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zkriessegood morning fellow newsies16:01
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akgranerhighvoltage, ping23:16
nhandlerakgraner: No word from newz yet?23:18
akgranernhandler, I talked to him yesterday for a few minutes...23:18
akgranerI'll fill ya in  - give me just a sec... :-)23:20
nhandlerSure thing23:20
scott_evnhandler or akgraner do either of you have a min to help me with my @ubuntu.com email addy?  what are the pop settings?23:22
nhandlerscott_ev: There are no Pop settings. It forwards to your primary address set on LP23:23
nhandlerSo make sure your @ubuntu.com address is not set as your primary address23:23
scott_eveasy enough23:24
scott_evthen I need to read again at making the return addy @ubuntu.com23:24
highvoltageakgraner: pong23:25
scott_evthanks nhandler23:25
nhandlerYou're welcome scott_ev23:26

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