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robert_ancellRAOF, does our X server/Xlib support IPv6?02:25
robert_ancellDISPLAY=::1:2 gcalctool does not seem to work02:26
RAOFWe don't explicitly enable IPv6; I'm not sure if it's enabled by default.02:34
RAOFrobert_ancell: I don't think our X server does support IPv6, although it's surprisingly hard to find where the damn thing is set.02:51
Sarvatt(it's enabled)02:52
RAOFSilly me for looking at configure options :)02:53
robert_ancellSo how do you set the DISPLAY variable?02:56
RAOFThat looks like it should be right.02:59
RAOFAlthough it's possible it's mis-parsing the ‘:’ in there as the separator.03:00
Sarvattx is run with -nolisten tcp which is stopping you from using tcp addresses in the display env variable I believe03:03
robert_ancellSarvatt, I'm running Xephyr :2, which works with DISPLAY=localhost:2.  RAOF, that was my guess too, I was wondering if there's an alternative notation or something.03:05
Sarvatttry DISPLAY=ip6-localhost:203:05
kenvandinehey guys03:06
kenvandinesomeone finally using ipv6 :)03:06
robert_ancellkenvandine, :)03:07
Sarvattrobert_ancell: DISPLAY=ip6-loopback:2 xeyes works fine for me03:08
SarvattDISPLAY=ip6-localhost:2 xeyes too03:09
Sarvattyep gcalctool is fine, just use the names in /etc/hosts03:10
robert_ancellSarvatt, wireshark shows it going over ipv403:10
robert_ancellsneaky xlib...03:14
pittiGood morning05:34
TheMusoHey pitti.05:35
kenvandinegood morning pitti06:01
didrocksgood morning07:08
TheMusoHey didrocks.07:09
robert_ancellpitti, why do we have an xterm session?07:38
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robert_ancelldidrocks, are the session comments displayed in the login screen settings required for anything?  I'm renaming the sessions and I'd like to remove the comments to make the combo box smaller and more readable07:48
pittirobert_ancell: hysterical raisins mainly, I guess07:48
robert_ancellpitti, I'm going to rename it to "Recovery Console" ok?07:49
pittiand we recently added ~/.xsessionrc as well, upon common request07:49
robert_ancellpitti, that one sounds really techy, not sure what to rename it to07:49
pittibut it would be great if we could only show ~/.xsessionrc if that file actually exists..07:49
didrocksrobert_ancell: not required, I think you can remove them if the session name is still meaningful by itself07:49
pitti"User-defined session" perhaps?07:49
robert_ancellsee bug 59933607:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 599336 in gnome-session (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "[Maverick] "Gnome" & "Failsafe Gnome" need to be renamed in GDM Sessions dialogue (affects: 1) (heat: 16)" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59933607:49
robert_ancelldidrocks, thanks, will do07:50
pittirobert_ancell: recovery console sounds fine to me07:50
robert_ancellpitti, are you pending gnome-session changes ready to be released?07:55
didrocksmvo: hey, what's the COL_YPAD column? it's quite against my refactoring I want to do for the add_view() support as I just wanted to replace COL_CHANNEL by COL_DATA07:58
pittirobert_ancell: you mean "are you" -> "you have"? no07:59
mvodidrocks: it needs to go08:03
mvodidrocks: if it was commtied it was a mistake, the spec calls for a space around certain elements08:04
mvodidrocks: but the treeview does not support this at all afaics08:04
didrocksmvo: ok, I can just keep it in a additional column right now08:04
didrocksmvo: I'm still unsure if channels should be view or not. Not making them view will help a lot in fact, thinking about it08:05
didrocksit's really unclear in my head right now :/08:05
robert_ancellpitti, (back from phonecall) there are UNRELEASED changes in bzr: debian/control.in: Replace strict dependency to gnome-panel with a08:06
robert_ancell     Recommends to gnome-panel | unity08:06
pittirobert_ancell: right, they didn't seem urgent enough to warrant an upload08:06
glatzormorning mvom pitti08:10
pittihey glatzor, how are you?08:10
* pitti hugs mvo, too08:10
mvohey glatzor08:12
* mvo hugs glatzor08:13
mvoglatzor: I'm good, how are you?08:13
glatzorpitti: my daily work is quite tough currently. but this situtation will perhaps never change :)08:13
pittiglatzor: what are you doing these days?08:14
glatzormvo, surviving :) but I am ok!08:14
* mvo double hugs glatzor08:14
glatzorpitti, I am the second lead of a mobile nursing service08:14
* glatzor gets a warm and fuzyy feeling in his stomach08:15
pittiglatzor: wow, that sounds demanding indeed. good luck!08:15
* bryce2 waves to glatzor08:16
glatzorhello bryce2!!!08:16
and471mvo, hi, I have just pushed another change to the dialogs branch, it improves the showimagedialog (for screenshots)08:35
mvoand471: nice, thanks, I have a look now08:36
and471mvo, I have just used a gtk.Spinner instead of our custom spinner, and also decreased clutter by removing the dialog separator and the viewport shadow08:36
mvoand471: nice, nice08:41
and471mvo, I keep getting this cryptic error message with trunk http://pastebin.com/y2b5S5Be08:46
and471mvo, and the file that it specifies in the error message keeps changin08:46
mvoand471: oh, sorry, I fix that08:47
and471ie. app.py, aptcache.py, Simplegtkbuilder.py...08:47
and471mvo, no problem08:47
and471mvo, any idea when you can merge the dialogs branch?08:47
mvoand471: yes, this morning :)08:48
mvoand471: I just finish a pending task in buy-something, ,then I merge it08:49
and471mvo, ah thankyou :)08:50
mvowell, thank *you* for the work on this!08:50
mvodidrocks: COL_YPAD is gone again09:16
mvoand471: and the error you saw as well09:16
didrocksmvo: great, I'll remerge. I'm trying to work on the dedicated OneConf view first as I still have no clue if we should integrate or not channels views in the viewmanager or refactor that. If we can discuss this at the rally, it will be great09:17
didrocksthanks :)09:17
mvoand471: can we make the gtk spinner a bit smaller in the big dialog? its looking not so great when its too big IMO09:23
mvoand471: and in the branch I have logindialog.py disappear entirely, is that a mistake? view/logindialog.py gets deleted in the merge09:25
and471mvo, okay, the login dialog thing is a mistake, I shall fix that09:28
mvoand471: thanks!09:28
and471mvo, I can try to make the spinner smaller09:28
mvoand471: and yet more thanks :)09:29
and471mvo, no problem :)09:29
mvoand471: my final whishlist item is that the removal dialog is opened with center_on_parent :)09:29
and471mvo, the gtk.Spinner is sooo useful, I wonder why it wasn't included earlier!09:29
and471mvo, I think I can grant that...09:30
mvoheh :)09:30
mvoand471: spinner> absolutely, its such a nice little widget09:30
and471mvo, I replaced about 50 lines of code, with one gtk.Spinner09:30
and471mvo, what size do we want it?09:35
and471(the spinner)09:35
mvonot sure, maybe something in the range of 64x64 ?09:35
mvoand471: I think best is to play with it a bit, but if it spawns a full window it looks funny IMO09:36
and471mvo, mpt, take your pick ↓09:40
* mvo leaves that to mpt09:40
and471mpt, (for the screenshot dialog)09:41
mpt"Activating the screenshot (by clicking it, or pressing Enter when it is focused) should open it in your preferred image viewer."09:41
mptDoes the average image viewer know how to show progress for screenshots that take a long time to open from an http: source?09:42
and471mpt, IIRC mvo said that using the preferred image viewer (i.e. Eye of Gnome) was too slow and also there isn't a way of showing progress, or easy fallback if the image can't be found09:42
and471mpt, in answer to your question, I don't think so09:45
mptmvo, how about showing download progress in the main USC window, *then* opening the downloaded image in your preferred image viewer?09:46
* mpt discovers that eog will happily open http: resources from the terminal, but not from the Open dialog09:46
mptand471, how do you know what size the window should be before the image has loaded?09:47
mvompt: eog http://imagebin.ca/img/WcpkID.png take ~3-4 seconds for me, 2s before any UI is shown09:47
mvompt: and no progress afaics09:47
and471mpt, yes I think there is a specific image size RANGE that screenshots.debian.net will accept09:48
and471mpt, so we would know the maximum and minimum image size09:48
mvompt: then I would rather prefer to download and then launch eog on the local file09:48
mptokie dokie09:48
and471mpt, I am just worried that some people might have say GIMP as their default program for PNG files, and then that would take FOREVER :)09:48
mptand471, can you draw a filling pie?09:48
and471mpt, sorry, what is a filling pie?09:49
rickspencer3seb128, good morning09:49
mptand471, a disc that fills up by percentage09:49
mvothere are benefits of opening a dialog and not a external app like we contol where the window opens, for external apps we are at the mercy of the window manager09:50
and471mpt, you mean like the new firefox 4 process indicators?09:50
mptand471, like this but without the numbers: http://www.freewebs.com/lifedealrock/countdown.gif09:50
and471mpt, sure, but it would mean that we have another custom icon to ship, not using the user's gtk icon theme :-/09:51
seb128rickspencer3, hey09:51
seb128rickspencer3, how are you? got your internet working correctly?09:51
rickspencer3seb128, for the time being!09:51
rickspencer3seb128, how was your holiday?09:52
seb128rickspencer3, excellent, thank you!09:52
pittihey rickspencer309:52
rickspencer3hi pitti09:52
* pitti hugs seb12809:52
mvohey seb128, welcome back09:52
* seb128 hugs pitti09:52
mptand471, no, I meant, actually draw it, using theme colors09:52
seb128hey mvo09:52
and471mpt, ah09:53
rickspencer3seb128, did you doing and storming of large secure buildings yesterday?09:53
and471mpt, where would it need to be drawn on? and would it need to be animated?09:53
mvompt: you mean instead of the spinner showing a circle? that is a interessting idea09:53
rickspencer3I assume that's how you celebrate09:53
rickspencer3oops, people trying to actually work ;)09:53
seb128rickspencer3, lol, not really ;-)09:54
mptand471, centered on the thumbnail, showing how much of the full screenshot has downloaded09:54
seb128rickspencer3, we usually do fireworks nowadays, nicer09:54
mvofreeing prisoners is part of the fun as well, no?09:54
and471mpt, so you would have on top of the small thumbnail the circle, and it would fill up?09:54
mptand471, yes. Then when it's finished, switch to a spinner for a few seconds to indicate that the image viewer is launching.09:55
and471mpt, it would certainly be possible, however I don't really have the gtk hacking knowledge to do it09:56
and471mvo, who did the appdetailsview gtk?09:56
mptand471, Matthew McGowan09:56
and471mpt, you would have to ask him them :)09:57
mvoand471: nzmm on irc (if he is online, he is in .nz so quite a bit of a time offset)09:57
mptand471, in the meantime, can you work out how to center the spinner inside the thumbnail?09:57
and471mpt, that is the trouble, since the appdetailsview was switched from webkit to gtk, I don't really have any expertise in it anymore09:58
and471mpt, it is a bit beyond me :)09:58
didrockshey rickspencer309:59
rickspencer3hi didrocks09:59
rickspencer3welcome back!09:59
didrocksthanks :)09:59
and471mpt, actually wait, looking at the code, I may be able to do something...10:00
and471mpt, gimme a few mins10:00
kiwinotemvo: fyi cold start 13.5s in trunk to 8.8s in my branch, warm start from 2.8s in trunk to 1.2s in my branch (keeping in mind that the cold start times are after the fs cache is cleared, so a bit longer than a true cold start)10:02
mvokiwinote: nice, I look at this branch next I think10:07
kiwinotehehe, the aim is a warm start within the second.. ;)10:19
and471kiwinote, can I try out the branch?10:19
kiwinotesure, let me know if I broke anything I don't know about ;)10:19
kiwinoteand I'd be interested in the timings as well..10:19
and471hehe nice branch name :D10:19
mptmvo, didrocks: djsiegel and michaelforrest pointed out to me yesterday that the OneConf stuff and the reinstall-previous-purchases stuff overlaps confusingly -- not in implementation, but in how users will think of it10:21
mptWe need to figure out a way to make them more unified10:21
and471mvo, okay I have the spinner to 64x64 and pushed the other fixes. We shall use the imagedialog.py in the mean time, with the hope of using the filling pie in the future10:22
mptand471, sorry for not giving you a straight answer, but your answers to my questions will help us make it more excellent in the future I think10:22
didrocksmpt: is there some spec about the reinstall-previous-purchases stuff somewhere?10:22
mvompt: ok, lets do that at the sprint, just getting the features all implmented is a challenge already10:22
mptdidrocks, will you be at the sprint?10:23
didrocksmpt: yes10:23
and471mpt, thats no problem, I agree that your idea is much better than we have at the moment and I understand your frustration10:23
and471*than what we have10:23
and471kiwinote, http://pastebin.com/pcp8UXNM10:24
kiwinoteand471, thanks!, will fix10:25
kiwinoteand471, can't reproduce here, but I've pushed something that should fix it, can you test it please?10:28
vishmvo: hi , MScorefonts package is found in graphics and also in the fonts section [the graphics one says the catalogue needs updating , while the fonts one shows description], seems like there are two different packages for mscorefonts , how is that?10:29
vishor is SC just confused there?10:29
and471kiwinote, okay it fixed something but now something else broke http://pastebin.com/7shVKjvB :)10:29
vishor and471 even ^ ;)10:30
kiwinoteand471, thanks for that too, though it doesn't look nice, so it may take a bit longer ;)10:30
and471kiwinote, no problem10:30
and471vish, that is weird...10:32
and471vish, the one in fonts is the actual package, I think the one in graphics is from a .desktop file10:33
vishand471: bad .desktop?  why is it categoriezed in graphics when there is a fonts section.. o.010:33
mvovish: most likely stale meta-data, sorry for that10:34
mvovish: let me check10:34
vishmvo: oh , cool. thanks. there was a bug regarding that so was wondering how .10:34
and471mvo, yeah checkout  /usr/share/app-install/desktop/mscorefonts.desktop10:35
mvovish: what is the bug number?10:35
mvoand471: yeah, we no longer need that10:35
vishmvo: Bug 60549510:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 605495 in hundredpapercuts "Incorrect category: Microsoft Core fonts shouldn't be in graphism but in fonts. (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60549510:35
mvovish: thanks a lot, I'm fixing this now (in bzr)10:35
vishmvo: awesome thanks!10:35
and471vish, the reaosn was the .desktop file was in the graphics category, and it referenced the wrong package (hence the catalogue needs updating thing10:36
and471kiwinote, incase it helps, when I get that error, the two featured apps shown in the featured section on the main page have their name's set as 'none' but if I click on one of the little squres to move forwrad/backward in the featured slider, and then go back, they have proper names (i.e. Arista Audacity)10:45
* and471 hopes that makes sense...10:45
vishand471: seen Bug #599535 ? not sure why it is a SC bug though10:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 599535 in software-center (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Audacity doesn't have an icon in Software Center (affects: 1) (heat: 238)" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59953510:47
and471vish, does it have an icon in the details view?10:48
vishand471: nope ,10:48
vishthere seem to be quite a few missing icons in SC..10:49
kiwinoteand471, vish: yes that is a sc bug10:49
vishkiwinote: ah , a known bug? so its a dup then?10:50
kiwinotevish, no I don't think it is a dup, but it extends to more packages than just audacity10:50
vish yeah , i'v seen others too10:51
kiwinoteand471, I've been trying a few things, but can't reproduce it. Are you able to find out if it is just one/two packages that give that error, or if it is for all featured packages?10:53
and471kiwinote, I shall do a screencast to make it easier for you to see10:53
kiwinoteand471, I understand what is happening, just not why..10:54
kiwinoteand471, before line 758 of catview_gtk.py can you add "print app.pkgname" and then look in the terminal to see which pkgnames give the error?10:55
and471kiwinote, there are two featured that are permanently set as Not found10:55
and471kiwinote, sure10:55
kiwinoteand471, the not found packages are instances featured apps which don't exist, but sc grabs the featured file of the installed sc, rather than the featured file of the local copy of sc10:56
kiwinoteand471, so the not-found stuff should be solved when people use released code10:57
seb128pitti, do you have any comment about bug #584812?10:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 584812 in bluez (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "[Maverick] bluez init script should try to load uinput kernel module (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58481210:57
seb128pitti, the bug got assigned to our team but I'm not sure who would have an opinion on that out of you10:58
and471kiwinote, the print app.pkgname seems to be changing every time I run it10:58
and471kiwinote, it is just the first one that SC loads10:59
and471kiwinote, so to answer "to see which pkgnames give the error" I would say all of themm whichever is the first one SC loads11:00
kiwinoteand471, ok thanks, can you pastebin the whole terminal output, just to see if there is anything else?11:01
and471kiwinote, ok11:02
and471kiwinote, http://pastebin.com/jqirBjnx (I took out the themes hints messages)11:04
and471kiwinote, and then after that output, the terminal prints the appnames as normal11:04
and471^ http://pastebin.com/9WmAeXpd11:05
kiwinoteand471, thanks a lot, I'll go and have some lunch and see if I come up with a reason as to why that is happening..11:05
and471kiwinote, cool, don't worry there is no rush11:05
kiwinoteand471, indeed, I'm just intrigued ;)11:06
rodrigo_seb128, any plan to upgrade rhythmbox to the unstable version for maverick?11:07
seb128rodrigo_, rhythmbox has no unstable versions11:08
rodrigo_seb128, well, the one in git, I mean11:08
seb128rodrigo_, the git snapshot we have is fairly recent, what commit do you need?11:08
seb128rodrigo_, there is some 15 commits since the one we have11:08
rodrigo_seb128, on the contrary, I don't want the latest changes that move it to use introspection11:09
rodrigo_seb128, that would break the u1 music store plugin11:09
rodrigo_seb128, so, if you upgrade, let me know, please11:09
seb128rodrigo_, ^ what introspection?11:09
rodrigo_seb128, ah, it's on a branch -> http://git.gnome.org/browse/rhythmbox/log/?h=gobject-introspection11:10
seb128oh, ok, so no we don't plan to update to a non trunk version11:11
rodrigo_seb128, but do you know if that would get merged soon to trunk?11:11
seb128I'm not sure11:11
rodrigo_seb128, when it does and you are going to package it, please let me know11:11
seb128I will make sure to check with you before updating11:11
rodrigo_ok, thanks11:11
seb128do you think you could update your code to use the new gobject introspection?11:12
seb128we are not clear yet on what are our plans for that this cycle but we have a pygobject which supports it11:12
seb128we didn't take the new gobject introspection and the abi changes though11:12
rodrigo_seb128, yes, shouldn't be hard, the u1 plugin is small11:13
rodrigo_seb128, we just want to make sure we don't have a broken version11:13
seb128rodrigo_, ok, will check with you before doing any change11:13
seb128rodrigo_, thanks for the notice11:13
rodrigo_ok cool11:14
and471mpt, is the icon in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=review-submit.jpg mean to be indented so much?11:14
mptand471, yes, the right edge of the icon is aligned with the right edges of the form labels11:15
and471mpt, ah yes I see now11:15
kiwinoteand471, I've worked out how to reproduce that issue: if the window size is small enough not to display the featured view then you don't get the error (even after scrolling down), elsewise you do11:17
vishmpt: file browsers , Nautilus and Thunar , should be in which category?  Nautilus is in system and Thunar is in Accessories..11:17
kiwinoteand471, will dbg and fix later, thanks!11:17
and471kiwinote, looking forward to it11:17
mptvish, I don't have a good answer to that -- ideally neither of those two categories would exist. We've been working on user testing to produce more thorough categories, but getting it finished has always been a low priority unfortunately.11:18
vishmpt: cool ,thanks. there is a ttfm filebrowser which got wrongly categorized in fonts, so was wondering where it should go11:19
mptvish, that was my fault. I said "if a package starts with 'ttf', put it in Fonts", and ttfm got caught up. It would be a relatively simple fix for someone to change the Fonts category so that instead it contains only the packages that have "Section: fonts".11:20
* vish looks at and471 :D11:21
* and471 trys to avoid vish's gaze11:22
* vish adds comment to bug..11:24
and471see you guys in a few hours11:31
pittiseb128: (will look later, I'm currently in the "pitti broke everything" mess)11:55
seb128pitti, I noticed, no hurry, thanks ;-)11:55
* seb128 hugs pitti11:56
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kiwinotevish, mpt: changing from ttf* + otf* to section=fonts goes from 201 results to 73 results, which doesn't seem like something we want to do..12:58
seb128rodrigo_, dobey: did anybody every figure what was wrong with the default keyring names in ubuntuone?12:59
seb128I just a review from lucid which said ubuntuone can't be used in french without renaming the keyring on a command line12:59
seb128didrocks, ^ did you ever noticed that issue?13:02
seb128I know I've read some bugs about the gnome keyring being named "défaut" with ubuntuone13:02
seb128and something doesn't like the non ascii char in the name13:02
didrocksseb128: never got this issue, but I have only ascii char in my name :)13:02
didrocksoh défaut13:02
pittithere, new pkgbinarymangler published13:03
kiwinotevish: the missing icons bug is caused by app-install-data not providing some of the icons that it refers to. I'll look into this at a later stage, but feel free to leave the sc task open13:03
didrocksI even recently resetup one from scratch and no issue for me13:03
vishkiwinote: neat!13:04
seb128didrocks, you maybe started some other keyring softwares before13:04
seb128ie empathy13:04
seb128didrocks, I think it happens only when ubuntuone is the first gnome-keyring client you run13:04
kiwinoteand471, now you're around, I fixed your bug.., hopefully ;)13:05
didrocksseb128: you know I most of the time doesn't start empathy, but as I start ssh/gpg integration, I could have avoid this bug13:05
seb128didrocks, ok; that was in case you had echos about it13:05
seb128didrocks, you are often with french community people at confs, etc13:05
seb128didrocks, I will check, thanks13:05
didrocksseb128: nothing, even in the French forum and at confs13:05
pittiseb128: bug 584812 updated; WDYT?13:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 584812 in linux (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 4 other projects) "[Maverick] uinput kernel module is not loaded automatically (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58481213:26
seb128pitti, thanks for the comment and reassigning, what you wrote makes sense to me as well13:28
mptkiwinote, perhaps someone could organize a drive to get all those packages moved to the right Section13:28
mptkiwinote, meanwhile, the other way to fix it is to fix xapian so that it allows searches for "ttf-*" rather than just "ttf*"13:28
seb128vuntz, hey13:40
seb128vuntz, could you review the patch on https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=513347?13:40
ubot2Gnome bug 513347 in window list "gnome panel freeze when opening more than 7 windows on a right panel." [Normal,New]13:40
seb128vuntz, debian is using it now and I'm pondering syncing it to ubuntu13:40
* kenvandine is happy to see new vala and telepathy-glib with vala bindings land :)13:59
* kenvandine just wished the indicator was working for me in vala14:00
kenvandinedebugging... it creates an indicator when a new message comes in, and destroys it immediately14:00
seb128getting close it seems ;-)14:01
kenvandinei have the approver and observer for tp14:01
kenvandinenot calling the handler yet14:01
kenvandineand busted indicator :)14:01
cassidyin which lg are you coding atm? C ?14:03
cassidyoh you're already using tp-glib's vala API ?14:04
kenvandinecassidy, i think the approver and observer is working fine from vala... so yay!14:04
kenvandinecassidy, yup :)14:04
cassidyawesome :)14:04
cassidyis the code available ?14:05
kenvandinein a junk repo14:06
* kenvandine needs to push14:06
kenvandinecassidy, i haven't gotten the contact lookup stuff working14:06
kenvandinebut found crashes coming from calling the indicator14:07
kenvandinecassidy, i'll get it pushed to a proper project today14:07
kenvandinethx for getting those bindings :)14:07
cassidykenvandine, I'm not the one to thanks, I never wrote a single line of Vala :p14:08
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vuntzseb128: I think I looked at it once, and it wasn't the right solution -- ie, it was solving this immediate problem, but was making the situation worse to fix the issue for vertical panels in general14:23
seb128vuntz, :-(14:23
seb128vuntz, will anybody ever work on making vertical panels better?14:23
vuntzthere's a patch that is 80% done in a bug14:24
seb128vuntz, can't we get that change in meanwhile to stop gnome-panel hanging for those configs?14:24
vuntzI don't think anybody ever wanted to finish it, though14:24
seb128vuntz, what do you recommend to do then? ;-)14:26
seb128vuntz, just ship the change and don't care? ;-)14:26
seb128vuntz, I'm pondering if we should distro prefix the api added though14:27
vuntzseb128: I can recommend to ping me in, say 3 hours so I take another look :-)14:29
seb128vuntz, ok, will do14:29
seb128vuntz, thanks14:29
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dobeyseb128: i don't recall what it was exactly, but it was a bug in keyring or seahorse i think, causing the filename to get translated14:35
seb128dobey, was?14:36
seb128it's fixed now?14:36
dobeyseb128: or people creating keyrings and naming them something in non-ascii perhaps14:36
dobeyseb128: was as in when i had heard about the issue. i don't know if it's actually fixed or not14:36
seb128no, I got that bug as well in lucid, when ubuntuone creates the keyring it has this issue14:37
dobeyseb128: but there isn't anything we can do in ubuntuone directly, to fix it, really14:37
seb128when empathy or seahorse create it, it doesn't happen14:37
dobeyubuntuone doesn't create keyrings14:37
seb128well it makes a call leading to have one created14:37
seb128it might by a bug in the python bindings for gnome-keyring14:37
dobeythe default keyring called 'login' is created when you first log in14:37
seb128well that one is called "default"14:38
dobeynope, it was renamed to login a long time ago14:38
dobeydefault is the old default14:38
dobeyafaik anyway14:39
seb128well the issue there is than a keyring named "défaut"14:39
seb128is created when starting ubuntuone client and that no keyring is created yet14:40
seb128which is the french translation for "default"14:40
seb128could be a bug in python-gnomekeyring since the C clients don't get that issue14:40
* kenvandine heads out for some final errands before traveling :)14:41
dobeyseb128: does gwibber do the same thing?14:44
seb128dobey, I don't know, I will have to try later on14:45
lamalexdidrocks: Has anyone ever started work on a quickly gui?15:00
didrockslamalex: bryce2 did that a while ago, it was called guickly :)15:00
lamalexo really?15:00
didrocksbut well, all has to be done again, I've created an API to make things easier15:01
didrocksit's currently in trunk15:01
lamalexwill check out15:01
didrockslamalex: do not hesitate to ask on #quickly for any question related :)15:02
lamalexoh snap15:02
bryce2yeah lack of an api kept guickly fairly limited in functionality15:11
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seb128didrocks, https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62446315:39
seb128didrocks, btw15:39
ubot2Gnome bug 624463 in gio "gio assumes kernel support for SOCK_CLOEXEC" [Normal,Unconfirmed]15:39
seb128didrocks, it's the reason for the vala build failure on the buildds it seems15:40
didrocksmvo: ok, I get a first oneconf view for USC. Still some todo still, but at least, I have something with navigation, showing diff for non installed apps and additional ones that can be tested (http://people.canonical.com/~didrocks/oneconf/usc/)15:43
didrocksseb128: looking15:43
didrocksseb128: waow, that means that the issue would have be more obvious if I built from a lucid into a maverick pbuilder15:44
didrocksseb128: thanks a lot for the info :)15:45
seb128didrocks, np15:45
seb128asac, what telepathy-logger did you review?15:53
seb128asac, https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-logger/0.1.3-215:53
asacseb128: hmm. i used apt-get source ;)15:55
seb128asac, it should have a .symbols, I've added it for you, I knew you would ask for it ;-)15:56
seb128asac, or is the issue only that I didn't mention on the bug it's using a .symbols?15:56
* asac must be blind15:56
asacseb128: no ... thats fine. was an oversight apparently. not sure why ;)15:56
asaclet me go and approve15:56
seb128you are used to type that I bet :p15:57
asacseb128: that was already promoted?15:57
seb128asac, yes15:57
seb128asac, it was blocking the empathy update15:57
asacok fix released then15:57
seb128asac, thanks15:58
and471kiwinote, how's the bug coming along?16:08
kiwinoteand471, that bug should be fixed16:08
kiwinotealong with some others..16:08
and471kiwinote, woo16:08
and471hehe, I shall try it now16:08
and471it works! and so fast!16:10
kiwinotegreat to hear that nothings else broke ;)16:11
kiwinotethanks again for the bugs16:11
kiwinotebtw, I saw that some comments have been inserted into the screenshot handling code16:11
and471yeah I just looked at that16:12
and471kiwinote, the trouble is I am just not experienced in the gtk/cairo stuff, I guess it is my weakness16:13
and471so although the comments now make it easier, I still need to learn the related stuff16:14
kiwinoteand471, same here, slowly getting used to it all16:14
and471kiwinote, the speed stuff you have done is really great, I was just comparing your branch to trunk16:15
and471kiwinote, and there is almost no lag when loading the views on demand either16:15
and471great job!16:15
and471mvo, is there anything else I need to cleanup in my dialogs branch?16:15
mvoand471: ups, sorry. i missed that it got updated16:16
and471mvo, no problem16:17
and471mvo, I started a bit of work on the reviewing dialog :)16:17
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and471mpt: how is this? http://imagebin.ca/img/27Db_vvQ.png (minus the reviewing widget)16:47
mptand471, very good16:49
mptand471, it's hard to tell when you're using such a small font, but "Be brief and informative" etc is a caption, so it should use a smaller font than normal16:50
and471mpt, yeah that is something I wanted to ask about, should the other labels be larger, or the caption smaller, I couldn't quite tell from your drawing16:55
mptand471, all text except for that caption should use the default font size16:55
and471mpt, oh okay, not even the application name?16:56
mptand471, even the application name16:57
and471mpt, ok http://imagebin.ca/img/sN7T3MSh.png - how is the padding, is it correct?16:59
ftahi, could someone please help with http://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=48869 ? (Color artifacts on fancy buttons-in-menus on Ubuntu Maverick only)17:21
ftamost probably related to gtk and/or cairo17:22
seb128fta, did you try downgrading cairo just to see?17:26
ftaseb128, to pre-1.9?17:32
ftahm, i no longer have those debs17:33
ftaseb128, i assume lp no longer have those debs, right?17:39
seb128fta, it should17:40
seb128the librarian keep all versions17:40
ftahttps://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cairo/1.8.10-4ubuntu1 ??17:41
rodrigo_seb128, I added a new subpackage to ubuntuone-client (gir1.0-....), does that need to be sponsored?17:41
seb128rodrigo_, no, it needs to be binary newed17:41
seb128I will do that later I'm about to go for some running before dinner now17:41
rodrigo_seb128, ok, cool thanks17:42
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jcastrodidrocks: banshee-meego not working with appmenu, is it app specific or something to do with the menu?18:24
jcastroit works with the normal desktop mode18:24
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chrisccoulsonis anyone else finding maverick to be quite memory hungry? my laptop is swapping before i've even opened any applications atm18:37
Sarvattchrisccoulson: echo 1 > /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/buffer_size_kb18:53
Sarvattthat free up any memory? almost 500mb here, and the bug is in lucid too18:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 501715 in ureadahead (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 2 other projects) "Kernel trace buffer should be cleared and size restored after profiling (affects: 55) (heat: 303)" [High,Triaged]18:56
chrisccoulsonSarvatt, yeah, that frees up 500mb here too18:58
chrisccoulsonthanks :)18:58
chrisccoulsoni'll try that on my lucid desktop as well18:58
dobeyoh snap19:08
and471mvo, thanks for the merge, I shall try to speak to mmcg069 about the padding19:26
mvoand471: cool, thanks!19:26
and471mvo, about the other branch, I think you can merge the login dialog stuff, but not the stuff I have been doing wiht the review dialog, that is not ready by a long shot19:26
mvook and47119:27
and471mvo, if there are issues with the merge, speak with me tomorrow and I shall sort them out19:27
and471mvo, see ya19:27
mvoand471: ok :)19:29
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* kenvandine waves... gotta run out to meet my daughter's new teacher20:03
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ftagnome-utils claims to be a transitional package, yet it cannot be removed as ubuntu-desktop depends on it21:21
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