Carl0We just installed Bzr on OS 10.6 and get an error whenever we try to init a repository: bzr: ERROR: '/Users/carl' is not a working copy00:04
Carl0I cannot find other users talking about this error when I searched Google. Can anybody here please help us?00:05
maxbPlease give the *precise* command you ran, and run it again with the -Derror flag to see if it gives more information00:08
carl_I accidentally disconnected. Can anybody help us figure out the cause of the following error when we init a repository: bzr: ERROR: '/Users/username' is not a working copy00:10
maxbPlease give the *precise* command you ran, and run it again with the -Derror flag to see if it gives more information00:11
carl_We just installed bzr 2.2b3 on OS 10.600:11
Stavrosmaxb: how?00:11
carl_$ bzr init00:12
carl_.. UnsupportedFormatError: '/Users/carl' is not a working copy00:13
maxbIs there already a /Users/carl/.bzr/ directory? or .git ? or .svn ? or .hg ?00:14
maxbStavros: have you installed the bzr-hg plugin?00:14
carl_maxb, there is only a .bzr.log00:15
maxbcarl_: OK, so bzr-svn is somehow breaking things00:15
carl_Can we remove bzr-svn?00:16
Stavrosmaxb: yes, but it's not working :/00:17
Stavrosi do bzr branch hg+http://url and it says that the scheme is not supported00:17
fullermdLast I heard bzr-hg didn't support remote protocols.00:17
maxbcarl_: I would just delete it or move it aside. But then, I usually run bzr-svn directly from a branch. I am not familiar with OS X or what bzr installers may be there00:18
Stavroshmm, too bad...00:18
fullermd(or really much of anything beyond PoC)00:18
maxbfullermd: there are live bzr-hg imports on launchpad...00:18
maxbStavros: lose the hg+00:18
fullermdWell, it's been years since I acquired the "last I heard", to be sure.  But it's always been a long time since I heard anybody actively working on bzr-hg too.00:19
maxbIt's a lot less polished than bzr-svn, that's for certain, but it's often good enough00:20
fullermdThe last I heard was that it was capable of branch'ing and pull'ing and such from a local hg branch, but not over remote protocol, or able to push back.00:21
carl_maxb, thanks for suggesting the svn folder removal.00:35
carl_Now when I try to init a repository I get an error telling me 'No repository present'00:36
carl_here is the traceback: http://pastebin.org/39709600:36
MethsWhat does bzr do on a commit after printing "Committed revision xyz."?  Mine seems to take quite a while to return to the command prompt compared to what it used to.  Noticed with 2.1.x on WinXP.01:33
janisozaurin svn I can "svn log BASE:HEAD", this shows all the commit logs that happened since last "svn up" - local revno is compared against server's revno. How can I achieve the same in bzr?08:38
janisozaurI've tried "bzr log -r -1:lp:cybercarto" (as cybercarto is the project I manage) but bzr tells me that it had encountered an internal bug. Should I file it?08:39
janisozaur*internal error08:40
parthmjanisozaur: internal error is almost always a bug. it would be good to file it.08:42
swathanthranbzr commit won't look at $VISUAL? or which variable i should set to make it point to an editor i want?08:42
parthmswathanthran: EDITOR or BZR_EDITOR. `bzr help env-variables`08:43
janisozaurparthm: do I need to attach only the crash log or should I also include snapshot of local and server state of branches?08:43
parthmjanisozaur: crash log should be enough.08:44
swathanthranparthm: thanks08:44
parthmjanisozaur: the way i do what you mention is that i keep a mirror of the trunk around08:44
parthmjanisozaur: then from my feature branch foo, i can do "bzr diff --old ../trunk"08:44
parthmjanisozaur: typically i keep all my branches in a shared repo locally so they share history.08:45
janisozaurparthm: so... there is no way of fetching logs only for missing commits from server?08:46
parthmjanisozaur: you don't really need to connect to the server as all the logs are available locally.08:48
parthmjanisozaur: you could do a `bzr log | less` and that has the entire log.08:48
parthmjanisozaur: if you do `bzr revno lp:foo` you will get the revno of the trunk. you could then do `bzr log $revno..last:1`08:49
janisozaurparthm: yes, they are stored locally, but what I'm used to, after using some svn, is checking the logs before updating.08:50
parthmjanisozaur: i think the revno + log which i mentioned above should do what you want.08:53
parthmjanisozaur: unless the trunk has moved ahead. i which case i don't know of a good way to accomplish what you mention.08:55
jamjanisozaur: bzr log -r -1..-1:. lp:cybercarto will probably work10:01
jamyou want to make sure one is the local, and one is the remote10:02
jambut that you call "bzr log REMOTE -r local..remote"10:02
jamI haven't found a syntax for the local branch that works as the first part of a range yet, checking10:04
jamjanisozaur: vila points out that "bzr missing --theirs" also works for this10:05
jamjanisozaur: bzr log lp:bzr -r -1::this..-110:07
jamits sort of magical syntax10:10
jambut it does do what you want10:10
jammissing can certainly be a lot easier, though10:10
ronny_can someone please make at least the recent bzr pip installable?10:24
ronny_hum, it actually half-works10:25
ngirardHi all. I need to know about this while not beeing able to access bzr on the command line right now:10:51
ngirardwhen calling10:51
ngirardbzr export DEST [BRANCH]10:51
ngirardwill bzr create DEST if it doesn't exist ?10:52
ngirardanyone ?10:56
mwhudsonngirard: yes11:11
ngirardmwhudson, thanks ! I'm currently writing a shell script that i cannot test now ;-)11:15
mwhudsonngirard: that's not a good place to be!11:17
ngirardwell mwhudson, your answer was the sole thing I needed there !11:18
ngirardI'm only using bzr do  export some stuff that'll never be modified. How can I get rid of the "you have not informed bzr" message ?13:13
beunongirard, ser a name?13:14
ngirardaha. I can bzr launchpad-login --no-check. That's fine. Thanks beuno13:17
d1bcan i use bzr to pull from an svn repo and then push to a git repo?14:31
d1b / does bzr understand / work with svn branches?14:31
poolied1b, yes, and yes14:31
d1bpoolie: how do i do this? :P14:32
d1blike i mean easy14:32
pooliebzr branch svn+ssh://example.com/foo14:33
d1berh the svn is https :// :P14:33
pooliebzr push -d foo git+ssh://example.com/git14:33
d1band what if i want to do a local git export14:33
pooliewell, that then14:33
spivd1b: I bet your host isn't example.com either :)14:33
d1bspiv: :P14:33
d1bactually this isn't going to work either lol because i would need to merge git and git-svn14:34
d1bstill history in bzr or git would be better than svn14:34
d1berh what if the remote https location has an invalid cert?14:36
spivtry https+urllib: instead of https:14:37
d1bnope fails :/14:39
d1bdoesn't like my username / pass14:39
d1bor something :/ -both are valid14:39
lifelesshave you logged in with svn ?14:40
d1bgit-svn works as does svn14:40
d1bi assume you guys are using pycurl14:40
d1bif so, please add the support to add an external cert14:40
lifelessyou're talking to svn14:41
d1bsame thing holds :)14:41
lifelesswe use libsvn14:41
d1bi am talkingto svn :)14:41
d1bit doesn't like the user / pass and both are correct14:41
d1bit starts to do the checkout then stops14:41
d1band reasks14:41
d1b"bzr error not a branch"14:41
lifelessd1b: firstly don't pass the user/pass in the url, for svn if you have logged in already its implicit14:42
d1blifeless: im not14:42
lifelesssecondly, perhaps you can run with -Derror and show what happens14:42
d1bwhy would i put the username in the url :) ? ok will do14:42
d1bperhaps i need to say master?14:46
d1bin which case this would violate my "easily get my svn branches"14:46
d1bperhaps it is getting the username wrong ?14:50
d1b(appending @example.com)14:50
d1bok so no ideas?15:06
svakshawhile trying to pull this branch, https://code.launchpad.net/~mailman-coders/mailman/2.1, i get this error: bzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "lp:mailman-2.1": No such project: mailman-2.115:07
Ursinhasvaksha, wouldn't that be lp:mailman/2.1?15:09
svakshathat is what i entered15:09
UrsinhaI mean, what command you ran?15:09
svaksha sudo bzr branch lp:mailman/2.115:10
svakshawhich gave the above error15:10
svakshaso i tried it with -15:10
svakshabzr: ERROR: Unknown branch format: 'Bazaar Branch Format 7 (needs bzr 1.6)\n'15:11
pooliesvaksha, maybe you need a newer bzr?15:12
d1bupgrade your bzr!15:12
lifelessd1b: if you have a branch called master, under foobar, then yes you need to specify it15:13
svakshapoolie: i re-installed bzr a couple of days ago. *sigh*15:14
lifelessd1b: the 'svn-import' command will however pull all the branches15:14
pooliesvaksha, what platform are you on?15:14
svakshapoolie: hardy15:14
d1blifeless: how how does that work?15:14
* svaksha had some problems with bzr so i purged the old installation and reinstalled15:14
d1bdo i just add that to bzr branch?15:14
pooliesvaksha, use https://edge.launchpad.net/~bzr/+archive/ppa15:14
d1bwow my brain is on stupid today15:15
svakshapoolie: thanks. will get back to you on it15:15
d1bah right got it15:16
d1bhowever, i put /trunk before - which does exist and that didn't work either15:16
d1bbah turns out bzr-svn doesn't even do what i want. oh well. - according to the site it doesn't truncate branch svn branch copies15:23
* maxb wonders what "truncate svn branch copies" means15:24
d1bmaxb: i assume it means doesn't maintain the history of a file when copied toa branch15:25
d1bwhich is exactly what git is getting confused with - i stupidily didn't make this change from git and now it is lots of fun!15:25
d1bit works fine but i wanted to maintain / apply previous file history to the 'new' (copied) branch15:26
svakshapoolie: on the development server i'm only allowed to install packed versions of software, so a ppa is not workable. is there another way to pull this Mailman revision?15:26
pooliesvaksha, you realise the things in there are packaged?15:27
svakshapoolie: yes, i do.15:28
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pooliesvaksha, branch it onto a different machine using an uptodate client i guess16:40
* maxb looks at .bzr.log and recoils at the amount of spurious errors bzr-svn is logging16:52
svakshapoolie: i was suggested another method -- edited sources.list to add the hardy ppa, sudo upgrade +update allowed me to pull the branch16:52
poolieuh yeah16:52
pooliethat's what i was suggesting you do16:52
svaksha:) thanks16:52
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sven_sandberghi! i have encountered what looks like wrong conflict markers when merging one tree to another. it looks similar to this: http://pastebin.com/gzxtEt2X17:59
sven_sandbergnote that after the merge, line 3 has moved from outside the conflict to TREE. so if you think you'd want to take the OTHER part of the conflict, you'd miss line 3.18:00
sven_sandbergi can't reproduce it in this simple form, only in my local mysql tree. so it's probably history-dependent18:01
maxbThat sounds familiar18:02
sven_sandbergi know these things can be counter-intuitive sometimes. is this likely to be a bug?18:02
maxbYes, that's definitely happened to me too. Unfortunately I've done no better than you at reproducing it18:02
sven_sandbergis there a good place where i can upload the source tree so that others can reproduce it?18:03
sven_sandbergmaxb, or maybe you can already reproduce it in a public tree?18:03
maxbmy broken tree is private code18:03
maxbMaybe you could just put the branches on launchpad and file a bug including instructions of what to merge where to reproduce?18:04
sven_sandbergsure. how should i put it on launchpad? is there a 'scratch area' for things like this?18:04
maxbsven_sandberg: You can push things to ~your-name/+junk/whatever18:11
sven_sandbergmaxb, thanks!18:11
maxbThough if it's a branch of an established project, you're better off pushing it at lp:~you/project/tmp-something, so that the auto-stacking takes effect and you don't need to spend network traffic pushing the common history18:12
sven_sandbergthank you. i'll see what works easiest for me18:19

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