so many Ubuntu channels02:18
pedro3005this exact channel is for ubuntu support02:19
sebsebsebwell not much good really, when most of the noobs don't even know about it?02:19
pedro3005Ger, ok, help me out here. When you boot ubuntu, what are the options it gives at the initial screen?02:21
sebsebsebI guess this channel can be used sometimes, when newbies want a smaller channel for support in02:21
Geronly two install to harddrive or live cd02:21
sebsebsebGer: What are you trying to do,  install Ubuntu?02:22
Gerit says something about running alongside another os02:22
sebsebsebpedro3005: So you help out in here quite a bit or?  and since #ubuntu is to busy for you?02:22
pedro3005sebsebseb, yeah I'm not normally even on #ubuntu02:22
sebsebsebI am, but its not really the best channel for beginners,  very busy02:23
sebsebsebnormally the issues that people are having there, will look  complex to newbies, which could put them off, Ubuntu as well02:23
pedro3005Ger, if you press F6, nothing happens at all?02:23
duanedesignyou can press e i think it is at grub screen to set biit options02:23
pedro3005duanedesign, this is on the LiveCD though02:24
pedro3005so no GRUB, I think02:24
GerI will try it but it is not offered02:24
Germy old 6.06 offeed different options at startup02:25
pedro3005I mean, according to this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidLynx/ReleaseNotes#Dmraid%20active%20by%20default%20on%20Desktop%20CD , F6 should work02:25
sebsebsebpedro3005: Why are some of the people voiced?02:26
pedro3005sebsebseb, members of the team02:26
Geryou think I can do it with the old ver 6.0602:26
pedro3005Ger, wait, I figured it out02:26
duanedesignf6 did not work?02:26
sebsebsebpedro3005: well I am not so sure, what the team is, from the wki02:27
pedro3005ok, when you boot, press F6.. you should see a screen with "Try ubuntu without installing" amongst other stuff02:27
pedro3005press F6 again, a drop down menu should appear. use the keys and navigate to nodmraid02:27
sebsebsebpedro3005: already only seen main page so far02:27
sebsebsebpedro3005: ok lets chat in the other channel then02:28
Gerafter I click nodmraid what should I do02:28
pedro3005Ger, is it booting?02:29
GerI will try it give me a few min I have to change machines02:29
Gerif I loose you will you be here tomorrow02:30
pedro3005Ger, sure02:33
Gerit worked i highlighted it02:33
Geri hit enter and nothing how do i get it to run02:34
pedro3005Ger, it went to a black screen?02:34
pedro3005You press enter at nodmraid02:35
GerI hit the f6 window open in lower right courner with a few thing i click on nomraid then what02:35
pedro3005it should have a cross in it02:35
pedro3005then you press ESC02:35
pedro3005and install ubuntu02:35
Gergive me afew min\02:36
Gerit won't run02:38
Gerthe window is not in color black and white when i hit enter acpi get an x in front of it it is the first item02:39
Geresc closed the small window02:40
pedro3005right, now run "Install Ubuntu"02:40
Gerbe back02:41
Gerdo i want acpt with an x or no x02:42
pedro3005Ger, no, only mark nodmraid02:44
cprofittanyone know how to make a ram disk in Linux?02:47
stlsaintcprofitt: i know how to format a blank disk in linux! :D02:48
cprofitthello Sary02:48
cprofittyeah this person wants to take some of their ram and turn it in to a disk02:48
cprofittthey are in #ubuntu-us02:48
stlsaintcprofitt: what does -us do?02:49
cprofittit is a channel for all -us teams02:49
stlsaintcprofitt: as in loco teams?02:49
cprofittthanks for checking it out02:54
armorsmith42if I were looking to point a student at an irc channel for people learning to use the terminal, would this be it?03:30
zkriessearmorsmith42: yes03:30
armorsmith42mmk, I wasn't sure if it was more geared toward people using the GUI stuff or not.03:31
zkriessearmorsmith42: it's a team dedicated to help the new users03:34
zkriessearmorsmith42: so both really03:34
xiaoguiHi, does anyone here living in China? I'm wondering how i could get around of the GFW and be able to get access to Youtube03:35
xiaoguilike using proxy?03:35
stlsaintsearch synaptic for proxies03:42
armorsmith42Please note that #ubuntu-beginners is not a lawyer and cannot be respondsible if you end up in jail or worse.03:43
stlsaintxiaogui: are you in china?03:46
xiaoguien, actually, i'm Chinese. :)03:46
stlsaintso is that a yes to living in china?03:47
xiaoguisorry, yes03:49
stlsaintok, well you will know the internet censorship laws better than i and i thin proxies may be blocked by govt03:49
xiaoguiyeah, it used to work but not now, so i'm trying to find another way03:50
armorsmith42there is also tor. http://www.torproject.org/ please be careful03:50
stlsaintxiaogui: if it doesnt work theres probably a reason for it03:51
xiaoguithanks, i'll have a look :)03:51
xiaoguiand the reason is it's blocked... :-(03:51
xiaoguiFunny, i don't have access to http://www.torproject.org/   :\03:54
stlsaintyax51: yes03:56
sebsebsebxiaogui: of course you don't03:56
yax51I jst updated to ubuntu 10.04 and now my sound doesn't work and I can't remember how to set it up again03:57
sebsebsebxiaogui: By the way I can go on  Youtube if I want to, but its a site that I hardly ever go on, and  would live quite happily without :)03:57
xiaoguiIf there's anything i don't like China, it's the internet control by the gov.  :(03:58
xiaoguisebsebseb: U don't live in China, do you?03:59
sebsebsebxiaogui: nope03:59
stlsaintyax51: best i can give ya: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205449&highlight=sound+troubleshoot04:00
xiaoguibut don't get me wrong, i love my country, just not the internet here.04:00
stlsaintdoctormo: what brings you round these parts? ;)04:00
doctormoxiaogui: Where?04:00
sebsebsebxiaogui: Maybe one day you can move to a country where Youtube isn't blocked.  I woudn't recommend trying to get round something, that your goverment has set up,  even if you don't agree with it.04:01
xiaoguidoctormo: ?04:01
doctormosipherdee: I was drugged and kidnapped by paultag on a trip around Boston.04:01
stlsaintdoctormo: tab fail :D04:01
stlsaintdoctormo: and we are referring to china04:02
sebsebsebxiaogui: Also recently  Google and China had problems,  which is probably partly the reason for why Youtube is blocked.04:02
sebsebsebxiaogui: Since Google own Youtube04:02
doctormosebsebseb: Well civil disobedience has it's place so long as the person conducting it understands the risks and reasons. America would never have been free of British rule without it.04:03
xiaoguisebsebseb: i'd really love to experience a different life outside of China, but i can't afford that at the moment. I just graduated in June.04:03
stlsaintdoctormo: china is quite different in reacting to civil disobedience04:04
xiaoguiAway(preparing for lunch)04:05
doctormostlsaint: More different than public hanging, flogging, being shipped to Australia or just shot?04:05
stlsaintdoctormo: aye, but all behind closed doors04:05
doctormostlsaint: I04:05
stlsaintdoctormo: thanks for bit on user day!04:06
doctormostlsaint: I'll give you that the British didn't mind doing their flogging in the open, still I say if you know the risks it's your own free choice to not-cooperate Ghandi style.04:06
stlsaintdoctormo: i would agree with most situations but i feel that china would be highly intolerant to ghandi!04:07
yax51great sound works....but not the headphone jack, but there doesn't seem to be anything about configuring that here....04:10
doctormostlsaint: It wasn't just ghandi you know, he did have the spiritual pride of his country and lots of people who were killed too. I don't like China either, but I think in the west we've become far too attached to safety over freedom in terms of government. Although I believe the culture in China is very different from India so it's probably not the same thought there.04:12
stlsaintyax51: sorry i couldnt be of more help04:12
yax51no no no it was very helpful....at least I have sound again...04:12
stlsaintdoctormo: im in the Army...i dont put too much above freedom04:12
yax51butat least you sent me to the right place to look and for that I am grateful04:12
stlsaintyax51: :D glad to help04:13
doctormostlsaint: which one?04:13
stlsaintdoctormo: Army04:14
doctormostlsaint: There is more than one, or are you a UN peace keeper / something centralised like in starship troppers?04:15
stlsaintdoctormo: oh sorry, no im in the U.S Army04:16
doctormostlsaint: Ah, I know plenty of people who went into the Royal battalions in the British Army, so you never know.04:16
mohi1stlsaint, peace =]04:16
stlsaintdoctormo: nice04:16
stlsaintmohi1: :)04:17
mohi1stlsaint, sup?04:18
commander_anyone here?04:22
stlsaintdoctormo: hey how does one get rss feed from your site?04:22
doctormostlsaint: Which site? doctormo.org?04:23
commander_sup guys, I am middle in my installation of kubuntu and well it ask or begs for a swap partition during install04:23
stlsaintcommander_: you must be setting your partitions manually yes?04:24
commander_may I assign a swap partition after the installation? Because i want to secure erase my raid array and then if i need add swap on that drive.04:24
commander_stlsaint, ye04:24
commander_Got an SSD so swap on it would not be optimal04:24
Scunizicommander_: swap doesn't need to be huge.. 1 gig.. or 2x of ram but no more than 4 gig04:24
commander_yes but several rights and reads would wear the SSD04:24
Scunizitrue.. can you carve a little out of another drive?04:25
stlsaintcommander_: what are you installing on?04:25
commander_installing root and home on SSD04:25
commander_got 4gb of ram, but dunno if it is enough.04:25
stlsaintcommander_: i meant what type of system?04:26
Scunizihome gets more action than swap does in most cases04:26
stlsaintcommander_: yes04:26
commander_stlsaint, want to know the system spec or ?04:27
Scunizihe might mean file system type04:27
commander_well gonna have Ext4 on it.04:27
commander_for now it is a non partitioned drive.04:27
stlsaintcommander_: just what kind of system/(notebook, laptop IE; hp pavillion dv6000 or whatever)04:27
stlsaintor is it a netbook?04:28
commander_normal PC, Asus m4a79t deluxe motherboard, with Radeon 5970, 2xWestern Digital Raptor 150 Drives raid 0, 1tb WD caviar drive and Corsair Force120 SSD04:29
commander_would not dare to install kde on a netbook :P04:30
Scunizithere is a version for them04:30
commander_rmx ?04:30
stlsaintcommander_: why may i ask are you wanting to installing / and swap to a ssd?04:30
Scunizicommander_: if you're going to zero out the raid array anyway.. I think you can do that from a live cd...04:30
commander_well swap i want to avoid installing on my ssd and then maybe install it, if I have to on my raid drive04:31
stlsaintcommander_: how big you say that ssd is?04:32
commander_or GiB not sure.04:32
stlsaintalright there are some ups and down to it....for starters you probably WONT want to use ext filesystem due to excessive writes04:33
stlsaintnow im no expert on the subject so of course google will be our friend04:33
commander_hm heard that ext4 have trim support04:33
commander_also that i should have the command -notime so it would not write datestamps or something04:34
stlsaintcommander_: what issue are you having? or are you asking for advice?04:35
commander_stlsaint, noatime in fstab,04:35
yax51hey what was that link for sound issues again?04:35
stlsaintyax51: best i can give ya: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=205449&highlight=sound+troubleshoot04:36
commander_stlsaint, well if I can make a swap drive after installation on another drive, and if I have to when I got 4B of ram04:36
stlsaintcommander_: swap does NOT pull from your ram (jfyi)04:36
stlsaintcommander_: why would you need two swap partitions? just put it on whatever drive you ultimately want it on04:37
stlsaintcommander_: if you installing on drive A and later want it on drive B than you can delete swapA and create swapB with livecd04:37
duanedesignals o if you do use ext3/4 you can limit disk writes with a guide like this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83999804:37
stlsaintduanedesign: i had that guide, was waiting to paste it :D04:38
stlsaintcommander_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=83999804:38
commander_stlsaint, I wont create 2 swap spaces, so far i manually did a partition for / with 8GB and /home 10GB then when i continued the installer ask if I am sure not to add a swap drive because it makes better use of the RAM when there is one.04:39
stlsaintcommander_: correct, a base install will require a root partition and a swap partition, a seperate /home is not mandatory04:40
stlsaintcommander_: may i ask why you are only using 10gb for home when you have 1tb drive? unless you have seperate "data" drive04:40
commander_the 1tb drive is one big partition and almost full :)04:41
commander_stlsaint, the tb drive will be a data drive.04:41
stlsaintcommander_: just some advice,  8gb should be plenty for root but 10gb for home, you may run out of space rather quickly04:42
commander_stlsaint, but home is more likely for settings etc. most of my data would be on my raid array. Or so i thought.04:43
stlsaintdoctormo: ping04:43
stlsaintdoctormo: did you catch my rss feed question?04:43
commander_stlsaint, what do you think ?04:46
stlsaintcommander_: really its up to you and your drive space that you have04:47
stlsaintcommander_: for instance i have a 200gb drive on lappy....04:47
stlsainti dual boot two linux flavors...30gb goes to one distro and the rest to ubuntu04:48
stlsainti give 15gb to root, 2gb swap and the rest to home04:48
duanedesignstlsaint: there is also this thread by sdennie on the same topic (power saving/reduce disk activity) http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84777304:48
stlsaintoh sorry and i give 200mb to /boot :D04:48
stlsaintduanedesign: yep, got that one too ;)04:48
stlsaintbrb folks04:49
duanedesignd'oh thought i found one you might not have , :D04:49
stlsainthehe not this time04:49
commander_hm maybe will try that on my laptop04:49
commander_HP computer have a bad quality battery for their computers.04:49
commander_would be awesome to have a longer life than 3 hours :)04:50
commander_OT though, duanedesign, For what I know it is possible to change /home partition right?04:50
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yax51ok so I was able to find and install the audio drivers I needed successfully, however I am having issues with the final part of the process....05:08
yax51specifically step 4.....I keep getting this error message: WARNING: All config files need .conf: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf.save, it will be ignored in a future release.05:13
yax51hmmm in alsamixer it's not even detecting a headphone jack.....05:19
yax51well it's detecting it but it appears to be disabled...05:22
asfdanybody here that can help?05:22
yax51hmmm....i can mute the headphone port and it mutes the speakers....05:30
yax51any idead?05:30
kermiacyax51: I'm only guessing, but it looks like the filename above is wrong05:33
mohi1yax51, See System -> preferences -> sound and check the output there05:33
kermiacyax51: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf.save  should be   "/etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf" (i.e. without the ".save" on the end of the filename)05:34
mohi1kermiac, hi. I forgot to scroll up :D05:34
yax51ok.....the output is currently on analog speakers and when I switch it to analog headphone I get nothing05:35
kermiachi there mohi1 :)05:35
yax51and nothing with analog output either05:35
commander_how do i launch ati control panel from terminal ?05:36
mohi1yax51, see what kermiac said. I was not noticing the above reports05:36
kermiaccommander_:  Try "amdxdg-su -c amdcccle" (w/o quotes)05:37
yax51thats odd I get a bad file name, I am using the command : sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel (the hda-intel is my sound card)05:38
commander_kermiac, it bring s the same thing as from menu the issue is that after entering my password it disappears and nothing is happening05:39
commander_launching control panel without admin rights shows it.05:39
kermiacyax51: have you gone through the links in05:40
ubot2If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:40
kermiacyax51: also, have you made sure your headphones aren't muted in alsamixer?05:41
yax51yes.....in alsamixer they show that they are on, but there is no volume bar like the rest of the devices that are working05:42
kermiaccommander_: when launching the control center from a terminal, does it display any error message?05:42
commander_kermiac, nopp nothing05:42
commander_kermiac, usual one works from menu, the admin one is asking for a password but after typing it and pressing enter is shows something really fast and dissapears.05:43
commander_kermiac, if i launch it from terminal it just goes back to promts05:43
commander_kermiac, hm after several tries to read the text that disappears it is typing; authentication failed or fails not sure exactly05:45
yax51well let me try to purge and reinstall and see if that does anything05:45
kermiacyax51: what does "lspci | grep Audio" (from a terminal window show)05:46
kermiaccommander_: "authentication failed" means it doesn't recognise your password.05:46
commander_kermiac, but I am typing the right one...05:47
commander_it works for all other apps.05:47
kermiaccommander_: do other functions that require sudo privalages work? i.e. synaptic05:47
commander_sudo su works..05:47
yax51kermiac: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)05:48
kermiaccommander_: what happens if you kill it first "sudo killall amdcccle", then run "amdxdg-su -c amdcccle"05:49
kermiaccommander_: that's still grasping at straws, I've never heard of that happening before :(05:50
commander_kermiac, nopp05:51
commander_for notice I run Kubuntu x64bit05:51
commander_but the usual control panel works but i cannot manage my display settings and that is why i want to run the root one.05:52
kermiaccommander_: can you try opening it in a guest account or another user's account?05:52
kermiaccommander_: I'm not sure if Kubuntu x64 would make a difference, i don't think it would05:53
commander_hm, i have no other accounts.05:53
commander_it is vanilla kde installment.05:53
kermiaccommander_: you could also try "gksu amdcccle"05:53
commander_hm gksu is not installed, is there a kde variant ?05:54
commander_hm it is kdesu05:55
kermiaccommander_: another thing to try, have you run "aticonfig --initial" yet? I've heard it can do weird things if you don't do that05:56
duanedesigncheck out the new sound applet in 10.10  http://ln-s.net/7FiO05:56
commander_nopp will try,05:56
commander_"unable to find any supported screen sections"05:57
kermiaccommander_: you will need to rename your xorg.conf05:57
kermiacsudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.OLD05:58
kermiaccommander_: ^^05:58
commander_did a initial after that and got, "could not find config file, trying to create empty one, failed to create empty one"05:59
commander_hm sudo for initial right?05:59
kermiaccommander_: ok, one sec. I will find the instructions06:00
kermiacsorry, I've got to go (I'm at work) can someone pls find the fglrx install instructions for commander?06:00
yax51its detecting an intel hda device....however I am using a realtek hda device....therefore its not going to work properly until it can find the correct device!!!!!06:01
yax51so the question is.....how do I find my realtek device?06:02
commander_kermiac, hm but I installed ATi drivers from restricted, should it not work by then ?06:02
duanedesigncommander_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI06:05
duanedesigncommander_: which ati card do you have?06:07
commander_duanedesign, 597006:08
commander_duanedesign, also fglrxinfo gives me right info06:08
commander_display 0:0 screen0, ATI inc, radeon 5900 series, version 3.2.975606:08
duanedesignyax51: the warning about adding .conf to the files is just a warning06:08
duanedesignyax51: you should add .conf to the end of the files eventually though06:09
commander_duanedesign, fglrx-amdcccle gives command not found.06:09
yax51true, but it wasnt working.....I find the drivers I need however.....can't remember how to install them...06:10
commander_hm sudo amdcccle works.06:14
yax51ok so I downloaded the linux package for realtek hda but can't remember how to install it....any help06:14
yax51the file is: LinuxPkg_5.14rc5.tar.bz206:14
duanedesignyax51: can you run the command:   lsmod | grep snd-hda-*06:16
duanedesignsee if it finds snd-hda-intel06:17
yax51it didnt do anything06:18
duanedesignyax51: ok try:  sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel06:19
duanedesignthat should be the kernel module for Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD06:20
duanedesigncommander_: does the command:  fglrxinfo06:22
duanedesignreturn anything?06:22
commander_duanedesign, yea06:22
commander_duanedesign, ati card, driver version etc.06:22
commander_duanedesign, it works with sudo amdcccle06:22
duanedesignok so the driver is working06:22
commander_but unable to enable 3 displays..06:23
duanedesignjust 3 :)06:23
commander_yea, enables 2 but the third one is disabled.06:23
commander_xinerama tells me that only one desktop is enable, but have no idea what that means.06:23
yax51ok I'm back...where was I?06:27
commander_hm seems that Eyefinity is not supported in Linux yet.06:28
duanedesignyax51: did you try : sudo modprobe snd-hda-intel06:30
kermiacsorry about having to leave in the middle of that commander_06:30
yax51it just gives me the warning about the .conf06:31
commander_kermiac, no problems06:32
commander_kermiac seems that sudo amdcccle works instead.06:32
duanedesignyax51: does lsmod | grep snd   return the snd-hda-intel06:33
kermiaccommander_: that's good to know06:33
commander_kermiac, only to notice that i have no idea how to enable 3 displays :P06:34
yax51snd_hda_codec_nvhdmi     3722  106:34
yax51snd_hda_codec_realtek   224970  106:34
yax51snd_hda_intel          21770  306:34
yax51snd_hda_codec          82750  3 snd_hda_codec_nvhdmi,snd_hda_codec_realtek,snd_hda_intel06:34
yax51snd_hwdep               5604  1 snd_hda_codec06:34
yax51snd_pcm_oss            40939  006:34
yax51snd_mixer_oss          13397  1 snd_pcm_oss06:34
yax51snd_pcm                77472  4 snd_hda_intel,snd_hda_codec,snd_pcm_oss06:34
yax51snd_seq_oss            30290  006:34
yax51snd_seq_midi_event      5939  1 snd_seq_oss06:34
yax51snd_seq                50758  4 snd_seq_oss,snd_seq_midi_event06:34
yax51snd_timer              19010  2 snd_pcm,snd_seq06:34
yax51snd_seq_device          5926  2 snd_seq_oss,snd_seq06:34
yax51snd                    60563  18 snd_hda_codec_nvhdmi,snd_hda_codec_realtek,snd_hda_intel,snd_hda_codec,snd_hwdep,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_pcm,snd_seq_oss,snd_seq_midi_event,snd_seq,snd_timer,snd_seq_device06:34
yax51soundcore               6620  1 snd06:34
yax51snd_page_alloc          7172  2 snd_hda_intel,snd_pcm06:34
ubot2For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:34
duanedesignyax51: ok its there06:34
ZachK_What up punks06:36
commander_3monitors but now way to enable them all because Eyefinity is not supported in current linux drivers :/06:37
yax51how do I change which driver it wants to use?06:40
yax51its using the hda intel driver, however my card is a realtek hda card06:41
duanedesignyou card is  Intel Corporation 82801I (ICH9 Family) HD?06:42
duanedesignyax51: can you run the command:   cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec06:44
yax51Codec: Realtek ALC66306:45
duanedesignthat will return your sound card(s)06:45
yax51Codec: Nvidia MCP78 HDMI06:45
duanedesignyax51: ok run the command06:48
duanedesign zcat /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/HD-Audio-Models.txt.gz06:48
duanedesignyou will see the ALC663 listed06:48
duanedesignRead all of them and try to find the one which is more similar to your sound card, for example if you have a laptop, you can choose "acer"06:49
duanedesignyax51: you will then open:   sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf06:51
duanedesignThen paste the following line at the end of the file (change MODEL with the type of sound card's model, in our example it should be "acer" (without quotation marks)):06:51
duanedesignoptions snd-hda-intel model=MODEL06:51
duanedesignso: options snd-hda-intel model=acer06:52
duanedesignthough that is a bad example, looks like that is not one of the options for your card06:52
duanedesignmost often if sound is working, but not headphones, or not external speakers and you have checked alsamixer and all the sound preferences and you use hda-intel this is the culprit06:53
duanedesignoh and the final step is reboot06:54
yax51ok I want to save this file correct?06:54
kermiachttps://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+question/65752 looks promising, although it is from 9.0406:54
yax51alright standby....rebooting06:54
Puck`good morning team06:55
duanedesignhere is the wiki page for future reference  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto06:55
duanedesignhello Puck`06:55
duanedesignthere was a good forum guide on the hda intel setting the options thing06:56
yax51ok im back07:00
yax51hmmm still nothing07:02
duanedesignyax51: what model compputer?07:03
yax51asus g50vt07:03
AJH101Hi - cannot add a photo to my Fb account in Pidgin - any ideas?07:03
duanedesignyax51: wow, and options snd-hda-intel model=g50v didnt help?07:04
yax51nope.....what was the codec command again?07:04
duanedesign cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec07:05
duanedesignyax51: kermiac found a good Launchpad Answer. Try replacing the last line you added to the end of alsa-base.conf with http://paste.ubuntu.com/463341/07:07
yax51yeah it shows the realtek alc663 codec, and detects it when i run aplay -l, but in the sound settings only th analog settings work, not the digital ones07:07
duanedesignok one sec07:08
yax51ok.....what was the command to edit to alsa-base.conf again?07:08
duanedesignyax51: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8502681&postcount=807:09
duanedesignyax51: the command was  :   sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf07:09
duanedesignyax51: the file might be /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base if you have not added the .conf yet07:10
yax51ok added the lines needed....another reboot?07:13
yax51no change.... ;(07:20
duanedesignyax51: ok07:21
yax51maybe my audio does't like 10.04......07:21
duanedesignyax51: and we are adding it to the right file. The file isnt blank is it? There is other stuff in there you are just adding these lines to the bottom?07:22
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
yax51yes sir....07:25
yax51what I don't understand is why it doesn't like the realtek hda codecs and drivers.......they are there and installed, but it refuses to acknowledge them...07:26
yax51maybe its something in the build itself that doesn't like realtek hda07:27
yax51when was this version released? april? maybe I should go back to 9.10 and wait on this one for a bit.......07:29
duanedesignyax51: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto07:31
duanedesignyax51: i would try some of the other options for model07:38
duanedesigninstead of g50v try some of the others listed for your card in:  zcat /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/driver/HD-Audio-Models.txt.gz07:39
duanedesign3stack-dig  seems to be popular07:40
yax51ummm that was bad....no audio at all.....07:46
duanedesignyax51: ugh07:50
yax51yeah, its not even detecing a sound card now....07:54
duanedesignwhat does  :  dmesg | grep  snd_hda_intel07:56
duanedesigndoes that return a bunch of stuff?07:56
yax51snd_hda_intel: `1c' invalid for parameter `enable_msi'07:57
duanedesignyax51: does  the alsabase.conf line say   options snd-hda-intel enable_msi=107:58
duanedesignthats the last line in sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf07:59
yax51stand by07:59
yax51ok I got it back...08:02
yax51its once again detecting the ALC663 analog, but not the digital08:04
duanedesignyax51: does this make any sense to you? http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8502681&postcount=808:05
duanedesigni dont have those options but i have a different card08:05
yax51no....I did look into that, but its for the mic, and my mic is working fine....just the digital output and the headphone jack specifically08:06
* zkriesse runs08:06
jagadish_123Trouble Installing ubuntu9.0408:08
jagadish_123Trouble Installing ubuntu9.0408:08
yax51let me try an auto config....08:08
yax51sandy by08:08
zkriesse!patience | jagadish08:08
ubot2jagadish: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.08:08
duanedesignyax51: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=109085208:09
duanedesignyax51: see comment 808:09
duanedesignseems like the same issue08:10
duanedesignyax51:  i found a thread that has a solution08:13
zkriesseduanedesign: Looky who decided to show up... saji8908:14
zkriessehello yax5108:14
duanedesignhey yax5108:15
duanedesignyax51: i found a solution that some have has success with08:15
duanedesignyax51: very similar to what we have been doing08:15
yax51its one stupid line of code different isnt it?08:15
duanedesignyax51: http://paste.ubuntu.com/463359/08:16
duanedesignyax51: its a second file08:16
yax51aaah ok standby08:16
duanedesignyax51: so paste the 5 lines into the alsa-base.conf, then do the gedit command to create options.conf and put those 5 lines in it08:16
duanedesignyax51: i would keep the options snd-hda-intel model=m51va08:17
duanedesignif it doesnt work then try the g50v08:17
yax51what if the options.conf is blank?08:19
duanedesignyax51: yeeah i did not have one either08:22
duanedesignso that should be ok08:22
yax51alright then here goes nothing......standby....again.....08:23
zkriesseTEAM!!!! saji89 is here at long last!!!!!!!!08:24
Puck`welcome saji89 :P08:25
zkriessePuck`: I think saji89 was around before you started..he's finally come back to us08:26
Puck`oh darn :P08:26
saji89hi all..08:26
Puck`well then, hi saji89 :P08:26
saji89Hi Puck`..08:26
Puck`nice to meet you (:08:26
saji89Puck`, me too.08:27
duanedesignyax51: that is awesome08:28
yax51Thanks guys!!!08:28
zkriesseTOTALLY yax51 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!08:29
duanedesignyax51: just wish it would of been quicker :)08:29
yax51see my problem is I don' even know where to begin to look for such things08:29
Puck`that's why we have these awesome members :P08:30
duanedesignyeah what we dont know we make up for with lots of experience searching for solutions08:30
zkriesseduanedesign: agreed08:31
duanedesigni think the search that finally did it yax51 was:  ALC663 analog not digital08:31
yax51huh.....I would never have thought to word it like that at all08:32
duanedesignand i usually throw an 'ubuntu' in there for good measure08:32
zkriesseyax51: You'll find that what we lack here we more than make up in Google-Fu08:32
yax51google-fu.....thats awesome!!08:33
duanedesignyax51: patience helps a lot too08:34
duanedesignyax51: most people would of given up awhile ago :)08:35
yax51yeah I don't have much anymore.....spent the last 3 months in medical hold in boot camp waiting to find out when I was going to get disqualified.....I was almost done with this sound issue08:36
yax51you guys rock08:36
zkriesseyax51: Army?08:36
yax51air force08:37
zkriesseyax51: awesome08:37
* zkriesse is going Army MOS 68W (Combat Medic)08:37
yax51*breaks out the beers and begins passing them out*08:37
zkriesseGotta go to college first though yax5108:37
duanedesignvirtual beers for all08:37
yax51I was AFSC 3D, Client systems08:37
zkriesseyax51: They want me to have 15 credits (college)08:38
duanedesignstlsaint who was here earlier is in the army08:38
yax5115 credits? at that rate might as well finish your degree and join as an officer....08:38
yax51go army......although the Air Force has been doing their job for them......we do it better08:39
zkriesseyax51: GED dude..i was homeschooled08:39
yax51so was I08:39
zkriesseGPA of 3.5 though08:39
zkriessehomeschoolers unite!08:40
zkriesseOk i need to hit the sack ya'll08:40
zkriesseit's almost three am for me08:40
yax51*raises the homeschool banner in defiance of all those who think homeschoolers are lame*08:40
* zkriesse raises the banner with yax51 08:40
* zkriesse out08:41
yax51hey did you post that solution?08:43
duanedesignyax51: the sound fix08:47
duanedesignthe blue comment is the 'answer'08:48
duanedesignyax51: also mentioned in comment 3 here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=114028108:50
yax51right on!08:50
duanedesigni might do a blog post on it since it seems to be an issue with Lucid.08:50
duanedesignand that problem seems to be fairly common. I found alot of people asking for help with it on different forums08:51
saji89hey, anyone here encountered the freezing of ubuntu screen problem?09:22
cs1hi guys10:07
cs1im new to ubuntu OS10:07
kermiachi cs110:08
cs1hi kermiac10:08
cs1i need some help here10:08
cs1i just started working in a new company today10:08
cs1and its my first day of using ubuntu OS10:08
Silver_Fox_How can we help ?10:08
cs1and im wondering how to setup a server on ubuntu server?10:09
cs1because i need to host the company website on the local server10:09
cs1sorry if i ask the wrong questions at the wrong chat room10:10
=== IAmNotThatGuy is now known as mohi1
kermiaccs1: this may be helpful - https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/index.html10:10
cs1ok. thank you so much kermiac10:11
cs1will be looking through it10:11
simarI'm running Lucid but want to download source to fix FTBFS for maveric can i use apt-get source ??11:06
mohi1simar, if you think the source is safe from vulnerability, you can use aptitude. but be careful before using. try finding the applications in synaptic packet manager or software centre11:08
geirhasimar: You could try adding the deb-src repository for maverick, temporarily, then do sudo aptitude update; apt-get source packagename11:15
geirhaI don't know if that'll actually work though.11:15
geirhaAt any rate, you can go look up the source package at launchpad and download the .tar.gz and .dsc file ... that's basicly the files apt-get source downloads.11:16
tdnI use Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with encrypted home dirs. I had to do some maintenance including swapping of two users' UIDs and GIDs. So I did a deluser on the users and a delgroup on the groups. Then I created the users and groups again with the corrects UIDs/GIDs. Then I chowned all the users' files under /home/$USER and /home/.ecryptfs/$USER. Then I reset password with passwd $USER. But now the users cannot log in, thus cannot decrypt their files. 12:52
tdnI have recovered the key with ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase and tried to rewrap it with ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase, however, the users still cannot login via GDM.12:53
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mohi1hello sebsebseb17:01
sebsebsebmohi1: Hello17:02
zkriessehello vcollins17:11
mohi1Zach dont show 'em you are here. they are quitting :p17:13
mohi1<zkriesse> hello vcollins17:14
mohi1* vcollins has quit (Client Quit)17:14
zkriesseoh you goof mohi117:15
duanedesignzkriesse: mohi1 gotta love the comrodorie between members :)17:26
* mohi1 hides17:26
duanedesignyou can run, but you can not hide17:28
* mohi1 hides behind paultag. duanedesign you cant find him :P17:28
paultagcallin me fat?17:29
paultagoh frak17:29
paultagI'm op17:29
mohi1packrat, NOT THAT :(17:29
mohi1I thought your away17:29
mohi1so he cant find ya. NOTHING more.17:29
zkriesseduanedesign: totally17:30
zkriessepaultag: kick mohi117:30
zkriesseKICK HIM!!! WOOO17:31
duanedesignlots of kicking going on. Hope no one has steel toe boots17:32
* mohi1 hugs paultag 17:37
* paultag hugs mohi1 17:37
mohi1paultag, you are still writing my wiki right??17:38
zkriesseHell since we're all hugging17:38
paultagmohi1: oh yes, duh17:38
* zkriesse hugs mohi1, paultag, and duanedesign 17:38
mohi1Zach Only one at a time17:38
* zkriesse hugs mohi1 17:39
* zkriesse hugs paultag 17:39
* zkriesse hugs duanedesign 17:39
mohi1thats better :D17:39
mohi1paultag, so what you did with the reminder i did in the web?? :/17:39
paultagmohi1: chillll!17:40
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|jonathan|need help with wvdial and usb modem issue18:32
|jonathan|anyone here?18:32
zkriesse!patience | |jonathan|18:33
ubot2zkriesse: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:33
ubot2Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.18:33
|jonathan|cannot configure my usb modem in ubuntu18:35
|jonathan|i treid it but it says modem is not responding when i type sudo wvdial18:36
|jonathan|in terminal18:36
tdnI use Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with encrypted home dirs. I had to do some maintenance including swapping of two users' UIDs and GIDs. So I did a deluser on the users and a delgroup on the groups. Then I created the users and groups again with the corrects UIDs/GIDs. Then I chowned all the users' files under /home/$USER and /home/.ecryptfs/$USER. Then I reset password with passwd $USER. But now the users cannot log in, thus cannot decrypt their files. 20:51
tdnI have recovered the key with ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase and tried to rewrap it with ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase, however, the users still cannot login via GDM.20:51
stlsaintencryption uses (i think) UID with keys but you changed it causing authentication impossible20:52
stlsaintjust my two cents on the issue20:52
stlsainttdn: hopefully someone else will be able to better support you20:53
tdnstlsaint, so, how do I change it back?20:54
tdnstlsaint, I have recovered the wrapped key, so it should be possible.20:54
GerPedro you here22:29
pedro3005hello Ger22:29
GerThe install worked it is on my harddrive now but still have another issue22:30
Gerthank you22:30
pedro3005oh, GREAT!22:30
pedro3005what is the issue?22:30
Gerthe cursor is leaving a trail22:31
Gerwhen i move it  arrow here another one in another spot22:32
pedro3005phillw, ping22:32
Gerall over the screen22:32
pedro3005Ger, I am sure that is because of your slow system22:32
Gerthe speed or ram22:33
pedro3005what I would advise is using a lighter version of ubuntu like Lubuntu22:33
Gerwhere do I get it22:33
Gerweb site22:33
pedro3005they have one over here http://lubuntu.net/22:33
pedro3005phillw is your lubuntu man22:34
pedro3005but he seems to be away right now22:34
phillwI'm sorting the arrival of the new bot22:34
pedro3005oh, okay22:34
Gershould i install on top of lts22:35
phillwis the place to go for lubuntu22:35
phillwGer: yes, you can add lubuntu22:35
pedro3005phillw, Ger here has a slow computer (256 mb | 600 mhz).. the 10.04 install works (setting "nodmraid" as boot option), but he is experiencing a slow system. You think lubuntu would run fine on this?22:35
phillw256Mb would be fine for lubuntu, it was it is designed for22:36
phillwA Pentium II or Celeron system with 128 Mb RAM is probably a bottom-line configuration that may yield slow yet usable system with Lubuntu.22:36
pedro3005sounds like the game really22:37
pedro3005phillw, is it possible to install lubuntu on top of a normal ubuntu install without it interfering with GNOME?22:37
phillweven with 256Mb RAm the ubiquity install may take a while, he may prefer to do it via the minimal install.22:37
phillwyes, it only takes up disk space, once they are happy with lubuntu theyhe can remove the gnome areas22:38
Geri have 330 ram22:39
phillwGer: if you want to pop onto #lubuntu i can discuss it further, in case there are people queueing up to ask a question on here22:39
Gerthanks pedro for your help if i up my ram do you think this will run or the pc is too slow22:41
pedro3005Ger, It could help, but I think it's a bit silly to invest on a 9-year-old computer.22:41
Gerok thanks again22:42
theophilusHey guys... so I have a bit of a problem... it's a long story, but it comes down to this: My brother and I want to do some music recording... I was using a portable version of audacity on Win7, but audacity doesn't actually support win7, so that ended up failing pretty epicly... so I decided to throw in a Linux Mint LiveCD, and see what would happen (if I could get audacity or ardour going. The problem: we're recording through a BOSS ME-25, and 23:05
holsteinhey theophilus23:06
* holstein is an audio guy23:06
holsteinwhats up?23:06
theophilushey man, not a lot, you?23:06
holsteintheophilus: what interface are you using?23:07
holsteinyour internal sound card?23:07
theophilushardware interface?23:07
theophilusWe have a BOSS ME-25 plugged into my laptop via usb port. Um... internal sound card is what ever came with the laptop... intel maybe? *shrug*23:08
holsteinyou use the boss to capture the sound23:09
holsteindoes linux see it?23:09
theophilusya... um, it doesn't look like it's seeing it (and I don't know the commands to check, but it's not showing up in the audio settings anywhere)23:10
holsteintheophilus: let me suggest a proper live CD23:10
holsteinits a live DVD23:10
holsteinim working on a live ubuntstudio disc23:10
holsteinbut i dont have it together yet :/23:10
holsteinALlinux has all of what you need to test with23:10
holsteintheophilus: are you in front of the box?23:10
holsteinwith the boss plugged in?23:11
holsteinrunning mint live?23:11
theophilusyup yup yup23:11
holsteinrun lsusb23:11
holsteinand see if you see something about the boss23:11
holsteinif its not obvious23:11
holsteinyou can grab it23:11
holsteinand pastebin it23:11
holsteinafter that23:12
holsteinrun aplay -l23:12
holsteintheophilus: you know where to go to run those?23:12
holsteinand just type those commands in23:12
holsteintheophilus: cool23:12
theophilusoops... sorry, url fail23:12
* holstein got it :)23:13
holsteinso roland corp sholud be it23:13
holsteinaplay -l23:13
holsteinand arecord -l23:13
holsteinif you want23:14
holsteinwhile your making a pastebin for it :)23:14
theophilus http://paste.ubuntu.com/463716/23:14
theophilus(the last one has both)23:15
holsteinnot seing it there23:15
theophilusmy brother just pointed out another option if this doesn't work (going straight through the mic port (something we've done before with some success)23:15
holsteinlet me suggest #opensourcemusicians23:16
holsteintheophilus: yeah23:16
holsteinthat will work23:16
holsteinwith your internal card23:16
holsteinbut the boss might work23:16
holsteinlet me look around a bit23:16
holsteintheophilus: not looking good23:19
holsteintheophilus: if you want23:19
holsteinput a strongly worded email together for boss reuesting linux support23:19
holsteinthe easy way to go is23:19
holsteinjust install ubuntu23:19
holsteinand install audacity23:20
holsteinand use your internal sound card23:20
holsteini like to call audacity a gate-way drug ;)23:20
holsteinwhen you outgrow it23:20
holsteincome back to #opensroucemusicians or #ubuntustudio23:20
holsteinand we can talk about JACK + ardour23:20
holsteinif you dont want to install linux23:22
holsteinand you just want to run a live CD23:22
theophilushaha, yeah, I've tried ardour before. I coulnd't find the plug-ins I wanted though. but I'm sure they're there somewhere. I have ardour and audacity in ram on the Live enviroment I'm in now, so we'll probably give it a try23:22
holsteinhttp://puredyne.org/ or AVlinux23:23
holsteintheophilus: yeah, that should work23:23
theophilusYa... AVLinux looks good... I'll have to try that out... JACK looks like fun, but I messed it up a couple times when we were playing with it, and it ended up just giving me a headache :P23:24
holsteinits got a crazy learning curve23:24
holsteinbut there really is nothing like it23:24
holsteinJACK + ardour + other FOSS23:24
holsteinquite amazing23:24
theophilusiyo better than anything mac or win puts out?23:25
holsteini cant say better23:25
holsteintheres nothing like it23:25
theophilusya... good point23:25
holsteinits just a different workflow23:25
holsteinand JACK runs on OSX23:25
holsteinmaybe win too?23:25
holsteinnot sure23:25
theophilusya... cool...23:25
holsteinive used JACK + ardour on OSX23:25
holsteinworked great23:25
theophilusWell thanks for the help man! it's been great. ttyl, have a good one23:26
holsteingood luck :)23:26

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