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RAOFGah.  Stupid -nr patch08:24
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Sarvattwhat's wrong RAOF?14:35
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SarvattRAOF: need a refreshed -nr patch for 1.9? i've got one in edgers15:03
Sarvattor were you merging intel and needing to refresh the copy-fb patch?15:04
tseliotSarvatt, RAOF: when do you plan to upload xserver 1.9?15:21
Sarvattjust a rough guess at a month or so from now15:22
tseliotin time for alpha 3?15:23
Sarvattdoubt it'll be there by then15:24
Sarvattoh august 5th, maybe15:25
Sarvatti thought that was closer15:25
Sarvattit's pretty much ready to go outside of a few patch refreshes needed15:26
tseliotah, good15:26
SarvattI actually just got permission to backport support for the latest xorg 1.9 release candidate to the 256.* series of drivers, so hopefully we'll be able to get a beta version of that out soon.15:35
Sarvattaaronp said that \o/15:35
tseliotSarvatt: that's good news, I knew they were working on it15:38
tseliotSarvatt: let me know when it's ready and I'll sponsor the upload15:39
tseliotSarvatt: the mesa packages in xorg-edgers don't set alternatives, do they?16:01
Sarvattyeah they do, didn't want to break anything16:23
tseliotSarvatt: ok, so they should work with proprietary drivers (just for testing experimental releases)16:25
Sarvatttseliot: reason i'm giving a long estimate is because theres still a few problems that will probably be fixed by then, like I dont believe tslib works so arm people will be unhappy, and a few drivers like evdev and synaptics haven't had releases compatible with it yet16:40
tseliotoh, that definitely makes sense16:40
Sarvattworried about the arm video drivers too and it'd probably be better to bring it in sooner to get it fixed up in that regard..16:43
Sarvatti dont even know what they are, know theres an omapfb and a dovefb one at least16:44
tseliotright, the arm mess...16:48
jcristaupeople care about tslib?16:51
Sarvattyeah arm people, not to mention egl clutter only works with tslib16:54
Sarvatti know someone was screwing with egl clutter on arm because thats was the whole reason we packaged the egl stuff in mesa up16:56
jcristauthe toolkit shouldn't care what X driver is in use16:58
Sarvatthmm yeah that doesn't make sense, it's got to use an actual tslib lib not the x input driver since the egl backend doesn't use X?17:03
Sarvattlibts i guess17:03
jcristauyeah that would make more sense17:04
RiemervdzeeGood evening21:15
Sarvattthese "foobar crashed with SIGSEGV in XF86DRIQueryVersion()" sure are annoying :)22:51
Sarvattevery single one is just them having fglrx installed but not using fglrx22:52
Sarvatthttps://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=crashed+with+SIGSEGV+in+XF86DRIQueryVersion() -- argh i've already closed at least 2022:54
Sarvattoh more than half of those are private so it doesn't look as bad if you cant see those :)23:25
Sarvatti'm duping everything to https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/545257 before i close it this time23:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 545257 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "gnome-screensaver-gl-helper crashed with SIGSEGV in XF86DRIQueryVersion() (affects: 85) (dups: 21) (heat: 238)" [Medium,New]23:26

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