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RAOFSarvatt: Nah, the -nr patch itself wasn't the issue.  The issue was updating -intel's patch for 2.12+legacy.00:37
RAOFSarvatt: Oh, and does unity crash the X server for you (in mesa, dri2 flush paths) with 1.9 + intel 2.12?00:41
Sarvattdo i have to run a unity session to crash it?00:47
Sarvatti just ran unity and got a crapload of errors and the bar is blank, first time running it00:47
Sarvattit didnt crash though00:48
SarvattRAOF: sorry, shoulda pinged you about that :)00:49
RAOFYou might.00:50
RAOFI haven't yet done much investigation.00:50
Sarvatthow did you crash it?00:50
Sarvattlemme try a session, need to reboot for this new kernel anyway00:50
RAOFRun 1.9 + 2.12+legacy, from gdm select UNE session.00:50
RAOFBoom!  X crash, mesa, invalidate buffers.00:51
Sarvattgot your 2.12+legacy packaged anywhere?00:51
Sarvattbrb rebooting into unity00:51
RAOFIn raof/aubergine, yeah.00:52
Sarvattno crash01:00
Sarvattbut it doesn't work01:00
Sarvattit's in a little 640x480 or so area inside my real resolution01:00
Sarvattand you cant see anything but a few buttons at that size01:01
RAOFHm.  Might be +leagacy breakage, then.01:03
RAOFor even legacy.01:03
RAOFLegacy is sitting in the raof/aubergine PPA if you want to try it.01:06
RAOFYou'll need to rebuild against 1.9 obviously.01:06
Sarvattgot a backtrace on the crash by any chance?01:10
RAOFIn fact, you'll need to build locally *anyway*, as the PPA hasn't yet built.01:10
Sarvatteven just the xorg.0.log one01:10
RAOFIs not very good.01:11
Sarvattare you using UMS?01:11
RAOFNo, not then.01:11
RAOFWait a sec, I'll get a proper backtrace.01:15
RAOFhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/463759/ is a better one.01:18
Sarvattlooks like mesa to me01:21
Sarvattdoes it happen with this in ~/.drirc? http://paste.ubuntu.com/463762/01:23
Sarvattdoubt i'll be able to reproduce it, no 965's handy :(01:26
RAOFThe problem is that drawable->driContextPriv->driverPrivate is NULL at that point.01:29
RAOFWell, that theory's nice and easily confirmed.01:30
RAOFIntel swap events be broken!01:30
RAOFQuadrapassel does the same thing.01:31
Sarvattanything non clutter crash it? :)01:33
RAOFNot so far :)01:34
SarvattCLUTTER_DEBUG=disable-swap-events work?01:37
Sarvattclutter has *so many* debugging env variables01:37
RAOFI'm just trying with 2.12 from experimental.01:37
Sarvatttried edgers already?01:37
RAOFBa baw.01:37
RAOFNo, haven't tried edgers.01:37
RAOFNope.  CLUTTER_DEBUG=disable-swap-events quadrapassel aint a winner.01:38
RAOFMy guess is that edgers will work, because it'll have a newer mesa built.01:40
Sarvattahhhhh ok i thought you were using edgers + that intel01:40
Sarvattmight want to try dropping 102-disable-page-flipping-v2.patch too for the heck of it to be closer to whats in git01:41
RAOFTried that; bug's still there.01:42
RAOFWell, rather, bug where the system locks after some period of time is still there; dunno about the clutter crash :)01:43
Sarvattdo you have a compiled mesa demos handy by any chance?01:46
Sarvattor uncleaned old 7.8 mesa source tree?01:47
Sarvattcan ya see if glxgears_fbconfig crashes you too? :)01:47
Sarvattoh man i miss my irc bouncer, brb again legacy is done compiling01:50
SarvattI can't even start X with legacy on 94501:59
Sarvattit just silently dies after initializing HW cursor01:59
Sarvattonly tried KMS though01:59
RAOFHave you checked the gdm log?  There's a good chance it's dying with a missing symbol, which would be written to the gdm log, not the xorg log.02:01
RAOFAlso, that's rather annoying.  'Twas working here on 965!02:01
Sarvattoh duh02:01
SarvattX: ../../dix/pixmap.c:118: AllocatePixmap: Assertion `pScreen->totalPixmapSize > 0' failed.02:01
RAOFOh, crud.02:01
RAOFDid I not push the refreshed nr patch?02:02
Sarvattnr patch was disabled02:02
RAOFOn your X server, or 101_copy_fb in the DDX?02:03
Sarvatti think intel legacy is the longest ddx compile now02:10
RAOFIt builds 3 drivers + an acceleration architecture, cut it some slack :)02:12
SarvattRAOF: yep that was it, can't reproduce the unity/quadrapassel crash on though on edgers with 945 :(02:13
Sarvattnow to break things!02:14
RAOFWell, edgers is now installing, so I can check soon.02:14
Sarvattwhat mesa were you using again? 7.8.2 or the maverick one?02:16
RAOFThe maverick one.02:16
Sarvattis it me or is mesa 7.9 really late? i think the intel people are waiting for the glsl2 stuff before pushing it02:21
Sarvattso much has changed in it and it seems like 7.8 is dying02:24
RAOFI was expecting it to be branched, given than 7.9.0 should be considered 7.9rc1 on past form.02:24
Sarvattidr has been doing the releasing and if they're waiting for the glsl2 stuff i don't know that we'll even see it in time for maverick?02:25
Sarvattit was in lockstep with the intel quarterly releases for awhile there I mean02:27
RAOFStupid X says: Lunch time!03:49
trinikronohey guys08:51
trinikronocan anyone speak to me about what is needed to triage those pesky i845g bugs08:51
trinikronoi am working on two so far and was wondering what you guys would need08:52
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TeaRexA question13:38
TeaRexnvidia-current-dev from the ubuntu-x ppa is incompatible with sdl1.2-dev on lucid.13:39
TeaRexany chance this will be changed?13:39
tseliotlibsdl1.2-dev ?13:40
TeaRexThe reason seems to be that sdl1.2-dev depends on mesa13:40
TeaRexyes libsdl1.2-dev13:40
tseliotyou can try the latest version of nvidia-current and nvidia-current -dev from maverick13:41
tseliotit should work13:41
TeaRexdumb question noobie i guess, where and what is maverick?13:41
tseliotmaverick is the next release of Ubuntu13:42
TeaRexOK i see.13:42
TeaRexDidn't even know it had a name yet.13:42
TeaRexthanks i will check it out13:42
TeaRexhave a nice day13:42
steveireIs it possible to use kubuntu with two monitors with the default driver?16:42
steveireI think I have an nvidia card, and I have the nuoveau driver.16:42
jcristau(modulo driver bugs, of course)16:43
steveireWhat do I have to do? My second screen is blank and the system settings screens module doesn't find it.16:43
steveire'This module is only for configuring systems with a single desktop spread across multiple monitors. You do not appear to have this configuration.'16:43
jcristaupastebin the output of xrandr somewhere16:44
steveirejcristau: Anything relevant there?16:51
jcristaueither you have 2 identical monitors, or the driver is confused16:52
steveireThe monitors are the same AFAIK16:52
jcristauwell this says the driver thinks it has enabled 2 monitors16:53
steveireAnd that should be enough to configure it to be a 'double width workspace'? (you can see I don't know the jargon)16:54
jcristau'xrandr --output DVI-I-2 --right-of DVI-I-1' should extend the desktop16:55
jcristauinstead of cloning it16:55
jcristaubut if your second screen is blank then something's wrong already16:55
steveireThe liveCD cloned it, but when I rebooted the right screen was blank,16:56
alf__Hi all! Is there any chance of getting a new package build of mesa to fix LP #600243?17:00
ubot4alf__: Bug 600243 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/600243 is private17:00
alf__No it is not: 17:02
alf__libegl1-mesa-dev needs to depend on other -dev packages17:02
Sarvattalf__: what are you building that doesn't have xserver-xorg-dev in the build deps?17:02
steveireRebooting that machine didn't help anyway...17:02
alf__Sarvatt: GL/GLESv2 benchmarks17:03
Sarvattthats kind of silly, egl can be used without X too17:05
jcristaupushed that patch to git17:07
steveireAny other bright ideas for me to get dual screens?17:07
jcristaualf__: thanks17:07
steveireOr even debug why I don't even get cloning after installing, while I do before17:08
jcristausteveire: check the kernel logs for both, see if you spot a difference17:08
steveireHow? Where are they?17:08
jcristaualf__: i have a hard time caring about egl on hurd ;)17:10
alf__jcristau: I share your sentiments, just wanted to be thorough :)17:11
alf__Sarvatt: Yes, indeed EGL should be usable without X. But why are all these dependencies in the .pc files in the first place?17:16
Sarvattalf__: i can't upload it unfortunately (and i've been trying to get libdrm sponsored for a month already), sorry :(17:23
alf__Sarvatt: No worries17:24
jcristauSarvatt: it's silly that you're still not core dev17:25
Sarvattbeen working on it in maverick, i didn't actually upload much to ubuntu in the past17:29
tseliotSarvatt: do you only need to upload a new libdrm?17:30
tseliotor is there anything else?17:30
Sarvattwell alf__'s mesa fix17:31
steveirejcristau: Installed version: http://pastebin.com/rDDLkwia liveCD version: http://pastebin.com/cbAyRsQj17:32
steveireI don't know what kind of differences I need to look for17:32
Sarvattmesa needs a merge anyway but i dont have the battery power to test build it at the moment, would be easier to just add his mesa-common-dev dep changes to the current one17:38
jcristausteveire: don't know either.  best would be to file a bug, and/or try with a newer kernel17:39
Sarvattppa builds are backed up 3+ days now too17:39
Sarvattsteveire: have you tried a maverick livecd by any chance?17:41
tseliotSarvatt: ok, I can upload alf's change. Did you test libdrm?17:42
steveireSarvatt:  I have not17:42
Sarvatttseliot: yeah, it's been in x-updates as well17:42
tseliotSarvatt: ah, I tested it on my main computer then17:44
tseliotSarvatt: ok, I'll sponsor both things then17:46
Sarvattthank you a ton tseliot!17:46
alf__Sarvatt, jcristau, tseliot: Thanks a lot!17:49
tseliotalf__: thanks to you ;)17:50
tseliotall uploaded18:13
tseliotSarvatt: shall I update only the mesa git branch?18:14
tseliotjcristau: can you check if I still have an account on alioth, please?18:30
tseliotit looks like I don't...18:31
jcristauuid=229885(tseliot-guest) gid=229885(tseliot-guest) groups=229885(tseliot-guest),41008(pkg-xorg),81008(scm_pkg-xorg)18:33
tseliotI forgot the "-guest" part, sorry18:34
tseliotit's been while since I've used alioth's git branches18:34
tseliotthe connection timed out, I guess I made too many attempts...18:35
jcristaushould be fine in 10 minutes or so, they're using fail2ban on alioth :/18:36
tseliotok, thanks18:36
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steveire_Where is the button on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ for reporting a new bug?19:50
steveire_I got the no-redirect link. How do I answer the question 'In what package did you find this bug' if the problem is that a dual screen setup works in a livecd and not after installation.19:54
Sarvattjust run ubuntu-bug xorg19:54
steveire_I'll put xorg in that box then.19:56
Sarvattam I really wrong? - https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/57803820:05
ubot4Launchpad bug 578038 in libxext (Ubuntu) "libext6 does not create symlink in /usr/lib on amd64 (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Incomplete]20:05
* Sarvatt must not be understanding the situation20:06
jcristauSarvatt: submitter is mistaken20:07
jcristauthat bug should be marked invalid20:07
Sarvatthmm, i thought they had to be in bug control to change the status away from invalid, guess not20:09
jcristaulooks like i was allowed to move it back20:10
Sarvattthanks jcristau, he probably wouldn't have believed me and it would have been an open/close war if i closed it again myself :)20:18
Sarvattjcristau: can you set a bug to wont fix status? if not i can just do that if he does again if anything20:20
jcristauno idea20:21
ernstpI can't start gnome with xorg-edgers on lucid, getting:20:38
ernstpnautilus: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/libcairo.so.2: undefined symbol: pixman_image_composite3220:38
ernstpcan't compile cairo after installing libpixman(-dev) from xorg-edgers either20:38
ernstpSarvatt, do you know anything about what that could be?20:39
ernstpon amd6420:40
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ernstpoh there was a new cairo build 16 minutes ago...20:41
jcristauthat's a broken dependency.20:43
ernstpright, but why?20:46
jcristaubecause shit happens20:48
ernstpwell, wierd...20:49
ernstpgonna see if the new cairo upload helps the situation20:49
ernstpdamnit, it didn't help20:54
ernstpdoes xorg-edgers work for anyone on lucid?20:58
bryce2jcristau, broken due to cjwatson's apt breakage from earlier this morning?21:08
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ernstpbryce2, hi! any idea about the cairo/pixman breakage?22:04
bryce2ernstp, notta clue22:15
bryce2ernstp, I saw an email from cjwatson that everything was broken from building earlier today.  dunno any details22:16
ernstpbryce2, for me it's been broken like that for a couple of weeks22:18
bryce2oh, must be something unrelated22:19
ernstp(xorg-edgers on lucid, the missing pixman_image_composite32 symbol)22:19
ernstpI'm curious if xorg-edgers works for anyone on lucid... ?22:19
jcristaumeans you have an old pixman22:21
jcristauthat symbol is included in pixman 0.1822:22
ernstpI have pixman 0.19 from xorg edgers22:23
ernstpwhen that occurs22:23
jcristauthen make sure you don't also have an older one in /usr/local22:23
jcristaubecause this sure sounds like pebcak22:23
ernstpjcristau, oooh, there is something in /usr/local indeed!22:24
ernstpjcristau, thanks a lot :-)22:25

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