nhandlerHey TenPhil01:37
TenPhilI got a little question01:37
nhandlerWhat is your question TenPhil ?01:37
TenPhilI'm going to try to introduce pc-users at my uni to Ubuntu01:38
TenPhilare there any previous reports, questionnaires and the like that I can use to check what experiences people have as new users?01:38
TenPhilmy campus has about 10k students, 60% of which are female.01:39
nhandlerTenPhil: Not that I know of. Is there a LUG or LoCo nearby?01:39
TenPhilNo, there is no LUG or LoCo. It just hasn't been viable.01:39
nhandlerTenPhil: What were you planning to do with the results of the survey ?01:40
TenPhilThe question is if it is useful for anyone, I could just use it for myself to give the best guidance, but I could also write it up more formally and distribute it to anyone interested.01:43
TenPhilnhandler: I might lead to me filing some papercuts and highlighting usability issues, but it could be that if one is made it can be used  by others.01:44
TenPhilthat's why I'm checking if anyone else has done it, but it's not publicised anywhere at least.01:45
nhandlerTenPhil: I am sure that some people would find having questions like that useful (for LoCo events and other similar things).01:45
TenPhilnhandler: Ok, seems like I've got to make a blog about this then and make some drafts01:48
nhandlerTenPhil: I'm sure some people here (and probably in #ubuntu-locoteams) would be up for helping you with this01:49
TenPhilnhandler: yeah, I have the blog and I've started on a first post, and I'll blog about the progress. I'll probably put up docs on Scribd, so that drafts can be published and commented upon. does that seem ok?01:55
valoriehey akgraner, I'd forgotten you were coming too02:55
valoriehow cool is that?02:55
valorieI'm driving down Fri. night, and will be at CLS too02:56
valoriestaying in Portland Sat. - Wed.02:56
valoriestill need to find somewhere to sleep Wed night and Thurs night02:56
valorieI can commute from Vancouver, but I'd rather not, since traffic is deadly02:57
akgranervalorie, I'll be there Monday  -  no sitter coverage for the weekend so I am missing CLS this time03:07
TenPhilczajkowski: Hey! thanx for the email, I think I got a plan now.10:20
AlanBellTenPhil: where are you based?10:22
TenPhilAlanBell: Trondheim, Norway10:22
ubot4Hvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!10:23
AlanBellthat would be your loco channel, they might be able to help10:23
TenPhilAlanBell: Yeah I'm on their channel already.10:24
AlanBellok, good10:25
AlanBellare you a lecturer?10:25
TenPhilno, student.10:25
czajkowskiTenPhil: no problem if you need a hand just ask10:26
czajkowskithere are loads of us in here :)10:26
TenPhilczajkowski & AlanBell: talked to nhandler here yd, and found out that I should make a standardised questionnaire and guideline for new users, to find out how they experience using ubuntu10:28
AlanBellTenPhil: is there a computer club or society already at your uni?10:28
TenPhiland test it on new users I get here.10:28
AlanBelloh, there is that introduce 100 users project thing, who was driving that one?10:29
TenPhilThere is no LUG or LoCo, there are some but they have paid membership...10:29
TenPhilAlanBell: that would be really interesting!10:29
TenPhilI have a degree in social sciences, so I can apply that knowledge and experience.10:30
TenPhilAlanBell: thanks!10:32
czajkowskiTenPhil: do talk to the design team or matthew revell so they've both conducted usability tests10:33
TenPhilczajkowski: I'll send them an email.10:34
czajkowskimrevell on irc /launchpad10:34
czajkowskiivanka on irc for design10:34
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pleia2hypatia: when you have a moment, I can show you how to update the blueprint (yay logo finished!)17:23
pleia2Pendulum: can we chat about mentoring when you have some time?17:23
Pendulumpleia2: I'm really booked through the end of this week. Maybe beginning of next week?17:24
pleia2Pendulum: well, mostly I was wondering if you wanted to swap roles, I do rewrite and you do review, but it can wait until next week17:24
pleia2mostly because you seem busy, and I have some time this month17:24
czajkowskigah cannot find the we're not gonna take it video17:25
pleia2czajkowski: http://justanothertriager.wordpress.com/2010/05/11/uds-m-day-1-overview/17:26
pleia2^^ nigelb links it here17:26
nigelbhappy it helps :)17:27
czajkowskioh it does17:28
czajkowskipoor Pendulum got to listen to it every morning17:28
nigelbczajkowski: you're evil!17:48
nigelbNow I want to listen to it too :D17:48
Dolasillacool! It's the first time I see it! :)18:08
czajkowskiit;s very adictive18:11
Pendulumczajkowski: do you now have it stuck on repeat?18:27
Pendulumnigelb: every morning of UDS we blared it in our room. Might have woken up the guys next door (they've never confirmed whether it did or didn't)18:27
Pendulumpleia2: that would be find with me18:29
Pendulum(sorry, had gone to get some lunch)18:29
pleia2Pendulum: ok great, I'll work on that and be in touch when I need review :)18:32
Pendulumgreat, thanks :)18:33
nigelbPendulum: heh, who were the guys beside you?18:40
Pendulumnigelb: jono and Stuart Langridge18:41
pleia2I tweeted about it, considered fwding to the list19:33
pleia2http://www.fsf.org/news/recommendations-from-the-womens-caucus is the pretty version19:33
pleia2I helped with some of the docs19:33
AlanBelllwn is indeed not a pretty website19:34
pleia2I suppose fsf arguably isn't either, but it is the source19:36
AlanBellanyhow, in terms of substance, is there anything actionable that we should be doing in Ubuntu19:38
AlanBelllooking at the points about conferences reminds me19:39
AlanBellwe did an event in London last week, there were two women speakers and about 10% registered names that I recognised as female names19:40
AlanBellboth speakers pulled out (for perfectly understandable personal reasons) and there were way less than 10% in the audience19:40
pleia2we do have a section of our wiki for people to list conferences they're attending, but it kinda died19:41
AlanBellthere was about a 50% dropout rate in the registrations overall, is there any reason or other experience of high dropout rates from registration to attending of women?19:41
pleia2I can't think of any19:42
czajkowskiAlanBell: that happens at any conference tbh19:43
czajkowskihas nout to do with women tb19:43
AlanBellczajkowski: the overall dropout rate is fine, I understand that19:43
czajkowskiout of 4 talks on open source at the leeds event, 2 were women19:44
AlanBellbut at a guess 50% of the chaps didn't turn up and maybe 75% of the women didn't19:44
czajkowskithat's good19:44
pleia2I don't know of any statistics listing women as more likely to dropout, in the cases I know of women not being able to attend their reasons had nothing to do with gender, just general personal or work considerations19:44
AlanBellyeah, the speakers had nothing to do with gender, just random and unfortunate19:45
czajkowskiactually the only 2 female speakers at CLC Leeds were on open source20:02
MarkDudepleia2, the UW handout has gotten a favorable reaction20:07
pleia2MarkDude: great!20:08
* MarkDude showed some it to some folks on the train20:10
MarkDude& gave out some stickers also, plus 2 Lucid CDs :D20:11
pleia2nice :)20:12
pleia2I realized I broke the style guidelines with that flier, oops20:13
pleia2should have had more padding around the logo20:13
* pleia2 loses 10 internet design points20:13
AlanBellcanonical had a great big ubuntu popup which broke the style guidelines20:13
pleia2ok, well it's good to know that none of us can get it right :)20:14
AlanBellit was only going to be spotted by the hardcore followers of the design toolkit20:14
AlanBellthey had the word "ubuntu" running vertically from bottom to top and had rotated the circle of friends too20:15
czajkowskiohhh http://conferences.ted.com/TEDWomen/21:59
czajkowskimaco: it's coming soon to your area22:00
pleia2wow, neat22:01
czajkowskicame across on the womoz mailing list22:03
czajkowskiSome may feel this is a way of separating the women and thus doing "she's pretty good at ______ for a girl", but on the other hand it's a well known brand name of innovation and high quality speaking throwing some of its clout and bright starry lights on what will most likely be a stellar cast.22:03
MichelleQczajkowski: yeah, I saw it this morning.  I'm hoping to apply for a fellowship22:04
czajkowskiMichelleQ: what does a fellowship mean?22:04
MichelleQpaid for22:04
czajkowskiis that like sponsorship?22:04
czajkowskiusing english not americanisms :p22:04
MichelleQit's what TED called it22:05
* MichelleQ blames someone else.22:05
* belkinsa blames the Brits.22:05
MichelleQAlanBell: thought that said OIL, which has thank god stopped flowing in the gulf.22:06
czajkowskioh did the plug work ?22:06
MichelleQyes, for the moment.22:07
MichelleQwhether or not it *stays* is a different story22:08
AlanBellMichelleQ: blaming that on us too now, whatever next!22:08
belkinsaThat's good to hear, and yeah, that would be another story (and another mess)/22:08
MichelleQAlanBell: nope, not blaming the British... just the British who have anything to do with petroleum.22:08
belkinsaI was just playing off what we were talking before this topic.22:09
MichelleQI'm teasing AlanBell relentlessly.  No worries.22:09
belkinsaI know, :).22:10
AlanBellyeah, I deserve it22:10
czajkowskilordie remind me not to make a joke again :)22:13
Pendulumthat reminds me that I need to go look up recent TED talks as the brother of a mate of mine from high school actually got to give one recently, I think22:23
MichelleQI'm still waiting for the CFP to open for TEDxTampa.  Think Mike is going to submit.22:24
Pendulummy absolute favourite TED talk I've seen is Aimee Mullins. Not directly tech related, but an awesome talk :)22:24
MichelleQThere've been some amazing talks... my favorites tend to be non-tech at all.22:25
Pendulumshe talked about design of prostheses (she's a double amputee and a paralympian and a model)22:25
MichelleQvery cool.  The founder of Wikipedia spoke at tedtampa, that was quite interesting!22:26
hypatiaPendulum: you should watch the recent malaria one22:29
hypatiamy sweetie is in it :)22:29
belkinsaIs this stuff on YouTube?22:30
hypatiano, they have their own flashplayer, or you can download it in h26422:30
Pendulumah, I was wrong, my mate's brother is a current TED Global Fellow, no22:31
Pendulum*not a speaker22:31
Pendulumhypatia: which one is it?22:33
belkinsaSorry for that, I'm a total newbie at this (IRC)22:33
hypatiabelkinsa: no worries :)22:34
belkinsaOh, thanks, Hypatia.22:34
hypatiaPendulum: http://www.ted.com/talks/nathan_myhrvold_could_this_laser_zap_malaria.html22:34
Pendulumbelkinsa: you can find all the videos we're talking about on www.ted.com :)22:34
hypatiahe's at the end in the red labcoat22:34
* MichelleQ still waits for my skeeter-zapper...22:35
belkinsaThank you also, Pendulum.22:35
PendulumMichelleQ: what do you think the laser is?22:39
MichelleQI know what it is!  I've volunteered my backyard as a test facility.22:40

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