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ograwho enabled kubuntu omap3 and 4 builds13:05
ograRiddell, ^^^ do you know who that was ?13:06
ogracjwatson, seems that was you13:07
ograthat wont work13:07
ograa netbook build takes 3h per subarch13:07
RiddellI imaging he did it because kubuntu netbook has been merged into kubuntu normal13:07
ograwe build two subarches fo ubuntu-netbook, that runs 6h already13:08
ograwe cant build other flavours unless lamont adds the second livefs builder with these build times13:08
lamontogra: second builder for arm? you have acorn and sycamore...13:09
ogralamont, i didnt know about sycamore and i dont think anyone enabled it in debian-cd13:10
ograi always thought acorn was the only one13:10
lamontit got added a while back, since acorn was struggling13:11
ograoh, ok13:11
ograi'll check how we can spread the builds on a per subarch base13:11
lamontand I thought someone (slangasek?) caused it to be used at least sometimes...13:11
cjwatsonogra: please agree with ScottK what to do, and make the necessary changes yourself; I don't want to be involved13:12
ogracjwatson, no prob, i was only trying to find out who enabled it13:12
cjwatsonespecially if it involves going back and forward between you with multi-hour delays13:12
ogra(and i had asked ScottK to talk to me first)13:12
cjwatsonI think ScottK asked for that, but I wasn't very clear on the details13:12
lamontI take that back.. sycamore has one livecd build on it.. lucid/ubuntu from 20100621, which I'm guessing was me verifying it13:12
ogralamont, yeah13:13
ScottKogra: All I asked for was to get the Kubuntu netbook ISO swapped out for the desktop one since we are discontinuing the netbook ISO.13:13
lamontogra: so triggering a smallish build on sycamore to confirm cocoplum loves it would not be amiss13:13
ograhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/463485/ thats what buildlive has atm13:13
ograi'll spread omap3 and 4 across the two machines13:13
ScottKogra: If it's premature to have it activated, please turn it off for now.13:14
ograScottK, well, lets see if we can all be happy :)13:14
ScottKogra: There are some armel porting issues unresolved in Qt/KDE right now, so it's not an immediate priority.13:14
ScottKogra: We do need the armel images at some point.13:14
ograi'm inclined to drop genext2fs for a loop mounted ext3 image in livecd-rootfs13:14
ograthat should shove off 1h or so per build13:15
ScottKI'm happy to let you drive the technical details.13:15
ograyes, i'm just thinking aloud :)13:15
lamontogra: I have some livecd tasks from UDS, would be happy to review patches to speed my life along13:15
ograScottK, dont worry, i havent forgotten you and will do my best to also get kubuntu builds13:15
ograthat we have to re-enable dove now wont make it easier though13:16
ScottKogra: We do need them this cycle, just not necessarily right now.13:16
ograScottK, right, what arches do you plan to support btw ? i guess only stuff thats actually buyable ?13:17
ograi.e. beagleboard, possibly pandaboard (will likely come out around maverick time)13:17
ScottKogra: Not necessarily.  We have interest from people that have pre-production hardware.13:17
ograhrm, k13:18
ograthen we cant build cmdline images for devs on such HW13:18
ograwhich was greatly requested, but i wont do it if we are short on buildd power13:18
ScottKSo far we've always built Kubuntu for the same arches we've built Ubuntu for and I'd expect that should continue.13:18
ograScottK, i understand that, but with the switch to preinstalled images the build times have raised massively13:19
ograadding another flavour is a real issue with 3h per image/subarch13:20
ScottKogra: We aren't discussing adding anything.  You're discussing removing something.13:20
ograi would really prefer to only build images for HW that has a userbase13:20
ScottKAll I asked for was a one for one swap.13:20
ograwe removed *all* flavours in maverick due to that restriction13:21
ograand i'd really perfer if we could make some selection based on possible userbase13:21
ScottKSure.  I speaking in comparison to Lucid.13:22
ogralucid didnt have preinstalled images13:22
ograeach of these eats 1.4g on the main builder per flavour and subarch atm... i dont want to make elmo cry more than he has to anyway :)13:23
ScottKogra: I think if there was a possibility that Kubuntu couldn't be supported, it should have come up less than half way through the development cycle.13:23
cjwatsonshouldn't some of the build time work items assigned to lamont apply to arm too?13:24
ograi'll look into dropping genext2fs and see how much that gains us13:26
ograbut effectively i dont really see a reason for producing a ton of flavours for boards of which max 10 exist in the world13:27
ograand on which developers wont even run the desktop sessions13:27
ScottKogra: As long as you were building Kubuntu and Ubuntu for the same sub arches, then I didn't need to have an opinion on which ones might be important.  Now you're asking me to have one and I've no time to deal with it.  All I'm asking is that the level of support not regress.13:29
ScottKIf it doesn't make sense for Kubuntu on those terms, it probably doesn't make sense for UNE either.  Just build the server image.13:30
ograwe cant build preinstalled server images13:30
lamontcjwatson: in the current world, arm is the predominant recipient of any benefit from build process speedup13:49
ogralamont, sycamore misses the pubkey it seems13:50
ograsycamore.buildd starting at Wed Jul 14 13:49:57 BST 201013:50
ograPermission denied (publickey).13:50
ograsycamore.buildd finished at Wed Jul 14 13:49:57 BST 2010 (failed)13:50
lamontogra: meh.  fixing13:51
ogratell me when i can try again :)13:51
ograi'm shoving all omap4 over to it and leave omap3 and dove on acorn13:52
lamonttry now? <-- ogra13:52
ogra(dove wont be preinstalled so wont take much extra time)13:52
ogralamont, looks fine13:52
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slangaseklamont: hrm - you told me I would get a second builder, but I'm not sure you gave me the name - if you did, I failed to follow through, sorry15:43
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lamontslangasek: well, it didn't work until I fixed the key this morning, either... so yeah... now you have 216:02
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ograslangasek, i pushed omap and dove builds to acorn and omap4 to the new one for now17:15
slangaseksounds fine to me17:15
ogradove will just be the old livefs builds so wont take as much processing power as the preinstalled images17:16
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lamontslangasek: now that pkgbinarymangler has a proper test suite (in rev 70), I'm going to unhold it in the lucid and maverick chroots21:34
slangaseklamont: ok, cheers :)21:40
lamontand, assuming they build ok, pushing out new lucid and maverick chroots now21:41
lamontwell, sometime today21:42
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lamontnew tarballs uploading now (lucid, maverick).  just fyi23:40

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