pleia2czajkowski: I think the bot has been broken re: posting for a few weeks00:24
pleia2czajkowski: best bet is probably just to look at irclogs.ubuntu.com00:24
jcastroczajkowski: looking for me?00:55
* jcastro had amazing chicken pasta for dinner00:55
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highvoltagepleia2: I log everything locally too, it would just be nice if we had something nicely formatted :)01:26
pleia2highvoltage: yeah, I'm not sure if anyone has nudged the scribes team, but it hasn't posted anything since jun 2201:26
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doctormoello all paultag I'm back02:44
paultagdoctormo: heyya03:24
paultagdoctormo: told you I was in here03:24
paultagdoctormo: I broke my phone on the T03:27
paultaghey pleia2 :)03:28
pleia2hey paultag :)03:28
paultagGet this, the numpad won't work03:28
paultagso the only way it works is if I press the hangup / power button03:28
paultagmy best guess is that it's a CPU interupt, and it must read03:29
paultagso to dial out I have to hit ( and hold ) power and then hit dial twice03:29
paultagpleia2: so, how are you?03:29
pleia2how long did it take you to figure that out?03:29
paultagpleia2: about 45 minutes or so03:29
pleia2I'm good, my inbox is miraculously down to *4* emails!03:29
paultagpleia2: and I had no ride back ( and I needed to call my sister! )03:29
paultagpleia2: w00t!!! I just thinned down to 2 by making myself an application03:30
paultagpleia2: I now tell people to not email, but rather to queue me :)03:30
pleia2I do quite like email03:30
paultagpleia2: http://queue.paultags.com/ <-- wrote this this morning because I did not want to write more frik'n website filler03:31
paultagpleia2: it registers the item for my queue, and email notifies me. I get the email and mark the email read. No more annoying unread email / star email issues :D03:31
pleia2must resist temptation to abuse03:31
paultagpleia2: it can ban by IP / IP Range >:D03:31
pleia2that's neat03:32
pleia2people in the california channel were just talking about todo lists this morning03:32
paultagpleia2: I'll foss and publish it when it's done. It has some really nice features :)03:32
paultagpleia2: oh?03:32
pleia2nhaines told us about http://www.tiddlywiki.com/ which is pretty neato03:32
paultagnice :)03:33
paultagoh so pleia2, doctormo refered to the UBT as the Ubuntu Mafia03:39
pleia2haha, I am not sure what to make of that :)03:39
paultagpleia2: because of the amount of members on the team in big places / councils03:39
pleia2we haven't killed anyone lately...03:40
pleia2oh that03:40
paultagnot that they've found03:40
paultagpleia2: never really thought about it, but we do have a lot of notable members :D03:40
pleia2it's actually quite a nice story, it all happened quite organically03:41
paultagsure is pleia203:41
pleia2it wasn't like big people were particularly drawn to it, most of them grew up with the team03:41
paultag+1 :D03:41
pleia2beginners team03:42
paultagmaco: ubuntu beginners team, w00t w00t!03:43
paultagmaco: we're like a mafia, according to doctormo03:44
paultagmaco: pleia2, duanedesign here are both UBT :)03:45
paultagmaco: same was nigelb03:45
paultagddecator: too :)03:45
paultagand nhandler <303:45
paultagoh yes, and cjohnston for a while03:45
pleia2but he's a quitter ;P03:45
paultagwow, there are a lot of UBT folks here03:45
paultagpleia2: yeah >:(03:45
paultagpleia2: same with nigelb03:45
pleia2the team does have pretty high expectations03:46
paultagpleia2: mm, that's true.03:46
duanedesigntrue pleia203:46
duanedesigni hope the email isent out will spur a discussion as to best to accomplish those goals03:46
doctormopleia2: Well paultag says I said it was like the maffia, what I meant was more like the pidgins from animaniacs.03:47
pleia2doctormo: hahaha03:47
paultagwow, there are a lot of UBT folks herehaha03:47
doctormopaultag: release early release often, get your todo'er code into launchpad stat03:47
paultagdoctormo: lp? fsck that, github! :)03:48
doctormopaultag: Ah, your no fun, put it in github and then set it up to sync to launchpad :-P03:48
paultagdoctormo: can it do that?03:48
doctormoThe problem with github is that's it's closed sourced :-/ boo.03:48
paultag+1 doctormo03:48
paultagbut I love git so much03:49
pleia2wow really?03:49
paultagpleia2: yeah it really ticked me off03:49
pleia2first the debian font is proprietary, then github is closed source, my world is a mess this week!03:49
paultagpleia2: there are bits that are f/oss, but not much03:49
paultagdoctormo: can you really sync the two?03:49
pleia2*and* I contributed docmentation to the FSF, it really is a weird week :)03:49
paultagoh doctormo, were you interested in the UBT?03:50
doctormopaultag: Sync from any git branch to the launchpad project, you might have to sync the other way manually, best thing to do is to look at bzr branches and generate patch sets.03:50
paultagdoctormo: i'll look into that for sure03:50
doctormopaultag: http://imagebin.ca/view/xHByY6.html03:52
paultagoh killer03:52
paultagdoctormo: I'll set that up now, I think03:52
doctormopleia2: It's funny but practicality is being weighed and measured all the time, sometimes it's easier to go with the solution that works or looks nice rather than the pure and happy idealism.03:53
paultagdoctormo: we were just talking about this :D03:53
pleia2doctormo: sure, I'm a practicalist, it's just interesting given the committment to freedom in certain arenas and less in others03:54
doctormopleia2: Of course I've always thought of idealism as the purity that you always aim for, the thing you know is right and you may never be allowed to achieve but somehow you work towards it and bash your practical problems against it.03:54
doctormoI think that is where great creative solutions come from, the hard nosed idealist arguing with the functional practicalist to make more than one person happy.03:55
doctormopleia2: The debian logo thing could still be fixed, but I guess the idea is that the svg is foss, so why bother.03:55
doctormopleia2: As for github, yea I backed off from intergrating groundcontrol into github when I learned it was closed.03:56
* pleia2 nods03:56
paultagdoctormo: so, howabout BT ?03:58
paultagdoctormo: want to hang around with us for a while, and see how you like the folks?03:58
doctormohttp://hienhen.deviantart.com/art/So-what-about-me-171189757?q=&qo= <- heh I love the art community, always something awesome to add.04:00
doctormopaultag: Sure04:00
paultagdoctormo: #ubuntu-beginners, and #ubuntu-beginners-team04:00
paultagdoctormo: if / when you get serious about joining, poke me04:00
doctormoAh that's why I never joined, I could never spell 'beginners', I always tried with begginers.04:02
pleia2paultag: we should call the volunteer vertigo team begginers04:02
paultagpleia2: hell yeah :)04:02
doctormoWhat is volunteer vertigo?04:03
paultagdoctormo: what I was talking about04:03
paultagdoctormo: over the coffee, with over-streaching04:04
doctormoAh the HR team to stamp on everyone's good mood with a catbert like smile?04:04
paultaghaha yup04:04
paultagall we need is a snappy name, and a blessing from the community04:04
paultagoh wtf04:07
paultagwhy doctormo, are you afraid i'll come after you?04:07
paultagfair enough04:07
paultagdoctormo: I think i'll poke jono a bit later about it, get some feedback, and if there are no major concerns, we try a limited test. If it goes well, we continue, if we fail, we move on with efforts elsewhere :)04:09
nigelb+1 on growing up with the team04:10
doctormopaultag: I maintain that having your todo type code thing would be much better than a specific team for HR. Although, having a stronger presence for the council leaders of any team to be known contact points for conflict resolution is the best approach I think.04:10
paultaghey nigelb04:10
nigelbmorning folks :)04:10
nigelblesson learned, go to bed on time.04:10
pleia2morning nigelb :)04:11
paultagdoctormo: we'll see how it gells. I'm good software side ( writing audit stuff is no problem )04:11
nigelbI forgot to set my alarm for 4 am, set the time, forgot to switch it *on*04:11
paultagdoctormo: we'll see where people need help and what's helpful. Remove what sucks, keep what's useful, and emerge :)04:11
paultagnigelb: awwwww04:11
paultagWell, I'm off for the night04:11
nigelbpaultag: im going late.  can't walk without completed code04:11
paultaggood night, guys and gals!04:11
paultagnigelb: hum?04:12
paultagnigelb: oh noes that's right, you lost code :'(04:12
paultagnigelb: at least oyu know what you are doing now:)04:12
paultagOK, good night all :)04:12
paultagdoctormo: had fun tonight, cheers04:12
duanedesigncya paultag04:12
doctormopaultag: night04:13
doctormothanks for a great night as always.04:13
nigelbI *hate* banks - they make me fill out so many forms!04:13
doctormonigelb: Only a credit union is open source :-D04:22
nigelbI absolutely loath filling out foams04:31
nigelband I never get my signature right when they telll me "it should be same everywhere"04:31
PendulumI've never understood that "same everywhere" thing04:37
doctormonigelb: It doesn't have to be the same everywhere, there are writing experts that are brought into court to testify if there is a problem because they can tell from the way a stroke is carried though.04:37
nigelbdoctormo: I spent the last 4 working days in the bank, at least one hour, even on my birthday04:39
nigelbbecause on my debit card application, the signature was different :/04:39
doctormonigelb: I think I spent some time when I was 12 perfecting my signature, I spend my time on it each time like a work of art.04:42
duanedesigndoctormo: lol, i thought i was the only one who did that04:42
nigelbdoctormo: haha, I hate doing that.  I just quickly sign and leave it.04:42
Pendulummy signiture is fairly different from when I was 12, but that's because at 12 I could use my hands properly04:43
nigelbsome banks are okay, if they realize its "you" doing the signing, they don't bother to check04:43
doctormonigelb: That may be your problem then :-) Pendulum: Aye that happened to my dad after his hemorrhage.04:43
nigelbsome of them are really irritating, they know its you, and they still irritate you :x04:44
nigelband the bank people act like they're gods - I hate that04:45
nigelbmostly happens in the more older government banks04:45
PendulumI am so glad I use the small town bank of the sort where my best friend's mum works there and I went to school with some of the tellers and with the kids of some of the other employees04:48
nigelbthats fun04:49
duanedesignPendulum: yes i recently stopped going to a bank where everyone knew me. It has been a pain04:50
duanedesigni got used to never needing my ID04:50
* duanedesign goes to check on pbuilder04:51
nigelbutter frustration at going to bank = seeing them type04:51
doctormonhandler: better? http://imagebin.ca/view/cHq96Y.html05:10
nhandlerdoctormo: Yeah. Will we use it with a white background or transparent?05:15
doctormonhandler: It already has a transparent background05:15
doctormonhandler, nigelb: pleia2 also asked me for ideas on the ubuntu user days branding which you can see here: http://imagebin.ca/view/gKlD87.html05:33
nigelbdoctormo: love the user days done :)05:37
doctormonigelb: There is 3 different blue ones to choose from.05:38
doctormoMaybe use the hat ones for ubuntu classroom anddo the book one with the sun for ubuntu user days05:39
nigelbI think the man with hat is good for user days05:39
nigelb~/ws 3405:46
nigelbarg, window fail all around today05:46
duanedesign the new sound applet in 10.10 is sweet http://ln-s.net/7FiO05:56
nigelbyeah, saw jono post something on planet about it06:04
ddecatormorning kim007:07
kim0ddecator: Hey have a fantastic day :)07:08
ddecatorkim0: you as well :D07:08
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dpmgood morning all07:42
kim0Morning man07:45
dholbachgood morning07:47
dpmhey kim0 :)07:47
dpmmorgen dholbach, morgen ara07:47
dholbachhola ara07:47
dholbachhey dpm, hey kim007:47
dholbachhow are you all doing?07:47
aragood morning dholbach, dpm, kim0, all07:47
aragood thanks07:47
arastarted my morning with a bit of German lessons07:47
dholbachoh wow07:48
kim0ara: dpm: dholbach Have a fantastic morning everyone :)07:48
dholbachwhat did you learn?07:48
dpmdoing fine. I'm not sure it is still so warm in Germany, but here it definitely is07:48
araI am trying to change the routine and start my morning with German, if not, after a day of work, I am too lazy to learn07:48
dholbachdpm: 25°C right now, going to be 35°C later on07:48
arawell, I am still on lesson 4, so... not much :D07:48
aradpm, yesterday was better, it went only up to 29C, it was the first day in many when I could go out just after work07:49
kim0dholbach: think I'll feel right at home in Berlin :)07:50
dholbachara: you must be a real morning person then - I'm not sure I could learn much in the morning :)07:50
dholbachara: I had the same problem in school :-P07:51
dholbachdpm, ara: if my non-presentable counting yesterday would be correct, of 3.5 millions Berlinians, there's like 1 million Spanish people :)07:52
arahehehe, dholbach: where did you go?07:53
dpmdholbach, what were you exactly counting :)07:53
dholbachdpm: people babbling away in rapid Spanish when I was walking past them :)07:53
dholbachara: Wrangelstraße, Mariannenplatz, then to my sister's place, then home :)07:54
* nigelb waves to all!07:59
dholbachhey nigelb07:59
dpmhiya nigelb08:04
aradholbach, can I make you a couple of comments related to the ISO testers in the hall of fame? 0:-)08:05
araif it is not too much work08:06
arathe name I give you, it is supposed to be the launchpadid, then:08:07
aratranslate it to real name (+ link to launchpad page, as the rest)08:07
araif you can't find a equivalent, just skip that one08:07
dholbach"Lance (aka: Erick Brunzell)" isn't :)08:07
araas I told you, I will be asking people to fix that field in their profiles08:07
aradholbach, i.e. ;-)08:07
dholbachI'll add it to my TODO, but I can't guarantee that it's always going to be accurate08:08
araand if it is easy for you, filter the Canonical folks08:08
aradholbach, I was guessing that you would use launchpadlib in the h-o-f and, therefore, it would be easier for you to do this things08:09
araif you don't, I can do it on my side08:09
dholbachI do it08:09
dholbachI was just referring to " Lance (aka: Erick Brunzell)" - if I'd use just "Lance", I'd get to http://launchpad.net/~lance which is "lcniles", so probably the wrong user08:11
arayes, if the user is wrong, like in that case, just skip that one08:17
aradon't put it in the list08:17
dholbachara: ok08:19
dholbachhey jono08:19
jonohey dholbach08:21
dholbachdid you see this? http://j1m.net/2010/07/13/updating-the-ubuntu-packaging-guide/08:24
dholbachsetting up that survey was great08:24
* kim0 jono Morning man08:29
jonokim0, howdy08:32
jonodholbach, that survey is awesome :)08:33
dholbachJim has a big interest in getting the packaging guide up to scratch again and gave me lots of feedback on how docs stuff works08:35
duanedesignthe packaging guide is invaluable. I reference it all the time. That and the Debian maintainers Guide08:45
duanedesignthe only things that tripped me up at first was the different tools to do the same job. But that comes with the territory i guess08:46
duanedesignguess i should be telling this to the survey :)08:47
jononight all08:56
dholbachduanedesign: yes, please :)09:11
dholbachduanedesign: but you're right - we have lots of different tools to do the job, I hope we can identify some recommended tools that get the job done everywhere and just mention all the others09:11
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dholbachhola randa_09:41
randa_hi dholbach09:42
* sense is the new qense09:57
sensevish: Don't despair, my personality isn't new!09:59
senseI hope.09:59
vishsense: finally got your preferred nick ;p09:59
sensevish: I've had this nick for a while now after someone suggested to request it to get dropped, but now I've decided I want to 'professionalise' my 'brand'. :P09:59
nigelbsense: everyone goes through a rebranding on getting ubuntu membership, I guess your rebranding like your membership is delayed ;)10:03
sensenigelb: I am still doubting whether to request the 'sense' username at Launchpad to be handed to me (user registered on 2006 and never did anything) since my 'qense' address is linked to from several files now.10:04
nigelbsense: files = changelogs?10:04
popeyJFo / maco / jcastro / sense: I missed your conversation yesterday about omg ubuntu. Two things I'd say - there is now omgsuse.. so it's not like they have any kind of allegiance to ubuntu, and secondly I was told (when I asked them to reign in one of their inflammatory posts/comments) that "we don't owe ubuntu anything"10:05
sensenigelb: some, and copyright notices in file headers10:05
nigelbsense: ouch, if it were changelogs LP would be able to attribute it to you since its on email ID10:05
sensenigelb: It might not be such a big deal, and if I want to change I'd better change now. When I'd wait I'd only have more troubles switching.10:06
nigelbYes, definitely10:07
nigelbyour ubuntu email would be a wreck for 48 hours10:07
senseThat could cause some problems. :)10:08
nigelbIt would work ofcourse10:08
vishoh! interesting chat yesterday!10:10
sensepopey: Is OMG!SUSE! also from the same authors?10:12
vishnigelb: actually , the design "slip" was from joey and not humphrey , it was due to a slip up on the mailing lists10:13
vishhumphrey joined in at OMG!Tabloid only later..10:13
senseczajkowski: Good morning.10:14
czajkowskisense: why the nick change to confuse me :p10:14
senseczajkowski: <sense> vish: I've had this nick for a while now after someone suggested to request it to get dropped, but now I've decided I want to 'professionalise' my 'brand'.10:15
senseI must be growing up!10:15
czajkowskiwhy woyuld someone request for it to be dropped?10:16
popey10:13:17 < vish> nigelb: actually , the design "slip" was from joey and not humphrey , it was due to a slip up on the mailing lists10:16
popeyit was benjamin10:16
senseczajkowski: I did the request, so I could GROUP it.10:16
czajkowskisense: ahhh10:16
czajkowskislip up??10:16
vishpopey: i dont think so ,let me check again :)10:17
popeybenjamin mentioned it on a mailing list10:17
popeyjoey picked up on that10:17
vishpopey: yeah ,10:17
popeywell, he was tipped off10:17
popeybut it was ben that mentioned it in 'public'10:17
vishpopey: that was the slip on the ML i hinted at10:17
popeybut "meh", it's all in the past :)10:18
vishpopey: folks at gnome-design , were envious and wanted to start and OMG!Gnome! too :)10:18
popeystarting a website is only one part10:18
vishbut seriously though , its more tabloid stuff..10:19
popeyhaving someone obsessive about new crack as Joey is.. is another matter10:19
popeypeople read tabloids :)10:19
visha *lot*10:19
popeythey are 'people', and forgive me if I'm wrong but 'people' are our target audience for Ubuntu10:20
popeywe want 'people' to use it, no matter where they find out about it10:20
vishhumans are just attracted to sensationalism..10:20
* sense is just not very fond of tabloids10:20
popeymeh, me neither10:20
popeybut then I dont like Bacon+maple syrup10:20
nigelbme neither10:20
popeyso what do I know10:20
czajkowskiranda_: morning10:21
randa_hi czajkowski10:21
nigelbczajkowski: morning :)10:21
czajkowskiranda_: mind if I pm you stome stuff to look over10:22
paultaghey dholbach11:38
dholbachhey paultag11:38
paultagdholbach: I got back to your mail, long and short of it is I think Sam A is full of frak11:38
paultagdholbach: I think the EMEA made the right call with their gut-check11:39
dholbachpaultag: I'll have a look into it, and while I don't exactly know what "full of frak" means, I can only hope it's not too disrespectful11:41
paultagdholbach: naw, it's not11:41
nigelbwhen paultag wants to be more disrespectful, he'll use the right words :p12:13
paultagnigelb: you know me all too well :)12:15
nigelbI had to rework all that i lost yesterday, good thing I lost it12:16
nigelbI wrote it better this time :p12:16
paultagnigelb: be careful, you start to learn if you throw out working 1.0 code beacuse it "stinks" ( real coding term ), you can make a much better 2.012:18
paultagnigelb: that's a big problem in a lot of cases, like where there are deadlines, or you know, you're getting paid to do it12:18
nigelbpaultag: actually, I was doing the 1.0 -> 2.0 shift when I lost code12:19
nigelbI did lose 1.0 which was good12:19
nigelbbut I also did lose a lot of other work I had committed along with it, that sucked :(12:19
paultagnigelb: aye12:19
nigelbduanedesign: poke?12:46
duanedesignhello nigelb12:47
nigelbduanedesign:  Is the UbuntuOne space encrypted? Or the other way round: Is the data sent to the cloud already in encrypted form so that canonical isn't able to access the data even if they would like to?12:47
duanedesignnigelb: no it is not12:47
nigelbno encryption at all?12:48
duanedesignnigelb:  it uses SSL and secure certificates to transmit12:49
duanedesignnigelb: To authenticate the desktop software oauth12:49
paultagduanedesign: dd if dev null of file, mkext3 file, gpg --encrypt file12:49
duanedesignnigelb: but it is not stored encrypted12:49
nigelbevilnhandler: fix your connection!12:50
duanedesignnigelb: in order to share the folders with someone if you choose. Also to allow for publish by public url12:50
nigelbduanedesign: okay, a dd just asked me12:50
duanedesignnigelb: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Security12:50
duanedesignnigelb: there have been people who have encrpted their U1 data. It limits some of the features and they have had mixed success12:51
nigelbah, ok12:51
duanedesignif you are more interested in encrypting the data let me know and i will put my hands on that info for you12:52
nigelbNot me, Rhonda just asked me :)12:53
czajkowskigah make the rain stop!!! it's summer!!!13:01
* nigelb hugs czajkowski :)13:02
nigelbsomeday jussi will learn the spelling of occasionally ;)13:05
czajkowskiprobably not13:06
czajkowskihe's a bit special13:06
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=== dhlbach is now known as dholbach
senseArgh, I forgot how commond the use of the word 'sense' is in the English language. Now I get more pings than usual.14:25
czajkowskiyou lacked common sense there14:25
popeyI sense a disturbance in the force14:25
senseBut I'm sense!14:25
popeychange your name to ubuntu14:25
popeythat'll fix it14:25
paultagsense: what an unfortunate name14:26
paultagsense: you must get pings all day :)14:26
jussiwell that makes sense...14:26
paultagoh You!14:26
czajkowskipaultag: do you have tag on highlight ?14:26
paultagczajkowski: no, that got absurd after about a day14:26
czajkowskimakes sesne14:26
senseCan you use IPA characters in Freenode nicks? :P14:26
paultagczajkowski: debian folks love to say the word "tag", so I'd get 30+ pings an hour some days14:26
popeyhaha czajkowski14:26
paultagczajkowski: HAHA!14:26
senseOh fun!14:27
paultagczajkowski: makes no sense at all to have tag on highlight14:27
popeyi still have marmite on hilight14:27
czajkowskithis is true, although tis rare I make any sense14:27
paultagczajkowski: I sense the use of our word sense will upset sense, make sense?14:27
senseYour use of the word 'sense' doesn't make any czajkowski!14:27
senseWell, as long as people won't try to pronounce my name the same way as the English word I'm fine.14:28
jussiok senser14:28
czajkowskidear inbox please shrink14:29
paultagsense: how do you pronounce your name? (i'd just say it in my american drawl )14:29
senseczajkowski: I always get stress from holidays because I know what will wait for me when I return...14:29
czajkowskioh I won't stress over it14:29
sensepaultag: that would be [ˈsɛn.sə ˈɛɣ.bərt ˈɦɔf.steː.də] for my full name.14:30
czajkowskimakes my name sound easy14:30
senseI put it on my Launchpad profile! Can that be considered geeky?14:30
paultagwhoh, I'm on irssi, sense -- it barfs on int'l chars14:30
paultagczajkowski: yeah, how do you say your name?14:30
czajkowskivery easy14:31
sensepaultag: OK then: pronounce it regularly until the last 'e', which is pronounced somewhat .like the 'a' from the British 'above'14:31
paultagczajkowski: is it like tchaikovsky ?14:31
czajkowskipaultag: yup exactly that14:31
paultagczajkowski: rocken14:31
senseWith an Irish or Polish accent?14:31
paultagsense: ah, cool14:32
senseIt is not that hard. I fear more for my second name, although I rarely use that.14:32
senseNo idea why the English call the g a gutteral H. :)14:33
sense(Beware though, Germans always complain Dutch sounds so harsh)14:33
paultagsense: I spent some time in Germany :P14:34
czajkowskisense: I have an Irish accent... you knwo that14:34
czajkowskikim0: aloha14:34
kim0czajkowski: Hi there :)14:34
jcastrobuenas mornings!14:35
senseczajkowski: I know. But I was curious if your name sounds a bit different in Polish, since it is often impossible to completely reproduce a language's sounds in another one.14:35
sensejcastro: good afternoon!14:35
czajkowskijcastro: aloha14:35
czajkowskikim0: mind if I pm you ?14:36
czajkowskiif you're free14:36
kim0czajkowski: absolutely no problem14:36
czajkowskilovely jubbly14:36
paultagI'm so mad at evilnhandler right now14:41
paultagI've been trying to ban him from beginners namespace until he fixes his connection14:41
paultagjussi: Oh, you're on the IRCC -- can you tell me what I'm doing wrong with this?14:42
Picipaultag: What are you doing and what isn't working?14:42
paultag /mode #ubuntu-beginners-team +b evilnhandler@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nhandler$##fix_your_conection14:43
paultagPici: just had to dig that up14:43
paultagirssi has not been nice to me, lately14:44
Picipaultag: Make sure that you're opped up beforehand.14:44
paultagPici: I was at the time14:44
paultagPici: is there anything wrong with that syntax?14:45
Picipaultag: No, that should work...14:45
Picipaultag: oh, no, it wont.14:45
Picipaultag: /mode +b evilnhandler!*@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nhandler$##fix_your_conection14:46
paultagPici: Ohhh, joy! Why's that? I also tried evilnhandler!nhandler@...14:46
paultagPici: Ahha14:46
paultagPici: thanks :) let me go off and try that14:46
paultagPici: still failed. Verbatim, this is what I ran ( as op )14:47
paultag /mode +b evilnhandler!*@freenode/staff/ubuntu.member.nhandler$##fix_your_conection14:47
paultagPici: I kicked, and he rejoined without fail or problem14:47
AlanBellcan you ban freenode staff?14:48
paultagAlanBell: I'm not sure that I can, after seeing this14:48
czajkowskinope you can't14:48
czajkowskithat would reather defeat the purpose of staff14:49
paultagCan other freenode staffers ban freenode staff?14:49
Piciczajkowski: Well thats annoying14:49
czajkowskiPici: paultag just add him onto ignore14:49
czajkowskior let me go ask14:49
PiciI've never had to ban a staffer before14:49
czajkowskipaultag: yes14:49
maconigelb: wait youve had maple syrup? before akademy the europeans were trying to explain to the indians what pancakes and maple syrup are14:50
czajkowskipaultag: what is the channel ?14:52
paultagczajkowski: #ubuntu-beginners-team14:52
czajkowskithere are no bans set in that channel14:55
czajkowskiThe ban list is emmpty, nobody has set any bans14:55
jcastroczajkowski: looking for me yesterday?14:55
czajkowskijcastro: nope just saying hi :)14:55
czajkowskipaultag: also you've spelt connection wrong in the forwarding channel so that may be the issue also14:56
paultagczajkowski: something odd going on14:56
* paultag hugs czajkowski 14:56
paultagczajkowski: I *love* you14:56
czajkowskipaultag: will you love me later on when I make you do action items :)14:56
jcastroyeah! get him!14:57
paultagczajkowski: oh of course :)14:57
paultaghowdy jcastro :)14:57
=== ara_ is now known as ara
czajkowskijcastro: great idea re nexus :)15:10
jcastroit was a jab at jono and aq15:10
czajkowskiI'd never had guessed :p15:10
czajkowskisigh my high court application for sexual harassment at my old job was just filed. No going back now.15:11
paultagczajkowski: :(15:11
paultagczajkowski: at least you filed it15:12
czajkowskistill not heard anything back on unfair dismissal  case.15:12
czajkowskipaultag: aye and I got a lotta grief from some folks telling me I should have said nothing at work and then i'd still have my job15:12
czajkowskiand worryingly they are right15:12
paultagczajkowski: perhaps you can incite change for someone else's future down the road15:13
jcastrobeing right always feels good!15:13
czajkowskiyup you're both right. just sucks as I'm the one not working when my old boss and company mates are.  just a kicker.15:13
czajkowskidust yerself up and move on15:14
Pendulumczajkowski: *hugs* tbh, I think you were right to say something and I hope at the very least you get some money out of this :P (if you can in your court system)15:15
* paultag hugs15:15
paultagczajkowski: too many girls say nothing.15:16
Pendulumpaultag: agreed15:16
paultagczajkowski: no regrets :)15:19
czajkowskiI mean my boss sat there and said nothing, while the comments were made. she was used to the guy being a bully. she was there 8 years. I've no problem oking wiht guys most of my mates are.  I object to comments being made directly at me or about me15:20
paultagczajkowski: aye aye.15:23
akgranerwoo hoo Day 3 of Developer Week!15:24
paultagakgraner: :)15:26
paultagOh hey akgraner, I was talking with pleia2, doctormo, about the VV team15:26
paultagakgraner: so far feedback has been on the positive side of the fence, I think I'm going to talk with Jono about it. Want to join in, when I do?15:27
JFoVuvuzuela team paultag?15:27
paultagJFo: Heck yeah!15:27
paultagJFo: we have and irc room where the bot just says "BZZZZZZZ"15:27
czajkowskipaultag: yer a right odd ball15:28
paultagJFo: volunteer vertigo, akgraner's trademark phrase :)15:28
paultagczajkowski: sure am ;)15:28
paultagJFo: having a safe place for people who are over-worked, and need to find a way to take some load off15:29
czajkowskipaultag: that;s called skype15:29
JFoI double love that idea15:29
czajkowskiwhere I rant at akgraner15:29
paultagczajkowski: haha15:29
czajkowskiakgraner: we;ve not skyped in ages :(15:29
paultagJFo: thanks, it's really akgraner's idea, but I loved the idea a lot, so I'm going to try and poke around and start a framework up15:29
akgranerpaultag, I'm in15:35
paultagakgraner: killer :D15:35
akgranerpaultag, I talked to a couple therapist about it and how it needs to work (so we don't do more harm than good)15:36
paultagakgraner: I killed off a ton of stuff from my queue, and I'm starting to get more time15:36
paultagakgraner: ddecator here is an up-in-coming therapist, humm :)15:36
paultagakgraner: what did he say?15:36
paultagor she15:36
akgranerpaultag, they were all male I talked to - no worries15:36
akgranerthey said that the Ubuntu Community is one of the healthiest online communities they have looked at15:37
paultagwow, well that's something to be proud of15:37
duanedesignakgraner: you were in the Ubuntu Wanted session at UDS?15:38
akgranerand that we need to stress - that people need to feel comfortable to talk, and that discussions stay within group, no one should feel judged and that no-one should feel pressured15:38
akgranerduanedesign, was I - I wanted to be - I think I came late to that one as I was meeting with the camera people15:38
paultagakgraner: any ideas about how to do that? I don't want it to be "Oh they're under-preforming, they must be over-worked, send them to those VV guys"15:38
paultagakgraner: but a "Whew, what a week!" kinda place15:39
akgranerHe is going to get me some information for the leaders15:39
duanedesignakgraner: i am not fully up on the VV idea but was wondering if there were ideas that crossed over between the two15:39
akgranerand he is looking into IRC... and how it all works so I can bug him about it while using the tools we would be using15:39
paultagakgraner: I can write a few one-off tool to data-mine for us / hold data for us, if we need them15:40
akgranerI thought Ubuntu Wanted was about getting people in the community lined up with the right project or vice versa15:40
paultagjono: ears burning?15:41
akgranerVolunteer Vertigo is more like Ubuntu Anonymous sorta thing - I organized it to be based on a 12 step program - but it only has 6 steps15:41
akgranerpaultag, I had them look at my steps as well - we are going to re-word them a little15:42
paultagakgraner: that's 100%, it's the idea that matters, verbage is fluid15:42
jonopaultag, eh?15:42
paultagjono: akgraner and I were just talking about getting together with you, when you have a second15:42
akgranerduanedesign, I like the idea of the whole wanted thing - for people to post a here's where I can help and for projects to post here's where we need help - how's it going btw?15:43
jonopaultag, ahhh15:43
jonowhat about?15:43
paultagjono: akgraner's Volunteer Vertigo put into a team who's job it is to prevent burnout / VV15:44
paultagjono: we have a bit more in our heads that is more thought out, but nothing written down15:44
jonoahhh ok15:45
akgranerAn official Volunteer Vertigo group for Ubuntu15:45
duanedesignakgraner: I asked the other day and I think the community members whos idea it was have been too busy to really push it forward much15:45
paultagjono: when you have a free minute or two, let akgraner or myself know, I'd love to hash this out a tad and get some feedback15:45
jonowhat is the purpose of the group though?15:46
akgranersupport group15:46
akgranerfor people who volunteer too much15:46
akgranerhow to over come it - and not get caught up in it again and again15:47
akgranerhow to have a balanced volunteer community15:47
akgranerpaultag, anything you want to add that I missed?15:47
paultagjono: To both take people who say that they are worn out, as well as identifying who is burnned out. Just a safe outlet to put the pent-up workload anger, rather then quitting or flipping out15:47
paultagakgraner: I think you got it spot on15:47
jonointreresting idea15:47
jonobut I am not sure it wouldnt just fizzle out15:48
jonoput together a proposal and then lets ho on the phone15:48
akgranerok - can we do that after OSCON?15:48
jonoperfect :)15:48
jonoI am sprinting anyway, so that would be idea15:48
paultagjono: me neither, that's why I was thinking of trying a limited test, figure out what's useful, strip the cruft, and keep the good stuff, and if it's still  worth it, push it to a "full" team15:48
akgranerpaultag, we can work on the proposal but have the call after OSCON?15:48
jonoI am keen to learn more about yuour idesa15:48
paultagakgraner: Roger15:48
paultagjono: you got it15:48
akgranerpaul - I leave for OSCON on Monday  - so wanna yak on Friday afternoon?15:49
akgranerpaultag, ^^^15:49
paultagakgraner: you got it, what protocol?15:49
akgranerjono, I hate I'm going to miss CLS this year?15:50
akgranerbut no sitter coverage this time15:50
jonoakgraner, yeah that sucks15:50
jonoahhh np15:50
akgranerI can't turn loose my 2 kids alone - they will have a racket set up the minute I turn my head15:50
akgranerpaultag, is skype ok with you?15:51
paultagakgraner: sure is, `paultaggs` on skype for me15:51
jcastroI thought JFo was your sitter?15:51
akgranerhe can't if he is in Prague :-(15:52
akgranerI gotta find more sitters and ones the kids can't BS get away with crap with...  they are terribly smart and love to play practical jokes15:53
JFomy work here is done15:54
czajkowskiakgraner: they not old enough to stay on their own yet?15:55
dholbachhey jono15:55
jonohowdy dholbach15:55
jonokim0, jcastro, dpm, dholbach 4m?15:56
dpmhey jono, yep15:56
kim0jono: sure15:57
* dholbach nods15:57
duanedesignjono: me, paultag, n_handler and cprofitt put together an email seeking input from the community on the Beginners Team and its mission of getting people involved in the community. If you do get a chance we would love your feedback.15:57
dholbachduanedesign: he has to answer my mails first :-P15:57
czajkowskiduanedesign: take a ticket and join the queue :p15:57
paultagduanedesign: ah yeah, right :)15:57
akgranerczajkowski, not yet.. but soon :-)15:57
duanedesigndholbach: i think i sent one to you and jcastro as well :)15:58
dholbachduanedesign: I know :)15:58
jonoduanedesign, will do15:59
duanedesignthanks i know how crazy busy you all are16:00
doctormopaultag: Morning16:04
paultagmorning doctormo :)16:05
dholbachcan somebody microblog about UDW? :-D16:10
paultagdholbach: anything in mind?16:10
dholbachsessions starting in 50m :-D16:11
paultagdholbach: #ubuntu-classroom?16:11
* dholbach is so looking forward to day 3 - it'll be awesome16:11
jcastroyeah today will be awesome16:15
nigelbmaco: I haven't but I can guess how thats going to be a challenge16:16
akgranerdholbach, dented tweeted and FB'd :-)16:19
dholbachakgraner: ROCK16:19
* akgraner <3's qwibber!16:19
nhandlerakgraner: FYI, I saw you were manually denting about the current session in -classroom. You could just redent/retween what @ubuntuclassroom dents.16:25
akgranernhandler, I never see what it dents...16:26
akgranerI don't look at qwibber and stuff during the day most of the time - too distracting...16:26
akgranernhandler, If I see it I'll be happy to redent/retweet it :-)16:28
czajkowskinhandler: yer back16:36
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 about to start in 19 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom16:41
jonodholbach, so you are gonna be a few mins late due to kicking off UDW?17:00
dholbachjono: no, all good17:01
dholbachall sorted17:01
jonodholbach, ok, I am in the 1 on 117:01
jcastrodholbach: I'm going to go get food and then prep for our class17:29
jcastrosmoke if you got em!17:29
czajkowskiohhh food17:31
czajkowskiwise wise decision17:31
czajkowskiI want crispy bacon and syrup please17:31
czajkowskiand a bucket full of pancakes17:31
dholbachjcastro: super - still in a call17:35
czajkowskipopey: you're wrong!17:36
czajkowskiit had to happen at some point, but yer wrong :p17:36
nigelbdholbach: we do have classbot you know ;)18:05
dholbachnigelb: yep18:05
nigelbyou op'd me manually :p18:05
Technovikingjono: ping18:35
jonohey Technoviking18:35
Technovikingjono: will the raw number do, I don't think I can recreate the graphs18:35
nigelbjono: er, need a bit of help.  can you blog about cleansweep when you get time? next week before we hold a bug day for it18:36
czajkowskinigelb: want me to blog it ?18:36
jonoTechnoviking, sure, the raw data is ideal18:36
jono nigelb planning on it today18:37
jonoafter my videocasts18:37
TechnovikingOOo spreadsheet cool18:37
nigelboh, yay \o/18:37
* nigelb hugs jono :)18:37
jonoTechnoviking, bring it on18:39
Technovikingjono: on it way, also copied it to Google Docs, if that makes it easier to share18:40
Technovikingok a guy in a spongeBob suit is looking over my shoulder (serious), I'm out of here18:41
czajkowskiI want to work where Technoviking works18:42
czajkowskisounds rather amusing18:42
jcastroI am disappointed that Technoviking isn't the one dressed in the spongebob suit18:48
jcastrodholbach: 12 minutes!18:49
jonoTechnoviking, haha18:49
jonothanks Technoviking18:49
jonook, I better go and put some clothes on for the videocast18:50
* JFo really worries about this channel18:52
dholbachnothing we didn't have before18:53
jcastrodholbach: I am listening on mumble if you want to yell out that I am typing too much in the session18:56
dholbachjcastro: I just connected my laptop to my stereo for some hectic music :-D18:57
dholbachbut yeah, mumble is a good idea18:57
jcastrook I'm going first right?18:58
jcastrowe'll intro for like 30 secs18:58
jcastrothen I'll do the why, etc.18:58
dholbachwe can go back and forth as you like18:58
nigelbok folks, I'm calling it a day19:30
nigelbone hell of a day today :)19:30
paultaghey nigelb19:31
paultagnigelb: sounds like you could use a VV hug ;)19:31
paultagnigelb: 'night!19:31
nigelbpaultag: yes I could :)19:31
nigelbNight :)19:31
paultaghey dholbach, I have a question if you have a few seconds to spare19:44
dholbachUDW session right now19:44
paultagdholbach: roger19:45
dholbachand after that I'll be gone, but just ask, if it's quick I'll reply19:45
dholbachif not just paste it to a mail :)19:45
paultagdholbach: I'll just email you, cheers19:45
dholbachsuper :)19:45
dholbachok my friends - calling it a day20:01
dholbachseeeeeeeeeee you20:01
* dholbach hugs you all20:01
jcastroman, you know what would be the awesomest thing ever20:05
jcastroif I got to work with daniel every day as part of my job.20:05
jcastroOH WAIT.20:05
senseMove to Europe and you'll have the whole day instead of just the morning!20:07
paultagheh, I wish I knew dholbach, he seems like a cool guy20:07
paultagplus, I love Germans, so it's pretty easy to win my favor20:07
popeyhe is made of awesome20:09
popeygives great hugs too20:09
vishpaultag: he really is totally awesome! amazingly down to earth :)20:14
paultagvish: I bet :)20:14
senseSo we can conclude we're all jealous at jcastro because he does work with him? :)20:17
vishhehe , dholbach , me and another member got lost in Brussels together :D   it was a fun time!   we were following a map and it turned out we never were anywhere in the map!20:21
vishall in one evening! and somehow we found our way back :)20:21
vishand the other group which were more organized didnt make it to the buses! while we did \o/20:22
senseWe took taxis back to the hotel.20:23
senseOr maybe that was another evening. :D20:23
vishsense: the day we went to drug cafe..20:23
sensevish: drugs? In Belgium? That can't be legal.20:24
vishthats the name of the place :)20:24
senseSpelled like that?20:25
vishor drug opera..20:25
senseDoesn't ring a bell, but then again I'm as familiar with Brussels as you.20:26
vishah , there was Delerium Cafe and Drug Opera!20:28
senseI think went to Delerium.20:29
czajkowskidrug l'opera is a nice enough place to eat20:29
czajkowskinamed after being both in its past20:29
paultagOh shoot, czajkowski20:30
paultagczajkowski: 1) got the queue mail, thanks20:30
paultagczajkowski: 2) can you add an exempt for the +i for me?20:30
paultagczajkowski: I'm locked out20:30
czajkowskioh you are special20:31
paultagczajkowski: :)20:31
czajkowskipaultag: see pm20:31
czajkowskijcastro: all set for GUADEC :)20:43
jcastroczajkowski: are you coming?20:44
czajkowskinope :(20:44
czajkowskione day I'll make GUADEC!20:44
jcastroJFo: got a sec?20:50
jcastroJFo: I need someone with an ability to use git and a kernel tree sitting around. :D20:50
JFoI'm about to do my classroom session20:51
jcastrooh, holla at me after pls20:51
jcastro(I just need confirmation of the 2 guys who implemented fscache)20:51
JFoprobably be better to ask one of the kernel folks, my git fu is weak20:52
jcastrono worries20:52
czajkowskihttp://www.lczajkowski.com/2010/07/14/national-clc-conference-leeds/  my review on Leeds Conference21:19
czajkowskijono: ping pong21:46
czajkowskijono: skype?22:00
czajkowskijcastro: any sign of jono ?22:07
jcastrohaven't seen him around22:08
czajkowskijcastro: thanks22:09
jonoczajkowski, sorry, I had to go to the docs22:32
jonoI totally missed our call22:32
jonoczajkowski, I haven't had any lunch yet, do you mind if I grab something and then we talk?>22:32
czajkowskifire ahead22:33
czajkowskiwatching some new uk tv shnow and laughing22:33
czajkowskigives a bell when you're free22:33
jonoczajkowski, cool, gonna go and grab something from Noah's, back soon22:34
czajkowskihe does realise as soon as he comes back my first question is going to be what;s Noah's and what he ordered right :)22:35
jonoczajkowski, ready now22:57
czajkowskijono: sent you an email earlier on, has agenda/info22:58
jonoczajkowski, cool22:58
czajkowskihmm dont see you on skpe22:58
senseSleep well everyone!23:48
jononigelb, http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/07/14/operation-cleansweep-we-need-you/23:50
jononigelb, also Facebooked23:50
jcastronigelb: woo!23:51
jcastroI mean jono: woo!23:51
jcastro"To do this you don’t have to be programmer"?23:52
jcastroI would say "you don't have to be an ubuntu developer" instead23:53
paultagjcastro: haha23:56
jonoczajkowski, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/loco-directory/+bug/601081/comments/523:56
ubot2Launchpad bug 601081 in loco-directory "Listing teams for approval at present is not accurate (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Medium,Triaged]23:56
jonopaultag, dude, the reports...23:56
jonothey are awesome23:56
paultagjono: Oh, thanks man23:57
paultagjono: I whipped those up at work to audit Australia23:57
jonopaultag, I am about to email you an daniel about merging that into the loco dir23:57
paultagjono: yeah, I can see if I can't port that over -- the rendering stuff is in php, but I know of a python lib that does the same stuff. I'm pretty sure I can get it done in a short amount of time23:58
paultagjono: thanks man, that means a lot, btw :) -- not everyday that happens :P23:58
jonopaultag, awesome, you are damn cool, and this work will really make the Loco dir rock :)23:58
paultagjono: thanks mate -- yeah, I'll start looking into porting the stuff to python and see if I can't get it working in with the LD23:59
jonopaultag, sweet23:59
jonoI am filing a bug now, will mail you and dholbach afterwards23:59
paultagthanks jono :)23:59

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