Obsidian1723So if anyone here cares, 2 days ago MS stopped supporting XP SP2 and Windows200016:45
kermitwhats the main reason to not use SP3?20:37
TakyojiAlso, didn't they recently announce of letting Windows 7 users to fallback to using Windows XP (and I'm not talking in terms via virtualization)?20:38
Obsidian1723SP3 has some issues with HP AMDs.20:41
TakyojiFor some reason whenever I try setting up a simple network bridge on my system using bridge-utils, I always end up making internet connectivity dysfunctional.21:40
TakyojiI also did a packet capture using Wireshark and noticed my system kept asking every second for the MAC address of (which is the router), and it was receiving the responses, but kept asking EVERY SECOND21:41
Obsidian1723Delete the MAC tables. It sounds like a Layer 2 issue.22:43
Obsidian1723I need some opinions how what to add/remove, or streamline/optimize this install script. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/914191/install-script.sh22:43

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