coz_hey guys02:37
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hybridvigourgreetings all, could anyone tell me if it's okay to install edubuntu 10.04 through packages over ubuntu 9.04 or will that create an instant problem?16:05
alkisgYou can't upgrade 9.04 to 10.04 directly16:31
alkisgYou'll first need to upgrade to 9.10 and then to 10.0416:32
hybridvigouralkisg: i'm installing ubuntu 9.04 and the laptops will die with that version on them. they are going to be without any possibility of upgrade ever so i'm not to worried. what i'd like to know is if i can install edubuntu 10.04 over ubuntu 9.04?16:35
hybridvigouranyone? is it possible to install edubuntu 10.04 over ubuntu 9.04?16:37
hybridvigouras packages i mean16:38
coz_hey guys.... I am loving edubuntu / lucid   even though I hate lucid :)  but do notice that synaptic is ramping up cpu  ...any way around this?23:11
alkisgSynaptic? Or the update manager?23:12
coz_alkisg,  synaptic23:16
coz_alkisg,  it ramps up to 100% each time23:16
alkisgI've never seen that problem...23:17
alkisgYou just have it open and it uses 100% CPU, without doing anything?23:17
coz_alkisg,  yeah pretty much23:17
alkisgDoes it do that if you open it from the live dvd as well?23:18
coz_alkisg,  I didnt use live dvd I used the minial cd for installation23:18
alkisgok, anyway, I can't help - I've never seen that problem...23:19
alkisgTry searching launchpad for some related bug...23:19
coz_alkisg,  ok and I will play with it ...see if I can come up with the problem   thanks guy :)23:20

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