CppIsWeirdhow do i install a dom0 kernel?00:32
jpdsXen isn't supported on Ubuntu.00:33
CppIsWeirdok. well, i want a dom0 kernel on a ubuntu-server machine. how do i accomplish this?00:34
b14ckHey all. I've got a ubuntu-server 8.04 box here. I'm trying to upgrade to 10.04. Is there an easy way to do this? I've already done: `aptitude update; aptitude safe-upgrade; aptitude dist-upgrade;`01:12
b14ckBut now it is saying there are no new updates available.01:12
b14ckI really need to upgrade because I need access to python 2.6.x, whereas the current version I have is 2.5.x01:12
b14ckAny help would be appreciated :)01:12
b14ckactually, i think i may have figured it out01:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #605226 in drbd8 (main) "package drbd8-source 2:8.3.7-1ubuntu2.1 failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso script post-installation instalado devolvió el código de salida de error 10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60522601:41
qman__b14ck, dist-upgrade is not a release upgrade, it simply installs all the updates even if it has to add new packages02:11
qman__if you want to upgrade to lucid, you need to run `sudo do-release-upgrade`02:11
CarleasIs there a way to test key authentication before disabling password login?02:25
CarleasI want to lock down my server so it only accepts ssh logins from keys, but I don't want to lock myself out if I've set things up incorrectly.02:25
pmatulisCarleas: of course, just log in.  key auth. occurs before passwd auth02:28
CppIsWeirdhow do you execute two commands consecutively in one line on bash?02:28
pmatulisCarleas: but if you're worried, just keep another session open02:29
pmatulisCppIsWeird: separate them with a semicolon02:29
qman__if the second command depends upon the first, use &&02:29
CppIsWeirdpmatulis, perfect, thanks. :-)02:30
CarleasThanks, pmatulis. I feel a little silly.02:30
CarleasIs using key authentication sufficient protection?  I've seen suggestions to change the port to something other than 22, is that necessary in addition?02:31
qman__changing your port will only reduce your exposure, at the cost of the annoyance of having to specify the port every time you connect02:32
qman__I wouldn't bother with that02:32
CppIsWeirdi seem to be getting a strange scrolling sideways output when i watch tail /alogfile02:32
pmatulisCarleas: you can do that to get off the radar of 95% of the simple scripts people use for dictionary attacks02:53
pmatulisCarleas: those kind of attacks won't work if you're using key auth. but your logs won't fill up needlessly02:54
pmatulisCarleas: also, your client config can be altered to use the non-standard port so it's not an annoyance02:54
pmatulisCarleas: specifying protocol 2 is also highly recommended but i believe that is the default these days (used to accept both 1 and 2)02:56
CppIsWeirdim trying to use the 'watch' command with a file that displays improperly with its non printing characters removed. in the manual watch says use cat -v in the commands pipeline. i've tried this every way i know how and either it still displays strange or it gets hung up.02:56
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jessezylstraHello. I run a server that had a problem after the upgrade to 10.04. I have no desktop enviroment, I am running Ubuntu Server, and when I go to the server everything is duplicated three times on the screen, tiny, blurry, and stretched-looking because, for some reason, the resolution changed. My monitor only supports 640xWhateveritis, and it is running at something higher. How do I fix this?03:51
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SpamapSjessezylstra: you may need to add a boot argument to reduce the resolution04:33
SpamapSjessezylstra: try adding 'vga=785', do you know how to edit your grub command line?04:34
GeekmanHey, I found a command a while back (few months I think) which recursively listed the permissions of all files and folders in a directory, which I could then direct to a file.  Then I could use a similar command to take that file and use it to restore the permissions.  I completely forget what commands they were, but I think I needed to install an additional package.  Can anyone think of what it might be that I'm thinking of?04:43
ccheneykirkland, how do i determine the set of packages that uec normally installs to have pxe install as well?04:49
ccheneykirkland, i set it to 'minimal' but that seems obviously wrong04:49
ccheneykirkland, ah i see its in tasksel, i suppose i can select multiple of those04:50
* ccheney thinks the uec.py should be doing that already04:50
ccheneyeucalyptus-udeb eucalyptus/install-mode multiselect cloud, walrus, cluster, storage  should do that i think04:51
ccheneymaybe i need to trigger  eucalyptus-udeb to be installed better than it is currently04:52
ccheneyseems to only be setting it up if you have localdeb set, which seems incorrect04:53
* ccheney wonders what exactly localdeb means04:53
jessezylstraSpamapS: I hope you are still here. No, I do not know how to edit my grub command line05:08
jessezylstraSpamapS: is it possible to do so through SSH?05:08
twbjessezylstra: only if the machine is already booted and runs an ssh server05:12
jessezylstratwb: that is the case05:22
jessezylstrasorry for my delays, I am not seeing the window flash in the taskbar05:22
twbjessezylstra: grub2 or legacy?05:22
jessezylstratwb: I honestly do not know.05:23
twbFind out05:25
jessezylstratwb: how do I do that?05:26
twbDo you have an /etc/default/grub*?05:26
jessezylstratwb: and just to be sure, I double checked!05:28
twbDo you have /boot/grub/menu.lst?05:28
jessezylstratwb: Yes.05:28
twbEdit that05:29
twbThere'll be a #kopt line (i.e. commented out).  Edit it, then run "update-grub" to make it take effect in the uncommented portions.05:29
jessezylstraUncomment # kopt=root=/dev/mapper/ubuntu-root ro05:30
menthuraehello there :) i'm looking for some kind soul to please help me try to get my RAID5 array back up and running via mdadm05:45
menthuraei've exhausted my fairly limited knowledge and from all the information i can gather i can't figure out why it isn't rebuilding ^_^05:46
twbmenthurae: what are the symptoms?05:53
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electrofreakI have / on a RAID1... and it happens to be resyncing right now... will the boot process wait for that to finish before booting?08:00
electrofreakotherwise... I dunno what is wrong with my server08:00
electrofreakRAID1 is md-raid08:00
qman__no, syncing is an operation that can be done post-boot08:01
twbmd array resyncing is done in a background kernel thread.08:01
electrofreakthat's what I thought08:01
twbIf you reboot, it'll start again from scratch unless you have those bitmap thingies08:02
electrofreakoh hi twb08:02
electrofreakbitmap thingies?08:02
twbSome optional md thing that allows it to remember what bits are synced08:02
electrofreakbut it shouldn't hold up the boot process?08:03
twbI don't know much about it, I just heard it mentioned in a LUG08:03
qman__no, it should not affect the boot process08:03
twbelectrofreak: it won't hold the boot process; it might make it SLIGHTLY slower08:03
qman__except for maybe slightly reduced disk performance08:03
electrofreakthen.... I need to figure out why my server wont boot08:03
electrofreakI let it go for like 10 minutes....08:04
electrofreakfinally hit ctrl-alt-del and it shut some crap down, and rebooted....08:04
qman__that's not very long08:04
qman__longer than it should be taking, but still not very long08:04
qman__it might be fscking a big partition08:04
electrofreaksame thing... it's literally just sitting here08:05
electrofreakmonitor has nothing interesting on it.... some ureadahead-other error... which I googled and is apparently be908:05
electrofreakI went in with a livecd... saw that my array was rsyncing...08:06
electrofreakand was able to mount it and poke around.... but none of the logs are showing anything from the boot process08:06
electrofreakso now, I'm sitting here waiting for it to boot again08:07
qman__did you press escape?08:07
electrofreakqman__: just did....08:07
electrofreakintersting..... now it's booting08:07
qman__that's a new "feature"08:07
electrofreakwhat did I press escape to?08:07
qman__unhides the important boot information08:07
electrofreakI have to be honest.... usually my server is headless.... i'd rather not have to deal with such "features"08:08
qman__I agree wholeheartedly08:08
electrofreakis it likely stopping for that ureadahead message?08:08
electrofreakbecause, it seems like I should get to the bottom of that if that's the case.08:09
qman__well, I'd have to see the whole thing to know08:09
electrofreakthere was also a message about md0 being clean08:10
electrofreakand a fsck version print above that08:10
electrofreakthat's it.08:10
qman__what size are your partitions08:10
electrofreakeh, like ~150GB08:11
electrofreaktwo 160GB drives...08:11
qman__probably fscking then08:11
electrofreakswap array and / array08:11
qman__give it more time08:11
electrofreaknow this splash screen is going forever.08:11
electrofreakqman__: it said it was clean?08:11
electrofreakand now I see no disk IO08:12
qman__ok, then that's not it08:12
qman__you would see disk I/O08:12
qman__but you probably wouldn't see the fsck progress08:12
qman__another side effect of the new "feature"08:12
electrofreakyea, I did until I presume it finished resyncing08:12
electrofreakgosh, there is no output at all.... this splashscreen sucks08:14
qman__it has certainly caused me plenty of headaches08:14
qman__my file server has a > 5TB array on it08:15
qman__I can no longer monitor fsck progress on boot08:15
electrofreak...I might know the problem... altho really it shouldn't hold up the boot process....08:15
qman__I just have to wait 4 hours to see if it finishes or crashed08:15
electrofreakI turned off my large ass RAID5 to help troubleshoot this crap...08:15
electrofreakand that mounts...08:15
qman__turned off?08:15
electrofreakI should make it noauto08:15
electrofreak(pulled the drives)08:16
qman__that would do it08:16
qman__especially if it mounts to an important location08:16
electrofreakmaybe.... I just restarted and I'm waiting again...08:16
electrofreakdarn it....08:17
electrofreaktheres no disk IO now.... with the RAID5 on...08:18
electrofreakthis is really frustrating that there is no output...08:19
electrofreakhow do I grab the grub menu?08:23
electrofreakthere is no message like there used to be08:24
qman__I think you have to press shift or something08:35
qman__I don't know, I don't like grub2 at all either08:35
Jordan_Uelectrofreak: Hold shift during boot to see the grub menu (Ubuntu hides it by default).08:49
electrofreakqman__: figured out the problem... had yet another thing in fstab that was mounting that really shouldn't. I've learned my lesson... it wont happen again :-(08:52
electrofreakqman__: if you're still up (almost 4am here)... good night.08:52
qman__same time here, glad you got it sorted08:58
cemchave a hardy server install. how do I upgrade directly to lucid from command line? just a test upgrade11:08
jpdssudo do-release-upgrade11:08
Jordan_Ucemc: By "test upgrade" are you referring to the --sandbox mode of do-release-upgrade?11:09
tydeasHello i got (WW) Open ACPI failed (/var/run/acpid.socket) (Connection refused) on the Xorg log.11:09
tydeasWhat can i do for this .. What it is ?11:09
cemcJordan_U: no, I'm in a chroot'ed hardy, and I'm upgrading to see what happens, it's just a discardable test ;)11:10
jpdstydeas: You can ignore that warning.11:10
Jordan_U!upgrade | cemc11:10
ubottucemc: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade11:10
tydeasjpds: xorg does not start at all11:11
tydeasi mean gdm11:11
Jordan_Ucemc: I'm not sure if upgrading in a chroot will work though because of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/+bug/43022411:11
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 430224 in ubuntu-release-notes "init: support chroots" [Undecided,Fix released]11:11
cemcJordan_U: I see11:11
jpdstydeas: bug #496859 is where I remember being said that that warning should be ignored11:12
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 496859 in xorg-server "MASTER: acpid should be disabled from xorg-server (fedora patch)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/49685911:12
tydeasjpds: thanks will try fedora patch11:17
tydeasbut how can i really use this patch to fix my issue?11:18
tydeashow can i really fix this issue?11:36
tydeasjpds: ?11:36
jpdsI don't know, I don't think that's what's causing X not to start though.11:36
tydeashow can i check why xorg does not start?11:37
tydeasother ideas?11:38
jpdsIs this a headless system?11:38
tydeasno i have screen11:39
tydeasif this is what oyu mena11:39
tydeas*you mean11:39
tydeasjpds: ?11:41
tydeaswhat do you mean with `headless` ?11:41
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peugihi, can somebody help me with ip address alias problems?12:24
peugiit's driving me crazy ...12:24
peugiI have vmware host running centos where the ip alias works fine, but in the ubuntu guest I can't get it to work12:24
peugiI tried some wireshark sniffing and the packets are getting through, but the ubuntu vm is not responding to them12:25
joschipeugi: have you configured the interface in your ubunt uvm?12:43
joschi*ubuntu vm12:43
peugi yes I have12:45
peugido you want to see my interfaces and routes?12:45
joschipeugi: and the interface has been brought up? `ifconfig $IFACE up` or `ip link set $IFACE up`12:50
peugiactually I just got a message from the ISP: Sorry fro the delay, there is an issue with binding secondary VLAN ranges to a virtual server that only a few seasoned technicians are familiar with. The short answer is that from our default configuration the secondary subnets can only be used as additional IP addresses on 2nd generation virtual servers, but they can not be used as primary IP addresses.12:51
peugii'm running vmware 112:52
peugijoshi: can you make sense of it?12:58
joschipeugi: sorry, I'm no networking expert.13:06
peugithanks for your help either way :)13:10
peugiI think I'm going to upgrade to ESXi from Server 1.x13:10
ccheneyhallyn, scrum?14:20
andreserljjohansen-afk, by any chance do you know where can I find a cn_idx for a kernel module?14:20
simulacrumWhy on the download page for Ubuntu Server http://www.ubuntu.com/server/get-ubuntu/download there is no link to a .torrent alternative way of downloading; this is bad for data integrity because downloading a 700 MB .iso file will in some cases determine data corruption, and Step 2 should also mention how to verify the iso with md5sum hash or sha25614:24
sommermorning all14:32
jmitchellhow can I reseal a VM. I would like to create VM templates of my newly installed lucid OS.14:41
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hallynccheney: hm, should i be able to debootstrap a lucid image from a debian install?  (then install kernel and update-grub)?  Shoudl work just fine right?  I've never done it to make a full bootable system.14:43
ccheneyuh, if you have the ubuntu version of debootstrap probably14:44
ccheneyi don't know if the debian version knows about ubuntu releases14:44
ccheneyit should be easy to see though when you look at the files in the debootstrap package14:45
hallynwell seems worth a shot to save my bandwidth14:45
* hallyn tries it out14:45
bogeyd6--Is it possible to have two network interfaces on a box with the same subnet, different gateways, and not bonded?14:50
joschibogeyd6--: I don't think so. how would any program decide which interface to use?14:52
bogeyd6--joschi, good point. being the mail server i dont neccessarily care because the two external IPS are better14:53
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BeeBuui can't ssh in the system which running in my cloud, please help me.15:21
ToddIt's in a cloud.15:23
bogeyd6--And.... /question15:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #605436 in multipath-tools (main) "kpartx fails to map partitions (device-mapper: resume ioctl failed: Invalid argument)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60543615:26
BeeBuuTodd,yes it's can you help me please?15:26
ToddNo I'm sorry. I was being rude. I still think the term cloud is funny corporate nonsense. Apologies.15:27
ToddI would help, but I'm busy at work.15:27
bogeyd6--BeeBuu, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC15:27
bogeyd6--cloud == vmware DRS/VMOTION15:27
ToddAnytime 'cloud' is mentioned in a meeting someone always snickers.15:27
BeeBuubogeyd6--: let me see.....thanks15:27
BeeBuubogeyd6--:  i had checked that before, but ~~~15:28
bogeyd6--well unforutnately, right now, that and google is about all you got15:29
BeeBuubogeyd6--: i did. but so less~~~15:30
bogeyd6--i suggest running through the steps again BeeBuu  just to make sure you did it right15:30
bogeyd6--what does ~~~ mean?15:30
BeeBuubogeyd6--: i think maybe you are right15:32
BeeBuucan i install the UEC in machines with single netcard ?15:34
CarleasIf I require a key to login, installing fail2ban is pointless, right?  The key requirement will break dictionary attacks?15:55
jmitchellCarleas, why would you want a box continually trying to log in if it's not supposed to be doing that15:56
jmitchellif fail2ban or denyhosts blocks the host then it can't bother the system anymore15:57
jmitchelldenyhosts is my fave, works well15:57
jmitchelland you can subscribe to black lists15:57
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CarleasSo it will only serve to reduce traffic or processing?15:58
jmitchellwell, it's such a small amount of traffic and work that's being done15:58
jmitchellbut yes, it will save a small amount of traffic15:58
jmitchellwe're talking very small amounts15:59
jmitchellthe amount of traffic would only be a problem for a dialup user, that small...15:59
jmitchellif that much15:59
jmitchellmake sure u know how denyhosts and fail2ban work though, don't go and lock u'rself out of the box now... i have done that before ;)16:00
klaaswhat is the fastest filesystem to run ontop of a software raid5 if I mainly have big files (100mb+) -- its a backup server16:00
jmitchelltake a look at jfs16:00
klaasfilesystem totals around 13tb16:01
jmitchellthere are lots of blog posts about it though16:01
jmitchellmake sure it's a stable fs though16:01
jmitchellthat's lotsa data to lose16:01
jmitchellext3 as always served me well16:01
klaasI was looking at btrfs - any experiences with that yet? not sure if its ready for productive use16:01
jmitchellnothing betters ext3 for recovery though, it's saved my ass plenty16:02
jmitchellbutterfs is cool16:02
jmitchelldon't know much about it though16:02
jmitchellit's been slashdotted quite a bit in the past16:02
klaasI was looking for a compromise between speed and reliablity :)16:02
jmitchellall i can suggest is that with 13tb of data, make sure u get it right ;)16:03
klaasits just the first round of backup so data loss would suck but it wouldn't kill me :)16:03
jmitchellwhat you can do, is formate it with each and benchmark it before you migrate the data, that might give you the answers u'r looking for16:03
klaastrue but I was trying to walk the lazy way:)16:04
jmitchellklass, then it's googlewalking for u mate :D16:04
jmitchelli get better answers from this # in the evenings16:05
DrPoohow can I change the location of the apt repositories through command line?16:05
jmitchellsudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list16:05
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DrPoojmitchell, is there a way to find the lowest ping server automagically, as with the gui?16:06
jmitchelli think it does that in the install, but i have never found a way to rerun that part of the setup after the install16:06
DrPoodpkg-reconfigure ??16:07
jmitchellyou can grab a list of mirrors on the ubuntu.com site and ping each...16:07
jmitchellthat's for reconfiguring a package16:07
qman__pretty sure ext3 can't go that big16:07
jmitchelllike dpkg-reconfigure postfix would run the postfix tui16:07
qman__so you'll have to look into something else16:07
jmitchelland ext4 is soooo new16:08
qman__the only advice I can give there is, don't use XFS is you don't have a super stable system on a UPS16:08
qman__I've suffered total loss more than once with XFS16:08
jmitchellyeah, xfs is not good for recovering, trudat16:08
jmitchellext3 for recovering is awesome16:09
qman__yeah, but it can't get that big16:09
pmatulisDrPoo: http://tinyurl.com/2w42hva16:09
qman__pretty sure it maxes at 8TB16:09
qman__you'd need two filesystems16:09
qman__and LVM16:09
jmitchellqman, what size can ext4 do?16:09
qman__I use ext3 on my big file server too, never let me down16:10
qman__but mine's only ~5TB16:10
qman__ext4 maxes at 1EB16:10
qman__that is, approximately one million terabytes16:11
jmitchellahh, qman__ if you up the block size then it can go up to 32TB16:11
jmitchellthe block size must then be 8k16:11
qman__yeah, but I think there was something else preventing me from using block sizes greater than 4k16:12
qman__I don't remember what, specifically though16:12
jmitchellshweet, so when i outgrow my 1.3tb volume and it's time for the 20tb volume, i can move to ext416:12
qman__and it wasn't a performance thing16:12
jmitchelli'm sure it will be ready then16:12
jmitchellqman, on 4k blocks u can do 16tb16:12
jmitchellso u'r sorted ;)16:13
qman__guess that array was bigger than I remembered16:13
qman__then 13TB would be fine16:13
qman__and ext3 is definitely my recommendation for reliability16:13
jmitchellyeah, but only if he gets the blocks right before16:13
jmitchellno moving to bigger block size after16:13
qman__that's with 4k16:13
jmitchellnot that i know a way of16:13
qman__so no problems16:13
qman__ah, this was it16:14
jmitchellqman__, do you also remove the journal and then increase volume size?16:14
qman__In Linux, 8 KB block size is only available on architectures which allow 8 KB pages, such as Alpha.16:14
qman__can't do 8k blocks on x86 with linux16:14
jmitchelloh, ok then it's 4k for us, but 16tb is quite shweet none the less16:15
qman__no, I leave journaling on16:15
qman__pretty much defaults16:15
qman__it's a good tradeoff16:15
jmitchellhmm, what procedure do u use to increase the volume size then when you add raid capacity?16:15
qman__still performs better than the atrocious NTFS, and it's a lot more reliable16:15
jmitchellntfs is poo, i agree16:16
qman__I did a simple ext3 grow16:16
qman__forget exactly what command, I only did that once16:16
jmitchellhave not had to do this in ages so can't remember how i did mine16:16
jmitchellhad to remove the journal though16:16
qman__but I didn't have LVM either16:16
jmitchellhow retarded was i16:16
qman__just ext3 on an md16:16
jmitchellsame here16:16
jmitchelli have reading to do16:16
qman__shrinking is far more complicated, but growing is a fairly simple operation16:17
jmitchelli wonder what i missed then16:17
qman__I don't remember exactly what I did, it was a while back16:18
qman__but gparted includes that functionality in it as well16:18
jmitchellwoohoo, it's 5:15, i coulda left 15min ago ;)16:19
jmitchellthanks for the chat, it was most interesting :P16:19
jmitchellgoodluck DrPoo!16:19
astroboyWhat's the easiest way to set up a email-forwarding system for my domain? Do I have to set up a mailserver or can I avoid it? I just want to forward all the emails to another address16:20
DrPooqman__, have u had experience in setting up an OCFS2 array?16:20
EtienneGcoffeedude, hey there!  If I am not mistaken, you're the one looking after Likewise Open, correct?16:35
jjohansenSpamapS: do you have any links for KSLM besides the lp project, which doesn't have anything in it atm16:36
coffeedudeEtienneG, Mostly.  Actually have handed off to another dev here at Likewise recently.  What's up?16:41
* coffeedude hides.....16:41
EtienneGcoffeedude, come on, it's going to be an easy one!16:42
EtienneGcoffeedude, regarding upgrading from karmic to lucid; I understand going from lw 4.x to 5.x requires some manual steps16:43
EtienneGas the way the configuraiton is handled have changed16:43
coffeedudeEtienneG, The upgrade is handled as part of the deb install.  But you probably want to look at the likewise-open-test PPA16:44
EtienneGcoffeedude, it has been suggested to me that removing /var/lib/likewise-open/db/registry.db, and re-importing the registry files in /etc/likewise would be enought16:44
coffeedudeEtienneG, and yes, 5.4 is very different from 4.x16:44
EtienneGcoffeedude, yes, that I know16:44
coffeedudeRemoving registry.db will wipe the current state and you will have to rejoin.16:45
EtienneGcoffeedude, I will have a look at the PPA.  I was under the impression that upgrading from 4 in karmic to 5 in lucid was not supported, but if you say it is, then great!16:45
EtienneGcoffeedude, thanks for the info.  i will test a bit, and come back with questions I might have.  who is looking after the Ubuntu packages at Likewise now?16:47
coffeedudeEtienneG,  I'm handing off to Scott Salley here (hopefully).  But i'll still be involved.  Just feel bad about not getting the SRU done yet.16:48
raywanghello, does anyone try to install a 64bit guest on a 32bit host in KVM?16:49
EtienneGcoffeedude, no worry, I wasn't even aware there is an SRU in the pipeline!16:49
raywangwell, nobody install a 64bit VM on 32bit operating system? :)16:51
raywanghello? anyone is familiar with virtualization? I appreciate a lot. :)16:57
oru_workhow can i archive a directory with all the contents with tar ?17:02
raywangoru_work, doesn't 'tar cjf  filename.tar.bz2 directory' help?17:03
oru_workraywang, yeah i was doing tar czfv17:04
raywangoru_work, i was wonder are you concerned about those hidden files?17:10
raywangoru_work, after a quick googling, hope this can help http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/how-to-tar-dot-files-354591/17:10
RoyKrapha: if you just give the directoyr name, it'll take it all, if you say dirname/* hidden files will be lost17:19
oru_workhow can I really make sure that php errors are logged ?17:29
raphaRoyK: sure you mean me?17:29
RoyKrapha: no, autocomplete led me to you, since mr/ms/mrs raywang left befour I could answer - sorry about that :)17:30
RoyKoru_work: php.ini is your friend17:31
RoyKoru_work: usually under /etc/php/apache(something17:31
jjohansenandreserl: I'm not sure I follow what your asking?  Do you want to know where to find the connector constants for a given module? (include/linux/connector.h)17:36
andreserljjohansen, yep that's what I wanted, and I already have it. Thanks though :)17:37
RudyValenciaHm, I want to offer some basic Web hosting services to a select few friends. Is there a good (and free) cPanel equivalent that won't mangle my server's configuration up too much?17:37
jjohansencp, sorry for latency17:37
simulacrumRudyValencia: http://wiki.debian.org/HostingControlPanels http://www.vhcs.net/index.html http://lordmatt.co.uk/item/966/17:40
simulacrumRudyValencia: You may also have a look at http://www.ebox-platform.com/17:40
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RudyValenciathe demo of VHCS has no language strings :o17:45
RudyValenciaI think I'll use the successor to VHCS - ispCP17:49
andreserljjohansen, btw.. I have one quick question and you might be the one that can help me. DRBD starting from 2.6.33 is in mainline kernel... I just installed maverick server and couldn't find any drbd module. Does this mean that the module is not being compiled with the kernel shipped in maverick?17:50
RudyValenciaEh, perhaps a subdomain based on the user's Linux username would be easier to handle.17:51
jjohansenandreserl: currently it isn't17:53
andreserljjohansen, will it be?17:53
jjohansenmaybe, need to check why it isn't being compiled17:53
jjohansenit may just be an oversight/missed config17:53
andreserljjohansen, ok, cool, because current package uses DKMS, but since now the module is included in the kernel, I'd think is best to use that module and drop DKMS17:54
jjohansenandreserl: yes, and that is probably how it got missed, I'll submit a patch for Maverick17:56
andreserljjohansen, awesome thanks :)17:56
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Absortohello! well, there was a terrible accident and /etc/apache2 was deleted :(18:13
elb0wI cant ssh in to my box18:14
elb0wbut it says its running18:14
Absortoso I then apt-get remove apache2 and then apt-get install apache2 and /etc/apache2 was created, but without envvars and apache2.conf!18:14
elb0wwhat can it be?18:14
Absortoelb0w: is the port listening? can you telnet to port 22?18:15
SpamapSjjohansen-afk: sorry KSLM seems to be in its nascent conceptual phases. Cole has the concept altogether, but I don't think he's near implementation yet.18:17
elb0woh nvm he is getting denied private key18:17
elb0wWhere do the logs go for that18:18
oru_workin ubuntu /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini i have error_reporting = E_ALL , so now where can i look for php error logs ?18:18
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jjohansenSpamapS: okay thanks18:25
boran_blokIs this the right place to ask for info about smbd ?18:27
oru_worki made a file called test.php with <?php aksjdha(); and when i point my browser to mysite.com/test.php all I see is a blank page and no error, is this normal ?18:33
patdk-wkfor security reasons, yes :)18:34
oru_workpatdk-wk, /var/log/apache2/error.log doesn't show any php related error, when is the php error file ?18:37
oru_workpatdk-wk, ^^18:38
patdk-wkif your using mod_php I would think error.log18:39
patdk-wkunless you overrode it in the php.ini file18:39
patdk-wkbut then, I don't use apache, so18:39
SpamapSoru_work: check /var/log/syslog too18:40
Absortoheh! apt-get purge <everything apache related> and then reinstalling did it! many thanks18:47
oru_workSpamapS, nope not there18:48
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orudiein /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini i hhave display_errors = On , where else can I check ?18:51
orudiein /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini i have error_reporting = E_ALL but not seeing any php errors in /var/log/apache2/error.log18:56
_rubendid you restart apache after making the config change?18:57
kusznirHi all: how do I change my software source on a ubuntu-server install without X (command line only)?  I want to select one of the specific mirrors listed in the software source selector tool in the gui.18:59
kusznir(currently its using us.archive.ubuntu.com, which is WAY slower than the mirror sitting on the same gigabit interface: ubuntu.eecs.wsu.edu :)18:59
_rubenkusznir: edit /etc/apt/sources.list18:59
kusznirUmm...there are a TON of lines there...I tried to do a global replace, and my apt didn't work afterward.19:00
kusznirIs there a tool that I can run that will just select that mirror, or do I have to replace specific lines of that file?  (and if so, how do I know which lines to change and which to leave the same, etc?)19:00
_rubendoing a find and replace on us.archive.ubuntu.com to ubuntu.eecs.wsu.edu should work just fine, unless the later doesn't have a working/proper mirror setup19:01
kusznirOk, it seems tob e working that time,t hanks!19:02
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talcitehey guys. is it normal for a 2 year old, 12 disk linux soft Raid 6 device to only achieve 26mb/s on rebuild?19:19
talciteit seems pretty slow since each disk should be able to put out at least 50 mb/s19:19
patdk-wkhow so?19:22
patdk-wkthe disks have nothing to do with it, for the most part19:23
patdk-wkwhat is the stripe size?19:23
patdk-wkwhat happens, is it has to read the data off of 11 disks, calculate what should be on the new disk, and write it to the new disk19:23
patdk-wknormally it's the cpu or pci bus that limits speed19:24
patdk-wkif the drives are connected using a pci bus, that is 100mb/s max19:24
patdk-wkso a write speed of 8mb/s19:25
orudiecan anyone help me with a command to grep for error_reporting on my entire /etc/apache directory?19:25
patdk-wkif you can maxout pcix, that would be 32mb/s19:25
kusznirI'm trying to set up a cups print server.  I've installed cups and an assortment of cups-related packages on an otherwise bare 10.04 server install.  I'm trying to manage it remotely.  I've edited the one line in cupsd.conf for Listen to set it to *:631.  I can now connect from my management workstation (http://<hostname>:631), but all I get is 403: forbidden.19:46
kusznirThe cups log doesn't give any information about it (in fact, it normally doesn't even log anything for my connect attempts in this way).  I enabled debug mode, and only got "normal-looking" output; nothing remotely like an error/problem.19:47
zuldamn you php...damn you19:49
kusznirahh..by default, all the allow,deny lines only allow for localhost...strange default.19:50
ivoks_damn you lenovo, damn you19:50
kusznirIts also strange that it doesn't log anything about the cause or even that a request was denied.19:51
ivoks_zul: how are you?19:51
zulivoks_: good how are you?19:51
ivoks_zul: i'm !@#%#$%!19:51
zulivoks_: ah so much fun19:52
ivoks_zul: waiting for my laptop to get back from repair shop, and waiting for broadband connection :)19:52
zulivoks_: heh time to get drunk then :)19:52
ivoks_zul: :)19:52
ivoks_let's try that then19:53
ivoks_see you in couple of days :)19:53
uvirtbotNew bug: #605558 in dhcp3 (main) "dhcp3-server segfaults on start with large dynamic lease ranges" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60555820:11
naiadif i have 2 nics with internet connections active that are not bonded would I have to use iptables to for apt-get to use a specific interface?20:11
SpamapSnaiad: for outgoing packets, you're going to use the one that has the default route20:12
naiadboth interfaces have gateways set20:13
rsrI installed webmin but whenever I restart the server it seems like it aplies the configuration that is in the file /etc/networking/interfaces instead of whatever I put in webmin20:13
rsris there a problem with webmin?20:13
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guntbert!webmin | rsr20:14
ubottursr: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.20:14
rsrI had issues with ebox20:15
rsrWhenever I install ebox on an ubuntu server it screws the config files and tries to take over everything20:16
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guntbertrsr: I don't like ebox either, but webmin is definetely problematic (some people claim that it is compatible with ubuntu again - but as long as it isn't in the repos I keep my fingers off20:20
duiuI have a softraid 1 that I need to migrate to a new system. Is there a way I can do this without copying data to USB drive, remaking RAID, and copying data back to the new RAID?20:30
TeLLuSHi, I added a gfx card and now plymouthd dies when trying a new kernel and generic lucid kernel stays black..  http://paste.ubuntu.com/463649/   Any way to make plymoth stay away from the framebuffer?20:34
naiaddoes anyone know how to have /etc/network/interfaces use dhcp but not update resolv.conf?20:37
patdk-wkedit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf20:37
patdk-wkremove domain-name-servers and domain-search from the requests line20:38
patdk-wkand defently make sure they are not in the require line20:38
webPragmatistwheres the proper place to globally disallow directory indexes in apache as well as enable .htaccess files21:01
webPragmatisti added the .htaccess file in the "default" vhost21:01
webPragmatistbut if I add -Indexes it doesn't seem to work21:01
SpamapSwebPragmatist: FYI, .htaccess == very slow.21:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #605593 in libvirt (main) "virsh won't start any domain, but gives an error message; maybe related to apparmor" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60559321:22
webPragmatistSpamapS: yes… a poorly written .htaccess can be slow21:24
webPragmatistand yes there might be a ms lag looking for a .htaccess file each request21:25
webPragmatistbut it's convenience far outweighs it's pitfall….. though it makes me wonder if it's contents could be cached21:25
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CppIsWeirdhow do i compile a new 10.04 kernel with dom0 support?22:07
SnakeNutsHello all. I need to have a quick verification to see if I'm doing things right: I have a server I only have remote (SSH) access to and I want to set up a firewall. If I use 'ufw' and I do 'sudo ufw allow ssh/tcp' and the 'sudo uwf enable', am I doing it in the right order to _not_ lock myself out? (I did so yesterday by installing eBox and its firewall plug-in. I had to have my VM re-installed...)22:08
patdk-wkwell, considering the following is here22:09
patdk-wk-A ufw-before-input -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT22:09
patdk-wk-A ufw-before-output -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT22:09
patdk-wkyou should be fine22:09
jdstrandSnakeNuts: that should work fine22:10
jordHey. I've installed postfix and root's mail is going to /var/mail/root but when I type mail as root nothing is listed. How do I get the mail to show up?22:11
SnakeNutspatdk-wk: Thanks. I'm sadly not very well versed in iptables or the like, so I don't really know what those two lines mean. (I'm assuming they're in the default settings), could you enlighten me perhaps?22:11
patdk-wkwell, if you have the conntrack module loaded22:12
patdk-wkit tracks your connections22:12
patdk-wkso if it is tracking your ssh connection, and the connection is OPEN (ESTABLISHED), it will allow it, without checking the rest if your firewall rules22:12
patdk-wkas you don't have the conntrack module tracking yet, you need that ssh allow22:13
patdk-wkonce ufw starts it will start conntrack22:13
patdk-wkand will notice it and add it to the list22:13
patdk-wkbut for the future, restarting ufw and that, your ssh would be safe, cause of those lines22:13
SnakeNutsOk, that makes sense. Thanks a lot for that! I'll read up on the conntrack module too. Cheers!22:14
CppIsWeirdcan anyone help me get a dom0 kernel on my 10.04 box?22:15
webPragmatistanyone ever try to compile lsyncd22:19
webPragmatistand actually use it22:19
SpamapSwebPragmatist: no, not a poorly written .htaccess22:21
SpamapSwebPragmatist: merely enabling .htaccess makes your server *much* slower22:21
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webPragmatistlike i said further down22:21
SpamapSwebPragmatist: to server   yourserver/dir/another/deeper/file.html  the server must look for .htaccess in @docroot@/dir @docroot@/dir/another @docroot@/deeper with every single access to that file.22:22
therianworkhey guys, is there a bug that is crashing the aptdeamon?22:23
therianworkmy box keeps shutting off in the mid of the night22:23
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webPragmatistany of you guys use rsyncd23:52
webPragmatistI'm trying to use xinet and all that jazz but despide having the user and group set to "root" i get "Permission denied" when trying to create a file23:52
webPragmatisti'm just wondering if … the "user" in user@myhost:: is the actual user that execs the command23:53

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