James147eMyller: possibally a desktop effect called "zoom"?00:16
eMyllerJames147: nope, that up to X00:17
eMyllerdesktop effects aren't enabled (and even can't in that graphic card)00:17
James147eMyller: then you need to say what graphics drivers you are using00:18
eMyllerwill check, sec00:19
eMyllerJames147: aw, that's a SiS00:20
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eMyllerJames147: i got that working02:33
James147eMyller: :)02:34
eMyllerjust needed to install sis drivers.02:34
eMyllerthanks :)02:34
cato37i am confused about samba. the network that i need to connect is not on the internet. it is a home system with several computers. what do i need to install from apt-get for samba03:53
James147cato37: connecting to a samba share I beleave you dont need to install anything extra (could be wrong) for sharing folder you need the "samba" package (install it anyway just to be sure)03:58
cato37James147: thanx.03:58
James147cato37: note that there is not good gui for creating samba shares (might be one, not sure how well it works) atm in kde :( I think its being worked on and planed for the next vresion04:00
cato37James147: k. bash reads samba installed manually.04:02
James147cato37: then all should be good :)04:04
cato37James147: you are a great help, here. thank you.04:09
demismFor some reason my default character encoding on mozilla is western, but pages i visit are showing up as UTF-8 and so I get all the funny characters... is there a way to change this permanently so that I don't have to change it? Does it have to do with my LANG variable being US_en.UTF8?04:44
dorianAnyone use konqueror?05:01
ussher_dorian: yep, konqueror rocks05:03
dorianBut it looks like IE6 and it runs really slow05:04
ussher_Best FTP client i have ever used.05:05
ussher_not sure why dolphin became the default file browser.  I prefer konqueror05:05
ussher_if you do ctrl+shift+l  then you can copy files to the server like your copying on your local machine05:06
dorianI think dolphin has more features05:06
dorianKHTML is a great invent,but now it seems webkit is better05:06
ussher_and use kate and you can edit them from there too.  makes the remote server feel like your local machine05:06
ussher_i havent used khtml or webkit sorry05:07
dorianKHTML is the engine of konqueror05:07
dorianand webkit is based on KHTML and used by safari and chrome05:08
dorianhere is a test page of javascript runtime http://wd-testnet.world-direct.at/mozilla/dhtml/funo/jsTimeTest.htm05:08
ussher_too technical for me.  are you talking about the base that the browsers are built off?05:08
dorianChrome just use 17ms05:08
ussher_I use Firefox for a browser and konqueror for a file manager.05:09
dorianKonqueror is about 444ms05:09
dorianYup,konqueror is a great file manager05:10
ussher_cant say i use it much for a browser.   i just ran "run all tests" in FF an Konq and they were 149ms and 143ms from here05:11
ussher_not that i know what that means though05:12
dorianMaybe your computer is better^-^05:14
dorianThat are some functions used in browser05:15
ussher_not sure.  cant say javascript runtimes are something i have ever thought about before.  it runs and takes as long as it takes.  I have heard that chrome is fast though.05:16
dorianSo I think konqueror should be a file manager not a browser as it's speed05:17
rodroxWhy konqueror has 89/100 in the acid test?05:29
dorian100/100 ,chrome gets05:36
rodroxsomeone knows about this issue?05:37
chxhi. how can i change the icon that appears besides an application in Alt+F4? qmpp and konversation are too similar.05:43
rodroxacid test05:47
noaXessgood morning.06:50
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noaXesswhats the simplest way to complete remove kubuntu-desltop and all kde apps/lib's?07:44
geniiHm. Pricechild seems to have removed it07:53
geniinoaXess: The old !puregnome factoid guided the user to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome  for what it might be worth to you07:56
noaXessgenii: but this command sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop just uninstall this single package07:57
geniinoaXess: "kubuntu-desktop" is a meta package. Which means it's just a name for a collection of other actual packages like kdelibs and so on07:58
noaXessthink i need go trought the manual way07:58
Alazarehey can someone help me im having a problem configuring nview seperate screens under kde08:13
Alazarejust removed gnome08:13
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Alazareanyone have an idea why seperate x monitor doesnt work and yet twinview does08:29
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RogaschHi, i have a question about CouchDB, i tried to save severel Contacts via Evolution. Well i didnt work at all because my CouchDB has no Tables. Do i have to create them by my self?09:20
Rogaschno one can help :(09:27
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jussiRogasch: Im not sure if there is a couchdb specific channel, but the lads in #ubuntuone probably know hwere to point you.09:42
Rogasch@jussi thanks09:46
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ussher_Alazare: i use the arandr package from gnome to set up my dual monitors.  works great until a kde alternative comes around10:01
AciDsomehow, I don't have any icons in any kde apps menu. I'm using lucid with kde 4.4.2 and the oxygen theme (air). Is there an option I missed somewhere to activate those icons in menus ?10:22
MamarokAciD: make sure you have all oygen-them packages installed, they splitted the package for space reasons on the CD10:25
AciDI have openoffice.org-style-oxygen, oxygen-cursor-theme, oxygen-icon-theme and oxygen-icon-theme-complete10:26
Mamarokoxygen-iocn-theme I meant10:26
gunsofbrixtonhi, where do I specify my email signature in kmail?10:27
Mamarokham, the colete is installed? Then I don't know10:27
Mamarokgunsofbrixton: in the signature tab, check the tabs on top when you configure your account10:27
AciDcolete ? anyway, it looks like i have all the oxygen-icon-theme installed. Still, no icons in any kde apps menu :(10:28
AciDi'll try to change to another icon theme, just to see if it comes from oxygen10:28
gunsofbrixtonMamarok: hmm wait, I go to settings->configure kmail->accounts?10:28
AciDit doesn't seem to change anything, still no icons in menu10:31
gunsofbrixtonaahh it's under identities... got it10:31
Mamarokyes, sorry, I told from memory and don't go there very often10:33
MamarokAciD: try reinstalling those packages, maybe that helps (do not remove them, just force a reinstallation)10:33
AciDwill do10:34
AciDstill no icons, should i restart kde though ?10:40
MamarokAciD: yes, try logging out and in again10:40
bb_Hi - i need some tip for updateing to 4.5 rc 2. After adding the repos, aptitude gives me some output which I do not know how to handle. You can find it here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/463949/ - I really would appreciate some help on that issue. Thx!10:59
fairyhi there everyone I'm new to kubuntu and i need help11:02
bb_The problem seems to be the package libqt4-assistant - do I need that for anything? Is it save to remove it?11:04
bb_hm - even when I say no to aptitude dist-upgrade the suggestions do not seem to get any better. Dont think it is helpfull to remove kdm or kubuntu-desktop... ;)11:08
bb_and my kontact in the current version is soooo broken - it keeps crashing and I really hope to get that fixed with an update to 4.5 RC211:09
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blainbb_ you can install the 4.5rc2 already but there's is always risk involved in unfinished packages11:26
tdnWhat program do you recommend for designing pgsql databases? Right now, I am evaluating DbWrench. It is ok. I can create tables/foreign keys/etc in a diagram view and then generate DDL for creating the table in PG. But it is, unfortuneately, non-free. Can you recommend something that is easy to use and FOSS?11:27
blainnon-free or not open source?11:28
bb_blain: thx - I know - I just would like / hope to get a tipp of how to actually get the update working, as the feedback from aptitude is rather scary atm11:28
blainuse apt-get11:28
blainand see the outcome, it will tell how what will be done11:29
gorgonizerbb_: you will need need to do a full upgrade, such as   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:31
bb_gorgonizer: I know - take a look at http://paste.ubuntu.com/463949/ to see the problems I have with that11:32
bb_you find the output of either aptitude save-upgrade as well the one from aptitude dist-upgrade there11:33
* blain omg german. why do people don't use english11:33
blainbb_ give me the output of apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:34
bb_blain: sec11:34
gorgonizerbb_: you will need to remove libqt4-assisstant..11:34
bb_gorgonizer: I think so too - but is that save? Dont i need that for anything?11:34
gorgonizerif that is the only package that is blocking the update (as I have limited understanding of German) then you should be okay to proceed..11:34
gorgonizerbb_: I am running KDE SC 4.5 RC 2, and I don't have libqt4-assisstant installed, I guess it was removed during one of my various upgrades to 4.5..11:35
blainbb_ if you need it, apt-et will tell you11:35
bb_gorgonizer: ok I will try11:35
bb_blain: the output of apt-get dist-upgrade is basically the same as for aptitude dist-upgrade in previous pastebin link11:36
blainas i said, i really cant read german to help ya11:37
gorgonizerbb_: there are a number of packages that, whilst required for KDE SC 4.4, have been removed (or renamed) for KDE SC 4.5...11:37
blainbut if gorgonizer got it then follow his advice11:37
bb_blain: apt-get output is german too11:37
bb_gorgonizer: seem that I am not able to remove libqt4-assistant without a lot of bad things to follow11:38
bb_gorgonizer: see here http://paste.ubuntu.com/463967/11:39
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gorgonizerbb_: so it wants to remove those other packages as well?  If you do it as part of the dist-upgrade, it shouldn't remove those other packages..I still have ubufox and usb-creator-kde installed..11:41
Mamarokgorgonizer: you probably upgrade to Qt 4.7, libqt4-assistant is a 4.6.3 app11:41
bb_gorgonizer, Mamarok: so what should I do?11:42
gorgonizerMamarok: good point, forgot that I had updated QT as well... cheers for the reminder..11:42
Mamarokgorgonizer: it's Qt, not QT = Quick Time11:42
Mamarokbb, let me read the backlog, don't know your problem yet11:42
gorgonizerMamarok: apologies, still asleep, my Shift key release is not up to scratch yet :)11:43
Mamarokgorgonizer: np :)11:43
Mamarokbb_: are you sure you have your sources.list update correctly?11:44
Mamarokbb_: normally you should be able to do apt-get dist-upgrade without problems11:45
Mamarokif you don't want to upgrade to Qt 4.7, you need to deselect it, else libqt4-assistant will be removed11:45
bb_Mamarok: this is my sources.list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/463971/11:46
Mamarokbb_: so maybe upgrading in kpackagekit or synaptic and selecting/deselecting manually the Qt 4.7 packages is a solution11:46
bb_wouldnt mind to upgrade to Qt 4.7 :)11:47
Mamarokbb_: you should also add the default kubuntu ppa, not only the beta, there have been a lot of updates in there, too11:47
bb_Mamarok: which is?11:47
Mamarokbb_: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu lucid main11:48
Mamarokthat one11:48
Mamarokadd this line to your sources list, and the updates PPA is worth it, too, especially if you want to run the beta stuff11:49
Mamarokwhich is this line: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/updates/ubuntu lucid main11:49
Mamarokbb_: but be careful with beta updates, you should really check where the updates come from in the future11:50
bb_Mamarok: no updates available when adding that to sources.list and removing the beta repro11:50
bb_Mamarok: yeah i know - I do all on my own risk (TM)11:50
Mamarokbb_: I did't tell you to remove the beta repo11:50
MamarokI told you to add two other repos11:50
bb_Mamarok: though I do that step by step11:51
bb_Mamarok: two?11:51
Mamarokno use now, since you already have the packages downloaded11:51
Mamarokread what I wrote above11:51
josh-NAnyone here experienced with Akonadi errors? I pasted a log at http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/BcDbYdph but i don't really get what's wrong.11:51
bb_Mamarok: ok, I try the deselction of Qt 4.7 if I find that as problem stays the same with both repros on11:53
Mamarokjosh-N: either there is already a running MySQL server instance or you miss some packages11:53
Mamarokbb_: well, it works fine here, you don't need libqt4-assistant, don't you?11:53
bb_Mamarok: wouldnt know what for11:53
Mamarokbb_: well, then proceed with update, then dist-upgrade11:54
Mamaroksudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:54
Mamarokand of course it will remove a lot of packages that have change or are obsolete now11:55
ionutwhi when i want to transfer images with pidgin, it doesn't work anymore11:55
josh-NMamarok: there is a mysql server running... but it shouldn't be using the same files, since it's just for a testing environment with apache/php11:55
bb_Mamarok: i am a little confused now :(11:55
Mamarokionut: that was not for you11:55
ionutMamarok: ok ok11:55
Mamarokjosh-N: well, you can't run two servers side by side11:55
ionutwhi when i want to transfer images with pidgin, it doesn't work anymore ?11:56
bb_Mamarok: dist-upgrade offers me a couple of solutions11:56
bb_Mamarok: can you read german?11:56
Mamarokbb_: yes, pastebin it, please11:56
Mamarokjosh-N: disable the other instance and try again, then try restarting the other one11:57
Mamarokmaybe it's a question of priorities11:57
josh-NMamarok: thanks... the other mysql is being started at system boot, it's a LAMP configuration... can't akonadi just use the existing server?11:58
Mamarokit should, maybe check for missing akonadi packages?11:59
bb_Mamarok: http://paste.ubuntu.com/463979/11:59
josh-NMamarok: I usually keep everything up to date. How would i check for missing Akonadi packages? (sorry if that's a stupid question)12:00
bb_Mamarok: aptitude offers different solutions when pressing "n" - so I put the first couple in the output12:00
Mamarokjosh-N: apt-cache search akonadi12:00
Mamarokit tells you what is installed12:01
Mamarokbb_: too many options, did you try sudo apt-get install -f ?12:01
bb_Mamarok: no - should I?12:02
Mamarokbb_: yes, that was a suggestion :)12:02
josh-NMamarok: anything i should compare that list to?12:02
bb_Mamarok: basically says "137 nicht aktualisiert"12:02
bb_Mamarok: thats it12:02
Mamarokjosh-N: no, just check if there are akonadi packages that are not installed (unless those are -dev)12:02
Mamarokbb_: try reinstalling the libqt4-install package12:03
bb_Mamarok: remove then install?12:04
Mamarokbb_: no, if you can remove it without it removing half of KDE then do so,  no need to reinstall it then12:05
Mamarokbut first pastebin the respult if you try to remove it12:05
Mamarokresult* sorry12:05
bb_Mamarok: it is not installed12:05
bb_Mamarok: http://paste.ubuntu.com/463981/12:06
josh-NMamarok: when i look in "system settings - software", there are several akonadi related packages that are not installed, but most look optional (e.g. Akonadi Ruby bindings)... how do i know what i really need?12:08
Mamarokbb_: sorry, that makes no sense now, were you able to remove it?12:08
bb_Mamarok: actually there is no libqt4-install package at all available12:08
Mamarokbb_: what are you talking about? it's about libqt4-assitant12:09
Mamarokoh, my bad, sorry, typo :)12:09
Mamarokjosh-N: if there are bindings you can ignore those, nothing else, no agent package?12:10
bb_Mamarok: got it now - reinstalled the package12:10
* Mamarok needs food12:10
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Mamarokbb_: now try sudo aprt-get dist-upgrade again12:10
MamarokI really need food soon12:10
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bb_Mamarok: same as before12:11
bb_Mamarok: me too :)12:11
* bb_ break for lunch - back on the problem afterwards12:11
josh-NMamarok: what apt-cache search akonadi gave me is here http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/tYgFTZMp ... in software management when i search for "akonadi" i see two installed packages: "akonadi-server" and "libakonadiprivate1" - and several that are not installed12:14
blainbb_ nooo, i think your problem has priority over lunch12:14
Mamarokbb_: still here, was just getting something from the kitchen :)12:15
josh-NMamarok: the not installed include several bindings, some libraries, a transitional package and "management and debugging console" as well as "google calendar and contacts resource"12:15
Mamarokjosh-N: hm, try aptitude search akonadi, it puts letters in front so I can see what is installed12:16
Mamarokyou should definitely install the console and the kde libraries12:17
josh-NMamarok: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/4xEnR0FC12:17
josh-NMamarok: ok, will install those12:18
Mamarokjosh-N: in the newst paste this would be lines 6, 8 and 912:19
josh-NMamarok: ok, now it looks like this http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/hVcdAgDi ... do you think that's enough to make it work?12:24
Mamarokjosh-N: try it, if that doesn't solve the issue, you should try running thess two lines:12:25
Mamaroksudo aa-complain mysqld12:25
Mamaroksudo /etc/init.d/apparmor reload12:25
Mamarokubottu: !akonadi12:31
josh-NMamarok: thank you very much. can't tell whether it worked yet, but you helped alot.12:33
Mamarokjosh-N: you are welcome, but I would like to know if it works, what happens if you start akonadi again?12:34
josh-Nhow do i manually restart akonadi?12:34
Mamarokakonadictl start12:34
josh-Nit just says akonadi is already running12:35
Mamarokhm, then do akonadictl stop12:35
Mamarok$and start it again12:35
Mamarokbut you shouldn't have kontact running12:36
josh-Nyeah i closed it first...12:37
josh-Nthis is what i got on the terminal: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/PBAcQDRV12:37
Mamarokhm, it still doesn't connect to MySQL, did you run the two lines above?12:39
josh-Nno, not yet... going to do that now12:39
Mamarokstop akonadi first12:40
josh-Ni see no FATAL ERROR line this time... http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/FKFFHCJA12:43
Mamarokyay, it worked :)12:43
josh-Nyay :D thanks a ton12:44
Mamarokcould you please type akonadictl status? Just to make sure you get only three lines telling you it is running and the backend is virtuoso12:44
josh-Nwhat exactly does that aa-complain thing do?12:44
Mamarokthe problem is apparmor12:44
Mamarokwhihc doesn't let akonadi connect to the server12:45
Mamarokand apparmor is running as default on Kubuntu12:46
josh-NAkonadi Control: running    Akonadi Server: running    Akonadi Server Search Support: available (backend: Virtuoso)12:46
Mamarokjosh-N: yep, that's perfect :)12:46
josh-Nsweet :)12:46
Mamaroknow if you start Kontact it will use it directly, and if you start KDE next time, akonadi will start as soon as you start Kontact12:47
josh-Nso apparmor is some kind of security thing that controls what an application can/cannot do?12:48
Mamarokit limits the ressources for the apps and is directly integrated in the kernel12:48
josh-Nbut we only installed a few packages, did their installation "tell" apparmor to be less restrictive?12:50
josh-Ni hope i'm not bugging you too much, just trying to understand what we just did ;)12:51
Mamarokwell, we did telly apparmor to ignore access tries to mysqld, which did shut it down, then we restarted it and it keeps the settings12:51
MamarokI got most of my information from techbase.kde.org/Akonadi and man apparmor :)12:53
Mamarokhttp://userbase.kde.org/Akonadi, sorry12:53
josh-Noh i see... that's what the complain was for. thanks again. i never stop learning :)12:53
Mamarokbtw, the userbase wiki is a good ressource for a lot of KDE apps12:54
Mamarokjosh-N: same for me, I learn new things every day :)12:54
josh-Nnext time i'll search the userbase wiki first. see you.12:55
Mamarokjosh-N: see you :)12:55
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bb_Mamarok, blain: back from lunch13:02
bb_obviously there has been no magical lunchtime solution to my problem :)13:04
Mamarokbb_: well, I was waiting for you to come back13:08
Mamarokyou said "the same as before" which means?13:08
bb_Mamarok: I hoped that :)13:08
bb_Mamarok: this is still the situation: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464007/13:09
Mamarokbb_: do it, we will see if that breaks KDE although it shouldn't. If it does, you can do the following in a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+F1):13:11
Mamaroksudo apt-get install kdebase-workspace kdebase-workspace-bin13:11
bb_Mamarok: ok - taking the risky path :) - aptitude has different solutions to offer (they even get higher "Bewertungsnoten") - take a look at my old pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/463979/ - perhaps accept a different solution?13:12
Mamarokbb_: interesting, try the 1869 solution then, looks like the less risky13:14
bb_Mamarok: ok, thought so to13:15
bb_rescue commands stay the same?13:15
MamarokI doubt it will break KDE, but if yes, do a sudo apt-get dist-ugrade in the terminal13:15
bb_Mamarok: the 1869 solution does not update all packages to 4.5 though13:16
bb_Mamarok: still think it should be the one to go for?13:16
Mamarokbb_: I know, that is not a problem, we can update that afterwards13:16
bb_Mamarok: ok, then wish me luck :)13:16
Mamarokbb_: good luck :)13:17
bb_Mamarok: thx! ;)13:17
bb_Mamarok: how do i know update has been a success?13:20
bb_Mamarok: this is the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/464012/13:21
bb_Mamarok: heaps of errors in that output file13:22
Mamarokbb_: not a problem, try running dist-upgrade now13:22
bb_Mamarok: almost the same: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464014/13:24
bb_Mamarok: the error moves through the libqt packages :)13:24
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Mamarokbb_: don't use aptitude, please use apt-get13:25
bb_Mamarok: I learnd somewhere that aptitude is the replacement of apt-get13:26
bb_but ok13:26
Mamarokaptitude has problems with dist-upgrades (and it should read save-upgrade in Aptitude)13:26
Mamarokno, it is not a replacement at all13:26
Mamarokfrom experience it works not as good as apt-get13:26
bb_Mamarok: same with apt-get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464017/13:27
bb_that seems somehow trustworthy :)13:27
Mamarokwhere do you see a problem there? It doesn't sow any13:27
Mamarokso it'ŝ not the same at all13:28
bb_"same" as in "same command"13:28
bb_so I will run that one13:28
Mamarokah, OK13:28
bb_Mamarok: not as in "same problem"13:28
bb_ok - is running13:28
SnapzillaHello, I am running Kubuntu 8.04 on my asus netbook. It didn't recognize my wireless card (atheros AR81 family). I installed the driver but its asking for a module installed. I have tried the ones from the files I downloaded but to no prevail. Keeps saying 'Invalid module format'.13:29
bb_Mamarok: is there dpkg command to check everything is fine?13:29
bb_Mamarok: arg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464020/13:30
Mamarokbb_: sudo apt-get install --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/libqt4-help_4%3a4.7.0~beta2-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa1_amd64.deb13:30
bb_Mamarok: E: Kommandozeilenoption --force-overwrite konnte nicht ausgewertet werden13:31
MamarokSnapzilla: 8.04 is very old and no longer maintained, you should upgrade13:31
Mamarokhm, let me check13:31
SnapzillaMamarok, I'm in Iraq. Don't have best internet to download newer versions13:32
MamarokSnapzilla: you could order a CD13:32
Mamarokbb_: that is correct, are you sure you typed that correctly?13:33
bb_Mamarok: i copied your command13:33
Mamarokbb_: my bad, sorry, its sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/libqt4-help_4%3a4.7.0~beta2-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa1_amd64.deb13:33
bb_just doing another apt-get dist-upgrade -f13:33
Mamarokbb_: that is useless13:34
Mamarokdo what I told you13:34
bb_Mamarok: ok, wait till it stops13:34
bb_Mamarok: seems to run through this time *crossing thumbs*13:36
bb_Mamarok: so you would really suggest not to use aptitude in future?13:38
Mamarokbb_: I use aptitude for it's search and show capablities, as the display is nicer than the one made by apt-cache, but apt-get gives better results with dist-upgrades than aptitude, don't know where the problem is, though13:39
Mamarokand yes,  I strongly suggest to not use it for dit-upgrades13:39
MisterioI recently installed Kubuntu (I changed from Ubuntu), but I don't remember command to purge cache. Anybody knows that command?13:40
bb_Mamarok: ok - seems to have been (part of) the problem  - apt-get ran through this time13:41
MamarokMisterio: which cache do you want to purge?13:41
bb_Mamarok: cool - and thanks 1000 times! Everything seems to fine - no more updates available13:42
MisterioMamarok: When I install a package, .deb files are stored. I want to clean that packages13:42
Mamarokbb_: you are welcome, nice it worked :)13:42
MamarokMisterio: sudo apt-get clean13:42
bb_I will now reboot - be back to tell you everything worked out hopefully in a few minutes :)13:42
MisterioMamarok: Okay, thank you13:42
Mamarokbb_: no need to reboot13:42
Mamarokjust restart KDE13:42
bb_Mamarok: ok13:42
MamarokMisterio: you are welcome13:42
bb_Mamarok: then I will hopefully be back in a less couple of minutes ;)13:43
bb_Mamarok: back on KDE 4.5 RC2 :)13:47
Mamarokbb_: nice :)13:47
bb_Mamarok: indeed - hope Kontact will be more stable now13:48
Mamarokit was stable as well before, never had problems with it in 4.4.2 or later13:48
bb_Mamarok: I just experienced a lot of problems with it the last couple of days13:48
bb_Mamarok: crashed every couple of minutes13:49
MisterioIt uses a lot of CPU for me13:49
Mamaroknot here13:49
bb_Mamarok: and it does it again :(13:49
MisterioMamarok: Well, my PC starts going slow with OpenArena, so imagine how is it, heh13:50
MamarokI don't know what OpenArena is13:50
Mamarokbb_: try with a new user, could be your settings13:50
bb_Mamarok: that's a good idea -will do that later, now need to get some work done - this whole update did take much more time than i hoped it would ;)13:51
bb_Mamarok: thanks again - I be off for now13:52
Mamarokbb_: well, yeah, when you run into such problems that is annoying and time-consuming13:52
* Mamarok needs to do some work, too13:52
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fairyhi everyone14:31
fairyhow do i install nvidia drivers for my kubuntu 10.0414:31
slhkfairy: application -> system -> hardware drivers14:32
slhkin the K menu14:33
fairyok thanks14:33
serenity does anyone know in which package (kubuntu) the dbg symbols for kwin are located?14:34
Riddellhi serenity14:35
Riddellkdebase-workspace-dbg is likely14:35
serenityhi Riddell14:35
serenityah fine14:35
serenityneed to put it under mgraesslin's nose ;)14:36
dihaefor some reason or another, Kmail forgot all the stanard reply templates, and now uses %BLANK everywhere14:41
dihaedoes anyone still have these templates? that would be a lot easier than to recreate them myself14:41
superbobQuick question for someone who might know about using keyboard layouts in KDE:  I have changed my keyboard layout to Dvorak (Programmer Dvorak, specifically).  I am using Compiz and have mapped some actions using the Super.  The problem is that sometimes, when I start up the computer, the Super key will act as a temporary layout switcher, and sometimes not, such that sometimes I have to press <Super>K  to get <Super>K  and sometimes I have to press14:53
superbob <Super>V  ....    is there anyway of making the behavior consistent, one way or the other????   I would prefer it not to change layout, if possible14:53
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realversushi I installed windows to a partition, is there a way to reinstall grub with windows 7? something like grubinstall.exe?15:19
psynauticanybody have a clue as to why my dual monitor settings (set in the Display config) won't stick upon restart?15:23
psynauticrealversus, you can reinstall grub if you boot to a linux iso15:23
psynauticwith a cd or flashdrive iso15:24
realversusI have none available and my internet is very slow15:24
psynauticthere are really small isos15:24
psynauticdamn small linux is like 50mb15:25
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realversusand what needs to be done then? sudo grub-install?15:26
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psynauticlooks like you mightnt need the entire distro even15:27
realversusthanks for your help I will see to try it15:29
psynauticgood luck :)15:30
psynauticanybody have a clue as to why my dual monitor settings (set in the Display config) won't save upon restart?15:33
ali_connect pardus15:33
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john___can anyone help me?15:56
Mamarok!ask | john___15:58
ubottujohn___: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:58
john___why my kubuntu slow in performance?15:59
Blasphemieill just updated my rc1 1 times.. now kubuntu wont boot properly anymore15:59
john___why my kubuntu slow in performance or works so slow?16:00
john___why my kubuntu wifi unable to connect?16:03
snarksterif i wanted to run multiple commands from command line, can i use ; to seperate commands? IE: mv *.jpg 1-jpg/;mv *.gif 2-gif/16:15
tsimpsonsnarkster: yes16:17
snarksterexcellant thank you16:17
tsimpsonthey will run one after the other, but immediately16:17
snarksterim good with that16:18
Xytanyone able to help me fixing my problem of playing dvd's on kubuntu?16:18
snarkstermedibuntu repo has what you need16:23
snarksternvm then16:23
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reagleBRKLNMy partner and I are sharing the desktop, "switch user" works great, but not so much for sound. arts use to have a "suspend arts" if not used for X seconds, I don't see anything similar in KDE4, how do we share the audio?17:37
zenzamyYo evry One :)17:43
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steveireHow do I permanently change the ulimit? I have edited /etc/security/limits..conf, but it seems that is not enough18:19
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|rapidsp|katimon is not in repas?18:33
|rapidsp|and can katimon work with radeon driver or it need amd driver?18:36
demismwhat package is kubuntu using to automount my usb drives?18:45
mcurrananyone know how to fix icon placement on desktop in kde318:47
blainkde3 is EOL18:47
mcurranI know but I run BT418:48
blainask in #backtrack18:48
demismanyone know what program is being used to automount my usb drives?18:48
mcurranI would have to google that, so that's your best bet.18:48
mcurranI've been trying to fix these stupid icons that get moved around every startup for over a year but nope?  I even created startup scripts that create and delete a txt file on desktop, but that didn't work, I just need the arrange desktop icons command (-v) but can't find it anywhere.18:50
inteliwaspi am trying to get the nvidia drivers to work but i am always met with the tty screen, i have followed the steps on the wiki but to no avail18:53
blainyou just have to use the application hardware drivers18:54
blainand activate them18:54
inteliwaspblain: i did18:54
inteliwaspbut when i reboot, i get the tty login18:54
blainare the drivers for the kernel you're using?18:54
inteliwaspwhat do you mean?18:55
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inteliwaspdo you mean 32/64 bit?18:56
|rapidsp|and xserver version?18:58
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inteliwasp|rapidsp|: how do i check?19:01
darthganesh_what the error "failed to open pty" means19:01
|rapidsp|inteliwasp: i dont know19:03
inteliwaspwell i am useing 10.419:03
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darthganesh_What is pty? What are the possible reasons for error "failed to open pty"?19:23
ikoniaDark_Hackse: ?19:33
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Dark_HackseSorry, I was just wondering how I'm able to chat here without typing my password via  /msg NickServ identify <password>. That's kinda interesting.19:34
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EzroHey guys, I am loving kubuntu netbook edition and I was wondering if it's safe to put it on a laptop.21:36
EzroI don't know if the netbook edition will mess up or something if I do.21:36
DT[AtWork]are there any really easy to set up remote desktop applications that allow a windows machine control a linux machine with out having both comp accessable at the same time?21:36
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avihayit shouldn't cause a problem21:40
|rapidsp|DT[AtWork]: rdesktop?21:45
ridinezro, meaning having the netbook edition on a regular laptop?21:47
DT[AtWork]|rapidsp|: link?21:51
ridinezro, i have lubuntu netbook on my 1680x1050 resolution desktop, and it works fine21:52
|rapidsp|DT[AtWork]: http://www.rdesktop.org/21:53
Tonglebeakhello folks. my gf is tired of people using her computer and trashing it, so she asked me to put linux on it. I'm  a gentoo user and i'm not famliar with kubuntu's installation process21:54
Ezroridin: Ty for the info21:54
EzroI'm installing it on my friend's laptop lol21:54
Tonglebeakshe has windows vista on it right now. can gparted handle vista partitioins (i think they're an updated ntfs format)21:54
Tonglebeak*i'm also guessing kubuntu has gparted in its installer21:54
EzroTonglebeak: You put the cd in and hit install21:54
ridinpartitionmanager for kubuntu i think21:55
ridingparted for regular ubuntu21:55
ridinubuntumanager for ubuntuntuntutnutnu21:55
ridinand so on21:55
ridinslide your partitions21:55
Tonglebeakalright, what about the bootloader? does kubuntu use grub or lilo? she intends on dual-booting (stupid itunes, perhaps libmtp supports ipods. i'll have to check on that)21:56
Tonglebeakalright, does it set itself up or does it have to be manually config'd for a dualboot?21:56
ridinmmmmm, no21:56
ridinbut i've heard some problems that you can't boot back to windows21:56
ridinvia grub21:56
ridini'm sure you can handle that, since you're mr. gentoo21:57
Tonglebeaklol yeah21:57
ridinasdf, grub sets up itself21:57
Tonglebeakjust wanted to know what all the installer did before i go and trash her computer21:57
Tonglebeakalright thanks21:57
ridinok, have fun with kde21:57
Tonglebeaki figured kubuntu would be the most user-friendly distro out there21:57
EzroIt definitely is21:57
EzroThe netbook edition is so gosu.21:58
Tonglebeakshe wanted what i have, but i don't think she wants to spend battery power compiling every package21:58
Tonglebeaktake care everyone21:58
ridini always thought mint (distro) or lxde was more user friendly21:59
pipo KUBUNTU super distro21:59
ridinyou have that windows xp feeling21:59
DT[AtWork]|rapidsp|: thanks22:01
meroIt is "safe" to upgrade to new version of kde in repos ? is kde 4.4.2 official more stable than 4.4.4 from repos ?22:38
ListenerI just upgraded to 4.4.5 using backports with no problems so far.22:46
blaingood for you22:48
meroalso I've got hangup sometimes when starting kdm - error like cannot get uid() and system stopped. anybody know about this error - is it fixed ?22:49
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mIKEjONESanyone know I can write my X config out to a file?23:06
mIKEjONESthere's no xorg.conf anymore :/23:06
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derdondoes konqueror automatically save a session if it is terminated "the hard way"?23:30
liam_My ubuntu splash screen isn't displaying, anyone having the same problem or know how to fix this ?23:31
ridinterminated the hard way, meaning killing the process?23:31
derdonridin: yes23:31
derdonridin: it is freezed23:31
ridini never use konqueror (i use swiftfox)23:31
derdonridin: and there are 4 windows opened, each with about 5-10 tabs23:31
ridinalt+f2 and type in pkill konqueror23:32
ridinand hope your tabs are saved23:32
derdonridin: but I want to have the ability to restore all the pages then!23:32
ridinlet me boot into kde, let's see what happens23:33
derdonoh, thanks :)23:33
ridinderdon: on konqueror on my machine i opened 50 tabs and then did pkill konqueror while the tabs were still loading. i had the option to restore my session or start with a clean slate23:36
ridinlaim_, it the splash screen with the logo title and 5 dots?23:36
derdonridin: very good!23:36
derdonridin: thank you again!23:36
nobarkinghey everyone23:37
nobarkingwhat's a good vnc client for Kubuntu KDE4 friendly, Qt4 based preferably?23:38
derdonkonqueror doesn't like me :(23:41
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liam_ridin: yeah it is ... it doesn't display on boot anymore or shutdown :-s23:45
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