akgranerhey all I am adding an new ietherpad called - http://ietherpad.com/UWN-Ideas  if you are just submitting links please do it here :-)04:40
scott_evI lost the other one though04:45
akgranerThat page is just for links - people have been adding links and that is great - but there are no summaries and until I can go through them it just makes it look way to busy  - so I'll start moving some stuff over to the wiki tomorrow04:57
scott_evkk, I think I'll do my part tomorow or friday05:00
akgranerscott_ev, here is the other one http://ietherpad.com/UWN05:10
akgranerbut use whatever you are comfortable with  - wiki, ietherpad or gdoc05:10
akgranerdholbach_, hey!14:31
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
akgranerdholbach, I'll go ahead and add that now for ya - it's already in Issue 20214:32
akgranerI just didn't put it on the Fridge yet...14:32
dholbachoh nice14:33
dholbachI didn't know it was in there :)14:34
akgranerwell it will go out on Sunday but it's scheduled for Issue 202 :-)14:35
akgranerjcastro asked me to wait to add it to UWN until we got to the commit stage...14:35
Pendulumakgraner: is there anyway http://pendulumtech.wordpress.com/2010/07/14/ubuntu-accessibility-team-personas-survey/ can get added to the fridge? (I was going to stick it in UWN myself)14:47
akgranerPendulum, I already added the link to UWN it just needs the summary14:47
Pendulumcool :)14:47
Pendulumakgraner: thanks :)14:48
MTecknologyI keep getting hilighted :P14:48
akgranergrrrr - I hate my internet connection today :-(16:25
* Pendulum hugs akgraner 16:54
akgranerThanks - it's going to be one of those days I am afraid16:58
* zkriesse hands akgraner a cup of the best Mocha in the world ever16:58
akgranerzkriesse, thanks - can I get that in an IV :-P?16:59
zkriesseOk akgraner sit on the bench please16:59

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