cwillu_at_workrcn-ee, do you know if there was any zippy changes pulled in on rc4 or rc5?  I'm getting null pointer dereferences on most network activity on the zippy's ethernet01:47
rcn-eeHey cwillu_at_work i need to still rework the zippy patches that were in 2.6.34 they don't apply cleanly to 2.6.35 yet (and they fix a lot of problems)04:12
cwillu_at_workah, k04:23
cwillu_at_workdid .33 have working zippy2?04:23
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pcacjr_at_homedoes anyone know if ubuntu lucid works properly on the beagleboard C3 ?04:32
cwillu_at_workpcacjr_at_home, as far as c3's work properly, yes04:33
pcacjr_at_homecwillu_at_work, thanks mate04:33
cwillu_at_workthere's some remaining instability on the ehci port, although it can be managed04:33
rsalvetipcacjr_at_home: yep :-)04:33
rsalvetipcacjr_at_home: trying ubuntu now?04:33
pcacjr_at_homersalveti, yeah :-)04:33
cwillu_at_workpssst, buddy, wanna try a btrfs root? :)04:34
pcacjr_at_homersalveti, afaik you used to install ubuntu lucid on that beagle you gave me04:34
pcacjr_at_homersalveti, right ?04:34
rsalvetipcacjr_at_home: yep04:34
rsalvetibut that's not a c3, it's a b5 I believe04:35
pcacjr_at_homersalveti, great. so i'll give it a shot!04:35
rsalvetiyou can still try lucid, but will be very slow04:35
rsalvetirecommend you to try without gui04:35
pcacjr_at_homeok then04:35
cwillu_at_workthe b's only had 128mb ram, right?04:36
rsalvetiand just the usb otg04:36
pcacjr_at_homeso no GUI though04:36
cwillu_at_workit might be livable if you put swap on a usb disk04:36
cwillu_at_workwith gui, I mean04:37
pcacjr_at_homecwillu_at_work, but it'll get slow though...04:37
pcacjr_at_homeanyways i don't even need GUI ;-)04:37
cwillu_at_workpcacjr_at_home, it gets slow even with 256mb :p04:37
rsalvetiif you don't need gui, then that's ok04:37
cwillu_at_workdepends entirely on your working set04:37
pcacjr_at_homei see04:39
pcacjr_at_homethanks folks04:39
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rsalvetircn-ee: just to let you know that I pushed some commits at rootstock, and this will probably break your script and patches07:57
rsalvetiwill look at other bugs tomorrow07:57
rsalvetitime to get some sleep now07:57
=== hrw|gone is now known as hrw
lagMorning hrw08:26
laghrw: Do you remember the SD -110 error bug?08:51
lagWas there a bug raised?08:55
hrwI had that few years ago in Zaurus08:56
hrwand at that time it ended with problematic card sent to RMK for checking on his hardwares. patches landed in kernel, card started working08:57
lagI'm getting it on Beagle09:01
lagIt was a problem a few weeks ago09:01
lagI think mpoirier was working on it09:01
lagogra: Can you remember if there was a bug report raised?09:01
lagFound it: bug 59194109:13
ubot2Launchpad bug 591941 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "SDHC card not recognized (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 135)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59194109:13
ogra+  * Append ${SUBARCH:+-$SUBARCH} to LOG filename for consistency.10:10
ogra+ -- Loïc Minier <loic.minier@ubuntu.com>  Wed, 02 Sep 2009 09:23:59 +020010:10
ogralool, did you ever check what happened after that change ? ^^^10:10
cooloneyamitk: i am looking at tony's linux-omap tree, do you know which branch shall i take a look10:26
cooloneyamitk: if i wanna cherry pick some patches to enable panda in our Ubuntu master tree -omap flavor10:27
* ogra wonders why you want to do that10:27
ograit will work only half i guess and we have a properly working omap4 kernel on the omap4 images10:28
amitkogra: because I want a mainline-only version of omap410:29
amitkogra: and because that is the future10:29
cooloneyogra: i also wanna ask amitk that question.10:29
ograamitk, but what do we gain from it beyond confusion ?10:30
cooloneyamitk: i think we can build a pure mainline omap4 version for our panda boards.10:30
ograyou wont be able to run the -omap images on -omap4 HW10:30
ograsince the boorloaders differ10:30
cooloneyamitk: oh, sorry, not mainline, tony's upstream kernel10:30
ograand -omap4 images will always install the -omap4 kernel by default10:31
amitkogra: bootloader issue will be fixed upstream10:31
ograamitk, it cant10:31
amitkogra: I don't plan to use your images10:31
ograthere are HW constraints you cant work around in SW10:31
ograit will only start working if DT is fully integrated10:31
hrwmultiomap kernels were omap2/3 only?10:32
ograand i'm not even sure about that for pandas vs blaze10:32
amitkcooloney: Tony's for-next branch is usually the one (I see it has support for Panda)10:32
amitkhrw: no, multiomap is omap2,3,410:32
* ogra guesses omap4 support is very rudimentary10:32
amitkogra: I am not sure what the reach problem is with supporting panda with the mainline kernel?10:33
amitkogra: could you expand?10:33
ograamitk, 700 patches ?10:33
amitkogra: here is where you don't understand what I'm trying to do10:33
ograamitk, i doubt all the changes and patches we have on the current omap4 tree are in tonys branch10:33
ograso the omap4 support will suck in the -omap kernel10:34
ograamitk, i understand that10:34
hrwamitk: working serial is enough ;D10:34
amitkogra: DONT CARE from the POV of what I'm trying to achieve. I do care about it otherwise, great work :)10:34
ograbut i fail to see any benefit before omap4 is properly integrated in -omap10:34
amitkhrw: exactly10:35
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cooloneyogra: amitk just wanna a Ubuntu M 2.6.35 kernel which can supports omap4 hw10:35
ograamitk, what do you gain by that if you *only* have a serial console10:35
ogralike you dont have MMC, USB, NIC or any other HW support10:35
cooloneyamitk: ok, i am looking at it10:35
amitkogra: that is where you are wrong. Mainline already supports basic omap4 features (uart, i2c, mmc).10:36
hrwogra: once you got omap4 usb you will have nic support10:36
ograstragne since not even our omap4 tree properly supports many of these10:36
amitkogra: It helps us with device tree work, as one example10:36
ograthat was an answer i was looking for :)10:36
ogra*some* kind of near future benefit :)10:37
amitkogra: for linaro purposes it doesn't have to work perfectly - that is what your omap4 image is for. Having a mainline-only version allows us to experiment10:38
amitkso any development happening against mainline won't have to be thrown away10:39
ograamitk, right, i did see more benefit from merging the omap4 branch step by step, thats why i was wondering about having a second code path10:39
hrwamitk: and we need pandas to have HW for tests10:40
ograhrw, arm team is happy to help10:40
ograif xyou need any verification that costs us just a "play around SD card" :)10:41
cooloneyamitk: just a quick look at for-next branch of tony's tree.10:41
amitkogra: we'll even supply dedicated SD cards for OMAP4 work ;)10:41
hrwogra: plug card, reboot, pastebinit serial output10:41
cooloneyit seems like tony merged several branches there and prepare it for next .36 merge window10:41
ograamitk, you mean you send me one ?10:41
ogracool !10:41
amitkcooloney: right10:42
hrwwriting 1.7GB to SD card takes eons10:42
ograhrw, use a proper bs= value in dd10:42
ograspeeds up a lot10:42
hrw20K is enough?10:42
amitkbs=1M works for me10:42
* ogra uses 4k10:42
cooloneyi'd say the Panda board patch is the same from our -omap4 branch10:42
ograi found thats the fastest on my laptop10:42
hrwah you laptop users...10:43
hrwI do dd from tmpfs to sd card10:43
ograwell, builtin SD reader is unbeaten :)10:43
hrw77,698 s, 6,5 MB/s10:43
amitkcooloney: in any case, please pull from tony's tree rather than -omap4 tree (so we have the commit id)10:43
hrwogra: my tower has builtin cf/sd/ms/something10:43
hrwand I use usb one anyway ;D10:44
* ogra dislikes if his SD cards are named /dev/sdX 10:44
ograway to error prone if you have a /dev/sdX HDD10:44
cooloneyamitk: that's not very hard. i can do that. but i found several serial port patches for omap2/3/410:45
hrwI have sdh usually for sd card10:45
amitkcooloney: do only the minimal necessary to get serial port on panda with master branch10:45
ograaccidentially typo that tp /dev/sda and you have fun with restoring backups :)10:45
amitkcooloney: it should only be 2-3 patches at most10:46
amitklunch time10:46
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hrwogra: how to regenerate boot.scr?10:47
hrwneeded to change res10:47
ogrado it from your desktop10:47
hrwI know - need command10:47
ogracopy it over, remove header, change cdmline and run mkimage10:47
ogramkimage -A arm -T script -C none -n "Ubuntu boot script" -d <input file> boot.scr10:48
hrwI2C:   ready10:48
hrwand beagle stopped10:48
ograin the installed system there is /boot/boot.script ... change it there and run sudo flash-kernel10:49
hrwogra: http://hrw.pastebin.com/si5pstv610:49
ograsounde like you use a wrong x-loader or u-boot10:49
hrwI had 1.4.4 xloader before10:49
ograyeah, you dont use MLO from the card10:50
ogra1.4.4ss is thats in the archive10:50
hrwok, user button helped10:50
ogra1.4.4ss is needed for XM support10:50
ograso we default to that one10:50
ograhuh ?10:51
ograreading /casper/uImage ?!?10:51
ograwhats that !10:51
hrwhttp://hrw.pastebin.com/hMJ9kSrH is printenv10:51
ograhrw, are you sure you used the shipped boot.scr from the SD vfat as a source ?10:52
ograprintenv is ignored10:52
ograwe only use boot.scr10:52
ogracan you paste your original boot.scr ?10:52
hrwsure moment10:53
hrwbooted script from memory now10:54
hrwit is resizing now10:55
ograthat boot.scr doesnt have any /casper/uImage in it10:55
hrwogra: so it looks  like boot.scr was ignored10:55
ograoh, you had lucid installed before10:56
hrwogra: where is progressbar? I see "Resizing root filesystem please wait, this will take about ten minutes ..."10:56
ograbelow that you should see dots appearing after a while+10:56
ogranot sure how long that takes, i did my tests for the code with an image file10:56
ograreal SD might be slower10:56
hrwogra: btw - "Resizing root filesystem. Please wait, this will take about ten minutes ..." would be better10:57
hrwogra: 3x "sh: closing paren expected" and then there are dots shown10:57
ograi need to rephrase it anyway10:57
hrwogra: would be nice to have [ 0/100% done] ........10:57
ograthats rather complex code10:58
ografor now i'm happy to have *anything*10:58
ograyeah, thats busted10:58
hrwogra: do you know how many dots will be printed?10:58
ograstill it needs a math function10:59
hrwpython has nice itertools10:59
ogracurrently i'm just using the output of resize2fs directly10:59
ograand i dont have much time to care for more10:59
ograno pythin in initramfs10:59
ograneeds to be shell10:59
hrwogra: resize2fs with "-p" option?11:00
hrw4th line of dots ended without shproblem11:03
hrwand nothing now11:05
hrw[932] mounted ext3 rootfs11:10
ograhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/463956/ ... i dont see where a parenthesis is missing :/11:11
ograi dont see where "shproblem\n" could come from11:14
ograits a really dumb function that should parse the output 1:!11:15
ograhrw, if you are done i'd like to have /var/log/jasper.log from the system11:16
hrw[1313] oom killer11:16
ograureadahead ?11:17
ograor plymouthd ?11:17
hrwand plymouth11:17
ograboth are normal11:17
hrwand udev shouts "no space left on device"11:17
ograand are hopefully fixed already (not uploaded yet)11:17
ograyeah, thats one i still have to resaerch11:18
ograit writes to a tmpfs11:18
ograand doesnt happen on second boot anymore11:18
ograi suspect its caused by ureadahead eating all ram11:18
hrwogra: how much time since boot to login? 1h or more?11:18
ograwhich will be fixed with next ureadahead upload11:19
ogra20min or so11:19
ogradepends on the size of your SD11:19
ograthe resizing actually takes 10min per 4G11:19
hrw4GB card11:19
hrw1489 segfaiult11:19
ograi would have guessed so11:19
hrwoops from kernel11:19
ograsince you said you see the resizing msg at 11:5711:20
ogranow its 12:2011:20
hrwlast sysfs: /sys/module/parport/initstate11:20
ograyeah, known and fixed already11:20
ograor in the process to be fixed11:20
ogralag is working on it11:20
hrwfix commited but not fix released?11:20
ogracups forcefully loads parport_pc11:20
lagWhat can I do you for?11:21
ograthe module code needs fixing to not segfault11:21
lagA have sent a patch upstream11:21
ogralag you are already doing :)11:21
ograhrw, any trace of oem-config already ?11:22
ograi know its not fast but you should see some X by now11:22
hrwtext console disappeared so maybe x11 tries to start11:23
ograah, great11:23
hrwgot ugly x11 background11:23
hrwlooks like 3bit or few more11:23
ograyou changed the display defaultsd11:24
hrwfrom 1280x720 to 1280x80011:24
hrwmy monitor is 16:1011:24
ograshould soon swithc to 24bit, the first one is 1611:24
ograright before oem-config shows up it switches over11:24
hrwlooks like mouse and keyboard were not detected in x1111:27
ograC4 ?11:27
ograor your old C311:27
hrwC3 with working usb11:27
hrwI used keyboard in text console to unblank monitor11:27
* ogra hasnt seen any kbd mouse issues in the maverick images on C4 yet11:28
ograwait a bit, its probably just busy with swapping11:28
hrwogra: how much ram omap3/4 needs to have to get normally working UNE? 2GB? 4GB?11:29
ograhtop shows about 200M used usually11:30
ograwe add a 512M swapfile11:30
ograso you should have >700M11:30
hrwI would fetch/unpack/boot-to-x11/installirc/gettoirc/discusshere with angstrom/gnome in shorter time then I got here11:30
ograactually more like 160-180 used11:30
hrwit took 35 minutes so far and still nothing usable11:30
ograwell, its like 15 with omap411:31
ograomap3 is just something thats nice to have11:31
ograomap4 is the target arch we work for11:31
* hrw wants omap5 with 4GB ram and 20MB/s storage11:31
ograon omap4 only the resizing is slow and thats caused by the bad MMC driver11:32
hrwbbc3 feels insanely slow when rootfs is on usb11:32
ograi have some hope that will be solved for final11:32
hrwbbxm will give better behaviour due to more ram11:32
hrwand faster cpu11:33
ograyeah, i'll still have to test that11:33
hrwpanda will again give faster cpu and more ram11:33
ograi havent had the time yet, i'll do some test installs at the sprint on XM11:33
hrwmy lcd just blanked out. touching keyboard does not bring it back11:33
ograwhile C3 and C4 should be "supported" i'd rather recommend a cmdline install for such users11:33
ograi.e. install lucid netinst image and dist upgrade to maverick11:34
hrwmay I reboot?11:34
=== amitk-afk is now known as amitk
ograhrw, try it, it should kick you into oem-config again11:34
ogrammc init;  fatload mmc 0 0x82000000 boot.scr; source 0x8200000011:36
ografor your uboot prompt :)11:36
hrwbootscr got not loaded11:36
ograi'll provide a tool to blank NAND config for such cases11:36
ograso it falls back to defaults11:36
ograas soon as we have the NAND driver back in the lucid kernel11:37
hrwgot plymouth11:37
ograi wonder if we should force a reboot after resizing11:38
ograthough with screwed NAND that will be problematic11:38
ograbut would be a) good to verify the new partition table works fine and b) likely be faster to bring up oem-config11:40
hrw plymouth disappeare11:41
hrwgot ugly x1111:41
ogramouse works ?11:41
* ogra blames the maverick kernel11:42
hrwsorry, works but very slowly11:42
ograworks for sure on C411:42
* ogra blames I/O11:43
hrwnow works normally - probably oom killed something11:43
ograi guess it just swapped11:43
ograwhile reading from SD at the same time11:43
hrwnicer background on screen (did not noticed when changed)11:45
hrwo... language chooser11:45
hrwbut why 1280x720...11:46
hrwit does not fit on screen ;(11:46
amitkdefault cmdline param11:46
hrwthe bad part is that this is ubuntu - I need to wait to end of oem-config to get possibility to login on vt1 ;(11:48
ograhrw, jasper resets the resolution again, please file a bug that it should pick that up from an existing cmdline instead11:48
hrwogra: bug on jasper?11:48
ograhrw, not to the end, only to the end of the config tool11:48
ograhrw, jasper-initramfs11:48
ograhrw, you can switch to tty and log in once it started removing stuff11:49
ograhrw, how else than through something like oem-config would you set up the system ?11:50
ograamitk, yes11:50
amitkwhat is it?11:50
ograamitk, the little brother of casper AKA the "douchebag ghost" :)11:50
ograamitk, it does the resizing of the rootfs partition and enables oem-config11:51
hrwogra: oem-config has to fight against other processes to get some spare ram11:51
ograand sets up fstab11:51
hrwpress "Next", wait minute or two...11:51
ograhrw, yes, its not fast11:51
amitkhuh! and it is run on every install?11:51
ograamitk, on first boot11:52
amitkaah I see, i missed the keywork: oem-config11:52
ograoem-config == ubiquity witout partitioner11:52
ograjasper does the partitioning step11:52
amitkogra: when are we getting preinstalled images for arm this cycle?11:52
hrwamitk: we have them11:53
ograamitk, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/ports/daily-preinstalled/11:53
ograsince some weeks :)11:53
* amitk hugs ogra11:53
hrwamitk: you need 1.5h to get omap3 pass first boot11:53
ograamitk, but they are no fun on beagle11:53
ograthey are great on panda though11:53
amitkthey are not really pre-installed?11:53
ograamitk, resize2fs is slow, it swaps a lot for oem-config (which runs under X)11:53
hrwamitk: because they suxx if you do not have 1GB ram and 20MB/s read/write from rootfs11:53
ograhrw, nonsense11:54
ogra512M are plenty11:54
ograi expect the XM to be nearly as good as panda11:54
hrwbut 256M is definitelly far far far far too small11:54
hrwand I have 128MB beagleboard somewhere...11:54
amitkogra: seems like my definition of a pre-installed image differs from what is provided. Why does it need to resize?11:54
ograif i find the time i'll do preinstalled cmdline images11:54
amitkor rather, what?11:55
ograamitk, because users dont want to download 4G11:55
ograthe rootfs is as small as possible on that image11:55
ograand gets expanded to the full size of the SD11:55
ograso it doesnt matter what SD card you use11:55
hrwogra: Bug #60583111:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 605831 in jasper-initramfs (Ubuntu) "[omap3] Resolution should be taken from /proc/cmdline if provided (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60583111:55
ograamitk, ??11:56
hrwamitk: but do not use card larger then 4GB - you will wait too long11:56
amitkthe uncompression of rootfs11:56
ograamitk, not uncompression11:56
ograits just resizing11:56
ograto use up all the spare space on the SD11:56
ograamitk, a simple resize2fs11:57
amitkogra: ok, and no chance of a 4G image for people that have the BW?11:58
ograamitk, no, that would be a waste11:58
amitkthis feels like 2 steps froward and 3 steps back11:58
ograamitk, why11:58
hrwcreation of users should be before 'configuring keyboard'11:58
ograhrw, complain at the ubiquity maintainers11:59
amitkbecause it still takes 2 hrs to get ubuntu on a beagle11:59
ogranot my area :)11:59
ograamitk, it takes 15min on a panda11:59
amitkogra: which only 3 people have in this world outside TI :)11:59
ograamitk, its not the design of jasper that makes the beagle slow11:59
ograamitk, or the design of the image12:00
amitki understand it is the IO12:00
ograamitk, its the fact that beagle is to slow for a desktop image12:00
ograits not even the IO12:00
ograIO is fine for cmdline images12:00
amitkogra: so you're saying it is memory-bound?12:00
XorAheh ubuntu got too fat for the beagle :-)12:00
ograthe fact that we dont special case omap43 images but build the same image for omap3 and 4 is what hits us12:00
amitkXorA: it would seems so12:01
ograif we would provide cmdline images for omap3 that would be fine12:01
ograbut the XM will be as good as the panda here12:01
ograso just for Cx boards i wont trash the netbook image12:01
ograif i find the time to hack them up i'll provide special cmdline Cx images12:02
amitkogra: wouldn't it be easier to partitions the SD card to use up the extra space?12:02
ograif i dont, people have to live with that on Cx boards12:02
ograamitk, surely faster but error prone12:02
amitkogra: and some magic with aufs to unionise them12:02
ograeeek !12:03
ograamitk, the prob is that i would need separate partitions for /tmp and the like12:03
ograits not as easy as it seems12:03
ograand the ten mins for the resizing are really not the prob12:03
ograthe prob is oem-config and the X session12:04
amitkogra: IMHO, they are. It doesn't make for a great 1st experience12:04
amitkeven the 10mins12:04
amitkon an OMAP4 board that nobody has12:04
ograamitk, partitioning in ubiquity is a lot slower12:04
ogralike 20min on the C412:05
ograso i dont let that argument count12:05
ograthe lucid install takes over 2h12:05
ograhaving a 10min resize action at bootup is really not a biggie12:05
amitkogra: ok, let me restate my problem (I've been bitching out this for a long time, almost 2 years, you already know that)12:06
ograhaving oem-config running for >1h is though12:06
ograbut thats improvable due to using a cmdline image12:06
ograor at least oem-config in cmdline mode12:06
ogra(which is ugly but a possibility for C4 boards)12:07
amitkogra: I want an image that I can dd onto a SD card (make assumptions of 4G card!), insert it in beagle and see it boot ubuntu. In under 5 mins.12:07
ograamitk, go to linaro :P12:07
ograthough you have to manually partition the card etc12:07
amitkogra: why? the dd image should take care of it. Make it a fixed 4G image12:07
ograi wont maker assumptions and i wont get allowance to spend 32G on the builder machine for kubuntu and ubuntu images12:08
ograwhy would i waste the space on an 8 or 16G card ?12:08
hrwogra: provide tarballs of rootfs12:08
ograhrw, thats not what ubuntu does ... go to linaro for such stuff12:08
hrwso I/amitk will grab tarball, unpack to card and boot12:09
ograthat all was discussed to an extend at UDS12:09
ograits a bit late to change an implemented spec now :P12:09
* amitk prepares to wait another year12:09
XorAproblem with UDS was 99% of people couldnt get that embedded != smaller PC12:09
ograthe choice we had was eithet debian-installer/ubiquity with a 2h installation or the current setp12:10
hrwso ubuntu requires: bbxm, igep2/512M, panda, blaze, touchbook/512M and nothing smaller12:10
ograXorA, ubuntu doesnt do embedded12:10
ograXorA, thats linaro12:10
XorALinaro didnt exist then (apart from in the worlds worst kept secret)12:10
ograhrw, if i dont provide cmdline images12:10
amitkI wonder if lool is interested in investigating this in Linaro12:10
ograXorA, linaro did exist ... just not the name12:10
hrwI would not call beagleboard embedded - I have more embedded hardware12:11
ograXorA, in fact the arm team wasnt allowed to have its own track at UDS because of linaro12:11
hrwXorA: there were Linaro meetings during uds12:11
XorAhrw: I know, but I didnt have an NDA that allowed me to know about them12:11
XorAeven though I did12:11
ograXorA, they were just called differently12:11
ograXorA, all arm tracks at that UDS were linaro tracks12:12
ogranext UDS we'll have linaro and arm tracks and you will notice the difference between the approaches12:12
ograubuntu-arm is to bring ubuntu images onto arm devices that are powerful enough to run ubuntu12:12
ogralinaro is to make that restriction go away some day ;)12:13
XorAbah all this division makes my head hurt :-)12:13
ogralinaro does upstram and core work ... ubuntu-arm just operates in the limitations of ubuntu12:14
ograif you look at the min reqs for installinf ubuntu on a PC, the same restrictions apply for ubuntu.arm for example12:14
ograi.e. 384M and 600MHz or so12:14
ograand a GL capable videocard12:15
ograat least for the maverick netbook release12:15
hrwogra: so omap3/4 does not fit - no 3d driver in ubuntu12:15
ogranone of these restrictions apply to linaro12:16
hrwlinaro req armv712:16
ograand linaro works on getting ubuntu off these restrictions12:16
XorAhrw: they have a GL capable GFX card, ogra didnt say he needed drivers :-)12:16
hrwXorA: ah... right ;D12:16
ograXorA, we'll have drivers at some point12:16
XorAGLES drivers yes12:17
ografor sure for the panda ... and likely also for the beagle12:17
XorAthey are on my desk at the moment12:17
hrwX11 just died here12:17
ogralinaros job is it to improve ubuntu in a way that it can run with these drivers12:17
hrw1h23 minutes so far12:17
ogralike making clutter/unity work12:17
XorAclutter works :-)12:18
ograor like making it work in less ram12:18
ograamitk, give me a resize tool that operates faster than 10min per 4G12:19
ograamitk, then you wont have to wait for another year ;)12:19
ograor s/year/release/12:19
hrwogra: will isntaller work if card will be in usb card reader?12:20
amitkogra: it is probably worth an extension to ext4 fs to treat sparse files in a special way12:20
ograhrw, only if the device manes persist12:20
hrwogra: so it is hardcoded to /dev/mmcblk0*?12:20
ograamitk, we use ext3 ctrrently12:21
ograhrw, yes, atm12:21
ograhrw, patches accespted12:21
hrwmy SD card does 14MB/s in beagle usb12:21
ograhrw, jasper can handle it, asac patched it to use usb, you will need the SD to boot though12:22
ograthats tricky12:22
hrwogra: boot from sd is easy. plug card, uboot reads kernel/initrd, unplug card, plug into card reader12:22
ograinbetween initramfs died12:22
hrwogra: unplug card *before* 'bootm'12:23
ograyou can indeed do that12:23
ograbut where would bootm come from then ?12:23
hrwresize would be much faster12:23
ograin any automated way12:23
hrwogra: did I said 'automated'?12:23
ogranote that we cant use NAND12:23
ograXM, panda, blaze all dont have NAND12:24
hrwinstalling fbset on beagle = 5 minutes12:24
hrwincluding 1s to fetch package12:24
ograright, thats something linaro can do12:24
ograswithc to fbset if you like12:25
ograi'm restricted to debian-installer functionallity which means wither to run debian-installer, ubiquity or oem-config12:25
* ogra gets tired of that discussion12:25
ograwe wont switch to something like fbset, we cant use amitk'S approach of using a fixed size image since it will not speed up oem-config, all discussions around the topic are moot12:26
ograand i can only point out again that resizing isnt the slow part on the C412:27
hrwnow I have x11 with nice 80's X pointer and nice background12:27
hrwtime to reboot12:28
ograhrw, at gdm ?12:28
hrwI choosed to autologin12:28
ograwhich jasper version do you have installed12:28
hrwsafer when keyboard will not work12:28
hrwogra: the one which was in 'current' image12:29
hrwwill tell more after reboot12:29
ogra(and please complain to the desktop team for forcefully using unity without even checking if there is GL support)12:29
ograhrw, also i still need the jasper log :)12:29
hrwogra: can I just ignore fact that I had someting on BB? I prefer to use it headless12:30
ograjust install openssh-server12:30
hrwand enable autogetty12:31
ograbtw, japer 0.12 has a fix for the enforced unity session12:31
ograif you have an older one, edit ~/.dmrc12:31
TaalasDoes anyone know any documentation for getting ubuntu installed for i.MX25 from Freescale? I googled a lot but couldn't find anything.12:31
ogradesktop team ignores all non GL systems12:31
hrwTaalas: you need 9.10 for it12:32
hrwno.. 9.0412:32
ograand your own kernel/bootloader12:32
ograright, 9.0412:32
hrw9.10 require i.mx3x12:32
hrwI **need** to enable serial console12:33
hrwboot takes eons without anything other then moving dots in plymouth12:34
TaalasI have Ubuntu 9.04 on my dev pc but I want to get Ubuntu on the i.MX25. Is there any possibility. For BeagleBoard I found some documentation which is working properly. But want it on i.MX25.12:34
ograhrw, edit /boot/boot.script, run flash-kernel to change boot options12:34
ograTaalas, get a properly built kernel and bootloader setup, then see the channel topic for rolling a rootfs12:35
hrwargh... solaris machine which I used by serial terminal in 1995 was faster then beagleboard...12:36
* ogra wonders why 12:37
amitkTaalas: there is no out-of-box support for i.MX25 in ubuntu. You'll have to get your own kernel/bootloader and you could use the old 9.04 version of ubuntu on arm to create a rootfs12:37
hrwI enter "hrw" as login and half minute to get password prompt...12:38
ogralovely IO12:38
TaalasOh perfect. Thank you for this. I will work through the documentation.12:38
ograhrw, check if bootchart is installed, could be that the desktop team put it into the default seed :P12:39
ograthat will nearly grind your system to a halt12:39
hrwthere is12:39
ograuninstall it12:39
hrwat least 'dpkg -l' lists is but I cant see status12:40
ograls /var/log/bootchart12:40
hrwI have about 8-10 chars outside of left frame of monitor12:40
ograsee if it captured12:40
hrwmoment... I/O12:40
ograand also check the processlist12:40
hrwdpkg --purge bootchart needs 20 minutes12:41
ograthere might be other crap running you dont really want12:41
ograerm, you still have autologin enabled ?12:41
ograit will likely still try to start unity12:41
hrwogra: so can you check on panda (as it is a bit faster) what crap needs to be dropped and drop it from arm images?12:41
ograsudo service gdm stop12:41
hrwsudo stop gdm12:42
ograhrw, thats on my list12:42
ograi havent touched the session stuff at all yet12:42
ograwaiting for the DX team to provide the new minimal panel12:42
ograthen i'll start shuffling seeds12:42
hrweglibc cross build with all tests/chaeck/binary generation will end sooner then I will get bb working12:42
hrwand eglibc tests needs eons12:43
ogradont complain about alpha software !12:43
hrwyep.. golden rule of ubuntu12:44
hrwinstall last release if you want to complain12:44
ograthe 2D session will be a lot lighter once i have removed everything we dont need12:44
ograprob is that we still need to ship the unity session12:45
hrwbut last release complains usually can go directly to /dev/null because devel release changes too much12:45
ograwe dont have a per subarch seed possibility and omap4 will use unity on the panda12:45
hrwcomplaining to dev release ends with "this is dev release, do not complain"12:45
ogrado not complain, file bugs :)12:45
hrwso as a developer I have to use maverick but as a user I need lucid.12:46
* ogra uses lucid everywhere 12:46
ograapart from the dev boards i work with12:47
hrwogra: I used sid since it was created12:47
hrwand it was better to use then maverick^Wubuntu-devel12:47
ograubuntu development works differently than debian development12:48
hrwI know12:48
hrwlets get beta versions of everything, get it more or less working and pray^Whope for official stable releases before release12:48
ograans long as you develop features that are working acrtoss package sets it will always be more broken until a certain point12:48
hrwanyway - I have a board in basement which has 250KB/s rootfs12:49
ograusing the dev version of ubuntu after feature freeze is usually ok12:49
ograi tend to wait until then to upgrade my systems12:49
* ogra takes a break12:50
ograand if you have the jasper.log at some point i'll try to find out why you had the weird output during resize12:50
amitkhrw: ubuntu is also a lot more aggressive wrt to the kind of changes in the core (e.g. rework of the entire boot sequence, plymouth, upstart, etc.)12:50
amitkdebian takes a long time to get these (for good reasons, btw)12:50
loologra: The log file changes had been backed out12:54
loolBecause they needed synchronisation in 3 places12:54
loologra: If these were pushed again, yes, I expect they need adaptations in other places12:54
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loolamitk: I'd be happy to discuss image formats; asac did more work on this though; I'd like to understand how we stand nowadays, cause I was a bit at a loss with both our Ubuntu and Linaro images; I'd like to dig a bit deeper into this12:56
asaclool: amitk: whats the discussion on formats?12:57
amitkasac: pre-installed images for beagle, etc.12:58
asacamitk: want to have a call on that?12:58
amitkasac: IMHO, what is being provided in maverick doesn't give a good first experience to users12:58
hrwenough is enough!12:58
amitkasac: sure, mumble?12:58
hrwtime to hack rootfs on desktop12:58
asacamitk: yes. can we do that in 1h?12:58
amitkasac: sure, ping me12:59
asacwill do12:59
hrwbootchartd and gdm killed from rootfs, card plugged into BB, boot13:03
hrwplymouth oom again13:03
ogra_cmpclool, well, it was syncronized in the other direction ... subarh is only added to the dir now, slangasek made that change,k what i was wondering was if you had ever tested that change, it cant have worked in lucid13:08
ogra_cmpcamitk, in linaro you dont have such images13:09
amitkogra_cmpc: I'm pushing for them there too ;)13:09
ogra_cmpcso you wont have the resizing13:09
amitkI don't like our single minded devotion to 'installation' for everything. debian-installer is just not suitable for some devices.13:11
ogra_cmpcamitk, note though that you need to repartition the SD on boot in any case no matter if you resize or not13:11
ogra_cmpcamitk, because of the CHS restriction x-loader/u-boot put on us13:11
amitk(I don't understand the science behind our installer, but it seems like rocket science)13:12
ogra_cmpcthat needs to be adjusted to the actual values of the card to be proper13:12
ppearseCan anyone point me at a list of ARM boards supported by the maverick kernel?13:12
amitkogra_cmpc: can't that be handled before we let the user dd the image?13:12
ogra_cmpcour installer is all built around dpkg which enfoces the debconf database on us to which the installer is a frontend (among other things it is)13:13
ogra_cmpcamitk, no, becuse the CHS value for an img file might totally differ from the physical setup of an SD card13:14
amitkmdz was talking about how the package manager we have currently is not suitable for distributing everything. Perhaps now is the time ;)13:14
amitkogra_cmpc: even if we make severe assumption e.g. 4Gb SDHC card only?13:15
ogra_cmpcwell, you would have to give that value in bytes :)13:15
ogra_cmpc4GB isnt the point, the CHS value is attached to the exact size of the card13:16
amitkogra_cmpc: sounds like some that can be programtically detected and programmed before we dd an image.13:17
ogra_cmpcit will work but you will have a) an unclean partition table b) if the user ever touches the partition table your system will not boot anymore13:17
amitkbut it will only take 5 minutes to redo it vs. 1.5hrs currently :)13:18
ogra_cmpcamitk, 1.5h ??13:18
amitkhrw's numbers13:19
ogra_cmpcamitk, how do you come to that value13:19
ogra_cmpc*resizing* takes 10min13:19
amitkI haven't tried the pre-installed image yet13:19
ogra_cmpcper 4G13:19
ogra_cmpci was talking about resizing and partitioning above13:19
hrwamitk: 1.5h takes installation process. resizing ~10 minutes13:19
ogra_cmpcyou are talking about oem-config slowness13:20
amitkI don't even want that13:20
amitkwhy do we want to configure usernames and timezones in that extremely slow way13:20
ogra_cmpcamitk, we dont13:20
ogra_cmpcamitk, on omap4 its a few min13:21
ogra_cmpcamitk, for omap3 we could switch to the cmdline version of OEM config13:21
ogra_cmpcamitk, but the final truth is that you simply do not want to use such a netbook image on HW like the C413:22
ogra_cmpci havent tested it yet but i'm pretty sure it will work similar well on the Xm as on the panda13:22
amitkogra_cmpc: yet we provide those images :)13:22
ogra_cmpcamitk, we also provide minimal spec for running ubuntu on HW13:23
loologra_cmpc: Would you have a list of boards which are supported in maverick right now?13:24
ogra_cmpcthe C4 simply doesnt match these specs13:24
loologra_cmpc: This is for ppearse13:24
ogra_cmpclool, all beagles above rev B. (not fun with Cx but works as you can see in the dicssion above), and panda ... for final we plan blaze through changing the bootloader in the omap4 image, and we're about to anble dove images again13:27
ogra_cmpclool, if you have an requirement for more omap3 boards, tell me and i'll look what i can do13:28
asacogra_cmpc: available?13:38
ogra_cmpcasac, for a call ?13:40
ogra_cmpcone sec13:40
asacogra_cmpc: yep ... i will call you in 5 ;)13:40
asacwe need to sync on something :-13:40
loologra_cmpc: thanks14:00
loologra_cmpc: I think IGEPv2 would be nice14:00
ogralool, i'll check if it needs anything special then (bootloader/kernel)14:01
amitkogra_cmpc: rtg is on it14:02
ograyep, i know14:02
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TaalasI created a rootfs with rootstock and my i.MX25 is booting into the system and now I have the login prompt on the LCD Touchscreen. But neither I can get a prompt on my serial console nor a keyboard plugged into the usb port is working. Anybody knows how to go on?15:39
TaalasI used following parameters to get it work sudo rootstock --fqdn imx25 --login hctm --password temppwd --imagesize 4G --seed build-essential, openssh-server, tsconf, ssh --dist jaunty --serial ttyS015:40
Taalasalso connecting via ssh is not working. The ethernet device is up15:41
ukleinekTaalas: --serial ttymxc0 maybe?15:41
GrueMasterAlso, I don't think you want spaces in the --seed list.15:42
TaalasHmm that might be the reason why the image size isn't increasing after I added some seeds...15:44
TaalasOk rebuilding it one more time.15:44
awayfarHey everyone.  I am involved in a good deal of native ubuntu compilation on the ARM, and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a multi-CPU ARM board I could use as a build machine.  Right now I'm compiling on my actual target, and would like to speed up the process as much as possible while sticking to the native arch.15:58
GrueMasterHaven't heard of any on the market as a released product yet.  TI Omap4 should be out in the near future, nVidia tegra is available on a limited developer basis (1 per, haven't heard of how well it works).  Don't know off hand of others that have public announcements.16:00
loolawayfar: Depends of your budget16:00
loolawayfar: I think the versatile express boards are nice, but they are really expensive16:01
hrwlool: A9 ones?16:01
loolthe dove ones were nice in theory, but the early ones I got were unstable, I don't know if that's fixed, nor whether these are publicly available16:01
ukleinekawayfar: /me likes http://www.qnap.com/pro_detail_feature.asp?p_id=12716:01
loolhrw: Yes16:01
loolukleinek: armv5 though16:02
loolawayfar: that's a good question, what architecture baseline do you need?16:02
hrwawayfar: which cpu/board you target?16:04
loolDeath by a hundreds replies16:05
hrwwe flooded his input buffers16:05
awayfarWow, THANKS for all the replies!16:05
awayfarI read slow ;)16:06
hrwawayfar: now your time to answer ;D16:06
awayfarMy budget is negotiable, since this is a corporate project, and my absolute ideal board would be multiple A9/OMAP4.16:07
awayfarMy target is an OMAP416:08
hrwawayfar: ok16:08
hrwpandaboard is not on market yet, no idea about blaze16:08
loolawayfar: OMAP4 isn't really widely available yet; versatile express has quad A9 + 1 GB of RAM, so quite a nice starting point16:10
hrwand good for build machine16:10
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hrwhi prpplague dmart16:11
prpplaguehrw: greetings earthling16:12
awayfarhrw: That sounds great.  Now, for a not-so-bright question; If I were to install Ubuntu on an A9, is that close enough to the OMAP4 to maintain compatibility?  I know the OMAP4 uses the A9, but I may as well ask...16:13
loolawayfar: What compatibility are you after?16:13
GrueMasterEverything but the kernel "should" work.16:13
Taalasukleinek and GrueMaster thanks for your help. Worked out perfect16:14
GrueMasterTaalas: Good to hear.16:15
orbarrongm all16:15
awayfarAll, thanks for the information.  I spoke with prpplague offline, and he helped sort me out.  Thanks again!16:25
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loologra: Don't think https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/605972 is armel (it's jasper), right?19:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 605972 in jasper-initramfs (Ubuntu) "Need to set hostname to ubuntu during first boot. (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Medium,New]19:27
GrueMasterlool: It is jasper-initramfs.  Since it is only used on omap (currently) I tagged it as armel.19:29
loolIt would be nice to keep the list of ubuntu-armel/armel bugs identical to the bugs specific to armel19:29
GrueMasterAnyways, the tag would have been put there by apport if I had filed using it.19:29
loolYes, but I remove it when it's not armel specific19:30
loolNot a big deal, but since random other people (cough Linaro) will look at ARM bugs, I'd like them not to see jasper bugs19:30
GrueMasterIf this bug can be shown to be reproducible on other architectures, I'll agree.  Until then, if it is seen on armel first, it gets tagged on armel.  Just following bug posting procedures laid out to me from earlier cycles.19:32
ukleinekTaalas: you're welcome20:18
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