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justinhheya folks.  I'm currently at work & can only access my frontend machine via ssh.. is there a nice way I can enable the auto-builds from the commandline?13:28
justinhahh nevermind.  dpkg -i is my friend13:35
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EpicCyndaquilI'd like to mainly play music from both an HDD and over the network, as well as play internet radio, internet TV/video, local and network video. Would Mythbuntu serve this purpose?18:40
EpicCyndaquilI also have no clue where to look for a remote  control, if it'd be compatible, etc18:46
dewmanEpicCyndaquil, here is a page for remotes. http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Category:Remote_Controls18:50
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Category:Remote Controls - MythTV18:50
EpicCyndaquilwonderful, thank you18:50
dewmanyour welcome.18:51
EpicCyndaquila proper media box is something I've always wanted, and now that I have the opportunity, I'm looking forward to it :)18:51
dewmanEpicCyndaquil, I use that wiki for just about everything even though I am running mythbuntu, there are some variations but for the most part it is very informative... =)18:52
dewmansome of the pages might be blank, so you will have to use google to find that particular topic, or hop over to #mythtv-users18:53
EpicCyndaquilokay :)18:54
dewmanthere is generally more activity on that channel then in this one. Of course I am not bad mouthing this channel at all but right now there is 183 people in there...So it stays pretty busy18:54
rhpot1991EpicCyndaquil: myth's real strength is in recordings, if you aren't doing that then something like xbmc and elisa may work just as well for you18:56
EpicCyndaquilyeah, won't be doing recording18:56
EpicCyndaquilI've basically got all my hardware figured out, now just have to decide on software xD18:56
EpicCyndaquilrhpot1991: XBMC looks PERFECT, thanks! :D19:01
rhpot1991EpicCyndaquil: there is boxee too19:03
EpicCyndaquilthis looks a little more targeted at what I want though :)19:03
EpicCyndaquilso is it a software program for linux, or an entire OS?19:04
EpicCyndaquilnevermind, found my answer19:06

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