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* YokoZar wonders if checkbox requires package.name="" supports virtual packages11:36
arajcollado, ^11:46
jcolladoYokoZar: Yes, I think so. To verify, you can execute /usr/share/checkbox/scripts/package_resource and grep for the package you're looking for13:05
jcolladoYokoZar: Anyway, the output of packager_resource is based on "dpkg -l" which I believe includes virtual packages13:05
YokoZarjcollado: hmm, nope, dpkg -l doesn't seem to list virtual packages (ie, Provides:)13:06
YokoZarThe specific problem I have is that I'd like some "or" logic -- is that possible?13:07
jcolladoYokoZar: Any valid python expression should be valid: package.name == "xxx" or package.name == "yyy"13:09
YokoZarahh good I was hoping that13:09
YokoZarnow I just need to figure out how my test output managed to completely screw up the parser...13:10
jcolladoYokoZar: I have never checked though13:10
davmor2morning fader_ cr3, afternoon ara  how's everyone14:22
fader_davmor2: Hey dude... hanging in there... you?14:23
arahey davmor2, fader_14:23
arahow's everything?14:23
cr3davmor2: still trying to change the world and failing at it, what about you?14:23
davmor2fader_: sound14:23
davmor2ara: Good thanks, how's berlin now you are settled peoperly?14:24
aradavmor2, yes, well, more or less, I have to do a lot of paperwork still14:24
davmor2cr3: meh you know same annoying me ;)14:24
arabut... I think I'll wait until I come back from holidays14:24
davmor2ara: :)14:25
davmor2don't blame you :)14:25
* ara needs holidays14:26
arajust one more week14:26
thekornara, you moved to berlin?14:31
arathekorn, yes14:31
arathekorn, for how long, I don't know :)14:31
thekornI mean it is a big step moving from a worl-cup winning country to ... well berlin ;)14:31
thekorncool, have a nice time there, and *alot* of fun14:32
arathanks :)14:32
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