joe_ki seem to be affected by https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+bug/54063808:01
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #540638 in Mythbuntu: “10.04b Fetch Channels From Listing Source fails”08:01
joe_kwhich means I am unable to fetch channel listing to populate the channel list08:01
joe_kanyone know how I can do this manually or where to go to find what that button calls (source code ref would be great) so I can chase it down08:02
joe_khttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xmltv/+bug/577974/+viewstatus also shows the patch I applied08:04
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #577974 in xmltv (Ubuntu): “tv_grab_na_dd fails with "Use of uninitialized value $dd_start" message” : Bug #577974 : Bugs : “xmltv” package : Ubuntu08:04
joe_k(which didn't fix the button working and I don't seem to have channels in the list)08:05
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qwebirc90384just upgraded to .24 revision 25331 and I am not able to select "Watch Videos".  the frontend log shows nothing.  Ay Ideas?19:23
tgm4883qwebirc90384, it could just be broke19:25
tgm4883what does the backend log say?19:25
rhpot1991qwebirc90384: any reason why you are running .24?19:27
qwebirc90384client speaks protocol version 56 but we speak 57!19:28
qwebirc90384<rhpot1991> none specific19:29
qwebirc90384was having issues with coverart19:29
tgm4883thats your issue19:30
qwebirc90384how is it fixed? this is a frontend/backend system19:30
tgm4883is your frontend and backend the same version?19:31
qwebirc90384I suppose, it is the same machine.  how do I tell?19:31
tgm4883dpkg -l mythtv-frontend19:32
tgm4883dpkg -l mythtv-backend19:32
tgm4883FYI, 0.24 is trunk19:32
tgm4883still in development19:32
qwebirc90384yes, they are the same19:34
tgm4883really, post the output to pastebin19:35
Zinnwhen pasting more than 5 lines of data please use http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com so you don't flood the channel.  Then please post the link in the channel.19:35
tgm4883it worked before?19:38
tgm4883did you reboot after upgrading?19:39
qwebirc90384I did19:39
tgm4883do 'sudo service mythtv-backend restart'  then try agai19:39
qwebirc90384it did this after the upgrade till i updated the database19:42
qwebirc90384then I discovered that it was missing tmdb.py and performed a reinstall of mythvideo, which installed tmdb.py then this happened again.19:43
tgm4883so you were having issues with coverart, so you upgraded to a development version of mythtv?19:46
qwebirc90384I know.19:47
tgm4883and you said it was giving you the error message until you were able to upgrade the database19:49
tgm4883so is it giving you the error message or not?19:50
tgm4883Try to watch TV, then pastebin your mythbackend.log file19:50
qwebirc90384yes, that is a current error message19:52
tgm4883qwebirc90384, what version of mythbuntu-repos?19:52
qwebirc90384it ran just fine19:56
qwebirc90384I updated using the mythbuntu.org/auto-builds today20:00
rhpot1991qwebirc90384: you should have just did the .23 fixes, and not trunk IMO20:04
qwebirc90384how do I go back then?  I have a db backup.20:07
rhpot1991qwebirc90384: easiest way would be to remove the mythtv packages, rerun the autobuilds deb and choose .23-fixes, install all mythtv packages you need, and then restore your db20:12
rhpot1991you may need to actually remove the current db as well, not sure if the restore will overwrite it20:12
orificiumI'm on mythbuntu 10.04.   Since a few update/upgrades ago (I suspect) there are now these random screensavers.   How do I adjust them?   The Screensaver option from the Settings menu does nothing.22:42
orificiumUnder XFCE22:43
JlaoShii havent hooked up a PVR in years, so im a little rusty22:53
JlaoShidoes anyone here know how to get a good TV picture from the svideo out on an old shuttle pc?22:54
qwebirc90384is there a fix for the coverart, HTML redirect issue? I got back to .23 and everything is happy except for the cover art22:54
tgm4883qwebirc90384, what issue is that?22:57
qwebirc90384frontend log, " coverart download finished: tried to write.... but it appears to be an html redirect"23:02
tgm4883odd, I haven't seen that before23:06
tgm4883what is the full build version of mythtv that you are on?23:06

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