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ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: July 15 2010, 10:46:0111:46
nigelbvish: date -u :)12:20
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adayvish: have we got a ux meeting today?13:01
vishaday: oh there must be one , mpt is back13:02
vishaday: seen http://pendulumtech.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/ubuntu-accessibility-team-personas-survey/  ?13:02
adayvish: that's what i thought. it's supposed to be nowish, isn't it?13:03
vishyeah , should be now13:03
adayvish: hadn't seen that. good stuff. i'm wanting to do some research for the gnome personas but haven't had time13:04
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vishaday: mpt is probably buried deep in backlog mails :p13:08
mpthello hello13:08
thorwilhi vish, aday, mpt13:08
mptHi thorwil13:08
adaympt: welcome back :)13:08
adaythorwil: hey13:09
thorwilmpt: hope you had a good time! not that now a bad time would follow :)13:09
mptYes, I had a relaxing holiday13:09
mptSo, this morning I was reminded about the bus factor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_factor13:10
mptThis team currently has a low bus factor13:10
adaympt: not just this team...13:10
thorwilmpt: nah, there would have to be something that can be send into disarray, first ;)13:11
adaympt: FOSS ux in general13:11
vishand the conclusion ? we need to give mpt top notch security?13:13
mptNo, we just need more active people13:13
adayha ha13:13
adayso where are we at? what's happening?13:14
vishmpt: you wouldnt have missed this but just a reminder of Pendulum's persona work : http://pendulumtech.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/ubuntu-accessibility-team-personas-survey/13:14
thorwili really like the idea of building a central resource, one shape of that being godby's book idea13:15
adaya community ux resource would be great13:15
mptvish, that's pretty neat13:16
vishyeah , nice work!13:16
thorwilalso there got to be a way to do a software guided design process13:16
mptWe've been talking about personas for Ubuntu since April last year <http://www.flickr.com/photos/38687067@N05/3568007297/in/set-72157618841687398/>, but have never had time to get it going.13:17
vishwe need to get personas sorted out, this should be our critical priority ,IMO!13:17
adaympt: have you seen the ones that hylke and garrett have been working on?13:18
thorwilin how far should personas for ubuntu deviate from ones for gnome?13:18
vishmpt: fax me those sticky notes! and we can start on something ;)13:18
adaythorwil: why would they deviate?13:19
thorwiladay: zero is a possible answer ;)13:19
mptaday, no13:19
thorwiladay: can those be found outside the google wave?13:20
adayi'm planning to do some interviews to juice up the personas when i get time. it'll be nice to have a bit of 'real world' stuff in there13:20
adaythorwil: not so far... the plan is to get them approved by the gnome board or somethin13:21
mptvish, ivanka just found them all at the bottom of a drawer and handed them to me13:21
thorwilmpt: paste from the wave: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/237907/13:21
mptaday, nice work13:24
adayall i need to do is find a 63 old plumber called joe ;)13:27
adaythink he'd do an interview?13:29
mptHe's done many interviews.13:30
vishnot him again!13:30
thorwilmpt: i've been told that there is no grand?a deliberately, as age related issues are included with Joe. there's no software developer to avoid skewing it all, but the Web Developer is supposed to bring in the technical side13:30
mptthorwil, be careful, because if you end up not designing for software developers *at all*, you end up with a dead platform13:31
thorwilmpt: heh, i just passed on the arguments, they are not mine :)13:32
thorwilas i did propose inclusion of a software developer13:32
thorwilso that would be one possible area where ubuntu personas could differ from the gnome ones13:33
adaympt: i think the argument is that we will design for devs whatever happens, and that the personas are designed to highlight those kinds of people that tend to get ignored13:33
adayit's not meant to be representative of who we design for in that sense - it's more pragmatic13:34
vishaday: but once we get such developer excluded personas , the first question would be .. what about developers?!13:34
adaythorwil: if it's really important to have a dev in there, make the case to have that persona in the gnome set13:34
vishwhy arent they in the equation..13:34
adayvish: i agree. i suspect that we will end up having that persona in there, though hylke and garrett are keen to avoid that13:35
vishaday: yeah , i noticed that.. i just haent gotten around to reading that wave fully and comment :)13:36
thorwiladay: i'm not going to repeat myself there. the last thing i want is spend energy on convincing designers and ux people, when there there is so much ignrnace of the basics out there :)13:36
adaythorwil: i understand, i just don't think forking is the solution13:37
thorwiladay: in that case a representative from canonical should have more weight13:38
adaythorwil: everybody is welcome to contribute :)13:41
mptUse of Ubuntu is a bit broader than use of Gnome. We need to care about things like "will Ubuntu work on my computer", "how do I watch a DVD", "I want to keep the software on 300 computers up-to-date", etc, which are outside of what Gnome covers.13:42
thorwilsystem administrator. loco team leader? turning doctormo into a persona would be fun :)13:43
vishthorwil: yeah , we already turned him in a cartoon , lets make him a persona! :D13:45
vishbah!  rather a cartoon for him...13:47
* vish gets back to wave13:47
adaymaybe it would be possible for canonical to extend or supplement the gnome personas?13:52
adayi need to eat! see you all next week...13:54
thorwilsure. there could be a larger set of them, even, and projects like specific applications could go like: "i chose you, Joe Plumber!" ...13:54
mptaday, ivanka says she'll be happy to discuss this with you at Guadec, Monday to Wednesday.13:55
thorwiladay: bon apetite, cya13:55
thorwili declare this meeting to be closed, just because i like the sound of these words!13:57
vishthorwil: gonna grab a bite?13:58
thorwilvish: soon, but see, i wasn't first! ;)13:58
vishmpt: what happened to the noisy fella , named Benjamin!13:58
vishjust inquiring another kiwi ;p13:59
thorwilvish: did he ever make it to one these meetings?13:59
mptHe was at the first one13:59
vishhe came once13:59
mptBut I think he's trying to not fail classes now13:59
vishgood goal!14:00
thorwilyeah, i already wondered how he manages all his activities14:00
vishalrighty , we can end meeting?14:00
vish... and let thorwil grab something :d14:00
mptI will try to be more organized next week14:03
mptSorry for dropping the ball14:03
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wersmpt, oops. sorry didnt make it14:46
mptwers, no problem, my fault for not sending a reminder14:47
wersmpt, nah I was actually aware of the meeting. was just stuck on the road14:48
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