webPragmatistand thats a big nope00:05
erichammondwebPragmatist: This doesn't answer your question, but I prefer to use rsync over ssh.  That way I only have to worry about controlling a single point of access on the server (sshd).00:06
webPragmatisti am using rsync00:07
webPragmatistit's called rsync with xinetd so it will run as root and not bitch… but the problem is, well… it's bitching00:07
webPragmatistbecause it's not really running as root, it's running as like "nobody:00:07
erichammondwebPragmatist: clarification: I prefer to do it over ssh rather than use rsyncd.00:08
webPragmatisti dunno about that jazz00:08
webPragmatistlsyncd doesn't use scp, etc.00:09
webPragmatistor rather it does but i don't care to try it00:09
webPragmatistrsyncd should work00:09
erichammondwebPragmatist: rsync works over ssh without using "scp, etc."00:10
webPragmatistand you just use keys i suppose00:11
webPragmatistare you going to be around tomorrow?00:11
webPragmatistin general is the only difference the authentication? or what00:12
webPragmatisti put my clone in here if you have anything to say :)00:13
ruben23hi what is the latest upgraded kernel version of ubuntu-server..?00:35
ruben23like for ubuntu-8.04 LTS00:35
Callum__oh man, I've got a dead battery in one of my UPSs00:36
Callum__its so bad that its bulging in places00:37
Callum__since that 1500VA UPS is ancient, I am going to assemble a RBC7 battery for a newer APC SmartUPS 1500VA unit I have, but its going to set me back at least NZ$267 >_>00:38
Callum__and considering we're a non-profit, money isn't easy to set aside00:38
billybigriggeranyone here deal with alot of NFS shares?01:00
multi_linux_disthi guys, i need a little help with my domainkey setup in the zonefile01:01
multi_linux_disti have setted it up:  http://pastebin.com/aGSs4pby01:01
multi_linux_distbut dig01:01
multi_linux_distsorry, dig _domainkey.mara-tour.ro TXT returns no answer01:02
multi_linux_distdo you have any idea why?01:02
billybigriggerlooks ok to me here01:04
patdk-wkbillybigrigger,  that is a total foobar test :)01:05
patdk-wkhe said txt, not a01:05
patdk-wkand it starts with a _01:05
patdk-wkdig -t txt _domainkey.mara-tour.ro01:05
billybigriggerthought he was looking for a mail record01:05
billybigriggernot familiar with txt sorry01:05
patdk-wkcheck: dig -t txt _domainkey.patrickdk.com01:05
patdk-wkhe is looking to get dkim working01:06
multi_linux_distpatdk-wk: you are right, that is what i`m trying to do01:06
billybigriggernot familiar with dkim...looks like you've volunteered pat :P01:06
patdk-wkheh, you forgot to put a . on the end of your domains :)01:07
patdk-wkso it's not _domainkey.mara-tour.ro01:07
patdk-wkbut _domainkey.mara-tour.ro.mara-tour.ro.01:07
multi_linux_distpatdk-wk: i will try it now, but tryied before and still nothing01:08
patdk-wkwell, either it must just be, _domainkey01:08
patdk-wkor, _domainkey.mara-tour.ro.01:08
patdk-wkatleast based on the other examples i nthe file01:09
patdk-wkthough _domainkey.mara-tour.ro. would be the safe garrentied way01:09
patdk-wk;; ANSWER SECTION:01:09
patdk-wk_domainkey.mara-tour.ro. 3600INTXT"'t=y"01:09
patdk-wkextra ' though01:09
multi_linux_distit doesn`t to me01:09
patdk-wkyou foobar'ed your test also? :)01:10
multi_linux_distdig -t txt _domainkey.mara-tour.ro01:10
patdk-wkwell, that won't work01:10
multi_linux_distQUERY: 1, ANSWER: 0, AUTHORITY: 1, ADDITIONAL: 001:11
patdk-wkyour local dns server is caching the bad result01:11
patdk-wkfor up to an hour01:11
patdk-wkso you have to contact your server directly01:11
patdk-wkdig -t txt _domainkey.mara-tour.ro @
multi_linux_distpatdk-wk: thank you very much!01:12
patdk-wknohup dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdg bs=8192 > /dev/null 2>&1 &01:14
patdk-wknothing better than running that on 3 drives01:14
patdk-wkjust wish urandom was faster than 2MB/s01:14
multi_linux_distpatdk-wk: Authentication-Results: mx.google.com; spf=pass (google.com: domain of testmail@mara-tour.ro designates as permitted sender) smtp.mail=testmail@mara-tour.ro; dkim=pass header.i=@mara-tour.ro01:18
multi_linux_distgoogle says that dkim pass01:18
multi_linux_distyahoo dont01:18
multi_linux_distwhy all my mails go into spam folder if the ip is not reported as spam?01:19
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gnoobguys,  whats the easiest way to send e-mail from console?  want to make my server notify me when somthing happen trough bash script01:23
zulmail command?01:26
Guest28494Hey is there a way to configure ubuntu server to connect to a wireless accesspoint to install?01:26
multi_linux_distphp mail?01:27
multi_linux_distyou can run a php command via sh01:28
multi_linux_distor telnet i thin01:28
multi_linux_distbut php is sure01:28
Guest28494Hey is there a way to configure ubuntu server to connect to a wireless accesspoint to install?01:32
Guest28494Or where are the packages that the server needs to install?01:34
pnunnHas anyone worked out how to move a windows image into ubuntu's eucalyptus cloud yet?02:11
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cs1hi guys02:50
cs1i need some advice about setting up the server02:51
cs1about the networking02:51
cs1how do i go about setting up the network on the server?02:52
cs1hello?is anybody available there?02:54
cs1your guidance is truly appreciated02:55
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p1l0tDoes anyone know why ifconfig would not want to read from /etc/network/interfaces03:06
p1l0tI swear I have this one server that changing the interfaces file does NOTHING I can set the address manually but changing the interfaces file has no effect. Everytime it reconnects it goes back to some other settings!03:17
p1l0tIt can't be the syntax because this syntax works in every other ubuntu machine I have03:19
dhasthaNeed help:  I am trying to install Ubuntu server 9.10 in virtual machine manager. But Virtual machine manager returns :  Unable to complete install: 'internal error unable to start guest: char device redirected to /dev/pts/003:19
dhasthaqemu: could not open disk image /var/lib/libvirt/images/UbuntuServer.img: No such file or directory03:19
dhasthaHow to install ubuntu server 9.10 in virtual machine manager?03:23
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
qman__p1l0t, ifconfig doesn't use those settings, it's strictly a manual override tool03:52
qman__you should run `sudo service networking restart` to apply changes made there03:53
cs1how do i get about setting up the network for the server??03:59
qman__cs1, it is explained clearly in the Ubuntu Server Guide, linked in the topic04:10
cs1maybe i phrased my question wrong.04:11
qman__if you are having a more specific problem, please explain04:11
cs1i want to know is it REALLY necessary to setup the TCP/IP and stuff04:11
cs1because we are only running the server within the company enviroment04:11
qman__you can't communicate with the internet if you don't have TCP/IP04:11
cs1sorry if i ask stupid questions as im new to this04:12
qman__you could potentially use a different protocol, but these days, TCP/IP is the only one in widespread use04:12
qman__novell IPX/SPX is long gone, and IPv6 hasn't taken off yet04:12
cs1so its better to setup TCP/IP??04:12
cs1how about DHCP??04:13
cs1is it neccesary??04:13
qman__DHCP operates over IP04:13
qman__DHCP is entirely optional04:13
cs1regarding remote administration04:13
cs1say i dont want to set it up now04:14
cs1will i have trouble setting it up later in the future??04:14
qman__it being remote administration, that's easy04:14
qman__simply install the openSSH server04:14
qman__it can be done at any point in time04:14
cs1so it wont cause the server to crash later on??04:15
qman__of course not04:15
qman__it wouldn't be very useful if it did04:15
cs1about DNS04:15
qman__DNS is also optional04:16
cs1not necessary to setup right??04:16
qman__provided you don't mind using IPs to refer to your computers04:16
cs1i cant use host name to refer to the pc in the company??04:16
qman__not without some sort of name resolution04:16
p1l0tyou can with dns04:16
cs1computer name04:16
qman__DNS is one way, there are many04:16
qman__you can set up the hosts files, or use netbios, though that one's a bit trickier with linux04:17
qman__DNS scales the best04:17
cs1i see04:17
cs1so in a way its better to setup DNS to avoid any unwanted problems later on?04:18
qman__as opposed to using hosts files, yes04:18
qman__since each computer's hosts file must be configured in order to work04:18
qman__while a DNS server can provide names to all computers on the network04:18
cs1so without DNS,i will have to use the ip address to communicate with them??04:19
cs1network authentication04:19
cs1which one is more flexible04:19
cs1Samba and LDAP04:20
cs1Kerberos and LDAP04:20
cs1im not sure what are the difference among this four04:20
p1l0tDepends on what you want to do04:20
qman__they are all more or less equally flexible04:20
qman__setting up a working system with any of the above is quite a complex process04:20
cs1because we want to setup ERP on the server04:21
cs1so we want to setup the server to be stable04:21
qman__be aware that if you are trying to integrate with a microsoft active directory network, not all features are implemented in samba and you will have limited functionality04:21
electrofreakwhy isn't there a config in /proc/?04:21
cs1so its better to use Kerberos??04:22
qman__no, samba is the only real way to integrate with active directory04:22
qman__you can get basic authentication if you make some undocumented tweaks to your windows servers04:23
qman__but other than that, there isn't much04:23
p1l0tIf you have any Windows computers on your network you will want samba more then likely04:23
qman__yes, samba provides the best way to communicate with windows04:24
qman__as limited as it is04:24
cs1limited as in??04:24
qman__samba's authentication is on the same level as windows NT 404:24
qman__getting it to work with active directory is an exercise in frustration, to say the least04:25
qman__and you won't get anything more than simple authentication04:25
qman__none of the extra features like group policy are available04:25
cs1sounds extremely hard to setup then04:25
qman__it's definitely an advanced-level task04:25
cs1i see.04:26
p1l0tI wouldn't say extreme but it does take a little reading04:26
cs1for the remote administration, its better to use OpenSSH or eBox??04:26
cs1i read in forums, ebox seems to be the more favorable option04:26
qman__if you like hold-your-hand interfaces, then yes04:27
qman__but be prepared for little bugs and things to pop up04:27
p1l0tI use SSH but I have not tried eBox04:27
qman__and definitely make sure you lock down your internet access to it04:27
qman__I use SSH exclusively04:27
electrofreakwhat is eBox?04:27
ubottuebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox04:27
electrofreakoh, ewww. lol04:28
cs1in other words SSH is more stable than ebox??04:28
p1l0tMore secure for sure04:28
electrofreakeBox is likely more user friendly... I wouldn't even classify eBox and SSH together04:28
qman__because of the way ebox and similar interfaces work, if you try to do things manually as well as use ebox, you will be in a situation where the 'automagic' code is fighting with you over your manual settings04:29
qman__confusing things can happen04:29
qman__so unless you plan to use ebox exclusively, I suggest not using it04:29
electrofreakyeah, I would likely not like ebox because it wont be flexible enough04:30
cs1we want flexibility04:30
cs1thats why we are looking for options04:30
p1l0tautomagic code has fighting me my whole life - hence why I switched to linux... of course now even linux is starting with auto-magic but at least my servers are still fairly pure04:30
cs1before we start setting up the server.04:30
qman__ebox fills the niche of cookie-cutter setups04:31
qman__custom setups are better served manually04:31
electrofreakcs1: ah... doing some research for work or something? definitely play with this stuff in VMs to get a feel for things04:31
cs1im doing research for work04:32
qman__yes, definitely set up a test system and play with it04:32
qman__make sure it will work for you before you commit to it04:32
cs1its better to run things in VM before doing it on the server right??04:32
p1l0tOr just stick it on some old computer and learn with it04:32
p1l0tI started a few years ago just because the Windows crashed on this old computer we had. No I run the company on that server. lol04:33
cs1about setting up the security for the server04:33
cs1im not entirely clear about this04:33
p1l0tUbuntu is pretty good with being configured by default for security. Just read carefully about the changes you make04:34
cs1so i can setup up the server without have to fiddle with the security options>?04:34
qman__there aren't any "security options" per se04:36
cs1about the monitoring part04:36
p1l0tWell it depends what you do. Security options is kind of a vague statement04:36
qman__security is not something that you just "turn on", it is a philosophy you follow throughout your system design04:36
qman__ubuntu is secure by default, so you only need to worry about the things that you add or configure04:36
qman__set up a proper firewall preventing internet access to things that should not have it, etc04:37
electrofreakwhat is the server going to be used for?04:37
cs1to host ERP system04:37
cs1Enterprise Resourcing system04:37
p1l0tI wish I knew what that was04:38
cs1here is the lin04:39
cs1hope it helps04:39
cs1how about monitoring part??04:39
cs1from the documentation04:39
cs1i can see there are 2 ways to go04:39
cs11 is using Nagios04:39
cs1another is Munin04:39
qman__Nagios is a good platform04:40
qman__I have not used Munin04:40
qman__but if you're only monitoring one system, either is overkill04:40
p1l0tI am actually working on my own system, but I have much more to learn about MySql04:41
qman__they're designed to be full network reporting infrastructures04:41
cs1File servers04:41
qman__for windows clients, samba is king04:41
qman__for linux clients, there are lots of options04:42
electrofreaknfs is probably the best option for linux clients04:42
cs1thats for the DNS right??04:42
* giovani cringes04:42
qman__NFS has specific weaknesses04:42
SpamapScs1: Munin is for instrumentation (graphing mostly). Nagios is for alerting.04:42
cs1such as??04:42
qman__it is wholly insecure without a tightly knit directory service04:42
SpamapScs1: Munin can feed alerts to Nagios04:43
qman__if high throughput and performance is not critical, sftp is a great option04:43
qman__secure authentication and easy to use linux-to-linux04:43
cs1i see04:44
qman__there are many more options though, especially if you're looking into distributed file systems04:44
cs1i have no idea about file server04:44
SpamapSnfsv4 is not insecure04:44
SpamapSmost of the weaknesses in nfs were eliminated w/ v404:45
cs1what other options do i have??04:45
SpamapSbut its still more complex than samba04:45
qman__SpamapS, you still need a directory service to set up per-user access04:45
qman__NFS works great in specific situations04:46
cs1i see04:46
qman__but there are plenty where it is a poor choice too04:46
SpamapSqman__: yeah, I really wish people would just standardize on a single LDAP schema and one kerberos implementation so we can stop saying "it depends"04:46
uvirtbotNew bug: #605719 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.31-1ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess pre-removal script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60571904:46
qman__Windows can interact with samba directly04:46
qman__anything else you choose will require you to install software on windows clients04:46
cs1all the computer in the company uses linux04:47
cs1but we wanna prepare ourselves just in case we have 1 or 2 windows platform04:47
qman__then, your options go way up04:47
cs1this is head cracking04:47
qman__tons of options with neat features, like AFS04:48
cs1what does AFS stands for?04:48
qman__there are about as many options are there are keys on your keyboard04:48
qman__Andrew File System04:48
SpamapSAreallyhardtogetrunning File System04:48
SpamapSat least, it was 6 years ago04:48
giovaniI suppose if you expect solutions that are out of the box to work well04:49
SpamapSMy theory is it was a ploy by CMU to encourage people to get advanced degrees trying to understand it.04:49
giovaniyou will be disappointed04:49
giovaniwell, AFS wasn't written by CMU04:49
qman__just to give you an idea04:49
cs1thats alot04:49
giovaniAFS was an IBM project originally04:50
cs1the chat application04:50
giovanithen became CMU04:50
cs1can i add this feature in later on?04:50
cs1or its better to perform it while i setup my server04:51
qman__I don't know what you mean by "the chat application"04:51
SpamapShttp://www.itp.uzh.ch/~dpotter/howto/kerberos  <-- NFSv4 + LDAP + Kerberos = pages and pages of fun repetitive steps that could be packaged just like MS packages ActiveDirectory04:51
electrofreakcs1 you can setup any thing at any time04:51
qman__you can install anything at any time, but be aware that sometimes changing things breaks them, so any changes you make later you will want to perform on a test system first04:51
cs1because im looking at the documentation for ubuntu server04:52
cs1there is a part called chat applications04:52
qman__SpamapS, that's my biggest feature request for ubuntu server, a tasksel-style ready to go directory setup04:52
SpamapSqman__: I believe it was discussed at UDS Maverick04:53
cs1guys...what is version control system??04:54
SpamapScs1: wow04:54
cs1SpamapS : yes?04:54
qman__it is a system to keep track of versions and changes to files04:55
qman__mostly used for source code or important documents04:55
cs1i see04:55
SpamapScs1: version control is just so vital, I'm surprised that you would ask. I'm sorry, I don't mean to imply anything by that.04:55
qman__yes, it's a critical part of the development process of any software04:56
SpamapSqman__: Should be used for config info too04:56
cs1i see i see.04:56
SpamapSFreeBSD figured that out a long time ago.. we're just not figuring it out w/ etckeeper.04:56
cs1so its a MUST to have??04:56
qman__only if you have something you need to keep track of04:56
SpamapSs/development of any software/infrastructure of any company/04:56
qman__such as a software project, some important documents, or anything that changes that you need to keep track of04:57
cs1i see i see.04:57
SpamapSlike, say, /etc/apache2/* ;)04:57
cs1SpamapS : i ask about it because i have no idea what is it about. =)04:57
qman__version control is especially important if you have multiple people working on something04:58
SpamapSqman__: Its pretty vital to keep track of changes to system configurations IMO.04:58
KurtKrautHow do I change my server locale?04:58
cs1about windows networking04:58
qman__if someone deletes something important from a file, you can get it back04:58
twbSpamapS: the other really annoying thing about nfsv3/krb/ldap is I don't have a turn-key way to get SSO04:58
cs1seems like windows networking is the hardest of all right??04:59
qman__integration with windows is handled mostly with samba04:59
SpamapSqman__: what if you hae one person.. but that person quits. Its going to be vital to your organization to be able to understand why that person did things.. version control can definitely help untangle messes and timebombs.04:59
SpamapScs1: actually setting up samba to talk to windows clients is pretty simple04:59
cs1so just install Samba an configure it??04:59
qman__file sharing with samba is easy04:59
qman__authentication is not04:59
cs1authentication as in accessing each other file?05:00
qman__that is, active directory authentication05:00
SpamapSqman__: agreed. it can be.. maddening. ;)05:00
qman__user-based file permissions is also fairly simple05:00
cs1i see05:00
cs1perghhh...information overload on my head now05:00
SpamapScs1: just figure out the next thing you need to do.. leave the rest for after thats done.05:01
qman__SpamapS, I can definitely see the value there, I don't really use it myself because I'm pretty much a one-man IT department, even with the jobs I do for other people05:01
cs1how about backups??05:02
qman__but bringing others into the equation, that would be critical05:02
qman__backups have even more options than file sharing05:02
cs1Bacula is a software to handle backup?05:02
SpamapSqman__: one man IT depts. are actually *more* important to wrap in version control. :)05:02
SpamapScs1: I am a huge fan of Bacula05:03
cs1easy to use??05:03
SpamapScs1: depends on your setup.. if you just backup "everything everywhere" .. then its easy because the config file is very simple.05:04
electrofreakI'd suggest rsnapshot, too. I've never used bacula, tho05:04
SpamapScs1: if you start trying to get tricky w/ different file sets and agents and policies.. its still not all that "hard" .. but its not point and click. ;)05:04
cs1about the networking part05:05
cs1we have router and switch on our server05:05
qman__most of my backups consist of tar commands in a cron script05:05
SpamapSrsnapshot is good for very simple setups. Its kind of like Apple's Time Machine without the pretty graphics. ;)05:05
cs1do we still need to configure TCP/IP??05:05
electrofreakSpamapS: and it works.05:05
qman__cs1, you cannot access network resources if you don't configure TCP/IP05:05
SpamapScs1: I think you may need to think about getting some training.05:06
electrofreakSpamapS: please don't compare it to TimeMachine... I hate TM with a passion05:06
SpamapScs1: we can answer questions, but the reason you're feeling overwhelmed is you need a stronger foundation.05:06
cs1i seriously need training now05:06
electrofreakubuntu is absolutely a very good "first linux server" tho...05:07
SpamapSelectrofreak: TM has saved me at least 3 times now.. so I <heart> TimeMachine.05:07
qman__if you really want to understand how it works, I suggest starting with a routers & routing course05:07
qman__it will give you a strong understanding of what networking really is05:07
qman__then move on to the server administration stuff05:07
SpamapScs1: though being forced to learn it all "on the job" can be great training. :)05:07
electrofreakbut if it's your first encounter with linux... or running a server in general... it will definitely be overwhelming05:08
cs1thats what im going through now05:08
SpamapSactually I know a kid who started out in IT at 16 racking servers for a hosting company..05:08
SpamapSone of the best sysadmins/webdevs I work with now, 5 years later.05:08
SpamapSnever saw Windows other than on his laptop.05:09
electrofreaksome people just really have a nac for it05:09
SpamapSYeah, the key is that you like trial and error. :)05:09
cs1that kid is smart05:09
qman__I find the people that know the most and do the best work are the ones who take the time to learn and understand how it works on a basic level05:10
qman__don't just memorize commands or "this is how it's done"05:10
SpamapSmemorization is what you do to get a paycheck05:10
SpamapSdeep understanding comes from a desire to master your domain. :)05:10
cs1i see05:10
cs1you guys have been great help05:10
cs1thank you so much05:10
electrofreakthis channel is open 24x7!05:11
twbYou're confusing memorization with deliberately inserting dead-man heisenbugs.05:11
twbelectrofreak: except bank holidays and the Queen's birthday05:11
cs11 more question05:12
cs1what steps do i have to take in order to setup the server...05:12
electrofreakinstall it you mean?05:12
cs1the company will be using the server to host the ERP system05:12
cs1install it05:13
qman__download the iso, burn to CD05:13
qman__boot it in the server and follow the on-screen instructions05:13
electrofreakwell, download and burn the ISO... insert it into the drive, boot up, and follow the step-by-step. installing ubuntu is as easy as it gets.05:14
electrofreakI do it for fun sometimes.05:14
cs1but i mean when configuring the whole server to perform what we want the server to do for us05:14
qman__the Ubuntu Server Guide covers most common tasks very well, once it's installed05:15
cs1so before doing it on a server05:16
cs1its better to install it on a VM right??05:16
cs1to test out everything05:16
qman__whether you use a real server or a VM doesn't matter05:16
cs1before we migrate to server05:16
qman__what does matter is that you don't take your business down to do it05:16
qman__do it in a sandbox, a test system05:17
cs1thats crazy05:17
electrofreakVM is just easy to play around with things...05:17
cs1i see05:17
qman__if you have extra hardware to play with, feel free05:17
qman__if not, a VM is a good way to do it05:17
cs1now my brain is hanged05:17
electrofreakgood luck sir!05:18
cs1im not sir btw..=P05:19
electrofreakooo, opps. my bad05:19
cs1its ok05:20
cs1anything else i missed out?05:20
cs1in making more out from the server??05:20
electrofreakmake sure the hardware you put it on is a stable machine...05:21
electrofreaknot something thats going to catch fire every other day or whatever05:21
cs1i mean software05:21
qman__yeah, don't buy brand new overclocker hardware, or grandma's old computer, get something you can trust05:21
cs1what is etckeeper btw??05:22
qman__etckeeper is version control for your /etc directory, in other words, your system configuration files05:22
cs1so its a must have??05:23
qman__highly recommended05:23
cs1im still not very clear about the networking thingy05:24
cs1maybe like you guys have said05:24
cs1i need training05:24
qman__networking is the basis on which everything we talked about runs05:24
qman__it is essential05:24
cs1but by setting up the TCP/IP,it wont affect the switch and router right?05:24
electrofreakoh, if the server is just going to be a client behind an existing router/switch setup... then you shouldn't have any problems.05:25
cs1what about using the server as a host?05:26
cs1will it have problems?05:26
qman__no, the networking only gets complicated once you start using the server as a router or firewall05:26
qman__pretty much, you will configure an address for it to use, and leave it alone05:26
cs1i think thats all for now05:27
qman__but an understanding of how it works is very useful when you run into trouble elsewhere05:27
cs1now i have to discuss about it to my boss05:27
qman__definitely look into a good book or a course on it05:27
cs1will invest in a good book05:28
qman__"is my network working" is to system administration as "is it plugged in" is to desktop support05:29
electrofreakit should be said I guess that out of the box, ubuntu server will get an IP from the DHCP server (your router) and "just work"05:30
qman__but if you don't set it static, that will change from time to time causing many headaches05:30
twbIMO if you ask for static networking, you probably ACTUALLY want fixed DHCP05:30
electrofreakjust set the IP to something OUTSIDE of the DHCP range05:31
twbThat's where downstream is just a dump DHCP client, but upstream (the router) is configured to always and only allocate <IP> to a particular MAC05:31
qman__yes, but then your DHCP server becomes a single point of failure05:31
qman__fine for less important things, but this server sounds pretty important05:32
twbqman__: in static networking, you have TWO points of failure05:32
twbqman__: because if the network configuration of either end changes, your network won't05:32
=== shocm is now known as shocm_
electrofreakyea, I don't use static assignments on my DHCP server... I just give it a range and then systems that need a static IP, I set a static IP on that system05:32
twbFor a mission-critical core host like the LDAP/Kerberos server, I might use static networking.05:33
twbI certainly wouldn't use static networking for something less important like apache servers.05:33
qman__anything that needs to still work when the internet goes down, I use a static IP05:33
electrofreakthat's a good rule of thumb05:34
twbYour DHCP leases are served by the internet?05:34
qman__basically, the file server, and the DHCP server05:34
qman__a reserved lease is good for just about everything else05:34
electrofreaktwb, no I think he just means deciding one what needs a static IP...05:34
twbIt's also worth mentioning that DHCP poisoning can occur on untrusted networks05:35
electrofreakall sorts of stuff can happen on untrusted networks ;-)05:35
twbWhich for something like the auth server, would leave you exposed to MITM05:35
twbelectrofreak: by "untrusted" I mean things like LANs where you have idiot end users with zombified windows laptops, rather than the conventional stuff like "the internet"05:36
qman__I've run into those05:36
qman__nasty buggers05:36
qman__try to hijack your network with bad DHCP and DNS information05:36
electrofreakha, it's always fun to take all the available DHCP addresses with one machine :-P05:37
qman__one windows machine gets infected, starts its own DHCP and DNS, serves other nodes on the network05:38
qman__and starts hijacking google searches with malware05:38
electrofreakI guess we bored 'em05:40
yosihi all, I'm running 10.04...  but i just did an upgrade.. and now my SSHd dones't work...   when i log on locally, if i turn ListenAddress (to restrict the SSH host addresses) everything works fine,  if it turn it back on, can't connect from any of the listed IPs, but everything worked fine before i did the upgrade...   did they do something to the SSHd in the latest upgrade?06:04
yosianyone, any ideas?06:06
yosierror: Bind to port 22 on *.*.*.* failed: Cannot assign requested address.06:10
yosiis what i get in my auth log06:10
jmarsdenyosi: One of the addresses in your ListenAddress line is incorrect, or does not exist on your system, most likely.06:16
yosihmmmm..  well ist s list of 3 external ips... my home and work ip's...    it was working for the last 6 months until i did a apt-get upgrade today06:18
yosicould that have changed something?06:18
yosiits a list*06:19
yosithe next line after that error in my auth log is:06:21
yosifatal: Cannot bind any address.06:21
jmarsdenUm... ListenAddress is for addresses to *listen* on not for a list of remote addresses!  man sshd_config and read it.06:23
jmarsdenIt says:    ListenAddress             Specifies the local addresses sshd(8) should listen on.06:23
jmarsdenTo restrict where people can ssh in to the server from, use ufw or any other iptables-based packet filter.06:25
yosioh u are right!06:27
yosii mis read it06:27
yosiso those are the local address, i guess if u have multiple ips06:27
EvilTrekwhere are sshd config files stored?06:28
yosiso all these months, i guess that feature hasn't been working as inteneded06:28
jmarsdenEvilTrek: /etc/ssh/06:28
yosiis there any way to restict the IPs entering SSH without setting up a firewall...06:28
yosii find ip tables so complicated...06:28
jmarsdenyosi: ufw is simpler06:29
yosiwhat does ufw stand for?06:29
yosiis it as good as iptables?06:29
EvilTrekand which line do i edit to deny password auth and allow publickey auth only?06:30
jmarsdenIt uses iptables underneath.  It is just a simple command line interface to it.06:30
EvilTreklast time I edited sshd_config was about a year ago xD06:30
jmarsdenEvilTrek: man sshd_config to read all about it.06:30
yosiis it part of ubuntu or do i need to load it?06:30
EvilTrekjmarsden:  ty06:30
jmarsdenyosi: It is part of Ubuntu but you may need to apt-get install ufw , I am not sure if it gets installed by default on Ubuntu Server.06:31
yosii will try..06:31
jmarsdenEvilTrek: You probably want PasswordAuthentication No06:32
yosisince i need to only restict ssh, is there any facility in SSHd to oly allow connections from a certain host?06:32
jmarsdenyosi: You're welcome06:32
EvilTrekjmarsden:  yeah i found it, already edited, and since its on a VPS, i'm rebooting it now xP06:32
jmarsdenyosi: I don't think so, but man sshd_config would talk about it if it exists :)06:34
yosiwill read it nwo06:34
jmarsdenEvilTrek: There is no need to reboot for that, just restart sshd :)06:34
EvilTrekjmarsden:  i also edited a few other things that required a restart for (system updates since i'm lazy at updating)06:34
cs1i would like to ask whether windows platform users can login into Linux server06:56
yosii figured out i could restrict SSH to certain clinetas using TCP wrappers07:01
jmarsdencs1: See /topic and read the Server Guide, especially https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html07:02
cs1is LVM necessary during RAID installation??07:25
twbLVM and RAID are orthogonal07:26
SpamapScs1: these days, not using lvm is sort of like choosing a car with manual windows/locks/etc. It has a place, but you need a good reason. ;)07:32
twbDoes lucid's upstart still run rcS.d and rc2.d jobs by default?07:32
SpamapStwb: it still runs all of rc.07:33
twbI *think* so...07:33
SpamapStwb: /etc/init/rc.conf07:33
cs1about the RAID + LVM...if follow the steps shouldnt be a problem right??07:33
cs1because i will start installing the server soon07:34
twbcs1: md, fake or hardware RAID?07:34
cs1whats the difference btwn those 3???=S07:34
twbWhether the raid is done by linux, badly by the CPU, or by an expensive dedicated coprocessor07:35
cs1i think is done by linux07:36
SpamapScs1: basically, do you have a RAID card, or just some SCSI/SATA/SAS drives?07:36
cs1Sata drives07:36
cs1not RAID card07:36
SpamapScs1: md then07:36
SpamapScs1: md == multi device07:37
cs1so i just follow the steps in the RAID guide???07:37
SpamapScs1: its Linux's built in software RAID07:37
twbcs1: if you're using md RAID and LVM, you can set up both at install time using the Ubuntu Server install media.07:37
AlexC_I've got an issue with one of our servers here regarding SSH. We can login just fine, however it is slightly delayed. Looking in /var/log/auth.log we see:    reverse mapping checking getaddrinfo for alex.office.local [] failed - POSSIBLE BREAK-IN ATTEMPT!11:36
twb.local is reserved for MDNS11:37
AlexC_doing a 'host' comes back with 'alex.office.local' and a 'dig a alex.office.local' comes back with
twbYou cannot use .local on a 192.168 network.11:38
AlexC_hum, I thought that was one of the purposes of it?11:38
twbYou thought wrong.11:38
AlexC_however, if this was the issue - our other server does not result in this error and works just fine11:38
twbWell, I didn't say it was the ONLY issue11:39
twbUltimately the problem is that libc (nsswitch.conf) isn't reverse resolving your IP back to the expected hostname.11:39
AlexC_what could cause this?11:40
twbEr, getting it wrong11:40
cwillu_at_workAlexC_, was that host run from the server with the issue?11:40
twbYou should be using "getent hosts".11:40
twbhost(1) is not a valid test, because it always and only uses DNS.11:41
AlexC_cwillu_at_work: yes11:41
cwillu_at_workwhat twb said11:41
AlexC_$ getent hosts     alex.office.local11:42
cwillu_at_workthe other server probably isn't configured to resolve mdns hostnames, or it's later in the resolve order (which I think it incorrect, as it ends up putting out a dns request that's guaranteed to fail)11:42
twbYeah; I still think the problem is using .local on the wrong network11:42
AlexC_what is advised to use instead of .local?11:42
twbIME it gives these kinds of bizarro failures11:42
twbAlexC_: I use .lan, because it's the OpenWRT default.11:42
AlexC_twb: if it makes any difference, there is a Windows Active Directory server on the network, which was setup before I got here to use '.local'11:45
twbJust because it was someone else who fucked up doesn't make it right.11:46
AlexC_ok, I'll see about changing to .lan11:49
ramseyd_Hi guys12:04
ramseyd_quick question:12:04
ramseyd_I am trying to get latest version of cherokee web server on my ubuntu 10.04 using apt-get12:04
ramseyd_But it keeps giving me this error:12:04
ramseyd_W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/cherokee-webserver/ppa/ubuntu/dists/lucid/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  404  Not Found12:04
ramseyd_Even though, that link is correct12:04
ramseyd_Anyone knows what could be wrong?12:05
ramseyd_here is what a wget of that link gives me : http://dpaste.org/sIdK/12:05
ramseyd_Someone can answer my question please?12:17
AlexC_if I'm not putting users in a chroot, and clients would like SSH access - what sort of things should I do to protect certain files? Is it bad practice to remove read access on some files/directories?12:49
hallynjdstrand: gmorning - i was wondering, were you planning on merging libvirt 0.8.2 soon-ish?12:55
pmatulisAlexC_: if these clients are not your own people then i wouldn't allow non-chroot access.  otherwise set up a separate system just for ssh access12:56
AlexC_pmatulis: have you got a guide or reference for chroot SSH? Everything I see is very old and contradicts what other guides say12:59
AlexC_I can't find any solid or trustworthy resource12:59
redshirtlinuxHello everyone, does anyone know a reason why running updates on an Ubuntu 9.04 server might break the servers ability to talk to LDAP?  The server is a hosts a front end via apache and tomcat.  The site is made up of java, php, and html.13:01
pmatulisAlexC_: i made some notes about it.  i don't remember it being terribly hard.13:19
pmatulisAlexC_: what's stopping you?13:19
codeshepherdI find 50 instances of console-kit-daemon running in my server.. . what does it do? Do I really need it? how do I stop it?13:38
codeshepherdno one here uses console kit daemon ?13:53
jmitchellare there any bind9 ninjas in the house?13:54
jmitchellhow can i get bind9 to use/allow login's and passwords for dyndns updates to it? I want to copy changeip.com or dyndns.org's type of setup13:55
jmitchelli am currently generating keys instead13:55
smoseranyone want to help with https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xinetd/+bug/4357413:55
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 43574 in xinetd "Needs Ubuntu-style init script" [Wishlist,Triaged]13:55
smoserit just needs sponsoring.13:56
smoserbranch attached.13:56
* jmitchell takes a look at the link\13:56
jdstrandhallyn: I'm working on updates for libvirt and will do it as part of that13:59
AlexC_pmatulis: I guess it's knowing what programs I want them to have access to, the directory structure and generally how to set it up14:02
D347H-C0D3Hi gys... I just used debootrap for ubuntu 8.04 on my ubuntu 9.04(hosted on virtual box). When i tried installing xfce desktop on ubuntu 8.04 the folowing error came: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464024/14:03
pmatulisAlexC_: well if they need access surely they know what for, no?14:06
sorensmoser: Does anything take care not to install the init script anymore?14:14
smosersoren, yes. dh handles that.14:14
smosertheres magic that, and on upgrade, there is magic that replaces /etc/init.d/xinetd with a link to /lib/init/upstart-job14:15
smosers/^theres magic that,//14:15
sorensmoser: Neat. :)14:16
hallynjdstrand: awesome, thanks14:18
AlexC_pmatulis: yes, though I mean the more core gnu utils14:21
pmatulisAlexC_: you have to at least provide a shell for them.  i remember having to copy over manually files for even that to work - it's not great14:22
AlexC_pmatulis: this is what I don't like, it just seems like one big dirty hack. What happens regarding system updates for files I've copied?14:23
pmatulisAlexC_: heh, you ask too many questions14:24
AlexC_questions lead to knowledge :P14:25
pmatulisAlexC_: and pain14:25
pmatulisAlexC_: i can send you my notes if you would like14:25
AlexC_that would be great14:25
AlexC_thankfully most of our clients will use SFTP, of which chroot is incredibly simple14:26
pmatulisAlexC_: dumped notes in a private window14:27
AlexC_thanks, I'll read over :)14:28
sommermorning all14:43
freakynlhi, i'm having quite a bit of issues with ufw (the so called (not so)-uncomplicated firewall). Running ubuntu server 10.04 amd64 with ufw (because apparently that's the only iptables thing actually supported by ubuntu). It's main problem is the default config... who/what decided it would be nice to have a 3 connections per minute by default on *EVERY* connection on a *server*? Point me there, I'll bring the bat :). Anyways, anyone know how to14:58
pmatulisfreakynl: cool down14:59
AlexC_freakynl: shorewall. end of :)14:59
freakynlpmatulis: actually I am pretty calm, I just find it extremely hard to believe nobody else runs into it / this is default ufw rules on a *server*. 3 connections / min with a 10 burst is absolutely nothing for a webserver especially if clients don't pipeline15:01
jdstrandfreakynl: a) shorewall and iptables are both supported. b) only the 'limit' command has a 3 connections per minute default. allow does not15:01
freakynljdstrand: before hitting any allow rules i created with ufw (mainly for 80/443) it hits the ufw-logging-deny chain which blocks it (it goes input -> ufw-before-input -> ufw-logging-deny)15:03
freakynljdstrand: but there's something like iptables-save/restore from init.d then?15:03
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
jdstrandfreakynl: actually, I mispoke, the limit command is 6. the '3' you are seeing is for the logging chain, yes15:06
jdstrandfreakynl: that limit can be adjusted by adjusting your log level in ufw15:07
jdstrandfreakynl: see the LOGGING section in 'man ufw' for details15:08
jdstrandfreakynl: but, based on your comment, it sounds like the packets aren't matching your allow rule, which is why it is going to logging-deny (and therefore your default policy) in the first place15:10
jdstrandfreakynl: as for iptables-restore, see 'man ufw-framework' for details on how things are put together. basically, there is no iptables-save (you use the 'ufw' command or edit files directly) and an iptables-restore action happens on boot (or start/reload)15:13
DavieyIs anyone ACK'ing SRU's today?15:21
Davieybah, wrong channel15:21
freakynljdstrand: thanks for the explanation. Actually they do hit allow, otherwise the backup clients wouldn't be able to backup at all and the website wouldn't be accessible. Currently almost all backup clients, depending on what they're doing (ie it occurs when uploading many small files) log 'network connection issues' every 5-10 mins. It then stops backing up for like 5 mins and then tries again. It hits the log/block due to not being allowed by15:32
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Davieyzul, Are you able to look at bug 313275, soonish?15:53
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 313275 in logwatch "logwatch stunnel script doesn't match any stunnel4 log entries" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31327515:53
zulDaviey: i could be persuaded yes15:53
Davieyzul, R-O-C-K-I-N-G15:54
Treki'm getting a weird issue with things related to something with perl failing.  Pastebin: http://starfleet.pastebin.com/E1uXrcyw15:54
Trekany idea how to fix it?15:54
pmatulisTrek: did you google for 'perl: warning: Setting locale failed.' ?15:55
Trekpmatulis: yah, had issues finding it (slow slow slow internet)15:55
DavieyTrek, Let us know if your search engine doesn't help you find a solution, and we'll crack on.15:56
Trekstandby, since GOOGLE IS TAKING 15 MINUTES TO LOAD15:56
Trekgrr stupid caps15:56
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Trekwell google found a result...15:58
Treki get new issues too o.o15:58
* Trek thinks his install is borked15:59
sherrTrek: Google gets lots of hits for : "Cannot set LC_CTYPE to default locale" +ubuntu16:09
zulsmoser: ping16:10
zulsmoser: im thinking this might help you guys http://people.canonical.com/~chucks/xen-mask-out-xsave-for-hvm-guests.patch16:13
smoserjjohansen-afk, ^16:13
RyanPI have Ubuntu Server 10.04 setup with LDAP authentication, and am using the LDAP server to authenticate client computers to the server. On the clients, everything works. On the server, I can login fine, but attempting to change the password I get the error: 'passwd: Authentication token manipulation error'16:32
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n0n0xHas anyone ever used sysbench on ubuntu?16:47
sherrRyanP: that LDAP error seems to happen a lot and you will get a lot of hits on Google for it. Might be worth checking there first.16:47
RyanPsherr: I spent a bunch of time on Google, and most of the links seemed to just say something like 'This is sometimes something to do with LDAP.' but nothing more helpful than that.16:49
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[diablo]hi, anyone know a big table database shipping with LTS please?16:57
binBASHbig table database?16:57
binBASHI thought until now only google got BigTable :D16:58
oru_workis there any suspicious activity here ? http://www.pastebin.org/39756417:01
oru_workwhats that ghostscript ?17:02
sherroru_work: why don't you look it up on the web - easy to track down. Why are you asking about "suspicious" activity?17:03
jjohansensmoser: yeah that is essentially what I did17:04
ScottKkirkland: Is it reasonably safe/possible to convert from unencrypted to encrypted home directory on 10.04?17:05
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
hallynScottK: looks like ecryptfs-migrate-home might do it for you.  I'm going to test it right now actually.  You're on maverick?17:21
ScottKI have systems on maverick, but the one in question is lucid.17:21
hallynScottK: ok - i'm testing in a lucid vm then.  I'm curious about it myself, to be able to answer other ppl.  (for myself i prefer hand-mounting ecrytpfs'd subdirs - don't know why - old dogs and all that)17:26
webPragmatistanyon here use rsyncd?17:27
* ScottK prefers it to automagic and reliable to having to think about it.17:28
hallynScottK: <shrug> it worked perfectly for me.  I created a new temporary user with sudo privs, logged in as him, then did ecryptefs-migrate-home -u hallyn;  did a 'switch user' to hallyn to verify files were ok, 'switch users' back and rm -rf /home/hallyn.<random>17:42
maekis there a way to copy the contents of the install dvd and use it for a network based install source?17:42
hallynScottK: if/when the per-user keyring is honored to deny file reads, i might do all-home encrypted, but as it is, once you log in, any user able to descend your /home/$USER can read all your decrypted files...  so i try to keep encrypted dirs unmounted when possible,17:42
webPragmatistScottK: hey18:01
n0n0xis it possible that mutexes got 4~5 times slower on x86_64 compared to x86? At least that's what sybench is telling me.18:01
webPragmatistunder /etc/default/rsync what's yalls default RSYNC_ENABLE18:02
robbiewttx: wanted to get together in Prague to make sure things are in line for 10.04.1...is there anyone in Server focused on this?18:02
maekin preseed how do you tell the server to use a different repo to install from other then archive.ubuntu.com or the mirror of said repo?18:03
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robbiewttx: just want to be sure I don't leave anyone out18:03
SuperLagAny of you guys use Tomcat on Ubuntu Server?18:17
SuperLagI've added all the tomcat6-* packages, and edited the tomcat-users.xml file to add the default users who were commented out... but when I try to bring up the Tomcat Manager, I'm still getting an "access denied" message18:18
SuperLagI figured it out. :/18:37
* SuperLag kicks himself18:37
ttxrobbiew: that would be zul (and possibly me)18:45
robbiewttx: ack..thnx18:46
Ast001Hello after installation of Ubuntu 10.04 server I have got fonts so small that I need microscope to read anything. How can I enlarge that ?18:47
matt_keysI'm trying to connect to a remote kvm host via ssh. using just the hostname, I can't log in as root by default so I used username@kvmhost. It prompts for the password and authenticates, but then it closes connection with "File "/usr/share/virt-manager/virtManager/connection.py", line 896, in _try_open None], flags) File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/libvirt.py", line 111, in openAuth if ret is None:raise libvirtError('virCon18:49
Jeeves_Ast001: Uh, on your monitor?18:49
Jeeves_Or via ssh? :)18:49
Ast001yes I am unable to configure anything18:49
Ast001on monitor18:50
Jeeves_Hmm, goed question.18:50
matt_keysAst001: try text mode install?18:50
Jeeves_matt_keys: He allready installed18:50
Jeeves_and the serverinstaller is textmode :)18:50
Ast001I installed ubuntu18:50
matt_keysoh... try holding ctrl down and using the scroll wheel18:50
zulttx: are we planning on updating openldap its getting kind of stale in maverick18:51
Ast001ctr + mouse wheel changes nothing18:52
ttxzul: we should, maybe sync with mathiaz on that18:52
matt_keysAst001: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4322584&postcount=318:53
Ast001ok thanks18:53
Ast001I will try that18:53
uvirtbotNew bug: #605977 in puppet (main) "emacs puppet-mode not auto loaded in lucid" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60597718:56
RyanPI have Ubuntu Server 10.04 setup with LDAP authentication, and am using the LDAP server to authenticate client computers to the server. On the clients, everything works. On the server, I can login fine, but attempting to change the password I get the error: 'passwd: Authentication token manipulation error'19:06
pmatulisis there a mailing list manager that integrates well with ldap (to hold membership data)?19:31
ForestBearhey guys I have a server set up with nginx, I can see it on my own computer by LAN computers (connected to the same router) cannot see it?19:34
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b14ckHey all. I'm trying to compile some software that requires the linux source code. I've installed linux-headers-2.6.32-23 linux-image-2.6.32-23-server and linux-source-2.6.32  but they aren't showing up in /usr/src. My question is: How can I force the package manager to 're-install' those packages fresh without removing them and breaking my install?19:37
sherr"linux-source" should give you a .tar.bz2 file to extract in /usr/src - are you sure you need it though? Module compilation just needs headers I think.19:59
pmatulishe's gone20:00
sherrOK, thanks.20:00
Kreamcan anyone recommend a lightweight http webserver with support for http digest authentication?20:01
pmatulisKream: lighttpd20:03
norbiAnevemhy guys20:13
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ubuntu_lovecan you please help me with some info20:13
ubuntu_lovei have a domain key20:14
ubuntu_lovepublic and private and spf20:14
ubuntu_lovebut yahoo says that domainkey is neutral=it doesn`t exists20:14
ubuntu_loveit is that possible that dkim-milter doesn`t sign the mail with the domainkey?20:14
ubuntu_loveor yahoo server is checking that with dig TXT _domainkey?20:15
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ccheneykirkland, found you don't really need a mirror, approx is good enough :)20:31
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ScottKubuntu_love: domainkey and dkim aren't the same thing.20:41
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ubuntu_loveScottK: could you please check this report: http://pastebin.com/KFXF07hg20:53
ubuntu_loveit says that the domain key is invalid20:54
ScottKubuntu_love: It says domainkeys neutral (which is due to no signature).  Your mail has a DKIM signature, not a domainkeys signature.20:56
ScottKubuntu_love: Which Ubuntu release are you using?20:57
ubuntu_loveScottK: i downloaded the ubuntu server today20:57
ubuntu_lovethe server from i send the mails is a fake centos20:57
ScottKThen support for it's off topic here.20:57
ubuntu_loveScottK: ok, thank you!20:58
ScottKhallyn: Worked great.  Thanks.21:04
hallynScottK: cool, glad to hear it21:07
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n0n0xIsn't there any way to check how ECC memories are performing? I mean, how many times ECC saved my server21:31
effoweHi: I'm running Ubuntu Server 10.04 and am trying to learn more about /etc/rc*.d, runtimes, and startup processes. running sysv-rc-conf still shows packages that are no longer installed, can someone point me to a comprehensive guide / tutorial to removing unused startup processes from their runtime directories so that they no longer show up in sysv-rc-conf?21:36
piovhi...any iptables helpers here...need help with port based routing21:39
Kreamanyone here use munin?21:44
ruben23 hi guya anyone can recommend cheapest hosted server..?21:50
MTecknology!info php5-gd222:04
ubottuPackage php5-gd2 does not exist in lucid22:04
MTecknology!info php-gd222:04
ubottuPackage php-gd2 does not exist in lucid22:04
guntbert!info php5-gd | MTecknology22:05
ubottuMTecknology: php5-gd (source: php5): GD module for php5. In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.2 (lucid), package size 33 kB, installed size 152 kB22:05
MTecknologyguntbert: thanks :)22:07
guntbertMTecknology: you're welcome :-)22:07
Kreamanyone here use munin?22:07
guntbertKream: why don't you ask your real question? (I myself know nothing about munin though)22:09
MTecknologyKream: I use nginx, it has some of the same letters. :)22:09
piovwhen i do port based routing (mark..ip route...ip rule...etc), traffic routes fine outbound, but inbound syn/ack packets are not forwarded to the client from the linux firewall?22:10
piov i can see the packets hit the prerouting chain, but they never get to the forward chain22:11
piovany ideas?22:11
piovproblem similar to http://linux.derkeiler.com/Newsgroups/comp.os.linux.networking/2007-09/msg00095.html22:12
webPragmatisthow hard would it be to retrofit this to ubutun22:28
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theacolyteAm I missing something, or why is escape not letting me enter grub settings (looks like likewise open broke AGAIN - and I can't log in using any username/password combnations)23:15
* theacolyte needs to get into init 123:15
theacolyteNo amount of mashing escape is working23:18
theacolyteEh, nevermind, I'm just going to roll back to 8.0423:23
theacolyte10.04 has been extremely painful23:23
webPragmatisthow can i make a init.d script start at boot23:32
qman__webPragmatist, update-rc.d23:47
webPragmatistaww eff LOL23:47
webPragmatistwell i don't feel as bad… it just uses the start-stop-daemon too … i just created an init.d that was already somewhere on the interweb http://code.google.com/p/lsyncd/source/browse/package/debian/init.d?r=7323:48
webPragmatistthat doesn't even seem to specify runtimes?23:51

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