zuswelcome then im not too far ahead of you, only been using linux for 6 months00:00
conzeitheh...feels good tho, if a little confusing :p00:00
zusya might wanna ask holstein  where the logs are for the channel, he just helpped me set up JACK you can read them and get going00:00
conzeitit's ok to just close that jackd config dialogue? I do have a tutorial on how to configure that00:01
conzeitoh ok00:01
holsteinyeah conzeit you can close it00:02
holsteinand you should be able to change that setting later if needed00:03
conzeitok thx00:03
holsteinAFAIK your just asked if you want jackd to be running RT out of the box00:03
holsteini forget all the questions00:03
holsteinread them all though00:03
conzeityeah, I just didnt know wether jackd was something indespensable o.o00:04
holsteintheres a couple of those questions that if you answer wrong, you dont get to boot in anymore00:04
holsteineasily that is00:04
holsteinconzeit: jackd is the JACK audio connection kit that zus and i have been setting up on his box00:05
* zus wihispers to holstein i cant get freebirth to open now.... what am i doing wrong 00:06
holsteinfreebirth could be broken in there00:07
* holstein looking00:07
conzeitwow, that about not being able to boot is scary! but I'm using the guide that I was given here, so I'm ok right?00:07
holsteinshould be00:08
holsteindont worry about it00:08
holsteini always say, your not doing it right ti you hose your box and have to re-install ;)00:08
holsteinthe question about GRUB00:08
holsteinthats the one00:08
holsteini think you have to say 'keep the locally installed file'00:09
zusi seen freebirth opened once,  then had messed with jack and it worked but when i messed with jack,... was before today00:09
holsteinshould be the default choice now00:09
conzeitok so I opened this sudo gedit /etc/security/limits.conf00:09
holsteinconzeit: yeah, you might not need to worry about that either00:09
holsteini would mess around00:10
holsteinand tweak as needed00:10
conzeitnow, it tells me to add 3 commands that start with @....all of what I see in that conf file starts with #...do I paste it with # and then @ or just leave it alone?00:10
holsteinconzeit: totally not going to hurt anything though00:10
* holstein looking00:10
holsteinconzeit: you can just add them at the bottom00:11
holsteinanything with a # is ignored00:11
zusi think its the adding username to audio/video group00:11
conzeitok, I thought so =) just wanted to make sure00:12
holsteinso you can put them after #end of file even00:12
holsteinso you know what youve edited00:12
holsteinconzeit: pretty sure you have to log out and back on for those chagnes to take effect00:12
conzeitoh ok00:13
holsteinzus: im looking around00:15
holsteinfreebirth doesnt 'just work' for me with JACK either00:15
holsteinyou know00:16
holsteini think its just not set up to work with JACK anymore00:16
holsteinbecause it was crashy00:16
holsteinnot sure though00:16
conzeitk I'm supposed to be done now so I'ma reboot thx for the help guys =)00:16
holsteinconzeit: anytime00:17
zusyeah   freebirth was wired for me  too that one time00:17
holsteini gotta run eat00:17
holsteini asked over in #opensourcemusicians00:17
holsteinif you want to keep an eye over there00:18
zusholstein,  thanks again00:24
* Conzeit facepalms00:26
* zus blinks00:26
Conzeitjust rebooted and it looks just like before I tried to install studio! I dont see the new apps at all00:26
zusin synaptic package manager00:27
zustype in00:27
zusubuntustudio at somepoint itll show you all the studio stuffs00:27
Conzeitbut that stuff I just did from the guide...it really just didnt work at all?00:29
zusbehind the scenes it did im sure00:31
Conzeitso are the apps somewhere in my pc they just dont show up in applications menu?00:32
zusholstein,  turning off jack hit stop and then quit? i will mesaground with more later on01:07
holsteinzus: exactly01:07
holsteinyou want to hit stop first01:08
holsteinthen close it01:08
zusdisconnect the apps?01:08
holsteinyou dont have to01:09
holsteinbut that will happen anyways01:09
zuscool thanks a milli haha01:10
Conzeitholstein, zus....I used synaptic and everything worked fine, thanks for the help!01:25
zusConzeit,  yay!01:25
zusConzeit,  its a world of difference yeah?01:46
=== tucemiux_ is now known as tucemiux
siretarthey there23:36
siretarta few days (week) ago we've started a jack transition in debian that is a bit complicated23:37
siretartfor squeeze, we want to ship both jackd1 and jackd223:37
siretartis this something ubuntustudio would want as to do as well?23:38
siretartand is there a more appropriate place to discuss this than this irc channel?23:38
siretartI mean, I could of course upload both jackd1 and jackd2 to maverick, but both should be promoted to main, or big mess[tm] will happen23:39
holsteinhey siretart23:45
holsteinlet me suggest a couple channels23:45
holstein#ubuntustudio-devel and #kxstudio23:45
holsteinthe mailing list for ubuntustudio is really the best way to get intouch with the dev AFAIK23:46
tucemiuxholstein, youre going to attend the HOPE conference this weekend?23:53
holsteini got work23:54
tucemiuxyeah, that's what i figured23:54
holsteini got gigs all weekend23:54
holsteingotta drive all over the place :/23:54
tucemiuxi suppose I could be the channel's rep then23:54
holsteinare you going?23:54
tucemiuxim seriously thinking about going on saturday, do you know if the ticket is for all 3 days or just for one day?23:55
* holstein totally clueless23:55
tucemiuxthe guy from wikileaks is going to be there on saturday so it's going to get really interesting plus they got a show at 11:30? its going to sound like a blast and I can probably take my laptop to play with23:56

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