jonopaultag, nooo, thank you :-)00:00
paultagno problem :)00:00
jcastrohey cjohnston00:35
cjohnstonjcastro: ^00:38
jcastrocjohnston: I need an autoclose script00:39
jcastrobasically, clean up my old pm's00:39
jcastroany ideas?00:39
cjohnstonlemme look00:39
jcastrowould this do it?00:39
cjohnstonlooks possible00:42
cjohnstoni dont know perl to read it tho00:43
nhandlerLet me look00:43
nhandlerjcastro: So you want it to autoclose old query windows that have opened?00:43
jcastronhandler: yeah00:44
jcastroat the end of the day I have 20+ query windows00:44
jcastro(an easy shortcut to /win c would also work)00:44
cjohnstonuse /wc too long?00:44
nhandlerjcastro: Well, while I continue looking, you might like autoclose_windows (a setting http://www.irssi.org/documentation/settings )00:45
nhandlerjcastro: Actually, autoclose_query is what you might want as well00:45
* jcastro hugs nhandler 00:46
jcastrohow to apply this setting to a running irssi?00:46
nhandlerjcastro: Use the /set command   and then /save00:46
* cjohnston makes note to PM jcastro randomly with different nicks throughout the day so that he has tons of open windows00:47
jcastrocjohnston: pm me now actually. :D00:47
pleia2you can also window close a range now00:48
pleia2/wc 99-12500:48
pleia2it's great when the spammers come along00:48
jcastroman, I've been closing windows /by hand/ for going on three years00:48
nhandlerI personally prefer to not have PMs open new query windows. It lets me read them without leaving my current channel00:48
jcastronhandler: how does that work?00:48
nhandlerjcastro: They show up in the current window00:49
popeygreat for when you want to take a break from irc... /wc 2-10000:49
pleia2nhandler: ah bitchx style? :)00:49
jcastronhandler: ah, that won't work for me00:49
pleia2me neither, I'd lose them00:49
nhandlerjcastro: I can then create a query window with them manually (combined with query_resume) if I lose track of a conversation00:49
jcastroI like popey's set up when I saw it, but he never mailed me his config since he hates me00:49
nhandlerjcastro: What did he have?00:49
popeythis is true00:49
* nhandler is still waiting on nixternal's mutt config files00:49
jcastrohe had this cool split thing going on00:50
nhandlerjcastro: I have that for my hilight window00:50
popeyyeah, same here00:50
nhandlerjcastro: http://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi#hilight_window00:50
popeyi honestly dont know for sure how it works so i am not confident explaining to you jcastro00:50
nhandlerhttp://quadpoint.org/articles/irssisplit  is also useful00:50
popeyi rarely close my irssi, so when i do, i have to re-learn it :)00:50
jcastropopey: I am the same way00:54
jcastrothis is why I am asking, heh00:54
jcastroI had a 6 month stint with weechat in the meantime00:54
popeyi spy czajkowski http://duffy.fedorapeople.org/blog/pictures/photos/conference2.JPG01:14
paultagawww, yup01:15
paultagfront row like a good student01:15
highvoltagethey know what is what but they don't know what is mutt01:38
nigelbgood morning folks :)01:56
nigelb" paultag is away: if this is urgent, please file a request at http://queue.paultags.com/t/new"02:08
nigelbjcastro: we should get one for jono ^02:08
jcastrowow, neat02:11
jcastrois that like an entire task thing?02:12
nigelbheh, I think so02:12
nigelbneed to fle a request and ask paultag :p02:12
nigelbhighvoltage: haha, good one :)02:19
highvoltagenigelb: I couldn't help it :)02:19
paultagnigelb: oh crap02:32
paultagjcastro: yeah02:32
paultagjcastro: it has a todo list, and you can check them off02:32
paultagjcastro: I wrote it yesterday on my lunch hour02:32
paultagerm, two days ago*02:33
paultagI mean, if there is serious intrest in someone using the platform, I can clean it up and agpl it02:39
doctormopaultag: What's the bzr branch for that?02:57
paultagdoctormo: my queue stuff?02:59
paultagdoctormo: it's not in bzr, that's for sure, and I've not created a github repo for it yet, it's sitting on my server behind ssh ( it's a gawd awful mess )03:00
paultagdoctormo: I'd have to spend tom. morning's lunch hour making it "right", and I'd gladly agpl it if there is intrest in it :)03:01
paultagthere are two or three known security issues03:01
nhandlerpaultag: There is interest ;)03:11
paultagnhandler: I'll have it f/ossed and forkable tomorrow03:12
nhandlerI guess I need to go and setup my web server again. Too bad I can't toss it on people.u.c :(03:13
paultagnhandler: yeah :(03:13
ddecatorpaultag: i think you mentioned me07:01
dholbachgood morning07:40
kim0dholbach: Morning man07:40
kim0Morning all07:41
dholbachkim0: sabah il cheer07:43
kim0dholbach: lol :D07:43
ddecatormorning dholbach and kim007:44
kim0dholbach: sabah il noor07:44
dholbachI looked it up, but I'm sure I forgot it tomorrow again :)07:44
dholbachhey ddecator07:44
dpmgood morning all07:59
ddecatorgood morning dpm07:59
dpmhey ddecator07:59
dholbachhey dpm08:02
dpmmorning dholbach08:02
dholbachhow are things in sunny Catalunya?08:02
nigelbmorning folks08:03
dholbachhey nigelb08:03
nigelbdholbach: awesome session yesterday.  Man you *know* ascii art ;)08:03
ddecatormornign nigelb08:03
dholbachnigelb: sudo apt-get install figlet :)08:03
dholbachdpm: since you're back in Spain I hear more and more news about Catalan separatists - what's going on there? Are you behind it?08:04
dpmyeah, strangely enough, it all started the day I came back from holidays :)08:05
nigelbah, you sowed the seeds for it :p08:06
dholbachso what's going on there? is there any chance of "success"?08:06
dpmit's a long story08:06
dholbachI'm sure it is - it always is :)08:06
dholbachhttp://www.zeit.de/2010/29/Spanien-Zapatero?page=all is what I read this morning08:07
dpmbut the protest was not just about claiming independency - it's just not the right moment, but rather about the Spanish constitutional court's incompetency and the way the veredict was presented and its conclusions08:10
dpmit's difficult to explain on IRC, but it seems many of the international papers focused on the claim for independency bit, and it's just not only that08:11
dholbachI see08:11
dholbachI guess it's also tempting to warm up old conflicts again if the country is dealing with lots of problems and the government seems weak08:12
dpmthis can be misleading - in one of the spiegel forums someone was comparing Catalonia with Bavaria and asking why they couldn't be independent :/08:12
dholbachdpm: poor you, I feel for you08:12
popeymorning all08:21
ddecatormorning popey08:21
vishmorn popey :)08:22
vishddecator: hey o/08:22
ddecatormornin' vish :)08:22
dpmmorning popey08:23
nigelbmornin popey :)08:27
dholbachhey popey, hey vish08:28
dholbachseems the Indian mafia is fully awake now too :)08:28
nigelband afternoon vish :)08:28
nigelbvish: lunch yet?08:28
vishdholbach: mornin'  .. yday once you left, we spent time talking about you, behind your back ;)08:28
dholbachthanks guys08:29
vishnigelb: about to..08:29
ddecatorhey czajkowski09:14
duanedesignpopey: did you get my ping the other dat with the link to the screencast blog post?09:16
sensegood morning09:54
czajkowskinice blog post sense09:55
senseczajkowski: thanks! :)09:55
senseOMG for the image in Jono's post on Operation Cleansweep.09:57
senseAh, 14 July. No French today.09:57
ddecatoris it bastille day?10:03
senseThink so.10:04
senseIs it called that way?10:04
ddecatorthe day the prisoners were freed from the Bastille prison (i think i'm spelling it right), not sure if that's today though, that's just the biggest french holiday i know of10:06
dpmwoah, in the Catalan LoCo we're discussing the best place for the Meerkat release party - and people are even sending candidacies for locations. This one looks amazing - even if you don't understand the language, you can see the huge amount of enthusiasm and effort they've put in there10:25
dpm  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/183403/CandidaturaUbuntu110-10.pdf10:25
dholbachholy cow10:29
nigelbdpm: OMG!10:30
nigelbIt looks like the brochure of some company :p10:30
dpmthat's what all said when we received it :)10:30
sensedpm: That must have been a lot of work!10:31
czajkowskithen Catalan tea are pretty efficient10:33
senseNeelie Kroes said it! Spain is one of the top three countries in the EU with regard to open source activity! :P10:34
nigelbtea! fail! ;)10:34
* dholbach likes tea10:34
czajkowskisense: behind France I bet you10:34
senseczajkowski: probably10:35
senseFrance, Spain and Germany10:35
AlanBellwith the UK behind everyone10:37
senseEven behind the Netherlands?10:37
senseAh, wait, we've got NOiV.10:37
nigelboh, jono's cleansweep picture looks awesome10:37
sensenigelb: yeah!10:37
AlanBellit does. Sweep was my favourite.10:38
senseAlanBell: Although many organisations here use the ISO recognition of OOXML as an excuse.10:38
AlanBellthey don't even bother to think of excuses here10:39
senseAnd that is what makes you worse! We've got excuses!10:40
* nigelb is happy to report workplace transitioning to ubuntu10:59
nigelbso far 4 systems including mine :)11:00
aradpm, molt fort!11:00
dpmara, yeah :)11:01
dpmit did send an injection of reassurance in what we are doing, which seems to inspire other people too!11:02
popeyduanedesign: saw this and thought of you http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/6088/capture-screen-and-default-audio-input-device-and-generate-an-incompress-avi-file11:03
* duanedesign looking11:04
czajkowskigah what is the nick of the guy who takes the UDS photos on irc ?11:05
czajkowskior his lp page so i can find his email11:05
vishczajkowski: who took the panaroma photo?11:08
sensevish: kiwi11:08
vishczajkowski: if so , it kwwii11:08
senseyeah, that's how you spell it. :)11:09
senseczajkowski: Design team!11:09
vish:) , yeah , its confusing..11:09
paultaghey dholbach, are you around?11:26
czajkowskipaultag: morning early start11:37
paultaghey czajkowski  :)11:37
paultagczajkowski: I start work in now + 30 minutes every day :)11:38
czajkowskiwhat time is it there?11:41
paultagczajkowski: 06:4011:41
paultagczajkowski: righto, I need to leave for real :)11:42
paultagsee ya in a few :)11:42
nigelbczajkowski: at 6:40? ;)11:46
czajkowskitis 11:47 here11:47
nigelbczajkowski: no, I mean, was the "lordie" for the 6:40? :)11:48
nigelbif so, thats late :D11:49
* nigelb used to get to work at 5:40 am11:49
czajkowskihmm some of my emails seem to be hiding on me12:03
czajkowskimost flipping annoying12:03
nigelbwow, figlet is awesome12:06
nigelbdholbach: neat trick :)12:07
duanedesignnigelb: i <3 figlet12:10
duanedesignnigelb: hard to find a place to use it12:10
senseI always get out of bed at 6.25 to cycle to school, which starts at 8.12:17
senseBut 5.40 is early...12:18
nigelbI used to get there at 5:4012:19
nigelbwake up was like 412:19
nigelbduanedesign: did you see dholbach's session last night? ;)12:19
duanedesignnigelb: i did12:31
duanedesignnigelb: there is a figlet.pl for irssi too12:31
nigelbduanedesign: easy ticket to get banned on channels ;)13:06
duanedesignnigelb: ohh yeah13:10
paultagWhoh! That look less time then I thought. I have queue open-sourced under the AGPL13:12
nigelbpaultag: where?13:33
paultagnigelb: http://github.com/paultag/queue <-- please fork :313:33
paultagnigelb: there are quite a few things that should and could be done better, if you have any ideas, throw a fork up and let me know about it13:33
paultagnigelb: it's all PHP and jQuery. Super simple. Took me like 2 hours at most.13:34
nigelbPHP <#13:34
paultagnigelb: I think you'll like what I did with it :)13:34
nigelbI'll poke it soon :)13:35
paultagnigelb: let me know what you think of the layout. I think it's pretty cool13:36
* nigelb might get delayed tonight though13:36
nigelbton of work to do :?13:36
paultagnigelb: please, do what you gota do! Don't want to start to get VV, now do ya?13:37
paultagnigelb: akgraner would kill me :)13:37
nigelbwait, whats VV?13:39
paultagnigelb: volunteer vertigo, it's pre-burnout. akgraner and I are working on putting together a SWAT force to combat our feared enemy, VV.13:39
nigelbpaultag: mine is more like work vertigo13:40
paultagnigelb: yeah, but if you have all this community stuff + work, you will blow off community stuff, and then tend to drift away13:41
paultagnigelb: our job would be to make sure you don't have too much community stuff to overload13:41
nigelbwell, I'm shying away from stuff I can't do remember?13:41
nigelblike I withdrew from the BT since I knew I won't have the time13:41
paultagnigelb: and you are a strong person because of it. There are a lot of people who don't, and just burnout13:41
paultagnigelb: I know13:41
nigelbmostly I now am on reviewers team, classroom (and other classroom related stuff) and thats about it :)13:42
paultagnigelb: yeah :)13:44
paultagnigelb: anywho, anything you have to say / fix re queue, let me know. I'd love to hear / see it13:49
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
nigelbpaultag: one thing I gotta say, jQuery is ne awesome lib ;)14:45
nigelbjussi: poke!14:50
nigelbWelcome back :)14:50
nigelbhows the moving in, et al?14:50
* jussi is not here. 14:50
* nigelb wonders if its his ghost14:50
nigelbor if he's really a bot like I feared14:50
jussiIm sorry, I dont know anything about bots14:52
paultagnigelb: :)14:52
jussila de da... its warm here and Im mostly headed out n a min, hence Im not here.14:54
paultaghey nhandler, prod :)15:16
nhandlerHey paultag15:16
paultagnhandler: delivered on-time and under-budget -- http://github.com/paultag/queue15:16
paultagnhandler: I was able to do it today before work over breakfast15:17
nhandlerpaultag: Very nice. That is one item out of your queue ;)15:17
paultagnhandler: yessir! :)15:17
paultagnhandler: there are lots of hacks, so if you have any feedbacks or changes, just fork it on github and i'll get to it :)15:18
senseSomeone on Twitter asked me the difference between Dutch and German. :\ :/ :\ :/15:20
nigelbwho? and where is he/she from?15:20
dholbachsense: Dutch, that's like Deutsch, right?15:20
sensedholbach: You can't hear the difference! ahem15:21
sensenigelb: A French guy.15:21
dholbachsense: I have Dutch relatives, so I was exposed to some of it :)15:21
paultagwell that does not make sense15:21
sensenigelb: Dutch always say that German is overly harsh, I've heard Germans complaining that Dutch sounds to gnawking.15:22
sensetoo much gargh15:22
sensedholbach: So you must know the difference!15:22
paultagHey! Hey! German is a beautiful and romantic language15:22
senseand very suitable for giving orders15:22
dholbachsense: man, I was kidding :)15:22
senseDutch is a Germanic language. After all, Dutch are just conceited Germans who, under French unfluence, decided they could do things better on their own.15:23
dholbachas a kid I thought that adding "-tjes" to most of the words would make it Dutch, so "carrot", in German "Karotte", so in Dutch it must be "Karrottjes", I was told it wasn't that easy :)15:23
senseThat would be worteltjes.15:24
dholbachsense: I know :)15:24
sensedholbach: You do! But nigelb doesn't.15:24
dpmfor those who've been following football recently, here's a nice post from the Asturian LoCo:15:24
sensedpm is Spanish, right?15:24
dholbachsense: no, it's not that easy15:25
dholbachdpm: he's Catalan!!!15:25
senseThat damn octopus was wrong during the final of the Europa Cup, but not this time.15:25
nigelbdpm: hahaha, good one :)15:25
senseAh, those people are so chauvinistic they sing the national hymn each morning in front of a portrait of the king, right?15:25
randa_dpm send it to warthogs, it is hilarious!15:26
dholbachsense: I'm sure most of the Catalan don't :)15:26
senseis warthogs the new sounders?15:26
nigelbwait, whats warthogs?15:27
dholbachsense: no, it's an internal canonical list15:27
popeyinternal list15:27
senseAh, the internal sounders.15:27
popeyi fully expect it to be nothing like sounder15:27
jcastroit's actually even more lame15:27
nigelbwhich means it is :p15:27
nigelbpopey: why do you think its internel :p15:27
senseIt is probably less filled with people wanting to share their political views on libertarianism.15:27
nigelbI think they make people sign NDA about that list :p15:28
jcastrosounder used to be my favorite list15:28
senseYeah, Canonical is quite into NDAs.15:28
jcastrodon't remember what happened over the year. :(15:28
* dholbach disengages from the discussion15:28
nigelbMost companies make you sign them.15:28
paultagnigelb: I have not signed one to date :)15:28
nigelbpaultag: disadvantage of working with medical records of american public = NDA and something more15:29
senseThere was a small outrage on Identi.ca after the package name of the fonts contained the string -nda-15:29
paultagnigelb: yup.15:29
paultagsense: ahahah yeah15:29
jcastroI had the -nda- in the file name fixed15:29
nhandlersense: That also made the planet15:29
sensejcastro: Yeah, that was solved quickly.15:30
jcastrowe are transitioning it to ubuntu-private-fonts15:30
senseand the unrest went away immediately.15:30
paultagGOD I hate labels15:31
jcastrothere's only like 3-4 weeks left until it's finished15:31
sensenigelb: Did you also have to learn American accents and use an American name and pretend you were working from Ohio? We saw a documentary about call centres in India on school and the American companies are ashamed of outsourcing their work to India and the public is a bit racist, they don't want to be helped by Indians.15:31
paultagsense: I'm the LoCo contact for Ohio!15:31
paultagsense: nigelb can come visit15:31
senseCan I come too?15:31
paultagsense: sure :)15:32
senseIf you pay the ticket!15:32
popeynigelb: i know it is because I've talked about it before with canonical ppl15:32
nigelbpopey: ah, ok :)15:32
nigelbsense: No, I never had to talk to people.15:32
sensejcastro: There was a lot of misinformation in the beginning, and people asking in the comments of the official blog post for more information.15:32
nigelbJust listen to doctors and transcribe15:32
sensefor the font.*15:32
sensenigelb: Ok, so you were filing stuff?15:33
popeysometimes I do think sounder should be shutdown15:33
jcastrothe sounder list looks /horrible/15:33
sensepopey: There were calls for that a while ago, I think Mark himself sent a (final) warning to the list.15:33
nhandlerThat is one list I avoid15:33
nigelbsense: No, I was essentially converting voice to text.15:33
popeysense: i know, we discussed it on the cc15:33
sensenigelb: Must have been boring. Was it?15:34
* nigelb wonders what sounds is15:34
nigelbsense: well, when I'm actuall working, it was fun.  But when I take a step back and look at it, very very boring15:34
nigelbenjoying new job 10 times better15:34
sensemust have taught you a lot of English15:35
sensethe previous job15:35
nigelbIt taught me how many people of non-american descent become doctors in america15:35
nigelband how english isn't a language during medical studies :/15:35
senseThat is valuable experience for international conference, though. :)15:35
nigelbIndian accent is tough to make out, for us and them15:35
nigelbthe american thought, it would be easy for us.  We struggle just as much15:36
nigelbhispanic, persian are just as tough15:36
senseNo English accent is equal! I've been told that British can tell from what village someone comes by listening to the accent.15:36
paultagsense: you can do that with American english as well, but mostly by state15:37
nigelbthe main trouble was sentences would be constructed wrongly, so it was difficult to make out the meaning15:37
nigelband we'd get lost trying to figure out what he was trying to say15:37
senseThat is problematic indeed.15:37
AlanBellsense: we are a bit more mixed up than that now!15:37
sensenigelb: By the way, sounders is an old mailing list started during the first development cycle. I think it was a codename. The mailing list continued to be used and slowly became more and more off-topic.15:37
senseAlanBell: yeah, times are changing, even in Britain15:38
nigelbsense: ah, ok15:38
* nigelb remembers Russel Peters joke about it15:38
nigelb"Britian has the largest Indian population outside of India" :p15:39
senseIt's very hard to get a larger population of Indians than India.15:39
senseHow close are you to China?15:39
nigelbsharing borders, occasional wars, etc15:39
sensenigelb: How close in population? :)15:40
nigelbah, that way15:40
* nigelb doesn't know15:40
dholbachhey jono15:40
* nigelb hugs jono 15:40
sensegood morrow/afternoon jono!15:40
nigelbThanks for the blog post!15:40
sensejono: Amazing stuffed animal on that blog post. What is it?15:41
popey(is his name)15:42
jcastrohey vish15:42
popeysense: http://www.thesootyshow.com/15:43
senseprobably something british15:43
nigelbjcastro: the lazy guy is still writing his session ( he just started )15:43
sensebackground music!15:43
jcastrovish: I know you're full up on papercuts, but we could use a hand with these: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NotificationAreaTransition/CompatibilityFixes15:43
popeysense: yes15:43
popeyhe lives around the corner from me :)15:43
paultagoh hey jcastro, are you a redditor?15:43
jcastroso feel free to send volunteers that way15:43
jcastropaultag: no, I am not 14.15:43
* popey hands jcastro a saucer of milk15:44
nigelb<3 <315:44
paultagjcastro: do you know what an orangered is?15:44
paultagWell shucks, too bad :)15:45
sensepopey: Is that yours?15:45
popeymy site, not my cat15:45
jonosense, it is sweep from sooty and sweep :-)15:45
senseI opened the website and the first thing I heard was "Radio Sooty" sung.15:47
nigelbanyway, back to work for me15:47
nigelbtoo much IRC-ing today15:47
nigelbdholbach: Just FYI, I co-hosted pedro's session too :D15:49
dholbachnigelb: fixed15:51
nigelbthanks :)15:51
jonodpm, all set?16:00
dpmjono, yep16:00
jonodpm, cool one sec16:00
vishjcastro: hi , reporting or fixing the bugs?16:06
vishknows the ans will probably be both :D16:06
* czajkowski hugs jono 16:08
nigelbczajkowski: saw you sitting on front row like a good student recently :)16:09
czajkowskiI thought i'd dodged the photos16:09
paultagczajkowski: nope :)16:09
senseThat's right.16:10
senseShe's on the front row, in the sharp area.16:10
nigelbor sleeping area :p16:10
jcastrovish: both! (heh)16:10
vishjcastro: cool, sure.16:11
sensejcastro: Maybe I could do some of those, I haven't been doing much for Ubuntu lately. Most of my time went to GUADEC and my own blog/identity.16:11
jcastrovish: mpt has made enough progress with the recommendations that people can probably start nipping at them16:11
nigelbjcastro: glad to see lucidfox workin with ayanata folks :)16:11
jcastronigelb: nod16:11
jcastroshe finished off the liferea one right?16:11
* nigelb isnt sure16:12
jcastrosense: fagan told upstream deluge that he would do an app indicator for them but got slammed with school. A "save" there would be appreciated!16:12
vishhehe , everyone wants sense :D16:13
sensejcastro: OK, I'll take a look at it.16:13
nigelbvish: just like everyone wants you!16:13
vishsense: how are you coping with wrong irc highlights?16:14
sensevish: It's not too bad. Just every now and then I get a false highlight. Maybe I'll write a regex or so in the future. :)16:14
* jono hugs czajkowski16:14
highvoltagethat would make sense16:14
senseno! Not highvoltage too!16:15
senseI am sense, of course it would make sense!16:15
nigelbusing dictonary word as irc nick means getting pinged a lot more16:17
nigelbI hope that make sense :p16:17
* nigelb LOL16:17
senseI'm not using a dictionary word, a dictionary is using my name!16:17
senseI've got genealogical proff!16:18
nigelbhahaha, either way16:18
highvoltagelots of people say hi and then tab complete that to my nick16:18
highvoltageit happens about twice a week with me16:19
nigelbbtw, hows canada treating you?16:19
highvoltagenigelb: good thanks! I'm moving to a new apartment tomorrow16:20
senseA nephew of my grandfather (whose name is Sense as well) is living in Canada and his name is Sense as well. But he's named Stan there to prevent confusion.16:20
highvoltagenigelb: we are the knights who say ni<tab>!16:20
senseI think I am the sixth Sense of the family, actually.16:20
nigelbhighvoltage: hah :)16:20
nigelbsense: now, thats a goog number16:21
highvoltagesense: heh, I love it when you say that :) (sixth sense)16:21
nigelbhighvoltage: heat getting to ya?16:21
highvoltagenigelb: it's been a lot better the last 2 days. the new place will have AC at least :)16:21
nigelbwoot :)16:21
nigelbto those of you who know what gulab jamun is, Im digging into 2 of them right now.. yummm16:23
popeyi love sticky indian sweets16:23
nigelbits sweet and still warm - very tasty16:24
highvoltagethat sounds disgusting :)16:24
nigelbnot really16:24
nigelbits like, the carmel and something thats fried dropped into it16:25
nigelbthats the closest I can describe it16:25
dholbachDay 4 of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloper Week starts in 23 minutes in #ubuntu-classroomDay 4 of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloper Week starts in 23 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom16:37
jonokim0, all set16:46
kim0jono: Yep16:46
jonokim0, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SpecSpec16:57
* jcastro eats17:09
jcastrodiet fail ... aka Wendy's Spicy Chicken17:10
popeyyeah, you're married now, no more effort needed ;)17:13
dpmok, time to call it a day, have a nice rest of the day everyone, and see you tomorrow!17:23
nhandlerBye dpm17:23
jcastrojono: events that want to request canonical sponsorship should contact ....?17:54
nigelbyou know he's going to say "why dont you deal with it" :D17:56
jonojcastro, it's not really clear, I always bump it to marketing17:57
jonojcastro, you take it and bump it there17:57
jcastrough, kill me17:57
jcastroAndre_Gondim: can you mail me the info?17:57
Andre_Gondimjcastro, yeah ;)17:57
nigelbjcastro: "I told you so"17:57
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day17:58
jcastroIt seem's that I've been made to suffer, it's my lot in life </c3po>17:58
jcastrobye daniel!17:58
dholbachhave a great day17:58
dholbachsee you17:58
* dholbach hugs you all17:58
nigelbjcastro: hahaha17:58
* jcastro blogged about web apps over lunch.17:59
paultagjcastro: woo!17:59
paultagjcastro: what kind?17:59
* nigelb goes to red17:59
nigelbjcastro: might have wanted obfusecate the photos18:00
paultagjcastro: nifty18:00
nigelband/or names18:00
jcastromeh, it doesn't show email addresses18:01
nigelbjcastro: +1 for meebo webapp :)18:02
jcastroI know right!18:02
nigelbjcastro: did you see paultag 's queu code?18:02
nigelb(perhaps we can add it too his queue :p)18:03
paultagoh noes :)18:03
* czajkowski is gonna make a chicken korma this evening 18:04
czajkowskiand eat a bucket of mango chutney with it18:04
nigelbwow wow18:05
nigelbmango chutney <318:05
jonoczajkowski, Michelle is onto the Israeli trademarks thing18:14
czajkowskijono: you my dear rock18:14
czajkowskiThank you18:14
paultagjono: you rock, thanks!18:14
jonono worries :-)18:14
jcastrojono: I think today you will have a double menu turning off surprise18:19
jcastrowow that made no sense18:20
senseyes it did18:20
jcastro- Initial release of the scrub bar18:20
jcastro^^ that should make indicator-sound more interesting!18:20
sensejcastro: when will the Rhythmbox notification area icon go?18:20
jcastrosense: I was thinking after one or two more releases of the sound indicator18:21
jcastro2 weeks perhaps?18:21
senseThat's pretty soon. Before the third alpha, right?18:21
senseand do you happen to know how far Banshee is? When I last checked the plugin wasn't in BCE main, but still in a separate branch.18:22
jcastroI haven't seen bertrand around, I know he was working on it, I'll ping him next time I see him18:22
jcastrobanshee's netbook mode doesn't work with the global menu either.18:23
jonojcastro, cool, but I already have it switched off :-)18:23
jcastrojono: that was more of a semi-laid back status report while I wait for the other bits18:24
jcastro"oh well I don't have anything for him now, let me spam with cosmetic fixes"18:25
* nhandler is still waiting for banshee to gain ipod touch support18:35
* highvoltage is still waiting for apple to release an iPhone shuffle18:38
senseBP admits there was a lobby to release al-Megrahi. Just when you thought their PR couldn't get any worse...18:48
jcastronhandler: it should be ready soon (the libgpod banshee stuff)18:52
jcastronhandler: ok, I ended up not linking the top split window, how do I shut that off without losing my other windows?18:53
jcastronice job on your session vish18:59
vishjcastro: :)19:01
nigelbvish: see, I told you its possible :D19:02
vishmeh ;p19:03
nigelbjcastro: took me a fair bit of trouble to get him :D19:03
czajkowskioh dear I think I ate too much19:06
jonoczajkowski, http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/07/15/rocking-the-loco-council/19:07
paultagthanks jono :)19:07
vishAlanBell: czajkowski: what do you think of http://people.ubuntu.com/~vish/LoCo-directory.png , for the LoCo directory?19:26
czajkowskivish: that is sooo cute19:26
czajkowskilove it19:26
czajkowskisums up LoCo and directory very simply and clearly19:27
paultagthat's cute19:27
paultagvish: love it19:27
sensevish: nice icon!19:28
nigelbnhandler: araound?19:29
vishsense:  noticed that the loco-directory logo needed an update .. :)19:31
czajkowskithat's really cute19:32
nhandlerjcastro: That is awesome (re banshee and libgpod). I thought I was subscribed to all the relevent bugs, but I haven't seen any emails recently. As for the top split window, I think you can use the /window hide command19:45
jcastronhandler: I think next week we'll try it in maverick, ping me next week19:46
* vish grumbles , he doesnt have a bashee t-shirt like jcastro ;p19:46
jcastroI need to catch up with didrocks on it19:46
nhandlerjcastro: Sure thing. I would love to see that working.19:46
jcastro-!- Irssi: You can't hide sticky windows (use /WINDOW STICK OFF)19:46
jcastroeven though the window is not sticky19:47
nhandlerjcastro: Type '/window' inside the top window19:51
nhandlerIt will tell you if anything is stuck in it19:51
senseI'm off, bye everyone!20:05
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vishAlanBell: czajkowski: paultag: http://people.ubuntu.com/~vish/LoCo-Directory.tar.lzma , i'v split the icon into the respective sizes required. , not sure whom to send it to though :)21:40
paultagvish: you rock. Is it tango std?21:40
paultagvish: I'd try and get it upstream :)21:41
vishpaultag: upstream?  this is for Ubuntu-loco directory logo.. > https://edge.launchpad.net/loco-directory21:42
paultagvish: yes, but it would be nice to have for the ubuntu tango icon set21:42
vishpaultag: btw, I'v done icons for gnome upstream too :)21:42
paultagvish: it's a really outstanding job21:42
paultagvish: ahhhhh, that explains it21:43
paultagvish: glad to have you helping :)21:43
vishpaultag: oh we have a ubuntu tango set! or are you referring to Humanity ion theme?21:43
paultagvish: second, let me research21:43
paultagvish: I thought we did21:43
vishnp thanks :)21:43
vishicon* theme21:43
paultagvish: https://launchpad.net/tango-icon-theme-common21:44
paultagvish: oh christ21:44
vishpaultag: hmm , right , those wont be included there , that is meant for install21:45
paultaglast modified: 2005-12-31 18:59:08 EST  237 weeks ago21:45
paultagvish: well that's what I was thinking ;)21:45
paultagvish: might be useful to have it local for docs etc21:45
paultagvish: but for now, email it to dholbach or mhall21:45
vishpaultag: sure! thanks :)21:46
paultagvish: or wait, I have a better idea21:46
paultagvish: sec21:46
jorge_my linode is on the fritz, so I'll be like this if you need me21:46
jorge_jcastro, you are amazing!21:46
vishlol! imposter!21:46
paultagvish: mail  loco-directory-dev@lists.launchpad.net21:47
paultagvish: :)21:47
vishpaultag: sweet , thanks!21:47
paultagvish: sure thing! Thank you! the icon came out great21:47
paultagjorge_: I should start calling you jorge, but with the spanish accent on it21:48
vishhehe , i think that pisses him off ;p21:48
paultagsure does >:D21:48
* jorge_ calls paultag a michigander21:51
paultagOh lawwwwdy21:52
paultagthis is how fights start21:52
jorge_Did you hear that the Ohio State University library burned to the ground? All five books in the library were completely destroyed and the football team is really upset by the fire; they hadn’t colored in two of the books yet.21:53
czajkowskivish: that is soo cool21:53
paultagjorge_: thanks a lot. I'm in the middle of a starbucks and I made the worst chortle then quiet giggle to myself and everyone is looking at me21:53
paultagnever heard that one before :)21:54
jorge_ok, EOD for me.21:54
paultagctrl + d21:54
jorge_cheers everyone21:54
paultagget outa here!21:54
czajkowskijorge_: nn21:54
* jorge_ goes off to the zoo21:55
jorge_and by zoo I mean zoological park, not Ohio.21:55
czajkowskijono: is there someone looking after trademark issues now? or is there a back log of stuff to be looked at, AlanBell logged an issue back in May21:57
AlanBellspecifically this one -> http://www.thsl.org.uk/21:58
jonoczajkowski, Michelle should be on this21:58
jonoI will check in with her next week21:58
czajkowskijono: thank you , as if you look at the stuff it's a complete rip off of Ubuntu logos21:59
jonook thanks22:00
paultagjorge_: http://www.thsl.org.uk/images/logo.jpg <-- we're teaching schools now, I guess22:00
paultagnot you jorge_22:01
paultagyou jono ^ :)22:01
AlanBellpaultag: jono will delegate the teaching to jorge_22:03
paultagAlanBell: :)22:03
paultagAlanBell: as a rule of thumb, one should always delegate tawsks to jorge_22:03
paultagtasks *22:03
paultagOK. I'm afk, time to drive home22:04
doctormoHmm, does anyone know why #ubuntu-motu is empty?22:04
nhandlerdoctormo: It isn't22:06
nhandlerThere are 220 people in there22:06
doctormonhandler: my irc says no one is in there,.22:08
nhandlerdoctormo: what client?22:08
doctormonhandler: Empathy 2.30.222:08
nhandlerWell, that is more than likely the problem ;)22:08
nhandlerdoctormo: Try /who #ubuntu-motu22:09
nhandler(if it lets you)22:09
doctormonhandler: heh, well I'm dog fooding out default irc client so I can tirade about it at UDS.22:09
doctormoit won't let me do who, it's not a valid command.22:09
nhandlerdoctormo: And it doesn't have a /quote or /raw command to send raw commands to the server?22:10
doctormonhandler: Nope22:12
doctormoboth just failed22:12
doctormoI think if we could get every ubuntu member and motu member to use empathy for their irc client, we'd very quickly have a whole pile of fixes.22:12
nhandlerdoctormo: I would, but I sort of need an IRC client that works. irssi is the only client for me22:13
doctormonhandler: See, see!22:13
czajkowskinhandler: doctormo that happens from time to time on freenode with a split22:13
czajkowskihappened me a while back in ubuntu women22:14
czajkowskiwas very odd22:14
doctormoczajkowski: Well everyone is talking to me, just can't see them in the list.22:14
nhandlerczajkowski: That was what I was thinking, but I would think it would have resolved itself in his client. The last split I see in my logs was 6 hours ago22:14
czajkowskinhandler: aye but there may have been a smaller one22:15
czajkowskiwhich is odd22:15
czajkowskinhandler: glad to see you've your connection fixed, you were being sworn at blindly yesterday22:15
nhandlerczajkowski: I told them they should have forwarded me to ##fix_your_connection (at least in the less active channels)22:16
czajkowskiit did in the end22:16

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