TheSkewardHi.  I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 under the XFCE desktop environment, attempting to use Altec BX1220 speakers, and when I plug them in, they light up and give feedback, but no sound comes from them.  Can someone help me?00:09
cillyHello everyone!  I am having a problem getting the printer to work.  I have ubuntu 10.04 installed on a powermac G3.  I have installed the Z600 driver thru the help of the forums.  I am getting the error:  Idle-Filter "usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz600" for printer "Lexmark-Lexmark-Z25-Z35 not owned by root.  Does anyone know how to fix this?01:29
stlsaintcilly: please open a terminal01:32
stlsaintcilly: and run command: groups01:33
cillyHi.  Thanks for responding.   After groups at the terminal,  this is the output:  cilly root adm dialout fax cdrom floppy tape dip video plugdev fuse lpadmin admin sambashare01:35
TheSkewardHi.  I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 under the XFCE desktop environment, attempting to use Altec BX1220 speakers, and when I plug them in, they light up and give feedback, but no sound comes from them.  The speaker icon says "100% | 0.00 dB | Internal Audio Digital Stereo (IEC958)" when I mouse over it.  Can anyone help me?01:40
cillystlsaint:  are you here?01:41
Vantraxcilly you still have that terminal open01:45
cillyyes sir01:46
stlsaintcilly: run command groups01:46
Vantraxrun ls -l /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz60001:46
Vantraxstlsaint,cilly did:  After groups at the terminal,  this is the output:  cilly root adm dialout fax cdrom floppy tape dip video plugdev fuse lpadmin admin sambashare01:47
Vantraxand give me some output01:47
cilly-rwxr-xr-x 1 cilly cilly 97862 2003-08-21 02:36 /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz60001:47
stlsaintVantrax: im not sure with printing but shouldnt /usr be owned by root01:47
VantraxTheSkeward, you might have better luck on thef orums with that one01:48
TheSkewardThanks, Vantrax.01:48
Vantraxcilly run this command sudo chmod root:root /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz60001:48
Vantraxthen run the previous ls -l comand again01:48
VantraxTheSkeward, as an offhand id say the driver is messing up, the os thinks the speakers is at max, but the driver isnt detecting your audio out right01:49
cillyafter the sudo command , it says chmod: invalid mode: `root:root'01:50
cillyTry `chmod --help' for more information01:50
Vantraxoh shoot01:50
Vantraxmy bad01:50
Vantraxsudo chown root:root /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz60001:50
Vantraxit should have been chown not chmod01:50
Vantraxchown is used to change the ownership of a file, chmod is used to change the permissions on the file01:50
cillyok here goes01:50
Vantraxsorry bout that slip, it wont affect your machine01:51
VantraxTheSkeward, do you know what audio hardware you have in the machine?01:51
TheSkeward00:1f.5 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 02)01:52
Vantraxhrm, that is unusual01:52
TheSkewardI get that out of lspci, is that what you're looking for?01:52
TheSkewardThis computer is ooooooold01:53
cillyokay now after the ls -l command, we have:total 32001:53
cillydrwxr-xr-x 2 cilly cilly   4096 2010-07-14 00:18 Desktop01:53
cillydrwxr-xr-x 2 cilly cilly   4096 2010-07-09 11:14 Documents01:53
cillydrwxr-xr-x 6 cilly cilly   4096 2010-07-14 20:48 Downloads01:53
cillydrwxr-xr-x 3 cilly cilly   4096 2010-07-09 14:34 dwhelper01:53
cilly-rw-r--r-- 1 cilly cilly    179 2010-07-09 10:44 examples.desktop01:53
VantraxTheSkeward, try running alsamixer an see if something looks funny there01:53
cillydrwxr-xr-x 3 cilly cilly   4096 2010-07-14 13:41 lexmark01:53
cillydrwxr-xr-x 2 cilly cilly   4096 2010-07-09 11:14 Music01:53
cillydrwxr-xr-x 2 cilly cilly   4096 2010-07-09 11:14 Pictures01:53
Vantraxsorry cilly01:53
cilly-rw-r--r-- 1 cilly cilly 280408 2010-07-12 13:13 ppc-codecs_20071007-0medibuntu1_powerpc.deb01:53
cillydrwxr-xr-x 2 cilly cilly   4096 2010-07-09 11:14 Public01:53
cillydrwxr-xr-x 2 cilly cilly   4096 2010-07-09 11:14 Templates01:53
cillydrwxr-xr-x 2 cilly cilly   4096 2010-07-09 11:14 Videos01:53
Vantraxthe previous ls -l command : ls -l /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz60001:53
Vantraxls -l gives you the informaiton on your current folder01:53
Vantraxif you hand it a path to a file it just gives you info on that file01:53
VantraxTheSkeward, you might find something is muted in there or turned low that is messing things up01:54
TheSkewardYeah, tried that.  Turned all the volumes up and everything.01:55
TheSkewardInformation displayed was01:55
TheSkewardCard: Intel ICH5 Chip: Analog Devices AD1981B Item: Master [dB gain: 0.00, 0.00]01:55
Vantraxyeah, then its likely a driver issue01:55
Vantraxbut that is very unsual with intel chips01:55
cillyokay, now we have:  -rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 97862 2003-08-21 02:36 /usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz60001:55
Vantraxid post all that info on the forums and see what people come back with01:55
Vantraxcilly, your error should be gone now01:55
Vantraxyou should be able to install that printer01:56
cillyshould I delete the installation I have and start over?01:56
Vantraxthe printer?01:56
Vantraxprobably, it looks like it failed last time01:57
Vantraxbut not the driver or the other stuff you did01:57
Vantraxjust try adding the printer again01:57
cillyokay I will try it out. ....  If this works,  you are a genious!!!01:57
Vantraxnope, just smacked my head against that brick wall before, and someone helped me out01:58
cillyVantrax:  I'm back.  It seems to have installed.  I tried to print a test page.  But it said there was an error in printing.  It says Printer State: Idle- Processing page 1.  I enabled the debugging in the Printing troubleshooter.02:08
cillyHow do you read the log?02:08
Vantraxsystem -> administration -> log viewer02:09
cs1hi guys02:18
cillyI'm lost now02:18
cs1im facing a problem currently02:18
cs1what do we need to do to setup ERP system on the server??02:19
cillyI tried another test page.  It says usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz600 failed02:21
stlsaintcilly: failed? is that it?02:35
phillwdamn, i hate it when you get the answer and they log off :-\02:38
phillwif cs1 comes back then point him to http://brunogirin.blogspot.com/2010/05/installing-openerp-on-ubuntu-1004-lts.html02:41
* phillw is off to bed :-)02:42
Vantraxsorry cilly, im at work atm, im sure stlsaint can keep working on it with you02:52
pedro3005stlsaint, THEY SAID PYTHON????03:00
stlsaintpedro3005: i thought i seen a glimpse of it!03:06
stlsaintVantrax: theres no point..your out numbered!03:06
stlsaint2 to 103:06
Vantraxwho said its a democracy03:07
Vantraxme and my wet fish here say otherwise03:08
stlsaintpedro3005: sorry for the scare03:08
cillyVantrax:  no problem.  Its getting too late now anyway.  I will try again tomorrow.  Thanks for helping me out03:14
Vantraxsorry i couldnt solve it for you cilly03:16
Vantraxwe are getting close03:16
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seidossimar, hi05:22
simarseidos, oh very hello :)))05:23
simarseidos, do you work for ubuntu-beginners?05:23
seidoserm, I try to help out when I am capable05:23
seidosI am not officially a member yet05:24
simarseidos, I'm new to the team,05:24
seidosare you a member, simar?05:24
simarseidos, no not alt all. I have seen the team only a few days before and these probably are my first posts on the channel..05:25
simarseidos, Are you a member?05:26
seidossimar, no, not yet05:26
simarseidos, I would like to share an idea with you and I want your feedback for it..05:27
seidossimar, okay05:28
simarseidos, I have seen many users who try to shift on ubuntu but get back because they are not able to get some good alternative software(of windows) in ubutnu.05:29
seidossimar, mmm hmmm05:30
simarseidos, I myself try to use ubuntu two years ago but was not able to.. only now I realize the true potential of linux after using it for two months now.05:30
simarseidos, But still not able to completely shift myself from windows.. :(05:31
simarseidos, We in beginners team should have a group that could focus on this thing only .05:31
seidossimar, it really depends on what your goals are, I think.  If you're goal is to learn how a computer really works, I think GNU/Linux is definitely superior to windows05:32
seidosbut, I would say, and maybe we agree on this point, that ubuntu isn't for everyone05:32
seidosI think suggesting otherwise isn't very realistic05:32
simarseidos, ya but we want people to use ubuntu in their day-to day life and I think Ubuntu is no less than windows. It has a lot of better things but still at some parts it lags, not lack exactly but we don't know the right package and right settings.. i think05:35
simarseidos, afetr using it for a few months05:35
simarseidos, we could probably create some wiki pages on this at start...05:35
simarseidos, this way some users may be able to adapt ubuntu quickly and easily ...05:36
simarseidos, Surely the popularity of the OS will increase this way a lot .... a team that help people to adapt UBUNTU in day to day life ...05:37
seidossimar, I can't contemplate new information that would help prospective users anymore that what is already available.05:37
seidossimar, I think the popularity of the OS will increase when it is as reliable and usable as windows.  But this is just my opinion.  I am no expert.05:38
simarseidos, ya I know and opinions cam be changed .. i hope05:38
seidossimar, I don't think it's really a matter of opinion.  I changed my mom over to ubuntu, she didn't like it though, and had my cousin reinstall windows on her desktop.  I have cousins with a problematic windows install, I recommended Ubuntu, but when I realized that really no amount of work on my part will make the transition smooth, I am reconsidering recommending it.  The best I can really do is give them the cd, and say "boot i05:40
seidost up, try it out risk free, if you like it great, if you don't, you haven't really lost anything"05:40
simarseidos, I have many friends that at first are really impressed by ubuntu (say by the less boot time  or  compiz) but disappoints when they are not able to use say OneNote or not able to reproduce easily their pet note taking scheme in windows or say not able to use MP3 at first ... so they eventually shifted away .. can't we change that and prevent people from shifting back someway ??? I hope we could05:42
seidossimar, I don't know.  I know I can't fix them, and my guess is, if it were that easy to change, it would have been changed already.05:43
simarseidos, some obvious steps had to be taken but the big truth i have realized that ubuntu has really less manpower to help. On the way somebody has to take initiative .. I hope you are familiar with 'Where there is a way, there is a hope ''  . when we will get focused, surely we will find many ways ..05:45
seidossimar, in my limited experience it isn't a question of initiative, it is a question of knowledge05:46
simarseidos, ya but where people work in a team and so many talented people around, I hope we are no short of knowledge and only initiative matters..05:47
seidossimar, well, time will tell.  In the meantime, since you have initiative, try to work on your knowledge, assuming it needs to be improved.05:49
simarseidos, ya knowledge , sure needs to improved, for everyone.05:51
simarseidos, thanks for listening .. fare well05:52
duanedesignsimar: the biggest thing preventing mp3s from working out of the box with Ubuntu os the license of the softeare used to play them.06:12
simarduanedesign, ya i know that, there are many things which are prevented by licenses ...06:14
simarduanedesign, though i'm really happy that you read the posts..06:14
simarduanedesign, are you a member?06:15
simarduanedesign, i will really happy, if you could read above the conservation b/w me and seidos . please06:16
duanedesignsimar: There is a website that shows Windows software and the Linux counterpart06:19
simarduanedesign, we can't add mp3 support by default because of licence problem but still we can have a wiki page that new users can open to configure their system, believe me they will be very happy to have that and I believe not many new users are aware of that website.. but a wiki page could be made more accessible .. this way people who want to adopt ubuntu don't have to actually shift from it because of getting frustated about not having t06:23
simarhe support for many of their loved softwares and pet practices in windows .. :)06:23
stlsaintsimar: what mp3 support you looking for?06:24
duanedesignsimar: you should look at the Ubuntu Manual06:25
duanedesignthat is a good document to get people up to speed fast06:25
duanedesignthis is a good project too: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Signpost/Questions06:26
simarduanedesign, can i have the link please, for the manual06:26
duanedesignsimar: http://ubuntu-manual.org/06:26
simarduanedesign, k fine. :)06:27
duanedesignsimar: its an easy project to get involved if you have ideas to improve it06:27
simarduanedesign, are you takling about signpost??06:28
duanedesignsignposts is nice. The Ubuntu Manual is probably better06:29
simarduanedesign, I have some good ideas, i think i could help there :)06:29
duanedesignthe signpost project is part of the DocTeam.06:30
duanedesignalso easy to get involved in :)06:30
duanedesigni would like to see the Ubuntu wiki improve06:30
stlsaintwhen did we stop kicking people! thats a ol' time tradition06:36
duanedesignyep a classic06:36
duanedesignwb :)06:36
kermiacthanks duanedesign, looks like it worked :)06:36
stlsaintdang you ChanServ06:37
insiderplease help,  i use Ubuntu 9.10 with splash screen off and when i boot i see this message "udevd [1815] CONFIG_SYSF_DEPRECATED option udev ..." how to fix it?09:15
duanedesignhello insider09:16
insideri read that i need to recompile kernel or update it, i upgraded it from synaptic but no help09:18
duanedesigninsider: what kernel are you running09:20
duanedesignuname -a09:20
insiderLinux 2.6.34 #1 SMP Thu Jul 8 19:41:21 EDT 2010 i686 GNU/Linux09:21
insideri can boot but it slows boot time09:23
duanedesigninsider: that bug is fixed in newer kernels. I would run a newer kernel.09:23
insiderwhat kernel version do you advise?09:23
insideri think 2.6.34 is stable and the newest stable09:24
duanedesignyou can also disable kernel's CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED option09:24
insideri do not know how to do it safety, any help is appreciated09:25
insiderduanedesign: could you provide some links?09:26
duanedesigni am looking :)09:27
duanedesigndid you upgrade udev out of a different repository?09:28
insidermy Google doesn't work fine )))09:28
insiderduanedesign: i made system upgrade after it began this problem09:29
duanedesigni am not sure09:37
duanedesignall the bug reports say this was fixed a long time ago09:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 279019 in linux-ports (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Need to update kernel configs to support DesktopTeam's Hardware Detection spec (heat: 5)" [Undecided,Fix released]09:37
duanedesignRelevant changes are present in Jaunty linux-ports 2.6.28-1.609:37
stlsainttsk tsk, i thought udev was becoming depreciated!?09:38
duanedesignanother thread on the error message09:39
duanedesigninsider: you are running 9.10 and using the 2.6.34 kernel?09:44
insideryeah, what's the problem?09:44
duanedesigni am on 10.04 and using 2.6.3209:45
duanedesigndid you compile your own kernel?09:45
insideri upgraded kernel when i was using 8.10 and then i upgraded system two times09:45
ddecator.32 is in lucid and .35 is in maverick..09:46
ddecatorpossibly a ppa?09:46
duanedesignyou might have better luck installing the kernel out of the 9.10 repo09:46
duanedesignan ubuntu kernel might be better configured to run with udev09:46
insiderthen i will nedd to downgrade it, the newest stable is 2.6.3409:47
insidercan is simply turn off this buggy option?09:47
duanedesignif you want to run that new a kernel you will have to recompile with that option turned off09:47
duanedesignis there a reason you need to run 2.6.34?09:48
duanedesignnothing wrong with enjoying bleeding edge :) but it mmight be what the issue is09:48
insiderno issue running new kernel, you might be right09:49
insideri thought i could simply disable this but no means no09:49
duanedesignif you open Synaptic and search for linux-generic and install the kernel it offers from the 9.10 repository09:50
duanedesignyou will still have the others...09:50
insideri know but i'm using only one at a time))09:51
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zetI have problems with my scanner scanjet 3770 10.04 system.15:17
zetwho can help?15:17
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Mjiighi i have a problem with java, it works properly in firefox which is great but for some reason it doesn't work in chromium, which i would expect it to can you help me since i prefer chromium?15:50
Mjiigcan anyone help?16:03
vikasany one t o help16:06
hobgoblinplease ask the question vikas16:07
vikasok i have the booting problem blank screen apper with the curcer16:08
vikasalso get error error failed to acquire org.genome.displaymanager : cannection ":1.133"........16:08
stlsaintvikas: !ask16:12
ubot2Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)16:12
vikasalso get error error failed to acquire org.genome.displaymanager : cannection ":1.133"........16:12
vikas i have the booting problem blank screen apper with the pointer16:13
stlsaintvikas: one issue at a time bud16:15
stlsaintvikas: so your having connection issues?16:15
hobgoblinvikas: ok - so is this a clean install - or did it used to work previously16:15
stlsainthobgoblin: all yours ;)16:15
vikasya it use to work previously16:15
hobgoblinstlsaint: no thanks - tea time - just trying to get a bit more information ;)16:16
hobgoblinvikas: ok - so what did you do in the meantime? kernel upgrade? graphic card install?16:16
hobgoblintry and give people a bit more information - helps us to help you :)16:17
vikasi inatalled java,gtk 2.10.14 emerald16:19
MaddethHello all!!16:21
hobgoblinhi Maddeth16:21
Maddethlong time no see16:21
vikasplz help16:22
hobgoblinvikas: if people are able to they will16:22
Maddethwhats the problem??16:22
hobgoblinbooting problem blank screen apper with the curcer and  error failed to acquire org.genome.displaymanager : cannection ":1.133".....16:23
vikasMaddeth, also get error error failed to acquire org.genome.displaymanager : cannection ":1.133"........16:23
hobgoblinafter installing  java,gtk 2.10.14 emerald16:23
vikasi searched many forms i fownd out it is now using gdm16:24
Maddethvikas: you tried changing the run level (alt F3 for eg) and running gdm from there?16:26
vikasmay be not , i reconfigure my xserver-xorg and restart gdm using sudo/etc/init.d/gdm16:28
vikasone more thing it stop at checking battry and then retry 5 times and tell me to login16:36
zkriessehello simar17:01
knoppixany command line experts here?17:17
knoppixi am new to cli and linux17:18
knoppixi am practicing on a floppy17:18
knoppixi have fdisk /dev/fd0 and created 2 = partitions, one for linux and one for dos17:19
knoppixi am using a live cd to do all this to get familiar before installation17:20
Maddethknoppix: okay17:20
knoppixi can save files to the floppy but how can i save info to the dos part17:20
Maddethyou would need to mount it17:20
Maddethwhat format have you made the dos partition?17:21
MaddethFAT16? etc17:21
knoppixsorry.. let me past the info17:29
knoppix    Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System17:29
knoppix/dev/fd0p1               1          40         711   83  Linux17:29
knoppix/dev/fd0p2              41          80         720   e1  DOS access17:29
knoppixhere is how i mount17:30
knoppixsudo mount /dev/fdo17:30
knoppixsudo mount /dev/fd0 /mnt17:31
knoppixeverything works fine and i can save to linux partition17:31
ubot2For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:31
knoppixi appologize17:32
knoppixi don't know how to do that17:32
knoppixlet  me try17:32
knoppixcan someone guide me how to do that17:33
geirhasudo mount /dev/fd02p /mnt/dospart17:34
knoppixok.. let me try that17:34
knoppixdo i have to create the dospart directory first17:35
geirhaAh sorry, but you've mounted something on /mnt already17:35
geirhamkdir -p /tmp/mnt sudo mount /dev/fd0p2 /tmp/mnt17:36
knoppixwell that's the only way i can do in cli17:36
geirhaerr; mkdir -p /tmp/mnt && sudo mount /dev/fd0p2 /tmp/mnt17:36
knoppixmount: special device /dev/fd0p2 does not exist17:37
knoppixthis is my main issue.. i just can't seem to mount the partitions individually17:38
knoppixor i don't know how17:38
Maddethcan you do an ls -l /dev/ | grep "fd"  ?17:41
knoppixlet me try17:41
simarzkriesse:- hello ..17:41
knoppixok i got the info but how to paste the stuff in this room17:44
Maddethpm me if you like17:44
Maddeth"/msg maddeth {paste}"17:44
knoppixhow do i do that17:44
Maddethknoppix: not got a pm yet17:48
saji89zkriesse, Ping.17:55
Maddethknoppix: you still here?17:58
Maddethi will brb17:58
knoppixi'm so sorry.. got pulled away18:12
knoppixMaddeth, how do i paste the cl result18:13
Maddethjust copy and paste it in a PM18:13
Maddeth"/msg maddeth {paste}"18:14
knoppixi'm sorry i don't understand.. remember i am new to all this :)18:15
knoppix"/msg maddeth {paste}"18:15
Maddethwithout the qutes18:16
Maddethand where i put {paste}18:16
Maddethpaste your findings18:16
knoppixbrw-rw----  1 root    floppy    2,   0 Jul 15 10:26 fd018:16
knoppixlrwxrwxrwx  1 root    root          15 Jul 15 09:40 stderr -> /proc/self/fd/218:16
knoppixlrwxrwxrwx  1 root    root          15 Jul 15 09:40 stdin -> /proc/self/fd/018:16
knoppixlrwxrwxrwx  1 root    root          15 Jul 15 09:40 stdout -> /proc/self/fd/118:16
Mohan_chmlknoppix, please use paste.ubuntu.com18:17
knoppixi don't know how18:17
knoppixplease tell me in plain english18:17
knoppixi am new to all this18:17
Mohan_chmlknoppix, goto paste.ubuntu.com in your browser, paste it there and give us the link :)18:17
knoppixoh ok18:18
knoppixplease hold18:18
Mohan_chmlknoppix, not needed now18:18
Mohan_chmlfrom the next time use it :)18:18
* Mohan_chml goez for reading the logs18:18
knoppixok got it18:19
knoppixis this how?18:19
* Mohan_chml gives a star to knoppix. YOU DID IT :)18:20
knoppixwhat is the image bin used for?18:21
knoppixsame things18:21
Maddethknoppix: yeah, but pics18:21
knoppixi see18:21
knoppixtake a screen shot and then point to it and it will provide a link?18:22
Maddethknoppix: never used it :)18:22
Maddethknoppix: just assuming18:22
Maddethknoppix: as for your problem, I only see fd018:22
MaddethI cant see any other partitions18:22
Mohan_chmlMaddeth, i think its fd0 alone18:22
knoppixhow long is the ubuntu link active for?18:22
Mohan_chmlknoppix, itswill be there :)18:23
knoppixMaddeth, let me provide the fdisk link also18:23
knoppixplease hold18:24
Maddethknoppix: I am off very shorlty18:24
Maddethshortly even18:24
Maddethhomes time18:24
knoppixboth the partitions are there18:25
knoppixi created 2 partition and change the type for the 2nd one to e1 to make it dos18:26
Maddethknoppix: I would love to help further, but I have to go home18:27
MaddethMight log on when I get in18:27
knoppixoh.. ok18:27
knoppixwhere's home?18:27
MaddethS-wales ;)18:27
knoppixbeautiful place18:27
knoppixmountains and meadows18:28
knoppixwell thanks for helping me18:29
knoppixi have been in many chat room .. but no one seems to have an answer18:29
knoppixjust a simple diskette in two partition..18:29
Mohan_chmlknoppix, get into /dev and see what fd0* folders are there18:30
Mohan_chmlfd0                 ptyc5  ptyt1  ptyzd       tty63  ttyq4  ttyx018:31
knoppixdon't forget i'm on a live knoppix cd18:31
Mohan_chmlthat shows that only fd0 is available. not the DOS or Linux partitionx18:32
knoppixi'm confused18:32
knoppixi did cd /dev and ls18:33
knoppixbut this seems like my livecd18:33
knoppixnot my floppy18:33
knoppixthis is my floppy http://paste.ubuntu.com/464138/18:34
Mohan_chmlknoppix, the device being mounted will get added in your /dev automatically. try removing the floppy and fd0 will vanish18:35
knoppixthe device is not mounted at the moment18:36
knoppixknoppix@Microknoppix:/$ sudo umount /dev/fd018:37
knoppixumount: /dev/fd0: not mounted18:37
=== pjarnahom is now known as pjarnahomzz
Mohan_chmlwhat you got for sudo mount /dev/fd0 /mnt18:38
knoppixthe disk is out and fd0 is still there18:38
stlsaintknoppix: lol....knoppix! you sly dog you! ;)18:39
knoppixknoppix@Microknoppix:/$ sudo umount /dev/fd018:39
knoppixumount: /dev/fd0: not mounted18:39
knoppixknoppix@Microknoppix:/$ sudo mount /dev/fd0 /mnt18:40
knoppixmount: /dev/fd0 is not a valid block device18:40
knoppixthis is with the diskette removed18:40
knoppixthis is with the diskette in18:41
knoppixknoppix@Microknoppix:/$ sudo mount /dev/fd0 /mnt18:41
knoppixhere's the fdisk18:42
knoppixall i did what used fdisk >n parameter to create 2 equal partition18:44
knoppixthen used the "t" parameter to change the 2nd partition to a dos partition type "e1"18:44
knoppixnow i would like to know how to access them individually18:45
knoppixwhen i create a file and save it to disk .. it saves fine in the linux partition but how do i access the dos partition18:45
knoppixand when i take this diskette to windows it will not recognize the disk18:47
Mohan_chmlknoppix, you saw two drives incomputer??18:47
Mohan_chmlyou are in Gnome enviroinment right?18:47
knoppixMohan_chml, .. you there?18:48
knoppixthis is a knoppix live dvd18:49
knoppixkde i think18:49
knoppixwhat's the command to check?18:49
paultagknoppix: default knoppix?18:49
paultagknoppix: it's GNOME18:49
knoppixthe bar is at the bottom18:50
paultagI don't care about that18:50
paultaglet me double check knoppix18:50
paultagknoppix: those  bars are very easy to move18:50
knoppixi know18:50
Mohan_chmlpaultag, :)18:50
knoppixbut the menu is different18:51
paultagI have not used knoppix since 200718:51
paultagWhat software is installed on the KNOPPIX-CD?18:51
knoppixwhat's the command to check this18:51
paultag#  KDE as the standard desktop with K Office and the Konqueror WWW-browser konqueror18:51
knoppixit's a dvd18:51
knoppixthis is the dvd version not the cd version18:52
knoppixabout 3.6Gigs18:55
knoppixLXDE desktop18:55
knoppixthe browser is iceweasel18:57
knoppixMohan_chml, i have one hd but i'm using a live dvd and trying to practice on a floppy with partitions, filesystem, saving info etc19:00
knoppixanyone has an answer to my problem19:23
Cuthbeorhtsorry, missed the beginning, knoppix.  whats up?19:24
knoppixhave a floppy partitioned in 2 equal parts19:25
knoppix1 for linux and 2nd for dos19:25
knoppixhow to access the dos part19:25
knoppixi am currently on knoppix live dvd19:25
Cuthbeorhtoff hand, did u try to mount it?19:25
Cuthbeorhterror msg?19:26
knoppixi can save files to the linux part but can't seem to access the dos19:26
knoppixsudo mount /dev/fd0 /mnt19:26
knoppixthe 2 partitions are fd0p1 and fd0p219:27
Cuthbeorhtis there a reason u need to have 2 separate partitions?19:27
Cuthbeorhtcuz i think dos formats floppies to fat19:28
Cuthbeorhtand linux can easily read/write fat19:28
knoppixjust practicing on a floppy instead on a hd19:28
Cuthbeorhti see19:28
knoppixlet me give you the pastebin19:28
Cuthbeorhtur gonna have to forgive me, i havent used a floppy drive in a few years19:28
knoppixshould it be any different from a hd?19:30
knoppixjust another device anyways.. right?19:30
Cuthbeorhtyes & no19:30
Cuthbeorhtfloppies are generally formatted in vfat19:30
Cuthbeorhthard drives use a host of other fs's19:30
knoppixi have noticed some livecds recognize  and mount everything automatically but some you have to manually mount19:31
knoppixwell did you check the link i pasted?19:31
Cuthbeorhtif linux can read it natviely, it will mount right away19:31
knoppixwell knoppix, mepis and some others didn't19:31
knoppixbut ubuntu, and some others i don't remember recognize all the devices and mount and even provide the icons on the desktop19:32
Cuthbeorhti use ubunut mostly these days19:32
Cuthbeorhti left fedora and knoppix19:33
Cuthbeorhtlemme look up a command19:33
knoppixwell the problem is that none of them allow me to save to the dos partition19:33
knoppixcan't even see it19:33
MaddethI just lost my Linux Drive :(19:33
Maddethit just died19:34
knoppixand even if i mount it i still can't see it in Gparted or diskutility19:34
Cuthbeorhthave u tried to mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /mnt/dos19:34
knoppixit wasn't me. :)19:34
knoppixlet me try19:34
knoppixi'm new to all this19:35
Cuthbeorhti havent used mount for a while19:35
Cuthbeorhtubuntu does it all for me19:35
Maddethdoing well too knoppix19:35
Cuthbeorhtso im a litle rusty19:35
CuthbeorhtMaddeth, sorry bout ur hdd19:35
MaddethCuthbeorht: tried hitting it and everything!19:35
Cuthbeorhtfreezing it?19:36
knoppixCuthbeorht, will i have to create the dos dir first?19:36
knoppixhi Maddeth19:36
knoppixyou back19:36
Cuthbeorhtyes, knoppix19:36
MaddethCuthbeorht: nope, not tried freezing it yet19:36
Maddethknoppix: Yup I am :)19:36
knoppixCuthbeorht, here's the message i got http://paste.ubuntu.com/464175/19:40
knoppixMaddeth, you logged from home now?19:40
knoppixMaddeth, maybe the circuit board is shot19:41
Cuthbeorhtknoppix:  imsorry19:42
Cuthbeorhti dont think i know enough to help ya, knoppix19:42
knoppixCuthbeorht, thanks for trying19:43
Maddethknoppix: nah, I just think its the floppy19:44
Maddethworking on somthing that small and partitioning19:44
Maddethmight not really recognise it19:44
Maddethtry a USB ped drive?19:44
Maddethhi fores... hobgoblin19:46
hobgoblinhi madd..eth :)19:47
hobgoblinMaddeth: how's things in the sheep farm then?19:47
Maddethhobgoblin: well, you know19:48
Maddethwork work19:48
hobgoblinyea - I know ...19:48
Maddethwhen was the name change to hobgoblin19:51
hobgoblincouple of months ago I think19:51
hobgoblinfit's me better19:53
Maddethbecause your evil and green?19:53
Maddethfairy nuff19:53
hobgoblinyou got your mark yet?19:54
hobgoblincool :)19:55
MaddethGot a graduate job in October19:55
MaddethJust had a 10% payrise19:55
hobgoblinoh excellent - well done - oh another excellent :)19:55
hobgoblinjust about to send in an application for teacher training19:55
Maddethgood luck19:56
hobgoblinhopeful I am :) spend a year teaching horrible stuff in sec school - then look for hippy science opportunities in colleges19:56
Maddethgonna dissapear for a bit :)19:58
knoppixMaddeth, why do you think it's the floppy19:59
knoppixyou mean the floppy is faulty?20:00
hobgoblinknoppix: he's gone20:00
knoppixhobgoblin, you good in Command line20:00
hobgoblingood enough to do what I need to - I read what your issue is in the irc logs - not really able to help any, though I'd be inclined to check the floppy is enabled in BIOS20:01
knoppixdon't think that's the issue20:05
knoppixi can access it through windows and many other live cd20:06
knoppixand i created a file and saved it to floppy and it saves fine20:06
knoppixbut it saves it to the linux partition20:07
knoppixi just need to know how to access the dos partition20:07
knoppixi thought mounting the device would mount all the partitions as well20:08
hobgoblinso the issue is the mounting20:08
knoppixwell yes20:08
knoppixthe 2 partitions are fd0p1 and fd0p220:09
knoppixbut when yoou mount you mount with " sudo mount /dev/fd0"20:09
knoppixwell sudo mount /dev/fd0 /mnt20:09
hobgoblinyou tried mounting the partition?20:10
knoppixor any directory you want to mount it to..20:10
knoppixi tried20:10
knoppixsudo mount /dev/fd0p220:10
knoppixthat does not work20:10
knoppixsudo mount /dev/fd020:11
hobgoblinjust reading the logs properly20:11
knoppixmount: special device /dev/fd0p2 does not exist20:11
knoppixthis is the command i tried : knoppix@Microknoppix:/$ sudo mount /dev/fd0p2 /mnt/dos20:12
knoppixi first created the dos dir under /mnt20:12
hobgoblinwell that would need the /mnt/dos dir to have been created - guessing you did that20:12
knoppixbut this is exactly how you would do it on the hard drive ..20:14
knoppixi read somewhere that if you want linux and windoz to read a floppy then you would want to partition it with dos fs20:15
knoppixi'm new to all this and just practicing before i commit to hard drive20:15
knoppixjust learning20:15
knoppixwant to be totally familiar with command line way of doing things20:16
hobgoblinoh right - well I would say that working with hard drives is a lot easier than this :)20:16
hobgoblinknoppix: pastebin /etc/fstab20:17
knoppixok please hold20:19
knoppixhobgoblin, .. fstab is not a directory .. but here's /etc20:21
hobgoblinknoppix: sorry - I know it's not a directory - is there a file?  cat /etc/fstab20:22
knoppixoh .. pl hold20:22
knoppixyou may notice that it has recognized my hard disk with 2 partition and my usb but not my floppy20:25
hobgoblinknoppix: just looking at some buntu bugs - what do you get from sudo mount /dev/fd0 /media/floppy0 -o umask=00020:25
knoppixmount: mount point /media/floppy0 does not exist20:26
hobgoblinsudo mkdir /media/floppy020:26
knoppixyes trying that20:26
knoppixmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/fd0,20:27
knoppix       missing codepage or helper program, or other error20:27
knoppix       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try20:27
knoppix       dmesg | tail  or so20:27
knoppixhobgoblin, do you have a floppy at home?20:28
hobgoblinlong time gone :)20:28
hobgoblinsudo mount -t vfat /dev/fd0 /media/floppy020:29
hobgoblintry that - if not have a go at adding a line into fstab20:30
knoppixsame message20:30
hobgoblinknoppix: sudo nano /etc/fstab20:30
hobgoblingo to the end - new line and add20:30
knoppixi'm there20:31
hobgoblin/dev/fd0 /media/floppy0 vfat auto,users,uid=1000,gid=100,dmask=027,fmask=137,utf8  0  020:31
knoppixhow do i get out of it20:32
* hobgoblin guesses now ... then new line and then Ctrl+X then Y to save and whatever it is to exit20:32
hobgoblinthen sudo mount -a20:32
knoppixadded the line20:35
knoppixbut still get the same message20:35
knoppixwrong fs blah blah20:35
hobgoblink - as I thought - not able to add much ... last time I used a floppy it was in win2k20:35
hobgoblinall I would say is that if you are just trying to play with floppies to get some idea of how to deal with a linux system you might well be better of running one in a virtual machine if possible20:36
knoppixhobgoblin, here's the dmesg | tail message http://paste.ubuntu.com/464192/20:37
knoppixperhaps i should change the fs type on the floppy to FAT on the 2nd partition..20:38
knoppixlet me try that20:38
knoppixhobgoblin, i tried FAT and NTFS neither of them worked20:46
knoppixhobgoblin, i'm in an xchat window20:47
knoppixif i want to try another channel but remain on this one as well .. how do i do that20:48
holsteinjust type /join #channel20:48
knoppixbut how do i get back the channel list20:50
knoppixi don't know the name of any channel .. i'm new to this20:50
holsteini forget exactly how xchat works20:51
holsteinbut its somewhere in the menu AFAIK20:51
holsteinlist channels20:51
holsteinthen you can just join the channel from there20:51
holsteinknoppix: when i add partitions to fstab20:52
holsteini use the big uuid number20:52
holsteinknoppix: whats the issue?20:52
holsteinyou added parttions to fstab?20:52
holsteinand cant boot?20:52
knoppixholstein, i'm practicing on a floppy20:52
knoppixwould you liike to konw the issue?20:53
* holstein was reading hte scroll back20:53
knoppixi'm using a live dvd20:53
knoppixand trying things out on floppy.. just coz i went thru some video tutorials20:54
knoppixi did this.. : fdisk /dev/fd020:54
hobgoblinsorry - was afk20:54
knoppixthen used the n option to partition20:54
knoppix2 equal partition20:55
knoppix1st is linux20:55
knoppixand 2nd was dos20:55
knoppixand i tried fat and ntfs as well20:55
holsteinthr partitions you made wouldnt mount?20:56
knoppixwhen i use the "p" option to .. the partitions are fine20:56
knoppixthe 2 partitions are :20:57
knoppixfd0p1 and fd0p220:57
knoppixi can mount the floppy with /dev/fd0 /mnt20:57
knoppixbut cannot do this .. sudo mount /dev/fd0p220:58
knoppixto /mnt20:58
knoppixso anyways20:58
holsteinknoppix: have you tried the same thing with a USB stick?20:58
knoppixi can create and save a file to the linux partition but how to access the dos partition20:59
hobgoblinknoppix: what tutorial were you following? do you have the link20:59
knoppixthe usb is fine20:59
holsteintry FAT3220:59
knoppixlet me get you the exact link21:00
knoppixor try this21:01
knoppixthen go to the partitioning with fdisk21:02
AJH101Hi how do I run a command as a super user please?21:02
holsteinsudo command21:02
holsteinin a terminal21:02
knoppixholstein, did you get the linlk?21:03
AJH101I need to discover what chipset i am running to update my video driver (apparently). how do i go about this? someone gave me a command to run in terminal but it required me to be a super user!21:05
holsteinhey AJH10121:05
holsteinwas it lspci ?21:05
holsteinAJH101: try lspci -v21:06
holsteinsee if thats the info you are looking for21:06
holsteinwhats the problem with your graphics?21:06
holsteinknoppix: i got the vid to start21:06
AJH101am trying to run regnum online but am being told my card is not supported!21:07
holsteinAJH101: by whom ?21:07
AJH101i get the message when i start it21:08
knoppixholstein, ok21:09
holsteinyeah, i wouldnt belive that21:09
holsteinAJH101: is it flash?21:09
AJH10100:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Memory Controller Hub (rev 07)21:09
AJH10100:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)21:09
AJH101is this the data i need?21:09
AJH101no idea!21:09
holsteinwhen you go to http://www.regnumonline.com.ar/ do you see a video playing?21:09
holsteinAJH101: i think the issue is not your hardware21:10
holsteini think its a software issue21:10
AJH101yes it runs21:10
hobgoblinknoppix: so you created the partitions with fdisk - did you then go and make filesystems in the partitions?21:11
knoppixi tried21:11
knoppixbut not getting success in that21:11
knoppixdo i have to mount first then make the fs?21:12
holsteinAJH101: check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=65788521:12
hobgoblinknoppix: no - from memory unmounted21:13
AJH101will do thanks21:13
knoppixwell i thought you provided me the sudo command with the -t option to create the fs .. right?21:14
hobgoblinknoppix: what are the two partitions called on the floppy21:14
hobgoblinknoppix: no that is trying to mount the partition21:14
knoppixfd0p1 and fd0p221:14
hobgoblinknoppix: fd0p1 is the linux one is it?21:15
knoppixok.. i tried the sudo mkfs -t blah blah21:15
knoppixthat's the command i've been asking everyone.. how to create the fs on fd0p221:16
knoppixsudo mkfs -t 86 /dev/fd02?21:17
knoppixwhere 86 is the hex for NTFS21:17
hobgoblinwhat is fd0221:17
knoppixsorry.. fd0p221:17
hobgoblinknoppix:try  mkfs.vfat /dev/fd0p221:19
hobgoblinmight need sudo21:19
AJH101hi this time i do get as far as logging in then same error!#21:20
knoppixhobgoblin, did that.. now ?21:22
hobgoblinknoppix: and if that works mkfs -t ext3 /dev/fd0p121:22
hobgoblinthen try sudo mount -a again21:22
hobgoblinif you go no errors after the first command it should have worked21:23
hobgoblinalso maybe sudo mount /dev/fd0p1 /media/floppy021:23
knoppixhobgoblin, the 2nd one didn't work21:24
hobgoblinif that doesn't do it then I have no idea ...21:24
knoppixCould not stat /dev/fd0p1 --- No such file or directory21:24
knoppixThe device apparently does not exist; did you specify it correctly?21:24
hobgoblintry mkfs /dev/fd0p121:24
knoppixsame message21:25
holsteinAJH101: what is the error exactly?21:26
holsteinincorrect driver?21:26
hobgoblinknoppix: will the other one mount = sudo mkdir /media/fd2 &&sudo mount /dev/fd0p2 /media/fd221:26
holsteinintel is usually well supported :/21:26
knoppixlet me try21:27
AJH101unsupported video card :-(21:27
knoppixmount: special device /dev/fd0p2 does not exist21:27
holsteinAJH101: if thats true21:28
hobgoblinknoppix: can;t help anymore - sorry21:28
holsteinthers nothing you can do software wise21:28
hobgoblinwew're just going round in circles21:28
holsteini would poke around on that site21:28
holsteinmaybe send an email21:28
AJH101update driver?21:28
holsteinnot if the card isnt supported21:29
AJH101fair enough thanks anyway21:29
holsteinyou could try21:29
holsteinbooting in safe graphics mode21:29
holsteinbut i dought that will do it21:29
holsteini think the email would be the best bet21:30
holsteininclude that line from lspci21:30
holsteincant hurt21:30
hobgoblinknoppix: have a look at http://www.vtc.com/modules/products/moviePlay.php?size=Large&foldername=linux&sku=33482&id=34509&movieCode=0305&movieName=Making+File+Systems+With+mkfs&mode=flv21:34
hobgoblinwell I'm off now - night21:34
knoppixi went through all that21:35
knoppixholstein, did you check out the videos21:56
Gerpedro you here23:58
pedro3005hello Ger23:58

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