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YokoZarfader_: ping11:39
davmor2morning all11:42
davmor2YokoZar: fader_ won't be on for about another 3ish hours11:43
YokoZarahh time zones11:43
YokoZarand staying up late ;)11:43
davmor2YokoZar: tell me :)11:43
fader_YokoZar: Heh, now it seems that you're away :)13:02
davmor2fader_: hey dude13:07
fader_davmor2: Yo13:08
davmor2fader_, YokoZar I'd offer to take notes and pass them about but there is a system in place for that called email :P13:09
fader_davmor2, YokoZar: Heh, no need -- YokoZar already emailed me :)13:09
fader_We'll need to figure out which machines his tests apply to, grab 'em out of the normal automated testing, set up the new tests, etc.  I'll ask Hankyone if he thinks he can start on that tomorrow or Monday once he's online.13:10
fader_(I don't want to start anything until after the release meeting tomorrow, as we may need to do some testing before it.)13:11
fader_Hankyone: Good morning dude14:02
cyphermoxHankyone, curious about the Dell Precision M6500 (201004-5601)14:05
cyphermoxfader_, I fail, he's not there :P14:06
fader_cyphermox: Hehe no worries, we'll grab him later :)14:06
cyphermoxanyway, according to the invoice, the system has a microphone14:06
fader_Yeah, that's what I figured... I read their docs and went through all the customization options and couldn't find a way to get it *without* a mic14:07
fader_So I think it probably has one and is not working :(14:07
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YokoZarfader_: still here?21:52
fader_YokoZar: Yep, what's up?21:53
YokoZarfader_: I'm wondering if you were able to run the test at least once to confirm it works21:53
YokoZarfader_: could even do that locally21:53
fader_YokoZar: No, sorry... I haven't touched it yet.  Planning to take a look at it after the release meeting tomorrow though21:53

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