* lfaraone is currently looking at: Poll Activity (by kandarpk)02:34
dfarninghey lfaraone good to see you.02:35
lfaraonehey dfarning02:35
dfarninglfaraone, today will be heavy on the packaging again.02:36
dfarninglfaraone, with a brief into into telepathy.02:36
dfarninglfaraone, as you go along can you introduce dipankar in to what needs to happen before he can be a maintainer for a package or group of packages?02:40
lfaraonedfarning: well, all he needs for that is to have his name in the "Maintainer" field. In the case of debian-olpc, we have team maintinence, but list specific people as Uploaders (Jonas, and the SEETA guy responsible for the activity, for example)02:41
lfaraonedfarning: if you mean to be able to upload packages where he's in said fields without a sponsor checking his work, in Debian he needs to be a Debian Maintainer (which means a DD has to endorse him and (possibly a differrrent) a DD has to sign his key), and have "DM-Upload-Allowed: yes" set in the debian/control file.02:42
dfarninglfaraone, Yes the goal is to get to that point within a few months.02:44
lfaraonedfarning: cool. they'll have to arrange the DD signature, but Jonas or (when I'm a DD) I can endorse the appl./02:57
dfarninglfaraone, Can we start looking for people to sign their keys now?03:10
lfaraonedfarning: sure.03:11
lfaraonedfarning: http://wiki.debian.org/Keysigning/Offers#IN03:11
dfarninglfaraone, ok that is the sort of thing manusheel is a wiz at doing.... he knows everybody:)03:12
* dipankar says hello to all :)03:34
dfarninggood morning dipankar03:39
dipankardfarning, hi03:39
dfarninghow is the reading coming:)03:39
dipankarI have just woke up. :( Will continue reading in an hour03:40
dfarningdipankar, what do you have planed for today?03:42
dipankardfarning, as Manu sir told last night, I have to draft a workflow for new seeta members, who will be working with Sugar Team03:43
dipankardfarning, I am dilemma here: whether to start with PPA or git with new Members... Right now situation demands git, but PPA is somewhat easier to try on before git.03:45
dipankar* I am in dilemma03:45
dfarningdipankar, +1, I would start with PPA.03:46
dfarningdipankar, the git method is specialized and hides a bunnch of important stuff behind scripts.03:47
dipankaryeah. if not gone through that, git will just become a bunch of commands for some work.03:48
lfaraonedfarning: maybe it'd be good to have some folks backport https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/601219 by prepairing a debdiff for the earlier ubuntu versions...?03:51
lfaraonedfarning: (10.04) as practice.03:51
dipankarlfaraone, hi.03:52
lfaraonedfarning: very very very straightforward, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/sugar-flipsticks-activity/maverick/revision/3/debian/install and a changelog entry.03:53
lfaraonehey dipankar03:53
dipankarlfaraone, the install directory problem?03:53
lfaraonedipankar: yep. we just need to tell it to install in a different dir, as demonstrated in the link.03:54
lfaraonedipankar: via a debdiff. tutorial: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/Debdiff03:54
lfaraonedipankar: with the distro being "lucid-proposed" and the proceedure for submitting the patch being at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates03:55
dipankarlfaraone, yup. Looks like an easy task. I feel it somewhat similar to git diff & git commit03:56
lfaraonedipankar: what it does do is give people *real* Ubuntu packaging practice, and their changes actually get uploaded to the main Ubuntu archive.03:56
lfaraonesince I can sponsor them.03:57
dipankarlfaraone, that would be nice. So who can work on this? Are you referring to new comers?03:58
dfarninglfaraone, will you work with neeraj on this when he comes online?03:58
lfaraonedfarning: sure.03:59
lfaraonedipankar: anybody.03:59
dipankardfarning, I would also like to try this, :)04:00
dfarningdipankar, you have your hand fulls working on becoming Debian Maintainer.04:01
dipankaroops yeah!04:02
lfaraoneokay, connect installs and runs in squeeze. reviewed.04:03
dipankarlfaraone, I seem to have some problem with my Debian on Virtual Box04:04
dipankarlfaraone, I am unable to install any package :(04:04
* dipankar is away: Be Right Back04:08
lfaraonedfarning: does it make sense to repeat myself when I'm reviewing three activities by the same person which have identical issues?04:28
lfaraonekandarpk: hi, most of the points in the review I sent of connect apply to memorize as well. and why does memorize contain "sugar-memorize-activity_34+git20091021.837e6c6b.orig.tar.gz.id" in the root directory? :)04:32
kandarpklfaraone: I removed it from the folder, maybe forgot to remove from git repo.04:33
kandarpkwill correct it04:33
dfarninglfaraone, a trick I learned while TAing was to keep and editor open with common corrections. For now I suggest just cutting and pasting as necessary.04:33
lfaraonekandarpk: not a big issue. if you could quickly fix the issues I mentioned in poll and memorize, I'll avoid wasting our time and space by repeating myself. (by holding off on the review until you've pushed up)04:34
lfaraone*the issues I mentioned on my email of connect in poll and memorize04:34
lfaraonedfarning: hehe, yeah, I've been copypasting from prior emails, but the glue was getting my workspace all sticky.04:35
kandarpklfaraone: I am not using my PC right now :(04:35
lfaraonekandarpk: understood.04:36
dfarningdipankar, what are you writing and who is your audience?04:36
kandarpkdfarning: hi04:36
dfarningmorning kandarpk04:36
kandarpkdfarning: good morning04:37
* lfaraone will brb in 1504:37
kandarpkdfarning, lfaraone: how different is packaging for core sugar from sugar-activities ?04:37
dfarningkandarpk, basically it is the same.  Just a bit more complicated.04:39
* dipankar is back (gone 00:31:42)04:40
dipankarkandarpk, Hi, I am having some trouble with Debian. I am unable to download and install any package by running 'apt-get' in root04:41
dfarningkandarpk, do you have time stamps on your logs? About 1.5 hours ago lfaraone had a good idea for introducing the Ubuntu workflow by fixing some straight forward bugs.04:41
kandarpktry synaptic04:42
kandarpkif that works04:42
dipankarI am not able to find synaptic too. :(04:42
lfaraonedipankar: post the error message and I'll look at it when I get back in 1004:43
dipankarlfaraone, ok. I am back in 504:44
dfarningdipankar, can you email with the requirements of document you are writing?04:45
dipankardfarning, ok.04:46
dfarningdipankar, thanks I have to go for about an hour:(  But I'll get back to you as soon as possiable.04:47
dipankardfarning, no problem.04:48
=== dipankar is now known as dipankarl
kandarpklfaraone: pushing memorize activity gives error: ! [rejected]        pristine-tar -> pristine-tar (non-fast-forward)04:54
kandarpkkandarpk lfaraone: details here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/463619/04:54
kandarpklfaraone: pulling pristine-tar gives branch already upto date.04:54
kandarpkdipankarl: please mail me as well the documentation you prepare on working on PPA.04:55
lfaraonekandarpk: not sure.04:55
lfaraonedipankard: your nick is gaining appendages! :D04:56
dipankarlkandarpk, thats for new comers :)04:56
lfaraonedipankard: any luck apt-getting?04:56
kandarpkdipankarl: I am sure it will have something I don't know yet04:56
dipankarlkandarpk, nah! Just starters04:57
dipankardlfaraone: Just about to start04:57
dipankard* running debian 5.0 on virtual box04:58
kandarpkdipankarl: you just copy me. I am not very confident working on PPA04:58
dipankarlkandarpk, no problem. I will do that for sure :)04:58
kandarpkdipankarl: thanks05:00
kandarpklfaraone: I didn't receive your mail regarding the review of poll-activity05:00
dipankardlfaraone: at the end of my name : *d refers to desktop and and *l refers to laptop05:01
kandarpkdipankard: multitasking!05:01
dipankard* ok here is the problem: E: Couldn't find package vlc05:02
kandarpkdipankard: you can try installing synaptic so that you know what all packages are there in the debian repo05:04
dipankardI ran: root@debian:~#apt-get install vlc05:05
dipankardkandarpk: There a high probability that vlc is in debian repo05:05
* dipankarl is away: Be Right Back05:06
* dipankard is on Desktop05:06
=== dipankard is now known as dipankar
lfaraonekandarpk: resent. if it doens't get in your inbox, check the mailing list archives.05:07
* lfaraone is off for the night.05:07
dipankargoodnight lfaraone05:07
dipankarkandarpk: can you please tell me how you installed the packages? Was there something in installation?05:08
kandarpkdipankar: I installed synaptic. all packages were listed there05:09
dipankarkandarpk: and the sugar packages that luke told to test? how are you installing them?05:10
kandarpkdipankar: sugar-0.84, 0.86, 0.88 all were there in the list05:12
dipankarkandarpk: I downloaded the .deb of synaptic and that also did not install.05:12
kandarpksudo apt-get install synaptic05:12
dipankarkandarpk: Not working. I am planning to install Debian once again. Can you guide me? It will take 15-20 minutes at max.05:13
kandarpkdipankar: I dont think installing again will help05:14
kandarpkdipankar: but if you wish you can try to05:15
dipankarkandarpk: I remember screwing up something during installing. There is no loss in installing again :)05:15
kandarpkdipankar: ok.05:15
dipankarkandarpk: started installation: Automated install05:19
kandarpkdipankar: ok05:20
kandarpkdipankar: you will find an option to test cd for errors05:20
dipankarkandarpk: you there?05:23
dipankarkandarpk: its asking for a preconfiguration file05:24
kandarpkdipankar: I didn't receive any notification like that05:24
dipankarLet me start all over again05:24
kandarpkdipankar: I've sent you the steps I followed05:25
dipankarkandarpk: thanks :)05:25
kandarpkdipankar: they should help.05:25
kandarpkdipankar: anything not being there means I didn't had that issue05:26
dfarninggood morning neeraj12:14
dfarninghow are you?12:14
neerajdfarning: good morning..12:15
neerajdfarning: I am fine.. and u?12:15
dfarninggood thanks12:16
dfarningneeraj, what are you plans?12:16
neerajdfarning: At present I am in my college for some work.. I will reach home in 3hr. after that I will test write and record on 0.84,0.86 and 0.8812:17
neerajdfarning: Did ny one from seeta started packaging  core packages12:18
dfarningneeraj, great let's wait on the core packages for a week or so.  nothing is pressing.12:20
neerajdfarning: Ok..12:20
dfarningneeraj, But we would like you to take a look at some Ubuntu bugs.  They are easy to fix.12:20
neerajdfarning: sure..12:21
dfarningneeraj, great thanks12:30
dfarninglfaraone will also be a available in 1.5 to 2 hours to help.12:31
neerajdfarning: ok. I will wait for him..12:33
dfarningneeraj, here is our discussion about the issue.12:35
dfarning dfarning: maybe it'd be good to have some folks backport https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/601219 by prepairing a debdiff for the earlier ubuntu versions...?12:35
dfarning dfarning: (10.04) as practice.12:35
dfarning<dipankar> lfaraone, hi.12:35
dfarning<lfaraone> dfarning: very very very straightforward, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/sugar-flipsticks-activity/maverick/revision/3/debian/install and a changelog entry.12:35
dfarning<lfaraone> hey dipankar12:35
dfarning<dipankar> lfaraone, the install directory problem?12:35
dfarning<lfaraone> dipankar: yep. we just need to tell it to install in a different dir, as demonstrated in the link.12:35
dfarning dipankar: via a debdiff. tutorial: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/Debdiff12:35
dfarning dipankar: with the distro being "lucid-proposed" and the proceedure for submitting the patch being at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates12:35
dfarning<dipankar> lfaraone, yup. Looks like an easy task. I feel it somewhat similar to git diff & git commit12:35
dfarning<lfaraone> dipankar: what it does do is give people *real* Ubuntu packaging practice, and their changes actually get uploaded to the main Ubuntu archive.12:35
dfarning since I can sponsor them.12:35
dfarning<dipankar> lfaraone, that would be nice. So who can work on this? Are you referring to new comers?12:35
dfarning<dfarning> lfaraone, will you work with neeraj on this when he comes online?12:35
neerajdfarning: unable to open http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/sugar-flipsticks-activity/maverick/revision/3/debian/install12:42
neeraj* will be back within an hour12:50
dfarningIan_Daniher, ping13:13
=== neeraj_ is now known as neeraj
lfaraonedfarning: that link works for you, rigt?14:11
dfarninglfaraone yes it did.14:12
dfarningand good morning14:12
dfarningneeraj, lfaraone is available:)14:12
neerajlfaraone: good morning14:13
lfaraonemorning neeraj.14:13
neeraj* reading the links for applying patch.14:21
lfaraoneneeraj / neeraj_ let me know if you have trobule.14:38
neeraj_lfaraone, yes facing trouble while running patch -pl command.. wait a min I am trying once again..14:39
lfaraoneneeraj_: that's "-p1"14:39
lfaraoneneeraj_: one, not ell.14:39
neeraj_hmm.. I copied the command.. anyway.. trying one more time14:40
neeraj_I have renamed the 3_2.diff file to sugar-flipsticks-activity_1-0ubuntu2.diff14:41
neeraj_lfaraone, http://paste.ubuntu.com/464039/14:45
neeraj_patching method for diff and debdiff is same or different?14:45
neeraj_lfaraone, -pnumber.. number should be 1 or something else?14:48
lfaraoneneeraj_: "patch -p1"14:48
lfaraoneneeraj_: please read the manual page for patch. it's arguments go as follows: "patch [options] [originalfile [patchfile]]"14:49
lfaraoneneeraj_: so if you wanted to apply a patch to the present dirctory, you'd do "patch -p1 `pwd` path/to/file.patch"14:50
neeraj_lfaraone, ok.. I used patch -p1 and nothing happening.. have u seen the paste link?14:51
lfaraoneneeraj_: yes.14:53
neeraj_ok I was missing '<'14:53
lfaraoneneeraj_: yes, "patch -p1 < path/to/file.patch" would also work.14:53
neeraj_lfaraone, http://paste.ubuntu.com/464053/14:56
dfarningneeraj_,  the '<' symbol causes redirection please see http://www.linuxsa.org.au/tips/io-redirection.html14:57
lfaraoneneeraj_: please paste your patch, the contents of changelog, and the contents of install.15:00
neeraj_lfaraone, first tell me do I have to make changes in diff file?15:03
lfaraoneneeraj_: I am not sure what you mean.15:03
lfaraoneneeraj_: wait. you're applying the existing diff file? it's already been applied...15:04
neeraj_I mean the patch u created.. 3_2.diff file.. Do I need to remove ur name and add mine. I don't think so15:04
neeraj_No.. I download it from http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/maverick/sugar-flipsticks-activity/maverick/revision/3/debian/changelog#debian/changelog15:04
lfaraoneneeraj_: you should make the change to the install file manually, add a new changelog entry (of the version scheme "1-0ubuntu1.UBUNTUVERSION.1", like "1-0ubuntu1.10.04.1"), do a source build of the package, then generate teh debdiff.15:06
neeraj_lfaraone, ok.15:07
lfaraoneneeraj_: you're supposed to create a debdiff, not apply one :X15:07
* dipankar says Hello :)15:07
dipankardfarning, hi. Thanks for the modifications in the work flow.15:08
dfarningdipankar, you are welcome:)  I'll try to add layers in bite sized pieces this time.15:09
dipankardfarning, that will be great.15:09
neeraj_lfaraone, done15:11
lfaraoneneeraj_: cool. can you show me your debdiff?15:12
kandarpkdfarning, lfaraone, dipankar, neeraj_ : Hi.15:15
lfaraonehi kandarpk .15:15
dipankarhey kandarpk , hi :)15:16
neeraj_lfaraone, http://paste.ubuntu.com/464064/15:17
lfaraoneneeraj_: please fix the version number per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdatePreparation#Update%20the%20packaging15:22
lfaraoneneeraj_: (there is already a package with that version in Maverick)15:23
lfaraoneneeraj_: also, you're packaging the fix for Lucid, right? shoudln't the dist be "lucid-proposed" and not "maverick"?15:23
neeraj_lfaraone, sorry missed that point which u mentioned earlier in the morning..15:24
lfaraoneneeraj_: no worries.15:29
neeraj_lfaraone, If the lastest version is 1-0ubuntu2 then I should just change it to 1-0ubuntu2.1 ?15:30
neeraj_Also as we are packaging for lucid then we need to check for latest version in lucid only or Maverick to(thought I guess latest version gets released for both at same time)15:32
lfaraoneneeraj_: the latest version in *maverick* is 1-0ubuntu2. The latest version in lucid, karmic, jaunty, intrepid is 1-0ubuntu1.15:32
lfaraoneneeraj_: the idea is when backporting or SRUing a fix the version number of the backported fix MUST be less than the version in later releases but greater than that of the current release.15:33
lfaraoneneeraj_: usually a good idea is to take the old version number and add ".UBUNTU_VERSION.1" to it. like 1-0ubuntu1.10.04.1, for example.15:34
neeraj_lfaraone, ok. thats why in SRUing and backporting we just keep increasing version by adding .1 and so15:34
neeraj_lfaraone, ok So I hope 1-0ubuntu2.10.04.1 will be fine?15:36
lfaraoneneeraj_: no, since that is GREATER than the version in maverick...15:36
neeraj_or we have to update it acco to latest version of package in lucid that is ubuntu115:37
lfaraoneneeraj_: so what should the number be?15:37
lfaraoneneeraj_: right.15:38
neeraj_lfaraone, should I update control file acco to Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss@lists.ubuntu.com>15:39
neeraj_XSBC-Original-Maintainer: Ross Burton <ross@debian.org>15:39
neeraj_though lintian didn't pointed out it when I build with out touching the control file15:40
neeraj_I mean lintian used to gave a warning when we used to build packages for sugar-team ppa..15:41
lfaraoneneeraj_: "XSBC-Original-Maintainer: Ross Burton <ross@debian.org>" is just an example.15:42
neeraj_I remember when I asked you said that it is not a problem at present but we will have to make changes in it if we want to send it into ubuntu15:42
kandarpklfaraone: how do I remove debian/stamps-configure/ ?15:42
lfaraoneneeraj_: it should probably be set to "ubuntu-sugarteam@lists.ubuntu.com"15:43
kandarpkgit rm debian/stamps-configure/ doesn't help15:43
neeraj_lfaraone, yes I know.. I will replace it with current maintainer Jani Monoses <jani@ubuntu.com>15:43
lfaraoneneeraj_: with XMBC being set to Jani.15:43
lfaraonekandarpk: what eerror did you get?15:43
kandarpklfaraone: fatal: pathspec 'debian/stamps-configure' did not match any files15:43
kandarpklfaraone: I had removed the folder from debian, but I need to delete it from git as well, right ?15:44
lfaraonekandarpk: what does "git status" tell you?15:44
kandarpk# On branch master15:45
kandarpk# Your branch is ahead of 'origin/master' by 34 commits.15:45
kandarpk# Untracked files:15:45
kandarpk#   (use "git add <file>..." to include in what will be committed)15:45
kandarpknothing added to commit but untracked files present (use "git add" to track)15:45
lfaraonekandarpk: okay, you're good then, I guess.15:45
kandarpklfaraone: ok, thanks. correcting the packages again :(15:46
kandarpklfaraone: one more thing,  * Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format was inserted automatically on build15:47
neeraj_lfaraone, should I change standard version to latest 3.9.0 ? In maintainer I have added  Ubuntu SugarTeam <ubuntu-sugarteam@lists.ubuntu.com>15:47
kandarpklfaraone: so I thought it was necessary15:47
lfaraoneneeraj_: no, you don't need to .15:47
lfaraonekandarpk: it was inserted automatically when you switched the format.15:48
lfaraonekandarpk: it's useful to note if you had previously uploaded the package to Debian and wanted to let people know what chanegd, but we've never done such a thing, so the informatin isn't useful.15:48
kandarpklfaraone: ok, got it15:48
neeraj_lfaraone, ok.. Here is the link of lintian output.. If I need to change something then please tell http://paste.ubuntu.com/464080/15:49
lfaraoneneeraj_: right. since we're SRUing, it's usually good to just make the smallest change possible. none of what you mentioned is really terrible, so it can be ignored for now. if this was a new package or being uploaded to Debian unstable, I'd have you go and fix them.15:50
neeraj_lfaraone, debdiff http://paste.ubuntu.com/464081/15:56
kandarpklfaraone: I've pushed connect-activity, will push memorize and poll within an hour15:57
lfaraoneneeraj_: cool. do that for logviewer, memorize, pollbuilder, if you would, and attach your debdiffs for each of them to the LP bug at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sugar-0.88/+bug/60121915:58
lfaraoneneeraj_: and edit the description adding to the top information that meets the criteria at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Procedure15:59
neeraj_lfaraone, didn't got ur last point..16:01
lfaraoneneeraj_: the bug description. in order for a SRU to be approved, the bug description needs to be updated to include the information required per the SRU criteria.l16:03
neeraj_lfaraone, ok16:04
lfaraonekandarpk: awesome.16:07
neeraj_poll builder http://paste.ubuntu.com/464100/ and memorize  http://paste.ubuntu.com/464101/16:36
neeraj_* away (dinner)16:36
kandarpklfaraone: I've pushed connect, memorize, poll activities16:39
kandarpklfaraone: please review them when you get time.16:39
dfarninglfaraone how is every thing going today?  it looks like good progress16:50
lfaraonedfarning: decently.16:52
lfaraonesorry, just came back from lunch.16:52
dfarninglfaraone is it possiable to push other patches to lucid -proposed so we can start getting rid of the PPA?16:55
lfaraonedfarning: very much so. I'd highly recommend it, since it both directly provides value (people using ubuntu sans PPA can work with Sugar) and gains us good experience.16:56
lfaraonedfarning: I'm not too familiar with the patches you've had to apply, but open bugs for them , have the developers attach debdiffs or bzr branches, fill out the SRU criteria and subscribe me.16:56
dfarninglfaraone  Ok, let's have neeraj work on that over the next couple of days. That way he will gain valuable experience.17:00
dfarninglfaraone I'll try to isolate out some of the patches for him to get started.17:00
dfarninglfaraone the reason that I orginally went with the PPA was so that we could start working on more recent version of Sugar.17:11
dfarningthe ppa has .88.1 while universe has .87.217:12
dfarningankurkhurana__, hello17:12
ankurkhurana__hello dfarning17:12
dfarningankurkhurana__, how are you?17:12
ankurkhurana__dfarning,  i am good.And good morning :)17:13
ankurkhurana__ I was going through the emails and i found that i did some mistakes with ITP17:13
ankurkhurana__can i rectify it or do i have to file it again .17:13
dfarningankurkhurana__, what were the mistakes?17:14
lfaraonedfarning: well, for that we can backport, or, if there are no new features, SRU the important bits.17:15
dfarninglfaraone the biggest difference I noticed was the different use of cdbs17:16
lfaraonedfarning: oh?17:17
ankurkhurana__dfarning,  i am in and out , just give i am checking my connection . I will be back17:22
* lfaraone is out.17:24
dfarninglfaraone, I had to use a newer versions of cdbs17:25
kandarpkdfarning: around ?17:38
dfarningkandarpk, yes17:40
kandarpkdfarning: how do I start with core packages ?17:41
kandarpkstart in the same manner and see if it works ?17:41
dfarningkandarpk, pretty much:) they might be a bit more complicated.17:43
kandarpkdfarning: in what sense ?17:43
dfarningactivities usualy have very few dependancies and are all installed in a single dir.17:44
dfarningactivities, for the most part depend on API, provided by core sugar.17:45
dfarningwhile the core sugar packages need to interact with the os on a system level.17:46
dfarningfor example pushing the shut down menu must trigger the correct system level call to start the computer shut down process.17:47
neeraj__dfarning, how can I un-install a particular activity from sugar?17:48
neeraj__sudo apt-get remove is not showing activities..17:49
dfarningneeraj__, how was it installed.17:49
dfarningneeraj__, if it was install manually you can just delete the activitity bundle in ~/.sugar17:50
neeraj__dfarning, flipsticks activity.. Inot manually17:50
dfarningneeraj__, is sugar-activites installed?17:51
kandarpkdfarning: ok.17:51
dfarningneeraj__, that is a collection of activites that were all installed at once.17:51
neeraj__^^ yes17:52
dfarningneeraj__, It is the thing we are trying to get rid of and replace with individually packaged activities.17:52
kandarpkneeraj__: does flipsticks work when you run sugar ( is it really installed ) ?17:52
neeraj__kandarpk, yes.. its working fine17:54
kandarpktry sudo dpkg -r sugar-flipsticks-activity17:55
neeraj__dfarning, I am trying to create bug report for SRUing17:55
kandarpkneeraj__: you can hit tab to autocomplete package name17:56
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neeraj__kandarp where can I find activities in ./sugar?18:03
neeraj__any idea?18:03
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kandarpkneeraj: no.18:05
kandarpkneeraj: what are you looking for ?18:05
kandarpktrying to remove installed activities ?18:06
neerajnot all.. but specific activities only..18:06
neerajMay be bcz we installed all activities using the activity bundle, I am unable to un-install single activity18:07
neerajhow can I un-install all activities?18:07
kandarpkneeraj: I use synaptic18:09
neerajkandarpk, sugar tool is installed in ur system?18:13
kandarpkneeraj: you mean sugar-emulator ?18:14
neerajkandarpk, please try to install sugar-flipsticks-activity on lucid18:14
kandarpkneeraj: working on debian right now18:14
kandarpkyou can mail me, I'll try in about 30 min18:15
neerajkandarpk, ok.. is flipsticks working properly in debian?18:15
neerajI think it is..18:15
neerajankur_, around?18:16
ankur_neeraj: yes18:16
kandarpkneeraj: I don't have its .deb18:16
neerajankur_, u r on lucid or win?18:17
neerajankur, is flipsticks installed in ur system?18:17
ankur_kandarpk:  i had a question to ask as well18:17
ankur_neeraj not yet as of now .18:17
ankurkandarpk,  when i commit a change and push it to git18:17
kandarpkankur: yes ankur_18:18
neerajkandarpk, can u prep a doc for git.. I mean what all we have to do and avoid while pushing18:18
ankurcan i make another change after that18:18
neerajI guess now you are quite experienced in it :)18:18
ankuror do i need to pull cahnges again18:18
kandarpkankur: that is what I do!18:18
ankuryou pull changes again?18:18
neerajankur try to run sudo apt-get install sugar-flipsticks-activity18:18
kandarpkankur: you dont need to pull unless the git repo is changed18:19
ankurneeraj trying it, but what happened18:19
ankurbut let me post it18:19
ankurokay not post18:19
ankurbut let me first explain18:19
ankuri deleted watch file , and now i want to commit that in change.18:19
ankuris that not possible or something that git does not allow?18:19
neerajI need to check a bug related to its installation but the problem is that I have already installed it and unable to uninstall it now :|18:20
ankurneeraj doing that18:20
ankurcan you copy me the bug18:20
kandarpkankur: git rm debian/watch18:20
ankurkandarpk,  thanks :)18:20
kandarpkneeraj: didn't dpkg work ?18:21
neerajkandarpk, no18:21
ankurneeraj, installing it18:21
neerajkandarpk, for checking the compability u repeatedly installed all three version of emulator?18:22
kandarpkneeraj: they were of 1 MB only :)18:22
neerajor just first checked on one version and then another..?18:22
neerajcool then18:23
neerajalso u kept changing and committing on the same git repository which u pushed or copied it somewhere else?18:23
kandarpkneeraj: copied means ?18:24
neerajI mean created a spereate git for testing18:24
kandarpkneeraj: yup, copied the package, tested on all three, and made final changes to the original one18:25
neerajkandarpk, ok :)18:25
ankurneeraj flipstick install kar liya now what?18:26
ankurwhat is the bug?18:26
neerajis it working?18:26
ankurdid you tried sudo apt-get remove sugar-flipsticks-activity ?18:26
neerajankur, yes18:26
neerajankur, is it working?18:30
ankurone min18:31
neerajankur, ok18:31
ankurwell it is not showing in index18:31
ankurjust a sec18:31
ankurlet me reinstall18:31
neerajankur, thats the bug :)18:32
ankurneeraj wait , is that activity uploaded to ppa in activity bundle or just otherwise?18:33
ankurlemme check18:33
neerajankur, I don't knw whether its in ppa activity bundle or not18:34
ankurit is not in ppa it may be bundled then ;18:34
ankurneeraj install log viewer18:35
ankuri am too doing it18:35
ankurlet us see if we can find something there18:35
neerajkandarpk, If you get free time then please make a documentation summarizing all the reviews which lfaraone gave to your packages pushed in git/collab-maint and mentioning the bugs which u faced.18:36
ankurand also the git document18:36
kandarpkneeraj, ankur : will try to mail it to you by tomorrow18:37
neerajkandarpk, thank you..please do it only when you have nothing much to do :)18:38
ankurneeraj,  installed log?18:39
kandarpkneeraj: it will help if you could mail me the steps you took today for Ubuntu packaging18:39
kandarpkneeraj: you can leave the commands, that I can search, but just mention the overview, and what the steps were used for18:40
ankurneeraj even log is not being shown in UI18:41
neerajkandarpk, ankur  the problem is that these packages get installed in usr/share/activities18:42
neerajankur, please check usr/share/activities problem.18:42
ankurneeraj will do it . Was modifying one package. So will need some time18:43
neerajkandarpk, ankur for fixing this only small change is required.. We have to just change the install directory to usr/share/sugar/activities18:43
kandarpkneeraj: ok.18:43
kandarpkneeraj: do you have some idea on it ?18:44
neerajkandarpk, for fixing this bug we just need to change the install directory in debian/install18:45
neerajI have done the required changes18:45
neerajNow I need to file a bug report so that I can forward it to ubuntu so that they will include it in Stable Update Release (SUR)18:46
neerajfor the bug report I needed to reproduce it.. which I was unable to do as I told you that the flipsticks activity is not getting un-installed18:47
kandarpkplease mail me the .deb18:47
kandarpkI'll try18:47
kandarpkneeraj: ^^18:50
neerajkandarpk, ankur uninstall problem got solved :)18:51
kandarpkneeraj: howz that ?18:51
ankurhow ?18:51
neerajI asked on sugar channel, I had to just to go the list view and right click/hover on the activity.. Then the package shows an option of erase :)18:52
kandarpkneeraj: ok18:54
neerajkandarpk, ankur also just someone told me that I can go to my home directory/Activities folder and delete that a particular activity :)18:56
Ian_Daniherankur: yt?19:17
neerajIan_Daniher, ankur will be back after 30 min or so..19:20
dfarningankur how are you?19:23
manusheeldfarning: Hi David. Ankur will be back in half an hour.19:23
dfarningmanusheel, how was your talk?19:24
manusheeldfarning: Very well.19:24
dfarningmanusheel, great what was it about?19:24
manusheeldfarning: It was about Collaborative learning through SocialCalc spreadsheet.19:25
dfarningmanusheel, interesting.19:26
manusheelI focused on both the paradigms of networking - mesh and cloud (public and private).19:26
manusheeldfarning: I demonstrated the sharing of SocialCalc activity on Sugar using the mesh networking scheme too.19:27
manusheelCame along well.19:27
dfarningmanusheel, very cool19:27
manusheeldfarning: Thank you.19:28
Ian_Daniherneeraj: thanks.19:43
Ian_Daniherankur: yt?21:36
ankurHello Ian_Daniher21:37
Ian_Daniherankur: Caroline mentioned you were working on ISO customization21:37
Ian_Daniherankur: what's up?21:37
Ian_Daniherankur: what are you trying to accomplish?21:39
ankurwell Regarding ISO customization ?21:39
ankurIan_Daniher, If you are talking in general , this might be the link that can provide more insight https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuSugarRemix21:41
ankurwell . to have a complete overview dfarning  and manusheel might be the right person to ask as i am guided by them :)21:42
ankurIan_Daniher, well i think that link might provide an overview but were you trying to point towards something else ?21:44
satellit__iso customization works in fedora: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_create_and_use_a_Live_CD21:45
* ankur ankur is going to sleep ,good night 21:47

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