ScottLpersia, are you available yet to answer a few questions?01:03
ckontrosyo yo01:07
ckontrosScottL: Kickin' 'round?01:08
ScottLckontros, yes, yes i am01:18
ckontrosScottL: Duuuuude. Got a story. Skype or PM?01:18
ScottLckontros, probably pm because the kids are outside and i'm in and out (more in though)01:19
ckontrosSure sure. ;)01:19
falktxhi guys11:56
falktxi have made some modifications to the pulse-jack thing11:56
falktxit now auto-creates ~/.pulse/client.conf and disables autospawn11:57
falktxthere was no other way, since kde 4.5.0 will now use pulseaudio too...11:57
ScottLthat could be a useful script to studio users12:00
falktxi really didnt want to disable auto-spawn... but there really no other way12:02
falktxpulseaudio is more annoying then me...12:02

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