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penguin42I'm seeing black screen off a boot of the maverick 2.6.35-7 on a machine just upgraded from Lucid (i7 with Radeon 4350 graphics), if I remove the load_video and set gfxpayload=keep  from the grub text I at least see a panic (related to interrupt mapping) - should removing the load_video and set gfxpayload=keep be safe?01:23
penguin42failsafe is just as broke01:25
penguin42works with nointremap01:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 605614 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "Maverick's grub-pc package (1.98+20100710-1ubuntu1) causes unbootable system (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Undecided,New]02:08
penguin42achiang: It's not just the gfxpayload though, taking those out gets me a panic about interrupt remapping02:09
* penguin42 is just writing a bug report02:10
achiangpenguin42: a stack trace would help02:10
penguin42achiang: Just give me 3 mins to finish the bug report - it includes a lot of detail02:10
achiangheh, ok. /me was just drive-by triaging, i'm actually in the middle of something else.02:11
* penguin42 taps flippers as he waits for launchpad02:13
penguin42ok, what have I missed on bug 60568602:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 605686 in linux (Ubuntu) "[maverick] noioremap needed - Blocked an interrupt request due to source-id verificiation failure (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60568602:14
achiangpenguin42: can you reproduce that with upstream?02:20
penguin42achiang: Havne't tried yet, and I'm about to go to bed (it's 2:20am :-) )   - but will upstream be much different from a maverick 2.6.35 ?02:21
achiangpenguin42: not that much different, but i was going to suggest a bisect. the kernel shouldn't be panicing like that02:21
penguin42achiang: Well, a bit of googling suggests it could always be broken bios data structures - although I thought this was a pretty popular mbd02:22
achiangpenguin42: are you running some unreleased bios?02:23
achiangthe stuff in your DMI table looks a little funky02:23
achiangdmi.chassis.vendor: To Be Filled By O.E.M.02:23
penguin42achiang: That's normal ; that's what you get if you buy a motherboard rather than buying a whole machine02:23
achiangpenguin42: i mean, even if your bios is broken, 2.6.32 worked, right? so that means 2.6.35 shouldn't be choking02:24
penguin42yeh except they've turned on a new feature in .35 that wasn't previously used02:24
penguin42see http://old.nabble.com/-PATCH-1-2---Maverick--UBUNTU%3A--Config--Enable-CONFIG_INTR_REMAP%3Dy-to28966711.html#a2897159702:25
achiangright, so maybe the kernel needs a quirk for your bios02:26
penguin42yeh maybe; of course the interesting question is what % of bios actually work!02:26
achiangi'd expect that to work well on any server class machine. on a home machine... not so much02:27
achiangbecause as you've discovered, it needs the bios to be written correctly02:28
penguin42nod; you're hoping that the server ones are better written - that's being optimistic!02:29
achiangin my experience, server BIOSes are written by actual engineers. PC BIOSes seem to be a collection of random bits gathered by Arecibo and shoved into the motherboard02:29
achiangin my past life, i was a kernel developer on server class machines, and had quite a lot of interface with the firmware teams02:30
achiangsuffice to say, when i occasionally talked to the laptop guys, i didn't get the same level of confidence from their bios guys02:31
achiangpenguin42: anyhow, if you have the time to do a bisect, i think that'd be great. otherwise, your bug report looks fine02:32
penguin42achiang: I'm fairly sure it's the intremap - it was turned on 23rd June according to that series of posts02:32
achiangpenguin42: right, i mean to say, there's probably something wrong in the intremap code; a bisect will help figure out what it is02:33
penguin42that assumes that there is a working version in the remap case though - I'm not sure there is02:34
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jjohansen-afkbe back on later02:35
penguin42right, anyway, it's 2:36am and time for bed, I can look forward to figuring out all the other alpha fun tomorrow02:36
penguin42oops - just spotted typo in title of that bug - did say noioremap, changed to nointremap02:37
penguin42right, bed02:38
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cooloneysmb: cking_ morning08:49
cooloneysmb: GrueMaster tested security updates for fsl-imx51. boots fine08:49
smbcooloney, Yes, saw his email this morning08:50
smbcooloney, thanks to all guys testing08:50
cooloneysmb: no problem, man08:51
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insiderplease help,  i use Ubuntu 9.10 with splash screen off and when i boot i see this message "udevd [1815] CONFIG_SYSF_DEPRECATED option udev ..." how to fix it?09:24
insiderwithout reinstalling system because it works fine09:25
insiderLinux 2.6.34 #1 SMP Thu Jul 8 19:41:21 EDT 2010 i686 GNU/Linux09:25
apwinsider, those are just warnings arn't they09:30
insideryes but they slow down my booting speed09:30
apwthey indicate your kernel and userspace are out of sync, which they are as you are not running the matched kernel09:30
smbI would think those are. And probably unavoidable with a newer kernel09:30
insiderhow can i disable CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED option?09:31
insiderwould it cause more problems?09:31
apwinsider, you could try that, no idea if it would work not something i've tried09:32
apwhow much time are you losing here, about .5s totoal ?09:32
insiderabout 15 seconds09:32
apwhow many of those messages are you getting printed in totoal ?09:33
apwit would have to be a heck of a lot to account for 15s of boot time09:33
insidermy laptop is Fujitsu V5535 with 2Gb Ram, Intel core 2 Duo 2ghz and boot time is 1.5-2 minutes09:33
apwhow many of those messages are you getting printed in totoal ?09:34
insideri think they appear 2 or 3 times not less then 209:34
apwprinting 3 messages is not adding 15s to your boot09:34
insiderprevious version of Ubuntu 9.10 that i used booted at 45 seconds09:34
apwinsider, so can you pastbin the dmesg of the slower boot09:36
insidercan you explain how to do it or where to find logs?09:36
insideri'm newbie09:36
apwtype 'dmesg > FILE' to collect the data (in a terminal window)09:37
apwand then use pastebinit to send it up to the pastebin09:37
insiderwht is pastebinit?09:40
insideri haven't it installed09:40
insideri've already read09:40
apwpastebinit is a command to send a file to a pastebin and tell you the url to paste in here09:41
apwso that we can see the file contents09:41
smbor use http://pastebin.com/ ?09:41
insiderthanks i'm installing it09:42
apwinsider, there is exactly one of those messages reported by the kernel09:49
apwinsider, i assume this is your own configuration as the dmesg is lacking the normal timestamps which might allow one to find out whether it is taking a long time and which bit09:50
apw[    0.000000] Initializing cgroup subsys cpuset09:50
apwfrom my dmesg ^^09:50
apwwhy are you running a 2.6.34 kernel anyhow?09:52
insideri upgraded it from 2.6.3009:53
insiderhow to configure dmesg to show time?09:54
apwinsider, why are you needing to run a custom kernel at all ?09:58
smb2.6.30 was never a release09:58
smbJaunty: 2.6.2809:58
smbKarmic: 2.6.3109:59
apwwhat userspace are you running all these on, as 2.6.30 was never a release ...09:59
apwheh jinz09:59
smbThat was 2.6.2710:00
apwyou are running a kernel which is newer than lucid on an intrepid userspace ... no wonder its having compatibility issues10:00
apwinsider, is there some reason you cannot just update the whole thing ?10:00
insidernow i'm running karmic10:00
insiderapw: i updated system10:01
insiderapt-get update && apt-get upgrade won't help10:01
apwupgrade-manager ?10:01
insiderdidn't try10:02
insiderapw: where to past it? 10:03
apwpast ?10:03
apwto paste what ?10:04
insiderthis command upgrade-manager or it is not a command i misunderstood you10:05
apwsorry its update-manager ... normally use the menu when i use it10:07
insideronly skype updates)))10:10
apwinsider, what are you trying to do by running these kernels, are you just trying to get later stuff so a full update is acceptable10:10
apwif so you can use update-manager -d which will offer you the later releases as upgrade destinations10:10
apwwithout -d it wil only update your current release10:10
insiderwill try now10:10
apwif you need to keep the older release userspace but want thekernel i would suggest taking the kernels from the later releases directly instrad of making your own10:10
insiderthanks for help going to reboot10:32
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amitkany way to exclude a certain path from a git-diff ? I'm doing 'git diff --dirstat  v2.6.34..' and want to exclude the ubuntu/ directory11:45
ikepanhcwant to know too.... listening11:57
apwamitk, don't know of any way to do that inversion no12:00
apwas file lists can be directories would something like12:02
apwgit diff --dirstat  v2.6.34.. -- `ls -d | grep -v ubuntu`12:02
apwapproximate what you wanted12:02
apwls -1d strictly12:03
apw(thats a one)12:03
apwamitk, ^^12:03
amitkapw: 'grep -v ubuntu' takes away the offending directories from display but not from the end result (% of code in various directories among changes I care about).12:15
apwamitk, not from the result, i am using the directories as file limits so it should onlly report the diff for the directories not ubuntu and same with the overall results12:16
amitkapw: doesn't seem to work. http://paste.ubuntu.com/463985/12:18
apwgit diff --dirstat v2.6.34.. -- `ls -1d * | grep -v ubuntu` 12:20
apwtry that instead12:20
apwamitk, ^^12:21
amitkapw: yeah, that seems more sensible.12:21
apwgit diff --dirstat v2.6.34.. -- `ls -1 | grep -v ubuntu` 12:21
apwor indeed that probabally works too12:21
apwyeah the last is the simplest12:22
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amitkapw: yup, that seems to DTRT12:22
amitktgardner: are we there yet? :) (IGEPv2)14:02
tgardneramitk, not quite. I at least git it to do something different on boot but I don't have the right serial cable. Loic is bringing one to Prague14:04
tgardneramitk, so, what else do we need for omap4 in mainline Maverick other then the config options?14:05
amitktgardner: that itself will enable omap4 + one board based on omap4 (sdp). But Bryan will pull 1-2 patches from the tree slated for 2.6.36 merge to add support for the panda board that ARM team already has access to14:07
amitkthat = applying my config patch14:07
tgardneramitk, cool. will that be sufficient such that we can drop the ti-omap4 branch altogether?14:08
amitktgardner: :-D14:08
amitkyou're kidding right?14:08
tgardneramitk, well, no.14:08
amitktgardner: that branch has over 700 non-mainlined patches.14:08
tgardnerwe'll have 2 packages that both support omap4 ?14:09
tgardnerguess I was too naive14:09
ograFSVO *support*14:09
amitktgardner: yes, one that is the whole works (-omap4 only) and one that is mainline-only with multi-omap support (omap3 and 4) in a single binary14:09
apwamitk, waht use if the multi-omap one if it doesn't work ?14:10
tgardneramitk, *sigh* - you've just dashed my hopes. maybe next release?14:10
amitkapw: it gets you the serial port on omap414:10
apwamitk, ahh i see14:10
amitkand the same kernel gets you almost everything on omap314:10
amitkso one small step to show kernel consolidation14:11
amitktgardner: next release - hopefully a big chunk but not everything14:12
apwakgraner, hey you about ?14:55
akgranerapw, I am - what's up?14:55
apwakgraner, looks like the wireless link into your house might be sick14:56
akgranerhmmm - let me investigate - brb14:57
apwakgraner, your other link must be up14:57
akgranerit is  - I'm online  ;-)14:57
apwakgraner, could you try and telnet to hellhawk.shadowen.org for me from you rmachine14:58
apwthen we can find out the IP addy of the link and see if its avail both ways14:58
penguin42does anyone understand the check_timer interrupt checking code?15:10
* penguin42 is wondering if it could just disable interrupt remapping rather than panicing, there appears to be an iommu_disable_intr_remapping that sounds promissing15:13
tgardnerpenguin42, have you seen https://launchpad.net/bugs/605686 ? Same problem?15:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 605686 in linux (Ubuntu) "[maverick] nointremap needed - Blocked an interrupt request due to source-id verificiation failure (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]15:17
penguin42tgardner: Yeh, that's my bug15:17
penguin42and my mail :-)15:17
penguin42tgardner: But I was just wondering if it could actually fall back rather than panicing15:18
tgardnerpenguin42, ah, you're cloaked so its hard to tell.15:18
penguin42I am?15:18
penguin42hmm I should fix that15:18
tgardnerpenguin42, I'll bug Intel about this driver. Its quite complex.15:19
penguin42tgardner: Yeh, the interrupt handling on modern machines is scarily complex15:19
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akgranerapw, you around?  16:09
apwakgraner, yep talking to pete16:11
akgranerok the server is back online now16:12
apwakgraner, ok thanks ... will check it out16:13
ogasawaracking_: your work item to investigate intel graphics drivers on EFI, can I mark that done?16:29
ogasawaracking_: I saw no response from the email you sent16:29
lagakgraner: Do you know what the issue was?16:30
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akgranerlag, I don't know exactly what happens with that particular server - I just know what to do when it hangs :-/   16:35
lagakgraner: But it happened to both servers? Unless there is a sever in between them?16:36
akgranerlag, you'll have to ask pgraner about that when he is online again... sorry :-/16:36
lagNo worries :)16:36
lagThanks for sorting it in any case16:36
akgranerlag, I'm the NTEU :-)  but happy to help when and where I can.16:36
tgardnerogasawara, https://launchpad.net/bugs/60568616:40
ubot2Launchpad bug 605686 in linux (Ubuntu) "[maverick] nointremap needed - Blocked an interrupt request due to source-id verificiation failure (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]16:40
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penguin42Sanity check; I'm following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile  ; if I've got the source archive and want to patch it then do I just patch the directory that's checked out there - what do I need to do to make sure it gets a name unique from the standard ubuntu kernel version?17:05
penguin42will the AUTOBUILD do that ?17:05
tgardnerpenguin42, edit the debian.master/changelog and add '.my_version_here' to the stuff in parens17:14
penguin42ah ok, thanks17:14
tgardnerpenguin42, don't forget to rerun the 'clean' target afterwards17:15
penguin42tgardner: OK, so do whatever edits I wanted, update the changelog, then do the clean thing and then the binary-whatever ?17:16
tgardnerpenguin42, sounds right17:17
penguin42ok, thanks17:17
tgardnermpoirier,  http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/releases/10.04/release/ubuntu-10.04-server-armel+omap.img17:38
* manjo getting lunch will be back soon17:39
jjohansenmpoirier: move ureadahead.conf to ureadahead.conf.disabled18:01
mpoirierjjohansen: fantastic thanks.18:01
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jjohansen-> Lunch20:10
pgranerogasawara, ping20:13
ogasawarapgraner: pong20:13
pgranerogasawara, thought you might like to keep an eye on this since you just rebased20:14
pgranerogasawara, https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1640120:14
ubot2pgraner: Error: Could not parse XML returned by bugzilla.kernel.org: The read operation timed out (https://bugzilla.kernel.org/xml.cgi?id=16401)20:14
pgranerogasawara, ext3 corruption at random 20:14
ogasawaraogasawara: thanks, I'll put it on my radar.  bugzilla seems to not want to load at the moment20:15
pgranerogasawara, yea I caught it on the ext upstream list20:15
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* ogasawara lunch20:35
akgranerbjf, ping20:51
bjfakgraner, pong20:51
* penguin42 wonders where dch put my changelog entry20:53
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* penguin42 does a 'wow - it boots'21:54
* penguin42 attaches a gratuitous hack patch to bug 605686 - it seems to work, but I wouldn't put much more confidence in it22:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 605686 in linux (Ubuntu) "[maverick] nointremap needed - Blocked an interrupt request due to source-id verificiation failure (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60568622:01
jjohansenrunning an errand22:40
LLStarksogasawara, maverick kernel now has built-in ndiswrapper modules, right?23:19
ogasawaraLLStarks: it's not built-in, enabled as a module23:24
ogasawaraLLStarks: config.common.ubuntu:2750:CONFIG_NDISWRAPPER=m23:24
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LLStarksthanks ogaswara, still need to pick juliank's brain about his dkms package23:52
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