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hannieI have a question on string 254:09:06
hannieThe \menu{Places} menu holds a list of commonly used folders (such as \menu{Documents}, \menu{Music}, \menu{Downloads}, and the \menu{Home Folder}).09:07
nisshhhannie: yep09:07
nisshhhannie: what about it?09:07
hannieIt says \menu{Documents}, etc09:07
hannieBut they are folders, not menus09:08
hannieDo you understand what I mean?09:08
hannieIs there a command \folder{Documents}, etc09:09
nisshhi dont know09:09
nisshhif there isnt, i would just remove the commands, and leave it as normal text09:09
nisshhjust keep the \menu{Places} one09:09
nisshhhannie: try the folder command first, i dont know if there is one but try it09:10
nisshhotherwise id just scrap it09:10
hannieI'm not sure if it is wise to make a bug report on this09:10
nisshhi dont think its needed09:11
hannieok, thanks for your reaction09:12
nisshhnp :)09:12
nisshhjenkins: hey10:39
nisshhexcept its evening for me10:39
jenkinshey nisshh10:39
jenkinsplease delete as appropriate10:40
nisshhjenkins: iv been making good progress on the dev manual lately, there are nearly three chapters in the branch now10:40
jenkinswow, you have been busy10:40
jenkinsi will get my chapters done soon, just been busy latly10:41
jenkinswe have been writing in us english right?10:41
nisshhwell i have10:41
jenkinscool, I will do as well10:41
nisshhi havent had time to go through, lonewaises chapter yet10:42
nisshhhe is writing the indicators chapter10:42
jenkinsI have no clue on the inicators and how they work/how to make them10:48
nisshhjenkins: yea, i know a little but not much more than you about them10:51
jenkinswhat about the windicators?10:52
jenkinsare we doing those?10:54
* vish thinks writing a chapter for a non-existent thing-a-ma-gij , might be a waste of time :)10:59
nisshhjenkins: no, we are not doing windicators, they arent even in 10.10 yet11:00
* nisshh agrees with vish 11:00
jenkinsO right I did not know they were not in mavrick, my download limit at home means no testing11:01
somethingintereshi all, I think I found a small mistake in the manual. Just a typo: Pg. 9 first sentence12:16
jenkins somethinginteres can you file a bug here please https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual , that way the editors can change it12:20
jenkinsdaker: on the quickshot website is it possible to see what rounding the bottom left and right corners would look like?12:21
somethinginteresjenkins: no problem12:21
jenkinsthanks somethinginteres12:21
dakerjenkins, i will show you something12:22
somethinginteresjenkins: is the manual included on the Ubuntu CD's by default? I think that would be a good idea - I wish I had've found this a few months ago :) I'd be happy to submit a brainstorm if you think that'd be a good idea12:24
jenkinssomethinginteres: I am glad you find it useful, it is not by default we would like it to be but there is the difficult task of how to deal with translations, feel free to add it to brainstorm12:25
somethinginteresjenkins: OK, will do. Also, apparently the error I found is marked as "Fix Released" so no issue there :)12:27
jenkinsthere is the system docs already on the ubuntu cd incase you did not know12:27
jenkinsthanks for looking though12:27
jenkinsdpm: how is your latex playing going?15:41
jenkinswhat else needs doing to the guide?15:44
dpmhey jenkins, actually quite well, I've just pushed a new revision of the quickstart guide using dblatex - I'm still meaning to come back to you, but I want to understand the tools well first :)15:45
dpmhere are my experiments:15:46
dpmone is the one you generated15:46
dpmthe other one generated from the docbook document with xsltproc + fop15:46
dpmand the other one with dblatex15:46
dpmI'd like to have only one source document, and I'd prefer it to be the docbook one, and the latex one just be an intermediate step15:47
jenkinsthey look good, I found dblatex was ok to convert the main bulk of the text but not very good after that it uses their own style. I am yet to work out how to make dblatex uses custom styles15:48
dpmjenkins, I'm using (very basic) custom styles with dblatex - have a look at the makefile and the stylesheet directories here:15:49
jenkinshow well do custom styles work?15:49
dpmI know how to use them now, but unfortunately my latex knowledge is limited :)15:50
jenkinsI don't know loads of it as the manual uses many custom commads, what are you trying to achive in latex?15:51
dpmI'm just finding difficulties on the precedence of options set in the custom style file - some seem to be overriden15:51
jenkinshmm I will have a play with what you have done15:52
dpmI'm trying to achieve several things:15:52
dpm* To have a single source document - either the docbook xml or the latex one, but not both15:53
dpmI'd prefer the docbook one, as I want to make the guide translatable15:53
jenkinsdocbook is the most flexible at doing different formats15:54
dpmand the extracted strings from xml are more translator-friendly than latex15:54
jenkinsI have not had any experince with that but I am sure it is15:54
dpm* the next objective is for the final pdf document to look good :)15:55
jenkinswhat colours font and style do you think we should use?15:55
dpmI'm not sure about the font type yet, but I think section titles would look good in Ubuntu orange15:56
jenkinsyep that sounds good, it might be easier to make the custom dblatex style sheet by also generating the *.tex file. Then you can work out what is being done where and what needs changing15:58
dpmyeah, I'll keep looking at it in the next couple of days - I need to hop on a call, but I'll be back later on16:01
dpmI'll have more questions as well :)16:03
jenkinscool talk later16:03
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jenkinsdpm: I have to run, everyone will be back from work and wanting food soon. I am out tonight but you can drop me an e-mail or grab me tomorrow and I will answer your wuestions17:33
dpmok, thanks jenkins!17:34
jenkinstalk soon o/17:34
dpmhave a nice evening!17:34
jenkinsand you17:34
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trijntjeHi all, what must I do to get the permisions for translating the manual to dutch set to "structured"?20:05
jenkinsgodbyk: ping22:23
jenkinsis it bad that I am writing my Scout news letter in latex?22:33
jenkinssome how I find a text editor so nice22:34
jenkinsI like doing this news letter in latex some how doing the layout seams so much easier22:58
* jenkins tires not to put emotions in the news letter23:05
jenkinsI am learning how to do tables in latex after this I may just do everything in latex23:17
infosoftjenkins: You should try David R. Wilkins - Getting Started with LATEX (http://www.maths.tcd.ie/~dwilkins/LaTeXPrimer/) :)23:47
jenkinshey infosoft, thanks I don't think we have met before o/ . Any suggestions on a good document class to use?23:50

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