james_wI write a bazillion tests without logging in, then I add one more that accesses person.name and it fails because I haven't logged in. That seems rather arbitrary, is it because of openid?01:22
wgrantjames_w: What sort of stuff were you doing beforehand?01:24
wgrantYou weren't conveniently avoiding security proxies?01:24
james_wI have no idea01:24
james_w> 500 lines of tests, creating lots of objects with the factory and accessing them over the API01:24
james_wthen as soon as I access person.name it fails, but product.name etc. is fine01:25
wgrantThat is odd.01:25
james_wwgrant: are you interested in what that oops is?01:26
wgrantjames_w: I am.01:26
james_whang on, I caused it?01:27
wgrantDid you?01:27
wgrantI got it from ScottK.01:27
james_woh, hang on01:27
james_wbrain fail01:28
james_wit's that taking ages01:29
wgrantHow long did it take?01:29
wgrantMust be a locking issue.01:30
james_w1 repetition01:30
james_wajmitch: I hope you don't mind, but I carried on your work with https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~james-w/launchpad/expose-blueprints02:00
ajmitchjames_w: ah well02:01
* ajmitch hadn't pushed his updated stuff02:02
ajmitchdoesn't matter, it's best done by someone who knows what they're doing02:02
james_wdo you want to merge my changes in and finish it off?02:02
ajmitchI can take a look, I just didn't have time to write up tests for it02:03
ajmitchthat'll teach me to not push changes :)02:07
dhasthaNeed help:  I am trying to install Launchpad locally in03:05
dhasthaVirtual machine manager03:05
dhasthaBut Virtual machine manager returns :  Unable to complete install: 'internal error unable to start guest: char device redirected to /dev/pts/003:06
dhasthaqemu: could not open disk image /var/lib/libvirt/images/UbuntuServer.img: No such file or directory03:06
dhasthaHow to install ubuntu server in Virtual machine manager?03:07
wgrantdhastha: You may want to ask #ubuntu or perhaps #ubuntu-server03:17
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sinzuibenji, leonardr, bug 146389 has an interesting branch08:43
_mup_Bug #146389: api for blueprint tracker <api> <feature> <Launchpad Blueprints:In Progress> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/146389>08:43
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lifelessmthaddon: around? looks like we have a vandal13:17
mthaddonlifeless: wassup?13:17
lifelesshttps://edge.launchpad.net/~jmkuhn007 is making fairly random changes to bugs in the launchpad suite13:18
_mup_Bug #602771: Private Member <privacy> <Launchpad Registry:In Progress by bac> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/602771>13:18
lifelessso far13:18
_mup_Bug #99519: Team Registry - Push yourself find out how we can do this. <confusing-ui> <javascript> <story-logos> <Launchpad Registry:Triaged by jmkuhn007> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/99519>13:18
mthaddonlifeless: has anyone contacted him about this?13:19
lifelessnot yet13:19
bacmthaddon, lifeless : sinzui may have contacted him in the past13:21
mthaddonprobably worth checking that I would think13:21
lifelesslp doesn't show that. Perhaps it should ?13:22
lifelesssinzui: can you confirm - have you spoken to this account before - are they aware they are being disruptive ?13:22
wgrantI recall he was doing some strange (but not particularly harmful) stuff a couple of weeks ago.13:24
lifelesswgrant: thanks13:52
mtaylormorning lifeless14:00
lifelesshi mthaddon14:00
lifelesshi mtaylor14:00
mtaylorhow's prague?14:00
thumpermtaylor: he is supposed to be listening, don't distract him :)14:01
mtaylordo you guys run tarmac as a daemon? or do you just run it by hand?14:01
mtaylorthumper: bah!14:01
thumpermtaylor: we still use pqm14:01
thumperothers use tarmac though14:01
mtaylorah. so you're going to be no help with my tarmac questions then :)14:01
thumperrockstar: tarmac question14:01
rockstarmtaylor, hi14:02
mtaylorhey rockstar14:02
rockstarmtaylor, it's run as a cron script.14:02
mtaylorrockstar: ok. so that's best-practice for it atm14:02
rockstarI believe dobey wanted to run it as a daemon, but I don't see the point.14:02
rockstarmtaylor, well, if by "best practice" you mean "only option," then yes.14:03
rockstarmtaylor, are you setting up Tarmac?14:04
mtaylorrockstar: so then ... if it keeps telling me "No approved proposals found", yet I _do_ have one, am I just stupid?14:04
mtaylorrockstar: yes.14:04
lifelessmtaylor: stupid, for sure.14:04
mtaylorrockstar: I've got two projects starting up, and I'd like to get the teams hacking on them started not pushing to trunk themselves14:04
rockstarmtaylor, so, the current criteria is that the merge proposal is approved and has a commit message set.14:05
mtaylorlifeless: ok. bad question. I'm always stupid...14:05
rockstarmtaylor, this will be less ass when we have merge queues.14:05
mtaylorrockstar: yes. agreed14:05
rockstarmtaylor, are you using trunk (please Thor say yes)14:05
mtaylorrockstar: and tits... I looked at the merge prop and thought I'd set a commit message but hadn't14:05
mtaylorrockstar: yes14:05
lifelessI'm not 100% convinced by tim's needs-split stuff; I should talk to him today about this.14:05
lifelessas in , its clearly better, but is it needed to move forward...14:06
rockstarlifeless, regardless of the needs-split stuff, we need merge queues.14:06
lifelessrockstar: ack14:06
mtaylorrockstar: at some point I'm going to want to talk to you in more detail about tarmac... as the next step is figuring out the "right" way to integrate all of this with hudson14:06
rockstarRight now, Tarmac just grabs a glob of merge proposals instead of a list of merge proposals.14:06
rockstarmtaylor, ooh, I'm totally down for getting it integrated into Hudson.14:07
* mwhudson twitches14:07
rockstarmtaylor, you are aware that Tarmac is my pet project right?14:07
mtaylorrockstar: excellent... my plans are coming together14:07
mtaylormwhudson: was that a good twitch or a bad one?14:07
rockstarmwhudson, your interface is undocumented, so I won't be integrating with you anytime soon.14:07
lifelessrockstar: btw I'm a hudson committer, if you need info gimme a shout14:08
rockstarlifeless, great.14:08
mtaylorrockstar: biggest problem I've got now is duplication of effort/impedence mismatch in queue management14:08
mtaylorlifeless: me too me too ... but I love help :)14:08
* rockstar sometimes forgets to feed his pet project, or let it out, so it shits on the floor sometimes...14:08
lifelessmtaylor: I don't think you've touched the core yet have you ?14:08
mtaylorlifeless: uh... no14:09
lifelessmtaylor: :P14:09
mtaylorlifeless: but I _do_ have commit access :)14:09
lifelessmtaylor: yes, I know. Its great.14:09
mtaylorrockstar: oooh. shit on floor. that should be cleaned14:09
lifelessthat should be on the quotes page14:10
rockstarmtaylor, yeah, I think I'll get to it this weekend, instead of, you know, walking around and seeing Prague.14:10
mtaylorrockstar: sweet14:10
mtaylorrockstar: I've actually got a patch sitting around on my laptop ... I should push it up for you14:10
rockstarmtaylor, for Tarmac?14:11
mtaylorrockstar: yeah - I was trying to use it on drizzle a while back and kept hitting an exception14:11
rockstarmtaylor, I'm currently thumper's review bitch, so I can do a review and merge for Tarmac.14:12
mtaylorassert config.has_section(lp_branch.bzr_identity)14:12
mtaylorthat's unhappy14:12
rockstarmtaylor, yeah, I think I fixed that, but you might have a new case.14:13
mtaylorrockstar: oh, this just happened to me right now14:13
mtaylorrockstar: sorry, that's not what I fixed14:14
rockstarFor context, Tarmac worked pretty well on 0.2.  It worked so well that I had to re-write it, because it didn't have enough bugs.14:14
mtaylorrockstar: that assert seems to indicate to me that I want a section ... ah, I want a config section named after the branch14:21
mtaylorrockstar: /me wags finger at the documentation...14:22
rockstarmtaylor, the docs are still old.  I wrote the code first, and then I was going to document it.14:22
rockstarmtaylor, if you'd stop finding bugs, I'd write some documentation, so in a way, this is your fault.14:22
mtaylorRunning test command: python setup.py test14:22
mtaylorrockstar: hah14:22
mtaylorrockstar: um, the python setup.py test command did not actually seem to actually happen14:23
rockstarmtaylor, I remember talking about this recently.  There was something weird.14:23
mtaylorrockstar: oh wait - pebkac14:24
rockstarmtaylor, make sure to file a bug on yourself then.14:25
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james_wleonardr: there's a bunch of branches on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~james-w/lazr.restfulclient/+activereviews that are going stale15:16
james_wleonardr: are you interested in having any of them in trunk?15:16
leonardrjames_w: probably, i haven't looked recently, sorry15:17
leonardri'm about to review a launchpad branch of yours15:17
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lifelessmthaddon: ping15:54
wgrantYay for Vostok sanity.15:54
wgrantThis makes much more sense.15:54
lifelesswgrant: isn't it awful-am for you?15:54
lifelesswgrant: what does?15:55
wgrantlifeless: Not even 1am...15:55
nigelbmore like awful pm15:55
mthaddonlifeless: hi15:55
wgrantlifeless: The whole lets-not-actually-rewrite-everything-from-scratch thing.15:55
lifelessmthaddon: the daily oops reports are looking good, but the graph is a bit jerky.15:55
mwhudsonwgrant: yes15:55
wgrantWhich is rather different from the idea that was floated a few weeks ago.15:55
mthaddonlifeless: daily or hourly?15:55
lifelesswgrant: oh; well writing something new just gives you new bugs15:55
lifelessmthaddon: hourly15:55
mthaddonlifeless: yep, we've had some teething troubles getting the cronjob working properly, and if devpad goes down we miss an entry15:57
mthaddonlifeless: the teething troubles are fixed - devpad going down shouldn't be so often as to cause too much pain, we've just been unlucky15:58
lifelessok cool15:59
lifelesstomorrow then we'll lower the timeout! woo!15:59
leonardrjames_w, i've merged ensure-representations-are-json. ping me next week and i'll spend some time answering your other-branch questions, if i don't get to them before them16:00
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sinzuijam: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/464106/16:45
mwhudson./bin/test -vvvc lp.code.model.tests took ~15 minutes16:50
mwhudsonslightly more than 3 minutes were in _LaunchpadObjectFactory.makePerson_16:50
poolielifeless, wget --> https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/60586616:51
_mup_Bug #605866: anonymous readonly api requests should not require an OAuth key <Launchpad Foundations:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/605866>16:51
james_wwhere do I get pocketlint?16:54
mwhudsonjames_w: ~launchpad ppa16:54
james_woh yay, package name is different to command name, and doesn't mention the command in the description, so apt-cache search pocketlint doesn't work16:57
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SarySyntax: REGISTER <#ubuntu-sa>17:39
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