verterokmario-kemper: do you have a way/know how to check if the /publicfiles is there?00:03
mario-kempernot yet00:04
mario-kemperI'll search for it00:04
verterokmario-kemper: I found a snippet that parse the xml returned by dbus introspection (python)00:05
mario-kemperah, ok - this might help00:05
mario-kemperdo you have an URL?00:07
verterokmario-kemper: gimme 1' :)00:10
verterokmario-kemper: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/463226/00:12
verterokit's a hack :)00:12
mario-kemperthanks, this looks good00:15
mario-kemperthank you very much for your help00:16
verterokmario-kemper: np, glad it's useful00:16
mkarnickiverterok: for long I wanted to ask that question ;) - what is a volume? how different is it from node? (if you have time to answer, I'll be around still for some time!)00:18
verterokmkarnicki: a volume is a share, the Root or a UDF00:20
mkarnickiaha! thanks00:20
verterokmkarnicki: nodes live inside volumes00:20
mkarnickiverterok: right! :) now I know what a volume is :)00:21
verterokmkarnicki: so, a method of the protocol client, e.g: makeFile expects a node_id and a volume_id00:21
verterokand other stuff00:21
verterokmkarnicki: the volume_id of the root is a special case: ''00:22
verterokmkarnicki: all the other volume ids are uuids00:22
mkarnickiverterok: aha00:22
mkarnickiverterok: so if I have my account, and you share a folder with me, I'll have two volumes, right?00:23
verterokmkarnicki: only if you accept the share :)00:23
mkarnickiverterok: ^__^00:23
verterokmkarnicki: no-yet accepted shares aren't volumes00:23
mkarnickiverterok: I see. that makes sense ;)00:23
verterokmkarnicki: if you create a UDF, you will have 2 volumes too :)00:24
mkarnickiverterok: right :)00:24
mkarnickiverterok: for long I have been wondering what the heck are volumes..00:24
mkarnickiverterok: if I have the directory contents cached, and update them in the background using my service - there's no better way than to compare them one by one, right? I need to check if it *is* in the database, and if so, if it *was* modified. right?01:31
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verterokmkarnicki: sorry, I'm missing something there :)01:56
mkarnickiverterok: I cache directory contents to serve them faster. but I have to update them in the background to make sure I don't miss any new entries etc01:56
mkarnickiverterok: Since I have to check if each entry has possibly changed, I have no other option then to compare what I got from the server with what I have cached.01:57
mkarnickiverterok: You told Aquarius about server notifying the client if something changes, rembemer? I might have mentioned that in an email01:57
mkarnickiverterok: is it something I could use? do servers track what clients have/have not yet fetched?01:58
verterokmkarnicki: yes, the server sends NODE_STATE notifications to the client01:58
verterokmkarnicki: no, the server don't trackj what the client asked01:58
mkarnickiverterok: I see. and note_state contain.. ?01:58
verterokmkarnicki: the server will notify all the connected clients if one of the clients changed something01:58
verterokmkarnicki: you need to register a callback for that specific notification01:59
mkarnickiverterok: so if I drop the connection, and reconnect after 1hour, I won't get notify what happend in the mean time, right? (that would, sadly, make sense..)01:59
verterokmkarnicki: from the top of my head: client.set_node_state_callback or something like that :)01:59
verterokmkarnicki: yeap01:59
mkarnickiverterok: aha, will do.01:59
verterokmkarnicki: with the current protocol, the client needs to do a server rescan02:00
verterokwe are working in changing that, and use deltas instead02:00
mkarnickiverterok: right02:00
mkarnickiverterok: oh really?! you're already working on that :) ?02:00
mkarnickivery cool02:00
verterokyes, it will be included in Maverick client, and we will need to add that to the java client02:01
mkarnickiverterok: so, it is true that, if I have a cached folder and I want to refresh it for the user, I have to download it all again, right? (the file listing I mean, directory contents)02:01
mkarnickiverterok: wow.. pretty fast. this year already?02:01
mkarnickimaverick is 10.10 isn't it?02:02
mkarnickisweet :)02:02
verterokmkarnicki: to get the new contents, yes you need to download it again02:02
mkarnickiverterok: ok, got it :)02:03
mkarnickiverterok: if I'm downloading a file, is there an option to tap into getContent to know how much has been already downloaded or I should look at the file on the device/SD card to see what's the progress in bytes?02:06
mkarnickiverterok: if it's possible, I'd like to use progress bar, that's why the question.02:06
verterokmkarnicki: hmm, it can be done...without looking at the code I'ld say that using a custom OutputStream is the way to go02:07
mkarnickiverterok: I see. another trick :) thanks!!02:08
verterokmkarnicki: and in the write method you can hook a callback or something to keep track02:08
mkarnickiverterok: do you know the answer to life, universe and everything? (you always have answers :D )02:08
verteroknp :)02:08
mkarnickiverterok: cool, thank you :)02:09
verterok42 is the answer02:09
mkarnickiverterok: correct ;)02:09
mkarnickiverterok: what does client.unlink(volumeId, node) do, if I may ask :)02:14
verterokmkarnicki: delete a node02:16
mkarnickiverterok: or queryCaps (query is for fetching dir content, for example right?)02:17
mkarnickiverterok: aha02:17
verterokmkarnicki: queryCaps is to query the capabilities the server support02:18
verterokmkarnicki: the client can "nagotiate" the capabilities to use02:18
mkarnickiverterok: aha :) thank you02:19
verterokmkarnicki: e.g: this delta thingy I talked about, is a new capability02:19
mkarnickiverterok: yes :) and a very cool one.02:19
verterokmkarnicki: so in the case of old clients that don't have that, the server will behave as the clietn expect02:19
mkarnickiverterok: uhum :)02:19
* mkarnicki nods02:19
verterokmkarnicki: if the client doesn't set any capabilities it will use the default, whihch is the latest one02:20
verterokif I remember correctly02:20
mkarnickiverterok: oh :D02:20
mkarnickiverterok: I shouldn't worry about that for now, right? things seem to work fine (though I haven't moved much interms of functionality, but in terms of code yes)02:21
mkarnickiverterok: I need to fix 2 things (one of them is cursor from sqlite db), and I'll have a working, remote process service to sync stuff :)02:21
mkarnickiverterok: and cache stuff :) !02:21
verterokmkarnicki: not yet, but it might be good to do the capabilities stuff02:22
mkarnickiverterok: ok, I will :)02:22
verterokmkarnicki: it's just one or two method calls before doing the authentication02:22
mkarnickiverterok: I'll ask about that in a month time or so02:22
mkarnickiverterok: ok :)02:22
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mkarnickigood night all03:39
* mkarnicki is away03:39
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martydI have been having trouble getting my computer authorized with U1 & followed every 'reinstall' guide I can find; anyone willing to help me?05:23
legisI was losing it for while when trying to add my pc ;-)06:04
duanedesignlegis: did you get it06:22
legisduanedesign: yeah, from the /topic06:22
duanedesignlegis: yeah that is a pain. :\06:23
legisI guess this happens on slown computers? this one is atom based06:27
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duanedesignlegis: it is a bug with Lucid06:49
duanedesignthough it is hard to reproduce, thus fix06:50
rsilvakairosbom dia a todos07:28
duanedesigngood morning rsilvakairos07:43
rsilvakairosnao falo ingles07:43
rsilvakairosme desculpe,chamei vc sem querer07:44
rsilvakairosgood morning07:44
duanedesignEu não falo português07:44
duanedesignrsilvakairos: que ok07:45
rsilvakairosdesculpe-me mais uma vez07:46
duanedesignrsilvakairos: que está ok. Ubuntu Um bom trabalho?07:48
duanedesignrsilvakairos: Traduz Google me faz soar engraçado :)07:49
abhi_navis contact sync from evolution to ubuntuone is now working?08:22
duanedesignhello abhi_nav08:24
abhi_navhi duanedesign :)08:24
duanedesignabhi_nav: does not look like it :\08:27
abhi_navduanedesign, oh :(08:27
duanedesignunless someone else knows something different....08:27
abhi_navduanedesign, ok08:29
duanedesignabhi_nav: yeah i am anxiously awaiting the return of contact sync08:32
abhi_navduanedesign, me too :)08:34
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abhi_navi have uploaded one file to u1. now how the sync will be done? i have edited files contents in my pc? how to sync?10:03
kermiacabhi_nav: sync will be done automatically10:04
kermiacabhi_nav: u1sdtool is a useful tool to see what is happening. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RomanYepishev/UbuntuOne/ClientControl for more info on u1sdtool10:05
abhi_navkermiac, it is not done. i have uploaded that file long ago. and after that i have made some changes to file in pc but still i cant see that changes in thre10:05
abhi_navkermiac, ok10:05
abhi_navkermiac, do i need to run u1 explicity to let it sync?10:14
kermiacabhi_nav: no, it should be automatically running. what version of Ubuntu are you running?10:14
abhi_navkermiac, lucid 64 bit10:15
abhi_navkermiac, how much time it takes to sync one file? I mean after how much time interval it checks if file in pc has changed?10:15
kermiacabhi_nav: what does "u1sdtool -s" (without the quotes) in a terminal window say?10:16
kermiacabhi_nav: it should not take long10:16
abhi_navkermiac, http://paste.ubuntu.com/463390/10:17
kermiacsorry, i have to go. that looks like it is working as it should be. you could try adding another file into your u1 folder to see if you can "jump start" the sync process10:19
kermiachonk for abhi_nav ^^10:19
abhi_navkermiac, thanks :010:19
abhi_navkermiac, thanks :)10:19
duanedesignhello abhi_nav10:20
abhi_navduanedesign, hi10:20
kermiachonk is a "magic" word in here, hopefully someone will be able to help. If not, feel free to create a bug report by running "ubuntu-bug ubuntuone-client" from the terminal & let us know the bug #10:20
kermiacah :)10:20
abhi_navkermiac, ok10:20
duanedesignwhat does this return:   u1sdtool --waiting-metadata | wc -l10:20
* kermiac waves at duanedesign10:20
duanedesignabhi_nav: ^^10:20
kermiacthanks :)10:20
* duanedesign waves at kermiac 10:20
abhi_navduanedesign,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/463390/10:20
duanedesignok its idle and you are still expecting a file to sync10:21
duanedesigndo  u1sdtool --waiting-metadata | wc -l   and   u1sdtool --waiting-content | wc -l10:21
duanedesignreturn 010:22
abhi_navduanedesign, u1sdtool --waiting-metadata | wc -l   and   u1sdtool --waiting-content | wc -l10:22
abhi_navduanedesign, wc: unrecognised option '--waiting-content'10:22
abhi_navTry `wc --help' for more information.10:22
abhi_navduanedesign, how i set it so that it will automatically set up? does u1 starts at startup?10:23
duanedesignsorry the commands are10:23
duanedesignu1sdtool --waiting-metadata | wc -l10:24
duanedesignu1sdtool --waiting-content | wc -l10:24
duanedesignthat will tell you how many items are waiting in each queue10:24
duanedesignlets try and restart syncdaemon first10:24
abhi_navduanedesign, 0 for u1sdtool --waiting-metadata | wc -l10:24
abhi_navduanedesign, and also 0 for u1sdtool --waiting-content | wc -l10:25
duanedesignu1sdtool -s says :   With User With Network10:25
duanedesignthat means you are connectede10:25
abhi_navduanedesign, ok10:26
duanedesignabhi_nav: try -  u1sdtool -q; u1sdtool -c10:26
abhi_navduanedesign, done10:26
duanedesignabhi_nav:  then give it about 60seconds and run the ' u1sdtool -s ' again10:26
* abhi_nav starts counting.........10:26
abhi_navduanedesign, http://paste.ubuntu.com/463392/10:30
duanedesignabhi_nav: is this file in your ubuntu one folder?10:32
abhi_navduanedesign, no10:34
ryeduanedesign, can I get more context of the issue here?10:34
abhi_navduanedesign, is it compulsory to put all my files I want to sync with u1 to be in ubuntuone folder?10:34
abhi_navduanedesign, i right click on file then I go to properties and i selected 'ubunuoen-updating'.10:36
duanedesignabhi_nav: just making changes to the file should tell it to sync10:36
duanedesignrye: abhi_nav made changes to a file and it is not syncing10:37
duanedesignis that correct abhi_nav ?10:37
abhi_navduanedesign, but that was not heppening. now i added that attribute and now i am waiting it to sync.10:37
abhi_navduanedesign, oh yes10:37
ryeabhi_nav, ah, you added the _emblem_ to the file10:38
abhi_navrye, please help. this is my important file.10:38
duanedesignbut u1sdtool --waiting-metadata/content show 010:38
abhi_navrye, yes10:38
duanedesignabhi_nav: anything in   ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exception.log10:38
abhi_navduanedesign, nothing its blank10:39
ryeabhi_nav, what is the location of the file, i.e. full path ?10:39
abhi_navrye, /home/<username>/Documents/file.txxt10:40
abhi_navduanedesign, rye on my one.ubuntu.com page how would i know that if my file is recently synced or not?10:41
ryeabhi_nav, ok, is Documents folder synced with Ubuntu One? In order for the file to be synced to Ubuntu One it should be added to the special folders, By default there is "Ubuntu One" folder in your home directory and you can mark additional folders to be synced with Ubuntu One10:41
abhi_navrye, Documents is not marked. but i dont want to sync whole folder only that one file.10:42
ryeabhi_nav, then you might want to copy that file to Ubuntu One folder in your home directory10:42
abhi_navduanedesign, rye i just right click on Documents and click on Sync with u1 and it closed. :(10:42
duanedesignabhi_nav: you are in good hands. rye is the fixer of U1 problems :)10:43
abhi_navduanedesign, ok :)10:43
duanedesigni am going to get breakfast10:43
duanedesignbe back soon10:43
abhi_navrye, so each time i make changes i need to copy that file to u1 folder?10:43
ryeabhi_nav, or you can edit it directly from that folder10:44
abhi_navrye, ohh ok.10:44
abhi_navrye, tell me if i clicked on documents to sync with u1 then its all conents will sync? but its a little big data it wil take time?10:44
abhi_navrye, and each time i select my Documetns to sync with u1 the folder gets automatically closed? is it normal behavior?10:45
ryeabhi_nav, in my case I have Documents folder synced to Ubuntu One so there is a backup of all the files. However I might not have the documents that are top secret in that folder so I am OK with their storage on Ubuntu One servers10:45
ryeabhi_nav, are you on lucid or maverick?10:45
abhi_navrye, lucid 64 bit10:45
ryeabhi_nav, each time? Do you have apport popping up telling that nautilus has crashed?10:46
ryeabhi_nav, this is not normal10:46
abhi_navrye, yes each time and no apport error.10:46
abhi_navrye, wait10:46
abhi_navrye, it happend two times before but not this. this time i first go to u1 folder then come back and then mark Docments to sync. then it doesnt closed.10:47
abhi_navrye, and now all folders and files inside Ducements are automatically marked emble as unsynchronised.10:48
ryeabhi_nav, yes, you can see that they will start appearing on Ubuntu One web interface10:49
abhi_navrye, ohh ok. Thankyou for your time. :)10:49
ryeregarding the crash - there was a problem with earlier share on ubuntu one code that was using shared structure, i wonder whether the same code is still being used...10:49
* rye wonders and fetches sources10:49
abhi_navrye, i dont have any sensitive files in Documents but still how much secure is u1? for sensitive files?10:53
abhi_navrye, you there?10:59
abhi_navrye, need help here11:06
ryeerm, need to type faster, long sentences are not good for IRC :(11:09
abhi_navhello rye you there?11:15
abhi_navduanedesign, you there to help?11:16
ryeabhi_nav, hello, i was typing an essay and was not able to finish it before you left11:17
abhi_navrye, essay?11:17
abhi_navrye, I need help11:17
mkarnickiabhi_nav: long answer ;)11:17
abhi_navmkarnicki, ok11:18
mkarnickirye: you're doing great job :)11:18
ryeabhi_nav, yes, sure, what's the issue?11:18
ryeabhi_nav, re: security - i guess linking to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Security is the best place11:18
abhi_navrye, that doc folder i uploaded only uploades all files inside it plus very big data so very big time. so i need to cancel all that. i manually deleted all folder inside it. but the main Document folder dotn have delete option. also from in my pc i right click on doc and select stop syn with u1. and output of that conents shows still about 783 files to syns how to stop and cancel it from syncking overall?11:20
ryeabhi_nav, you mean you deleted the files from the web interface?11:20
abhi_navrye, yes11:20
abhi_navrye, only folders as there was only foder no files was there11:20
ryeabhi_nav, quick, please disconnect your local syncdaemon - u1sdtool --disconnect11:20
abhi_navrye, done11:21
abhi_navrye, now what next step?11:21
ryeabhi_nav, the syncing in ubuntu one is done two-way, so when you remove the files / folders from the web interface they will be removed from local storage as well. Since your sync has not yet completed the files are left intact, could you please pastebin u1sdtool --waiting-meta ?11:22
abhi_navrye, http://paste.ubuntu.com/463438/11:22
ryeabhi_nav, yes, lucid bug with metadata is still there... Ok, i guess you will want to unsubscribe the folder, i.e. to stop syncing the folder on Ubuntu One - please pastebin the output of u1sdtool --list-folders11:25
abhi_navrye, http://paste.ubuntu.com/463438/11:25
abhi_navrye, Folder list:11:26
abhi_nav  id=072375da-acd4-404a-b268-961023a80c9c subscribed=True path=/home/abhijit/Documents11:26
ryeabhi_nav, just so you know what these commands mean - see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RomanYepishev/UbuntuOne/ClientControl11:27
abhi_navrye, ok11:27
abhi_navrye, --delete-folder will delete from u1 server or from my pc?11:31
ryeabhi_nav, ok, now we need to unsubscribe the folder11:32
abhi_navrye, yes11:32
abhi_navrye, i have executed that delet command11:32
abhi_navrye, but it hangs so i press ctrl z or(c)11:33
ryeabhi_nav, u1sdtool --unsubscribe-folder==072375da-acd4-404a-b268-961023a80c9c11:33
abhi_navrye, FolderUnSubscribeError: DOES_NOT_EXIST (id==072375da-acd4-404a-b268-961023a80c9c)11:33
ryeabhi_nav, it hangs because it is not connected, but we do not want it to connect now, since that would possibly remove local files (they can be restored, but that takes more time than we want to, this will be better soon though)11:34
ryeabhi_nav, sorry, u1sdtool --unsubscribe-folder=072375da-acd4-404a-b268-961023a80c9c11:34
ryedual equal sign11:34
abhi_navrye, done11:34
ryeabhi_nav, ok, now let's shut down syncdaemon so that it drops the queue11:35
ryeabhi_nav, u1sdtool --quit11:35
abhi_navrye, yes quited11:35
abhi_navubuntuone-syncdaemon stopped.11:35
ryeabhi_nav, ok, now try starting it - u1sdtool --start11:41
abhi_navrye, started11:41
duanedesignrye: is it possible for a user to get Tomboy notes that have been deleted? is this the same procedure as recovering files? Running the -info script and then ping a U1 dev11:51
ryeabhi_nav, could you please pastebin to u1sdtool --waiting-meta11:52
ryeabhi_nav, i mean could you please pastebin the output of u1sdtool --waiting-meta11:52
ryerodrigo_, i know you were working on this issue, could you please provide more info to me and duanedesign^11:53
abhi_navrye, http://paste.ubuntu.com/463450/11:53
abhi_navrye, ^^11:55
ryeabhi_nav, u1sdtool --status ?11:55
abhi_navrye, http://paste.ubuntu.com/463451/11:56
ryeabhi_nav, u1sdtool --list-folders again, please?11:59
abhi_navrye, yws12:00
abhi_navrye, Folder list:12:01
abhi_nav  id=072375da-acd4-404a-b268-961023a80c9c subscribed= path=/home/abhijit/Documents12:01
ryeabhi_nav, just to be 100% safe, is it possible for you to create a copy of Documents folder?12:03
abhi_navrye, yes12:04
abhi_navrye, sould i create it now?12:04
ryeabhi_nav, could you please create the copy now and then we will continue with disassociating the folders12:05
abhi_navrye, ok12:05
abhi_navrye, done12:05
ryeabhi_nav, ok, now please do u1sdtool --delete-folder=072375da-acd4-404a-b268-961023a80c9c - this will hang until you connect syncdaemon, so don't Ctrl+C that terminal12:07
ryeabhi_nav, in a new terminal window please do u1sdtool --connect12:08
abhi_navrye, ok12:08
abhi_navrye, hey one mistake12:09
abhi_navrye, i first done --connect and then i done --delete-folder and if it finished its work. is that ok?12:09
abhi_navrye, done12:09
ryeabhi_nav, yes, that is not really that different, it just can take longer12:09
abhi_navrye, ok then its done now12:10
ryeok, now could youj please try listing the folders to see whether documents is still ther e- u1sdtool --list-folders ?12:10
abhi_navrye, yes12:10
abhi_navrye, No folders12:10
abhi_navrye, :)12:10
abhi_navrye, i mean result of --list-folder is No folders12:11
ryeabhi_nav, great, so that means that we are back to the original state, so, now to sync a file to Ubuntu One please add the file to Ubuntu One folder, that would be the easiest thing12:12
abhi_navrye, yes. I wll go though that way only. Thanks for you great hepl!! :)12:12
ryeabhi_nav, you are welcome, I am glad that I did not make things worse12:15
abhi_navrye, oh haa h :D :D ok ok12:15
ryeduanedesign, there is an issue with tomboy notes as far as I remember that is caused by the way tomboy handles revisions from the servers. Frankly speaking i was not able to reproduce that but the legends say that the Tomboy can simply unlink the notes in case it thinks that those notes should not exist based on the response from the server12:16
abhijain actully when  i am on ubuntu prefrences window and try to connect devices >connect no connecticvity with my account12:16
duanedesignabhijain: what version of Ubuntu are you on?12:17
abhijainduanedesign: 10.4 lucid12:18
duanedesignabhijain: it should auto-connect at start up12:18
* abhi_nav whishes luck for duanedesign and abhijain ;)12:19
duanedesignabhijain: what do you get when you run :  u1sdtool -s12:19
abhijainwheni am clicking on connect option there is no responsce12:20
duanedesignabhijain: can you open a Terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal) and run the command:   u1sdtool -s12:21
duanedesignyou can post the results at  http://paste.ubuntu.com12:23
duanedesignafter clicking paste, post the address it gives you here.12:23
abhijainduanedesign: http://paste.ubuntu.com/463460/12:25
duanedesignabhijain: ok and can you run the command:  u1sdtool -c12:26
abhijainduanedesign: done12:27
duanedesignabhijain: wait about 60 seconds and run the  u1sdtool -s ' command again.12:27
abhijainduanedesign: same like last one12:29
duanedesignabhijain: ok12:29
duanedesigncan you open the folder ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/12:29
duanedesignabhijain: you might have to hit ctrl + h to see the .cache folder in your home directory12:30
ryebrb (10-20 minutes)12:36
abhi_navabhijain, duanedesign is still here12:38
abhijainduanedesign: hello , sorry disconected  due to network error12:39
duanedesignabhijain: hello12:40
duanedesignabhijain: can you open the folder ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/12:40
abhijainduanedesign: no disconnected . just wait now i am processing12:41
abhijainduanedesign: in file system?12:42
abhijainduanedesign: opened and i am at destination ubuntuone/shared with me  folder which is locked12:44
duanedesignabhijain: if you go into home12:44
abhijainduanedesign: yeah i got12:45
duanedesignabhijain:  typr Ctrl + h to see hidden files12:45
duanedesignabhijain: then you should see the .cache folder12:45
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abhijainduanedesign: done12:48
abhijainduanedesign: now in log folder12:49
abhijainabhishek/.cache/ubuntuone /log12:49
abhijainduanedesign: ping12:51
duanedesignabhi_nav: ok12:52
duanedesignii knew i was going to get those two mixed up12:52
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duanedesignFYI this was the user with the missing Tomboy notes.  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152962013:09
mb999Anybody heard of a bug in ubuntu one where it thinks that your paid account is a free one?13:24
ryemb999, was your payment card (debit/credit) charged when it was supposed to?13:26
mb999I tried contacting billing, but they never responded13:27
mb999So I managed to downgrade my account to a free one by cancelling the account (it decided at that point to tell me that my account was in fact paid for)13:28
ryemb999, could yoj please provide your email that was used for registration? Private message OK13:31
jdobrienmb999 have you been emailing mattgriffin?13:31
mb999Just the billing form on ubuntu one page13:32
mattgriffinjdobrien: mb999's issue is the same but it's a different customer13:32
jdobrienmattgriffin, ok13:32
mb999Looks like a state issue in the database.13:32
mb999Or I managed to create two accounts with the same ID & email somehow13:32
mattgriffinmb999: send me a private message with your email address please so i can lookup the message you sent from the ubuntu one website. sorry about the delay in responding.13:34
ryemb999, re-sent13:35
jdobrienmb999 so since you already cancelled the paid subscription and then subscribed to the free one, i'm unclear what you would like us to do13:37
abhi_navbye friends!!! :)13:37
ryemb999, could you please provide more info - i.e. you had 2 Gb Free account, then you upgraded to 50 Gb, was the upgrade successful? Or was your account downgraded recently to 2Gb w/o any reason?13:44
mb999Sorry, missed the messages13:50
mb999Erm: I upgraded to the 50gig account and it worked for a while...13:50
mb999Then I was somehow 'downgraded' to a free account, but money was still being taken from my account13:50
mb999Then I cancelled my (paid for) free account, and it gave me back a hybrid account (says I'm on a 50gig, but only shows me with 2 gig of storage) - and no, I didn't rejoin, I cancelled.13:51
mb999Rye: >> account downgraded recently to 2Gb w/o any reason?13:52
mattgriffinmb999: ping13:53
mb999I'm paying attention again. Sorry for the delay earlier13:53
ryemattgriffin, ^13:53
mattgriffinmb999: hi. just sent you some private messages :) want me to send them again?13:53
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rodrigo_alecu, not sure why you don't get more undefined symbols, you still need the gnome-settings-plugin object, which is in g-s-d, right?14:52
alecuhello channel. Guess I'll be hanging around here now :-)14:53
alecurodrigo_, yup: no undefined symbols, and the test code works just fine.14:53
rodrigo_hmm, ok14:53
alecurodrigo_, I'm cleaning it up and pushing it, so you can take a look14:56
rodrigo_ok cool14:56
alecurodrigo_, btw: I've been getting a few "Failed test command" mails... are you running tarmac or something like that?14:56
rodrigo_alecu, yes, I tried14:57
rodrigo_alecu, it failed, as you can see :)14:57
rodrigo_verterok, ok, so I can do a u1-storage-protocol release with current trunk then?14:57
verterokrodrigo_: yes, facundobatista, __lucio__ any objections?14:58
__lucio__should work14:59
Chipacadesktop+ daily standup meeting starting in mumble15:00
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andrisis there somethihg going on in here ?15:59
duanedesignhello andris15:59
andrishi h'w are ya doing15:59
duanedesignsomething or anything ?  :)16:00
duanedesigni am well today. thank you16:00
andrishope you get better soon16:00
rodrigo_nessita, hmm, adding a contact and then pressing 'share' works for me, I wonder if it's got something to do with the fact you don't have desktopcouch16:03
rodrigo_nessita, because you don't have it running, right?16:03
nessitarodrigo_: correct16:03
nessitarodrigo_: anyways, I think a user should be able to share something without having desktopcouch running16:03
nessitarodrigo_: since those are two independant things16:04
rodrigo_nessita, yes, it is supposed to work16:04
rodrigo_nessita, the contacts picker is desktopcouch-agnostic, except for adding the contact16:04
nessitarodrigo_: and for share, how do you detect if a contact was selected?16:05
nessitabecause that's what's failing16:05
rodrigo_nessita, we get the selection from the tree view16:05
rodrigo_nessita, although we keep it in a separate hash table, so I guess in the not-desktopcouch-case the hash table is not being updated16:06
* rodrigo_ tests without desktopcouch16:06
ottermaton_Sorry, my connection dropped for a second so I missed any responses.16:14
ottermaton_If there were any. :-/16:14
mkarnickiottermaton_: there weren't16:16
ottermaton_thanks mkarnicki. Are you able to connect?16:17
mkarnickiottermaton_: connet where?16:17
ottermaton_to U116:17
ottermaton_I can load the page, but the U1 app is saying "not connected" and is not synching my files16:18
mkarnickimike@dojo:~$ u1sdtool --status16:18
mkarnickiState: QUEUE_MANAGER connection: With User With Network description: processing queues is_connected: True16:18
mkarnickiduanedesign: rye: ^ ottermaton_16:19
ryeottermaton_, what distro version are you running?16:19
duanedesignhell ottermaton_16:19
ottermaton_hi duanedesign. Nice to see you again16:19
ryeottermaton_, ok, so ubuntuone-preferences says that you are not connected, right? is there a button to connect in Devices tab?16:20
ottermaton_rye, yes. It "depresses" but does nothing16:21
ottermaton_restart does nothing either16:22
mandelvds, u there?16:22
ryeottermaton_, ok, could you please pastebin the current state from u1sdtool --status to http://paste.ubuntu.com16:22
ottermaton_one moment16:22
vdsmandel: I'm here16:24
mandelvds, that sucked!16:24
vdsmandel: yup16:24
vdspetty strange16:24
mandelvds, anyway, I was saying, can you try and solve the issue with S3?16:24
vdsmandel: I think I've solved it16:25
mandelvds, that was fast!16:25
vdsmandel: just need to test it with a script16:25
vdsmandel: yup :)16:25
mandelvds, ok, can you do that and put it in a brach so we can merge it with the current code16:26
vdsmandel: yes16:26
mandelvds, I'll finish the unit test (kinda hard to do) and will propose a merge with the code asap16:26
mandelvds, can you look at setting up tarmac or the other (cannot remember the name) so that we have automated merges and builds?16:27
mandelvds, I'd like to have that setup asap so that we can start providing small updates and have some kind of integration env16:28
vdsmandel: are you sure we need tarmac?16:28
ottermaton_rye did you get that16:28
vdsmandel: tarmac or pqm? they don't do builds16:29
vdsmandel: they just manage trunk AFAIK16:29
mandelvds, well I was thinking of tarmac to manage trunk16:29
mandelvds, and "something" for the builds :P16:30
mandelvds, no idea of what to use for the builds though16:30
vdsChipaca: do we need tarmac or pqm for the win client?16:30
vdsmandel: for the builds we need to check with muffinresearch16:31
Chipacavds: pqm delenda est16:31
vdsmuffinresearch: hello :) how's going with hudson16:31
vdsChipaca: pqm requiem in pax16:31
ryeottermaton_, hmmm16:32
vdsChipaca: but my question was more, do we really need tarmac to manage trunk?16:32
ryeottermaton_, it looks like it was not actually running, can you re-run that command and pastebin the results again??16:32
Chipacavds: ah! then I didn't understand the question. What do you mean?16:32
ryehm, it looks like ubuntuone-preferences not always starting the syncdaemon, how can that be? o_O16:33
vdsChipaca: ATM we are just pushing to trunk, nothing is managing trunk16:33
mandelvds, mind taking care of the build server things? that way you are busy, I'm a bastard, I know ;)16:33
muffinresearchvds: hey - are you pretty much ready to set-up up something to be built?16:33
Chipacavds: what is trunk?16:33
vdsChipaca: it is a bit anarchic but it's just me and mandel and basically he's the one that pushes branches16:34
Chipacavds: and he's a bastard, we know16:34
vdsChipaca:  https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-windows-installer/trunk16:34
ottermaton_rye - output is the same16:34
vdsChipaca: this is trunk16:34
muffinresearchvds: do you have an ami in mind? If you tell me which one you want I can spin it up and we can start getting it setup.16:34
ryeottermaton_, LOCAL_RESCAN ?16:34
Chipacavds: oh, *that* trunk!16:34
mandelmuffinresearch, vds, we have a build script that will compile, run unit test and create the msi pacakages, it would be nice to have a machine taking care of that16:34
mandelChipaca, THE trunk ;)16:35
Chipacavds: automate as much as you can :)16:35
vdsmuffinresearch mandel yep, we need to run win7 I guess and we need to install all the dependencie16:35
Chipacavds: if 'automate' means waiting for somebody else to do it and doing it manually meanwhile, oh ok16:35
vdsmuffinresearch mandel if you want I can create the ami, I've never done it with win tough16:35
mandelmuffinresearch, vds, not really windows 7, it could be xp SP3 :P16:36
ottermaton_rye, I just did u1stdtool --connect and no change16:36
jcastrois there a place in the web ui to see all the files I've shared via "share on ubuntu one?"16:37
ryeottermaton_, ok, could you please pastebin ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log ? Something tells me that syncdaemon dies after some time16:37
jcastrobasically I lost the handy URL for the file. :-/16:37
vdsChipaca mandel well if that means do it in the less expensive way (in time) I'd go with manual push for now, otherwise we need a tarmac instance that can run the tests on win16:38
vdsmandel Chipaca what version of win do we support?16:38
mandelvds, Chipaca all the ones supported by MS??? I suppose  > XP SP316:38
rodrigo_nessita, it works for me also without desktopcouch :(16:39
mandelvds, Chipaca sorry I mean >= XP SP316:39
nessitarodrigo_: how can I help you debug?16:39
rodrigo_nessita, can you record a screencast of how you did it?16:39
rodrigo_nessita, gtk-recordmydesktop package should do it16:39
nessitarodrigo_: on it16:39
nessitayes, I've used it before :-)16:39
ottermaton_rye http://paste.ubuntu.com/463581/16:40
ryeottermaton_, was it working before?16:41
muffinresearchvds: seems the only options for windows amis are server versions?16:41
ottermaton__rye sorry, hope I didn't miss your response16:44
vdsmuffinresearch: sorry I don;t understand16:45
ryeottermaton__, was Ubuntu One working for you earlier? Have you restored your /home from a backup or something like this?16:45
muffinresearchvds: there's no windows desktop amis for EC216:46
vdsmuffinresearch: ah, got it...16:46
vdsmandel Chipaca ^^16:47
vdsmuffinresearch: then I guess the alternative is not using EC2 but something in the DC?16:47
Chipacavds: I think it just means we need more libs16:48
Chipacamandel knows more ;)16:48
ottermaton__rye I have been messing around and writing a script to do a backup of ~/ but to the best of my knowledge I have not overwritten it16:49
vdsmandel: you are the expert here :)16:49
mandelmuffinresearch, vds, the are very few differences between desktop and server, one of them that we can runn IIS which we do not care about16:49
mandelmuffinresearch, vds  a server edition will not be a problem at all since most of the time SharePoint developers develop on Server VMS rather that on desktops, so we are happy :D16:50
mandelmuffinresearch, vds do I make sense? O_o16:51
ottermaton__rye I'm looking at the dates in ~/ but I'm supposing that if I did accidentally overwrite that the backup files would still have the access date showing the "old" date. Is that right?16:51
vdsmandel muffinresearch Chipaca I know I'm being picky but if the builds and the tests are ment to make sure everything works on a certain number of platform, shouldn't we use those platform and avoid to cheat?16:51
ryeottermaton__, was Ubuntu One working for you earler?16:51
ottermaton__Yes it was16:52
ottermaton__rye, Not earlier today though16:52
ryeottermaton__, ok, so right now it can not find the metadata info for Ubuntu One folder, as far as I see, let me think what to do...16:52
mandelvds, well, we are just runnint code tests and wix, so I do not see it like cheating... the msi will have to be tested per OS version, and we do not want to build in all the versions, right?16:53
vdsmandel: I thought we want hudson not just to build but also to test16:54
vdsbut I might have misunderstood that16:54
mandelvds, test and installation test or unit tests?16:54
vdsmandel both16:54
vdsmandel: if we don't have tarmac that runs the tests when we merge16:55
=== nessita1 is now known as nessita
vdsmandel: and we don't have hudson to run the tests we'll end up breaking trunk all the time :)16:55
mandelvds, when you say testing is hudson, what do you mean?16:56
vdsmandel: hudson can run the unit and the integration tests16:57
vdsmandel: continuosly16:57
ottermaton__rye I will admit the possibility that I accidentally overwrote ~/  I don't think I did, but it is possible16:58
mandelvds, oh. ok, then is not an issue to use a server, we depend on libs that are .Net runtime dependent and the .Net runtime is the same in a server and a desktop16:58
ryeottermaton__, is there an Ubuntu One folder in your home directory?16:58
ottermaton__rye, there is16:59
vdsmandel: ok, so if we run the tests on the servers, do we have to run the tests again manually on each platform or we can rely on the tests on the servers?17:00
mandelvds, we can rely on the server tests17:00
ryeverterok, may I ask you what can be done for this - http://paste.ubuntu.com/463581/ except of wiping metadata completely and start again17:01
ottermaton__rye I wouldn't mind doing that. I haven't done anything significant with the account thus far, just playing around with it17:02
* verterok looks17:03
ryeottermaton__, still that's interesting how that happened...17:03
ottermaton__rye, where is the metadata that I would want to erase?17:03
verterokrye: is that ottermaton__ log?17:04
ryeverterok, syncdaemon-exceptions.log of ottermaton__17:04
verterokottermaton__: please, stop the client: u1sdtool -q17:04
verterokottermaton__: and execute: rm ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/vm/shares/r/o/o/root_node_id17:04
verterokottermaton__: and restart the client: u1sdtool --start && u1sdtool -c17:05
verterokrye: probably corrupted filesystem_manager metadata17:07
verterokrye: volume_manager has the root share, but there is no info about it in the fsm metadata, and local rescan fails17:07
verterokrye: so, it's a bug, it shouldn't die that way17:08
ottermaton__I did all of the above and no change. However, I then realized I was still logged in to one.ubuntu.com all the while. I've now logged out and will try again17:08
verterokottermaton__: no change?17:08
mandelChipaca, sent email, you should be in copy ;)17:09
ottermaton__verterok, still shows "Disconnected"17:09
verterokottermaton__: can you pastebin the syncdaemon-exceptions.log?17:09
ottermaton__verterok, one moment. FYI I logged out of one.ubuntu.com and repeated the instructions you gave but still "Disconnected"  When I hit the "Manage Account" it opens up to my account though17:12
Chipacamandel: thanks, got it17:13
mandelChipaca, I'm not good with PR so I did the best I could ;)17:14
verterokottermaton__: can you pastebin syncdaemon.log ?17:14
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
verterokrye: looks like the root metadata is gone, which is weird17:16
ottermaton__verterok, rye If this is an actual bug I'd be more than happy to do what I can to diagnosis it, but I _must_ go take a test right now. I'll be back in one hour or so17:16
ottermaton__verterok, I have to go. Will you be here a little later?17:17
verterokottermaton__: ok, can be that by mistake you deleted some stuff inside ~/.local/share/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/fsm ?17:17
ryeottermaton__, could you please file a bug using ubuntu-bug ubuntuone-client and give the ID of the bug submitted?17:17
ottermaton__I can't right now but will look into it later. I hope you guys will still be here when I get back17:18
verterokok, thanks17:18
ottermaton__thank YOU17:18
mandelvds, I'm goign to the market to buy fruit, I'll catch u later ;)17:18
vdsmandel: ok17:18
Chipacammm... foood17:18
=== mandel is now known as mandel_afk
rodrigo_alecu, I approved your branch, but it looks to me you need to merge with trunk17:20
Chipacaok, my feet are freezing. Am going to stop to go have lunch and warm up and walk in the sun a little17:21
vdsmuffinresearch: want me to try to setup the win ami?17:22
alecurodrigo_, oh, ok.17:22
vdsmuffinresearch: or we can pair maybe?17:22
AJenbomandel_afk, your Manuel de la Pena right?17:31
AJenbovds, hi, since mandel is afk, could you maybe introduce me to the windows port of U1?17:32
alecuAJenbo, yes, mandel_afk is Manuel de la Pena.17:33
vdsAJenbo: hi, nice to meet you17:33
vdsAJenbo: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-windows-installer/trunk17:37
vdsAJenbo: this is the lp project17:37
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
vdsAJenbo: what else can I do for you?17:50
AJenbovds: I'm thinking that i will be working on some UI stuff17:51
AJenboI will start by making a blue print on LP and then draw up some mark ups17:51
AJenboI might also make the install UI17:58
vdsAJenbo: ok18:05
=== mandel_afk is now known as mandel
mandelAJenbo, I'm back :D18:07
mandelvds, ping18:08
vdsmandel: pong18:08
mandelvds, did you speak with AJenbo18:09
vdsmandel: a bit?18:09
mandelvds, can u update me? ;)18:09
vdsmandel: I just pointed AJenbo to trunk so far18:11
mandelvds, ok, so I did not miss much :D18:11
vdsmandel: nope18:11
mandelvds, I'll like to speak with him before I disapear again... I'll try to ping him again18:12
vdsmandel: I'll take a look at the amis tomorrow18:12
vdsmandel: we can have a skype call to catchup18:12
mandelvds, great, sounds good, keep me posted with the amis state, I'll focus on getting the bloody unit test working18:13
mandelAJenbo, ping18:19
=== JUMPA is now known as jumpa
AJenbomandel, pong18:26
mandelAJenbo, hello! nice to see u here, sorry I was away, needed to buy food :P18:27
AJenboyeah they all say that :)18:27
mandelAJenbo, I swear I needed some vegs hehe18:27
vdsmandel: yes they sau that too!18:28
AJenbomandel, what state is the code in atm?18:28
vdsAJenbo: can you skype?18:28
mandelAJenbo, is actually quite new18:28
mandelvds, AJenbo skype in the first date? O_o18:29
AJenbomandel, i thourhgt this was the first date18:29
vdsmandel: yeah, what are we waiting for :)18:30
mandelvds, AJenbo ok I'm in give me a sec18:30
vdsAJenbo: your skype id?18:31
AJenboi think it should be posible for a sevice to see what user(s) are logged in, and then read a settings file from the users folder, this would also alow it to update users files even if they are only logged in in the background18:31
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
AJenbovds, ajenbo118:32
mandelAJenbo, request sent18:33
=== mandel is now known as mandel_afk
=== mandel_afk is now known as mandel
AJenbomandel, installing...18:34
mandelAJenbo, hehe no worries18:35
mandelvds, turns out I'm faster... i don't know is that is very good ;)18:36
=== jumpa is now known as JUMPA
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vdsAJenbo: http://code.google.com/p/protobuf/wiki/UserGuide18:47
ottermatonrye, verterok, how goes it?18:49
rye<rye> ottermaton__, could you please file a bug using ubuntu-bug ubuntuone-client and give the ID of the bug submitted?18:50
ottermatonrye, never filed one before, but I'll give it a whirl18:54
ryeottermaton, ok, feel free to ask any related questions, launchpad does not look that user-friendly at start but then it really starts to shine18:54
mandelAJenbo, vds awseom to talk with both of you (specially vds ;) )19:08
mandelAJenbo, vds I'm done for the day, I need to do some jogging, laters!19:08
=== mandel is now known as mandel_afk
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
vdsmandel_afk: it's easy when skype loves you! :)19:23
=== nessita1 is now known as nessita
CardinalFangthisfred, oh, hey, it seems couchdb is finally released.19:37
thisfredCardinalFang: yeah, I saw. 1.0 FTW19:38
ottermatonrye: I think I must be jinxed today. Everywhere I go I've been getting a flakey internet connection. I've finally settled into the library where I have to use this crap web interface for IRC19:38
ottermatonrye: I hope it will at least be a stable connection19:38
ottermatonrye: I've found this https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+faq/778 and am going to try that first19:39
ryeottermaton, in case connection is not possible to HTTPS directly (proxy is required) then syncdaemon will not be able to connect19:45
beunomkarnicki, hey hey!19:46
beunoshould I be testing the andround client again?19:46
beunois the bug fixed?19:46
ryeottermaton, it depends on library connectivity settings, I've seen various crazy configurations out there19:50
ottermatonrye I'm still getting the same "Disconnected" message as before19:52
mkarnickiCardinalFang: hi! could you help me understand one sentence from Android docs? (the 2nd one) http://goo.gl/os2c19:53
ryeottermaton, ok, could you please try logging in to https://one.ubuntu.com and see whether you have https access at all19:53
mkarnickiCardinalFang: it means that bindService won't startService() ?19:53
ottermatonrye I am there and logged in19:54
mkarnickiCardinalFang: *I meant call to onStart() not startService()19:54
ryeottermaton, ok, so you removed the metadata folder completely, restarted syncdaemon and it is still not running, right?19:54
ottermatonrye does that indicate that the sync should work then? Would you recommend waiting until I get home where I know it worked a few days ago before I file a bug report?19:55
ryeottermaton, could you please pastebin syncdaemon-exceptions.log once again, if that is not network-related then it is even more interesting that it was able to break even after complete removal of the metadata19:56
ottermatonrye: I think, though am not sure, that it worked from school where I was earlier today. It was definitely not working at home before I left this morning but I didn't have time to look into it19:56
ottermatonrye: I'm not sure that everything was wiped. Under Services I had unchecked Bookmarks and Broadcast Messages Archive and they are still unchecked after the reinstall19:57
ryeottermaton, have you removed anything from ~/.local/share/ubuntuone ?19:58
CardinalFangmkarnicki, that sentence is sloppy.  :\19:58
mkarnickiCardinalFang: agreed19:58
ottermatonrye: According to the instructions on https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+faq/778 I removed the whole dir19:59
CardinalFangmkarnicki, I interpret as:  the service is created, but not "started".  You have to startService(..) later if you want that to happen.20:02
ottermatonrye: I no longer have a syndameon-exceptions log20:02
ottermatoner, syncdaemon-exceptions20:02
CardinalFangIt just doesn't push the state machine to "started" automatically.20:02
mkarnickiCardinalFang: agreed. I think you're right20:02
ottermatonjust syncdaemon.log20:02
ryeottermaton, ok, that's good, could you please pastebin u1sdtool --status ?20:02
mkarnickiCardinalFang: that's why it stops when clients unBind from it, makes sence :) thanks!20:03
CardinalFangYou're welcome.20:03
ottermatonrye: http://paste.ubuntu.com/463648/  ... at least it's different this time. That's encouraging20:04
ryeottermaton, ok, now you should be able to click connect in ubuntuone-preferences or do u1sdtool --connect20:05
ottermatonmy computer is now listed twice under Devices20:05
CardinalFangmkarnicki, I know you're busy, but I suggest filing a bug or patch to the docs.20:07
mkarnickiCardinalFang: ok :)20:07
CardinalFang- still only be called due to an explicit cal20:07
CardinalFang+ still only be called by an explicit cal20:07
mkarnicki;) haha, you even wrote the diff20:08
ottermatonrye: it now says synchronization in progrees. Nothing's showing on the bar but system monitor shows a pretty consistent bit of info going out20:10
ottermatonrye: I'm becoming skeptical that this is actually doing anything20:18
ottermatonIt says syncing but there's no progress20:18
ryeottermaton, Can you re-post u1sdtool --status, u1sdtool --waiting-meta and u1sdtool --waiting-content20:18
dobeyno progress where?20:18
mkarnickiCardinalFang: Android docs bug filed.20:20
mkarnickiCardinalFang: (not that it took me so long, though ;) )20:20
CardinalFangmkarnicki, you the man.20:21
mkarnickiCardinalFang: ^ ^20:21
beunomkarnicki, should I be testing the andround client again?20:27
beunohas the bug for certain accounts been fixed?20:27
mkarnickibeuno: really soon20:27
beunoso you've figured out what's wrong?20:27
mkarnickibeuno: I'm not sure, verterok has been hard to catch, but since were moving onto lightweight version of protocol buffers, I hope - yes.20:27
mkarnickibeuno: not really. I asked verterok to take care of that, but he's really busy. in the mean time, I'm working hard on the project.20:28
mkarnickibeuno: I'll get back to work and update you soon :)20:28
mkarnickibeuno: it's nice you're asking :)20:29
verterokbeuno: in order to find out what's going on I need: you oauth token and your credit card number + security code20:29
beunoverterok, it's yours, where do I send it20:30
verterokbeuno: guillo.gonzo+creditcards at gmail dot com ;)20:31
mkarnickiverterok: hahahahhah20:31
mkarnickiverterok: that was hilarious ;D20:31
verterokbeuno: really, I can'treproduce the error, so it's a bit tricky to actually find out what's going on :(20:32
beunoverterok, I'll give you my token20:32
beunowhat do I need to send you20:32
mkarnickiindeed, I heard that there was issue only on some phones during U1 team meeting..20:33
mkarnickiif I'll be able to reproduce that, I'll make sure verterok knows about it.20:33
verterokmkarnicki: yes, it works ok ono my G120:34
mkarnickiverterok: that's good, I'm happy you'll be able to test it :)20:34
verterokbeuno: the output of http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/463666/20:35
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