wgrantlamont: Hi. I revived that branch: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~wgrant/launchpad/multi-arch-builders.01:18
wgrantThis also conveniently lets us later change the master to dispatch multiple archs to a single builder, of course.01:18
MTecknologywgrant: neat-o stuff :)01:55
ZandreBranhi guys. please, how to use space in the bazaar?03:54
ZandreBranUrsinha, ├┤las03:55
mtaylorspm: I feel like I haven't bugged you in at _least_ 4 hours04:53
soren~pythoneers are officially off my christmas card list.05:01
wgrantIt seems like those builds should be demoted.05:03
wgrantBut they should be almost done now.05:03
sorenAre you kidding? There's still >2000 left.05:03
wgrantAh, it's about half done.05:04
sorenSorry, 1095.05:04
soren...but there's more than 2000 in the i386 queue.05:04
wgrantI guess the lack of builders last night made it take a while.05:04
sorenI've been waiting more more than 24 hours now, and I doubt I'm the one worst off.05:05
wgrantOh, certainly.05:05
wgrantThis situation is completely ridiculous.05:05
wgrantBut nobody who matters cares :)05:05
sorenYou know what the worst part is?05:07
sorenThose times where you look at the /builders page and like 80% of the i386 ppa builders are idle.05:07
sorenLike /right/ now.05:08
wgrantThat's because buildd-manager takes around 15 minutes to go through all of the builders at times like this.05:08
wgrantSo it will iterate through all the builders... processing completed builds.05:08
wgrantThen it will iterate through them all again... dispatching builds to them.05:08
wgrantAnd because it's so slow, most of the builds have finished by the next cycle.05:09
wgrantSo it takes ages to complete that cycle too.05:09
wgrantetc, etc.05:09
sorenHow long it takes to go through builders depends on how many builds are in the queue?05:09
soren...or what's making it take so long right now?05:09
wgrantMostly how many builds have finished since the last cycle. I also suspect slowness in the query to determine which build is to be dispatched next, but I have no evidence of this theory.05:11
sorenI hope one day I'll work up sufficient motivation to add the capability to Launchpad to provide one's own builder.05:14
bilalakhtarwhat's the matter? lp isn't generating diffs for branch merges. I have been waiting for 5 minutes now.07:05
bilalakhtarkiko: you there?07:05
spmbilalakhtar: which branch?07:08
bilalakhtarspm: ^^ and https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~bilalakhtar/ubuntu/maverick/selinux-basics/merge-603595/+merge/2954707:10
spmta, lookin'07:10
bilalakhtarspm: the first one among tese links is just a one-line change and the gwibber branch is only 7mb07:12
bilalakhtarspm: seen?07:15
bilalakhtarhyperair: welcome07:21
hyperairwhy, thank you =)07:21
fta2guys, for several days, none of my dailies got a chance to build. i thought the scheduler was fixed after the full rebuild nightmare..07:21
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fta2seems that pythoneers/py27stack2 rebuild is taking all the slots07:22
micahgfta2: python 2.7 test build07:22
micahgfta2: also, the builders were yanked for part of the day07:23
fta2i'm sick of this. i'll shut the dailies for good07:23
fta2they're clearly unwelcome07:23
micahgfta2: occasionally things block them, I think overall they build07:24
micahgfta2: I believe the Launchpad team is having a sprint which means a little less love for the builders07:24
micahgwhen do the builders recognize if something's should be superceded07:26
spmbilalakhtar: the job that generates those had gone gaga, being a technical term; I gave it some lovin' via kill, and things should start happening again,07:27
maxbmicahg: I believe at the point just before they would otherwise start to build it07:27
micahgmaxb: ah, so it'll show queued, but not actually build?07:27
micahgk, I hope so :)07:28
micahgah, I see one where it happened, good :)07:29
fta2micahg, i killed umd, feel free to host the bot on your side07:29
bilalakhtarspm: thanks07:30
micahgfta2: I'm not ready to do that yet, can you please keep if going for another couple weeks?07:30
fta2micahg, it's useless, no slots to build anything. we're losing our time07:30
micahgfta2: the LOSAs offered to score up the builds before, I think we should call in that favor maybe :)07:31
spmonly if cake is involved07:31
micahgspm: next UDS?07:31
fta2i stop grinning. it's not worth it07:31
micahgspm: any chance we can get the chromium and mozilla builds scored up so they build?07:32
spmmicahg: sure, can you give me a link - just makes it easier tracking stuff down07:33
bilalakhtaroh yeah, this reminds me, the recipe build I requested 2 days ago and was to build 1 hour after the request, have not been build even now07:33
micahgspm: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa/ and the PPAs for this team: https://edge.launchpad.net/~chromium-daily, thanks07:33
spmew. 44 in the first one? any particular sets that you can live without for the timebeing? eg lpia?07:35
micahgspm: sure, don't need lpia :)07:35
micahgspm: and if I had to choose, I"d say hardy, lucid, and maverick should come first07:36
micahgspm: oh, and you can skip firefox 3.6.8 and xulrunner on lucid and maverick07:38
spmmicahg: oki, so latest chromiums are rescored07:42
micahgspm: k, hopefully that'll make fta happy07:43
micahgspm: thanks07:43
spmnp, the ui isn't conducive to mass re-prioritising. no criticism/complaint, just saying.07:44
micahgspm: if you can do anything for the mozilla daily PPA, that would be great too07:44
micahgspm: should I file a bug for that?07:44
spmmicahg: heh, getting the firefox ones done next.07:44
spmbug, nah. the bug is the slow build scheduling which aiui, is being looked at with some urgency07:45
micahgspm: k, thanks, I think I'm going to drop off to sleep then, have a good day07:45
spmyou too, have a good one!07:45
micahgspm: oh, it seems like only the chromium daily has any builds BTW07:48
spmmicahg: ? not sure I follow? I'm seeing heaps for mozilla here? about 96.07:49
micahgspm: no, mozilla does have 96, but you can skip firefox368 and xulrunner1928 for lucid/maverick, lpia builds,07:50
spmoh yes, I was. :-)07:50
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micahgspm: but I remember that I asked you for all the chromium PPAs and only the daily one has builds07:51
spmOh! right. sorry - my bad.07:52
spmfwiw, I'm only rescoring the most recents. Unf you have a few older ones :-(07:52
micahgspm: oh, also skip Firefox 4.007:53
spmheh, I think I've already done those. just did the xulrunner ones07:53
micahgspm: it won't install anyways07:53
spmmicahg: thunderbird?07:54
micahgspm: the thunderbird builds should be ok to rescore07:54
spmmicahg: I think that's the lot now...07:56
micahgspm: awesome, thanks, can I ping you tomorrow night if the python stuff isn't done yet?07:57
spmdepends if cake arrives tomorrow or not. let me just dig up the address of a local cake delivery agent.... :-P07:57
spmmicahg: certainly :-)07:58
micahgspm: thanks07:58
stanley_robertsohi all.. Need a small info on launchpad .. iam a registered user on launchpad. i have completed the "code of conduct" on the page. hOwever, the status still shows that i didnot do it.09:00
stanley_robertsoAny help/info on that, from anyone please09:00
mrevellstanley_robertso, Do you have a link to your Launchpad profile page?09:02
stanley_robertsohi mrevell .. here it is : https://launchpad.net/~roopesh-majeti09:03
* mrevell looks09:04
mrevellstanley_robertso, Can you try signing it again?09:04
stanley_robertsomrevell, but how .. should i do it with differe key ?09:05
mrevellstanley_robertso, What exactly happened when you tried last time?09:05
stanley_robertsoit went fine ... when i click on "code of conduct" link now.. it is saying : "It appears you have already done this. The key XXXXX is registered on your account. You can skip to the next step if you are not intending on signing with a different key. "09:06
mrevellstanley_robertso, Have you tried skipping to the next step?09:07
stanley_robertsomrevell,  i did .. actually iam registering myself for the bug squad team .. and the approval is getting declined ... as "code of conduct" is not shown as completed/signed09:08
mrevellAnd what happened when you skipped to the next step?09:09
stanley_robertsonothing.. there is no next step mentioned09:10
stanley_robertsoi just uploaded my fingerprint and thatz it.. didnot do anything else .. ofcourse.. followed the instruction mentioned in the fingerprint email we get09:10
wgrantstanley_robertso: There should be another step on the Code of Conduct page.09:13
wgrantUnder the message telling you that the key is already registered.09:13
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stanley_robertsowgrant, mrevell  .. i got it09:14
stanley_robertsoi forgot the final step.. bad on me.. did it just now ...09:14
stanley_robertsothanks to all09:14
falktxhi guys10:38
falktxdeleted ppas still appear on my personal page10:38
falktxany way to make it disappear?10:39
falktxor re.enable the PPA again?10:39
wgrantfalktx: I don't think you can reenable them yet.10:45
wgrantBut they only show on your page to you. Others can't see them.10:45
falktxoh, ok10:45
falktxdidn't knew that10:45
falktxi guess it's ok then10:46
falktxthanks for the info10:46
geserhas someone an idea what happened here? http://launchpadlibrarian.net/51966250/upload_1871365_log.txt10:47
geserLooking at the build log it seems to come from "Installed-Size: 4460.10:49
geserBut I don't have an idea why10:49
wgrantgeser: The package is bad; Installed-Size has a tab at the end.10:49
geserbut why? the other arch built fine10:49
wgrantWhere's the build log?10:49
wgrantpkgbinarymangler started mangling Installed-Size a few hours ago.10:49
wgrantI wonder if that's related.10:50
gesermight be, gnome-session on i386 is also affected10:51
wgrantYeah, so, the package is bad.10:52
* wgrant checks pkgbinarymangler.10:52
sluimersHi there when I upload my PPA I always get a warning that my key is not trusted. Is there anything I can do about that?11:37
sluimersI tried signing, but that doesn't work11:37
gesercan you us the error message you got?11:39
pooliehi wgrant11:41
wgrantHi poolie.11:41
sluimersgpg: WARNING: This key is not certified with a trusted signature!11:47
sluimersgpg:          There is no indication that the signature belongs to the owner.11:47
lamontwgrant: nice!11:54
sluimersI thought the servers that compile ppa's were back?12:13
wgrantsluimers: They were... but they're gone again.12:14
dnjlhi! whats wrong with the builders? I am waitung since 27h hours for a 6h job - now it tells me to wait 23h! why this? this is a inpossible situation...12:14
sluimersI still get to see that I have to wait till the next day, just like yesterday12:14
sluimersI got the same thing dnjl :(.12:15
dnjlyo, i see12:15
wgrantIt would be nice if the remaining 1011 Python 2.7 rebuilds were to be deprioritised...12:16
sluimerslol, I see..12:16
sluimersWhere's the python ppa?12:16
sluimersAfter that, is the worst over?12:18
wgrantThat's around half the remaining jobs.12:19
wgrantEr, a third, sorry.12:20
sluimers3000 builds?12:22
dnjlIdea: It would be nice if ppa users would able to provide ressources for builders: the lp would send a secured buildd-vm to the provided machines which do the job(s)... - e.g. with libvirt migration12:22
wgrantdnjl: It's impossible to allow users to provide builders in a secure fashion, unfortunately.12:23
wgrantsluimers: 3200, but yes, X_X indeed.12:23
sluimersGuess I'm not helping with 64 builds ehehehehe ^_^;;12:25
dnjlwhy? if the lp dispatcher would build a ro squashfs-image secured with zertificates to send to the "known registered ppa user", this should a way to think about12:25
wgrantdnjl: The user can still tamper with the VM...12:26
sluimerswgrant, Where do you see the list of builds?12:26
wgrantsluimers: I can't really see a list, but https://launchpad.net/builders provides a summary.12:26
dnjlwgrant: yes, sure - but its easy to say fastly "no" - does someone really thought about it?12:27
jpdsdnjl: builds are insecure by design.12:29
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dnjljpds: yes i know, but what if we are sending to the users host a complete precreated "ro/live" buildd image which is secured with lp certs and this will connect through e.g. openvpn to lp to get the rest.12:33
wgrantdnjl: The user still has access to the hardware.12:34
wgrantAnd if you have access to the hardware, you have access to the VM.12:34
dnjlI thing there are several ways to think about to get the required savety12:34
wgrantIf you can identify a virtualisation technique which does not involve trusting the hardware, I'm sure everyone involved in cloud computing will be most interested.12:36
dnjlbut is it possible to manipulate the process if the buildd system is certified and crypted so that you will get i only run if its not manipulated - the vm itself only needs ram and network and network is secured via vpn to lp12:39
wgrantIt's possible for the VM to trust LP, sure. But it's not possible for LP to trust the VM.12:40
dnjlyes, this would tricky - i will thing about...12:41
NEERAJ_GUPTAHey http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/sugar-flipsticks-activity/maverick/revision/3/debian/install is down12:44
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ricotzwgrant, hello14:54
ricotzwgrant, any solutions to solve the problem with builds which are waiting for dependencies like forever14:55
wrinkliezwould anyone know why its taking an abnormally long time to build? like, its been saying waiting to build for 7 hours+15:00
geserwrinkliez: a python2.7 test build of all python-packages takes some PPA resources15:03
wrinkliezoh is that whats going on15:04
geserwrinkliez: and for a reason I don't know, PPA builders come and go as they like15:07
bigjoolsthe additional builders are not dedicated to the build farm, they're simply lent to it when someone else is not using them15:08
kikoFE FI FO FUM15:09
bigjoolswe're getting 7 new dedicated builders soon15:09
wgrantAnd a fixed buildd-manager?15:10
sluimersFE FI FO FUM, I smell a hunam15:41
jpdssluimers: Yourself?15:47
sluimersJust quoting an old game15:50
sluimersI see that there's one ppa armel builder on https://launchpad.net/builders basically doing nothing15:51
bigjoolsit's not for general use15:51
sluimersah, okay15:51
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yotta911Launchpad is teasing me with an error message saying that my browser don't send a HTTP Referres Header. Why?16:52
micahgyotta911: https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/102416:54
yotta911micahg: I know how it's work and i guess a privacy violation16:56
yotta911micahg: and more: If i woud like attack launchpad, i will forge this header easily.16:57
yotta911But Ok. Thanks for helping.16:58
micahgyotta911: I just know where the FAQ is, I don't work on the code (yet)16:59
maxbThe Referer header check is not intended to protect against direct forged requests, it protects against cross-site request forgery16:59
yotta911What's the problem with cross-site request?17:00
yotta911micahg: I understood and i will open a bug. Thanks again.]17:02
maxbyotta911: For example, some website presents you with a form that asks you to vote on something. But secretly (in the html source), it actually directs your browser to ask Launchpad to delete your PPA.17:24
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pmatulismneptok: o/19:33
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mneptokpmatulis: ahoy!19:38
pmatulismneptok: all good on your end?19:38
mneptokpmatulis: AFAIK, yes. do you know something i don't know? ;)19:39
* mneptok is busy prepping for OSCon19:39
mneptokpmatulis: anyone from the office going to DebConf in NYC or LinuxCon in Boston?19:40
pmatulismneptok: etienne mentioned it a while back19:40
pmatulismneptok: debconf19:41
mneptokpmatulis: i should call him with travel tips i have accrued.19:41
pmatulismneptok: i'm not sure if he's going though19:41
mneptoklet's find out ....  :)19:43
sproatyis loggerhead down? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~sproaty/whyteboard/development/changes19:47
sproatyaand back :P19:49
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jcastrobueno had a session on doing merge proposals on lp but is now sick while sprinting, the session is in 15 minutes, can anyone possibly substitute teaching a session for an hour for Ubuntu Developer Week?20:47
jcastrorockstar: help?20:52
rockstarjcastro, forewarning: I am frakkin' tired right now...20:53
jcastrook, I'll cancel it20:53
rockstarjcastro, I can probably field questions or something.20:53
nhandlerjcastro: We could just turn it into a Q&A session if we don't find anyone20:53
jcastrorockstar: want to do that?20:53
rockstarjcastro, sure, but can I cut out before the whole hour is up?20:54
rockstarjcastro, for context, I woke up at 330 this morning, couldn't get back to sleep, and it's getting late here.20:54
jcastrowait, are you sprinting?20:54
rockstarjcastro, I am indeed in Prague.20:55
rockstar(I'll see you next week)20:55
jcastroI'd rather cut the day early, disregard.20:55
jcastroI wasn't aware you were sprinting!20:55
rockstarjcastro, as long as it doesn't cause problems.  I'm happy to help.20:55
jcastroit's all good, go to bed!20:56
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ahasenackguys, launchpad is timing out for me21:42
ahasenackI'm on this url: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+search?text=landscape-client21:42
ahasenackis it a general issue or just a beef with that particular search?21:42
bobjhi.  Can anybody here help with password reset on launchpad?22:10
bobjCan anybody here help with password reset on launchpad?22:21
iwontbecreativeI've a question, does someone here now how to target a bug for a milestone ? (The milestone doe support bug target.)22:29
james_wiwontbecreative: you mean with the API?22:31
james_wlifeless: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/testr_recipe/0.122:34
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iwontbecreativeNo i meant in launchpad itself ?22:38
iwontbecreative I know it's possible a stupid question but couldn't find22:38
james_wiwontbecreative: you need a certain level of access to the project to be able to do that apparently22:41
iwontbecreative Seems bad for some projects like onehundredpaper cuts :/22:44
iwontbecreative Thank you for the answer :)22:44
mtaylorhey spm23:33
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