LucidFoxkenvandine> should I prepare a version of the Liferea patch with draw-attention disabled?03:26
kenvandineLucidFox, i think that would be better03:26
* LucidFox nods03:26
LucidFoxAlso, right now the behavior is that clicking one indicator opens the Liferea window and removes all indicators from the menu. Does it make sense, or should it remove just that one indicator?03:28
sensegood morning09:54
thorwilgood morning sense without q! :)10:04
sensethorwil: Yeah! The Q is gone.10:04
sensegood morning to you too10:04
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adaympt: is it meeting time?13:05
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* mpt just gave <http://twitter.com/ubuntudesigners> and <http://identi.ca/ubuntudesigners> a visual makeover14:24
senseyay for visual makeovers!14:25
adaympt: sorry i had to duck out of the meeting. did i miss anything?14:45
mpt* aday (~aday@ has left #ubuntu-meeting14:45
mpt<mpt> aday, ivanka says she'll be happy to discuss this with you at Guadec, Monday to Wednesday.14:45
mpt<mpt> d'oh14:45
adaympt: ha. discuss personas?14:46
mptaday, yes14:46
adaympt: cool. input from the canonical design crew would be great :)14:47
adaympt: i might need help finding interviewees once i've run a pilot or two14:49
adaympt: it looks like we'll be having an epiphany design session at guadec, btw14:50
adaympt: are you going to be at guadec?14:51
mptaday, yes, the whole week15:06
adaympt: cool. it would be good to have you at the epiphany session15:07
wersmpt, can we also test the new Ubuntu font? :)15:52
mptwers, you can do that right now if you're an Ubuntu member16:03
senseHow do the designers look to LoCos who change the colour of the CoF in their logos?16:08
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abhijitI am already here18:46
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