infosoftIt's the first time I'm writing in this channel :) What do you mean by suggestions?00:04
jenkinsinfosoft: any ideas on a good document class that I can use for my newsletter. does that make more sense?00:08
infosoftjenkins: Usually I use \documentclass[a4paper, 12pt]{article}. I don't know what's best for you, maybe \documentclass{letter}.00:13
jenkinsI  have not tired letter I will do00:13
infosoftNow it's time to go back watching Black Lagoon anime :D00:13
jenkinshave fun :)00:15
infosoftjenkins: Thanks! I recommend: Angel Beats!; Arakawa Under the Bridge; Bakemonogatari; Black Lagoon. If you like ecchi, then you must see Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou00:17
jenkinsI have never watched anime I will have to do so some time00:17
jenkinsI am off to bed night all00:19
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trijntjeHi all, the Dutch team would like to have the permissions to translate the Manual to Dutch set to structured, how would we accomplish this?09:16
dpmhi trijntje, this is something that can only be done on a global (i.e. for all teams) basis. You'd have to ask the manual developers to change the permission policy there -> https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/+settings09:18
jenkinstrijntje: I  will grab ben when he is on he supposedly changed it but It does not look like he did. He will know what he did.09:25
trijntjejenkins, ok, I'm not sure how the manual developers want things to be in LP.09:28
jenkinsI dont see why it cant be changed, the e-mail i have implies it was. so I will ask our lead what he did and then check if it is ok to change it09:29
trijntjeThanks, ill just hang around here and see what happens09:30
jenkinsbens in new zeland so if you have to leave feel free to private message me your e-mail and I will get back to you09:35
trijntjesudo iptables -A POSTROUTING -t nat -j MASQUERADE09:47
trijntjeoops, wrong window09:47
jenkinsjoin /#latex11:31
jenkinsman how did i get that wrong11:31
jenkinshey nisshh11:33
nisshhjenkins: hey11:33
vikasany one here16:11
nisshhvikas: kidding :)16:11
vikasok thnx16:11
vikas ok i have the booting problem blank screen apper with the curcer16:12
vikasalso get error error failed to acquire org.genome.displaymanager : cannection ":1.133"........16:12
nisshhwait, this is a boot problem with ubuntu?16:13
vikasit is not using gdm16:14
nisshhvikas: are you using quickshot?16:15
vikasdont know i am new to ubuntu ?16:16
nisshhvikas: ah, right, this is not the right channel then, you should be asking in #ubuntu for that16:17
nisshhvikas: i think your getting affected by a bug, ask in #ubuntu about it and they will help you out16:17
vikasi did try no one knows about it16:20
nisshhvikas: urh, thats a shame, but this is not a support channel, you might try your own loco, or some other support channel16:21
vikasok well thanks for suport16:21
nisshhvikas: no probs, sorry i cant help, but its just not the right place :)16:22
vikasno prob16:22
vikaswell can i get user manual at home i am in india mumbai16:24
nisshhvikas: you mean a copy of The Ubuntu Manual?16:27
vikasya a book16:29
nisshhvikas: ubuntu-manual.org16:29
nisshhdownload a free pdf that the people in this channel made16:29
vikasok, i want to buy the book16:30
nisshhvikas: ah, you know you dont have to?16:30
nisshhyou can have it for free16:30
nisshhyou download it16:31
nisshhfrom that website16:31
infosoftIt's a lot more interesting to read a book than to read from monitor screen :)16:31
nisshhits a .pdf file16:31
nisshhinfosoft: print version :)16:31
vikasok i havet to print, well it will be good to bye a book rather then printing it , it became expensive16:34
nisshhvikas: follow the directions on the site16:35
infosoftIt's not expensive if you refill printer yourself ;)16:35
infosoftI mean refilling ink cartridges16:36
vikaswell i dont have printer16:36
nisshhhehe, that could be problematic while printing :)16:37
infosoftIt's not problem if you have Lego :D16:40
nisshhinfosoft: that is awesome :)16:42
infosoftYeah, just incredible16:42
infosoftWho could update ubuntu-manual.org Lithuanian template? I've fixed some translations (style errors, etc.) and now it's finally perfect (i.e. appropriate), so I'd like to see updated website and to check again for some style mistakes and so on...16:56
jenkinsgodbyk: ping18:32
godbykinfosoft: I usually handle updating the translations of the PDFs, but not the website text itself.  For that, I'd recommend talking to daker.20:53
infosoftOK, I'll try "to catch" him :)20:54
jenkinshey c7p22:05
c7phi jenkins22:06
c7pgodbyk are you around ?22:14
godbykhey, c7p22:26
c7phave you worked on the manual ?22:27
godbykbeen working on it this afternoon, in fact.22:27
c7pif there is anything i can do let me know ;) ah btw which bugs have been fixed ( http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/3sIwez7O8A ) ?22:31
jenkinsgodbyk: I sorted my news letter the error we could not work out was I had a ) not a }. Thanks for your help22:32
infosoftjenkins: Was \documentclass{letter} useful for you?22:36
jenkinsinfosoft: I ended up sticking with article but using \section*{} to remove the numbers. Thanks for the suggestions though22:36
c7pguys it's hot here >:o... it's 30 degrees Celsius and it's 00:40 ! what's the weather like where you live ?22:37
infosoftLetter style doesn't support \section :)22:37
infosoftIt's 27.1 degrees Celcius in my room (Vilnius, Lithuania). :)22:38
c7pstill pretty warm :)22:39
godbykc7p: I'll update the pad in a moment.  trying to chase down a couple of the bugs still.22:39
c7pgodbyk: good to know22:39
godbykinfosoft: 29 C here at the moment.22:40
jenkinsinfosoft: yea thats why i swapped, I found a good example and used that to help22:40
infosoftYou're lucky! I'd love to live somewhere in Norway.22:40
godbykjenkins: you can just use the command \setcounter{secnumdepth}{-1} to turn off section numbering.22:40
infosoft\section* is a lot easier :)22:41
jenkinsthanks godbyk, i think that makes more sense as i type section automatically and forget the *22:41
infosoftjenkins: but what if you'll need numbering in some of the sections?22:42
godbykinfosoft: \section* has the side effect of not including the sections in the table of contents, though.22:42
jenkinsinfosoft: good point22:43
infosoftWow, thanks. I didn't noticed it22:43
jenkinsgodbyk: I don't have a contents yet but also good point22:43
godbykoh, and \documentclass{letter} is ugly and horrible.  everyone avoids it. :)22:43
jenkinsnight all22:54
godbykg'night, jenkins22:54
c7pg' night all22:58

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