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cjwatsonccheney: I think you need to read the preseeding guide in more detail.  you need to preseed early questions on the kernel command line.  don't use debconf-get-selections for this, or look at questions.dat - it will only be confusing.00:40
cjwatson(so e.g. console-setup/layoutcode=us on the command line)00:41
cjwatsonand don't preseed console-setup/layout or console-setup/variant at all; I don't think the guide advises that?00:43
Caesarbigon: I know, I'm the Debian maintainer of it01:13
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ccheneycjwatson, ah ok, thanks02:18
ccheneycjwatson, it appears i had a seeded answer on the kernel command line but that it was wrong, oops02:19
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j1mchi all. the ubuntu doc-team is going to update the packaging guide.  if you have a bit of time, please complete our packaging-guide survey: http://is.gd/dr5Ef03:15
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RAOFcjwatson: Are you still planning to merge console-setup from Debian?  If you are planning to do it soon I can drop some Ubuntu delta to the xserver.  If not, no worries.04:52
un214apt-get source sysvinit-utils gets sysvinit, which is missing the sysvinit-utils.install and related packaging files05:13
pittiGood morning05:18
pittiapachelogger: pong05:19
pittithere, all SRU queues empty06:28
jdongpitti: ah, it's a good feeling :)06:49
jdongpitti: whooo! Always a great feeling06:54
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dholbachgood morning07:47
dholbachcan an archive admin please process the sync requests?08:28
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apacheloggerpitti: good morning :) is it save to assume that pot files only get imported from i386 builds?08:33
pittiapachelogger: pkgbinarymangler imports them from all architectures08:34
pittibut I'm not really sure how that works in Rosetta08:35
pittidpm: ^08:35
apacheloggerThe thing is, since we are creating pot files at build time it adds quite some load, which we really should avoid on armel and the likes.08:38
dpmhey pitti, good morning, let me have a look08:43
pittiapachelogger: my guess is that it's enough to build it on one arch only08:45
apacheloggermust be, because kde-l10n-* is arch: all :)08:45
pittithe interesting question is what would happen if different arches produce different pots08:45
pittiwhether rosetta will merge them, or randomly select one08:46
geserpitti: Thanks for the gnupg2 SRU upload. I somehow got the impression that I need an SRU ack first before seeking for sponsorship.08:47
dpmI can only confirm what pitti is saying: pkgbinarymangler uploads a tarball for each arch - I'm not sure what Launchpad does with them. Let me ask the Launchpad guys08:48
pittigeser: both approaches were in use until now; jdong just proposed the "always upload directly" approach or everyone now (which will help to speed up things)08:48
dpmthe LP guys are on a sprint, I'll try to reach them later on08:49
TimStarlingwhat happens if you have a package in two different distro versions, and the source hasn't been updated so the package has the same version, but you need to recompile it?09:14
TimStarlingdo you just bump the revision number?09:15
joaopintoTimStarling, assuming it's an universe package, #ubuntu-motu is a better channel for that question09:15
TimStarlingit's not, but I might try there anyway09:16
joaopintomvo, hi, is there a good reason for the APT's mirror: method to have the 6h Acquire::Mirror::RefreshInterval by default ? None of the other methods has such refresh, and it defeats the usual "sudo apt-get update" purpose09:17
TimStarlingit's for our own APT repository that holds our in-house software, but I'm happy to adopt conventions from anyone who has thought about the issue09:17
mvojoaopinto: no, no good reason, initially it was meant to be a protection for the server, but that is silly09:20
cjwatsonRAOF: I'd been putting it off because it's painful, but I guess I should queue it up for next.  Working on syslinux/gfxboot at the moment which is interesting in its own right09:21
mvojoaopinto: fixing that in trunk to make it 1min only09:23
RAOFcjwatson: That's cool.  gfxboot certainly sounds more fun!09:24
wrinkliezhey guys, im making my changelog for my application now.  what if it doesnt matter what distribution my program is for? do i put "all" in the changelog?09:25
joaopintomvo, great, on getdeb we are evaluating to switch from http redirects to the mirror method, for the current release we will need to distribute a apt .conf to set the refresh to 009:28
mvoyeah, in maverick that is oing to get fixed09:29
joaopintofor a web interface with frequent updates is crucial to have the cache refreshed from an updated mirror09:29
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joaopintoso the mirror list will built from scanning a pool of mirrors09:29
joaopintomvo, is there some documentation about the 'Packages' diffs support ? I think I have seen it on some archive, apt already supports them right ?09:34
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mvojoaopinto: apt supports them, they are called "pdiffs" and you can get examples for this on the debian archive09:35
mvojoaopinto: but they are only useful if there is not too much churn in the packages files, as they are "sequential" (basicly just patches) and if your packages file is generated 10 times a day the user needs to download 10 patches09:36
mvojoaopinto: that may well be not efficient anymore09:36
mvojoaopinto: for stuff that is big and changes slowly they are great09:36
joaopintoright, not very useful for volatile repositories09:39
cjwatsonRAOF: ... maybe09:47
cjwatsonRAOF: current state is that kvm falls over with an internal error trying to run it, so I'm sitting here tracing through assembly code ... depends what you call fun09:48
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dmartamitk: Hi, do you have a moment?14:51
amitkdmart: sure14:53
dmartHi there... just wondering where you were on the arm-m-missing-security-features stuff?14:54
dmartamitk: Were you able to push your SECCOMP patch yet?14:55
amitkdmart: I'd gotten distracted with Linaro PM work, but I've just resurrected the patch today and will test it14:55
dmartWas there any difficulty there, or is it just a question of pushing the patch?14:56
amitkdmart: no difficulty, just too many balls in the air14:56
amitkI should have something this week14:56
dmartOK, cool - thanks.  Sounds like that will fit well within the proposed milestones14:57
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pittilamont: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozart/1.4.0-5build1/+build/1776421 seems stuck (building for 4 days without any log), maybe this should be killed?15:11
Keybukpitti: argh, could you NAK the -proposed upload of ureadahead from rtg please?15:19
pittiuh, there's not even a bug associated15:20
pittiah, just wrong syntax15:20
pittibug 50171515:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 501715 in ureadahead (Ubuntu Maverick) "Kernel trace buffer should be cleared and size restored after profiling" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50171515:20
Keybukand the patch is about as wrong as tedg in a mankini15:20
Keybukthe upload, as is, will simply stop it from working entirely15:21
* tedg sends photos in private message15:21
pittiKeybuk: can you please elaborate on the bug? I'll set it to v-failed15:21
pittiKeybuk: so it's bad enough that I should pull it from -proposed?15:22
Keybukit will truncate or wipe the buffer before even parsing it15:22
asidhello...we're 4 students looking for some idea for a project ....if anyone could suggest an idea for some feature\software that  you would like to see in linux, it would be great15:23
pittiKeybuk: done, bug updated15:23
pittiKeybuk: and hello BTW!15:24
jussiasid: which languge do you want to write in?15:24
asidat this stage we're open to just about anything....C\C++, web based, Java15:24
jussiasid: and how big of a project?15:25
Keybukpitti: hello :-)15:25
pittiKeybuk: unrelated question, is anything wrong with the udev in bzr head? robert_ancell was asking about it, since the new bluez needs it15:25
pitti(well, at this point we should update to 160, but I wasn't sure whether you held it back intentionally)15:25
Keybukpitti: it didn't boot15:25
KeybukI didn't get as far as details ;)15:25
Keybukit didn't boot, I didn't upload it15:25
asid we're 4 college students (amateur coders) and this is for a major project ...perhaps 3-6 months15:26
Keybukwill investigate more probably at the sprint15:26
pittiKeybuk: no, I mean, that's such a small bug15:26
pittisorry, that didn't quite come across as intended15:26
ionkeybuk: Any in-progress Upstart 0.10 code you could publish? :-)15:28
jussiasid: do you have any things that you are particularly interested in?15:28
asidwell actually we're amazingly  blank about what to do(on the day before an exam, I am usually bursting with ideas of better things i would rather do) ...15:30
jussiasid: hehe, well Im sure we can find something.15:31
asidwe've been juggling ideas as random as MMOGs, browser-based 3d modelling tools, home automation etc....15:38
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lamontpitti: buildd    7227  6.1  0.0   2136   536 ?        R    Jul10 388:29      |                                                               \_ /bin/sh /build/buildd/mozart-1.4.0/doc/utilities/latex2png /tmp/file0yXDun apptut-html 1 2 316:04
lamontI'm guessing you're right16:04
lamontpitti: 787137711 bytes of logfile16:05
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cjwatsoncould an archive admin review syslinux and gfxboot in NEW, please?16:11
StevenKcjwatson: Certainly16:12
dholbachnigelb, pedro_, JFo: ready for UDW later on?16:12
pedro_dholbach, yeah!16:12
JFoI am indeed :)16:12
StevenKcjwatson: Since syslinux is in main, where would you like extlinux to end up?16:17
nigelbdholbach: oh yeah! :)16:17
cjwatsonStevenK: extlinux can go in universe for the time being, IMO16:17
cjwatsonit shouldn't be dangerous in main, but there'll be nothing pulling it in there16:18
StevenKcjwatson: Okay, same question for gfxboot-dev16:19
cjwatsonneeds to be in main, it'll be a build-dependency of gfxboot-theme-ubuntu16:19
StevenKcjwatson: Accepted.16:22
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lamontpitti: so I think it had a build log, it's just newlines after about line 4100 or so..16:26
lamontkilled, fwiw16:26
Keybukapw: apply! apply! apply!16:29
apwKeybuk, ok on my list ...16:29
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 about to start in 19 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom16:41
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ManDayCan anyone tell me why the wacomutils have been taken out of the repos?17:39
c_kornManDay: what is the package name ?17:40
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LucidFoxOh great, the latest post on Planet Ubuntu says Twitter in huge letters17:56
LucidFoxthere is no escape, you can run but you can't hide...17:56
azeemwow, planet ubuntu has excessive drop shadows now17:57
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KeybukLucidFox: you would prefer it to say LucidFox in large letters?18:02
LucidFoxNo, I'm just sick of Twitter mentions everywhere, to the brink. Wrong place for me to rant about it, though18:03
macoazeem: has had for a while18:04
Keybukyou're sick of people mentioning micro-blogging on their blogs?18:04
Keybukthat's a bit like being sick of people mentioning their cameras on flickr isn't it?18:04
LucidFoxKeybuk> Well, blogging and microblogging are... different things18:10
LucidFoxone makes sense to me, the other doesn't18:11
LucidFox(or well, I can understand why *some people* would use it, but a) I can't understand why it's so massively popular to the point that every single site has button links with the T-word, and b) I don't use it myself, don't see the point, can't see why I ever would, etc.18:12
Keybuklots of things don't make sense to me: Religions, Al Murray (The Pub Landlord), Wearing sunglasses in nightclubs, Fish, etc.18:12
highvoltageKeybuk: some people just have sensitive eyes!!!18:13
davmor2Keybuk: you missed off sysvinit :)18:16
Keybukthat makes sense18:18
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nuovodnahi, will gtk 3.0 be in maverick repo ??19:59
highvoltagerobbiew: is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule still acurate?21:00
highvoltagerobbiew: sorry, I read step 24 as October 24. nm :)21:00
robbiewhighvoltage: ;)21:00
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SpamapShmm, so why isn't rrdtool listed here: https://merges.ubuntu.com/main.html  if it is grossly out of sync w/ debian and has been since 2010-01-22?23:10
cjwatsonSpamapS: bug in merge-o-matic, triggers when some Debian architectures are out of sync23:17
cjwatsonSpamapS: Debian's archive software changed a while back to keep all the versions in Sources that correspond to any architecture, and hurd-i386 is way out of date (as usual)23:18
cjwatsonSpamapS: I have half a patch for MoM to fix this but haven't had time to test it23:18
SpamapScjwatson: Ahh, so is the fix to request a sync?23:19
SpamapSI mean, workaround23:19
SpamapSThe dbi capabilities of the latest version are particularly appealing for some stuff I've been playing with. :)23:19
cjwatsonSpamapS: you can request a sync or merge as appropriate regardless of what merge-o-matic says23:22
cjwatsonthere's a single change in Ubuntu; look at it and check whether it's still appropriate23:23
cjwatsonif it is, prepare a merge (not hard to do by hand - fetch the base version from ftp.debian.org or snapshot.debian.org or whatever, diff Debian->Ubuntu, apply diff to new Ubuntu package, resolve conflicts, create new changelog entry at the top)23:23
cjwatsonotherwise, request a sync23:23
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