* jjohansen heads out for a bit, back on in 2000:17
bjfpgraner, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~bradf/table.html00:31
bjfpgraner, that is with a better dataset, just lucid bugs00:32
bjfpgraner, still very simple algo. none of the code you sent to me00:32
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ogasawarakees: have you boot tested that last yama patch you added?  "UBUNTU: SAUCE: Yama: verify inode is symlink to avoid bind mounts"02:43
ogasawarakees: I'm getting an oops/panic on two test systems I've tried (one's i386 the other amd64)02:44
ogasawarakees: if I back out just that last patch, the systems boot fine02:45
ogasawarakees: I posted some test kernels on tangerine in my home directory under yama/02:45
ogasawarakees: the "good" debs are of the latest ubuntu-maverick tip http://kernel.ubuntu.com/git?p=ubuntu/ubuntu-maverick.git;a=summary which contains just the first 2 yama patches you originally submitted02:46
ogasawarakees: the "bad" debs are the latest ubuntu-maverick tip plus that last yama patch you added02:47
ogasawarakees: for now I'm only going to apply the first 2 patches and do an upload upload since I rebased to 2.6.35-rc5 and want to get it uploaded for testing asap02:50
Dawgmatixhow do i add directories to the module search path ?03:05
jk-Dawgmatix: i don't think you can03:11
jk-oh, you can add -d to the modprobe command line03:12
jk-but I don't think you can specify it for other invocations of modprobe03:12
Dawgmatixhmm looks like you can change modules.conf to add paths too03:13
jk-I don't see a configuration parameter to do that03:13
DawgmatixI was going by http://pwet.fr/man/linux/formats/modules_conf 03:14
Dawgmatixthat has a path parameter that you can set03:14
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jjohansen-afkback on later03:14
jk-Dawgmatix: my modprobe isn't trying to read any /etc/modules.conf file though03:16
jk-(sudo strace -e trace=open,stat modprobe pretend-module-name)03:16
Dawgmatixyeah i just realised ubuntu doesnt come with a modules.conf 03:16
keesogasawara: I did; I functionally tested it, in fact.  You can see my tree on tangerine.  :(07:10
keesogasawara: ah, no, I totally lied.07:11
keesogasawara: one sec, I will fix.07:11
keesogasawara: I had a slightly different version.  :(07:12
ogasawarakees: no worries, just push the fixed version to your tree and I'll pull it07:13
ogasawarakees: it'll make the next upload07:13
keesit's really loopy having my pristine yama source, the security-next tree and the maverick tree.  :P07:13
ogasawarakees: just for good measure, go ahead and send the pull request to the mailing list07:14
keesogasawara: okay.  is the tree with the other two pushed already?  I can rebase my maverick tree if so.07:15
ogasawarakees: I've already applied and uploaded the other two07:15
keesokay, I'll rebase07:15
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lagapw, smb: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B003HIWHN009:23
hrwlag: class2?09:48
* lag shrugs09:51
lagI thought SDHC was class 4?09:52
smbThere are class 6 of those as well, though that kind of triples the price09:58
hrwlag: class2/4/6/10 maybe class8 too10:10
lag@ 32GB?10:11
lagThe HTC Desire's specification says: "microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)"10:16
lagDoes that mean classes >2 won't work?10:16
hrwlag: I did not know that 32GB microsd exists 10:16
apwlag, don't think so, think thats specification 2.010:16
lagThat's what I was bringing to apw and smb's attention 10:16
hrwlag: that mean that it support microsd10:16
lagHow does that differ to class 2?10:17
hrwclass 2/4/6/8/10 is just speed 10:17
apwclasses are simply speed specifications10:17
apwpresumably minimum speeds in some sense10:17
hrwsd 2.0 is specification of SD standard version 2.010:17
hrwso things like "suport for 1/4/8 bits, sdio support things"10:18
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rippsWhat would be the best way to get a patch into the kernel? I basically just need to drag'n'drop the wacom module source files into the kernel.10:35
rippsThe kernel wacom source is out of date and doesn't support the wacom bamboo pen & touch series.10:36
rippsI've figured out the the source files in drivers/input/tablet/wacom* are the same as those in the linuxwacom package, so a simple drag and drop of the files should work. Can someone give me some advice on this.10:39
smbripps, Upgrading a whole driver is usually rather frowned upon for released kernels, at least if that brings a log of changes. And the other question would be whether it needs some userspace update as well?10:40
smbOne thing might be to have the updated driver included in linux-backports-modules10:41
rippssmb: I've already confirmed that the only the kernel module needs update. I've currently been pointing people to use a wacom-dkms package in one of my ppas10:41
smbs/a log/a lot/10:41
rippsyeah, linux-backports-modules sounds like a good idea10:42
rippsThe problem is in lucid too, would it be possible to backport the driver there, as well?10:42
smbIf you say Lucid, too. Is the other release Maverick? Ultimately for Maverick it would be a goal to update the driver upstream as well. Though it might be a bit late for that. And yes, for Lucid I think it would be reasonable to have that backport there as well. Maybe needs thinking of having a seperately grouped binary package, like linux-backports-input10:45
rippssounds good to me.10:45
rippsalthough, the kernel input api is different between the lucid kernel and the maverick kernel, so the maverick version of the wacom source needs to be tweaked10:47
rippsIs there a guide out there on how to make a linux-backports package?10:47
smbripps, So I would say the best approach is to bring the issue and proposal up in a mail to kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com and let it be discussed/documented  there10:47
smbripps, We do the l-b-m package and sadly I guess to make that extension is rather well undocumented and probably complex. 10:48
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tseliotapw, smb: I've found a regression in the kernel from 2.6.32 to 2.6.35 which affects the radeon driver. How do you suggest that I start bisecting? I cloned the maverick branch but obviously it doesn't contain an Ubuntu-2.6.32 tag11:38
apwtseliot, thats triciker11:38
tseliotapw: how tricky is that?11:39
apwtseliot, i would try the mainline kernels and see if the issue is in there11:39
apwas thats much easier to bisect11:39
apwand you can use the mainline builds in between to narrow your search11:40
tseliotapw: and shall I rely on the date the kernel was built and look it up in the linus tree?11:41
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apwtseliot, how to map an ubuntu kernel into a mainline version is a question in the kernel FAQ :)11:53
apwhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/FAQ#Given an Ubuntu kernel package version how do we find the exact mainline release it is based on?11:54
apwwhich points you here: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/info/kernel-version-map.html11:54
tseliotapw: thanks, I'll RTFM ;)11:54
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rippsdid the kernel-team mailinglist get my linux-backports-input proposal?12:44
smbripps, Did not yet see anything but it might be stuck in moderation until the right half of the planet is awake12:45
TeTeTsmb: thanks for your kernel source, it was built yesterday evening and we test it today :)13:32
smbTeTeT, Good to hear13:33
apwpgraner, how is your machine which was grinding till we freed the buffers ... how many more cycles has it managed13:45
pgranerapw, its done 35 and was doing fine until I started copying data to the usb disk, now even mumble is dead, I had to switch to my netbook13:47
pgranerapw, same box is showing the I/O issues13:47
apwpgraner, ok13:48
apw35 would be counted as success me thinks on the original issue13:48
pgranerapw, yep I would agree, so tgardner's patch should do the trick13:48
apwpgraner, fingers crossed13:48
andreserlhi all. I was wondering how can I know which cn_idx number I should use for DRBD. Where can I find that #?14:08
apwandreserl, you might have better luck asking that on #ubuntu-server as they do more with DRBD than we do14:09
andreserlapw, yeah but afaik the cn_idx is the number related to the kernel. But will try asking there :) THanks14:10
andreserl(I mean the number that the module uses in the kernel)14:10
apwandreserl, its just not a kernel feature most of us would routinely use, they might and might answer sooner (or indeed at all :)14:10
andreserlapw, ok :)14:11
* apw cirtanly has no idea what the cn_idx even is :)14:15
smbapw, Guess we can guess what the idx part is but cn... :)14:20
tgardnersmb, cn == channel number ?14:20
andreserlconnection index14:21
smbCould be a lot without knowing. So andreserl might know more than us here14:22
andreserlsmb, I just know I need to now the cn_idx for the DRBD kernel module and make the change in the drbd8 package before uploading :/14:23
apwwhat does cn_idx stand for even14:23
apwidx presumably is the index ... 14:24
smbapw, I think we were at connection index14:24
andreserlapw, connection index14:24
smbBut server is likely the guys. Given they provide the kernel module as dkms14:24
andreserlsmb, The drbd kernel module is included in the kernel starting from 2.6.33,14:25
andreserlso there's no longer the need to use dkms14:25
andreserland even so, when using dkms, we also specify the cn_idx14:26
smbandreserl, ok, I might be backwards there. Last thing I remember was making it dkms because we had it in seperate modues and too often behind what was needed14:27
* apw is looking for it14:29
andreserlsmb, ummm what I know is that in drbd module was in hardy kernel, after that, it wasn't. And for what I understand, from now on, the DRBD module will be in the kernel starting from 2.6.3314:29
andreserlin the drbd8 source package, in debian/dkms.conf we specify the cn_idx: "MODULES_CONF[0]="options drbd cn_idx=7"14:33
andreserlin hardy, Intrepid, I believe it used to be 614:33
andreserlin debian is 414:33
andreserlso now in maverick, I don't really know which one is it14:33
apwinclude/linux/connector.h:#define CN_IDX_DRBD                   0x814:34
andreserlapw, awesome! thanks :)14:34
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amitktgardner: looks like you're the person with the IGEPv2 OMAP board15:19
tgardneramitk, oddly enough, I am just in the process of turning it on this morning. I've never encountered a web site that is quite so bad (http://www.igep-platform.com)15:23
amitkheh :)15:24
amitktgardner: some folks are interested in knowing if it is well-supported in ubuntu. My suspicion is that it'll required only a few patches to get it well supported.15:25
tgardneramitk, the default image isa 2.6.28 kernel, but I see they alaso have up to 2.6.33 on their web site15:26
hrwtgardner: I would just try to boot default ubuntu omap3 kernel15:26
tgardneramitk, perhaps I should just try a Lucid omap3 rootfs?15:26
amitktgardner: just boot with lucid15:27
amitkincluding the kernel15:27
tgardneramitk, easier said then done. still figuring out how to do that.15:27
amitkthe only thing I have no idea about is the bootloader on there.... so keep what they ship with.15:27
tgardneramitk, I think it'll boot from micro SD15:28
amitktgardner: keyword: ogra 15:28
amitktgardner: but yes, micro-sd is the quickest way15:28
tgardneramitk, gotta find the rootfs first. somewhere on ubuntu.com ?15:29
amitktgardner: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/10.04/release/15:32
tgardneramitk, try the omap server install?15:33
amitktgardner: yes, unfortunately we don't provide premade rootfs yet 15:34
amitkyou can create your own rootfs with rootstock scripts15:34
tgardneramitk, so if it boots from SD, where does it install? External USB driver?15:34
mpoiriertgardner: you'll have to use netboot to get your setup on SD card.15:35
amitkyes, USB drive/HDD15:35
mpoiriertgardner: I'm running into the same problem install  lucid UNR on beagleboard.15:36
tgardnermpoirier, on the phone, hang on.15:40
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apwtseliot, about ?15:46
tseliotapw: yep15:46
apwwondering if you knew what plymouth did when it is started ... whether it clears the VT it is selecting for instance15:47
apwin broad terms its activity while owning the VT15:48
apwtseliot, ^^15:49
apwtseliot, can i get plymouth to tell me what happened to it during a boot for instance.  interested to know (as an example) if it gets a resize event on drm load15:51
tseliotapw: plymouth gets its own "screen" that it swaps in with a black screen (at the beginning)15:51
tseliotah, a resize event? Why do you need to know that?15:52
apwwell i am trying to work out when plymouth has control over the screen and what it does during the time15:53
apwit being the one which switches VT is interesting15:53
tseliotapw: if you want some good answers you can join #plymouth and ask halfline (i.e. the author). He's very helpful15:54
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manjoJFo, are we having the bug chat this morning ?16:07
JFono, we are having the team bug day in this channel16:08
JFothere was no plan for a bug chat16:08
JFojust coordination to keep from duplicating effort16:08
manjoJFo, my cal says 10am-1pm .. could my cal is misbehaving 16:08
JFonope, that is correct16:09
JFo3 hour block per tgardner to solely work on bugs16:09
smbmanjo, Mine says from 5pm to 8pm, yours is in the wrong tz. ;-P16:09
JFonicely blocked out on the cal by request of smb16:09
smbRight, at least we won't forget it then16:10
manjo yeah don't know why my cal is always messed up16:10
manjowe need utc google cal 16:10
JFohmmm, your times may be off. tgardner wants it to start at 8AM PST16:10
* smb hopes manjo recognizes a joke when it passes by16:10
manjosmb, wrong tz... ah you got me !16:11
smbsorry could not resist16:11
bjfmanjo, the time is now 8:12 PST16:11
manjosmb, yeah easy target16:12
JFo12 minutes past the start of the bug day16:12
tgardnerJFo, your search URL in the calendar event doesn't produce many items16:13
smbapw, JFo So there one or the other where at least some issues are understood but whether there is a fix is unclear and also how much other issues are mixed16:13
smblike bug 56315616:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 563156 in linux (Ubuntu) "[ATI Graphics][Lucid] laptop runs hot, shorter battery life, fan always on (affects: 31) (heat: 179)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56315616:13
JFotgardner, search url?16:13
JFowrong link16:14
manjotgardner, http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/jfo/kernel-Top50.html16:14
JFoI'll fix16:14
smbtgardner, I replied to his mail with the right link16:14
smbI hope to the right mail16:14
amitkJFo: what group membership gets all that bug mail? (I want to remove myself from the group). kernel-bugs doesn't seem to be it.16:14
JFotgardner, changed it now16:14
tgardneramitk, ubuntu-kernel-team ?16:14
amitktgardner: aah, it is kernel-team?16:15
manjoamitk, arnt you *supposed* to be subscribed to get all bug mails ?16:15
JFosmb, I had a bad link in the calendar item16:15
JFoso I fixed it16:15
JFosorry for leaving it out of the e-mail16:15
amitkmanjo: nope, everyone in a _certain_ group gets all bug mail filed against the linux package16:15
smbJFo, Oh calendar. :) Good. I saw that there was only a [1] in your mail16:15
JFogot in too big a hurry16:15
tgardneramitk, I get 'em because of 'You received this bug notification because you are a member of Canonical Kernel Team'16:15
bjftgardner, i think amitk is saying he no longer wishes to be "a member of Canonical Kernel Team"16:16
tgardnerbjf, I'm not sure he gets a choice there.16:17
bjftgardner, maybe he is giving notice :-)16:17
amitkbjf: I've got 24871 emails in my ubuntu-bugs folder (and growing). But yes, that'd be a nice subtle way to give notice ;)16:18
tgardneramitk, weren't you the one promoting server side procmail ?16:18
JFodon't do it amitk! think of the children! ;)16:18
amitktgardner: it is all filtered away nicely, but it is an eyesore16:19
jjohansenbjf: http://launchpad.net/kslm16:23
bjfjjohansen, thanks16:24
=== sconklin-afk is now known as sconklin
jjohansenbjf: also www.headinthecloud.net16:24
bjfjjohansen, am i missing something, that launchpad link is little more than a title16:27
jjohansenbjf: nope, that is all I have16:28
jjohansenwell that and the headinthecloud.net16:28
bjfpgraner, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~bradf/table.html16:38
jjohansenbjf: from what I gathered kslm doesn't do atop functionality yet "KSLM which may add similar capabilities to the kernel but in a  more elegant way"16:39
jjohansenbjf: from looking around I am not sure it does anything yet, I've asked SpamapS if he has anymore info16:40
bjfjjohansen, from the comment on the mailing list and the lack of other information, it's vaporware16:40
jjohansenyeah, that is my impression16:40
bjfJFo, is there a wiki page with your "standard replies"?16:53
JFothere isn't one with the kernel specific ones yet16:53
JFothere is for regular bug comments16:54
JFobut I assume you want the kernel specific ones16:54
bjfJFo, ack16:54
manjosconklin, he is deafend 16:54
JFoactually, I seem to recall there being one in KernelTeam bjf16:54
sconklinmanjo: no biggie. 16:55
JFoI remember ogasawara pointing me to it16:55
bjfJFo, i'll hunt a bit16:55
ogasawaralemme dig it up, just a sec16:55
* manjo gets some coffee16:55
sconklinJFo: I've seen a bunch of "Pulse audio crashes when I play something" and "PA crashes when I configure inputs for recording" bugs lately - there are patches for some of those in the pile that's waiting in stable, which will get queued after the next security update for Lucid.16:56
JFothanks for the heads up sconklin 16:56
sconklinit'll be a couple of weeks at least until they hit preproposed16:57
sconklinpossibly less16:57
ogasawarabjf: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses but I don't think that has our kernel stock replies listed16:57
tgardneramitk, is there a Freenode ARM channel?16:57
ogratgardner, bing it to the sprint and we'll get the board running maverick :)16:58
ogra*bring even16:58
tgardnerogra, I've got the Lucid image on SD, but can't figure out how to get it to boot it. 16:59
amitktgardner: #ubuntu-arm, #armlinux, #linaro16:59
amitktake your pick16:59
tgardneramitk, ack17:00
ogratgardner, lucid only includes bootloader binaries for bagelboards17:01
ogra*beagle ... (they dont have a hole :P )17:01
ogratgardner, its likely that you need another bootloader binary 17:02
bjfogra, bagelboards, if they don't boot you can eat em17:02
tgardnerogra, this gizmo has x-boot and u-boot, though I don't know what is actually installed17:02
ogratgardner, so you end up in a serial u-boot prompt if you fire it up ?17:03
tgardnerogra, nope, its got a 2.6.28 kernel that brings up X. 17:03
tgardnerusing on-board flash that came with it pre-programmed17:04
ograwell, you should see the boot process on the serial console somehow17:04
tgardnerogra, I don't have the serial adapter, Loic is bringing it17:04
ograand usually u-boot has an option to stop the boot so you can input bootloader cmds17:04
ograyeah, without it gets tricky17:04
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tgardnerogra, the monitor goes white until too late. by then the kernel has booted.17:05
ograi'm hoping linaro finds a way to add framebuffer console support to u-boot some day17:05
* ogra hates serial consoles with passion17:05
tgardnerogra, yeah, this one requires the usual square pin header17:06
ograah, i'll have mine with me 17:06
* apw notes that * psurbhi is now known as csurbhi-afk17:10
bjfJFo, ogasawara https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BugTriage/Responses17:12
=== amitk is now known as amitk-afk
JFoawesoem, thanks bj17:13
JFobjf that is17:13
=== hrw is now known as hrw|gone
JFoI am not a keyboard cowboy today\17:13
JFosee ^17:13
bjfJFo, i just worked bug 494476 a bit17:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 494476 in linux (Ubuntu) ""Smbd","kjournald2" and "rsync" blocked for more than 120 seconds while using ext4. (affects: 5) (heat: 32)" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49447617:21
ogasawarasmb: can you refresh my memory...when sending a patch to stable, should I CC everyone who signed off on the patch or just CC the maintainer?17:21
ogasawarasmb: I'm basically looking at upstream commit 68f194e027ecfbbc8d5515bc40787e542eed59e9 for bug 54474017:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 544740 in linux (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 1 other project) "fix for iSight cameras not being recognized (affects: 3) (heat: 20)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54474017:21
JFothat is an interesting bug bjf17:21
ogasawarasmb: and I assume stable is still accepting patches for 2.6.32.y?17:22
smbogasawara, I usually cc all on sob17:22
smbogasawara, Yes, still open. Usually if it applies to all in stable it gets applied to all. Currently .32, .33 and .3417:23
smbNot sure how long .33 goes on17:23
ogasawarasmb: cool.  yah my main concern is .32 for Lucid17:24
smbogasawara, As it would be mine. :)17:24
bjfcnd, ping17:28
tseliotapw: do we have a kernel 2.6.35 without maverick's patches in the mainline repository?17:34
apwwe have 2.6.35-rcN in there yes17:34
tseliotI'm asking because I can't find any: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/17:35
apwtseliot, look to be there to me17:35
tseliotapw: I can see v2.6.35-rc5-maverick17:35
apwthats the one yes17:35
tseliotapw: but isn't that based on maverick's tree?17:36
* smb sees a faq question coming up17:36
tseliotyes, I know that mainline kernels are supposed to come from upstream17:36
apwsmb, its already in the faq17:36
apwtseliot, that is the release from which the configuration came17:37
smbapw, I know. I should have probably said sees the pointer to faw coming17:37
tseliotoh, "Why do mainline kernel builds have a -<series> suffix?"17:37
apwheheh yeah17:37
* manjo getting lunch will be back soon17:37
tseliotmy sight is not good when my blood pressure is low, sorry17:37
smbtseliot, No worries. Being a bit silly which I attribute to the heat17:38
tseliotit's really too hot here in Italy17:39
smbSame here in Germany17:39
apwtseliot, whats the temp today?  is a nice 20c here17:40
tseliotlucky you, it's more than 32° here...17:40
tseliotand it's humid17:40
smbapw, In the sun it seems to be near 40 here17:41
tseliotI heard they have 40° in Venice...17:41
smbBut 34 is probably more realistic17:41
* apw likes the .uk17:41
* smb will ask again when apw is drowning in rain17:42
tseliotapw: in what part of the UK?17:42
* bjf notes it is currently 17 C here in portland17:42
* ogra is envious17:42
tseliotPortland - Oregon?17:42
bjftseliot, yes17:42
apwsmb, indeed :)  tseliot in london near wimbledon tennis17:43
tseliotis Portland as rainy as London (I've never been to London or to the UK)17:44
bjftseliot, we have had a *lot* of rain this last 12 months17:44
ograif you want to see real rain go to bergen in norway17:45
tseliotI noticed that when I visited Portland in January17:45
ograthey have umbrella vending machines on every corner17:45
* tseliot reboots17:46
* smb thinks he did enough damage for today and relocates somewhere closer to cool drinks17:46
* jjohansen nees to run an errand for 30 min17:56
=== jjohansen is now known as jjohansen-afk
ogasawaraJFo: I just noticed a small typo in the KernelBugListTop50.py script which I think is preventing the Won't Fix bugs from showing up under the Closed Bugs section on the web page17:57
JFohmm, I hadn't even noticed17:58
ogasawaraJFo: line 217, there's as bit to check bug_task.status == "Won't Fix "17:58
JFoah the space17:58
ogasawaraJFo: yep17:58
ogasawaraJFo: I'd fix it myself, but I don't have permissions to commit it to the canonical-qa-tracking tree17:59
JFok, no sweat17:59
JFoogasawara, fixed18:02
ogasawaraJFo: sweet, thanks18:03
JFomay take a bit for it to pull and run18:03
=== jjohansen-afk is now known as jjohansen
jjohansenbjf: just got confirmation that KSLM is pie in the sky vaporware atm18:26
bjfjjohansen, nice!18:26
KeybukPeople who include the mouse cursor in screenshots should be killed18:33
Keybuk*glares at cking*18:33
apwogasawara, are you looking at bug#58912318:35
ogasawaraapw: I was just digging into that, but it seems it's dependent on addition config options18:36
apwogasawara, ok i'll move on18:36
tgardnerKeybuk, I sent a merge request for ureadahead. did I get it right this time?18:36
Keybuktgardner: will look later18:36
Keybukoh, no, it's right in front of me18:37
Keybukyes, that looks right :p18:37
apwogasawara, so this top 50, i think we want to elide the closed bugs from the top table now don't we18:37
tgardnerKeybuk, how do I test it? I installed an updated package and rebooted, but the trace buffer size is still 1408. Can I exercize ureadahead without rebooting?18:38
ogasawaraapw: I thought the original consensus was to keep them there, but it's an easy tweak to omit them18:38
apwi th18:38
Keybuktgardner: sure, just run ureadahead18:38
Keybukw/ --force-trace etc.18:38
ogasawaraapw: I prefer them not showing at the top as they're displayed at the bottom as closed anyways18:39
apwogasawara, it not clear quite how we can count the active ones if the closed ones are in the top18:39
KeybukI think 1408 kB is the default18:39
Keybukwing-commander scott% cat /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/buffer_size_kb 18:39
Keybuk7 (expanded: 1408)18:39
Keybukno idea what that expanded stuff means18:39
Keybukprobably the minimum size ~1.5MB18:39
jbarnesmake install from my kernel tree *still* doesn't work in 10.0418:40
tgardnerKeybuk, well, regardless of what the initial value should be, ureadahead appears to be restoring it.18:41
Keybukit should18:42
Keybukit always used to, until I deleted that code ;-)18:43
tgardnerKeybuk, shall I upload it again for Lucid?18:43
Keybukfor lucid, I'll be uploading ureadahead2 soon enough18:43
tgardnerKeybuk, just to be clear, ureadahead2 is for Maverick only?18:44
apwjbarnes, did we break you ?18:50
jbarnesapw: yeah I think it worked briefly18:51
jbarnesbut somehow /sbin/installkernel lost its mkinitramfs and update-grub calls18:51
tgardnerapw, debian commonization?18:51
apwtgardner, not sure we even supply that file18:52
apwnope its part of debianutils18:52
tgardneroh, I thought it was part of post-init18:52
apwtgardner, yep we do it there as well for our kernels18:53
* tgardner is feeling stupid, must need lunch.18:55
apwjbarnes, seems to be a direct sync from debian, so i guess they are borked too18:56
jbarnesyeah maybe, I haven't tried regular debian18:58
jbarnesmaybe you should use the fedora bits :)18:58
apwjbarnes, heh thanks18:58
ogasawaraJFo: sent you email with a patch to the KernelBugListTop50.py script to omit showing the closed bugs at the top, since we already display them at the bottom19:02
JFocool, thank you19:02
apwJFo, so how is the bug 'hours' going ?19:03
apware we going to get stats like we do for normal bug days ?19:03
apwwith little up and down arrows ?19:03
JFohmm, I didn't set that up for this, but I should get that going19:03
JFoI actually forgot all about it19:03
JFohaven't been doing it for the Bug Days either19:04
* JFo fail19:04
apwJFo, ogasawara, btw currently 'Won't Fix' is not a closed state ... which is is19:04
ogasawaraapw: it's a closed state, should be fixed with the patch I just sent JFo19:04
apwogasawara, cool thanks19:05
* apw has hit 5 at least ... in two hours ... hrmph19:05
=== sconklin is now known as sconklin-lunch
ogasawaraJFo: I'd found one other place where there was an additional whitespace inserted19:05
apwJFo, does that mean its too late to get the before numbers ?19:09
JFoapw, most likely19:10
JFothe only thing that could be possible...19:10
JFoone sec.. let me check something19:10
apwJFo, it nice to be able to see if anyone bothered19:11
ogasawaraJFo: it might be possible to extract the before numbers by looking at http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/jfo/kernel-buglist-Top50-archive/kernel-buglist-2010-07-13.html19:17
JFoyep was just looking at that19:18
=== sconklin-lunch is now known as sconklin
jjohansen-> lunch19:51
sabdflhello all20:02
sabdflwho's the right person to look into https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/55409920:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 554099 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 3 other projects) "[PATCH] Qualcomm Gobi 2000 3G (gobi_loader/qcserial) broken in 10.04 (affects: 45) (dups: 4) (heat: 274)" [High,Confirmed]20:02
sabdflcommon 3G device that doesn't work with lucid but needs to20:02
sabdflpgraner: ^?20:02
bjfjfo, lets get this bug ^ on our top 50 and i'll at least start looking at it20:06
bjfsabdfl, that ok?20:07
JFoyep, sorry, was off reading the bug20:07
JFoit will be added, chatting with pgraner about it now20:07
bjfJFo, sabdfl looks like there are patches attached the bug, i'll look at them20:08
JFothanks bjf 20:08
JFosabdfl, I've made pgraner aware of the issue. He was taking care of an errand before travel this week.20:09
JFoI have added the bug to our "hot list"20:09
JFobjf, looks like it is no issue for MAverick20:13
bjfJFo, ack, though i'd like to see more testing there to be sure20:13
JFoI agree20:13
JFotgardner, you around?20:14
tgardnerJFo, yo20:14
JFoany experience with gobi_loader?20:15
JFoper the bug mentioned by sabdfl above20:15
JFothank you20:15
tgardnerJFo, looks like smb has already been working on the Lucid solution via LBM. bug #59204620:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 592046 in linux-backports-modules-2.6.32 (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 3 other projects) "Lenovo x201 WWAN module in Lucid kernel (dup-of: 554099)" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59204620:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 554099 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 3 other projects) "[PATCH] Qualcomm Gobi 2000 3G (gobi_loader/qcserial) broken in 10.04 (affects: 45) (dups: 4) (heat: 274)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55409920:18
JFoah, great news20:18
* JFo loads those bugs20:18
JFoor rather that bug, since I have the other open already20:19
JFoah, now I remember why this is familiar20:20
tgardnerJFo, I suggest dropping a note to smb requesting that he git 'er done.20:21
JFoI was just thinking that20:21
bjfJFo, i/we need to get with smb and get the bug updated (the one sabdfl pointed at)20:21
JFotgardner, do you think it worthwhile to copy over smb's request for testing?20:21
JFobjf, you read my mind :)20:21
tgardnerJFo, couldn't hurt20:21
JFok, will do20:21
bjfJFo, tgardner if this is something that has lagged because of smb's load, i'll work with him to get 'er done20:22
tgardnerbjf, I'm sure he won't mind20:23
* smb get red ears20:23
smbtgardner, The request itself had been dropped as the customer in question moved to a different hw but I have the patches prepared (but not tested)20:24
jbarnesapw: I'll trade you fixes: patch for fdo bug #28739 for a fix to installkernel :)20:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 28739 in mythplugins (Ubuntu) "--enable-exif (heat: 2)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2873920:24
jbarneshttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/578673 is the corresponding lp bug20:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 578673 in linux (Ubuntu) "[arrandale] Resume doesn't work on a Latitude E6410 (affects: 25) (dups: 2) (heat: 143)" [Critical,Confirmed]20:24
bjfsmb, read the scrollback for another related bug sabdfl pointed us at20:24
JFosmb, is that package still there?20:24
tgardnersmb, sounds like at least one _big_ customer is still interested.20:25
smbJFo, I did not delete it20:25
JFoah good20:25
JFoI have asked for further testing of it in the related bug20:25
JFoif that makes sense to you20:25
smbJFo, tgardner One thing to note is that there is no firmware which is required20:25
JFoI saw that it seems to work in Maverick20:26
JFois that due to these patches?20:26
JFoor rather it seems to work20:26
smbJFo, The kernel parts have gone upstream20:26
JFobjf and I agree that more testing is probably warranted20:26
smbJFo, But there is the fw-loader and the fw20:26
JFoI see20:26
smbmjg59, has done the loader but cannot provide fw20:27
JFodue to licensing20:27
smbas that is qualcom licensed20:27
tgardnersmb, we could always drop it into the non-free package20:27
smbtgardner, The advice I've seen was to extract from win packages. So maybe fw cutter20:27
mjg59The firmware is not only non-free, it's non-distributable20:28
mjg59The license on the firmware packages expressly prohibits distribution20:28
JFodo we know someone at Qualcomm we can yell at? :-) j/k20:28
mjg59I've yelled at everyone in Qualcomm I've found without any joy20:28
JFotgardner, is that an option?20:29
JFoor would we open ourselves to issues20:29
tgardnersmb, well then, perhaps a README with instructions for how to get the firmware.20:29
tgardnerwhy does Maverick work ?20:30
JFogood question20:30
JFohence my thought that more testing is needed20:30
smbtgardner, Yes I hope I already copied the original one from mjg59 into the packaging20:30
smbBut it was a quick job20:30
smbI wanted to know first whether the packaging in general works20:31
mjg59I suspect Maverick works because the tester rebooted from Windows20:31
JFoah, good point20:31
tgardnerah, the 'ol softboot ...20:31
JFothis is why i vaguely recalled this issue20:31
mjg59Using Windows as a glorified firmware loader is obviously an option, but a kind of expensive one20:32
JFoand not at all desirable20:32
* JFo starts getting ready for his classroom session20:38
pgranertgardner, the bug sabdfl pointed out said it worked in Karmic, how was that the case if the firmware is a legal nightmare?20:44
mjg59I know that there's several companies who have contracts with Qualcomm to distribute the firmware internally20:45
tgardnerpgraner, well, we did do a bunch of firmware cleanup20:45
mjg59Pre-Lucid,they'd just need to drop in the firmware and things would work. In Lucid, the kernel is broken20:45
pgranertgardner, I did that during Jaunty/Karmic and I don't remember that one, and if we had it in linux-firmware, we moved it to -non-free20:46
tgardnerpgraner, mjg59 points out that the driver in Lucid is just broken20:46
pgranermjg59, ture, the reported didn't mention if they cut the fw and dropped it in20:46
pgranertgardner, we should look in non-free and see if its there just in case20:47
tgardnerpgraner, doesn't look like it is in non-free20:49
pgranertgardner, ok then my guess is that they cut the fw and dropped it in20:50
tgardnerpgraner, wou'dn't be surprised20:50
pgranerthere goes the neighborhood... jcastro just arrived20:56
jcastroI am trying to figure out the main developer of a certain feature in the kernel (fscache), I have deduced from the upstream mailing list that it's probably David Howells @ Red Hat. Is there a way I can find out for sure without checking out the entire kernel?20:56
jcastroalso, hi pgraner, good to see you too. :D20:56
tgardnerM:      David Howells <dhowells@redhat.com>20:57
tgardnerL:      linux-cachefs@redhat.com20:57
tgardnerS:      Supported20:57
tgardnerF:      Documentation/filesystems/caching/20:57
tgardnerF:      fs/fscache/20:57
tgardnerF:      include/linux/fscache*.h20:57
jcastrotgardner: thank you very much!20:57
simarGood Luck JFo , for the current session :)20:59
JFothanks :)20:59
pgranerjust  like a community guy drop in here only when they need something....20:59
pgranerjcastro, ^^^^^^^^^20:59
jcastropgraner: I am waiting on your guy to finish the docs so I can finish my forum work item. :p20:59
JFoI'm headed to #ubuntu-classroom for those who'd like to join me20:59
JFojcastro, :-P20:59
simarcheers for JFo !!!21:00
bjfJFo, i love a good train wreck :-P21:00
achiangjcastro: if you're trying to avoid pulling the entire git tree, you can just look online http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=tree21:01
sabdflbjf: thanks much, sorry was afk21:22
bjfsabdfl, no prob. looks like smb already has most of a solution21:23
pgranersabdfl, looks like we have a patch, the issue with this card is the firmware, it is non-redistributable :-(21:23
sabdflmjg59: we could try reach Qualcomm through another route21:23
sabdflare there a whole bunch of different firmwares from QC we should ask about, or just this one?21:25
mjg59There's a generic GSM firmware, a generic CDMA firmware and then at least 10 carrier-specific firmwares21:26
solarionsabdfl: hey21:36
ogasawaraJFo: good session21:46
JFothanks ogasawara :)21:46
bjfJFo, good job21:46
JFothank you bjf21:46
pgranerJFo, good one21:48
JFothanks pgraner 21:48
JFohope i covered the items clearly21:48
sconklinyeah JFo I caught the end, it was good21:49
JFocool, thanks sconklin 21:49
pgranerjjohansen, any news on AA upstreaming?21:56
jjohansenpgraner: just running checkpatch on my patches21:57
jjohansenended up doing a bug fix yesterday21:57
pgranerjjohansen, cool, ping me when you send it upstream pls21:58
jjohansenpgraner: do you want a CC on the header email?21:59
pgranerjjohansen, whatever is easiest for you21:59
jjohansenpgraner: ack22:00
pgranerjjohansen, thanks22:00
* pgraner is outta here for the day, gotta pack travel tomorrow... later22:21
=== pgraner is now known as pgraner-afk
JFosame here22:24
JFosee you chaps22:24
* manjo heads out to get some exercise 22:43
=== bjf is now known as bjf[afk]
=== sconklin is now known as sconklin-gone

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