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robert_ancellRAOF, do you know where the "X-protocol host family types" enumeration is defined?  Possible values are Internet=0, DECNet=1, Chaos=2, Internet6=601:46
RAOFrobert_ancell: Not off the top of my head.  I'll have a grep around the sources.01:46
robert_ancellRAOF, thanks, I can't seem to find them in the headers01:47
robert_ancell(I'm getting the possible values from the Wireshark source :))01:47
RAOF /usr/include/X11/X.h:#define FamilyInternet0/* IPv4 */01:49
robert_ancellRAOF, duh, not sure how I missed that!01:50
RAOFOne presumes that you are playing with {Light,G}DM here? :)01:50
robert_ancellyeah, the gdm xdmcp support is completely broken.  And very hacky at that - it was just going 4 octets == IPv4 right?  No need to check the family code...01:51
RAOFWhat could possibly go wrong? :)01:51
robert_ancellthis X stuff is all starting to make some sort of crazy sense...01:51
RAOFWarning: This indicates a dangerous loss of sanity.  Agent is recommended to spend some time stroking puppies.01:53
robert_ancellIt even makes sense now when I get magic cookie errors.  I no longer think of the X server being stoned..01:54
robert_ancellRAOF, oh, is there an AES based encryption protocol for X?  The DES one seems like a bit of a waste of time01:55
RAOFI think there is?01:56
robert_ancellI'm guessing it's not supported by our X, as it only offers MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1, XDM-AUTHORIZATION-1 and SUN-DES-1 on connection01:58
robert_ancellthe latter two are both DES01:58
robert_ancelloh, and my video card problem magically disappeared.  worrying02:00
RAOFHm.  Maybe there isn't an AES based encryption protocol.02:02
robert_ancellRAOF, how hard would it be to propose one?02:05
robert_ancelli.e. XDM-AUTHORIZATION-202:05
RAOFProbably not terrificly hard?  It looks like the code is fairly well isolated.02:09
robert_ancellI don't mean code-wise, what sort of process is required to make it "official".  Or do you just build it and try and make it a de-facto standard?02:10
RAOFYou'd get on the xorg mailing list and see if anyone had any objections, I think.02:14
RAOFThere's not really a standards body other than X.org here, and the need to keep the X11 protocol working.02:14
* mclasen recommens gdm-list as place to meet dm authors02:15
RAOFI guess that's the other end of the ?DM protocol :)02:17
robert_ancellmclasen, right02:22
* robert_ancell thinks whoever decided to have authorization and authentication look so similar and abbreviate them both as "auth" had a sense of humour02:27
robert_ancellRAOF, it looks like the good authorization scheme is MIT-KERBEROS-5 (supported in xauth)02:28
RAOFYeah, I saw that previously.  Do we actually support it, though?02:34
* TheMuso could scream at the number of people who get solutions from ubuntuforums for audio issues, and don't help in pointing to which post et al fixed their issue.02:34
robert_ancellRAOF, I don't think the X server supports it02:37
RAOFYup.  Removed in 2007, as it didn't work.02:40
RAOF“Anybody wanting krb5 auth to their xserver should probably be using GSSAPI instead of the internal krb5 API anyway”02:41
robert_ancellwhat does that mean?02:42
RAOFI'm not sure :)02:42
robert_ancellI swear encryption people like to encrypt their jargon02:43
RAOFhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generic_Security_Services_Application_Program_Interface suggests that it's a stable API that's a de-facto wrapper for kerberos.02:44
robert_ancellRAOF, so does the X server support GSSAPI?02:47
RAOFNot as far as I can see.02:48
RAOFprotocols[] contain at most MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1, XDM--AUTHORIZATION-1 and SUN-DES-102:50
robert_ancellthat matches what it offers in the XDMCP Request packet02:51
RAOFGah.  Who's using all the PPA buildd time? :(02:52
robert_ancellTheMuso, how do I sync a debian package?03:07
robert_ancellI want to sync libsoup2.4, I tried just uploading the source package but it gets rejected due to the unknown distroseries03:08
TheMusorobert_ancell: requestsync will help you out, man requestsync03:10
robert_ancelldoes anyone know anything about udev? Can we update to 160?03:10
robert_ancellTheMuso, thanks, I was wondering if there was a more direct mehtod03:12
RAOFI'd probably ping #ubuntu-kernel before touching udev.  What's shiny and new in 160?03:14
robert_ancellRAOF, dunno, but it's what Debian is using and the latest gnome-bluetooth package from Debian required 15403:16
RAOFI'd guess it's probably ok, but it's a bit foundation-y.  pitti's across udev, though, I think.03:17
robert_ancellRAOF, yeah, I think I'll ask him03:27
TheMusoEither pitti or keybuk03:36
pittiGood morning05:28
pittiRAOF, TheMuso: FYI, Keybuk has prepared a newer version in bzr, I'm not sure why he doesn't upload it05:29
pittiI'd like to see 160, too, but I need Keybuk's help to update the upstream bzr import at least05:30
RAOFHowdie pitti05:41
RAOFA good morning for you?05:41
pittihey RAOF; it is indeed; bit cloudy today for the first time in more than a week. what a relief!06:00
pittiRAOF: are you blocking on something particular from udev 160?06:00
pittiI can upload a quick cherrypick if you need to06:00
RAOFpitti: I'm not; it's robert_ancell who was interested in it, and I don't think he was blocked on it either.06:01
pittiudev (157-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low06:01
pittithat's in bzr06:01
pittibut I guess there's a reason why it wasn't uploaded06:01
RAOFHurray for not-so-hot days with a little nice cloud cover :)06:02
TheMusoIts actually quite mild here in Sydney atm, haven't had a jumper on at all today, just singlet and T-shirt.06:04
robert_ancellpitti, yeah, not blocked but there were changes in Debian gnome-bluetooth that require it06:17
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and471good morning07:53
mvohey and47108:18
mvoand471: how is it going?08:18
and471mvo, no bad, just sorting out these dialogs :)08:19
and471mvo, and you?08:19
mvogood, still in the process of waking up, but good tea always helps me :)08:20
and471mvo, I keep getting this error whenever I do pretty much anything in SC, it doesn't stop anything, just annoying to see it in the terminal :)  http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/sGVKe5tA08:22
mvoand471: try rm data/xapian/*08:23
mvoand471: in your devel directory08:23
mvoand471: that will force a rebuild of the xapiandb08:24
and471mvo, also, I need to test the dependency dialog, but the sinatlling and removing of 7zip you told me yesterday didn't seem to work, is there another workaround?08:24
and471mvo, cool thanks08:24
and471mvo, also, I need to test the dependency dialog, but the sinatlling and removing of 7zip you told me yesterday didn't seem to work, is there another workaround?08:27
mvoand471: hold on a second, I check if there is some test code for it08:28
and471mvo, thankyou08:28
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kiwinoteand471, browsing to the installed pane and to the details view of firefox and then clicking remove should work?08:32
and471kiwinote, thanks I shall try that08:32
kiwinoteand471, we used to have the dialog pop up in the list view as well, but that doesn't seem to happen at the moment (or I've broken it in my branch ;) )08:33
and471kiwinote, trouble is in my branch, I can't install from the details view08:33
and471mvo, is this the trouble? ^08:33
mvoand471: you can use PYTHONPATH=. python softwarecenter/view/dialogs.py now in r904, that will bring up the removal one. that should be quicker than to start s-c each time08:34
mvoand471: oh, you can't install from turnk/ in details? let me check08:35
mvoand471: odd, that seems to be working for me08:35
and471mvo, it is not the latest trunk, it was whenever I started working on the login dialog..08:35
mvoand471: aha, ok. that is possible then08:36
and471mvo, ok I shall merge trunk and see what happens :)08:36
and471mpt, mornin08:36
and471kiwinote, thanks08:36
mvohey mpt08:37
kiwinotemvo, trunk gives http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/VE66vGhK on opening the dependency dialog08:37
kiwinotemvo, I think I recall fixing it in the deb branch08:38
mvokiwinote: yeah, that is fixed in the buy-something branch too, hrm, hrm, I will cherry pick08:38
and471kiwinote mvo that is the error I get08:38
mvoand471, kiwinote: thanks! let me fix in trunk08:39
mpthi kiwinote, how's hacking?08:41
kiwinotempt, going good in general08:41
kiwinotempt, the deb file and apturl stuff is done, so that's good08:41
mptwow, cool08:41
mvoand471: try r90508:42
mptkiwinote, in trunk?08:42
kiwinotempt, no, not yet, it's in my branch still atm08:42
and471mvo, thanks08:42
kiwinotempt, atm I'm looking at startup speed, which requires more fundamental changes, but it's getting there, already saved one second, now just another one to go ;)08:43
and471mpt mvo: corrcet me if I am wrong but SC can now repair the apt-cache by itself, so what string should be in this dialog https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=catalog-broken-alert.jpg08:44
mptmvo, can it?08:45
and471mvo, it works now, thanks :D08:45
mvoand471: cheers08:45
mvompt: yes, since we last talked about this bug I fixed that08:45
mptoh cool08:45
mptmvo, so does that process need any user interface at all? How long does it take?08:46
mvompt: it does need password confirmation from the user. how long it takes depends on what is broken, really hard to say. sometimes almost instant (e.g. a missing "configure" for a single package. sometimes long when it needs to download missing dependencies (opneoffice *cough*)08:47
and471mpt, maybe a spinner like in the login dialog?08:47
and471mpt, sorry don't let me tell you how to do ur job :)08:47
mvompt, and471: there is some code/ui for this already that we got from aptdaemon, best is probably to try the 4g8, libnet1 stuff I talked about yesterday to get a impression what it does currently (apt-get install 4g8; dpkg --force-depends -r libnet1)08:48
mvothat will create a broken apt cache that s-c will then detect and try to repair08:48
and471mvo, yeah I just tried it, it took about 2 secs08:49
mptmvo, so is it wrong (or how wrong is it) to let people browse the catalog while the cache is being repaired?08:49
mvothat should be fine08:49
mvofor the kind of failure here (broken dependencies) that should have not more impact than any other pending transaction08:50
mptmvo, broken dependencies? I thought that was something else (Synaptic's "Broken" filter)08:51
* and471 breathes a sigh of relief when the bzr merge just works...08:51
mvompt: there are various way that stuff can be "broken". what is currently handled is that the system is not consistent when it comes to dependencies (the broken filter in synaptic). there is also the case when dpkg got interrupted during a transaction (e.g. powerdown). that is not handled yet but should not be very hard to add08:54
mvompt: I'm not sure we should give it a different UI though as its in both cases hard to predict what kind of progress to expect and both should be rare08:54
mptmvo, so are these solely problems with *installed* software? Or do they affect browsing and installing new stuff too?08:55
mvothat is only for installed software08:55
mvoif a item can not bei installed because dependencies can not be satisfied while trying to install it, that is a different situation (and we get a error from this from aptdaemon currently)08:56
mvoand of course there is the error condition if something goes wrong *during* install/remove08:56
mvothe later is especially anoying because if the failure is in a maintainer script it can be next to impossible to automaticaly reapir it08:57
mvo(fortunately that is even more rare)08:57
mptHence USC's maddening "Try again in a few days" error message :-)08:58
mptSo, I guess this is something that needs to sit on the "Installed Software" section08:59
mptA badge next to that item in the navigation pane, plus a banner of some sort in the main "Installed Software" screen08:59
mptboth of which let you click to fix the problem (only because you have to authenticate to do it)08:59
mvowhen I said it does not interfere with browsing/installing I was wrong, it does not interfere with browsing08:59
mvobut it needs to be fixed before the next install/remvoe action08:59
mvo(sorry for being not precise)09:00
mptand471, so, instead of displaying that alert, we could just customize the text of the PolicyKit alert. What the text would be would depend on whether you're doing the repairs standalone, or as a prerequisite for installing/removing something else.09:08
and471mpt, ok09:09
mvoand471: please create a seperate branch for this (seperate from the login work). that will make it much easier for me to review/merge :)09:10
and471mvo, ok09:10
and471mvo, I shall create a login one, and then the other dialogs one09:10
and471mvo, oh, I spoke to vish about the official logo thing, ubuntu-mono currently ships one, but not at the right size, so I have filed a bug to ship it at a larger size, so there is no need to ship the official COF with SC09:12
mvokiwinote: I'm curious about the speed branch, I would like to talk about this later today, I'm especially curious where the big time eaters sit (history I suppose?)09:12
mvoand471: ok, thanks for this09:12
and471mvo, np09:12
and471mvo, mpt I gotta go now, I shall hopefully start putting some of the work into a branch by this evening. mpt I can work on that policykit thing if you update the spec. See ya guys :)09:13
kiwinotemvo: the biggest time eater is loading the available_pane and channel_pane and installed_pane and the history_pane all on startup09:13
mptok, thanks and47109:13
kiwinotemvo: changing this to load one pane and to load the rest on demand is quite simple and saves us nearly a second on startup time (also because history isn't loaded)09:14
mvokiwinote: interessting, is it the populating of the AppStore that eats the time? or something else?09:14
mvokiwinote: nice!09:14
mvosee you and47109:14
kiwinotemvo: populating the appstore seems to take a variable amount of time, some times it's quite fast, other times it takes half a second09:16
* mvo nods09:16
kiwinotemvo: most of the other changes I have made / am making require a bit more work and save less time, but it's still worth while doing a few of them09:17
kiwinotemvo: I think the main two things that stick out are initing the viewswitcher (0.12s) and then importing aptdaemon.client for some reason takes 0.06 just for an import..09:18
kiwinotemvo: atm I'm looking at how long loading the applist and appdetails views take to see if it's worth loading them on demand09:19
mvokiwinote: the viewswitcher is probably the dbus signal wiring that takes the time, I wonder if we win by just doing that in a glib.timeout_add event09:19
mvokiwinote: ok09:19
kiwinotemvo: just out of interest, when I do a cold start of s-c at the beginning of the day it takes nearly twice as long to load as the warm starts in the rest of the day, do you happen to know what may be cached and how to clear that?09:22
resetnowhello, does anybody know how to install & run gnome-shell in 10.04?09:23
mvokiwinote: its the normal FS cache I think, you can drop that, hold on a sec I serach for the magic runes09:26
mvokiwinote: sync ; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches should do the trick09:27
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kiwinotemvo: thanks, that definitely makes it slower.. ;)09:29
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mvokiwinote: I suppose quite a bit of this is python overhead, but having a measurement could be cool09:37
kiwinotemvo: 7 seconds startup time now..09:37
mvohave you added a marker to __name__ == "__main__" to see how much of that is spend before main is run?09:37
kiwinotemvo: yep, that time only starts counting partway through the main loop09:39
kiwinotemvo: initing the viewswitcher now takes a whole second and importing the aptdaemon stuff takes half a second, 2.6s to poulate the model, and then the rest for the views09:40
mvo2,6 for the model? woah09:42
mvokiwinote: that definitely sounds like we need to startup with a empty model09:42
kiwinotemvo: I'll see what I can do about that then09:43
rickspencer3what, no seb128?09:46
* rickspencer3 so cold, so alone09:47
* pitti hugs rickspencer309:48
* mvo hands rickspencer3 a warm cup of tea09:49
rickspencer3thanks guys09:50
kiwinotemvo: (although repeating precisely the same procedure I have had model population times of 0.7-0.8s for a few times in a row..)09:52
bryycerickspencer3, you should visit us in prague.  The AC is underpowered and we're all sweating over our launchpad code :-)10:29
rickspencer3bryyce, sounds really great!11:03
rickspencer3hey, has anyone checked out spotify yet?11:26
rickspencer3seems like something that users would appreciate being able to get from software center11:27
rickspencer3no seb128 or robert_ancell to ask :,(11:27
Laneywould be nice to have it in partner indeed11:28
rickspencer3Laney, there are debian packages for spotify, but I assume it's non-free software?11:40
rickspencer3consdering the deb line says "non free"11:40
rickspencer3I guess that *might* be a clue11:40
Laneyrickspencer3: Right, it's very closed11:41
rickspencer3I guess it's all drmified11:41
LaneyI guess partner would be an option11:41
rickspencer3yeah, partner would be good11:41
rickspencer3I think users would like to get it11:41
LaneyI think it's quite beta still though: requires a premium subscription atm11:42
Laneytherefore I'm still using the wine version :(11:42
rickspencer3too bad11:43
vishLaney: hi ,what is the best way to address debian package descriptions?11:49
Laneyvish: what do you mean address?11:49
vishjust send the bugs to debian with the new description or...11:49
vishlet me get you an example11:50
Laneyif you mean reword then yeah a polite bug is best11:50
LaneyI wouldn't carry that as an Ubuntu diff11:50
vishna , no Ubuntu diffs11:50
vishLaney: for instance , http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=561624 , has been submitted a while ago but there has been no response from maintainer11:51
ubot2Debian bug 561624 in pidgin "pidgin: Pidgin description in Add/Remove Applications is overly geeky" [Wishlist,Open]11:51
vishLaney: are we doing something wrong.. or is there something we havent yet done for that bug11:52
LaneyI suggest if you want to see it rewritten that you supply a patch11:52
Laneylook at the amount of bugs pidgin has — rewriting the description is probably not a top priority unfortunately :(11:53
Laneybut a bug with a patch might just get applied11:53
vishoh the bug already has a patch.. , might need an update.11:54
vishLaney: sure , i was concerned since we have a list of bugs we want to get fixed for M and these might just stall.. wanted to make sure we get them done :)11:55
Laneyah, the bug doesn't have the 'patch' tag11:55
Laneylaney@chicken> bts tags 561624 + patch                                                                  ~11:56
Laneylaney@chicken>                                                                                          ~11:56
Laneyadded it now11:56
vishLaney: neat thanks!11:56
Laneyvish: but as a rule you should think about how that bug might come across to the maintainer11:57
LaneyI can read that and feel like I'm being pushed around11:57
vishyeah.. :(11:57
Laneyfor example "(there's no such thing in Ubuntu)"11:57
vish should probably have a format for forwarding such bugs..11:58
Laneyjust present it as a benefit for Debian users too11:58
Laneynot a bulleted list of why what you wrote before sucks11:58
Laneythat doesn't motivate someone to fix it11:58
kiwinotemvo: fyi that model building time (0.7-2.6s) I mentioned this morning actually turned out to be for the featured apps carousel view. I've fixed that in my branch13:13
mvokiwinote: cool13:17
kenvandineLaney, hey14:38
kenvandineLaney, planning to update the f-spot package?14:38
kenvandinegood morning tedg14:38
tedgGood morning kenvandine14:38
tedgkenvandine, It seems my gwibber is broken :(14:40
kenvandinehow so?14:40
tedgkenvandine, I upgraded from proposed and now I don't get a window showing up.14:40
tedgOh, and now an exception!14:40
kenvandinerun it from a terminal14:40
kenvandinepastebin please14:40
tedgkenvandine, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/463523/14:41
micahgtedg: good morning14:41
tedgGood morning micahg14:41
micahgtedg: so upstream said that you can have someone work on backporting the patch to xulrunner-1.9.214:42
kenvandinetedg, killall gwibber-service gwibber14:42
kenvandineand try again14:42
kenvandineif that works, file a bug and attach ~/.cache/gwibber/gwibber.log14:42
tedgmicahg, Sweet!  Okay.  I'll tell aganice.14:43
kenvandinetedg, i suspect gwibber-service is in some weird state where it isn't responding over dbus14:43
tedgkenvandine, It works now, so you want the bug report?14:43
micahgtedg: when she's done, I can request review from upstream14:43
kenvandinetedg, yes please14:43
tedgmicahg, Okay, cool.14:43
kenvandinetedg, well14:43
kenvandinei mostly want the log14:43
kenvandineand maybe a bug report14:44
tedgkenvandine, I'm also getting introspection errors.14:44
kenvandineyeah... that is sort of normal14:44
kenvandinei don't know why14:44
kenvandinebut they don't cause problems14:44
kenvandinei think it is that they aren't completely up when we try to introspect them14:45
kenvandinebut we don't actually depend on that for any reason14:45
kenvandineso it is just noise14:45
Laneykenvandine: you are fast! it's almost done14:46
tedgkenvandine, Uhg, no apport hook to grab the log?14:48
kenvandineLaney, awesome... you are fast!14:50
kenvandinetedg, no...14:50
tedgkenvandine, Uhg, apparently I can't submit a bug, got an OOPS in LP :(14:51
kenvandinetedg, sigh... not cool14:52
tedgkenvandine, bug 60542214:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 605422 in gwibber (Ubuntu) "Gwibber service in odd state (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60542214:55
kenvandinetedg, thx15:01
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kenvandinetedg, humm... sad to say that has no useful info... maybe a freak race condition where gwibber-service started twice...15:02
tedgkenvandine, Okay, I'll just add it to my list of reasons Python sucks ;)15:05
SarvattAnyone around that could sponsor a libdrm merge that's been sitting in git for the past month by any chance? it's needed for the intel 2.12 merge, mesa already has the fix to build against it. http://git.debian.org/?p=pkg-xorg/lib/libdrm.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ubuntu        http://sarvatt.com/downloads/merges/libdrm/15:10
kenvandinepitti, can you get the gwibber SRU in lucid-proposed over to lucid-updates?15:39
pittikenvandine: it's just 5 days old, so I didn't do it yet15:40
pittikenvandine: is that very urgent?15:40
kenvandineyes it is...15:40
kenvandinethe sooner people start getting the update, the sooner facebook stops throttling us :)15:41
kenvandineit'll take time before we see the results, which is what has me stressed about it15:41
pittiyou're welcome15:41
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komputeshi tkamppeter15:58
pittigood night everyone16:01
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rodrigo_are you upgrading to the unstable rhythmbox for maverick?16:05
and471mvo, hi, where is the code for this dialog in SC (or does it not exist)? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=transaction-error-uninstallable.jpg16:18
mvoand471: that is part of aptdaemon16:20
mvoand471: lp:aptdaemon16:21
and471mvo, ah ok16:21
mvoand471: did you push your branch yes ;) ?16:21
and471mvo, not yet :)16:21
mvosorry for naging, I'm just curious about the new shinny sutff16:21
and471mvo, but now that is in a separate project, I shall probably push my dialogs branch16:21
and471mvo, no problem at all :) I understand your curiosity :)16:22
tkamppeterkomputes, hi16:26
komputeshi tkamppeter how are you today?16:26
tkamppeterkomputes, fine, any problem with printing?16:27
and471mpt, which is better ? http://imagebin.ca/img/8S4DXRc.png http://imagebin.ca/img/u4cYXeY.png16:29
mptand471, the first, marginally, because (a) the icon is more vertically centered and (b) the icon is bigger. But in both, the icon is too close to the left edge of the pane.16:31
and471mpt, ok, I shall see if I can improve the padding on the left side16:33
komputestkamppeter: yes, I wanted to make you aware of a bug, if you have time to look at it16:33
mptand471, you're not using the default font size, so be careful that what you're doing is still an improvement with the defaults :-)16:33
komputestkamppeter: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups/+bug/60472416:34
ubot2Launchpad bug 604724 in poppler (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "pdftops loses grid lines (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New]16:34
and471mpt, ah, should I use the default font size and do the screenshots again?16:34
mptand471, that's up to you. Maybe the best way to be sure of what you were doing would be a set of three comparisons: (1) smaller than default, e.g. yours (2) default (3) larger than default16:35
tkamppeterkomputes, are you the original poster of this bug?16:36
aquariusif shotwell releases version 0.7 in August, will it make it into maverick?16:37
tkamppeterkomputes, am I right that the problem is that some horizontal grid lines are missing on the printout?16:38
komputestkamppeter: I am assisting the OP and you are correct in ascertaining the symptoms of this bug (i beleive the missing lines are at the bottom)16:40
tkamppeterkomputes, it is very strange when I look at the resulting PS file with evince. In standard window size some horizontal lines all over the document (not only at the bottom) are missing. In 400% magnification only around every fifth horizontal line is visible and the rest is missing.16:42
tkamppeterNote that CUPS' pdftops is a wrapper around Poppler's and I have the same problem with both.16:43
tkamppeterkomputes, can you report this bug to the upstream Poppler project?16:44
komputestkamppeter: have you seen this bug previously reported on LP or upstream?16:44
tkamppeterkomputes, No.16:45
komputestkamppeter: filing a bug now16:45
komputestkamppeter: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2906016:49
ubot2Freedesktop bug 29060 in general "pdftops loses grid lines CancelOk" [Blocker,New]16:49
komputestkamppeter: I have also attached it to the LP bug. If you need more info or testing, do not be shy to ask. Thank your for all your help.16:49
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and471mvo, ok here is all the dialog work (not the login dialog) I have been doing (it also increases the size of the icon and padding in appview, something mpt agreed with)   https://code.launchpad.net/~and471/software-center/dialog-work17:17
and471mvo, not that I am not sure of my own code, but I would check over it carefully, as I had to manually remove all the login dialog and ubuntuone stuff so just check I haven't left any in/made errors :)17:18
mvoand471: I check it out after dinner, many thanks!17:19
and471mvo, cool17:21
and471mpt, just published the dialog (minus the login dialog) work  https://code.launchpad.net/~and471/software-center/dialog-work17:21
and471mpt, if you want to test, just branch the code and then run17:23
and471PYTHONPATH=. python softwarecenter/view/dialogs.py17:23
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chrisccoulsonkenvandine - did you say that you accidentally pressed the "Enable"button for U1 in nautilus?18:17
chrisccoulsoni'm trying to figure out how i can get it to stop sync-ing the folder i did that in :/18:17
kenvandinechrisccoulson, yesw18:17
chrisccoulsoni pressed disable over 2 hours ago, and all it's done it hammer the disk18:18
chrisccoulsonand it still says it's enabled in the nautilus window18:18
kenvandinechrisccoulson, that should work18:18
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, i'm not sure if it matters or not, but the folder is pretty big18:18
kenvandinealthough i didn't disable it until after all the contents had synced18:18
kenvandinemine was big too18:18
kenvandineand i didn't notice for a while18:19
kenvandinethere is also a command you can run18:19
kenvandineone sec18:19
chrisccoulsonyeah, my contents haven't sync'd yet18:19
chrisccoulsonit's really making my machine run slow now :(18:19
kenvandineu1sdtool  --list-shares18:20
kenvandineu1sdtool  --list-folders18:21
kenvandinefind the id for the one you don't want synced18:21
kenvandineu1sdtool --unsubscribe-folder=FOLDER_ID18:21
kenvandinenot sure it will be any faster :/18:21
kenvandineor go complain in #ubuntuone18:21
kenvandineand see if there is a heavier hammer to use18:21
chrisccoulsonawesome, thanks. i will give that a try18:21
kenvandinegood luck18:22
chrisccoulsonheh, it times out because it get's no response18:23
chrisccoulsonnautilus keeps doing the same as well, it takes several minutes to open a new window unless i remove the U1 extension18:23
chrisccoulsonperhaps i should let syncdaemon finish what it is doing ;)18:23
Keybukargh! screensaver of DEATH!18:31
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* and471 hands over to the night crew19:00
chrisccoulsonkenvandine, i got there in the end. i just kept running u1sdtool --unsubscribe-folder until it didn't time out any more ;)19:03
aganicehey, chrisccoulson, i'm told i should ask you about who's working on backporting the xulrunner clipboard persistence patch to 1.9.219:04
aganicechrisccoulson, i'd be happy to work on that if no one else is on it19:04
chrisccoulsonaganice, did you want to work on that? if not, i can do it, but we have to get it approved by mozilla regardless19:05
kenvandinechrisccoulson, good :)19:06
aganicechrisccoulson, i'd be happy to work on it. i'm working on clipboard persistence for ubuntu through google summer of code so i figure this is something i could help with19:06
aganicewhy don't i work on it and bring my changes to you and this channel for review before i offer it over to mozilla?19:07
chrisccoulsonaganice, sounds good19:08
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