OerTempus_Fugit, re-install gnome keyring, you need it to store wireless keys and more.00:00
qwiksilver711I am currently running a dual boot with win7 and ubuntu 10.4 on a 500g hard drive, and I have a 1TB hd i want to move ubuntu to. is it possible to remove ubuntu from this hd without doing a complete reformat of the windows partition? would it hurt anything if i just used a partition program to expand the windows partition to the full drive?\00:00
Tempus_FugitOer: which package ...seahorse???00:00
DCat--qwiksilver711, it shouldnt00:00
DCat--backup just incase tho :)00:01
jamesanelayHi, how would one completely remove sendmail from their system?00:01
Tempus_FugitOer: or just apt-get install gnome-keyring??00:01
rezzy63% installed00:01
qwiksilver711in theory couldn't i use something to image the windows partition, and then put that on the 1tb hd as a backup, and if something went wrong when i expanded the windows partition i should be able to just throw that image on the 500g hd right?00:02
OerTempus_Fugit, i'm not sure,  i think, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-keyring00:02
jamesanelayHi, how would one completely remove sendmail from their system?00:03
DCat--qwiksilver711, thats the long way00:03
Tempus_Fugitok this might help how do I create a root acct in Lucid ...chroot?00:03
qwiksilver711DCat-- whats the short way?00:03
Chr1831How come putting @hourly /path/to/python/app.py in my local crontab (via contab -e) isn't being executed?00:03
DCat--qwiksilver711, but you could if you wanted.. just .img the win7 partition and keep it aside BEFORE you do anything that can cause uh-ohs...00:03
edbianTempus_Fugit, There already is a root account.  To access it ubuntu uses sudo00:03
bastid_raZorTempus_Fugit: you add a user to the admin group if you need root privledges00:03
OerTempus_Fugit, leaving keyring without pass solves the keyring-question-issue00:04
ThePCKidHe means something in the means of "su root" I think...00:04
rezzyeMyller: still there?00:04
bastid_raZorThePCKid: that is a bad idea and unsupported in this channel00:04
eMyllerrezzy: yes00:04
god__how can i use my speaker output as a mic00:04
someguyi installed the repo and the key for google but i only still have the googleearth-package package in my repos00:04
rezzygood good dont want to loose u, not long now nearly installed :D00:04
qwiksilver711any reccomendations on programs to use to image the windows partition?00:04
bastid_raZorThePCKid: for a root session in bash use 'sudo -i'00:04
SmokeyBaconI have a TV surround sound system with the two sterio RCA plugs, is there a way to get surround sound from the computer to play through this?00:04
god__so people can hear what i hear00:05
Tempus_Fugitedbian: but in term if I type in "su" it asks for a pw that I dont know?00:05
god__no mic00:05
jamesanelayI'm fairly sure ive removed the bulk of sendmail, but it still attempts to start on boot and I get an error saying Not Configured Not started, anybody know how I can fix this?00:05
eMyllersomeguy: did you apt-get update'd?00:05
gnoobTempus_Fugit  type sudo su and the password you know ;)00:05
Tempus_FugitReading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done ubuntu-keyring is already the newest version. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded00:05
DCat--bastid_raZor, thanks for that.. i didnt know either.00:05
someguyyes eMyller00:05
Sylphidqwiksilver711, though i have not tried it i have heard ping is not ghost (ping) is good00:05
someguyeMyller, i even added the non-free repo as well00:05
eMyllersomeguy: you should have googleearth, then00:05
Tempus_Fugithmm ok00:05
Tempus_Fugitgnoob: ty00:06
bastid_raZorDCat--: glad to help.00:06
MaddTechWFCan anyone help me with my Samba problem?00:06
DCat--!ask MaddTechWF00:06
eMyllersomeguy: weird. do you have medibuntu added as well?00:06
gnoobthen when root write "passwd"  and set the new root password...  :)  next time "su" will work fine..  (but be careful using root!!!!!)00:06
PirolocitoMaddTechWF, maybe00:06
someguyno eMyller00:06
someguyi dont have medibuntu00:06
eMyllersomeguy: i just checked it, googleearth comes from medibuntu here.00:07
ThePCKidgnoob, it's "passwd root"00:07
eMyllermaybe it changed or i just mixed it up.00:07
someguyheh ok00:07
MaddTechWFI installed Samba and configured it to the specs of a video I watched.  When I go to my Windows XP machine, I can see the share folder but not its contents.  My PS3 won't even see it either.00:07
abbronzatohello i need to reinstall from zero a win xp partition, on a ubuntu hd, any tips for recovery grub easily after that? thanks in advance00:08
gnoobthe default root password?? hmm have no idea.. ubuntu let root be disabled by default for security reasons.  But can be enabled by sudo su and write passwd to set new root password...   (correct me if Im wrong anybody)00:08
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rezzy95 %00:09
Dr_Willisgnoob:  ammoung other ways.. but its niot  reccomended00:09
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:10
eMyllerabbronzato: it's very easily found on google; there's a wiki page about that with a high rank. i don't remember its url now.00:10
Zelozelosoh that one is awsome, kinda like "there is no spoon neo" rofl00:10
Guest50063is there a front end to growisofs that will allow me to burn multiple dvds simultaneously?00:10
MaddTechWFDCat--, Pirolocito :  I installed Samba and configured it to the specs of a video I watched.  When I go to my Windows XP machine, I can see the share folder but not its contents.  My PS3 won't even see it either.00:10
ThePCKidBy default, the root password is scrambled and locked (I think)00:10
ThePCKidTry "passwd root" to change the password to a known value. Then try "su root" and type in root's pass00:10
DCat--Zelozelos, exactly. :)00:10
abbronzatoeMyller, yes the prob is that all is related to the old grub00:10
ThePCKid!root | ThePCKid00:10
ubottuThePCKid, please see my private message00:10
abbronzatonot his one00:10
Tempus_Fugitso pretty much any root privledges I need can be handled using "sudo"00:11
Dr_WillisGuest50063:  once you ahve the iso made. you could do the actuall burning to seeral drives at once. depending on the speeds of the disks00:11
YashyI'm having an issue with f-spot on ubuntu ("X Window System error"), any ideas on how to resolve? http://pastebin.com/BM2T22p000:11
DCat--Tempus_Fugit, yes00:11
slidinghornTempus_Fugit, that is correct00:11
Tempus_Fugitk ty00:11
TheSkewardHi.  I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 under the XFCE desktop environment, attempting to use Altec BX1220 speakers, and when I plug them in, they light up and give feedback, but no sound comes from them.  Can someone help me?00:12
Tempus_Fugitatm I need to figure out to get my gnome login screen working00:12
Dr_Willishow did you break it Tempus_Fugit ?00:12
ThePCKidIs there an icon that looks like a speaker?00:12
Tempus_Fugitgood question00:12
Guest50063Dr_Willis: so created the ISO files and then burn them using growisofs?00:12
Guest50063sounds like a good idea00:12
eMyllerabbronzato: i found one about 2.0 once00:13
TheSkewardThePCKid: up in the top right?  yeah.  it says "Output: 100% | 0.00 dB | Internal Audio Analog Stereo" when I mouse over it00:13
Dr_WillisGuest50063:  or other burner tools.00:13
someguyi ran the medibuntu command as shown on the ubuntu help documentation but for me i get the error that signatures couldnt be verified because the public key is not available00:13
kaostichie all00:13
lorI've installed the nvidia drivers, but it says "Failed to load the NVIDIA kernel module" and it doesn't load X00:13
someguyi thought the command automatically fetched the key00:13
ThePCKidIs there an option that lets you change the dB?00:13
Guest50063Dr_Willis: k3b and gnomebaker won't burn to more than one drive at a time which is ridiculous.00:14
eMyllerabbronzato: google 'grub 2 recover'00:14
Tempus_FugitDr_Willis: All I know is I was trying to disable the wireless keyring and rm'ed the wrong keyring now it dont work no more I kinda doubt its an isolated incident but I could be wrong00:14
someguyErr http://packages.medibuntu.org/ lucid/free medibuntu-keyring 2008.04.2000:14
someguy  404  Not Found00:14
TheSkewardThePCKid: I'm in Sound Preferences.  I'm not entirely sure what the dB is.00:14
Dr_WillisTempus_Fugit:  You did try making a new user and seeing if that new user can login?00:14
hiexpoquestion is the proper way of installing a sh file is    sudo ./filename.sh username00:14
Daekdroom!english | frank__00:15
ubottufrank__: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat00:15
slidinghorn!jp > frank__00:15
ubottufrank__, please see my private message00:15
kaosticWho have internet here00:15
Dr_Willishiexpo:  for the m ost part - yes.00:15
someguyanyone else get a missing public key error with medibuntu repo?00:15
jamesanelayhow do I stop sendmail running on startup??00:15
Dr_Willishiexpo:  'chmod +x foo.bin' 'sudo ./foo.bin'00:15
eigen_fattyi have internets00:15
ThePCKidI think frank__ was Chinese...00:15
slidinghorn!cn | frank -- sorr00:15
ubottufrank -- sorr: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk00:15
slidinghornThePCKid, caought that, lol00:15
DaekdroomThat's why I tend to use !english instead o.o00:16
hiexpoDr_Willis,  ok thanx00:16
rezzyeMyller: ubuntu is installed so what do i do now to install the 3g modem00:16
Tempus_FugitDr_Willis:  well now that I am in ubuntu I can try that ....before I was in my windows partition and was trying to retain everything I was being told but it didnt all sink in00:16
kaosticthx for the answer  i can now resolve my problem THX00:16
ThePCKidI saw "??" in there so that's why I thought the language he was speaking is Chinese00:16
Tempus_FugitDr_Willis:  ok so I have a shell open ...what is cmd to make new user00:16
eMyllerrezzy: plug it and see if it works out of the box.00:16
Dr_WillisTempus_Fugit:  you are on wired of wireless in  ubuntu?00:16
Dr_WillisTempus_Fugit:  'sudo adduser billgates'00:17
eMyllerrezzy: i suggest you to restart the pc with the dongle connected at first00:17
rezzyoki have done00:17
makaveli0129got a weird one for you guys every now and then when i restart my computer my wireless disappears like the icon isn't in the upper right but the driver is installed and everything the only thing that happened was i restarted the computer any ideas on how to get the wireless card to work again?00:17
Tempus_FugitI got in thru recovery shell and logged in then as phillinux said did startx ...so yes now I am in this partition00:17
NimphiousIs there any way to access a network share on the desktop through SSH?00:17
strangeseraphI am having a bad time with rhythmbox00:17
makaveli0129nimphious: just navigate to the folder00:18
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strangeseraphit keeps messing up me tags. I worked so hard to clean up and do all my tags, I open rhythmbox and suddenly half my tags have changed, and if I open my tag program again all the files I tagged have been screwed up00:18
eMyllerrezzy: you will be notified if it works. otherwise, let me know.00:19
Dr_WillisNimphious:  for linux to linux. you can access a ssh machine  with  sshfs or the gnome connect to server. feature as if it was a local dir00:19
makaveli0129straneseraph: use songbird works great00:19
rezzyeMyller: will do00:19
strangeseraphdoes Songbird work with iPod Touch?00:19
bastid_raZormakaveli0129: songbird is no longer being developed for Linux00:19
=== SmokeyBacon is now known as Nonpython
NimphiousThe contents of /home/user/Desktop/ is two files, both .desktop files.00:19
makaveli0129strangeseraph: should yea and you can even import your entire itunes library00:19
Daekdroomstrangeseraph, even before it was descontinued for linux, it didn't support iPods00:20
NimphiousAnd yet on the desktop the share is there.00:20
rezzyeMyller: keeps turning off :/00:20
Tempus_FugitDr_Willis: Ok brb let me try to login with that new name brb00:20
NimphiousIs there an alternate way to set up a share so I can specify where it is mounted manually?00:20
=== Sup1|Lobby is now known as SuP|Lobby
makaveli0129bastid_raZor: that's weird considering i'm using it right now on my ubuntu00:20
Dr_WillisNimphious:  thats because its a 'special' thing. not a real directory on teh desktop00:20
Dr_WillisNimphious:  it may be in ~/.gvfs00:20
Daekdroommakaveli0129, that doesn't mean it was never released for linux.00:20
bastid_raZormakaveli0129: i didn't say there aren't debs out there. just the continued development.. future updates etc. are not going to happen.00:20
Daekdroommakaveli0129, it's just that new versions don't get released for linux00:20
eMyllerrezzy: doesn't it work? what do you mean with 'keeps turning off'?00:20
Daekdroommakaveli0129, there's a fork for linux called nightingale. Not sure how it's going on.00:21
NimphiousIt's there.00:21
NimphiousThanks Dr_Willis.00:21
rezzyeMyller: well it will get to the log in screen, and then turn off ... whilst the dongle is in00:21
jamesanelayhow do I stop sendmail running on startup??00:21
abbronzatoeMyller, thanks i'll see it just now, in true i'm looking for something that can backup then restore the actually fully working config (obv after the grub2 reinstall)00:21
makaveli0129bastid_raZor: yea i know it's not part of the "officially" supported things but I got the deb file and it's been working great for me00:21
sanduz2anyone know the right way to setup fstab for an ntfs-3g partition?00:21
eMyllerrezzy: the pc turns off? Oo00:22
Dr_Willissanduz2:  the ntfs-3g homepage/faq has example entries.. or the ntfs-config tool can make them (in some cases)00:22
rezzyeMyller: yes, i will try it without the dongle now00:22
sanduz2i looked but they dont work, ill try to look again00:22
bastid_raZormakaveli0129: the links on this page will give better detailed information on songbirds end ::  http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/remove-songbird200:22
makaveli0129nimpious: should be in fstab00:23
kaosticfrancais en force Bou les anglais00:23
slidinghorn!fr | kaostic00:23
ubottukaostic: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.00:23
TheSkewardHi.  I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 under the XFCE desktop environment, attempting to use Altec BX1220 speakers, and when I plug them in, they light up and give feedback, but no sound comes from them.  The speaker icon says "100% | 0.00 dB | Internal Audio Digital Stereo (IEC958)" when I mouse over it.  Can anyone help me?00:23
slidinghorngot *that* one right00:23
rezzyEmyller: seems like linux just keeps turning off00:23
rezzyEmyller: soon as i log in it turns off :/00:24
makaveli0129bastid_raZor: yea the new versions arent going to be released for linux but you can still get 1.4 which is what i have and it works fine LOL00:24
eMyllerrezzy: bizarre. that happened to me once, that was because i hadn't a graphic card.00:24
bastid_raZormakaveli0129: do you have any memory leaks? last time i used it leaked fairly bad.00:24
makaveli0129bastid_raZor: i wouldn't even know how to check that LOL i know a little but not enough it's one of those so so things LOL00:25
rezzyeMyller: it has a graphics card built in, not the best just a standard one00:25
eMyllerrezzy: i just installed one and it worked. i still don't know another workaround for that. but i'm really not sure if that's your case too.00:25
eMyllerrezzy: sad it didn't work. :\00:25
rezzyseems to be working atm00:25
makaveli0129bastid_raZor: the main reason i wanted it was to get my playlists from itunes imported into it so that i can export them into a format that works with rythmbox00:25
bastid_raZormakaveli0129: one way to tell is in top or htop sonbird uses more and more RAM00:26
rezzyeMyller: maybe the power cord to the laptop was faulty for a minute00:26
eMyllerrezzy: then someone else may help you on that. i don't understand well about that kind of issues. sorry. :(00:26
rezzyeMyller: it has reconised the brand provider00:26
rezzyeMyller: but it does not connect what do i do from then?00:27
eMyllerrezzy: did it recognize the modem and you just created a connection config by following the wizard?00:28
makaveli0129got a weird one for you guys every now and then when i restart my computer my wireless disappears like the icon isn't in the upper right but the driver is installed and everything the only thing that happened was i restarted the computer any ideas on how to get the wireless card to work again?00:28
slidinghornmakaveli0129, you using gnome?00:28
Bridge|Ahappended to me00:28
rezzyeMyller: no wizzard came up, however, the provider 3 came up on the text top, when i click it goes into liek a folder , when i click on one it fails00:28
Bridge|Ais it usb adapter?00:29
makaveli0129slidinghorn: yea00:29
cillyHello everyone!  I am having a problem getting the printer to work.  I have ubuntu 10.04 installed on a powermac G3.  I have installed the Z600 driver thru the help of the forums.  I am getting the error:  Idle-Filter "usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz600" for printer "Lexmark-Lexmark-Z25-Z35" not owned by root.  Does anyone know how to fix this?00:29
eMyllerrezzy: look for an option to create a connection through a wizard00:29
abbronzatoi'll try to backyp the 2 most preciuso grub2 files, then recopy they after the grub2 reinstall00:29
Bridge|Atupac: is it usb wireless adapteer00:29
=== Bridge|A is now known as Bridge|
eMyllerrezzy: actually i don't use ubuntu (i use kubuntu instead), so i don't know exactly how ubuntu mobile broadband interface looks/works00:30
makaveli0129Bridge|A: no it's internal00:30
eMyllerrezzy: but i'm sure it's easy to find out :)00:30
abbronzatoth t all bye00:30
Bridge|hmm i was having that problem with wireless usb00:30
rezzyeMyller: ohhhh ;(00:30
rezzyeMyller: though u had to download the modem thing00:30
Bridge|i had to plug it in to slot first used and something unplugg/plugg in adapter00:30
Bridge|numerours times00:31
Sylphidmakaveli0129,  sudo lshw -C network00:31
Bridge|not sure problem if its internal though00:31
Sylphidmakaveli0129, what driver is listed?00:31
eMyllerrezzy: for one model only00:31
Bridge|yea lshw/lspci/lsusb sometimes made it pop up also00:31
makaveli0129slidinghorn: the weird this is the wireless shows as installed and everything just i have no way to open the graphical part and connect to the wireless network it's weird as hell00:31
rezzyeMyller: its the huawei e12200:31
eMyllerrezzy: most models work out of the box.00:31
Tempus_Dr_Willis: ok the new user did not work either??00:31
rezzyeMyller: but u said u have to download this thing for it if it dont work00:32
eMyllerrezzy: i don't know this one.. but should work as well00:32
makaveli0129Sylphid: shows this: Sylphid:00:32
eMyllerrezzy: can you post a screenshot of the system?00:32
makaveli0129Sylphid:  2 module=wl multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11bgn00:32
makaveli0129  *-network DISABLED00:32
rezzyeMyller: ok one minute00:32
rezzyhow would i go about posting the screenshot in this00:33
Tempus_ugh...ok I need to get back to work ....retreat now to fight another day ...lol bbl all00:33
Sylphidmakaveli0129, is the ethernet interface disabled or the wireless?00:33
rezzyeMyller: how do i post the screenshot in this00:34
makaveli0129the wl is the wireless i'm using the ethernet right now since i can't get the wireless to work00:34
eMyllerrezzy: imagebin.com00:35
Sylphidmakaveli0129,  right but the line *-network DISABLED ... what is in the description under it ethernet or wireless00:35
strangeseraphthis is ridiculous, why are my files suddenly changing back after I work so hard to CHANGE the tags? :( ARGH00:36
Bridge|1. In a command window, type dmesg and see if you can see any messages relating to the specific hardware.00:36
Bridge|2. Alternatively and also in a command window, type tail -f /var/log/syslog. Then, insert the hardware, like the wireless card and see what messages come up. This should give you an indication of whether the hardware is being detected or not.00:36
makaveli0129sylphid: that was for the wireless sorry it logged me out LOL00:36
FloodBot2Bridge|: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:36
Bridge|sorry :(00:36
rezzyeMyller: its basically the providers shortcut on the desktop00:37
YashyI'm having an issue with f-spot on ubuntu ("X Window System error"), any ideas on how to resolve? http://pastebin.com/BM2T22p000:37
Sylphidmakaveli0129,  what interface is listed by iwconfig00:37
BlaDe^guys if I want to skip the first 4gb using dd do I just do skip=4194304     (1024*1024*4)    ?00:38
strangeseraphwhat do I do? Use a different program maybe? I like rhythmbox though. :(00:38
makaveli0129sylphid: i get eth2 is the wireless one00:38
rezzyeMyller: i don't want to use windows, surely theres an easy way around it00:38
makaveli0129sylphid: lo, eth0, eth1 and pan0 all say no wireless extensions00:39
Sylphidmakaveli0129, sudo ifup eth200:39
Sylphidmakaveli0129, and you said the gui is missing right00:39
makaveli0129sylphid: Ignoring unknown interface eth2=eth2.00:39
makaveli0129sylphid: yea there are no bars in the right top left00:40
Bridge|man, having to zero out a large hdd can feel like it's taking forever00:40
makaveli0129sylphid: it's freaking weird dude the only thing i did was restart and it's done this before and then just magically came back on it's own00:40
=== WinstonLogic is now known as winstonw
Bridge|thats was my usb wireless adapter00:41
Sylphidmakaveli0129,  does pgrep nm-applet return anything?00:41
rezzyeMyller: whats the code for  usb-modeswitch00:41
ross_ i have a big problem, it looks like that I have accidentally told my laptop to boot on the wrong partition00:41
Bridge|u using 10.04, makaveli?00:41
cillyHello everyone!  I am having a problem getting the printer to work.  I have ubuntu 10.04 installed on a powermac G3.  I have installed the Z600 driver thru the help of the forums.  I am getting the error:  Idle-Filter "usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz600" for printer "Lexmark-Lexmark-Z25-Z35 not owned by root.  Does anyone know how to fix this?00:42
Sylphidmakaveli0129, usually when i have seen this in the past its because of a race condition between 2 wireless modules00:42
ross_now when i boot up, I see this screen "error: file not found. grub rescue> "00:42
makaveli0129sylphid: 3937 is returned00:42
Sylphidmakaveli0129,  ok good00:42
GothSparkHi , I am trying to change the mount point of one of my partitions and I need the name of the diskutikity on the terminal to start it as root.00:42
Bridge|ross_ u change something in /boot/grub/grub.cfg or menu.list?00:43
philsfwhat's the command to force fsck on next boot?00:43
rezzyby all means it has reconised the brand which is 3 in the uk but not as a 3g modem......00:43
Sylphidmakaveli0129, lspci should list a wireless adapter which one?00:43
makaveli0129i only have one wireless device installed00:43
Bridge|hehe use the backup00:43
Jordan_Uphilsf: sudo touch /forcefsck00:43
ross_bridge | by accident....very dumb mistake...00:43
Bridge|it shoudl fix things00:43
makaveli0129sylphid: 06:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM43XG (rev 01)00:43
Bridge|i've done it tons of times00:43
ross_bridge | : and it was working fine before...00:43
Jordan_Uross_: What did you actually do?00:43
Sylphidmakaveli0129, right but there are multiple modules that will attempt to control 1 card ... one may work while the other doesnt00:43
DSSACan anyone help me set a static IP in 10.04?  I'm trying to use information on sites I've found outlining it, but nothing seems to work.  I've tried the script inputs and get to the point using "deb" or "kate" and it doesn't recognize those commands00:43
ross_jordan_u : let me show you00:43
Bridge|use pastebin00:44
Sylphidmakaveli0129,  try running sudo rmmod wl && sudo modprobe b4300:44
BlaDe^guys if I want to skip the first 4gb using dd do I just do skip=4194304     (1024*1024*4)    ?00:44
ross_i manipulated the ubuntu installation according to the instructions00:44
Bridge|ross_ :boot ubuntu live cd, sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg00:44
Bridge|ross_ :boot ubuntu live cd, sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg~00:44
Fish-FaceI'm unable to access shares shared from Ubuntu using nautilus-share that are set to not require a password00:45
Jordan_UDSSA: Have you tried setting it up visa System > Preferences > Network Connections?00:45
hiexpoDr_Willis,  - i am lost a bit what the chmod +x command does     is that giving permissions00:45
makaveli0129Sylphid: went through fine no errors or anything00:45
Bridge|andselect all copy and paste into /boot/grub/grub.cfg00:45
ross_so wait00:45
Fish-Faceis there anything one needs to do apart from set the share up through nautilus?00:45
Bridge|notice the '~' in the first command00:45
ross_what do i need to do?00:45
ross_i need the live cd?00:45
Bridge|and not in the second00:45
Jordan_UBridge|: That won't help in this case, he's not even getting to the point where grub can read the grub.cfg.00:45
Bridge|can u boot ubuntu?00:45
Bridge|if not then yes u need it00:45
makaveli0129Sylphid: but still no no wireless icon in top right00:45
Sylphidmakaveli0129, does lshw -C network list b43 as the driver now?00:45
veronikahey is there anyway i can move the close, minimize and max button on the window borders to their proper locations on the right side?00:45
Bridge|ah, maybe ur right jordan00:45
veronikawhat is the buntu team thinking00:46
makaveli0129sylphid: yep00:46
Jordan_U!controls | veronika00:46
ubottuveronika: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side00:46
DSSAJordan, I'll try that now.  Thanks!00:46
Sylphidmakaveli0129, ok good00:46
ross_so yeah..im stuck at the grub rescue> screen00:46
Jordan_UDSSA: You're welcome.00:46
makaveli0129Sylphid: but still no wireless or ne thing00:47
Sylphidmakaveli0129, try running pkill nm-applet && nm-applet --sm-disable &00:47
rezzytake it i will have to use windows ;(00:47
Jordan_Uross_: You'll most likely need a LiveCD/USB/ rescue floppy.00:47
Bridge|ross_ : LiveCD == life saver00:47
ross_jordan_U : ok - will knoppix do the trick00:47
makaveli0129Sylphid: Sylphid:00:48
ross_jordan_U : or will i need the original ubuntu cd 10.0100:48
makaveli0129Sylphid: ** (nm-applet:5748): DEBUG: applet_common_device_state_changed00:48
makaveli0129** (nm-applet:5748): DEBUG: old state indicates that this was not a disconnect 000:48
makaveli0129** (nm-applet:5748): DEBUG: applet_common_device_state_changed00:48
Jordan_Uross_: If it's a recent enough version to support ext4, yes.00:48
Sylphidmakaveli0129, wireless working now?00:48
veronikaJordan_U, do i have to run that as root?00:48
makaveli0129nvmd get 576300:48
ross_jordan_u that's a yes for knoppix?00:48
YashyI'm having an issue with f-spot on ubuntu ("X Window System error"), any ideas on how to resolve? http://pastebin.com/BM2T22p000:48
Jordan_Uross_: Yes.00:49
Jordan_Uveronika: No.00:49
makaveli0129Sylphid: still doesn't show anything it's not there00:49
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veronikaMUCHHHH better00:49
veronikathanks Jordan_U00:49
hiexpoYashy,  did you change your desktop theme?00:50
Jordan_Uveronika: You're welcome.00:50
ross_ok booting up from knoppix00:50
ross_man this sucks i will never mess with the partition again00:50
Bridge|hehe that name makes me think kolonopins00:50
hiexpoross_,  hehe00:50
makaveli0129Sylphid: see what i mean it's freaking weird and i can't figure it out bugs the shit out of me LOL00:51
Sylphidmakaveli0129, try ifconfig eth2 down00:51
Sylphidmakaveli0129, ifconfig eth2 up00:51
ross_good thing i bkaced up my files 2 days ago00:51
Yashyhiexpo: I did play around with them, but pretty sure I'm back with the default now?00:51
ross_gotta love ubuntu one00:51
JcaldelasHello all, I ran into a problem today with my ubuntu and was wondering if someone could give me a little guidance. I'm not all that tech savvy, but I was using Koala (I think that was what it was called) and when I let it do the upgrade to the new version today, my laptop rebooted and went to a black screen. Now I can't get past that black screen. I tried using a live CD in text mode like I saw on a tutorial, but I may have done it w00:51
makaveli0129sylphid: eth2: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device00:52
makaveli0129[2]-  Exit 1                  pkill nm-applet && nm-applet --sm-disable00:52
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Sylphidmakaveli0129, ok thats interesting00:52
hiexpoYashy,  go back in there and make it nothing custom and f-spot will work again00:52
Sylphidmakaveli0129, what does iwconfig list as the wireless now?00:52
makaveli0129sylphid, and now the eth2 is gone00:52
makaveli0129when ifconfig00:52
Sylphidmakaveli0129, use iwconfig00:53
makaveli0129sylphid, gone00:53
makaveli0129nothing listed no wireless00:53
makaveli0129just my 2 ethernet, lo and pan000:53
marco___hello all00:53
hiexporeboot you killed it00:53
Sylphidmakaveli0129, try sudo rmmod b43 && sudo modprobe b4300:53
Sylphidmakaveli0129, does iwconfig list anything now?00:54
makaveli0129Sylphid: still nothing for iwconfig00:54
Sylphidmakaveli0129, ok try sudo rmmod b43 && sudo modprobe wl00:54
Yashyhiexpo: I went back to Ambience theme, but still having same error00:54
ross_ok knoppix didn't do it00:54
ross_so i'm booting up from the ubuntu cd00:54
makaveli0129sylphid, still nothing00:55
hiexpo1 sec00:55
calamarihow do I respond to IMs I am getting through the epiphany gnome integration?00:56
makaveli0129sylphid, imma go into drivers and try to deactivate and then activate it00:56
ross_ok now i'm at the screen00:56
ross_i'm in00:56
Sylphidmakaveli0129, lshw -C network00:56
ross_i just opened up the terminal and now what do i do00:56
superlouhi folks, i just put an nvidia graphics card in my pci, expecting the Hardware Drivers gui to help me get it up and running so i can swtich off internal graphics.  Hardware drivers only lists the ATI (internal graphics) drivers.  When I do lspci, there is no mention of NVidia (the graphics card).  Am I up a creek, or is this normal and I'm missing a step?00:56
Sylphidmakaveli0129, what does the logical name list00:56
ross_jordan_u you there?00:57
makaveli0129sylphid, it's there now using b4300:57
Sylphidmakaveli0129, listed as eth2?00:57
Jordan_Uross_: Yes.00:57
makaveli0129sylphid,   *-network00:57
makaveli0129       description: Network controller00:57
makaveli0129       product: BCM43XG00:57
makaveli0129       vendor: Broadcom Corporation00:57
makaveli0129       physical id: 000:57
FloodBot2makaveli0129: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:57
makaveli0129       bus info: pci@0000:06:00.000:57
makaveli0129       version: 0100:57
ross_jordan_u what do i need to do now? how do i set it up to the correct sda00:58
why_centoshi guys, could you please help me a bit with a little dns problem?00:58
blueysakI need help with my intel 82845g graphics card00:58
gnoobwhy_centos  maybe :)00:58
Jordan_Uross_: First run boot info script as explained here and pastebin the output: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129128000:58
why_centosi need to set up a domainkey in my zone file but it is not recognized00:58
blueysakhow do i get intel 82845g to work00:59
=== why_centos is now known as multi_linux_dist
Sylphidmakaveli0129, lshw -C network | grep name00:59
makaveli0129sylphid, still nothing for iwconfig either00:59
multi_linux_dist http://pastebin.com/aGSs4pby00:59
hiexpoYashy,  ok it is an xserver error obviously  what did you change in resolution ?00:59
multi_linux_disthere is a part of the zone file00:59
makaveli0129no eth200:59
gnoobwhy_centos hmm hope somebody else can help then  :p    try ubuntu-server?00:59
makaveli0129sylphil, just get the etho0, eth1 and pan001:00
JcaldelasWell, thank you for your time at least.01:00
ross_er so such file or downloads01:00
Sylphidmakaveli0129, do you have to ethernet ports ?01:00
blueysakcan some one please help me with my 82845g intel graphics card?01:00
ross_i ran sudo fdisk -l to see the partitions01:00
makaveli0129sylphid, yea i have 2 ethernet ports01:00
makaveli0129they r built into motherboard01:00
Jordan_Uross_: What do you mean "no such file or downloads"?01:01
Sylphidmakaveli0129, ok sudo rmmod b4301:01
ross_that's what it says01:01
Jordan_Uross_: That's what what "says"?01:01
Sylphidmakaveli0129, does lshw -C network show the driver as being empty now ?01:01
ross_the terminal a01:01
ross_no such file or directory01:02
Jordan_Uross_: After running what command?01:02
blueysakCan anyone help me please?01:02
makaveli0129sylphid, nope01:02
makaveli0129it didn't remove it01:02
ross_the sudo /downloads and sudo desktop ones01:02
Sylphidmakaveli0129, any errors from the rmmod?01:02
hiexpo!ask blueysak01:02
Jordan_Uross_: The terminal is case sensitive, that's "Downloads" not "downloads".01:03
blueysak!ask how do i set up my 82845g graphics card01:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:03
ross_no i did that01:03
Jordan_Uross_: What is the exact command you ran?01:03
hiexpoask been removed01:03
makaveli0129sylphid, nope now the weird this is if i run the command again rmmod b43 says it don't exist proc but lshw -C network still shows it as the driver there01:03
sb750suxcan anyone help me with my raid? http://pastebin.org/39711601:04
ross_sudo bash ~/Downloads/boot_info_script*.01:04
Jordan_Uhiexpo: No, you just have the syntax wrong. It's "!factoid | nick"01:04
Sylphidmakaveli0129, does lsmod | grep wl show anything01:04
ross_and the other one - just replaced the download with desktop01:04
Jordan_Uross_: Did you download the script?01:04
hiexpoJordan_U,  oh ya tired lol01:04
makaveli01291 2wl                   1281364  0  ieee80211_crypt        13444  2 wl,ieee80211_crypt_tkip  </p01:05
makaveli0129sylphid, wl                   1281364  001:05
ross_er no01:05
makaveli0129ieee80211_crypt        13444  2 wl,ieee80211_crypt_tkip01:05
ross_where do i do that01:05
Sylphidmakaveli0129, try sudo rmmod wl01:06
Jordan_Uross_: Follow the directions non that page, don't skip over anything.01:06
makaveli0129sylphid, lshw still lists it01:06
makaveli0129driver as b4301:06
ross_i'm a dumb ass01:07
blueysakHow do i set up my 82845g intel graphics card?01:07
Bridge|hello dumb donkey01:07
Sylphidmakaveli0129, does lsmod | grep -e wl -w b43 show anything01:07
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rezzyeMyller: still there mate?01:08
Sylphidmakaveli0129, sorry should be a -e not -w01:09
Sylphidmakaveli0129, does lsmod | grep -e wl -e b43 show anything01:09
deexannihilateJordan_U: You were helping me about a week ago to ix my computer start up. Are you able to continue helping me?01:09
ross_ok running01:09
ross_ok done01:10
ross_jordan_u i have the results01:10
rezzycan anyone help me a on a 3 3g modem rouer01:10
makaveli0129sylphid, both commands show the same thing:     lsmod | grep -e wl -e b4301:10
makaveli0129wl                   1281364  001:10
makaveli0129ieee80211_crypt        13444  2 wl,ieee80211_crypt_tkip01:10
Jordan_U!paste | ross_01:11
ubottuross_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:11
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Can you remind me of the situation?01:11
Sylphidmakaveli0129, sudo rmmod ieee80211_crypt_tkip ieee80211_crypt wl01:11
ross_jordan_u one sec01:12
makaveli0129sylphid, gives error says in use by wl LOL01:12
cillyHello everyone!  I am having a problem getting the printer to work.  I have ubuntu 10.04 installed on a powermac G3.  I have installed the Z600 driver thru the help of the forums.  I am getting the error:  Idle-Filter "usr/lib/cups/filter/rastertoz600" for printer "Lexmark-Lexmark-Z25-Z35 not owned by root.  Does anyone know how to fix this?01:12
imaginativeonewhere can I get an inventory of my largest files, sorted by size?01:12
deexannihilateJordan_U: I had switched the DVD drive to a CD drive and it messed up the booting. You had me download super grub and then I had to run. The computer is dual booted with Windows, as well.01:13
Sylphidmakaveli0129, man why wont wl go away01:13
tehbautAnyone know if they've fixed the live CDs of lynx? Last time I downloaded it, it failed to boot.01:13
ross_i have to upload the file01:13
Sylphidmakaveli0129, anything in dmeg about wl01:13
makaveli0129sylphid, i dunno i wish it would01:13
ross_to this computer and paste it just a esc01:14
Sylphidmakaveli0129, dmesg rather01:14
Sylphidmakaveli0129, there is another option but it involes a reboot01:14
UserHerman Miller Aeron Chair Fully Loaded http://item.ebay.com/20049606814801:14
rezzyhello anyone i really need help with this 3g dongle01:14
imaginativeonewhere can I get an inventory of my largest files, sorted by size?01:15
Sylphidmakaveli0129, try modprobe -r wl01:15
makaveli0129sylphid, dmesg says [ 3553.848009] b43-phy2 ERROR: FOUND UNSUPPORTED PHY (Analog 5, Type 4, Revision 1)01:15
makaveli0129[ 3553.848025] b43: probe of ssb0:0 failed with error -9501:15
makaveli0129also [ 3553.848009] b43-phy2 ERROR: FOUND UNSUPPORTED PHY (Analog 5, Type 4, Revision 1)01:15
makaveli0129[ 3553.848025] b43: probe of ssb0:0 failed with error -9501:15
ross_ok jordan_u i paste it01:15
ross_how do  you get to it?01:15
makaveli0129!paste [ 2852.633487] wl 0000:06:00.0: PCI INT A disabled01:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:15
ross_jordan_u you checking it out?01:17
Jordan_Uross_: It looks like you tried to re-install grub without following all of the steps, follow this guide *exactly*, asking questions if there is anthing you don't understand, and you should be fine: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide01:18
Sylphidmakaveli0129, ok i think we wanna try the blacklist route01:18
Yashyhiexpo: I don't believe I change the resolution?01:18
ross_wait - but it was working fine before so like01:19
ross_dont' i get need to uninstall it01:19
Jordan_U!who | ross_01:19
ubottuross_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:19
pradeephello everyone01:19
rezzywell can anyone tell me how to make a bootable disc ?01:20
ross_jordan_u so dont i just need to uninstall it? i mean it was working fine before i messed it up01:20
Andre_Rehey there, i need some help with gnash adobe flash replacement01:20
Jordan_Uross_: Just follow that guide and everything will work.01:20
Sylphidmakaveli0129, sudo 'bash -c echo -e "blacklist b43\nblacklist ssb" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf'01:20
Andre_Reif i want to watch a video on youtibe it alswas sais "an error occured" and i can't see any vode01:20
makaveli0129sylphid, imma try to just upgrade and see what happens i may be back01:20
pradeeprezzy, download an iso file then burn it copy file01:20
ross_ok let's try ti out01:21
YzNwhats wrong with ubuntu download?01:21
YzNwhenever i download via the terminal01:21
Sylphidmakaveli0129, sorry wrong quotes01:21
Sylphidmakaveli0129, sudo bash -c 'echo -e "blacklist b43\nblacklist ssb" >> /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf'01:21
rezzypradeep: ive burnt like 2 windows discs, but when i run it through boot they dont come up.... plus in bios ive set cd key to be first priority01:21
YzNit takes the whole internet speed01:21
YashyI'm having an issue with f-spot on ubuntu ("X Window System error"), any ideas on how to resolve? http://pastebin.com/BM2T22p001:21
YzNi cant browse anymore or connect to irc even01:22
MACscris there an easy way to convert a video iso to xvid? Trying to find a good way to archive my dvd's, but use smaller space than 4.4gb01:22
makaveli0129sylphid, that went through just fine01:22
YzNso, i said let me try downloading via browser, it stops at some percentage and doesnt move anymore01:22
Sylphidmakaveli0129, also sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-modules01:22
gewtsomebody say b4301:22
YzNbut it still says its downloading at a certain speed01:22
AndrewGearhartgood evening folks. I'm looking for some answers that I know won't be one liners. I know I have LOTS of research to do, but i'm looking for tips to get started in the right area of securing an ubuntu system within a virtualbox virtual machine. The system will be installed on thousands of desktops and I need to ensure that every possible attempt at securing the system is made. The system will be run to only allow external access01:22
AndrewGearhart through httpd and ssh. Where do I go next?01:22
Sylphidmakaveli0129, make sure wl is enabled in hardware drivers01:23
trismimaginativeone: find some_directory -type f -exec stat -c '%s %n' {} \; | sort -n;01:23
Sylphidmakaveli0129, then reboot01:23
rezzyso no one at all can help me with a 3g dongle01:24
trismimaginativeone: that's just for files, if you wanted directories by usage either use baobab or du some_dir | sort -n;01:24
pradeeprezzy which01:25
pradeep3g dongle01:25
YzN_the lagg im havin01:25
zacIf I have a problem with installing ubuntu server do I come here?01:25
=== zac is now known as Guest28494
rezzyits a UK 3 3g dongle pradeep:01:26
YzN_Hey guys, I would really aprreciated if someone may download Skype using ubuntu the latest version and tell me if it stops at 14%.01:26
enmandGuest28494, what's your problem?01:26
pradeepdoes it show on ur network manger01:26
infinituxhi. i'm running a linux livecd on my laptop and my running applications are recieving an Uninteruptable Kill Signal and then closing. Why is this happening?01:27
Guest28494Emmand I need to connect to my wireless access point but it seems to only allow wired connections01:27
rezzypradeep: its a UK 3 3g dongle pradeep:01:27
pradeeprezzy, yes01:28
rezzyanyhelp ?01:28
Guest28494Or am I screwed?01:28
pradeeprezzy, i mean does it show on your network manager when you connect it to your computer if not try using wvdial01:28
pradeepdownload it01:28
ross_ok it shoudl b good01:29
rezzypradeep: it shows on my desktop but does not work from there, no does not show on my network manager either01:29
ross_jordan_u now i will try to reboot in a few minutes...01:29
enmandGuest28494, weird. Do you have a GUI on the server? How are you connecting to your wireless AP?01:29
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pradeeprezzy, sudo apt-get wvdial01:30
pradeeptry using that01:30
YzNHey i would really aprreciate if someone would help me out on something.01:30
Guest28494Enmand I'm not connected and its a command line based gui01:31
Guest28494I'm on the ubuntu live cd01:31
TDKPSjarly, are you alive01:31
rezzypradeep: says invalid operation01:31
thune3infinitux: not sure. programs sometimes get killed automaticallly when memory runs out.01:31
deexannihilateWhat program can I use to Burn an ISO image to USB?01:31
marco___how change the color and the position of colored tab in byobu?01:31
infinituxthune3, yes. i'm sure that's what's happening.01:32
infinituxthe livecd only has a small amount of memory available to it.01:32
ross_jordan_u ok that worked very well thank you very much - man i will never mess with the partition stuff again in my life01:32
pradeeprezzy, sorry i meant  sudo apt-get install wvdial01:32
Jordan_Uross_: You're welcome.01:32
rezzypradeep: now its saying cant find package wvdial :/01:33
codebrainzdeexannihilate, you want the files from your ISO copied onto a USB hard/flash drive? or you want to burn an ISO image on a USB CD writer?01:33
pradeeprezzy, then sudo apt-get update01:34
deexannihilatecodebrainz: I want the files from my ISO copied onto a USB01:34
pradeepthen run the initial command01:34
mdgeorge1I was wondering if anyone could help me configure X properly to use my tablet01:34
thune3infinitux: you should have all your physical memory available. livecd will also use any swap partition it finds on fixed disks. If all the physical memory is really available, the only solution is to kill memory hogging applications before you run out of memory.01:34
rezzypradeep: done that what now?01:34
pradeepdeexannihilate, use unetbootin01:34
mdgeorge1it seems to be detecting it when I plug it in, but it's not working01:35
codebrainzdeexannihilate, what kind of ISO?  is it bootable?  does the USB drive need to be bootable?01:35
pradeeprezzy, sudo apt-get install wvdial01:35
mdgeorge1and the input subsystems seem to have changed a lot recently, so I don't know what howto's to trust01:35
Guest28494Enmand I'm not connected and its a command line based gui01:35
mdgeorge1it works when I reboot, but not when I hotplug01:36
hiexpocodebrainz,  it will make it bootable01:36
deexannihilatecodebrainz: Yes, the USB needs to be bootable. It's or Super grub. I don't have a CD/DVD drive on my netbook and need it to fix my other computer01:36
codebrainzdeexannihilate, then what pradeep said01:36
rezzypradeep: done that01:36
deexannihilatecodebrainz: thanks01:36
deexannihilatepradeep: thank you01:36
pradeepdeexannihilate, sudo apt-get install unetbootin01:37
hiexpocodebrainz,  hit alt > f10 ,11 ,12 and put usb on top for boot01:37
pradeepdeexannihilate, anytime man01:37
deexannihilatepradeep: lady :)01:37
codebrainzhiexpo, me?01:37
rezzypradeep: done that mate what now ?01:38
martianShell question... can you pipe the output of ls to copy or rm? Like pipe the results of "ls -d xyz*/" to cp along with a destination somehow?01:38
Guest28494I find this rather stupid and a huge pitfall for ubuntu, but is it really impossible for one to connect to a wireless access point on the ubuntu server edition?01:38
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codebrainzmartian, xargs01:38
pradeepdeexannihilate, oops mybad :)01:38
hiexpocodebrainz,  was u tring to gonna boot frome usb?01:38
codebrainzhiexpo, nope01:38
otocushi all, does somebody here kwnos a lot about alsa behavior? i have a system admin especific question...01:38
Guest28494I mean do they really think everyone installs from a wired connection?01:38
hiexpocodebrainz,  oops wrong person sorry01:38
martiancodebrainz: hmm ok... so, go read up on xargs eh? :)01:38
rezzylooks like ill have to go back to windows anyone know the best way to make a clean simple windows boot disc via ubuntu01:39
otocusand its not about alsa, its about ubuntu... on ubuntu 9.x it worked perfectly.. on 10x it doesnt :(01:39
lorcan I remove empathy?01:39
otocusrezzy, i dont, but if you only want to boot... there are a lot of boot disk mini isos on net01:39
thune3martian: for xargs you should probably use the "-1" option to ls as well.01:39
otocusah... the.. one... is... bartpe01:39
hiexpootocus,  - 9.10 is better01:40
otocushiexpo,  i agree totally01:40
pradeeprezzy, you done01:40
rezzyotocus: ive got a downloaded windows on this, just seems to not load up when i boot from menu01:40
Guest28494Please can someone aqnswer?01:40
rezzypradeep: yup but i dont know what to do from that01:40
martianthune3: but of course =D01:40
pradeeprezzy, on your terminal01:41
kassahI have an UPS Thermal Printer... I was wondering how I'd find a driver for it?01:41
hiexpootocus,  - i never switched i believe if it's not broke don't fix it01:41
otocusrezzy, maybe you should try to experiment on some vmm like  vmware (player is free) or the one from sun (something..box i cant recall)01:41
kassahor unload it fully so vbox can pass through the usb01:41
martianGuest28494: a server on a wireless connection... yeah not common.01:41
rezzypradeep: im on terminal01:41
pradeeprezzy, sudo gedit /etc/wvdialconf01:41
sb750suxdmraid -s -vv gives me "ERROR: pdc: zero sectors on /dev/sda ERROR: pdc: setting up RAID device /dev/sda01:41
Guest28494Martian, really?01:41
pradeeprezzy, insert the informations from ur isp01:41
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Guest28494Martian I'm willing to bet many home servers are wireless01:42
rezzyinternet service provider01:42
nebbinhey. can i use an external HD to load Ubuntu to my computer. The Universal installer for putting the ISO onto a USB does not recognize the HD as a removable storage device.??01:42
hiexpootocus,  - go back to 9.10 i think you'll be better off01:42
otocusso.. my input devices work ok if i use them as sound devices (like if i talk on the mic, i hear mi voice at the same instant) but if i try to rec from them... there is always a delay... any hints?01:42
rezzywhere do i find that information01:42
martianGuest28494: are you really asking me if I'm being serious in regards to a server being on a wireless network or are you asking rhetorical questions?01:42
josedosecan anybody help i cant get to ubuntu synaptic package manager i get a error emalformed line55 in source list/etc/apt/source list luri parse.     the list of source could not be read01:42
codebrainzkassah, what's the make/model number?01:42
pradeepis the dongle a plug n play device01:43
rezzypradeep: i'm reinstalling for a friend , how do i find out the isp ?01:43
Vigo_Guest28494: Yes, did you try a Netisnatall?01:43
pradeepcos every dongle has a work around01:43
daddysmurfwhat's the advantage of using a 32-bit system over a 64-bit system?01:43
Guest28494Martian, I am asking are you serious, why wouldn't they think about that? Or even letting you install everything onto a dvd so you don't have this01:43
martianjosedose: paste the contents of yours to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and link it here01:43
zsocis there no tinyXml package in the ubuntuu repos?01:43
codebrainzdaddysmurf, reuse of old hardware :)01:43
rezzypradeep: its usb i have no idea if its plug and play01:43
kassahcodebrainz, Zebra LP2844 (Labels itself UPS Thermal 2844 to the computer)01:44
daddysmurfcodebrainz: sorry, I was unclear... that's on 64-bit hardware01:44
rezzypradeep: all i know is that on windows u put it in and pressed connect01:44
hiexponetinstall / upgrade = Train Wreck  \\\ Guaranteed01:44
Vigo_Guest28494: Here is the page...a page> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Server%20and%20network%20installations01:44
kassahdaddysmurf, for me? support for 8GB of ram without using tricks01:44
martianGuest28494: because as I initially asserted, I doubt it happens very often. I've never heard of anyone running a server wirelessly. I would suspect that most people jam their server in the same corner as their router.01:45
pradeeprezzy, when you connect it on ubuntu click ont the network manager you should see it there01:45
daddysmurfkassah: that's the driving reason for me to use 64-bit ubuntu... but the site suggests 32-bit01:45
codebrainzdaddysmurf, no advantage really, unless you have some weird software that doesn't support 64-bit01:45
deexannihilateCan someone walk me through using Super Grub to fix my booting01:45
daddysmurfcodebrainz: ty, 64 it is01:45
hiexpodaddysmurf,  use 32 bit it's better01:45
daddysmurfhiexpo: why?01:45
kassahdaddysmurf, software compatability (especially proprietary programs such as flash) is slightly better on 32bit01:45
jakexksapart from proprietary programs, there's no reason to use 32 bit01:46
Guest28494Martian, some people merely can't due to circumstances and I don't think it'd be so hard of them to add wireless-tools01:46
rezzypradeep: ove got network connections and network proxy, i have no idea where network manager is01:46
martianGuest28494: What is it preventing you from connecting to a wireless network on the server anyway?01:46
nebbinCan someone give me some advise about installing Ubuntu from a flash drive?01:46
kassahdaddysmurf, I imagine flash is 99% of the reason for that recommendation.01:46
hiexpodaddysmurf,  because 64 bit becomes boggy and hangs01:46
daddysmurfI'm planning to run a vm with windows to over-come the 64-bit software limitations, as well as the no-photoshop-on-linux concept01:46
jakexksIf you need flash, you're doing it wrong anyhow ;)01:47
daddysmurfI think I should be fine01:47
kassahcodebrainz, it's not exactly a common printer except amoung places like pharmacies and shipping docks01:47
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Have you been able to boot Super GRUB2 Disk?01:47
pradeeprezzy, on the right top corner of your desktop01:47
daddysmurfjakexks: html5 ftw01:47
codebrainzkassah, i'll google around for a minute01:47
kassahcodebrainz, they cost over $600... and print on a very small label... their industrial =)01:47
rezzypradeep: where the wifi and that is ? where do i go on from there?01:47
deexannihilateJordan_U: I don't know how. :( I'm a failure at computers01:47
codebrainzkassah, is it serial or parallel or usb?01:47
jbeanwhere can i get the testing/experimental/developmental kernels for ubuntu 10.04?01:47
pradeeprezzy, yes01:47
rugabugI have 10.04 and I can't find how to allow external VNC sessions01:47
Guest28494Martian, I can't move it to my server because of cable interference and I can't move the server because if it was moved it would be in the middle of a room01:47
rezzypradeep: what do i go on now ?01:48
daddysmurfrugabug: check iptables01:48
Guest28494And I don't have room in the room and the server is very loud01:48
kassahcodebrainz, USB01:48
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Are you trying to burn it to a CD or do you want to make a bootable flash drive?01:48
deexannihilateJordan_U: I used unetbootin and have burned it to a flash drive.01:48
xubuntuHi guys I'm testing for the first time Xubuntu.01:48
rugabugsmurf I'm new to this and don't know what that is01:48
mdgeorge1what's the easiest way to find out what version of ubuntu you're running?01:48
Vigo_Guest28494: Did you see the link I posted?01:48
mdgeorge1I'm used to "cat /etc/redhat_release"01:49
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: I doubt that unetbootin will work with Super GRUB2 Disk.01:49
codebrainzkassah, have you seen this? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=931916901:49
edbianmdgeorge1, cat /etc/ubuntu_version   I believe01:49
deexannihilate Jordan_U: what else shall I do? Is there a way to verify if it did work correctly?01:49
Guest28494Vigo, I can't if I can't connect wirelessly01:49
hiexpodaddysmurf,  OK good luck   /// biyacondios  amigo  don't say i did not 'tell ya01:49
Dr_Willislsb_release -a01:49
trismmdgeorge1: lsb_release -a01:49
philsfhi. everytime I boot my netbook, the bluetooth applet is on. how do I make it remember to stay off, when I turn it off?01:50
mdgeorge1edbian: there's no ubuntu_version01:50
kassahcodebrainz, I suspect there is a module attached to it even though it's not fully installed preventing VirtualBox from being able to make use of it. so a way to look determine which modules were using a usb device would also work01:50
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Do you have a Linux machine that you can use to make the bootable flash drive? Is it OK if the current contents of the flash drive are wiped?01:50
the_filewhy does my ati card work on older versions of ubuntu like 9.10 but **NOT** the new 10.0401:50
Bad_CommandHey I'm having trouble getting a new ubuntu install running on my new netbook.  It looks like the initrd is jamming up.  Setup works fine.  I've also updated using a rescue disk in the hopes that it woudl fix it.01:51
edbianmdgeorge1, /etc/issue01:51
codebrainzkassah, your vbox host is linux and the vbox guest is linux?01:51
edbianmdgeorge1, Every distro has their own method.  That's annoying I think.01:51
deexannihilate Jordan_U: Yes and Yes.01:51
mdgeorge1ah.  lsb_release -a worked for me01:51
pradeeptried install vmware workstation01:51
kassahcodebrainz, guest is windows... working on a work project that requires me to program an app that prints to it...01:51
pradeepbut i get these error01:51
Dr_Willislsb => linux standards base (i think)01:51
pradeepBuilding module with command: /usr/bin/make -C /tmp/vmware-root/modules/vmmon-only auto-build SUPPORT_SMP=1 HEADER_DIR=/lib/modules/2.6.32-21-generic/build/include CC=/usr/bin/gcc GREP=/usr/bin/make IS_GCC_3=no VMCCVER=4.4.301:51
Guest28494Martian, is there a way to once install ubuntu desktop uninstall all unneccsary stuff and install all neccesary packages?01:51
the_filebad_command: try running puppy linux with gparted, delete ALL the partitions01:51
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Ok, then you need to use a utility called "dd" to put the SG2D image onto the flash drive.01:51
kassahcodebrainz, if it's supported in linux... I can just share it to the windows box... if it's pass-thru-able... that works even better01:52
rezzywhere from there?!?!?!?!01:52
the_filebad_command: then install ubuntu from from usb01:52
rezzyim on the network manager, damn its so complicated 8-)01:52
Dr_WillisGuest28494:  write a script removing what you think is unneeded and installing what you want01:52
josedoseso i did now what01:52
hiexpophilisf  preferances > startup apps01:52
codebrainzkassah, good point, i forgot about a net share01:52
Bad_Commandthe_file: heh no thanks, I'm not going to delete all partitions.  This is a weird issue with the init root disk.01:52
kassahcodebrainz, sadly, I havn't managed to convince the warehouse to switch to linux yet lol01:52
Vigo_Guest28494: That does not make any sense, you are in IRC, you are connected somehow, here is the link:> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Server%20and%20network%20installations01:52
deexannihilate Jordan_U: Can I get it in it Synaptic?01:52
josedosemartian u there01:52
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: First, find out what the device name for your flash drive is. It's important that you are sure about this as you don't want to whipe the wrong drive.01:53
Guest28494Vigo_ that would be because I'm on my phone01:53
the_filekassah: just spread a virus over their network01:53
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: It comes with Ubuntu by default, it's a terminal based utility.01:53
deexannihilate Jordan_U: how do I find the name for the flash drive?01:53
Vigo_Guest28494: Ah, ok, Thank you, I was very confused with that...01:53
codebrainzkassah, i'm not useful with printers, i don't have one, but i know the older-style serial/parallel ones are super easy to interface with even without drivers01:53
rezzynvm ill go back to windows01:54
Guest28494Vigo_ no problem01:54
thinkpaduserwhere is here?01:54
Bad_Commandthe_file: I'm going to dissect the initrd image to see if I can figure it out, was hoping someone would know if this is a current issue01:54
Dr_Willisrezzy:  ive not even see n you ask a question...01:54
kassahcodebrainz, thanks for looking =)01:54
the_filebad_command: maybe ubuntu is not a good idea01:54
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Open System > Administration > Disk utility and select your flash drive from the list on the left.01:54
thinkpaduseroh,my god!01:54
rezzyDr_Willis: im trying to sort out a 3g dongle01:54
the_filebad_command: there are other distors01:54
rezzybut its not working01:54
kassahcodebrainz, yeah... all of mine are network printers... this whole usb thing is foreign to me lol01:54
manuel__alguien tiene el link de ubuntu-es?01:55
thinkpaduserWho can talk with me?01:55
Dr_Willisrezzy:  you have checked tghe forums for your specific dongle?01:55
Guest28494Is there a way to run ubuntu desktop and then kill X?01:55
kassahthinkpaduser, I can... but will I?01:55
Guest28494So you have a command line01:55
Dr_WillisGuest28494:  'sudo service gdm stop'01:55
Bad_Commandthe_file: ubuntu makes me happy.  good ideas make me happy.  therefore ubuntu is a good idea.  ;)01:55
Guest28494Dr_willis thanks01:55
Dr_WillisGuest28494:  or just alt-cttrl-f1 to get to console01:55
deexannihilate Jordan_U: I don't have anything called disk utility01:55
the_filebad_command: its nothing special, really01:55
rezzyDr_Willis: yup but its to complicated so im going to install windows on it, only problem when i burn a iso on ubuntu, the windows disc wont load up from start up01:55
thinkpaduserkassah, I come here first time!01:55
kassahthinkpaduser, diddn't see any questions from you... did you ask one?01:55
kassahthinkpaduser, welcome! =)01:56
Guest28494Dr_Willis well I don't want x running if I won't be using it that'll just eat up my resources01:56
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: What version of Ubuntu / what distro are you using?01:56
michaelxqWhere can i find my Onscreen Keyboard?01:56
Dr_WillisGuest28494:  you got a box so old that it will matter? scary.01:56
deexannihilate Jordan_U: Eeebuntu01:56
thinkpaduserYes,I have no questions01:56
codebrainzBad_Command, where/how does it jam up?  any errors/messages?01:56
Dr_WillisGuest28494:  you can disable the gdm servuice if you want it never to start01:56
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rezzyanyways im out01:57
thinkpaduserKassah,how long do you here?01:57
kassahthinkpaduser, awsome =) you should hang out and answer the questions you can... and just have a good time =) what makes these places so great is that everyone is willing to help everyone else out =)01:57
putlipotianyone know the latest or best way for creating livecds01:57
Guest28494Dr_willis edit the daemon file right?01:57
kassahthinkpaduser, I'm not here a whole lot... mostly because the traffic is a bit high for me... I come when I have questions.. =)01:57
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Ok, then run "sudo blkid" in a terminal. It will output information on all of your drives / partitions (hopefully you will be able to tell from this infomation which is your flash drive)01:57
Dr_WillisGuest28494:  just rename it.  /etc/init/gdm.conf  to gdm.DONTSTART01:57
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kassahthinkpaduser, also... if I stayed in here all day... I'd never leave.. because I'd try to answer everyones questions =)01:58
codebrainzputlipoti, does best == simplest?01:58
kassahthinkpaduser, but I do hang out in a lot of other channels that a little lower traffic to help out people there =)01:58
Vigo_Watoosh: How is that running for you?01:58
thinkpaduserwell,but I just fresh man,01:58
michaelxqWhere can i find my Onscreen Keyboard?01:58
Watooshim prob not the best to answer questions but i dont suck thats for sure01:58
deexannihilatejordan_u:  /dev/sda1: UUID="2910cf28-e706-4afa-b3cd-4bf316ec3591" TYPE="ext3"01:58
deexannihilate/dev/sda5: TYPE="swap" UUID="34deff56-c1de-4134-aaf6-2d3be73a3ea1"01:58
deexannihilate/dev/sdb1: SEC_TYPE="msdos" LABEL="Lexar" UUID="C2F8-E4F2" TYPE="vfat"01:58
deexannihilate/dev/sdc1: SEC_TYPE="msdos" UUID="3738-3637" TYPE="vfat"01:58
FloodBot2deexannihilate: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:58
philsfhi. everytime I boot my netbook, the bluetooth applet is on. how do I make it remember to stay off, when I turn it off?01:58
Bad_Commandcodebrainz:  non-rescue boot only shows blinking cursor, recovery mode last printout is a kernel ata/SATA printout01:58
thinkpaduserKassah,I just use linux first time!01:59
kassahthinkpaduser, we all started there =) it's a fun place to be... when everything is new... =)01:59
codebrainzBad_Command, about not being able to mount the root filesystem?01:59
putlipoticodebrainz: hey hows it going01:59
Vigo_michaelxq: Have you installed it?01:59
codebrainzgood nuff01:59
ross_how would you get to the task manager screen on ubuntu so you can close out programs/running applets01:59
Watooshi finaly figured out how to use VB shared folders with crunch bang02:00
michaelxqVigo_, yes and i can't find it02:00
Watooshhappy day02:00
kassahthinkpaduser, now if there is something I can't figure out... I get frustrated... because I've been using linux for over 10 years now... but I've had freshmen help me with my problems that I couldn't solve...02:00
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: (please use pastebin next time). It looks like you have two flash drives, is the Lexar one the one you want to use for SG2D?02:00
Vigo_michaelxq: Running a GUI like Gnome?02:00
putlipoticodebrainz: now check this, I want to make an edubutu clone, but I dont like thier themes, installed apps...I want something similar but tweaked, now if I wanted to create a distro like this im guessing start with base ubuntu and just isntall apps and then make a distro/package02:00
gverigI feel like a retard... Can anybody please explain to me why nvidia-current has no references (direct dependency or recommended install or wahtever) on the current kernel headers and why does installation succeed without them?! I sort of understand why it might be a hard problem (it does not need the latest, it does not need some specific version but it does need to have headers for whatever is current) hiding "oh... I wasn't able to build the module...02:00
Bad_Commandcodebrainz: no, no complaints like that.  caps lock key does not toggle when pressed.  When I've booted using the livecd, there were no logs in /var/log02:00
Odd-rationaleross_: system -> admin -> system monitor02:01
michaelxqVigo_, gnome02:01
deexannihilateJordan_U: and it is the Lexar and sorry I didn't know what pastebin was!02:01
edbianross_, system -> admin -> system monitor02:01
edbianross_, Or, in a term: ps -e02:01
Watooshthat guy was right this # is really high trafic02:01
codebrainzputlipoti, there's a tutorial (google Live CD From Scratch) that pretty much explains the process, sounds like you have the basic idea, that tutorial will fill in the blanks02:01
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Ok, run "sudo umount /dev/sdb1" to be sure that the flash drive isn't mounted.02:02
Vigo_michaelxq: Did you restart after installing it?02:02
codebrainzputlipoti, there's also programs that automate the whole process to an extent, but I've never used them02:02
putlipotithanks codebrainz02:02
pradeepBuilding module with command: /usr/bin/make -C /tmp/vmware-root/modules/vmmon-only auto-build SUPPORT_SMP=1 HEADER_DIR=/lib/modules/2.6.32-21-generic/build/include CC=/usr/bin/gcc GREP=/usr/bin/make IS_GCC_3=no VMCCVER=4.4.302:02
rezzyhello, right, can anyone help me to make a bootable disc02:02
michaelxqVigo_ , in general i can't find my assistive technologies02:02
ross_ps -e? let's try it02:02
pradeepany help02:02
michaelxqVigo_, reboot it02:02
pradeeprezzy, do you have an iso image02:02
michaelxqVigo_, sorry log off and log on again02:02
deexannihilatejordan_u: ok02:02
rezzypradeep:: i do02:02
pradeepare u on ubuntu02:03
pradeepor windows02:03
thinkpaduserif I want have a talk with you alone?How can I do?02:03
rezzypradeep: also i burnt it with braseo , onl owest speed, but its still not booting from bios02:03
Vigo_michaelxq: That is one place for it, depends on that pkg. it should have just installed, but some Utilities and Assistive Utilities require a restart to load properly.02:04
ubuntu_redhello, finally achieved it was the driver TL-WN422G wifi adapter, with the kernel and putting this firmware 02.06.1935 ar9271.fw in / lib / firmware, apart from this newer kernel that firmware 0.35 was needed to make it function02:04
ubuntu_redinstall wicd, but only does well when the network is open when you authenticate with wpa2 but not doing well is very slow, so slow that it does not load anything and the local pings also has a 90% packet loss and very few ms high because is it?02:04
pradeeprezzy, did you set your boot option to boot from cd02:04
rezzypradeep: how do you do tht in braseo02:04
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Tell me when you're done with running umount.02:04
edbianrezzy, You set the boot device in the bios.02:05
pradeeprezzy,  I MEAN FROM BIOS02:05
deexannihilatejordan_u: sorry, I meant I was done02:05
rezzypradeep: yes i put cd rom first02:05
michaelxqVigo_ , i'll try and let you know02:05
kassahthinkpaduser, gotta run... wife has dinner.. yum!02:05
* kassah waves02:05
yoshieHello everyone02:05
Vigo_michaelxq: Ok,Thank you.02:05
edbianyoshie, Hi02:05
pradeeprezzy, on basero did you choose the option of burn image02:06
yoshieI am in need of a question answerd and would love for someone that knows Ubuntu very well to answer the question02:06
rezzypradeep: yes02:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:06
edbianyoshie, Just ask it.02:06
pradeeprezzy, hmm02:06
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Ok, now run "sudo dd if=Downloads/super_grub_disk_hybrid-1.98s1.iso of=/dev/sdb". That command assumes that the SG2D image is in your downloads folder, be sure that you type it exactly as again you don't want to wipe the wrong drive.02:07
pradeeprezzy, you sure that iso is bootable iso02:07
edbianrezzy, pradeep If you set the bios correctly you should get it to say something like "disc is not bootable" or similar02:07
Owner Hello02:07
pradeepedbian, yes true02:07
rezzyit is set to boot from cd, but it does _ _ _ _ _ then loads up ubuntu02:07
YashyI'm having an issue with f-spot on ubuntu ("X Window System error"), any ideas on how to resolve? http://pastebin.com/BM2T22p002:07
yoshieI have installed a fresh Copy of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 64 Bit. I am wanting to install World of warcraft, I need to unmount the Cdrom and mount it back( WOW IS ON A DVD ) problem is I cant mount the DVD for Unhidden Files because it ses mount point cannot be found02:07
yoshieI  Do not have this issue on Ubuntu 9.0402:08
rodrigoGuys, I need to install the googleEarht on ubuntu 9.04, but is giving error.02:08
deexannihilateJordan_U: The image is on my desktop. How do I move it to download folder.02:08
ross_how do you import all files from your ipod?02:08
rezzyi would of sticked with ubuntu but the 3g modem seems not to work , unless u have to go to mobil boradband set it up and type in the username and password.........02:08
rodrigoFatal error in __driConfigOptions line 1, column 0: unknown encoding.02:08
rodrigoGoogle Earth has caught signal 6.02:09
rodrigoWe apologize for the inconvenience, but Google Earth has crashed.02:09
rodrigo This is a bug in the program, and should never happen under normal02:09
rodrigo circumstances. A bug report and debugging data have been written02:09
rodrigo to this text file:02:09
FloodBot2rodrigo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:09
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Run this instead then: "sudo dd if=Desktop/super_grub_disk_hybrid-1.98s1.iso of=/dev/sdb".02:09
yoshieJordan_U , are you reffering to me?02:09
rezzywhen u set up a 3g dongle, do u have to go into mobile broadband ext and type in the username and password?02:09
deexannihilatejordan_u: done02:10
Jordan_Uyoshie: No.02:10
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Ok, the flsh drive should be bootable now.02:10
rezzyanyone? when u set up a 3g dongle do u hae to type in the username and password?02:11
ubuntu_redhello, finally achieved it was the driver TL-WN422G wifi adapter, with the kernel and putting this firmware 2.6.35 ar9271.fw in / lib / firmware, apart from this newer kernel that firmware .35 was needed to make it function install wicd, but only does well when the network is open when you authenticate with wpa2 but not doing well is very slow, so slow that it does not load anything and the local pings also has a 90% packet loss and very few ms high becau02:12
ubuntu_redse is it?02:12
imaginativeonewhere can I get an inventory of my largest files, sorted by size?02:12
rezzyor is it just auto02:12
perlsyntaxIs there a perl project for ubuntu?02:12
perlsyntaxSo i can send my programs andhave put in ubuntu?02:13
deexannihilatejordan_u: ok. so, now how do I use it?02:13
ross_jordan_u i want to learn more about ubuntu can you recommend some guides please02:13
codebrainzimaginativeone, du -a / | sort -n -r | head -n 20 .... also you can use Baobab which is a nice graphical thing for this02:13
lorhow can I remove that social network thing from ubuntu?02:13
philsfeverytime I boot my netbook, the bluetooth applet is on. how do I make it remember to stay off, when I turn it off?02:14
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Boot from it, since I don't remember your original problem I can't really tell you more than that :)02:14
yoshieDid i ask the wrong question in here?02:14
rezzyall i want to know is do u have to enter your username and password into the dongle then im sorted02:14
codebrainzlor, i think it's called 'indicator-me', so apt-get remove that thing i said02:14
fjlrezzy: you need to enter your PIN02:15
Jordan_Uimaginativeone: Applications > Accessories > Disk Usage Analyzer02:15
rezzywheres the pin?02:15
deexannihilatejordan_u: Is there something you can link me to that can help me? I really don't know how to do it. I'm just trying to boot the computer. I had a DVD driver attached and I switched back to the orginal CD drive and linux is trying to book from that drive instead of the OS.02:15
imaginativeoneJordan_U: thanks!02:15
Jordan_Uimaginativeone: You're welcome.02:15
codebrainzimaginativeone,what Jordan_U said is the Ubuntu name for Baobab iirc02:15
rezzyfjl: wheres the pin02:15
codebrainzsuch a nice program too02:16
fjlrezzy: you should have received a PIN with your contract02:16
rezzysoon as i get the pin i can connect ?02:16
rezzythats all i want to know02:16
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: I thought this was a netbook without a CD drive?02:17
fjlrezzy: if you don't have a PIN it should work without any configuration02:17
deexannihilateJordan_U: Yes. The computer I am using now is a netbook with no cd drive. But I'm trying to fix my desktop.02:17
rezzyfjl: its plugged in, ive set it up via mobile broadband how do i get it to connect?02:18
ThePCKid-...and now I'm back from evil #ubuntu-offtopic :P02:18
jake_hi i have a question about mysql for ubuntu is anyone here able to help me?02:18
deexannihilateJordan_u: I figured out how to load it.. but what do I select from the menu?02:18
fjlrezzy: hit connect?02:18
josedosehow do i go to my repository dialog?anybody02:18
rugabugI need somebody to walk me through being able to vnc to my linux box externally02:18
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Ok, and when you try to boot the desktop it boots from the CD drive instead of the hard drive? I still don't quite understand what is happening.02:18
rezzyfjl: theres no connect button.......02:18
scoprionhow is the sky since yesterday02:19
cmwslwdoes anyone have an idea why this init script (http://pastie.org/1045015) does not create a .pid file?02:19
fjlrezzy: right click on the network manager icon02:19
Pici!ot | scoprion02:19
ubottuscoprion: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:19
rezzyfjl: the provider is on the desktop but that wont load, so i went into network manager, entered the mobile broadband provder02:19
cmwslwsince it has no .pid file it can't stop02:19
scoprionits an ubuntu topix02:19
scoprionits an ubuntu topic02:19
josedoseanybody knows how to go to ur reposiyory dialog02:20
rezzyfjl: i have right clicked it02:20
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: The "Detect any GRUB2 configuration file (grub.cfg)" should allow you to boot into Ubuntu. (still not quite sure what your situation is though)02:20
josedoserepository dialog02:20
rugabugCan somebody help me with VNC?02:20
johan_joemy firefox cannot preview my fb's picture02:20
fjlrezzy: you should see a menu02:20
rezzyfjl: i see 3 internet 1... last used never.... add .... edit and delete02:21
jake_can someone help me with mysql?02:21
DSSAAny advice as to why I can't see my Ubuntu 10.04 computer and its files on my windows network, but can access the windows machines from the Ubuntu machine?02:21
deexannihilateJordan_U: That's what you told me last time. So, I had installed a DVD drive last year but it wouldn't work with the CD drive plugged in. I needed to use the CD drive, so I plugged it in and when I restarted it, the computer loaded upto the OS selection page, but offered no selections. I think we determined that it was trying to boot from one of those drives.02:21
jeffgreencajake_: what about it?02:21
fjlrezzy: i meant the notification bar icon02:21
SuffoKatedoes anyone know how i can enter #Zdaemon?02:22
scoprionELISA SYNDROM AS BOT pleaaaaaaaaaaase02:22
rezzyfjl: theres  emable netoworking, wireless and notifacation plus edit connections02:22
IdleOneSuffoKate: you probably need to complete registration of your nick and then /msg nickserv identify password02:22
SuffoKateIdleOne :TY02:23
fjlrezzy: and if you left click iter ?02:23
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Ok, does the "List devices/partitions" option list anything other than the flash drive itself?02:23
egmachadoCan anybody here help me to configure my microphone? Since the 8.10 version of Ubuntu that I can't record anything. My sound card is 00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB4x0 High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)02:23
rezzyfjl: just comes up with all the wifi available, vpn connecions02:23
SuffoKateCannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services <--- thats wat im getting02:23
IdleOneSuffoKate: then yes, check your email to complete nick registration02:24
zespriHello all, When I run: 'sudo -u myuser -i ls' I get '/bin/ls: /bin/ls: cannot execute binary file'. If I just run 'sudo -u myuser -i' and then ls, it works. This problem happening on one installation only and it works fine on all other machines. What could be the issue?02:24
egmachadoAnd the funny thing is that the microphone works perfectly when I run the system in Livecd, but after the installation on HD, it stops working...02:25
IdleOneSuffoKate: after that is done you will need to identify with /msg nickserv identify password02:25
rugabugwill somebody help me with vnc?02:25
egmachadoI've tried to do everything, but nothing works... And I need to use my mic!02:25
SuffoKateIdleOne: ty once again :D02:26
un214Is there a good way to install directly to /dev/hda (to make mounting images from the host easier)?02:26
fjlrezzy: i don't know then. i am able to select mobile broadband as a connection in the menu and it works02:26
scoprionThePCKid-, YOU SEEN NOT LIKE ELISA SYNDROM so fuck away kid02:26
deexannihilateJordan_U: it has UUID 2010-05-16-23-41-07-00 in Partition hd0, 1: unknown filesystem and Device hd1: Partition hd1,1: filesystem type ntfs, uuis e2a019ca01d786d02:26
rezzyfjl: do u hae to put in a password?02:26
fjlrezzy: no02:27
bobby111well my name hasd changed!!02:27
deexannihilatejordan_u: it also says Device fd0: unknown filesystemm02:27
zultellcan anyone he;p me02:27
ThePCKid-!language | scoprion02:27
ubottuscoprion: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:27
zultelli wanna ask something02:28
fjlun214: that's a bad idea02:28
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:28
egmachadoPlease, anybody, how can I set my sound card up?02:28
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Ok, do you have Ubuntu installed on your desktop or just windows?02:28
deexannihilatezultell: ask and if someone can help, they will02:28
un214fjl: it's a disk in an image file (qemu)02:28
deexannihilatejordan_u: they were both installed and both worked before I switched the drives02:28
un214kind of hard to mount an option within an image file02:28
zultellits any other software can use like alkohol 120%02:29
zultellin ubuntu02:29
rezzyfjl: any reason why it aint showing up or is there any other way where i can find the connection?02:29
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Try the "Detect Any OS" option. Did you install Ubuntu inside Windows?02:29
deexannihilateJordan_u: I believe I did install it inside windows as a dual boot02:30
Jordan_Uun214: You can do it by specifying an offset to losetup.02:30
deexannihilateJordan_u: it says windows nt/2000/xp loader02:30
rezzywhy aint there no connect button :(02:31
zultellany other software can use like alkohol 120% i mean to mount iso or mds file02:31
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Ok, then that explains why there is only the ntfs partition. Selecting "windows nt/2000/xp loader" should bring you to another menu where you can choose to boot either windows or Ubuntu.02:31
eMyllerrezzy: did you get it working? sorry, i lost my connection some minutes ago.02:31
Jordan_U!iso | zultell02:31
ubottuzultell: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.02:31
rezzyeMyller: ive got into the mobile broadband settings but seems to be no connect button02:31
hegrezzy: is your device is reconized by the system?02:31
zultellnot for burn but for install the game02:32
rezzyheg: well it seems like the brand of the device is showing on the desktop02:32
eMyllerrezzy: so it was rcognized as a usb stick02:32
eMyllerrezzy: install usb-modeswitch02:32
hegrezzy: how you connect the device? usb?02:32
rezzyeMyller: i think so , yes usb02:32
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: I need to leave fairly soon.02:32
hegrezzy: lsusb02:32
eMyllerrezzy: go to terminal, sudo apt-get install usb-modeswitch02:33
deexannihilatejordan_u: it never loads02:33
DaijoubuHow to allow BOINC in Firestarter ?02:33
=== FrankLv_ is now known as FrankLv
deexannihilatejordan_u: that's fine. it can wait for another day02:33
rezzyi hope this works x]02:34
zultelli try furius but is cant because after read cd1 install need cd2 ,i mount using furius not detect that cd02:34
rezzyeMyller: installed that what now ?02:34
eMyllerrezzy: restart with your modem connected02:34
rezzyeMyller: ok x)02:35
deexannihilateJordan_u: quick question. if I just order a new cd, can I just wipe the entire system and start over. there isn't anything important on the computer as far as programs or documents. would it correct the problem?02:35
dlbike76hello.  Is there a way to make the brightness keys on my laptop adjust the brightness levels in power management?02:35
ThePCKid@dlbike76: I don't know...02:36
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Most likely, yes.02:36
deexannihilatejordan_u: ok. thank you soo much for your help02:36
deexannihilatejordan_u: is there a way to just uninstall ubuntu without uninstalling windows/02:37
pradeepdeexannihilate, are you dual booting02:38
pradeepor wubi install02:38
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: Ubuntu is likely the only thing that will boot at all currently, uninstalling it would leave you with pretty much nothing that you could boot.02:38
deexannihilatejordan_u: gah. alright. thanks!02:38
ThePCKid@deexannihilate: Yes. Go into the remove programs thing and uninstall Ubuntu02:38
Jordan_Udeexannihilate: If you ask later I can walk you through getting Ubuntu to boot again.02:39
deexannihilatejordan_u: I'll check with you tomorrow if you are available. thanks again02:39
rezzyeMyller: u there02:41
Bad_Commandcodebrainz: I think it is the splash screen that is causing problems.  the thing boots fine with nosplash on the command line02:41
Bad_Commandthe kernel boot command line, that is02:42
rezzyeMyller: ????????02:42
eMyllerrezzy: yeah02:42
zuswhats the commant to remove .wine?02:42
zus and .wintericks02:42
codebrainzBad_Command, what video mode are you using for the framebuffer?02:42
rezzyeMyller: cheers brother :D it works god dam 3 hours now it works i really appreciate it02:42
jeffgreencazus: rm ~/.wine -rf   ??02:42
eMyllerrezzy: :D02:43
rezzyeMyller: thankyou so much mate, if i could pay you i would but i hae no money :L02:43
eMyllerrezzy: see? you just needed to install usb-modeswitch, like i said hours ago. :)02:43
DSSAI'm trying to share folders from my ubuntu computer to the XP computers.  I'm to the point where this tutorial is stating to go to SYSTEM|ADMINISTRATION|SHARED FOLDERS but that's not in ADMINISTRATION on my computer.  The other option it gives is to type in "shares-admin" in the terminal but it doesn't work either and says: "No command 'share-admin' found, did you mean:02:43
DSSA Command 'shares-admin' from package 'gnome-system-tools' (main)02:43
DSSAshare-admin: command not found02:43
FloodBot2DSSA: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:43
eMyllerrezzy: haha. yw :)02:44
rezzyeMyller: i should of listened alcohol was a bad choice :P02:44
DSSAwhoops, sorry02:44
Bad_Commandcodebrainz: not sure, whatever it would autodetect.  This is a netbook, native resolution is something like 1200x700 or something02:44
rezzyeMyller: but seriosuly very helpful wheres linux admins recomend u i should xD02:44
pradeeprezzy, is it working now02:45
rezzypradeep : it is mate and thanks for the help too02:45
codebrainzBad_Command, maybe look into specifying it manually to the kernel.  it used to be the vga=XXX option, i think it's called video=STUFF now with the newer framebuffer drivers02:45
CAPcapi want to install a different distro to a flash drive. Where should I start?02:45
DSSACan anyone help with setting up the Shared Folders on Ubuntu with my XP computers?02:46
sebsebsebCAPcap: unetbootin can do other distros as well I think02:46
zusafter deleteing  .winetrickscache and winetricks and .wine i should be left with a clean wine correct?02:46
DSSAthe online tutorials won't work.  Xbuntu doesn't have it in the menu, and the script they tell me to enter doesn't work in terminal02:47
abyirc have video audio support?02:47
rezzyeMyller: so everytime i plug it in now it should work :D ?02:47
Bad_Commandcodebrainz: Ahh, ok.  I think I'll just put nosplash in my grub config for now.  Should I report this bug elsewhere?  This would be brutal for a new user02:47
EgyParadoxaby:IRC is old technology02:47
abybut using some plugin?02:48
pradeeprezzy, what did you do02:48
Piciaby: no02:48
pradeepeMyller, what is usb-modeswitch02:48
rezzypradeep: usb-modeswitcg02:48
hylianhello a while back i was getting an error at boot saying press s because it couldnt mount my ntfs partition. is this a ntfs-config error? i have searched the net, sometimes i can fix this problem for a session or two by fixing fstab, but it looks like something is undoing my work or something..??02:49
AiyaI want to update my ubuntu but its showing this error W: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/e/eglibc/libc-bin_2.10.1-0ubuntu16_i386.deb Could not resolve 'proxy.uthm.edu.my' ..02:49
AiyaIm not using any proxy longer how do i configure it not to use proxy server.02:49
AdolaIs there anyway to determine which applications are using my soundcard?02:50
realubotIs there any security issues downgrading gdm to 2.20 in Ubuntu 10.04?02:50
zusaby in synaptic packagemanager there is  "telapathy-sofiasip" for empathy to handle video from gtalk i believe02:51
codebrainzBad_Command, not sure where the issue is, either vesafb/uvesafb or xsplash (think this is what ubuntu uses now) i would suspect.  you could remove xsplash and see if the issue persists, then you'd know which project to raise the issue with02:51
abythx zus02:51
zusaby welcome02:51
eMyllerpradeep: is a program (that is in ubuntu repos) that has a nice set of workarounds for usb deviced do what they're really intended to02:51
zusaby i have yet to try it though. :)02:51
eMyllerpradeep: google may give you a better description02:52
pradeepeMyller, ok thanks02:52
Bad_Commandcodebrainz: ok sounds good, thanks02:52
AdolaIs there anyway to determine which applications are using my soundcard?02:53
lilucaxubuntu br02:55
lilucaxbrasil ajuda02:55
Random832!br | lilucax02:55
ubottulilucax: Entre em #ubuntu-br usando /join #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:55
slimjimflimhiya, i got 'the update information is outdated.  this may be caused by network problems or by a repository that is no longer available.  please update manually by clicking on this icon and then selecting 'check for updates' and check if some of the listed repositories fail.' but i don't get any errors when i click02:57
hylianfor some reason ubuntu changes the drive path from sda1 to sdb1. so i get mounting errors. why is it doing this?02:57
enzotibhylian: use UUID, that don't change02:58
hylianenzotil how do i find the uuid? top?02:58
enzotibhylian: sudo blkid02:58
hylianok cool, so then just call the uuid in fstab, and that should fix it?02:59
enzotibhylian: in fstab, instead of, say, /dev/sda1 you put UUID="aasdf87a9s8f7a98"02:59
enzotibsomething like that02:59
hylianenzotib thanx man, ima go try that right now!03:00
danz_d_manHey, could someone help me get a laptop online?03:00
danz_d_manWhen I plug in ethernet, it doesn't register, and when I connect wirelessly it's connected but there is no internet capability. It's Ubuntu 10.04.03:01
rezzyeMyller: sall good mate thank god i dont hve to put windows on anyway its 3 am im of peace xD03:02
eMyllerrezzy: :)03:03
iamchrisis there a suitable version of Ubuntu for laptops, thats not the netbook version, preferably one I can boot from a CDR03:06
hylianenzotib thanx again, worked like a dream.03:06
danz_d_manchris, I'm running the desktop version of ubuntu on my laptop right now03:06
iamchrisis there a way to monitor the battery and wireless?03:06
YankDownUnderDesktop versions will fit on a normal CD03:06
abyim now in a netbook acerone atom inside03:07
YankDownUnder...or a USB, for that matter03:07
danz_d_manHey everyone, when I try to get online on a new laptop I bought, It connects to my wireless internet, but no internet is available. When I try to connect via ethernet, nothing happens. Can anyone help? I'm using my old laptop right now. (I already posted this, but I don't know if it went through.03:07
abywith desktop version03:07
iamchristhank you all03:08
danz_d_manNo problem. You're not iamchris4life right?03:08
realubotWill gdm 2.20 be more unsecure than newer versions?03:08
DK__2hello all! Im running Ubuntu Lucid, fully updated kernel, but theres a lag that ive had that i cant get rid of. the powerdown dialog lags 15 seconds, at startup the toolbars lag 30 seconds before theyre visable. any ideas?03:09
YankDownUnderrealubot, Each progressive version of gdm is progressively less secure than the previous version. Eventually, there will be no security at all. (That's a joke, mate)03:09
DK__2heh yank03:10
sudomanis there a way to disallow easy viewing of passwords in the passwords and encryption keys program?, i.e. by requiring a password to see them?03:10
judgenanyone got experience with using wallpapers in AmiWM?03:11
DK__2anyone deal with late toolbars at startup?03:11
YankDownUnderDK__2, I've had that issue for a few boots, but it eventually went away. As well, I've re-tuned my system after the full update...which may have been the deciding factor.03:11
Aiyahow do i reset the proxy server in connection.03:11
DK__2YankDownUnder: its really odd, ive tried a few things like killing compiz or starting a different kernel, no luck though03:12
YankDownUnderjudgen, If I'm not mistaken, you have to use "xsetroot" or similar.03:12
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
DK__2YankDownUnder: i expected an update to fix this, but no luck so far03:13
YankDownUnderDK__2, 1.) Clear out everything in the /tmp and /var/tmp, run "ldconfig", don't bother with using a different kernel03:13
danz_d_manAnyone know how to get ethernet to work? I think the controller's showing up, but nothing happens when I plug the CAT5 cable in.03:14
sec-r1zthe link which is here http://www.ubuntu.com/testing/maverick/alpha1 to download ubuntu 10.10 is broken03:14
YankDownUnderDK__2, Just for the record, I disabled my "changed plymouth theme" and went back to the standard...also double-checked my power settings03:14
judgenYankDownUnder, i thought it was just to put it in with some arg in .amiwmrc ...but maybe i was wrong.03:15
YankDownUnderdanz_d_man, In a terminal, type: ifconfig eth0 => see what it says03:16
YankDownUnderjudgen, Years ago, YEARS ago, when I played with AmiWM, I could tell you in a heartbeat...however, that was years ago mate...03:16
DK__2YankDownUnder:  thanks for helping, im gonna give your suggestions a try03:17
DK__2till bbl03:17
sec-r1zguys what is the latest ubuntu version03:17
sec-r1z10.10 alpha 2 or alpha 3 ?03:17
AiyaAnyone has idea how to install vlc player in ubuntu?03:17
sec-r1zAiya, apt-get install vlc03:17
danz_d_manYank, I get "error fetching interface information: Device not found"03:18
YankDownUnderAiya, apt-get install vlc03:18
Aiyaapt-get install vlc03:19
YankDownUnderdanz_d_man, You might want to find out if the ethernet card is disabled in the /etc/modules.d/blacklist.conf => put a hash in front of it if it's being blacklisted, reboot, try again03:19
Aiyaapt-get install vlc03:19
Aiyahow do i make it not to connect to proxy server?03:19
YankDownUnderAiya, You'll have to be a bit more specific mate03:20
YankDownUnderjudgen, http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jaunty/man1/amiwm.1.html03:20
Roastedsometimes when I boot up my laptop, it just goes to a black screen with a cursor. I cant do anything but force off a reboot. ITs currently sitting like this now - is there anything I can do while I have a 2nd pc in IRC to ask?03:20
p1l0tI swear I have this one server that changing the interfaces file does NOTHING I can set the address manually but changing the interfaces file has no effect. Everytime it reconnects it goes back to some other settings!03:20
p1l0tIt can't be the syntax because this syntax works in every other ubuntu machine I have03:20
A7med__Aiya, you don't have03:20
Roastedalt f2 does nothing, f3 doesnt bring up terminal (thats my shortcut) I guess I have no choice...03:21
YankDownUnderRoasted, Double check the graphics driver you're using03:21
RoastedYankDownUnder, its an intel, embedded in kernel.03:21
A7med__Roasted, lspci |grep VGA03:21
Flomasteranyone know anything about XBMC and SVNS  ??????03:21
A7med__dats me sec-r1z :D03:21
Krezkeyhow do I re-enable Network Manager, it stopped working after updates and going into suspend to ram.03:21
danz_d_manYank, I'm not understanding you. What do I do to find if it's blacklisted? (Sorry, I'm a complete Ubuntu newbie. I tried typing what you said in a terminal, it just said no file or directory)03:21
AiyaLast time i was using university connection so i have to use proxy setting in network proxy but now im longer using university connection so im not able to update coz its says cant connect to proxy server ...How do03:21
RoastedA7med_, sec, rebooting. cannot do anything (even that) when it wigs out03:21
Aiyahow do I remove the proxy configuration03:22
A7med__danz_d_man, /etc/init.d/networking start03:22
A7med__/etc/init.d/networking restart03:22
YankDownUnderRoasted, if anything, you can TRY putting "i915.modeline=1" in your kernel boot line03:22
RoastedA7med_, Intel Corp Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphcis Controller - Rev 0703:23
YankDownUnderAiya, Edit the network connection, remove any proxy information.03:23
RoastedYankDownUnder, you think its a plymouth issue? I know fedora 12 wouldnt even boot thi sthing cause of the graphcis card ( plymouth related)03:23
AiyaYankDownUnder: under what I must edit it?03:23
=== mike is now known as Guest1653
A7med__Roasted, did u check your md5 ?03:23
YankDownUnderRoasted, I'd try modifying the kernel boot line like I said...worked on a laptop here today...same issue.03:23
Flomasterwhen running this command sudo apt-get build-dep xbmc03:24
RoastedA7med_, md5 of what - the download?03:24
danz_d_manI'm getting "ifdown: failed to open statefile /var/run/network/ifstate: Permission denied" "if up: failed to open statefile /var/run/network/ifstate: Permission denied03:24
RoastedYankDownUnder, a dell latitude by chance?03:24
YankDownUnderAiya, Right-click your network manager icon, choose EDIT CONNECTIONS, find your connection. Edit it.03:24
FlomasterI get this output: Reading package lists... Done03:24
FlomasterBuilding dependency tree03:24
FlomasterReading state information... Done03:24
FlomasterE: Unable to find a source package for xbmc03:24
FloodBot2Flomaster: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:24
YankDownUnderRoasted, Nah mate - nasty Compaq nx500003:24
Flomasteropps sorry03:24
A7med__i faced that issue when i was using VIA chrom VGA card03:24
sb750suxany dmraid gurus that can help me?03:24
YankDownUnderFlomaster, I think you have to add the repo for xbmc...03:25
AiyaYankDownUnder: Thanks03:25
thune3p1l0t: can you pastebin your interfaces file?03:26
danz_d_mana7Med, I restarted and am still getting a permission denied03:27
p1l0tthune3: yes I will03:27
A7med__ls -lia03:27
sb750suxwell, heres my dmraid issue http://pastebin.org/39711603:29
kaddyanyone get the latest (broken) Gnome-shell to work yet03:29
FlomasterYankDownUnder: like so.... sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc-svn/ppa ?????03:29
p1l0tthune3: http://pastebin.com/P01dVz7X03:30
judgenYankDownUnder, hehe i didnt have xloadimage installed... no wonder my .amiwmrc did not work properly.03:30
=== STiK is now known as BDsLoveGoat
Krezkeywhat command or process do I need to edit system files with admin priv's. Network manager stopped working and can'yt access the files.03:33
CAPcapim going to make a live usb just to play around with. im looking at dreamlinux and arch linux. any recommendations for which i should do?03:33
ForestBearhey guys I need to set a simple server so that when someone types my local ip (like or whatever) it will redirect to something like
sb750suxCAPcap,  in the ubuntu channel... I'd say ubuntu03:34
p1l0tUbuntu = WIN03:34
CAPcapwell i already have that installed on my computer, i guess i'll ask in off-topic03:34
sb750suxForestBear, sounds like iptables03:34
TruXterok all. I have a question.03:35
skumaracompiz in my ubuntu just stop responding. where do i find log files for my Nvidia display drivers?03:35
p1l0t!ask TruXter03:35
p1l0t!ask | TruXter03:35
ubottuTruXter: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:35
=== dgtl|screen is now known as dgtlchlk
thune3p1l0t: looks ok. have you rebooted, or restarted NetworkManager/nm-applet? i'm wondering of nm doesn't know about your changes and is clobbering. An entry in interfaces is supposed to be honored by nm.03:35
TruXterI have Xubuntu on a usb stick and want xubuntu to be fully installed on the usb. not just LIVE. I need it to save my settings each time i boot. What do i do ?03:36
p1l0tthune3: this is on my ubuntu server no network manager03:36
=== BDsLoveGoat is now known as TheBlackestDroid
ForestBearsb750sux, doesn't iptables only redirect ports03:36
TruXterdidn't ask to ask. told to hold you here while i typed.03:36
danz_d_manHello again everyone, when I connect my laptop to wireless, it gets on the connection, but I don't have internet. Could anyone help?03:36
p1l0tTruXter: What do you mean fully installed?03:37
CAPcapp1l0t, he wants his settings to persist03:37
p1l0tOh but from the USB03:37
TruXterwell with KUbuntu i had it on a thumb like it was installed there. My bookmarks were saved always. and my open office documents were there  and i didn't have to re-copy them everytime I boot.03:38
TruXteryes cap ccap.03:38
=== TheBlackestDroid is now known as STiK
thune3p1l0t: there should be info in /var/log/messages or dmesg output about how the interface is being setup. I'd look at logs for clues then. Sounds like some dhcp client is setting up interface when it shouldn't be.03:38
p1l0tthune3: thanks I'll check that03:38
skumarawhere does ubuntu store its log files and boot log files?03:39
TruXteroh, so capcap when I burned to the thumb i should have selected "persistant" ?03:39
YankDownUnderdanz_d_man, Just another note on connections => change the MTU to 1500 and not "Automatic" => check that all the IPv4 settings are set for your network properly, and that IPv6 is setup for "Ignore" => that the settings are also for "All Users" and "Connect Automatically" => that should put you right.03:39
CAPcapTruXter, yeah probably03:39
sb750suxForestBear,  nah  you can take one port to another03:39
profxavieris there a virus removal tool available ?03:40
sb750suxForestBear,  -d port blah and stuff.. I have only used it to forward internet connections and havent delved into the NAT stuff03:40
profxavieri pulled an XP drive from another system, and would like to repair it03:40
ForestBearsb750sux, could you give an example on how I could do such a redirection rule then?03:40
sb750suxbesides MASQUERADE03:40
YankDownUnderprofxavier, use fprot or clamav03:40
sb750suxForestBear,  is the incoming for a webpage?03:40
profxavieri think i have heard of clamav03:40
TruXteryes profxavier lol. unfortunately there is.. it's to install to  a thumb usb and not select "persistent" lol03:40
profxavierTruXter, sure03:41
=== bruno is now known as Guest28542
rsouthardhow can i setup syslog.conf to write logging message to their respected logs but also to one aggregated log?03:41
p1l0tthune3: Yeah I see some /usr/lib/NetworkrManager/nm.dhcp-client.action03:41
TruXtersorry, my issue would have completely prevented your issue lol. sorry i had to laugh at the irony and timing.03:41
p1l0tbut I don't have NetworkManager installed03:41
sb750suxForestBear,  iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 558003:42
ForestBearsb750sux, but I'm trying to redirect to a directory03:42
=== STiK is now known as BlackKangKong
danz_d_manYank, when I set the MTU to 1500, it wouldn't connect anymore.03:42
sb750suxForestBear,  so its a share?03:42
sb750suxForestBear,  ohhh! let me think03:43
=== BlackKangKong is now known as blaqflamekang
sb750suxForestBear,  if its a web page, wouldnt a simple redirect from the main page be easier?03:44
ForestBearsb750sux, yeah I was just wondering if there's another way as I would need to set up a simple server but I got it, thanks :)03:44
TruXter"however, due to the additional write cycles that occur on a full blown install, the life of your flash drive may be reduced:  <--- = :(03:45
=== blaqflamekang is now known as WowJustEffinWoW
skumarawhen i start ubuntu it says kernal configuration invalid. and the error is caused by Nvidia. Nvidia driver did not load after that. how to solve this?03:45
TruXterwell that answers the read write question.03:45
=== WowJustEffinWoW is now known as STiK
profxaviercan I get some help with mounting a drive03:47
Flomasterprofxavier: you want to mount on startup?03:48
profxavierits an IDE HD, connected via USB (IDE2USB, I am running Ubuntu in VMware and I am trying to add it as a shared drive03:48
bebo_hi to all03:48
bebo_any one know how make a share from my ubuntu to windows xp or any windows03:48
p1l0t!samba | bebo_03:49
ubottubebo_: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:49
profxavierFlomaster, just a once off deal03:49
bebo_<ubottu> ok i'll read it03:50
profxavierso just using mount should be fine, if that will work03:50
danz_d_manYank_Down_Under, still no luck, no connection at 1500, connection but no internet at automatic.03:50
bebo_<ubottu>  and thanks u03:50
p1l0t!mount | profxavier03:50
ubottuprofxavier: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount03:50
profxavierp1l0t, this is an unusual case03:51
profxavieri am familiar with the -mount- command03:51
profxavierand, also, the man pages03:51
p1l0toh - what's the error?03:51
Flomasterprofxavier: go to System>admin>disk utilities03:52
p1l0t!hi | abhi_nav03:52
=== Flomaster is now known as Black|Dong
ubottuabhi_nav: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:52
profxavierBlack|Dong, under VMWare though ?03:54
rsouthardubottu: hello03:54
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:54
rsouthardtrigger ubottu03:54
Black|Dongprofxavier: I have no experience with VMWare sorry03:54
profxavierBlack|Dong, np03:54
ubottuHi! I'm ubottu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins03:55
electrofreakprofxavier: what are you asking about vmware?03:55
=== mac-mini1 is now known as Guest18794
profxavierelectrofreak: I am trying to connect a USB [IDE] drive to my Ubuntu running under VMware03:55
electrofreakwhat product and version of VMware are you using?03:56
profxavierworkstation 703:57
electrofreakprofxavier: once you plug it into the physical box, you should see it listed under VM -> Removable Devices ->03:57
electrofreakyou just select it to connect it.03:58
profxavier"A USB device is about to be unplugged from the host and connected to this virtual machine. It will first be stopped to enable safe removal. With some devices, the host may display the message "The device can now safely be removed.""03:58
electrofreakthen do with it what you want in ubuntu (mount it, fdisk it, whatever...)03:58
skumarahow to make oldconfig03:58
profxavierthis appears, when I connect it, then attempt to add it under Removable Devices03:58
profxavierthen I get an error03:58
=== surinder is now known as porus
electrofreakprofxavier: right. what happens is it "disconnects" it from your windows host and connects it to a fake connection that routes it to the VM guest03:59
profxaviershould I -not- remove it, from my Windows host ?03:59
electrofreakprofxavier: right, don't disconnect it from the host.03:59
electrofreakthat message that came up was just telling you to disregard the message that windows was giving you03:59
porushow much space is required for git clone of linux-image03:59
profxavierok, mounted :D03:59
profxaviertime to get clamav04:00
sb750suxany ideas about dmraid ? http://pastebin.org/39711604:00
electrofreakporus: could vary... I'd probably leave at least 1 GB04:00
Bynwquick question on ubuntu guest session for version 10.04 ... can you get to the guest session at login when the computer first boots up or when the current user session is locked at all? thanks04:00
profxavierthanks electrofreak04:01
electrofreakprofxavier: no problem. let me know if you need any more help with vmware04:01
poruselectrofreak, thanks, I thought of getting source of vyatta and it includes linux-image. 800+MB is downloaded for linux-image and it is still going :)04:02
electrofreakporus: yea, it can be pretty large. I don't know the exact size tho...04:02
=== lor is now known as lor\away
residentgreyvmware > virtualbox? I tried the latter for a couple os's and they all failed to load04:03
porusI assumed whole vyatta source to be around 100MB, but it is big. and they do not give source tar file04:04
electrofreakresidentgrey: I've been playing a lot with virtual box lately... I'm actually really liking it. Earlier versions were not quite up-to-par... but these days it's probably as good or better than VMWare04:04
residentgreyany os's have any difficulty for you? i tried reactos and minix04:04
electrofreakresidentgrey: in general, all the various virtualization products out there are starting to merge on some standards on how things are done...04:05
porusresidentgrey, make sure you have latest os patches and use latest virtualbox04:05
residentgreythat's what I did, or at least the latest version available off synaptic04:05
profxavieri can do a directed scan of a mount using clamav, correct ?04:05
residentgreyim still runnning xubuntu 9.1004:05
electrofreakyea, the OSE doesn't have USB and some of the headless crap didn't work...04:06
electrofreakso, I went with the other one... 'apt-get install virtualbox-3.2'04:06
realubotYankDownUnder: Well, I was thinking about the multiseat configuration that replaces the gdm by the less secure XDMCP.04:07
realubotYankDownUnder: I'm a litte bit worried that I conpromise the security using multiseat.04:08
residentgreywow I couldn't use apt-get...weird04:09
=== Black|Dong is now known as BlackKangDown
rozwelldoes anyone have any tips on recovering files from an image of a disk with an ext4 partition and a bad partitions table?04:09
=== crunchbang is now known as Watoosh
=== roopesh is now known as stanley_robertso
bullgard4rozwell: First fix your partition table. Only then turn to recovering files on your partitions.04:14
rozwellbullgard4: i've been unable to fix the partition table04:14
thune3rozwell: is the beginning of the ext4 partition in the correct spot? do you get some error about partition size being smaller than ext4 filesystem when trying to mount?04:17
maginothey fellows04:18
Topy44does anyone here know if there is any launcher/taskbar/panel/whatever except gnome-panel with the window picker applet that allows for a single-icon tabbed interface similar to the gnome-panek/window-picker-applet one?04:19
Topy44gnome-panel is getting on my nerves, but i cant seem to find ANY replacement04:19
maginotTopy44, like WindowMaker ?04:19
rozwellthune3: i get an error about the partition size being larger than the physical size04:19
profxaviercan someone help me, I am attempting to use clamav, on a pulled drive [from a non-working XP system]04:20
maginotprofxavier, you want to scan a window box ?04:20
profxavieri have ran clamscan, but does it also do removal, as well as detection?04:20
profxaviermaginot, drive, not box04:20
rsouthardpofxavier: you'll need to mount the drive first, then scan it.04:21
rsouthardubottu mount04:21
profxavierrsouthard, done and done04:21
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount04:21
Topy44maginot: no... its kinda hard to explain. what i want is one icon per window, with the rest of the free space used for the titlebar (window title and close button), and no window decorations for maximized programs (maximus does that nicely)04:21
profxavierbut does it do removals as well ?04:21
Topy44imho, maximus and the window-picket-applet are an absolutely BRILLIANT combination04:21
thune3rozwell: did you write anything into the space after the resized ext4 partition?04:21
profxavieror repairs...04:21
rsouthardcan you see the drive with df-h?04:21
maginotTopy44, just make it smaller and select the group option04:21
profxavierrsouthard, yes04:22
profxavieri wouldn't be scanning it currently04:22
profxavierif it wasn't there...04:22
rozwellthune3: i'm not sure what you mean, but i'm not sure of the sequence of events that led to its being in this state04:22
Topy44maginot: window maker doesnt allow for a panel as such at all afaik, and no titlebar replacement thingy04:22
maginotprofxavier, see this is of any help http://maketecheasier.com/remove-windows-viruses-with-linux/2010/02/0204:23
rozwellthune3: but i do know that every tool i've tried to run on it to try and rebuild the partitions table has failed miserably04:23
=== lor\away is now known as lor
profxavierrozwell, site is down04:23
lordo you have any fonts by default in .fonts ?04:23
lorI think I deleted that folder :(04:23
maginotTopy44, I don't understand you... you want a panel, why not use a doc like avant-window-manager or cairo dock ?04:24
* profxavier waits... patiently :D04:27
Topy44yeah its really hard to explain... look at this: http://tunginobi.spheredev.org/images/window_picker_applet_ss_01.png04:27
Topy44the icons on the top left, right of the seperator, are the open windows, beside it is the title of the currently active window with a close button, essentially serving as a titlebar04:28
Topy44another screenshot using it: http://i34.tinypic.com/24lsy38.jpg04:29
maginotTopslack, I like this http://lifehacker.com/359571/use-an-os-x+style-global-menu-in-ubuntu04:30
Random832Topy44: aren't you supposed to use that with Maximus?04:30
maginotand use a dock, so it works like mac os x, kind of what you have =P04:30
residentgreywhat editor is that btw?04:30
Topy44Random832: i do (but you can still have non-maximized windows)04:30
Random832i thought non-maximized windows don't show up in it though04:31
Topy44(note that those are not my screenshots, they are randomly pulled off the web)04:32
=== lor is now known as lor\away
Topy44Random832: it works nicely without maximus, you can even remove window decorations entirely, though you need to use a patch for the window picker applet to work correctly with non-maximized windows04:33
Topy44maginot: yes, what i want is SIMILAR to the mac concept, but instead of the menubar i have the titlebar in the panel04:33
Topy44so... icon, title and close button (and i can doubleclick it to maximize or just click the icon to minimize)04:34
Topy44let me make a screenshot of my netbook (which is where i use it, it saves a lot of screenspace on its tiny 800x480 screen)04:34
=== brother is now known as ry22
Topy44essentially, i want to duplicate exactly that, but with a more powerful panel, as gnome-panel is buggy and limited, and doesnt have some applets i'd like04:38
theadminAllright, back to the problem... 2 broken packages (vlc and vlc-nox) can someone help?04:42
residentgreyisn't it one or the other for that?04:42
=== BlackKangDown is now known as Flomaster
=== administrator is now known as Guest35920
ralliasis there a program that I can install to locally load an imap server?04:44
Izinucsrallias: is the imap server local or remote..04:44
=== unknown897 is now known as brotard
ralliasizimucs: the imap server i want to cache is googles.04:45
abhi_nav!tab | rallias04:45
Izinucsrallias: you using ubuntu or kubuntu? and which version? 10.04?04:45
ubotturallias: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:45
RobertSaganek_hello all i need some help with my firefox04:45
brotardwhats the problem robert04:46
theadminRobertSaganek_: With what exactly?04:46
ralliasIzimucs: I am using ubuntu, 10.04 with software sources of 10.1004:46
theadminrallias: ...that's a generally bad idea04:47
RobertSaganek_my adobe flash keeps dying04:47
theadminRobertSaganek_: Um, how exactly?04:47
ralliastheadmin: i know but i feel i am enough of a geek that i thought it was necessary for me04:47
ralliasand didn't have a spare cd04:47
Izinucsrallias: Evolution will connect via imap to google..04:47
RobertSaganek_adobe flash plug in... when i'm on any site and try to go full screen it dies04:47
Izinucsrallias: you can also load up thunderbird or kmail04:48
theadminrallias: You could have ran "sudo do-release-upgrade -d" to get updated to Maverick from Lucid04:48
ralliasIzimucs: I want to be able to load it on a local machine and load it through a local network and download stuff04:48
ralliastheadmin: i tried to find that out, and now i suppose i probibilly know04:49
Izinucsrallias: you mean have one machine connect to the imap server and then use other machines in the LAN to pull the same data?04:49
ralliasizinucs: yes04:49
ralliasizinucs: i only have 10 gb of data transfer left04:49
Izinucsrallias: that's one of the beauties of imap.. you don't need a central location to pull data.. you can set each machine to connect to the same imap server without interfearing with each other.04:50
Izinucsrallias: ah..04:50
ralliasizinucs: between porn and linux, i use up my 250 gb a month pretty easily04:51
Izinucsrallias: perhaps what you want is to actually pop the server instead of imap (with one machine) then get access to the same data from other machines...04:51
ralliasizinucs: i know what i want to do i want as many of the necessary network services to be localnet as possible04:52
Izinucsrallias: ok.. sorry I don't have a solution for you.. maybe someone else will.04:52
theadminAntonioX: English please. Espanol - #ubuntu-es04:52
AntonioXis this the place where I can get some help?04:53
ralliasIzinucs: what is the standard imap server for ubuntu?04:53
theadminAntonioX: If it's related with Ubuntu, then yes.04:53
AntonioXI am in the right place04:53
AntonioXWell, I have a little problem04:54
Topy44hm... turns out there ARE replacements for the window-picker-applet - unfortunately, they are also for the gnome panel :(04:54
abhi_nav!ask | AntonioX04:54
ubottuAntonioX: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:54
theadminAntonioX: Please ask everything in one message - it gets messed up otherwise04:54
ralliasdoes anyone know a good guide to the commands that are in the IMAP standard?04:55
AntonioXI have an USB CD/DVD Burner that when I conect to my machine Ubuntu detects it and everything looks fine04:55
theadminAntonioX: Well and?04:55
AntonioXbut When I insert a blank CD it disapears04:55
theadminAntonioX: That's about right04:55
=== mac-mini1 is now known as Guest96204
theadminAntonioX: Run "CD/DVD Burner" from Applications -> Sound and Video ("Multimedia" as translated in some languages, e.g. russian) and use that to burn the disc04:56
AntonioXI do not have it as an option in Brasero04:56
=== STiK is now known as BlackDroidX
AntonioXBrasero only wants to do cd images04:58
theadminAntonioX: Oh... Then this is actually weird04:58
AntonioXYep Nero gives me Other Weird messages04:59
theadminAntonioX: Normally it dissapears because it doesn't recognize the filesystem on the disc - for there is none - so it can't mount it... Nero? Isn't that for Windows?04:59
AntonioXyes  but there are 2 versions for linux05:00
AntonioXNero 3 and 4 (lastest)05:00
tumenjargalconnect #symfony05:01
tonysanwhich command can i test the tune in grub 2 play tune?05:01
=== BlackDroidX is now known as STiK
theadminGah, sorry, I have a lame connection and it ping-time-outed me05:02
kassahsomeone familiar with udev... can you help me overriding a specific udev rule in /lib/udev/rules.d/70-printers.rules so that it doesn't pick up a certain usb id and do anything with it?05:02
AntonioXThis is what I get when I use Nero 4 nero:3962): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: IA__g_object_set_valist: construct property "type" for object `NeroSplashScreen' can't be set after construction05:03
AntonioX(nero:3962): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_label_set_text: assertion `GTK_IS_LABEL (label)' failed05:03
ClintegerWhere can I get the human icon theme?05:04
Clintegerlike whats the package name :p05:04
realubotIs it possible to use kdm to log in to Gnome session? I'm planning to set up a multiseat but the the new gdm doesn't seem to support multisessions but kdm does. The problem is that I don't want to use KDE as desktop environment. I qant the default Gnom desktop.05:08
Clintegerrealubot, yeah there should be a dropdown menu somewhere on there05:08
ClintegerI originally installed kubuntu and then ubuntu-desktop for gnome, and I was able to get into gnome :)05:08
ralliaswhats the default password for user cyrus for the cyrus server?05:09
theadminrealubot: Yes, KDM can log in to GNOME, KDE and (with a bit of bugs) XFCE05:10
hjstI have a problem formatting a USB flash drive - when I plug the drive in it shows under "My Computer" (or whatever it's called in gnome), and I can see the device in Disk Utility but it shows as having no volumes. When I try to format the device (with any partition scheme) I get the same error message: "Error creating partition table: helper exited with exit code 1: cannot open /dev/sdb: No medium found" - I've tried on a windows machine as well with no success05:10
hjst - is the USB flash drive dead?05:10
theadmin(it displays the "Xfce4" menu option twice)05:10
realubotClinteger: Ok, nice to know. Thanks.05:11
realubottheadmin: Will there be any problem (due to bugs ir something) to use KDM as login window for Gnome?05:12
Topy44btw, any ideas why slim wont work on my netbook? i tried it on a vm and it works perfectly. but my netbook just hangs at "Starting X display manager: slim"05:12
theadminrealubot: Nope, worked before and it worked very well05:12
realubottheadmin: Will it somehow affect the "stability" of Gnome?05:12
theadminrealubot: Nah.05:12
ralliaswhats the command line command that changes a users password?05:13
Topy44realubot: afaik, you cant shut down the computer from gnome directly anymore, you have to log out and choose shutdown from kdm. at least it used to be that way.05:13
hjstrallias: passwd05:13
theadminrallias: sudo passwd USERNAME05:13
KB1JWQrallias: passwd05:13
realubottheadmin: Ok, this is very good news because I plan to use kdm to start multisession X on my multiseat configuration. It won't work using the new gdm, I think.05:13
theadminTopy44: Huh. Well, it worked fine on Jaunty05:13
Topy44oh ok.. i havent used it that way in many years05:13
theadminrealubot: It wouldn't work with old GDM either... gdm never supported multisessions :/05:14
realubottheadmin: Ok, but if that is the only problem then I can learn to live with that.05:14
Topy44ah, indeed, it was implemented in 2007 :) i am somewhat out of date05:14
Topy44realubot: ignore what i said :)05:15
realubottheadmin: Ok, but I have found som patches for getting it to work using gdm 2.20.05:15
Fudgewhat does this mean, [drm:radeon_ib_schedule] *ERROR* radeon: couldn't schedule IB(14).05:15
realubottheadmin: Originally I planned to use XDMCP but there seem to be some security issues due to using that Display Manger.05:15
Topy44another problem: when booting my netbook, it hangs for a long time (about a minute) at "getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0)"05:15
Topy44i have no idea what that means05:16
realubotTopy44: Ok, I will. :)05:16
Topy44and internet searches were... inconclusive.05:16
theadminrealubot: I'm unsure what is the GDM version Ubuntu uses actually, and applying patches means recompiling from source05:16
thune3kassah: i think you need to put a rule at the top of the file that matches your device, and have the action be to goto a label at the end of the file. Beginning something like: SUBSYSTEM=="usb",ATTR{idVendor}=="041e", ATTR{idProduct}=="4130",GOTO="end_printer_config"  and then have line at the end: LABEL="end_printer_config"05:16
theadminTopy44: It means that it can't get "pwuid_r" whatever that is for user "root"05:16
AntonioXI cannot Burn CD                                                                                      Brazero program I can Only do Image Files, the cdrom with a blan CD its not shown.05:16
AntonioXWith Nero I get the following error05:16
AntonioXfrom command I type:05:16
AntonioXroot@uSER-netbook:/home/USERNAME# sudo nero05:16
AntonioX(nero:3962): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: IA__g_object_set_valist: construct property "type" for object `NeroSplashScreen' can't be set after construction05:16
FloodBot2AntonioX: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:16
AntonioX(nero:3962): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_label_set_text: assertion `GTK_IS_LABEL (label)' failed05:16
theadminAntonioX: And why on earth do you run nero as root? Don't do zat.05:17
kassahthune3, thanks... will give that a try... brb05:17
realubottheadmin: Ok, well, I will stick to kdm. That was what the multiseat tutorial suggested: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX05:17
* Clinteger is removing all of kubuntu-desktop05:18
realubotWhat are the big difference between kdm and gdm really?05:18
Topy44http://duanguangjie.com/phpman/index.php/man/pwuid/0 <== aha! now i know... nothing. :)05:18
theadminrealubot: ...everything05:18
realubottheadmin: Ok, it looks almost the same to me. :)05:18
AntonioXCould you please explain...05:18
Topy44realubot: its really just that: gdm uses a basic gnome for the login screen, kdm a basic kde05:18
nicxvanhow do I set key bindings for alternate buttons on my mouse?05:18
realubotI mean, you can choose user and login to your account. :S05:18
AntonioXZAP? Root (admin)?05:18
AntonioXwhat is ZAP?05:19
theadminTopy44: Okay... I guess it's claiming it can't find the password entry for root... Run this: "sudo usermod -p '!' root"05:19
AntonioXSorry I am new with Ubuntu05:19
nicxvannevermind i think i found it05:19
Topy44theadmin: indeed i didnt set a root pw05:19
airtonixis it possible to have "Thunderbird Shredder" access a "Standard Unix mbox spool" mail account such as the one each user has in their home folder ?05:19
theadminAntonioX: Zapping is killing X and restarting it. Can be done by hitting Alt+PrtSc+K or (in some desktops) Ctrl+Alt+Backspace05:20
realubotWell, thanks guys (and girls). This is exciting. I hope that I get this multisession working.05:20
realubotBy the way, why isn't Gnome having the multisession option? Is there any special reason to avoid it or hasn't the gdm been developed that much yet?05:21
theadminAntonioX: root user is the superuser, the admin, whatever - it's allowed to do everything. However under no circumstances should you log in as root directly, use "sudo COMMAND" to run commands as admin (Or "gksu COMMAND" to run graphical applications as admin)05:22
Topy44theadmin: interesting... i still get the error, but it no longer hangs - in fact, it just accelerated boot time by about 60 seconds, which is amazing :)05:22
AntonioXOk let me see it I get it, I do ZAP, and I do not run Nero as a root....  Right?05:22
Topy44(though i just installed a different kernel, MIGHT be related to that too)05:22
theadminTopy44: Weird.05:22
SuspectZerohey quick question, im using testdisk and i was wondering if there is a way to figure out the size of a folder that im trying to recover?05:22
realubotDo I have to removw gdm before I install kdm to get my system use kdm instead of gdm?05:22
realubot*purge gdm05:22
Topy44my 600mhz netbook now boots in about 20 seconds :)05:22
s_andyhi, im getting an error when i try to log into  any non root sesion on my xubuntu box, it says i have some problem with the power manager and that i should contact my system admin. What should  I do?05:23
Topy44uh wait... a "fatal error" blinks for a moment during boot.05:23
Topy44let me try to hit pause05:23
VanessaEI'm sure this question has been answered more than once, but my Google-fu has failed me tonight... Is there a straightforward way to get one machine to connect to another (both running Lucid) such that the first plays over its speakers that which the second is also playing?  like an audio repeater?05:24
theadminrealubot: Once KDM is installed, the system shall ask you which one do you want to use05:24
quintanaralguien de México? :)05:24
theadmin!es | quintanar05:25
ubottuquintanar: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:25
realubottheadmin: Ok, thanks.05:25
AntonioXOk I get it, I just did what I found in one of the Forums,  Sorry!!05:25
theadminrealubot: However if you don't need gdm you'll probably be better off removing it, will free up some disc space05:26
Alazairif im switching from gnome to kde "ubuntu" actually mint but if im switching would the terminal command be to remove gnome sudo apt-get remove gnome-desktop05:26
theadminrealubot: But make sure you'll install kdm first05:26
VanessaE(something that lets me listen to the music without my husband having to crank up the volume, bascially)05:26
theadmin!purekde | Alazair05:26
ubottuAlazair: If you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »05:26
Clintegeromg wtf05:27
theadminClinteger: Huh?05:28
ClintegerI have a problem with my cursor themes05:28
ClintegerI installed kubuntu and then ubuntu-desktop [just removed all of the kubuntu packages] but my cursors are still weird05:28
theadminBleh, I hate it how gnome keeps having "cdrom0" under places when there is actually no such device anymore, since I disconnected it05:28
Clintegerbefore I'd have to set the same theme in the gnome appearance preferences and kde's system settings05:28
Clintegerbut now there's no kde settings to change it in05:28
=== dgtlchlk is now known as dgtl|screen
VanessaEdid anyone see my question?  (from my end, it looks like it may have gotten buried)05:29
s_andyhi, im getting an error when i try to log into  any non root sesion on my xubuntu box, it says i have some problem with the power manager and that i should contact my system admin. What should  I do?05:29
violinapprenVanessaE: just repeat it05:29
VanessaEOh ok.05:30
theadmin!removekde | Clinteger05:30
ubottuClinteger: Want to remove gnome/kde/xfce completely? Look at debfoster, it's a great help05:30
Clintegertheadmin, but I also installed xubuntu-desktop too before gnome XD05:30
theadminwtf... this used to give a command to remove kde05:30
sb750suxVanessaE, thers pulse audio05:30
VanessaEI'm sure this question has been answered more than once, but my Google-fu has failed me tonight... Is there a straightforward way to get one machine to connect to another (both running Lucid) such that the first plays over its speakers that which the second is also playing?  like the audio equivalent of a repeater?05:30
nicxvanhow do i give myself permission to save a file, I edited imwheelrc to map some buttons in firefox, but I don't have permission to save05:30
maconicxvan: are you trying to save a file outside of your home directory?05:31
theadminnicxvan: Either be root or chmod/chown the file so that you're allowed to access it05:31
nicxvanyes it's in the etc05:31
theadminnicxvan: You'd need to be root then05:31
=== WakkaWakka_ is now known as WakkaWakka
maconicxvan: you'll need to make the edits as root, if so.  to do that, run "sudo" before the editor command you use, or use "gksudo" if you use a graphical text editor05:31
nicxvantheadmin i don't know what that means this is my first day using non windows05:32
theadminnicxvan: Run either "gksu gedit /etc/yourfile" or "sudo $EDITOR /etc/yourfile"05:32
maconicxvan: so gksudo gedit /etc/... or sudo nano /etc/....05:32
VanessaEnicxvan, save the file somewhere else like in your home directory, then 'sudo mv' it.05:32
nicxvani'll try05:32
violinapprenVanessaE: check music player daemon or the remote functionality of pulseaudio in client.conf05:32
VanessaE(sorry, force of habit to assume you're at a terminal or console)05:32
its-me-againhi i am looking for how to uturn off auto config in grub 205:32
VanessaEviolinappren, I don't understand any of this pulseaudio stuff at all05:33
AAAnicxvan  as long as it aska for a pw you should be good to edit in any editor05:33
* VanessaE looks05:33
theadminnicxvan: a good and simple CLI editor is nano for instance. So here's an example command I would use "sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/pidgin-ppa.list"05:33
nicxvanit didn't ask for pw05:33
nicxvanlet me attempt this05:33
VanessaE(everything I found that mentioned pulse looked so complicated as to suggest too much risk of breaking one system or the other)05:33
violinapprenVanessaE:  mpd is easier to setup05:34
theadminGotta learn to use vim someday -_-05:34
VanessaEtheadmin, nano ftw :)05:34
MokoN00bwow, 10.04 doesnt even include pidgin-otr in the repos?05:35
MokoN00bwhat is the deal with that?05:35
nicxvanI got it thanks05:35
theadminMokoN00b: The "OTR Messaging" plugin is now a part of "pidgin-plugin-pack" package05:35
MokoN00blet me check that05:35
nicxvanwell my edit didn't work, but i was able to save the file, now i jsut have to figure out how to make it accept the extra buttons on my mouse05:36
VanessaEhm, mpd is out.  This has to be transparent to the PC that's playing the music (and no, I'm not trying to snoop :-)  )05:36
MokoN00bthat would be nice if that package existed05:36
VanessaEhow does one do this via pulse?  does it work like a shoutcast stream?05:36
theadminHm, me's wondering how to make X transparent :D would be like in movies bout hackers, console under desktop etc05:37
Topy44okay... the error message says: "FATAL: Error inserting ramzswap (/lib/modules/2.6.34-60-generic/kernel/drivers/staging/ramzswap/ramzswap.ko): Unkown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)"05:37
violinapprenVanessaE:  I use pulseaudio for this and it's rather simple. You use paprefs to enable networking functionality in the machine with speakers, copy ~/.pulse-cookie from the remote machine to the local one, edit client.conf in the local machine and set the server-name to the remote machine05:37
MokoN00bthere are several pidgin packages, but "pidgin-plugin-pack" is not one of them05:37
Topy44okay... the error message says: "FATAL: Error inserting ramzswap (/lib/modules/2.6.34-60-generic/kernel/drivers/staging/ramzswap/ramzswap.ko): Unkown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)"05:37
theadminTopy44: That seems like a kernel bug... Run "ubuntu-bug whatever-kernel-package-you-are-using" to report05:37
elrichey,can anyone help me with gnomenu?05:37
abhi_nav!ask | elric05:38
theadminMokoN00b: It's here for me... Hm... Maybe it's in Pidgin PPA.05:38
ubottuelric: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:38
MokoN00bis there a way to get those ugly black and white systray icons to be replaced by the former color ones?05:38
nicxvantheadmin now that i'm done how do I exit root powers, just by closing the editor?05:38
theadminnicxvan: Yeah lol05:38
MokoN00bwell, the pidgin-plugin-pack is not in the ubuntu repos05:39
nicxvani didn't know if there was a way to continue viewing the file w/o being able to edit it05:39
theadminnicxvan: I usually explain sudo as something like UAC to Windows users... they understand it better this way05:39
MokoN00bim running off of the install disk05:39
elricwell,when its not running in awn,so when i try to run GnoMenu.py run-in-window05:39
Topy44MokoN00b: if you find an answer... i was wondering about that too :)05:39
elricit gives an a long traceback05:39
violinapprenviolinappren: by "remote machine" i mean the one with speakers (that will act as a server.) if you're running a firewall on the remote machine, it has to allow conntections on port tcp/471305:39
Topy44though my current desktop is rather monochrome05:39
violinapprenVanessaE: ^05:39
nicxvanthis is kinda fun05:40
theadminbtw (i know the dangers) would this be a correct line for sudoers file? "%admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD ALL" (not sure where do i stick the "NOPASSWD" bit)05:40
VanessaEviolinappren, ok, and when this is done I basically have two machines playing the same audio?05:40
MokoN00bthey removed the keyboard switcher applet05:40
VanessaE(just making sure I understand what I'm about to do)05:41
MokoN00bi expected that05:41
MokoN00bbecause ibus is supposed to supercede that05:41
theadminMokoN00b: It appears in the notification area now when you have multiple layouts05:41
realubottheadmin: Ok, but I have 500GB of disc space, will gdm really need several GB?05:41
violinapprenVanessaE: you'll have the local machine (say a laptop) forwarding all it's audio to the remote machine (with intended speakers) merged with its own audio05:41
MokoN00bbut it doesnt seem to have alternate layouts for, say, spanish05:41
MokoN00bi was expecting that05:41
theadminrealubot: I dunno how much does it take. Hey, you can't have too much disk space, unless you're Google05:42
VanessaEviolinappren, ah..  that's not what I wanted to do. :)05:42
MokoN00bbut it only has languages that require special IMs05:42
VanessaEinstead, here's the idea:05:42
realubottheadmin: Well... I'm... google.05:42
realubottheadmin: NOT.05:42
its-me-againhi i am looking for how to turn off auto config in grub 205:42
theadminrealubot: :D05:42
xfactHello folks05:42
its-me-againso i can edit the grub entries05:43
xfactWould you please tell me where I can have the installation folder of Google Chrome :)05:43
realubottheadmin: Well, the most important thing is that this setup will work using kdm as dm to my multiseat configuration.05:43
abhi_nav!grub2 | its-me-again05:43
ubottuits-me-again: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub205:43
VanessaEI have one user in the other room sitting at his PC playing music the usual way.  I'm in the front room on my laptop (as it so happens), and I want said laptop to connect to his PC and "tap into" that audio he's listening to so I can hear it in my laptop's (puny) speakers.05:43
MokoN00bso, if it is supposed to replace the functionality of the keymap switching applet, where are the options for other key mappings?05:43
VanessaEbut only on demand, e.g. if I point my music player at some URL or another05:44
MokoN00band  for chinese, where is support for the chewing input method?05:44
theadminHrm... now that the system is configured to use Google's DNS servers, it goes a lot faster with torrents. Interesting05:44
abhi_nav!ibus | MokoN00b05:44
ubottuMokoN00b: IBus is used to allow input of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) characters in !GUI applications - See also: !SCIM05:44
MokoN00byeah, well, i just expected ibus to support all of the scim modules05:44
MokoN00bwhy shouldnt it?05:45
violinapprenVanessaE: i think this can be achieved using a combination of pacat/parecord and ssh tunneling05:45
realubottheadmin: If you have time to, do you think this tutorial will work having a HDMI -> TV  and a DVI -> computer display connected using mobo integrated graphics? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX05:45
MokoN00bits just a more generic version of SCIM that is supposed to include keyboard mapping switching as well05:45
theadminrealubot: Uh... No idea on how to do that, sorry05:45
theadminrealubot: I'm pretty noob myself, just 2 years or so05:46
MokoN00bit was, according to the ibus page, supposed to simplify things05:46
realubottheadmin: Ok, ok, I'll have to try it out myself then,05:46
realubotThanks anyway.05:46
MokoN00bnot make me go looking somewhere else for things05:46
xfactWhere is the installation directory of Chrome can be found?05:47
airtonixxfact, locate chromium05:47
abhi_navMokoN00b, whats your issue?05:47
theadminxfact: Linux apps don't install to a single directory you know :D05:47
theadminairtonix: Chrome != Chromium05:47
MokoN00bwell, there is an ibus-chewing package05:47
MokoN00bi should have checked that first05:48
abhi_nav!enter | MokoN00b05:48
ubottuMokoN00b: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:48
MokoN00bi was trying to keep up with the scrolling05:48
radomirusдобрый день всем05:49
MokoN00banyway, how do i add languages like italian to ibus?05:49
radomirusпомогите пожалуйста настроить разрешение экрана?05:50
SuspectZerohey quick question, im using testdisk and i was wondering if there is a way to figure out the size of a folder that im trying to recover?05:51
nicxvanI like how your apology is multi line mokon00b05:51
xenogiadoes anyone here have a solution for vsync tearing with vdpau enabled on an nvidia card?05:51
MokoN00bno, my apology was on one line and my explanation was on another05:52
Gumbleradomirus: В чем проблема?05:52
AndorinDoes anyone have any idea whether the Linux version of Skype supports group calling? ie, calling up everyone in the conversation at once? And no, Skype for Windows does not appear to work in wine.05:52
rupeshitpatekarHI folks I am facing problem of gnome-power-manager configuration.....so I am not able to see something........but I can access from command mode.....so what i do to get UI back05:53
violinapprenVanessaE: http://www.pulseaudio.org/wiki/FAQ#CanIusePulseAudiotoplaybackmusicontwosoundcard05:53
violinapprenVanessaE: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-983932.html05:53
ClintegerHow can I use the human cursor theme? It shows up in gdm when I'm logging in, but there's no option for it in the appearance settings :\05:53
abhi_navAndorin, i use skepy and it works  well and i guess skype support group chat in linux05:53
VanessaEworking on it now :)05:53
rupeshitpatekaranybody knows solution of my problem........05:54
Andorinabhi_nav: But do you know whether there's an option to send a call request to everyone in a chat?05:54
MokoN00b 中文05:54
abhi_navAndorin, never tried that05:54
MokoN00bwell, chewing works05:54
hjstAndorin: no, linux skype doesn't support group calling like that05:55
abhi_navAndorin, i just check3ed and there is option to group chat. 'add people'05:55
radomirusGumble после установки драйвера nvideo, монитор не слушается, ставлю разрешение 1024х768, разрешения рабочего стола меняется а экран как был 640х480 так остается05:56
rupeshitpatekar HI folks I am facing problem of gnome-power-manager configuration.....so I am not able to see something........but I can access from command mode.....so what i do to get UI back05:56
|jonathan|with the same problem05:56
|jonathan|who want to help me05:56
MokoN00bokay, i repeat:  how do i get ibus to handle alternate keyboard mappings like italian?05:56
hjstSkype conference calling has only just been introduced in the Windows client - the linux client lags waaaay behind the Windows client so I doubt we'll see that feature anytime soon05:56
AntonioXHow do I play a Audio Cd on Rhythmbox???05:57
violinappren!ru |  radomirus05:57
ubotturadomirus: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke05:57
rokyAntonioX: Give it some time, you can't just ask right away.05:57
|jonathan|my terminal says port cannot be opened and my usb modem doesnt respond in wvdial05:57
xenogiano help on video tearing i can gather05:58
xenogiadamn bug05:58
its-me-againanyone here aboe to help me with my grub 2 problem and query05:58
radomirusubottu: спс, уже посетил, ответа пока не нашёл05:58
alexander_Here's an easy one. I wanna disable my touchpad mouse (mousepad? it's late), either in general or automatically when a usb mouse is plugged in.05:58
abhi_navits-me-again, have you seen that link given by ubottu?05:58
the_gastropodHello there!05:59
violinapprenradomirus: ubottu is a bot not a human. Use english only in this channel.05:59
its-me-againabhi_nav: i am looking for a speicific thing not there but someone sent me a link to it earlier i lost the bookmark ok05:59
abhi_navits-me-again, you want that link again?05:59
its-me-againabhi_nav: what i want to do is to turn off the auto detect feature of grub 2 so i cn edit grub.config06:00
violinapprenalexander_: system > preferences > mouse06:00
its-me-againabhi_nav: y i already have that one06:00
AntonioXNice NICK "its-me-again" I should use it06:00
boumahello ive heard that its possible to set up, eg, mplayer to run at nice -20, when i right click on it .. how?? i once tried changing sudo off suid and then couldnt change it back without a boot cd w/ubuntu06:01
abhi_navits-me-again, i dont get it? if you want to edit grub then you can still do that ? I dont get its relatino to auto detect? just go to admin and edit?06:01
alexander_negatory violinappren06:01
its-me-againantonio2: then you go ahead and use it06:01
AntonioXHow do I play a Audio Cd on Rhythmbox???06:01
AntonioXThank maybe I will next time06:01
xfactMy whole Google Chrome freezing with this message, please help: http://pastebin.com/WUAZWvSQ06:02
radomirusviolinappren: Thank you, Sorry for the inconvenience06:02
Clintegeris anyone here running ubuntu? :<06:02
ClintegerI don't have the human cursor theme and I'd really like it :\06:03
xfactAlmost most people here running Ubuntu :)06:03
boumaso i understand some of the nice lvls and 7455 etc, binary addition of single bit fields into octal, but how do run a right-click mplayer niced, i think it will help mplayer from occasionally start skipping when there is no input, this could ultimately be a kernel issue, but i'm not just yet going to compile my own kernel. although who thinks that is agood idea?06:03
alexander_That's pretty goofy that I have to use a program for turning the pad off instead of native prefs.... cest la vi06:03
AntonioXHow do I play a Audio Cd on Rhythmbox???06:03
radomirusbye bye:)06:03
Clintegeryeah well my cursor theme won't change at all :(06:03
abhi_nav!ignore | AntonioX06:03
ubottuAntonioX: If you really don't wish to see the messages from a particular person on IRC, you can use /ignore nickname06:03
abhi_navoh no AntonioX wrong message06:03
abhi_nav!patience | AntonioX06:04
ubottuAntonioX: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.06:04
AntonioXwow so many mother06:04
AntonioXSo many people irritated in Here06:05
boumai suppose nobody knows if i should be using gksudo or something to let mplayer be niced on right click from nautilus06:05
xfactAntonioX: Well, when you are entering the audio cd then a pop us should appear with Rthythmbox enlisted for playing the disk06:05
rokyAntonioX: People here are volunteers, you get pushy, no one answers.06:06
Clintegerbah. this mouse cursor bug is just so weird06:06
=== yigit is now known as pertasmen
alexander_what's the offtopic channel? ;)06:06
boumaone thing that makes me hesitate with my own idea is that gksudo is part of kde right, surely such a basic task should be a solid part of gnome, like the 'visual sudo thing in windows/vista/7'06:06
xfact#ubuntu-offtopic alexander_06:06
Clintegereverything is correct except the regular pointer06:06
AntonioXI will help as a volunteer if I know06:06
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!06:06
xfactAntonioX:  Being patient and being gentle would be your first step then :)06:07
AntonioXbbut right now I don't :(06:07
boumaAntonioX: what was your question?06:07
xfactPlease help me with this Chrome blockage issue, I think it is happening due to some script encoding error (not UTF-8) http://pastebin.com/WUAZWvSQ06:08
violinapprenxfact: did you install any chrome extensions?06:09
* VanessaE grumbles06:09
ManDaycan anyone tell me why my input device works fine althought i have no section "InputDevice" in my xorg.conf?06:09
xfactviolinappren: Yep, many but the issue it is not even giving me time to disable those, it freezes with in seconds :(06:09
violinapprenVanessaE: check the forum link06:09
donAlexandroприва все06:10
abhi_navyou dont want them to work fine? :D06:10
xfactI think I have to disable those externally06:10
greezmunkeybouma: you can easily nice processes within htop, may be easier for you??06:10
violinappren!ru | donAlexandro06:10
ubottudonAlexandro: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke06:10
xfactSo I need to find the directory where it installed06:10
VanessaEviolinappren, I'm using that link now, and it isn't working for me06:10
=== shauntain_ is now known as shauntain
greezmunkeyxfact: have you tried the same thing in FF? What does it do?06:11
VanessaEpacmd load-module module-combine sink_name=combined slaves=""06:11
donAlexandrohi all people!!06:11
VanessaEModule load failed.06:11
violinapprenxfact: extensions will probably be located in ~/.config/google-chrome06:11
=== zachary is now known as Guest67215
Guest67215 i am trying to assign a key to eject my cd. what would the command be when i am under Keyboard Shortcuts ->Add New?06:11
xfactviolinappren: Thanks06:11
scottwolchok#605737 has a one-line fix whose correctness is obvious to any dev, if someone's feeling restless :)06:12
xfactviolinappren: No such directory in .config06:12
violinapprenGuest67215: eject06:13
violinapprenxfact: are you running google chrome or chromium ?06:13
roxorwho talking french here06:14
MokoN00bno one06:14
violinappren !fr | roxor06:14
ubotturoxor: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.06:14
Guest67215violinappren, i am talking about here (http://www.ubuntu-pics.de/bild/104855/desk_1_089_2aQMkx.png)06:14
roxorcomment je fais :O06:14
MokoN00bbut if you could tell me howw to add the french keyboard to ibus, i would be happy06:14
xfactviolinappren: Google Chrome Dev06:14
Guest67215violinappren, TY it worked06:15
vikasi am new to ubuntu i want to install entrald themes in i tried with various forms but still i am getting error Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "ubuntulooks",06:15
violinapprenGuest67215: you're welcome06:15
roxorwhere is the place to talk in french ==06:16
|jonathan|why my terminal says that modem is not responding.. im using wvdial and a usb edge modem...06:16
violinapprenxfact:  google-chrome --disable-extensions06:18
Loshki!fr | roxor06:18
ubotturoxor: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.06:18
violinapprenroxor: type /join #ubuntu-fr06:18
xfactThanks for the help violinappren :)06:20
violinapprenxfact: you're welcome06:20
BryanWB_hey guys, anybody know an ubuntu client that I can use to access a windows machine by remote desktop?06:25
ultrazAfter upgrading to 10.04, when booting I have not splash/boot screen, and very often it gets frozen when. It just say "Starting up....." for some time and then goes directly to login window (unless it freezes trying to start X). Any ides ?06:25
rokyBryanWB_: rdesktop06:26
vbox@bryan: rdesktop06:26
BryanWB_roky, vbox  tks, can i only login remotely or can I actually monitor someone else's user session?06:26
BryanWB_i want to help my mother-in-law w/ her many computer problems06:26
vbox@Bryan: the software center should have GUIs for rdesktop06:26
BryanWB_vbox, tks06:27
putaasat gdm, only root is able to login, normal users can't, they get back to gdm... sometime when i reboot i get a little cnace to login wiht a norma user but with the session without a panel or something like that. , but anohter reboot and the back to the same problem.06:27
ultrazBryanWB_: teamviewer is great.06:27
putaasplease hel06:27
rokyBryanWB_: You could technically monitor it. If you want too, I recommend teamviewer06:27
EvilTrekwhere are sshd configs stored?06:27
BryanWB_roky, tks06:27
vboxteamview is nice for troubleshooting help06:27
jhaluskaGuys I'm a bit sleep deprived, but I upgraded my brother's ubuntu box's motherboard.  The network isn't working.  ANybody got a how to or something how to fix it?  I think he's running 9.04.06:28
boumaantonio2: hmm Antonix left? darn, i had a solution i tihnk for his prob, mount cd as wav files using cdfs or cdemu06:28
ultrazEvilTrek: /etc/ssh06:28
boumaDoes anyone have any suggestions re sudo mplayer on rightclick in nautilus ??06:28
ultrazjhaluska: can you pastebin lspci -k06:28
_genuser_bouma: trying to get nautilus to remember to play using mplayer?06:28
jhaluskaultraz, unlikely since I'm on a seperate computer and I can't get online with the other one, but let me go run it.06:29
wageCan someone please tell me the path to the ubuntu one client, my icon is missing?06:29
bouma_genuser_: i can do that, its doing it niced to -2006:29
violinapprenbouma: you can make a shell script in ~/bin that launches mplayer and renices it06:29
ultrazjhaluska: doble check if kernel module/driver is loaded for your network card.06:29
boumaviolinappren: what flags would i put on the script ? 7455 ?06:29
violinapprenbouma: flags ? do you mean permissions? just chmod +x it06:30
_genuser_bouma: wait you can force nautilus to launch a media player that's not totem?06:30
abhi_navwage, you may get better help in #ubuntuone06:30
boumaviolinappren: and what do i used to transfer the argument external to the script (the fn) into the 1st arg of mplayer inside the script (sorry dont know much bash)06:30
wageabhi_nav:  thanks06:30
vboxjoin #ubuntuone06:31
abhi_navwage, :)06:31
ultraz_genuser_: mine is set to launch mplayer when opening media/video files.06:31
abhi_navvbox, type /j #ubuntuone06:31
_genuser_ultraz: and how did you actually accomplish that?06:31
boumaviolinappren: but when the sudo requires me to type the password it wont receive the pw and will hang/timeout06:31
boumaviolinappren: silent timeout06:31
violinapprenbouma: then use gksu06:31
jhaluskaultraz: It mentions the nvidia MCP61 ethernet and seems to load forcedeth06:31
ultraz_genuser_: right click on video file, and go to open with tab.06:32
ultraz_genuser_: put there which app you want to open those type of files.06:32
boumaviolinappren: hrm, ok. i accept this is more secure, but can i do it in a reasonably secure but automatic way that doesnt require the root pw every right click on a movie ??06:32
boumaviolinappren: likea suid script that cant be edited by userac?06:32
_genuser_bouma: in the script $1 refers to the first argument passed to script. You can pass that to mplayer.06:33
boumaviolinappren: well i guess i'll google suid scripts then. thanks06:33
ultrazjhaluska: what is forcedeth?06:33
bouma_genuser_: cheers06:33
Blue1ultraz: die now dammit i mean it kill -906:33
_genuser_ultraz: that never works on any of hte gnome installation I have used. Right click video file, select mplayer or say use custom command, check box so it will remember it. and next double click file, it launches with totem again.06:33
jhaluskaultraz: It mentions it under that ethernet line about kernel module and driveer.06:34
jhaluskaI'm really wishing the other computer was closer. lol06:34
violinapprenbouma: i don't think suid can help you since it will run everything as root, including mplayer06:34
|jonathan|help me06:34
_genuser_jhaluska: if you have wifi adapter usb one, just plug it in, then ssh to it.06:34
ultraz_genuser_: I have successfuly used that method to launch vlc for long time, and in the past few months with mplayer.06:34
jhaluska_genuser_: I might have one floating around, let me check.06:35
_genuser_ultraz: that's weird. I have never gotten it to work. I have ended up doing ln -sf to link mplayer under totem name to fool it06:35
boumaviolinappren: hrm, thats a shame, but .. darn. have there ever been bufferoverruns exploited in mplayer w/root06:35
violinapprenbouma: you could use pkexec instead of gksu and thus the password will be cached for a while06:35
zusmight i get some  help in here? the wine people are just not answering ! i tottaly dont get why wine  is not working for me.06:35
fulldarknessqustion: http://pastebin.com/CSBznJ7j06:35
Loshki|jonathan|: ask a question...06:35
ultraz_genuser_: odd indeed.06:35
_genuser_ultraz: oh well. at least it works with the hack.06:35
BryanWB_sorry to ask a dumb win question but which is the least insecure version of windows? i have only used fedora and ubuntu for last 5 yrs so i have no idea06:36
jhaluskaI have a random PCI ethernet card I can try putting in from another computer, should I try that first?06:36
boumaviolinappren: in policykit-106:36
ultraz_genuser_: yeah that will do it.06:36
VanessaEmaybe write a script that you run as root to launch mplayer as a normal user with su, pause a second, then renice it as root06:36
BryanWB_i need the least hassle for my mother-in-laws machine06:36
_genuser_BryanWB_: win7.06:36
ultrazjhaluska: you could do that. It wont hurt.06:36
|jonathan|Loshki dude i wanna use a usb edge modem with wvdial and i configured but when i type wvdial in terminal it says Modem is not responding.. that mean i cannot connect to internet06:36
BryanWB__genuser_, tks,  if i lived in the same town i would install ubuntu but i live far far away06:37
_genuser_BryanWB_: xp is pretty cool also. keep in mind to follow same security rules as linux. create user with user only permission for daily use06:37
BryanWB__genuser_, yeah, i will definitely lock down her user acct06:37
boumaVanessaE: VanessaE, does the pause have to transfer out of the 1st script so as not to be running as root, and so run nice aswell as mplayer as root?06:37
rokyBryanWB_: If you do a bit of configuring so everything is working, ex: flash, java...etc. Ubuntu would be just as good of a choice. As long as they don't have admin rights to mess with the FS.06:37
rollmani will soon have an e-book reader and was wondering if there is software compatible with ubuntu i don't have the reader yet it's on order?06:37
Loshki|jonathan|: I dunno much about usb modems. Does wvdial have a verbose mode where you can see it issue comnands to the modem?06:38
_genuser_teach them the sudo equivalent for when installing stuff. Right-click, run as admin and then create them a separate user with admin priv. XP will be better in that. Vista has issues where exes can install themselves in user's appdata folder on c:\ drive and run.06:38
VanessaEbouma, I was thinking you could try to put it all in one script, use su within to drop root privileges just long enough to launch mplayer06:38
|jonathan|Loshki what is verbose mode?06:38
YankDownUnderwvdial, when run from a term, will show what's being sent to the modem06:38
VanessaEbeen a while since I did that06:38
BryanWB__genuser_, but she is 68 and _struggling_ to learn XP06:38
ultrazUSB modems are pain in the ars.06:38
_genuser_BryanWB_: perfect time to just teach her another thing. It can be hard for the generation that didn't start off with technology06:39
BryanWB__genuser_, tks for your help, I am off06:39
brijithmacHi All, Can I use my old home directory as Home directory When I install a fresh installation ??06:39
_genuser_BryanWB_: have fun.06:39
Loshki|jonathan|: never mind. Do you know for a fact the modem is supported?06:40
|jonathan|Loshki i dont know wheter it is supported or not06:40
|jonathan|becoz the modem is not responding06:40
VanessaEbouma, so the script might contain something to the effect of:  #!/bin/bash ; su username -c mplayer & pid=$!; sleep 1; renice 19 $pid06:41
VanessaEand you'd run that as root (or use gksu[do])06:41
jhaluskaThe PCI network card fixed the internet for now (so at least now he won't kill me)06:41
YankDownUnderwhat kinda modem is the USB modem - is it a 3g modem?06:41
Slix`When I boot Ubuntu from my USB drive, it doesn't work. It either stays at the loading screen for an extremely long time or goes to some weird console screen and doesn't let me input anything.06:41
Slix`I verified all md5sums.06:41
Slix`Even the files on the usb.06:41
jhaluskaI'll fix the other integrated card when I'm not exhausted.06:41
jhaluskaJust need to fix sound real quick I hope.06:41
VanessaEof course with my luck, that won't work. :)06:41
=== abhi_nav_ is now known as abhi_nav
Loshki|jonathan|: do you know the model number of the modem. Maybe we can google it?06:42
|jonathan|Loshki yeah i do06:42
Loshki|jonathan|: tell us...06:42
rollmanaccording to what i read the e-book reader uses Montavista OS and says it's not compatible with linux and i have to find 3rd party software06:42
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Is this a USB 3g modem?06:42
VanessaEdo bear in mind that if you set mplayer's priority too high it could easily overshadow X and everything else enough to lock you out if it crashes or hangs06:42
|jonathan|YankDownUnder no usb edge modem06:42
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, If you have a term open, and you run "wvdialconf" => does it find or configure the modem?06:43
|jonathan|Loshki vodafone MD950 II usb card06:43
Spyzerhi all06:43
vikasi am not been able to use emerald plz help error Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "ubuntulooks",06:43
|jonathan|YankDownUnder i did that and it says tht the modem is not responding06:44
Spyzeri have a windows ntfs partition which i am trying to share on lan(some folders in it). But when i right click and share it shows in other persons pc . But when they try to access it , it says cannot mount location06:44
Spyzerpleas ehelp06:44
Spyzerwhat kinda permission do they need06:45
brijithmacHi all, can I reuse Home directory from my old installation when I install a fresh installation?06:45
its-me-againis there a simple way to edit grub 2. the default setup that is generates is rong and i cant edit grub.cfg according to what i read. i just need some basic pointers in the right direction06:45
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Remove the modem, delete the /etc/wvdial.conf that was created => check the /etc/modules.d/blacklist.conf to see if the module for that USB modem is being "blacklisted" -> you can also plug it in, then wait a tick, click System => Administration => Hardware Drivers => see if that picks up the modem/driver/module...06:46
its-me-againbrijithmac: yes bt you need to first rename teh /home folder06:46
xochantzI need help in math !06:46
Spyzerfirst i did a guest access06:47
Blue1i am having a problem with anonymous ftp server -- (vsftp) everyone OUTSIDE the lan can access it fine, but if a LAN ip accesses it, it asks for userid/pass, and it doesn't work.  What should I check/set?06:47
Spyzerand without it i am trying to enter my username and password of login06:47
Spyzerbut to no avail06:47
zusi noticed with x chat i have like 8 tabs open when im on the left 4 the ticks of the tabs are low and as i click though tabs left to right they get louder,....06:47
Spyzerits not even accepting my login username and password as samba06:47
|jonathan|YankDownUnder okk wait06:47
Spyzerany ideas06:48
YankDownUnderSpyzer, Check the sharing setup in the /etc/samba/smb.conf06:48
nitstormanybody got any good ideas for podcasting sites? want something free and something where i can podcast once every week06:48
Spyzerbut what to do with it06:48
Loshki|jonathan|: I don't see any decent hits when searching for 'ubuntu vodafone MD950 II usb card'. That's a bad sign...06:48
greezmunkeySpyzer: are you trying to access the ntfs partition on your ubuntu box from a winbox?06:48
|jonathan|Loshki yeah06:48
its-me-againbrijithmac: you can but i would not06:48
=== mac-mini1 is now known as Guest91819
nitstormanybody got any good ideas for podcasting sites? want something free and something where i can podcast once every week06:49
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Is that the actual model of the modem? You sure it's not like a Huwei or similar?06:49
its-me-againis there a simple way to edit grub 2. the default setup that is generates is rong and i cant edit grub.cfg according to what i read06:49
Spyzergreezmunkey: yes06:49
Ex-Opesanitstorm: jusintv.com?06:49
|jonathan|YankDownUnder yah its the actual modem06:49
Spyzergreezmunkey: may u help me in that06:49
|jonathan|YankDownUnder my problem is my modem is not responding ..what might be the reason for this...06:50
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Found one...from 2007...06:50
|jonathan|YankDownUnder my modem is working in xp now im chatting with u06:50
|jonathan|YankDownUnder show me06:50
rollmanxochantz: have tried galculator it's scientic probably not the kind of math answer you were looking for i tried :(06:50
Loshkinitstorm: I see hits in google for 'free podcast sites'. I've never used one though, sorry...06:50
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/353255-vodafone-md-950-usb-card-modem-for-internet-connection/06:50
=== C2_ is now known as C2
greezmunkeySpyzer: are you running samba server? If so, you can run sudo smbpasswd to add a new samba user to your system. There are other things you can do in smb.conf, but try smbpasswd for now.06:51
|jonathan|YankDownUnder my modem is a usb modem and its a plug and play device06:51
Spyzergreezmunkey: Could not connect to machine NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE06:51
Blue1|jonathan|: in windows it's called:  prug and pray06:52
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Yes. This is understood. Ahem. Meanwhile, did you download/install usb-modeswitch and run that yet?06:52
|jonathan|YankDownUnder no whats that06:52
|jonathan|Blue1 ohh i see :D06:52
|jonathan|Blue1 this ubuntu making me praying all the time06:52
Blue1|jonathan|: unfortunately I have no experience with usb modems - sorry06:53
radIThi all06:53
greezmunkeySpyzer: why are you trying to access ?06:53
Loshkiits-me-again: you can edit it, but the changes will get overwritten whenever there is a kernel change. If you can put up with that inconvenience, it's fine to edit grub.cfg. As for simple ways to edit grub 2 config, not really, it can vary from a simple edit to needing to be really good at bash scripting to figure out...06:53
Spyzerno no i got it06:53
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Install usb-modeswitch. Firstly. After that is installed, try using lsusb to make sure the modem is showing up. After that, re-try using wvdialconf to generate a dialing configuration for this modem.06:53
|jonathan|Blue1 i know.. thats why im having the problem lol06:53
|jonathan|YankDownUnder how can i install usb-modeswithch .. i dont hav internet in ubuntu u know06:54
Blue1|jonathan|: some times you wonder if the S in usb really means screwed06:54
radIThow to remove proxy in synaptic packet manager06:54
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Download it on the machine that you're on. Transfer it then to the machine you want to run it on. Easy.06:55
|jonathan|Blue1 yah but only for Ubuntu its sexy for windows :P06:55
|jonathan|YankDownUnder allright gimme the link where can i download it from and tell me how to install it06:55
=== DaZ^ is now known as DaZ
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, What version of Ubuntu?06:55
|jonathan|YankDownUnder 10.0406:56
Spyzergreezmunkey: i am trying to add a new user to smbpassword through sude06:56
|jonathan|lucid YankDownUnder06:56
Blue1radIT: what exactly do you want to do?06:56
Spyzerbut am unable to do so06:56
LoshkiSpyzer: is there an error message?06:56
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/usb-modeswitch06:56
SpyzerFailed to add entry for user iiita.06:56
|jonathan|YankDownUnder allright06:56
Spyzerbut before adding this i deleted the previous user abhishek06:57
Spyzerwhich is my login username06:57
LoshkiSpyzer: does user 'iiita' exist ?06:57
greezmunkeySpyzer: did you install samba server?06:57
Spyzerwell yes i have smbd06:57
Spyzerdo i need something else06:57
Spyzeruser iiita doesn't exist for login06:58
Spyzerbut can't i set any username and password06:58
=== Aaron5367 is now known as Aaron5367|detach
zusdo you do wine prefixes before installing  a game or after?06:58
Blue1Spyzer: there's a link to a good samba install article here:  http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=30906:58
|jonathan|YankDownUnder which one should i download .gz06:58
greezmunkeySpyzer: that depends on your smb.conf file. Have you tried to log in from the winbox as yourself?06:59
Spyzersee first i added the username abhishek and i tried to login, everything went on f906:59
Spyzerjust now i deleted abhishek06:59
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Um...the .DEB is what you're going to want to download06:59
Spyzerand then when i try to add iiita06:59
Spyzerit can't add06:59
|jonathan|YankDownUnder okk06:59
LoshkiSpyzer: the smbpasswd man page says you need an existing linux username to use smbpasswd -a06:59
zuscan some one please give me a thorough walkthrough in installing  wow and rom in wine with thier own prefiexes,  all ive get are links and codes i have no idea does what.....wine channel is  NO help either, i've been on this for a long time now ..07:00
Spyzerand i try to add abhishek it says Unable to modify TDB passwd: NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL!07:00
|jonathan|YankDownUnder .debian.tar.gz?07:00
Spyzerwell existing one is giving the error07:00
|jonathan|YankDownUnder [usb-modeswitch_1.1.0-2.debian.tar.gz]07:00
rollmanusb lol if s is screwed it's got to be mel gibson calling and i don't even want to know what the b means lol07:00
SpyzerUnable to modify TDB passwd: NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL!07:00
|jonathan|this one?07:00
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Um...now ya lost me...I'm not seeing any .tar.gz on this page...( http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/i386/usb-modeswitch/download )07:01
vikashow to remove cdrom from the update manager there is no option coming in other software07:01
jhaluskaThanks for the help guys, I'm going to hit the hay I'll need some more help this weekend.  :)07:01
|jonathan|YankDownUnder okk07:01
rokyWhat is a good application to use to edit gdm? I noticed debian used something that was great. But I didn't have a chance to take a look at what application it was.07:02
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Lower left side of original page, link to either the amd64 or i386 .DEB packages.07:02
vikashow to remove cdrom from the update manager there is no option coming in other software07:02
|jonathan|YankDownUnder i use 32 bit pc07:02
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Is there no other means by which to connect the machine that you're using the USB modem with to the net?07:02
violinapprenvikas: do you mean software sources?07:02
violinappren!patience | vikes07:03
ubottuvikes: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.07:03
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Well, then you'll be downloading the i386 version matey07:03
|jonathan|YankDownUnder no other way :(07:03
radITBlue1:how to remove the proxy that was in synaptic packet manager07:03
Blue1radIT: I wasn't aware there was a proxy let me look07:03
vikasuhen i update fallowing error comes Failed to fetch cdrom://Ubuntu 10.04 LTS _Lucid Lynx_ - Release i386 (20100429)/dists/lucid/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz07:04
|jonathan|hey YankDownUnder when i use lusb in my terminal something shows me that philips but my modem is vodafone07:04
violinapprenvikas: open "software sources" and deselect the cdrom07:04
Blue1radIT: sorry I don't see a proxy in synaptic - are you trying to remove one that you installed?07:04
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Vodafone does not make modems - they're a telco mate. They BUY them from the makers...like Philips and Huwei and the likes...07:05
Loshkivikas: or edit /etc/apt/sources.list by hand and comment out any line that mentions cdrom...07:05
KruyKazehi my usb speaker stopped working all of a sudden, can someone help?07:05
|jonathan|YankDownUnder so my modem is philips?07:05
VanessaEviolinappren, well it would seem that the version of pulseaudio that comes with Lucid is broken - the "combine" module crashes pulse :-/07:05
vikasthere is no option coming to deselect07:05
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, bingo mate.07:05
|jonathan|bingo candy? YankDownUnder07:05
radITBlue1: look:07:06
radITW: Failed to fetch http://archive.offensive-security.com/pool/universe/3/3dchess/3dchess_0.8.1-15_i386.deb  Could not connect to localhost:4001 ( - connect (111 Connection refused)07:06
ramprI have a process console-kit-daemon and many instances of it running. Can I kill them. it is a server installation of ubuntu07:06
Blue1radIT: I did I don't see any proxy07:06
Blue1radIT: sorry07:07
Loshki|jonathan|: some progress then: what model philips modem?07:07
radITblue1:ow... no problem....07:07
YankDownUnderLoshki, MD95007:07
|jonathan|Loshki actually in my cover its writeen that MD950 usb card07:07
|jonathan|im confused its brand is vodafone and its philips in lsusb07:08
|jonathan|totally confused07:08
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Nothing to be confused about. Just get the usb-modeswitch .DEB, copy it to the other machine, install it, then re-run the wvdialconf program.07:08
violinapprenVanessaE: hmm you could compile one.. but I remember before using pulseaudio i achieved something like that using merely alsa (to record sound and pipe it on ssh to aplay) but the sound quality was bad07:08
brijithmachi all, can I reuse Home directory from my old installation when I install a fresh installation?07:09
|jonathan|YankDownUnder can u gimme a link where i click and it will start downloading plz07:09
|jonathan|YankDownUnder otherwise i dont undersand anything07:09
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Um...serious?07:10
Loshki|jonathan|: still no decent hits for md950....07:10
|jonathan|YankDownUnder yeah07:10
|jonathan|Loshki lol man !07:10
|jonathan|YankDownUnder got that07:10
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, http://ftp.iinet.net.au/pub/ubuntu/pool/universe/u/usb-modeswitch/usb-modeswitch_1.1.0-2_i386.deb07:10
|jonathan|YankDownUnder downloaded mate what should i do now07:11
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Copy it to the machine you need it on. Then install it. Then, as root (or use sudo), run it.07:11
|jonathan|YankDownUnder tell me how to install it :P07:11
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, double-click it.07:12
|jonathan|YankDownUnder dowble click will install it? then what to do after installation07:12
brijithmachi all, can I reuse Home directory from my old installation when I install a fresh installation?07:13
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, As I said, install it. In a terminal, then run (as root or with sudo) usb-modeswitch and after that, you run wvdialconf again to re-generate the /etc/wvdial.conf => see if that wakes the modem up and makes wvdial access it properly.07:13
abhi_navbrijithmac reuse means?07:14
|jonathan|YankDownUnder how to install it in terminal :P07:14
|jonathan|YankDownUnder what should i type in terminal to install it07:14
brijithmacabhi_nav: I want use the same old home folder in the new installation07:15
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, dpkg -i PACKAGENAME.deb07:15
abhi_navbrijithmac, if /home is in different partition then yes you can07:15
brijithmacabhi_nav:yes its separate partition07:16
abhi_navbrijithmac, and tell be both your os old and the new you want to install?07:16
violinapprenVanessaE: http://www.earth.li/~noodles/blog/2009/02/recording-application-sound-ou.html   but instead of a file name you could use - (stdout) and piple over ssh to aplay07:16
brijithmacabhi_nav: I just want to install 10.04, I am now using 9.1007:17
abhi_navbrijithmac, yes you can do it.07:17
MokoN00bis there some reason that the ibus-xkbc package doesnt exist for ubuntu?07:17
brijithmacabhi_nav: But I have adoubt ?07:17
abhi_navbrijithmac, yes?07:18
brijithmac abhi_nav:In the home folder there will be many hidden configuration files07:18
brijithmac abhi_nav:right ??07:18
abhi_navbrijithmac, yes they may cause conflict - 'may'07:18
brijithmac abhi_nav:So when I install new there is a chance of conflicting ...07:19
abhi_navbrijithmac, 'may' be07:19
abhi_navbrijithmac, one e.g. firefox ./mozilla files also note that i never tried this. and note the use work 'may' :D07:19
IledenHi! I'm doing a fresh install of my ubuntu - what's the best way to transfer my mysql databases? Just mysqldump, or is there a better way (copying the database storage files directly, or such)?07:20
HashCheckubuntu 10.04 is fantastic07:20
HashCheckgreat work07:20
|jonathan|HashCheck yeah works great with usb modems :D07:20
|jonathan|super work07:20
YankDownUnderHashCheck, Thanks - I worked hard on putting it together. :)07:21
brijithmac abhi_nav:ok What if I remove all the folders and file which starts with (DOT)07:21
brijithmac abhi_nav:can I avoid conflicts by this way ?07:21
|jonathan|YankDownUnder im gonna do that wait07:21
|jonathan|YankDownUnder dont go offline07:21
|jonathan|i have to disconnect this modem07:21
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, It's early. I'm not going anywhere yet.07:21
vikasi am getting this error any solution (gedit:1376): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: “ubuntulooks”07:21
rollmananyone know if you can install ubuntu on a sony e-book reader that uses Montavista linux OS and if so which version of ubuntu?07:21
abhi_navbrijithmac, try that. it is obviousl that apls will not conflict after that. but as I said I never tried it.07:22
brijithmacabhi_nav:ok Thanks07:22
abhi_navbrijithmac, welcome :)07:22
IledenAlso, are there other relevant diretories or files I should copy over to a fresh install, other than /home/user and /var/www ?07:22
brijithmacabhi_nav:ur name ?07:22
abhi_navbrijithmac, abhi_nav :P07:22
YankDownUndervikas, apt-get install gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks07:23
AloneaI have a question? Why do I have to manually set my audio to microphone? why doesn't it detect this and automatically turn my speakers off and put sound through the headphones?07:24
abhi_nav_hello i was disconnected07:25
abhi_nav_brijithmac, I am Abhijit.07:25
ManDayCan I safely make /var/log -> /tmp ?07:25
ManDayso all logs get deleted on startup?07:25
brijithmacabhi_nav_: ok07:25
* YankDownUnder has been disconnected since 1962 - but that doesn't seem to matter07:26
abhi_nav_YankDownUnder, disconnected from whome?07:26
YankDownUnderabhi_nav, Everything, everyone, everywhere, everything07:26
abhi_nav_YankDownUnder, :(07:26
ManDayHow can I prevent Xorg from hotplugging all sorts of devices? I got inputdevices such as  12: "PATEN USB HID Device        "[XExtensionPointer]07:28
ManDay13: "AT Translated Set 2 keyboard"[XExtensionKeyboard]07:28
ManDay14: "Macintosh mouse button emulation"[XExtensionPointer]07:28
ManDaynone of them i want07:28
vikasPackage gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks is not available, but is referred to by another package.07:29
vikasThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or07:29
vikasis only available from another source07:29
vikasHowever the following packages replace it:07:29
vikas  human-theme07:29
vikasE: Package gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks has no installation candidate07:29
FloodBot2vikas: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:29
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YankDownUnderManDay, Um...you'll have to be slightly more specific about your question mate.07:29
=== abhi_nav_ is now known as abhi_nav
ManDayYankDownUnder, simply put i dont want these input devices07:29
YankDownUnderManDay, Right. Are they getting in your way? Are they causing your existing mouse or keyboard to not function? Are they causing your screen to not display? I'm lost on the question.07:30
ManDayYankDownUnder, they are there without me asking for it - reason enough for me to get rid of them07:32
YankDownUnderManDay, Um...is this in your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?07:32
ManDayYankDownUnder, no, its autoconfigured by X07:34
YankDownUnderManDay, Ah. I'm still not sure if I fully comprehend the idea behind what you're saying...07:34
AloneaI have a question? Why do I have to manually set my audio to microphone? why doesn't it detect this and automatically turn my speakers off and put sound through the headphones?07:36
abhi_nav!sound | Alonea07:37
ubottuAlonea: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.07:37
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Aloneaabhi_nav: i have to go to hardware, output and change it to headphones or speakers manually. is there a way for it to be automatic?07:38
abhi_navAlonea, dunno look at that links.07:38
Aloneaabhi_nav: oh, I thought you knew or was sending me to pages cause the answer was on one of them.07:39
abhi_navAlonea, you may get answer in one of them07:39
Aloneaabhi_nav: most of it seems to talk about not having audio, but I will look...07:41
abhi_navAlonea, hmm07:41
Aloneaabhi_nav: and I have sound, I just have to manually change the output device if I ever plug headphones in and if I unplug them, then have to change it back to speakers.07:42
philipsWhere can I find the repo for ubuntu-bug?07:44
philipsGoogling ubuntu-bug is obviously not terribly useful...07:44
mronoInteresting problem i've got07:45
mronoTrying to install winxp on a system that has no cd drive and can't boot from usb07:46
mronohowever I have ubuntu installed07:46
mronoIs it possible to install Winxp from ubuntu?07:46
its-me-againable to help me here07:46
its-me-againi hve grub 2 problems and the ppl i tak to leave so i get confused07:46
thune3philips: ubuntu-bug is part of package apport, i'm not sure what you are looking for exactly.07:47
Aloneadon't think so mrono. an OS generally has to boot itself from something other from the harddrive as it has to partition it07:47
Aloneamrono: if you had another computer could you do a network install???07:47
mronoAlonea: you have any ideas on how to install it on a system with no cd drive?07:48
Aloneamrono: have no idea how to do that though07:48
mronoAlonea: i do have another one, but I don't know how to do a network install07:48
mronoAlonea: can you point me in the right place?07:48
Aloneamrono: as I have never done it before, I really can't. maybe try googling it. best bet would be to buy a cheap internal or external drive07:49
mronoAlonea: any idea on how to do an OEM install07:50
mronoAlonea: say install it on another computer then change the hard drive?07:50
Aloneamrono: you could try that. install it on the hdd with another computer and swap07:51
mronoAlonea: I did it before, installed it and swapped and it worked fine, then i wiped it for some reason07:52
mronoAlonea: tried to reinstall it but it BSOD's when i try to boot07:52
mronoAlonea: and it works fine in the other one.07:53
Aloneamrono: hmm, are you able to do a windows repair or something? or you may have an incorrect bios setting07:53
Aloneamrono: this thread might help you do a network install though:http://www.netstumbler.org/f48/how-install-windows-2k-xp-over-network-12469/07:54
mronoAlonea: only problem is that I have to boot from something to get into repair07:54
Aloneamrono: yeah, see if you can do a network install. otherwise, you can get a cdrom for cheap (Especially internal). if you need external I haven't looked at prices in ages07:55
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ManDayHow can I prevent Xorg from hotplugging all sorts of devices? I got inputdevices such as  12: "PATEN USB HID Device        "[XExtensionPointer]07:57
ManDayand so forth...07:57
Aloneamrono: i mean, you can get an internal for 25 bucks on newegg. just a plain dvdrom, can probably find cheaper elsewhere if you look07:58
mronoAlonea: laptop >.< http://www.smartcomputing.com/images/smartcomputing/fullsize/00515550.jpg07:58
|jonathan|YankDownUnder hey the main problem is when i type wvdialconf it says that my modem is not detected07:59
|jonathan|what can i do now07:59
Aloneamrono: yeah, usb externals are 40-5008:00
|jonathan|where did YankDownUnder go08:01
thune3|jonathan|: if the modem is usb, do you have "cdrom" device that mounts when you plug it in?08:01
|jonathan|thune3 the modem is usb and i its plug and play device in windows and it doesnt run in ubuntu08:01
Aloneamrono: ya know, there might be someone in #hardware that might be able to explain network installs or in ##windows08:02
|jonathan|i hav cdrom device but the software doesnot support ubuntu08:02
mronoAlonea: I think I figured it out, just gotta make a small partition bootable into dos so I can get into the second partition that has winxp on it08:02
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Aloneamrono: alright. good luck!08:02
mronoAlonea: rather, second partition that has the xp cd install files on it08:02
mronoAlonea: Thanks, helps to have someone to bounce ideas off of08:02
thune3|jonathan|: what I mean is: when you plug in the device, does what looks like a drive mount and show up on your desktop?08:02
Aloneamrono: np. I try to help08:03
|jonathan|thune3 no it doesnto show anything on my desktop08:03
=== nerdsex is now known as decae
thune3can you plug it in and then pastebin the output of "dmesg | tail -30"08:04
|jonathan|thune3 can u tell me how can i detect my modem in ubuntu08:04
ice799Hi there. If i set a reasonable limit in /etc/security/limits.conf, who exactly is producing the core dump when a process segfaults?08:05
=== decae is now known as nerdsex
|jonathan|"dmesg | tail -30" okk allright can i use another modem rather than this one? thune308:06
ice799I mean, some one somewhere is requesting the core file size from PAM (I think?) and then causing a core dump after reading the core file format08:06
IledenHi! I started using dd to make a complete backup copy of an USB hd to another USB hd, but overnight my transfer performance has dropped to a grind, and I don't think it'll ever finish. What's wrong, how to fix this?08:07
thune3|jonathan|: you have no temporary connectivity on the device you are trying to get the modem working with?08:07
|jonathan|thune3 no08:07
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Wassup...08:07
mronoAnyone got any pointers for installing dos from USB08:08
|jonathan|YankDownUnder f..uped08:08
|jonathan|YankDownUnder its says that my modem is not detected when i type wvdialconf in terminal08:08
happosadeI need to get IP to eht0, whit netmask and gw DNS could be google's or so. So what should I command?08:08
thune3|jonathan|: is the device getting mapped to a tty, that's all I want to know. Did the os detect it as a modem and map it. [you might be able to tell by looking at dmesg output yourself]08:08
|jonathan|YankDownUnder so what we have to do is how to detect the modem in ubuntu08:08
|jonathan|thune3 yeah tty and ttyS008:09
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Did you follow the steps that I already gave you, or are you going to make me type them again?08:10
|jonathan|YankDownUnder i double clicket the .deb08:10
|jonathan|but it doesnt come under internet08:10
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, You've lost me on the last statement.08:11
|jonathan|YankDownUnder :| sorry dude :(08:11
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, If nothing is working, next step is to download and install this: https://forge.betavine.net/frs/?group_id=1208:15
|jonathan|YankDownUnder whats this08:15
ubottufcm is THE Ubuntu Community Magazine - find it at www.fullcirclemagazine.org, or #fullcirclemagazine08:15
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, It's a project called "Vodafone Mobile Connect" - it's a standalone GUI for dealing with USB modems - and for troublesome ones, at that.08:16
|jonathan|YankDownUnder which one should i download08:16
YankDownUnderYou're obviously going to have to install one that is ubuntu/Debian...08:17
|jonathan|YankDownUnder yah from the lsusb i knew that my modem is philips08:17
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Just don't think about that right now, please. You're thinking off track.08:18
annaimkonkihi! whats a good app to record screencasts in avi or other formats? tuts... thanks!08:18
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Download https://forge.betavine.net/frs/download.php/626/vodafone-mobile-connect_2.25.01-1_all.deb08:18
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, I'm going to get coffee. It's freezing here.08:19
|jonathan|YankDownUnder allright08:19
|jonathan|YankDownUnder ill install it in ubuntu then what should i do08:19
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Um...what do you think you'd do after you install it...hmm?? Possibly run it? See what it does? See if it recognises your modem ?? :)08:20
its-me-againanyone here able to help me out with grub 208:20
|jonathan|:D allright YankDownUnder have a nice coffee08:20
annaimkonkijust ask08:20
its-me-againannaimkonki: can we pm then08:21
horkhorkhorkubuntu 10.04 crashes when trying to open http://b3net.info/music/tetris_loop.mp3 in firefox08:22
horkhorkhorkwhat do i do?08:22
annaimkonkiits-me-again: there are more than enough help out here. maybe i won't be able to tackle your issue08:22
its-me-againannaimkonki: i am hwanting to learn how to edit grub 2 menus. os prober does not detect the corect names for ever os i have08:22
its-me-againif anyone can help o=i would be appreciated08:23
horkhorkhorkubuntu 10.04 crashes when trying to open http://b3net.info/music/tetris_loop.mp3 in firefox what do i do?08:24
its-me-againannaimkonki: do you know08:24
annaimkonkitry that... its-me-again08:25
thune3horkhorkhork: ubuntu crashes? really? is this  specific to that mp3 file or all mp3 files?08:26
horkhorkhorkhavent tried any other files08:26
thune3horkhorkhork: and by crash you mean what? what are the symptoms? lights flashing on keyboard?08:27
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=== Guest99261 is now known as vinc3nt
horkhorkhorkblack screen with flashing underscore in top left, then is shuts off08:28
YankDownUnderhorkhorkhork, You're saying an MP3 file crashes yer box?08:30
horkhorkhorkmakes no sense...08:30
YankDownUnderhorkhorkhork, Convert it to an OGG and see if it does the same thing.08:30
thune3horkhorkhork: for some reason i suspect it is a graphics issue somehow related to the "goom" visual effects in totem that runs.08:30
horkhorkhorkits not in totem, its a link online08:31
YankDownUnderhorkhorkhork, Convert it to an OGG - that will strip out the external crap.08:31
annaimkonkii ran the file horkhorkhork.. seems to work for me..08:31
annaimkonkibut then again i have all restricted crapware08:32
horkhorkhorki added the restricted stuffs too.08:32
horkhorkhorkwould having to use i915.modeset=1 affect anything media related?08:33
thune3horkhorkhork:  /usr/lib/totem/totem-plugin-viewer handles mp3 in firefox by default, and it runs goom visual effects.08:33
YankDownUnderhorkhorkhork, Shouldn't - however, if it's got graphics attached to it, possibly.08:33
YankDownUnderhorkhorkhork, Try using a different player - like vlc or something...or audacious perhaps...08:33
horkhorkhorki was gonna get vlc soon too...08:34
thune3horkhorkhork: you could be in 8xx video hell, which some people experience. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Bugs/Lucidi8xxFreezes08:34
its-me-againannaimkonki: that does not look like what i need to do08:35
horkhorkhorka potential solution was found?08:36
horkhorkhorkthats awesome08:36
annaimkonkisorry i couldn't help but thats what i did after updating/removing kernels..08:36
horkhorkhorkso updating the driver might get rid of the problem?08:37
thune3horkhorkhork: apparently that is only for that particular chipset, the 855gm08:37
annaimkonkiits-me-again: what is your specific problem?08:37
Vin73hi, how to uninstall an application previously installed from a .deb file on lucid?08:38
MaRk-IVin73: synaptic package manager08:38
its-me-againannaimkonki: the automatic entres in grub 2 are rong in grub.cfg <- i cant edit grub.cfg like the ole grub menu.list. so it frustraighting08:39
its-me-againgrub 2 makes it hard08:39
Vin73MaRk-I: thanks08:39
thune3Vin73: it is probably listed in Status view, Installed (local or obsolete) in synaptic08:39
zusi tried to create a folder and i got a message saying remaneing .... how can i undo a change like that? i hope i didnt rename a folder over creating one08:39
MaRk-IVin73: or you can do in terminal: sudo apt-get remove package_name08:39
Jordan_Uits-me-again: set GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true in /etc/default/grub and put your manual entries in /etc/grub.d/40_custom08:39
Vin73thune3: thanks...how do I get the status view?08:40
thune3Vin: lower left corner, there are buttons08:40
Vin73MaRk-I: how I can I find the package name?08:40
MaRk-IVin73: hhmm stick to synaptic then just do "quick search" if you're not sure of the name08:41
chervaCan someone give me an idea why when I have 2 PC-s with exactly the same network config (same ip,same gateway, same DNS, same MAC) when I plug the cable into the first one there is internet and when I plug it into the second I can't ping even the gateway ?08:41
Vin73thune3: do you mean the lower left corner of synaptec?08:41
Jordan_Ucherva: One likely needs a crossover cable while the other can switch automatically.08:41
annaimkonkiits-me-again: be specific on what you want to do.. do you want to change its appearence? looks? default OS? etc.08:41
AloneaI have a question? Why do I have to manually set my audio to microphone? why doesn't it detect this and automatically turn my speakers off and put sound through the headphones? i have to go to sound pref, output, and choose connector08:42
thune3Vin73: yes "sections" "STATUS" "origin" in synaptic08:42
Vin73thune3: thanks08:42
chervaJordan_U, the cable worked until I restarted the machine today ... so the cable is not a problem08:42
its-me-againannaimkonki: ok entries that osprober gets rong08:42
its-me-againthe generic names that are not corect08:43
Jordan_Ucherva: Can you pastebin the output of "ifconfig" on the machine that isn't working?08:44
its-me-againannaimkonki: ubuntu grub 2 uses os-prober. i remember grub 1 ws easy to set up adn use properly08:45
Jordan_Uits-me-again: I've given you the answer twice already...08:47
its-me-againok thanks Jordan_U thats a start08:48
chervaJordan_U, http://pastebin.org/39729908:49
Jordan_Ucherva: Did you limit it to just one interface or is that the complete output?08:50
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chervaJordan_U, I limited it08:51
EmryDoes anyone here experience random freezes and lockups when using evolution with gmail?08:52
hacked_kernelis there a program that is equivalent  to wget??08:52
Gm4nhacked_kernel: curl?08:53
hacked_kernelGm4n, yeah thanks08:53
Jordan_Ucherva: It's possible that the enumeration of your ethernet devices is not stable, so what was previously "eth3" is now something else. In gernal, if you modify output that someone asks for in any way you should note that you have done so to avoid confusion.08:53
Jordan_Uhacked_kernel: What's wrong with wget?08:53
|jonathan|installed that but08:53
Gm4nis there anything wrong with installing the libjson-glib-1.0-0 intrepid package on hardy?08:54
|jonathan|why do i install those soft i cannot use them08:54
hacked_kernelJordan_U, i'm downloading a live stream from an ip camera and saving that to a file but sometimes the recorded movie is great and sometimes the frames are corrupted08:54
chervaJordan_U, eth3 is where the cable is pluged this is the only port that has a lan cable in and dhcpd gives me an ip just on this interface08:54
Mr_Sonomaanyone know of a good CAD program that can view .DWG files? or a converter to convert .DWG to .DXF?08:54
Mr_SonomaI've got QCAD but it doesn't seem to support .DWG08:55
its-me-againJordan_U: ok where do i begin first wil adding entries in 40_custom remove everthign autoconfigured in grub.cfg08:55
Jordan_Ucherva: Interesting that you're getting DHCP but can't ping the router. Can you do an arp request for the router's ip?08:55
tndoes anybody know where the kernel and grub is installed I need the paths to repair my system08:55
mike-from-canmorcan someone help me with a crashing issue I have had08:55
Gm4ntn: check /boot08:56
Mr_Sonoma!ask > mike-from-canmor08:56
ubottumike-from-canmor, please see my private message08:56
mike-from-canmorit has been occurring since I started using ubuntu around 7.1008:56
Jordan_Uits-me-again: No, setting GRUB_DISABLE_OS=true will disable the automatic entries for other OSs.08:56
chervaJordan_U, how to make that request ?08:56
Jordan_Ucherva: arp <ip>08:57
|jonathan|damni cannot fixup dial up internet in my ubuntu08:57
chervaJordan_U, just a sec ...08:57
mike-from-canmorcan someone help me with my crashing problem?08:58
mike-from-canmorI have set up dial up many times before08:59
mike-from-canmoryou need help pm me08:59
mike-from-canmorI recommend if you can to get an external dial up modem09:00
=== administrator is now known as Guest62975
mike-from-canmorI might have a link to one that will work09:00
mike-from-canmorif you want09:00
mike-from-canmorit costs like 50 bucks but works great09:00
mike-from-canmorcan someone help me?09:01
chervaJordan_U, arp and I got the address,HWtype- ether HWaddress -(some_mac_address) Flags-C Iface- eth309:01
YromrakSis there any way to partition my primary hard drive once i'm on it?09:02
tnGm4n: thanks09:02
its-me-againJordan_U: how can I remove the grub.cfg entryes there adn use just whats in 40_custom then09:02
YromrakSi'm running karmic and i really like the settings i have so far but i'd like to install windows 7 atm09:02
Gm4nno problem09:03
YromrakSis there any way to partition my primary hard drive once i'm on it?09:03
Gm4nYromrakS: I'd recomend a gparted live cd09:03
Jordan_Uits-me-again: Do you also want to remove the Ubuntu entries?09:03
Jordan_Uits-me-again: Do you also want to remove the Ubuntu entries?09:03
YromrakSgm4n thanks09:04
dsearleYromrakS, +1 on the gparted live cd09:04
|jonathan|Gm4n can u fix usb modem undetection problem?09:04
its-me-againJordan_U: i want everthing in one place like 40_custom09:05
mike-from-canmorno ok09:05
its-me-againJordan_U: also i dint know what to put to get thngs to boot i need a smple t edit that works09:05
Jordan_Uits-me-again: Ok, then "sudo chmod -x /etc/grub.d/* && sudo chmod +x /etc/grub.d/40_custom"09:06
mike-from-canmorJordin_U can you help me with something?09:06
Jordan_Uits-me-again: But then you'll have to manually add new kernel entries when you upgrade your kernel, which doesn't seem like a reasonable thing to want.09:06
Gm4n|jonathan|: I can't say I've ever used a USB modem in ANY operating system, so probably not :P09:06
|jonathan|:D allright09:06
Gm4nhow is it supposed to be detected? and what does it (not) do?09:07
|jonathan|Gm4n it says that my modem is not detected09:07
|jonathan|with the serial port09:08
mike-from-canmorMy computer just crashed how can I get the log file09:08
mike-from-canmorso I can post it on the forums09:08
dsearlemike-from-canmor, Try looking in the directory /var/log/09:09
|jonathan|mike-from-canmor does ubuntu crash !?09:09
its-me-againJordan_U: i want an easy setup mre like grub 1 (legacy) simple and easy to underatand09:10
mike-from-canmorit has been a reoccuring problem09:10
mike-from-canmorI want to fix it09:10
DeistHi, I'm having a major problem!09:10
|jonathan|omg i though it never crashes09:10
mike-from-canmormine does09:10
|jonathan|im having the most major problem09:10
DeistSomething is eating up my hd. I found a file just keep growing.09:10
its-me-againJordan_U: sorry for all the questions. i need to understand things09:10
DeistNo, you don't. Almost sure.09:10
DeistMy CP is about to go kapputt.09:10
mike-from-canmorcan anyone help me with this crashing problem09:11
mike-from-canmorIt has been happening since I started using ubuntu 7.1009:11
mike-from-canmorand up09:11
GryllidaHello! I suddenly found Applications -> Accessories -> Search for files... menuitem. Seeing it for the first time, can I know whether it is included into Ubuntu by default, was included after a recent update, or it's just me having payed not enough attention to that menu previously?09:12
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mike-from-canmorwhat file would help me diagnose this crashing problem?09:12
Clintegerhi everyone09:12
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!09:12
Jordan_Uits-me-again: Just set GRUB_DEFAULT=saved in /etc/default/grub, write your manual entries for your other OSs in /etc/grub.d/40_custom and if that doesn't get you what you want the use grub legacy. I don't consider grub legacy simpler, and you won't get support from me or #grub, but you'll have what you want.09:12
egtuxhi i have problem with open office and ubuntu 10.04, it is always crash09:12
ClintegerI made an entry in my user crontab and want to know why it isn't running09:12
DeistI really could use some help...09:12
Deistits quite urgent.09:12
Jordan_Uits-me-again: Sorry, it's late. I meant set GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true09:12
lrfenghow to join the gnome-shell channel  , it seems an empty channel09:12
Gryllidahi egtux09:12
Gryllidaegtux, does open office or ubuntu crash, is it reproducible, what versions, when exactly does it happen?09:13
zusdoes anyone have rom in a wineprefix? can ya help me get it working  the wine channel is  dead aint no one  helping and its really REALLY  gorram aggravating.  i dont know what im doing and im pretty sure it got left hangging!09:13
SwedeMike!details | Clinteger09:13
ubottuClinteger: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."09:13
mike-from-canmor:( no one ever helps me with my crashing problem on here09:13
ClintegerSwedeMike, okay I put "* * * * * /home/clint/wallpaper.pl" after typing "crontab -e" to edit it and it doesn't run09:14
Gryllidamike-from-canmor, what crashes? when? what versions? what did it start happening after?09:14
Clintegermanually calling wallpaper.pl works fine09:14
zusafter WINEPREFIX=~/some.directory wine <whatever.exe>' the installer  opens then crashes a difficiency in wine.09:14
trijntjeI need some help with ICS. I tried the "GUI method" from the link ubottu gives but this leaves me unable to connect to the internet09:14
lrfenghow to join the gnome-shell channel , it seems an empty channel, who can tell me09:14
mike-from-canmorUbuntu the newest version it hard crashs09:14
trijntjeDeist, what kind of file?09:14
elguinlol ubuntusux lol GENTOO 4 LIFE09:14
insideri use Ubuntu 9.10 with splash screen off and when i boot i see this message "udevd [1815] CONFIG_SYSF_DEPRECATED option udev ..."09:14
mike-from-canmorwhen I'm listening to music09:14
Deisttrijntje, x-session errors09:14
mike-from-canmorWhen I09:14
elguinim stroking my dick09:14
Deisti removed it but no space was liberated.09:14
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Jordan_U!ops | elguin09:15
ubottuelguin: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!09:15
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Is it working yet?09:15
RogaschHi, i have a question about CouchDB, i tried to save severel Contacts via Evolution. Well i didnt work at all because my CouchDB has no Tables. Do i have to create them by my self?09:15
|jonathan|YankDownUnder proudly not :D09:15
trijntjeDeist, its in your trash09:15
Gryllidamike-from-canmor, try to ask your question in one line, use Enter key less, I'm having difficulty to catch your question09:15
egtuxHi Gryllida, open office and it is version is 3.2 and after few mins in using it , it was crash and give me option to recover last file09:15
MaRk-Imike-from-canmor: disable the goom visual effects09:15
Deistno it's not. I emtyd it.09:15
|jonathan|YankDownUnder my serial port is not detecting the usb modem09:15
Gryllidaegtux, are you able to reproduce the crash?09:15
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Read the following page CAREFULLY. http://www.draisberghof.de/usb_modeswitch/09:15
SwedeMikeClinteger: try using perl -e or whatever it is to run it... that might work better.09:15
Clintegerooh ok.09:16
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Serial ports do not detect USB's mate. They're two different animals.09:16
|jonathan|YankDownUnder then why my modem is not detected by my ubuntu..09:16
egtuxGryllida , yes i can09:16
trijntjeDeist, if its filling up your HD see what program is throwing all those errors09:16
|jonathan|it seems if someone want to use ubuntu he has to be a scientist09:16
Gryllidaegtux: what are the steps to reproduce the crash09:16
mike-from-canmorOk here is the problem I will just be using ubuntu 9.10 and all of a sudden it will freeze up nothing will respond and music or sound will keep repeating over and over in the background, I have to power the system off to fix this problem. It has been happening to me since I started using ubuntu and would like to fix it. So How do I fix this problem, and it also just occured this is it powered up after the crash so how can I09:17
mike-from-canmor get a log to diagnose the problem?09:17
Gryllidamike-from-canmor: hmm, very specific, did it work in earlier versions of Ubuntu?09:17
mike-from-canmorsorry for the run on sentence.09:17
Rogaschsorry to repeat , i have a question about CouchDB, i tried to save severel Contacts via Evolution. Well i didnt work at all because my CouchDB has no Tables. Do i have to create them by my self?09:17
Deisttrijntje, I can't really find what file causing the fillup anymore. The new x-session-errors is like 17 kb...09:17
Gryllidamike-from-canmor: it is OK :D09:17
egtuxGryllida , just click recover file it take a few few seconeds to complete then open it09:17
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, There are several reasons why it might NOT be detected - bad design of the hardware is one...09:17
SwedeMikemike-from-canmor: that sounds like a hard freeze, most likely there will be no logs (if the caps lock key doesn't flip the caps lock indicator for instance). You might be helped by upgrade to a later ubuntu (10.04) where the kernel doesn't have your problem, but it might also be a hw problem.09:18
dropsonHow do I automaticly accept host key when connecting to a server with SSH for the first time?09:18
mike-from-canmorYes this occured in all versions I have had installed on this computer from 7.10 up to 9.1009:18
trijntjeI need some help with Internet Connection Sharing. I tried the "GUI method" from the link ubottu gives but this leaves me unable to connect to the internet. Am I doing something wrong?09:18
dropsonwithout adding: StrictHostKeyChecking=no to the conf09:18
mike-from-canmorIt is frustrating and is probably slowely killing my harddrive09:18
Gryllidaegtux, ok you click "recover" what happens then?09:18
insidercan anybody help me with udev [1815] error at boot?09:18
mike-from-canmorinsider reinstall ubuntu09:18
Jordan_U!sysrq | mike-from-canmor09:18
|jonathan|YankDownUnder hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Poblem very mus poblem09:18
ubottumike-from-canmor: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key09:18
Jordan_Umike-from-canmor: Have you filed a bug report?09:19
trijntjeDeist, if its one file, you should be able to find it with applications -> assecoires -> disk usage09:19
insidermike-from-canmor Ubuntu works fine but this error slows booting time09:19
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Try this as well: http://forum.ubuntuusers.de/topic/probleme-mit-umts-stick-xs-stick-w14/09:19
egtuxGryllida, it is recover last saved version of the file then i can open and edit it again09:19
|jonathan|YankDownUnder okk dude09:19
ClintegerSwedeMike, still doesn't run :\09:19
mike-from-canmorwell I recommend just reinstalling if it bothers you it will save more time then trying to diagnose it09:19
=== tn_ is now known as tn
Gryllidaegtux: it recovers the file, you can edit it. Are you able to make it crash again? How exactly?09:20
its-me-againhi in computer i cant find the right partition. they are not labled sda1, sda2 etc so i dont know what they are09:20
mike-from-canmorNo I have not filed a bug report due to the fact that I have no idea where the log file is09:20
Jordan_Umike-from-canmor: Upgrade to 10.04 and if the problem persists then file a bug report and it may get fixed (bugs are more likely to be fixed in 10.04 since it's the most recent release and also a long term support release).09:20
mike-from-canmorI don't think that will make a difference09:20
Deisttrijntje, the biggest file i can find there is around 5 gb. My hd is around 130.09:20
insiderhad anybody issue with udev errors?09:20
egtuxGryllida, what do u want to know exactly09:20
mike-from-canmorit has occured in all versions of ubuntu I have used09:20
mike-from-canmorI'm pretty sure I'm using 10.0409:20
mike-from-canmornever mind I'm using 10.0409:21
Jordan_Umike-from-canmor: If magic sysrq doesn't work the next time this happens, then whatever else may be happening there is a serious kernel bug.09:21
mike-from-canmorHow can I find the problem?09:21
SwedeMikeClinteger: you might be missing something from your environment variables, try outputting stderr etc to a file and run it from cron and see what comes out at that file... like add "> /tmp/cronout.txt 2>&1" to the cron line and then take a look at that file09:21
mike-from-canmorit happens to me relatively often09:21
mike-from-canmorIt just occured to so I have log files09:21
Clintegerhm okay, thanks :D09:21
Jordan_Umike-from-canmor: So if sysrq magic fails next time run "ubuntu-bug linux" to submit a bug report. Submitting a bug report is a way to get support from the developers of the software itself :)09:22
mike-from-canmorYeah but don'09:22
mike-from-canmoryeah but don't they need a log file of some sort?09:22
Clintegernow I wait.09:22
sburjanhello. where can I find my history file ?09:22
Gryllidasburjan, history of what?09:22
sburjanhistory from the terminal.. sorry09:23
Jordan_Umike-from-canmor: If ubuntu-bug linux doesn't give them the info they need, then they will likely tell you procedures that will.09:23
egtuxGryllida, ??09:23
sburjanhistory lists a lot .. but whan I am searching for .. is too old to be shown09:23
ClintegerSwedeMike, okay the output file was empty..but it still didn't work :|09:23
Jordan_Usburjan: ~/.bash_history09:23
Gryllidasburjan, ~/.bash_history .. oops I'm slow at typing09:23
mike-from-canmorcould I run it right now09:23
sburjani was searching for .history :P09:24
Gryllidasburjan: yay09:24
SwedeMikeClinteger: add the flag to perl that does debug output and see how far it gets09:24
p-dawgHey guys, I have an ntfs volume I mounted with umask=027,gid=100. Permissions are "drwxr-x---" for directories and "-rwxr-x---" for files.09:24
p-dawgI can edit existing files and write the changes but I can't create or delete anything as root.09:24
its-me-againanyone have a generic ubuntu entry for grub 40_custom file please09:24
SwedeMikeClinteger: if the file is still empty, then it might be that it can't find the perl executable due to PATH being wrong. Try adding the full path to perl when starting it.09:25
Clintegeryeah, im currently using the full path09:25
GryllidaApplications -> Accessories -> Search for files... menuitem. Seeing it for the first time, can I  know whether it is included into Ubuntu by default09:25
Jordan_UClinteger: What is the exact command that you use to run the script normally, and can you pastebin the script?09:25
qwiksilver711if i have a dual boot on a 500g hd, with 100g dedicated to ubuntu, and want to remove ubuntu, so i can give the machine to someone else, is there a way to do it without messing up windows? like can i use a partition manager in windows and just expand the partition, and it will boot fine?09:26
p-dawgqwiksilver711 - I think partition magic could work, but it's not free afaik09:26
erUSULqwiksilver711: you will have to restore windows mbr.09:26
p-dawgAnd that too, about the mbr09:27
qwiksilver711how would i restore the boot record?09:27
p-dawgYou can use windows repair console09:27
dsearleqwiksilver711, You can use the gparted livecd to modify the partitions. (free and oss)09:27
p-dawgcommand fixmbr if I recall correctly09:27
mike-from-canmorCan someone tell me what exactly I should do to fix my problem or report my problem?09:27
qwiksilver711would i need the windows disc for that?09:27
zusafter WINEPREFIX=~/ the installer  opens then crashes a difficiency in wine.09:27
p-dawgqwiksilver711: if you use gparted, you will need to download it and burn it to a CD, then boot from that09:28
zuscan some one  explain how to get this working?09:28
biomekanikaqwiksilver711: why not keep the partition and spread the ubuntu love. :)09:28
p-dawgfor the windows recovery console you do need the XP CD09:28
e01__how can i connect internet over bluetooth of my gsm09:28
e01__i am reading here http://news.softpedia.com/news/Connect-to-the-Internet-from-Anywhere-Using-a-GPRS-Connection-50670.shtml09:28
qwiksilver711its win 7 p-dawg09:28
e01__but something wrong and i can`t connect09:28
p-dawgqwiksilver711: okay, then you'll need the windows 7 cd :D.09:29
Jordan_Umike-from-canmor: Let it happen again, try sysrq magic to reboot. If sysrq magic fails then you'll know there's been a kernel panic and you can report the bug via "ubuntu-bug linux"09:29
e01__i am with ubuntu netbook edition 10.409:29
qwiksilver711and biomekanika, my wife can hardly handle windows... ubuntu would give her a stroke09:29
trijntjeDeist, you might want to remove that file, if its in your home dir and you dont need it09:29
qwiksilver711ok p-dawg, so use the cd, and the repair console, command fixmbr... partition magic has a fix mbr command, would that work?09:29
tophyrtop shows me as having 2441mb ram used, but the processes it lists only account for 509mb. how can i find what's eating up the other 1.9gb of ram?09:29
ClintegerJordan_U, http://pastebin.com/0RSzWUcd09:30
p-dawgqwiksilver711: I've only used partition magic to resize windows partitions, I'm not sure about its fixmbr command09:30
jigphello good afternoon. i tried to follow this ftp tutorial.https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html...i created a user with ftp privilege.but i cannot connect when i test it...wrong tutorial?port forwarding is working on ssh.but not in ftp..09:30
mikeoshi, update-grub is not called automatically when new kernel is installed via apt.. What package or script is responsible of this auto update?09:30
erUSULqwiksilver711: http://robert.penz.name/221/mini-howto-restore-windows-mbrbootloader-with-linux/09:30
trijntjeI need some help with Internet Connection Sharing. I tried the "GUI method" from the link ubottu gives but this leaves me unable to connect to the internet. Am I doing something wrong?09:31
erUSUL!ram | tophyr09:31
ubottutophyr: If you are wondering why some tools report your system has very little free memory, have a look at http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ | A short primer on Linux memory management can be found here: http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html09:31
Clintegerlol, linux ate my ram09:31
jigphow to install ftp?so that my friend can access my files?thanks09:31
|jonathan|Clinteger how09:31
|jonathan|Clinteger how did it eat09:32
Clinteger|jonathan|, I was laughing at the URL :p09:32
erUSULmikeos: the kernel package should trigger thwe update ... maybe you have both grub1 and grub2 installed ?09:32
YankDownUnderLinux eats RAM. News at 1109:32
|jonathan|ohh lol09:32
ubottuFTP clients: Nautilus (Places -> Connect to server), gFTP, FileZilla (for !GNOME); Konqueror, Kasablanca, KFTPGrabber (for !KDE); FireFTP (for Firefox); ftp, lftp (for !cli) - See also !FTPd09:32
|jonathan|linux made my exam bad09:32
|jonathan|real bad09:32
p-dawgBump: I have an ntfs volume I mounted with umask=027,gid=100. Permissions are "drwxr-x---" for directories and "-rwxr-x---" for files. I can edit existing files and write the changes but I can't create or delete anything as root. Sorry for repeating ;b09:32
jigphello how to insall ftp server?so that my friend can connect to me.thanks09:32
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Linux kicked my kitten09:32
iceroot|jonathan|: you have a support-question? and please remove the | from your nick, its "hard" to type that nick09:32
jigpi followed this tutorial but it didnt work https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html09:33
|jonathan|YankDownUnder lol so ur still with linux09:33
mikeoserUSUL: i thought so, but it does not.. I have grub2.   FYI  my ubuntu installation CD failed to install Grub2 so i chosen to install Lilo. When the install completed I removed lilo and installed grub2 by hand. Booting works, everything works except from the auto update of grub menu list with newly apted kernels..09:33
YankDownUnder|jonathan|, Um...actually, yes I am. Since 1992 and still going.09:33
MisterioAnyone knows where is torrc in ubuntu 10.04?09:33
|jonathan|iceroot did i asky u anything for?09:34
erUSULmikeos: what package you used to install gurb2? is grub-pc installed ?09:34
dsearleMisterio, /etc/tor/ ?09:34
figure002jigp: did you try to connect locally first?09:34
iceroot|jonathan|: no but i asked you09:34
Misteriodsearle: Let me check09:34
ClintegerJordan_U, yt?09:34
jigpfigure002 : how to connect local? i tried in remote...09:34
Archive555Okay, I've installed ubuntu, and after backing up the contents of one of my partitions, I delted it, and am now ready to format it with a filesystem that both Ubuntu and my Windows 7 dual-boot can access, after looking around, it seems Fat32 is the standard, but this partition is going to be 870GB, and I read that it becomes inneficient after that.09:34
Archive555Wondering what filesystem to use, thanks in advance09:35
mikeoserUSUL: for grub the following is installaed: grub-common, grub-pc, grub209:35
Misteriodsearle: It is there, thank you09:35
its-me-againhi is this entry for 40_custom corect to boot vista http://www.pastebin.org/39731909:35
|jonathan|iceroot i hate the kids of hitler ! understand and zip ur mouth09:35
dsearleMisterio, No problem :)09:35
figure002jigp: with locally i mean, try to connect to the ftp server from the same machine, so with the command: ftp localhost09:35
jigpfigure002 i followed this tutorial and do some port forward in my router.i can ssh but not ftp. https://help.ubuntu.com/6.06/ubuntu/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html09:35
iceroot!ops | |jonathan|09:35
ubottu|jonathan|: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!09:35
erUSULmikeos: so when a kernel is installed you do not see the tipical « sudo upfdate-grub » output? or you see it but the config file is not updated ?09:35
* YankDownUnder ponders09:36
qwiksilver711erusul, do i do both solutions, or just one of them?09:36
erUSULqwiksilver711: use the one that uses install-mbr09:36
figure002jigp: i see.. try locally first, to see if the settings are alright09:36
erUSULqwiksilver711: easiest of the two imho09:36
mikeoserUSUL:  I don't see the output, the new kernel package does not call the update-grub script, that made me think there's something else that is invoked09:36
jigphttp://pastebin.ca/1900917 figure00209:37
zoran119where is menu.lst in 10.4?09:37
erUSUL!grub2 | zoran11909:37
ubottuzoran119: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub209:37
erUSULmikeos: very weird... the post install scripts of the kernel packages should call it afaik09:37
Jordan_UClinteger: And how are you normally running the script?09:38
Archive555Would anyone be as kind as to help with my newbish filesystem problem?09:38
ClintegerJordan_U, turns out gconftool doesn't work in cron :(09:38
mikeoserUSUL: thanks for this hint, I'll try to grep through the postinst scripts in the dpkg cache  for update-grup09:38
figure002jigp: i see you're trying to login with a username, did you create accounts for your ftp server?09:38
jigpfigure002 this is my ftp configuration http://pastebin.ca/190091909:39
zoran119how do i get rid of the bootup splash screen?09:39
jigpfigure002 when creating a user, i just go to System>Administration>user and groups>and add user there and Main Group>ftp09:40
Clintegerthanks though.09:40
YankDownUnderzoran119, Remove the "quite splash" from the grub boot line09:40
Archive555870GB partition that must be accessible from both Ubuntu and Windows 7, what filesystem should I use?09:41
llutzArchive555: ntfs09:41
erUSULzoran119: edit /etc/default/grub09:41
bullgard4Jordan_U: What does the character '#' effect in the construct ... | sed 's#: .*$##g' ?09:41
jigpfigure002 : i even restarted ftp and reboot too09:41
Archive555llutz: Sorry for newbishness, but I thought linux couldn't read that?09:42
mikeoserUSUL:  you were correct that grub-pc.postinst  contains calls to update-grub;  do you know whether these postinst scripts are logged?09:42
nasahi all09:42
llutzArchive555: it can09:42
icerootArchive555: is an on running on that partition or just used for transfering files?09:42
llutz!ntfs > Archive55509:42
ubottuArchive555, please see my private message09:42
mikeoserUSUL: oops.. should have been in the kernel package09:42
erUSULbullgard4: sed can use any delimiter char. the most common one is / but you can use # if you want09:42
erUSULmikeos: really dunno sorry09:42
Jordan_Ubullgard4: It serves the same purpose as '/' normally would, except since you're not using '/' you don't have to escape paths in the pattern. Any character can be used as a delimiter.09:42
Archive555It's for file storage on both Ubuntu and 709:42
zoran119erUSUL: do i need to run someting for grub to pick up these changes to this file?09:43
Archive555Music, movies, documents, etc.09:43
figure002jigp: i see, i never really tried it that way.. could you try and connect anonymously? chance this setting first to: anonymous_enable=YES09:43
bullgard4erUSUL, Jordan_U Thank you for explaining.09:43
icerootArchive555: i would use ntfs because windows can read it by default09:43
erUSULzoran119: sudo update-grub09:43
icerootArchive555: like ubuntu09:43
Archive555Iceroot: thanks, the main reason was that somewhere I read that linux couldn't read/write to it.09:44
icerootArchive555: ntfs is working fine since some years with ntfs09:44
icerootArchive555: linux is working fine...09:44
Jordan_Ubullgard4: You're welcome. Did you ever get your situation worked out? (it seems we're mostly timezone incompatible as it's 2:00 AM for me again:)09:44
Archive555Okay, cool, thanks again for the help.09:44
jigpfigure002 : you mean i will set YES? and put back the "#" ?09:45
dsearleArchive555, IIRC previously you could only read ntfs, but that was a while ago:)09:45
figure002jigp: nevermind, i just read that it's ON by default when commented. So just try to login without a username and password.09:46
mikeoserUSUL:  interesting finding:  i tried "rgrep -i update-grub ./" under /var/lib/dpkg/info  on a different machine where auto update works, and just memtest86+ and grub is matched09:46
mikeoserUSUL: that would mean that kernels do not call the update-grub shell script or if they do then indirectly09:46
figure002jigp: or maybe with the username "anonymous", i'm not sure..09:47
jigpfigure002 : i can login without login/pass.but im in the Command: LIST and then i get Error: Connection Timedout Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing09:47
Alazareanyone know if there is an exploit for kde to let you run seperate xscreen in 4.0+ kde?09:47
nillAny way to backup an image of my ubuntu os?09:47
pommeskyHello, how can i navigate into my network computers by the console ?09:47
nillfor future restor09:47
zoran119and how do i stop x server from starting (i want to boot to a login shell)?09:47
erUSULpommesky: define "navigate" ? ssh access? file server? ftp ?09:48
Jordan_Umikeos: Try asking in #grub, while it's an Ubuntu specific question the maintainer of grub in Ubuntu is often there.09:48
bullgard4Jordan_U: I do not know what the word "ever" exactly means in the phrase "ever get your sitution worked out". I managed to have this computer operational now. But most files in the /usr/bin directory still have the owner root/src instead of root/root.09:48
mikeosJordan_U: thx for the tip09:48
DaijoubuHow to get the MD5 hack from a burned CD and compared with ISO image?I burned two iso images on 4 CDs and now i can't remember which ones are which :)09:48
Jordan_Ubullgard4: It's a short hand for "Did you ever".09:49
Jordan_Umikeos: You're welcome.09:49
pommeskyerUSUL : like a simple cd in the console09:49
figure002jigp: i think maybe it looks for the user's home directory; does that user have a home directory set?09:49
Alazareanyone know if there is an exploit for kde to let you run seperate xscreen in 4.0+ kde?09:49
figure002figure002: hmm, no wait.. you're anonymous...09:50
jigpfigure002 : yup09:50
erUSULpommesky: so you have  a share mounted and you want to go to there via console?09:50
john38Can somebody help09:50
Jordan_Ubullgard4: Did all of the packages re-install? Did you include /usr/bin in the list of directories in the command I gave?09:50
figure002jigp: is there a user ftp?09:50
DaijoubuHow to get the MD5 Hash from a burned disk people? o-o09:51
john38Can you connect external speakers to an Imac09:51
DaijoubuK3B ?!09:51
dsearleDaijobubu, You may be able to use md5sum on the device, md5sum /dev/cdrom ?09:51
Jordan_Umikeos: Ahh, I thought that you were using grub2. #grub only supports grub2 (and with grub2 you likely won't have this problem).09:51
MaRk-IDaijoubu: md5sum bla.iso09:52
erkan^Do someone know which blog-software can I write a blogger to www.blogger.com ?09:52
DaijoubuMaRk-I on a burned disk09:52
mikeosJordan_U: i am using grub2, what makes you think I'm using the legacy one?09:52
erUSULpommesky: shares for the user are in ~/.gvfs/ so " cd ~/.gvfs/ "  but still not sure what you are actually asking09:52
figure002jigp: if so, you could check if that user has a home directory; i think maybe it's trying to LIST that directory, but can't find/read it.09:52
Jordan_Umikeos: You mentioned menu.lst in #grub, which is from grub legacy.09:52
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mikeosJordan_U: oops09:53
jigpfigure002 : i tried my account.my account is root.still cant connect09:53
john38Can you connect external speakers to an Imac09:53
nillBloGTK WEB CLient09:53
Getrixhello! can anybody help my with my server problem? :) i'm first time here09:53
p-dawgOk, I fixed my issue: I didn't have ntfs-3g and was mounting stuff with regular ntfs DOH09:53
pommeskyerUSUL : Yes, i have a folder in my desktop which pointed to "smb://media-center-des/media1/" and i want access this folder by console09:53
MaRk-IDaijoubu: md5sum /dev/cdrom09:53
DaijoubuMaRk-I thanks ^^09:53
erUSULpommesky: then go where i told you...09:53
MaRk-IDaijoubu: yw09:53
mronoputting dos on a partition and making it bootable is a freaking pain in the ass09:54
Hasanibrahimhello all, i have installed ubuntu on windows. But now i'm going to format windows so will i lose GRUB and so ubuntu ?09:54
pommeskyerUSUL : Ok it's work thank you a lot09:54
MaRk-IDaijoubu: and yes k3b should give you a md5sum if you look for it :P09:55
figure002jigp: hmm, to be hones i'm out of ideas; i know another vsftp tutorial that does work, but it uses a separate passwd file for the users+passwords.09:55
bullgard4Jordan_U: Not all packages did re-install. But I found reasons why certain packages did not re-install. So this is no problem for me any more and I can tackle it later myself. --  After you went to bed I repeated the command you gave using as a prefix the command 'directories="usr/bin". But this did not strip off the 'src' group ownership of all files in the /usr/bin directory.09:55
Getrixso, i have "init ureadahaed-other main process terminated with status 4". i read that problem inside fstab and my external usb HDD's connected. When i disconnect them I recieve this message. When they are connected I have blank screen with blinking line. what can I do?09:55
DaijoubuMaRk-I tried but can't find it :/09:55
GetrixSorry for my terrible english :)09:55
MaRk-IDaijoubu: well the other method should work09:55
mronoHasanibrahim: backup the ubuntu img and just reinstall grub and such when you reinstall windows and replace the new img with the old one09:55
jigpfigure002 : link please :)09:55
john38Can you connect external speakers to an Imac09:56
figure002jigp: http://www.ubuntututorials.net/installing-vsftpd-using-text-file-for-virtual-users/09:56
Jordan_Ubullgard4: Was the "usr/bin" not including a leading '/' a typo in your comment or was the '/' missing from the command you ran?09:56
jigpfigure002: thanks :)09:57
figure002jigp: you're welcome09:58
cavetvhi guys09:58
eskofdAfter searching for the answer for one hour and finding no solution I was wondering if here anyone knew whether there's an easy way of installing ProjectM pulseaudio visualizer to ubuntu _without_ compiling? :)09:58
bullgard4Jordan_U: According to my bash's history the command was: '~$ directories="/usr/bin /usr/sbin/"'09:59
atudeHi, how can I change the size of particular fonts (different language) in gnome-terminal?09:59
cavetvcan anyone tell me how to automount a drive on startup, its my media tv computer and i have movies installed on another partition which i want to automount09:59
hjstatude: Edit > Profile Preferences10:00
redHaving problems with Firefox 4 beta update, it worked fine for few days on my Ubuntu 10.04, but yesterday during aptitude safe-upgrade I got this: http://paste2.org/p/915339 (no replies on #firefox so asking here generally)10:00
atudehjst: that is for one font, and that would be the font gnome-terminal would use10:00
jigpfigure002 : do need to uninstall vftp that i installed?10:00
foureight84how do you get irssi to display the user list on the right side of the window?10:00
atudehjst: so example, I can set my font to Terminus but chinese font would use some kind of default. I have no idea how to set that10:01
llutzcavetv: add it to /etc/fstab10:01
hjstatude: ah, now I get you10:01
figure002jigp: that tutorial also uses vsftp, so there's no need to uninstall it.10:01
Jordan_Ubullgard4: That's correct then at least.10:01
hjstatude: I just use wenquanyi hei mono for everything10:02
hjstatude: not sure if what you're after is possible10:02
foureight84how do you get irssi to display the user list on the right side of the window?10:02
cavetvllutz, so i edit fstab and put my directory in there?10:02
cavetvllutz, with gedit?10:03
bullgard4Jordan_U: So the only solution to the dilemma I had was to re-install every single package using Synaptic. I started yesterday with the letters A and B.10:03
=== AK|out is now known as Andorin
edakiriWhere is the easiest way to find the change log of a 'proposed' package without installing it?10:03
llutzcavetv: sudo nano /etc/fstab, then add a line like "UUID=1234-54321 /media/stuff  ext4  defaults 0 0"10:03
bullgard4edakiri: packages.ubuntu.com10:04
llutzcavetv: replace uuid mountpoint etc.pp to your needs10:04
hjstfoureight84: the nicklist script does that10:04
foureight84thanks hjst10:04
cavetvok how do i find the uuid of the drive the rest im ok10:04
hjstfoureight84: no problem, should be on scripts.irssi.org10:04
llutzcavetv: sudo blkid10:04
AndorinWhat is the most user-friendly and safe way to manage fan speed? I need mine to go faster than it does.10:04
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)10:04
cavetvllutz, thx10:05
AndorinAnd the user-friendly bit is because a noob friend of mine needs the same thing.10:05
tdnI have some DVDs as .iso files and I know how to create a loop back device and play them, but most regular users on the system does not know how to do that. How do you suggest a regular user would be able to play these .iso files?10:05
erUSULtdn: most players can open iso files directly10:06
llutztdn: mplayer --dvd-device=file.iso dvdnav://10:06
bullgard4Andorin: There is no user-friendly and safe way at the same time. You need to rely on Ubuntu's settings.10:06
erUSULtdn: i.e. « vlc file.iso » should just work10:06
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=== mac-mini1 is now known as Guest24652
tdnerUSUL, llutz: Ok. I was not aware. But I think using the terminal to start a video is too difficult for many users. Can this be done using GUI?10:10
edakiribullgard4: nice idea, but it seems not to have the lucid-proposed repository information.  Only lucid and maybe lucid-updates.10:10
erUSULtdn: try it and see ?10:10
llutztdn: most players should have a setting for that in the gui too.10:10
tdnerUSUL, I will. I am not on the system right now.10:10
tdnllutz, ok.10:10
tdnerUSUL, llutz: thanks for input.10:10
cavetvllutz, this is the line I used does it look ok to you? UUID=b4abfb7b-3957-4cae-b40e-3c1c918e5514 /media/Movies ext2 defaults 0 010:10
llutzcavetv: yep10:10
zoran119anyone know how to boot to console (no x server) with 10.4?10:14
trijntjezoran119, google "runlevel"10:14
iceroottrijntje: we dont suggest google here, also ubuntu is not using runlevels like you think10:17
trijntjeiceroot, In my defence, I was using it as a verb. But ill use 'search' in the future10:18
foureight84thanks hjst this works out perfectly10:18
jigpllutz : same thing :( same error10:18
jigpllutz : same thing :( same error10:19
Gryllidarage2, why do you want to change the /etc/resolv.conf  ?10:19
rage2Gryllida: because it keeps putting in my router's IP, and that causes pages to not load10:19
dignanjoin ##mslinux the only distro for power users.10:19
mikeosI solved the problem: /etc/kernel-img.conf  was missing lines postinst_hook and postrm_hook10:19
iceroottrijntje: this is not a channel to tell others to search10:19
iceroottrijntje: if you know how to do it, give him the solutions, if you dont know how to do it, just leave the question10:19
llutzrage2: change dhclient.conf if you need own dns-settings10:19
Gryllidadignan: hm?10:19
jigpllutz : sudo: htpasswd: command not found10:20
figure002jigp: try: sudo apt-get install apache2-utils10:20
Gryllidarage2: what do you want to put instead, what do you expect it to do10:20
erUSULrage2: network manager overwrittes /etc/resolv.conf ... edit connections go t ipv4 settings put youre own dns's there10:21
YankDownUnder"Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for life."10:21
eskofdI was wondering if anyone knew how to install projectM visualizer? Many thanks for your help:)10:21
zoran119all the forums talk about removing gdm from startup links using update-rc.d but that doesn't work10:21
rage2Gryllida: I know my ISP's DNS servers.. I'm putting them in manually to avoid the connection problems created by having my router's address in there10:21
jigpfigure002 llutz : l000@l000:~$ sudo mkdir /var/www/mixtapegod10:22
jigpmkdir: cannot create directory `/var/www/mixtapegod': No such file or directory10:23
rage2erUSUL: I did put them in there actualy, but my /etc/resolv.conf file still gets overwritten10:23
xoverI have connecting to my desktop using 'vino' I have compiz running, the keyboard and mouse events are not updating, is there a fix?10:23
rage2with an IP that I don't have in the connections DNS area10:23
YankDownUnderzoran119, What I've done in the past is to "chmod -x /etc/init.d/gdm" => that works fine for me here.10:23
erUSULrage2: then check what llutz said10:23
jigpfigure002 llutz : ill manually create a folder then in /var/www/?10:24
zoran119YankDownUnder: cool... trying it now10:24
figure002jigp: try: sudo mkdir -p /var/www/mixtapegod10:24
YankDownUnderzoran119, Roger10:24
figure002jigp: you need the -p switch10:24
jigpfigure002 : perfect10:24
bullgard4Jordan_U: The construct ... | sed 's/,//g' globally removes the commas in the input list. The construct ... | sed 's#: .*$##g' removes globally colon-space-text before the end-of-line?10:24
foureight84can someone type my nickname? i'm testing out a script10:24
YankDownUndermy nickname10:25
zoran119YankDownUnder: nope.... still starts....10:25
foureight84lame it's not working10:25
figure002foureight84: ping10:25
foureight84thanks guys10:25
ikoniaplease don't test scripts in here10:25
Jordan_Ubullgard4: Yes.10:25
=== ubuntu is now known as alallalalalaa
jigpfigure002 llutz : it says Command PASS**********, Response:Cound lnot connect to server  Error: Critical error, Error: Could not connect to server10:27
figure002eskofd: i think projectm is in the ubuntu repo10:28
zoran119this is just stupid... bye ubuntu... out comes slackware10:28
YankDownUnderzoran119, ...hang on a tick...10:29
Jordan_Ubullgard4: The reason for the second sed command is because we want only a list of package names, and the output of dpkg -S also includes the file that matched at the end of the list of matching packages.10:29
llutzzoran119: ubuntu uses upstart now, the startscripts are at /etc/init. update-rc.d won't work anymore as expected10:29
YankDownUnderzoran119, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=930352510:30
xoverI have connecting to my desktop using 'vino' I have compiz running, the keyboard and mouse events are not updating, is there a fix?10:30
figure002jigp: did you start from the default vsftp settings? you should revert the settings from the previous tutorial first.10:30
=== Andorin is now known as AK|out
figure002jigp: it might also be necessary to reboot, i too had to reboot before it finally worked.10:31
soreauxover: does it work if compiz is not running?10:31
bullgard4Jordan_U: Thank you for explaining.10:32
Jordan_Ubullgard4: You're welcome.10:32
=== sree is now known as sreeR
=== sreeR is now known as sreR
figure002jigp: always make a backup of the default settings before you start editing a conf file: cp original.conf original.conf.bak10:34
RudyValenciaI call my backups (originalfilename).orig10:35
acehello guys, i think there s a script to change the gcc version10:36
GryllidaI'm reading #ubuntu-classroom logs, http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/07/10/%23ubuntu-classroom.html#t15:15 second paragraph last line -- the software center will include some paid applications in 10.10! WHAT? Can you link me to something about it? Isn't Ubuntu's philosophy being open-source?10:36
acei don't remmeber how10:36
icerootGryllida: ubuntu is open-source10:37
ManDayIf xinput says that I press button 4 on a pointer device should that necessarily translate to scrolling?10:37
icerootGryllida: but of course you can install non-free software likle oracle db, skype and so on, so what is the problem?10:37
Gryllidaiceroot: but why would paid applications be included into the repo?10:37
icerootGryllida: not in the main repo10:37
Gryllidaiceroot: not proprietary, 'PAID'10:38
icerootGryllida: and the problem is?`for oracle db you pay money10:38
zoran119YankDownUnder: nope... still starts10:38
icerootGryllida: same for some games10:38
zoran119YankDownUnder: they really want you to use x...10:38
nanoguywe need to stop using just the term free and specify between the two types of free10:38
MetalGeek_N00bHi all, got a prob with a theme i downloaded, It installs but theres a message at the bottom that says"This theme will not look as intended because the required manager theme 'default' is not installed. I havent got a clue and google didnt seem to help10:38
YankDownUnderzoran119, Hmm...far out...well, works for me...did you check the other link I sent mate?10:39
icerootnanoguy: free as in free-beer10:39
Gryllidaiceroot: no idea what repository, that would appear in software center, I don't care what repo, paid apps should be what an ubuntu user shouldn't even learn about before he googles for them him/herself.. reading your last 2 lines10:39
ubottufreedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing10:39
zoran119YankDownUnder: yeah... i did the nasty /etc/init/gdm.conf hack and still starts10:39
Gryllidaiceroot: can you link me to a ticket tracker issue or something about that oncoming change?10:40
SamstoneMahlzeit zusamm10:40
zoran119YankDownUnder: made a mistake... hold on a sec10:40
YankDownUnderzoran119, Um...NOT that this is helpful, but I ended up moving my /etc/init.d/gdm script into my /tmp directory...10:40
icerootGryllida: you are the person how is telling there will be paid software, not me10:40
iceroot!de | Samstone10:41
ubottuSamstone: In den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.10:41
zoran119YankDownUnder: that's scary10:41
zoran119YankDownUnder: it works... i forgot [] is that hack10:41
zoran119YankDownUnder: awesome... thanks10:41
YankDownUnderzoran119, Coolbeans...where's the beer? :)10:41
zoran119YankDownUnder: vb?10:41
Samstoneokaay thx m810:41
YankDownUnderzoran119, VB is tops for me mate. Else Sheaf's Stout... :)10:42
Gryllidaiceroot: whom should I ask to provide the source of that quotation? ok I'll ask in #ubuntu+110:42
zoran119YankDownUnder: let me grab it from the ute10:42
YankDownUnderzoran119, Good on ya matey... hehehehehehe10:42
MetalGeek_N00bAny ideas guys 'n' gals10:43
abhi_navabout what?10:43
YankDownUnderI have an idea about quantum physics...does that count?10:44
foureight84can someone type my nick name?10:44
YankDownUndermy nick name10:44
foureight84i'm trying to test the irssi10:44
foureight84lol can someone type foureight8410:44
=== sLasH is now known as Guest24857
MetalGeek_N00bCould someone tell me anything about wundows manager theme 'default'10:45
experiMENTALubuntu 10.04 LTS on pentium4 compaq PC machine problem. black screen with white flashing stripes up to half of the screen preceded by a message: "checking battery state...". help, plz.10:45
foureight84thanks experiMENTAL10:45
ManDayDoes anyone know how I can prevent a device from becoming the Virtual core pointer? My problem is that a device emits events such as button press   12 a[0]=0 a[1]=0 a[2]=0 a[3]=0 a[4]=0 a[5]=0   which then move the mouse although the device is only a button!10:45
sara__Hi, what is the gradient option?10:45
bullgard4sara__: In what area of knowledge?10:46
sara__I aks it because my  codeblocks doesn't start anymore..10:46
MetalGeek_N00bIf not couls someone suggest a resource ans i cant find anything10:46
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, Um...what is the question?10:47
MetalGeek_N00b Hi all, got a prob with a theme i downloaded, It installs but theres a message at the bottom that says"This theme will not look as intended because the required manager theme 'default' is not installed. I havent got a clue and google didnt seem to help10:47
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, Um...did you make sure that you've got all the theme engines installed? You can open Synaptic Package Manager and type "theme-engine" in the search field, then just pick all the theme engines listed, install them, then try again...10:48
ho yvw10:48
sara__can someone help me?10:49
MetalGeek_N00bYankDownUnder, Thanks mate will go try now10:49
Alazareis there any way to run gnome, with kde's plasmoids etc?10:49
trijntjeI'm trying to share my internet connection. I have access with a dongle and want to share the internet using an ethernet port. However, when I plug in the ethernet cable No programs can connect to internet. How can I fix this?10:49
erUSUL!ask | sara__10:50
ubottusara__: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:50
ho hay der ubottu10:50
ho NO I REFUSE TO HELP U ubottu10:50
MetalGeek_N00bYankDownUnder, ok, confused myself already Synaptic Package Manager? sorfware center, or synaptic repository10:51
ho k10:51
erUSULsara__: tried to launch it frm terminal and see ehat errors it prints out; if any?10:51
ho i NEVER make any errors10:51
Alazareis there any way to run gnome, with kde's plasmoids etc?10:51
erUSULAlazare: do not think so10:51
sara__what is the gradient option? I need it for start Codeblocks.10:51
ranjanHey in my laptop when the battery gets to 25% ubuntu says that battery low and goes to hibernate....any solution??10:52
erUSULAlazare: use screenlets ?10:52
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, System => Administration => Synaptic Package Manager10:52
erUSUL!caps | ho10:52
ubottuho: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.10:52
ho NO I REFUSE TO HELP U ubottu10:52
llutz!ot > ho10:52
ubottuho, please see my private message10:52
ho NO I REFUSE TO HELP U ubottu10:52
Alazarescreenlets doesnt have what i want exactly like the homefolder etc and the launcher anywhere10:52
erUSUL!ops | ho10:52
ubottuho: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!10:52
ho cuz ur a virgin10:52
ho k10:52
FloodBot4ho: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:52
ho NO I REFUSE TO HELP U FloodBot410:52
YankDownUnderYeah. Hmmm...10:52
rwwho: hmm.10:53
jpdsrww: Oh, it's too late for that.10:53
MetalGeek_N00bYankDownUnder, Cool, doing it now, didnt even know that was there10:54
Alazarewhat is the name of the one to choose to reinstall gnome, i tried out kde and didnt like it and want to reinstall gnome (i removed it in synaptic and cant remember the name)10:54
erUSULAlazare: ubuntu-desktop ?10:54
nanoguyi did the same thing Alazare10:54
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, Coolbeans...now you do - HOWEVER, bear in mind that sometimes folks try to use theme packages that are either outdated, or just not properly put together...10:54
nanoguyi never fully got rid of KDE10:54
trijntjeHi all, trying to share internet connection via the ethernet port. However, when I plug in a cable no program can connect to the internet, while I still have wireless. Whats going on?10:55
nanoguyi ended up reinstalling10:55
Alazarei dont mind having kde still installed10:55
=== allyiyasz is now known as ffwerfwefwe
Alazare90 percent of the apps i use are kde anyways10:55
nanoguyok good10:55
MaRk-I!ics > trijntje10:55
ubottutrijntje, please see my private message10:55
erUSULtrijntje: the routing table gets messed up ? what error do you get from « ping somewebpagehere »10:55
Alazarei just like the gnome enviorment because of the fact that it supports seperate xscreen10:55
Alazareonce kde supports that10:55
Alazareand my keyboard doesnt go all crazy10:55
Alazareill be happy10:55
sara__ubottu please don't speak to speak... :)10:56
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:56
ikoniaeverything ok ?10:56
=== ffwerfwefwe is now known as sdfdsfsdf
rwwikonia: yeah, it got sorted10:56
trijntjeerUSUL, I pulled out the ethernet cable, so now I have internet via the dongle. I think they are blocking ping because I cannot get a response10:56
ikoniasorry for the slow respnse10:56
erUSULtrijntje: what is the cable connected to ?10:57
MetalGeek_N00bYankDownUnder, so you think i should download the hole list that i get from searching theme-engine10:57
trijntjeerUSUL, windows PC that I want to share the connection with10:57
=== mac-mini1 is now known as Guest14434
erUSULtrijntje: well can you compare the « ip route » output before and after you plug the cable ?10:58
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, The ones you probably want are aurora, murrine and that's about it, really...that should do the trick - however, if you're going to muck around with your themes, get 'em all.10:58
=== taka is now known as Guest61911
MaRk-IMetalGeek_N00b: I think the default theme is "ambiance" or "radiance"10:58
dr3mroplease help me fix those errors http://pastebin.com/i5PQmyEX i have a slow boot and my ubuntu sometimes stall while booting and i have to reboot10:58
YankDownUnderTheme ENGINE, not the theme itself...slight difference there...10:59
trijntjeerUSUL, trying that now, Ill probably go offline because I loose connection, brb10:59
AciD``I use kde apps in ubuntu, but somehow there is no icons in kde apps menu when i'm under gnome. Those icons are shown when under kde. Is there something special to do to see icons in kde apps under gnome ?10:59
hotfloppyhello guys. i got an error when trying to installing firefox 4.0 http://pastebin.com/bU4xLMJb .. already asking in #ubuntu-mozillateam but still no luck. is anyone experiencing the same problem ? actually, ive already installed this new firefox, codename shiteroko if im not mistaken. but after doing an apt-get upgrade, i cant run it anymore. and when i try to reinstall, theres an error..10:59
nanoguy im in compiz config settings manager and I can't find the 3d windows section11:00
YankDownUndernanoguy, Are you sure you have all the compiz/fusion plugins installed?11:01
nanoguyi think so11:01
nanoguyhow do I check that YankDownUnder11:01
=== allyiyasz is now known as pkoafpds
YankDownUndernanoguy, Um...check your Synaptic Package Manager...??11:01
=== s is now known as Guest30689
MetalGeek_N00bYankDownUnder, Is there no way to tell what my theme needs as to download all is over 500 mb11:03
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, Um...did you just pick the engines, or did you pick like everything mate?11:03
MetalGeek_N00beverything in the list that comes up when i type "theme-engine"11:04
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, Um...mate...just pick the bits that say "theme-engine" - not all the rest...all you want is the engine for the themes...11:04
trijntjeerUSUL, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/463952/11:05
erUSULtrijntje: i do not see an obsious ( to me) problem... default gateaway does not change. maybe it is the dns settings the one changing ?11:07
MetalGeek_N00bYankDownUnder, thats better thanks 11mb11:07
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, 11 is more than 1011:07
dr3mroplease help me fix those errors http://pastebin.com/i5PQmyEX i have a slow boot and my ubuntu sometimes stall while booting and i have to reboot11:08
trijntjeerUSUL, that could be, let me check11:08
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, It's a reference to "This is Spinal Tap" - never mind.11:08
MetalGeek_N00bgotcha, sorry slow11:09
erUSULtrijntje: try with ping with numeric ip; that will confirm/deny it11:10
MetalGeek_N00bDaughter got me up a 5:30 this morning11:10
nanoguywhats wrong with that?11:10
nanoguyi got up at 511:10
An_Ony_Mooseis it possible to set up a sharing connection (with one ubuntu machine acting as a router) for port forwarding?11:10
erUSUL!ics | An_Ony_Moose11:10
ubottuAn_Ony_Moose: If you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php11:10
An_Ony_Moosenanoguy, maybe he's not *used* to it?11:10
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, Good on ya - been there done that twice already...so my skin's a bit tougher on that note... :)11:10
dr3mrook tell me how to fix this http://pastebin.com/i5PQmyEX11:11
MetalGeek_N00bdo i need to restart before the engines i downloaded take effect?11:11
ranjanhey can anybody here help me find out the solution of this error11:11
ranjanFATAL: modpost: GPL-incompatible module agrmodem.ko uses GPL-only symbol '__snd_printk'11:11
MetalGeek_N00bMy second is only 5 days old11:11
xoverI am getting extremely slow refresh rate with remote desktop, something like 0.1 frames per second11:11
An_Ony_MooseerUSUL, I used the "GUI Method Using Network Manager". It says nothing about forwarding ports :/11:12
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, Blessings mate11:12
Dr_Willisxover:  using what 'remote desktop' tool? what is your connection? what windowmanager are you using?11:12
MetalGeek_N00bstill getting same prob with theme11:14
MetalGeek_N00bits called bluespace II11:14
xoverDr_Willis: from real vnc viewer winxp to ubuntu 10.04 vino11:14
xoverusing the lowest settings11:14
Dr_WillisI just tend to Mixx and Match the various theme parts till i get a combo i line.11:15
YankDownUnderMetalGeek_N00b, Can't say's I've seen that theme on gnome-look.org before....11:15
caachow come or how can I fix it when I open a chromium desktop app, it makes 2 taskbar entries?11:15
Dr_Willisxover:  FreeNX will give better speeds - but it will be a little harder to setup. Ive not had any issues using vino on my local lan. But i also am sure to disable compiz, and other effects.11:15
Dr_Willisxover:  i tend however to use very minimal desktops with vnc. like icewm, or somthiong thats just a window manager, for best speeds.11:16
red2kicDr_Willis: Why? :O11:16
vlafto get a working development environnement with maverick, what virtualisation software (kvm, virtualbox, ?) would you recommend? I've been browsing the ubuntu dev documentation but did not get a clear answer11:16
trijntjeerUSUL, its not dns, going to a site with only its IP doesnt work in FF, while it does work now (without ethernet plugged in)11:17
Dr_Willisred2kic:  why to which of the 3 statements i made?11:17
red2kicDr_Willis: Heh. I just got on the computer and the first thing I read was your last statement. You have an old hardware or something or you're just a minimalist freak?11:17
Dr_Willisred2kic:  vnc is easialy slowed down by a full gnome or kde desktop.  Thats what we were talking about 'slow vnc'  switching to kuist a window manager helps vnc out greatly11:18
xoverDr_Willis: I can connect to windows no issue with vnc, so why so slow in inux?11:19
chervacan someone explain to me how a ubuntu machine can ping another (I can see the ICMP request and respond in wireshark) but in the terminal I get 100 % packet lost ? Same with the DNS requests and internet at all .... this machine is sharing it's internet connection and machines behind it have no problem with the internet..... I tried to flush the iptables -  same result ....11:19
Dr_Willisxover:  could be the desktop is more 'complex' so slowing things down.  I tend to run vnc in its own 'hidden' desktop also. Not showing the 'current/local' desktop - that also helps to speed it up.11:20
Dr_WillisVNC is a very flexiable tool with much more.. err.. flexibility under linux, then it has under windiows.11:20
xoverDr_Willis: which version of vnc server do you run?11:20
Dr_Willisxover:  lately ive been using tightvnc. or vnc4server. I did learn abouit one called 'tigervnc' the other day. but havent tried it yet. I finally DID get freenx working. and fouind freenx a LOT LOT faster then vnc11:21
Dr_Willisxover:  on windows i tend to use 'ultravnc' but not used that in ages11:22
linc              who knows how to set ipv6 ?11:23
YankDownUnderWe're using IPv6 now? Far out! Cool! :)11:23
jpdsYankDownUnder: No, it's real and people are using it.11:24
YankDownUnderI'll have to play with that then....(have to find out if the ISP's in Australia have grown up enough)11:24
jpdsYankDownUnder: Internode is one.11:25
trijntjeerUSUL, it's not DNS, could it be that ubuntu prefers ethernet over ppp0?11:25
YankDownUnderjpds, I'm stuck on Telstra mate...11:25
abhinav_singhhey how to undo the effect of rm command... accidentally i typed rm command and it deleted all the files in my home directory..how to recover them again please tell me11:25
blainabhi_nav you can't11:26
abhi_navblain, :D11:26
blainonly when using the GUI you can revert them from the trash11:26
MetalGeek_N00bHow can i unpack an archive in terminal11:26
selatorwhat's the best method for reporting a missing man page (namely, for open64)? somewhere it suggested i shouldn't use the general bug tracker11:27
erUSULtrijntje: well that's what i wnated to check with the route. but in both cases prefered ( default gataway gw is via ppp0 ) but i could be mistaken ... maybe in #networking can help further ?11:27
Dr_Willis!undelete | abhi_nav11:27
ubottuabhi_nav: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel11:27
YankDownUnderabhi_nav, http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/04/howtorecover-and-undelete-text-file-in.html11:27
blainMetalGeek_N00b tar xvfz file11:27
lincok  I WILL try too   ,but I dont know how to install and set it ?11:27
abhi_nav:D :D :D ha ha hah hah lol :P :P ;P11:27
snoopHi ubuntu do not respect the software source standard, since lucid the gtk cups tools do not list about the standard referrer from cups in /usr/share/cups/model, working on jaunty... When  buntu keep standard ?11:27
MetalGeek_N00bond where dose that output11:27
abhi_navnow I should change my nick to its-not-me :P11:27
selatorit's also missing from debian testing and stable, not just ubuntu11:27
josh-NI'm always getting error messages from Akonadi while Kontact is running. I pasted the error log to http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/BcDbYdph ...Does anyone here know what exactly is wrong there?11:27
YankDownUndersnoop, Mate, it's all my fault. Blame me.11:27
abhi_navabhinav_singh, hey all those msgs were for you! you got that?11:28
trijntjeerUSUL, ill try that, thanks for your help11:28
linc<YankDownUnder>:could you give me a hand ?11:28
erUSULtrijntje: no problem11:28
YankDownUnderlinc, Wassup mate?11:28
Dr_Willissnoop:  perhaps it was the gnome devs that did it.. You could also just use the cups web interface.11:28
erUSULselator: depends... what is open64 ? ( the compiler? ) i do not see it in the repos ... a system/libc function ?11:28
snoopDr_Willis, thx i know this tools, but i want understand the buntu/debian philosophy11:29
* Dr_Willis has to wonder who 'the software source standard' is.. but i imagine this will get Offtopic soon.11:29
selatorerUSUL: it's a libc function, similar to open(), but can open large files (e.g. more than 4 gigs of size)11:29
lincit tried ipv6 install "  then do what ?11:30
erUSULselator: then make a bug report in launchpad/debian BTS  against manpages-dev ?11:30
selatorerUSUL: ok, thanks, i'll do that11:30
YankDownUnderlinc, I'm honestly not sure mate...I've not mucked with IPv6 as of yet - have you checked the forums?11:30
abhinav_singhabhi_nav no bro11:30
abhi_navabhinav_singh, no? you mean all those msgs for me?11:31
abhinav_singhabhi_nav please tell me how to undo that action11:31
abhi_navbut I didnt ask any question?11:31
blainabhinav_singh you can't11:31
=== sLasH is now known as Guest56735
lincYankDownUnder,not exactly11:31
blainonly when using the GUI11:31
abhi_navabhinav_singh, talk to blain and Dr_Willis and YankDownUnder11:31
blaindolphin for example11:31
blainsorry abhi_nav11:32
blaintoo similar nicks11:32
abhi_navblain, yah its ok :D11:32
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel11:32
xoverDr_Willis: what port does freenx use?11:32
lincYankDownUnder:wnat Os did you use ?11:32
* snoop slap YankDownUnder : Why do you take in place of buntu ?11:32
blainabhi_nav are you guys twins or something?11:32
Dr_Willisxover:  not sure. ive only used it slightly. Its proberly setable11:33
YankDownUnderlinc, Using 9.10, 10.04 and 8.1011:33
=== red2kic is now known as abhi_triplet
abhi_navblain, no not :D :D lol11:33
josh-NAnyone here experienced with Akonadi errors? I pasted a log at http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/BcDbYdph but i don't really get what's wrong.11:34
lincyeah ,i'm using 10.04  .how to use ipv6 in linux11:34
YankDownUnderOk...my missus is home and she's expecting food on the table. Cheers folks!11:34
ubottuFor an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv411:34
lincwhat ?11:34
blaini knew it,Bengaluru11:35
linchello  ,everyone11:35
abhi_navnow see there is one more :(11:35
abhi_tripletlinc: Hello -- How are you? Do you need support?11:36
stanley_robertsohi abhi_nav11:36
abhinav_singhabhi_nav is there any way to undo the effect of rm command11:36
abhi_navhi stanley_robertso11:36
blainwith some many different combinations11:36
lincubottu,thank you for your help11:36
abhi_navabhinav_singh, dunno :(11:36
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:36
josh-NHmh, does anyone know where i might find help with that Akonadi error?11:36
abhi_triplet!undelete | abhinav_singh11:36
ubottuabhinav_singh: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel11:36
stanley_robertsoabhi_nav, r u contributor of ubuntu11:36
blainyou guys had to choose the starting letters to be the same11:36
abhi_navstanley_robertso, see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/abhijit11:36
MaRk-Ilinc: is your ISP ipv6 or you have an ipv6 broker?11:36
abhi_tripletabhinav_singh: That is why nautilus offer Trash. To undo the mistake. As for the terminal, you'll have to do with guides and some lucks.11:37
lincabhi_triplet,Yes I'm trying to install ipv6 ,but important dont know how to ?11:37
abhi_navhey its not registered tiplet change it11:37
abhi_navdont take it wll only increase the confusino between us :(11:38
abhi_tripletlinc: How do you know IPv6 is not enabled by default?11:38
blaintriplet as in 3 nicks similar11:38
civixierHokai, so I have put a live ubuntu on my usb. I have added the word 'persistent' in syslinux.cfg. I have made a casper-rw file (a little bit smaller than 4gb, just to be sure). Where do I put the casper file?11:38
lincI'm a student ,just for fun11:38
Dr_Williscivixier:  root of the  usb drive11:39
abhi_tripletlinc: I found something -- May be useful for you -- If you haven't used the search engine you favor -- https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv411:39
lincabhi_triplet,I'm a fresh man ...11:39
MaRk-Ilinc: if you dont have ipv6 internet or a broker(ipv6 tunneling) it wont work, whatever you install11:39
civixierDr_willis: Ah, thanks. Im gonna reboot and test it out now.11:39
experiMENTALhelp plz http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153154311:40
MetalGeek_N00bYankDownUnder, Have you got a second?11:40
Dr_WillisexperiMENTAL:  at least summarize the propblem to the channel.11:40
lincok  ,thank you very much ,i'll try11:40
experiMENTALubuntu 10.04 LTS on pentium4 compaq PC machine problem. black screen with white flashing stripes up to half of the screen preceded by a message: "checking battery state...". help, plz.11:40
abhi_navsomeone doing intentionally now see that _ditto?11:41
=== abhi_triplet is now known as red2kic
linc<MaRk-I>,where to have it ?11:41
Dr_WillisexperiMENTAL:  can you even get t6o the bios on that machine?11:41
MetalGeek_N00bAny help with login screen themes11:41
MaRk-Ilinc: forget my comment read the link they posted you11:41
MetalGeek_N00bthe wesutes instructions baffel a noob11:42
experiMENTALdr_willis: wait, ill will google what are you asking about.11:42
lincoh .thank you MaRk-I.11:42
Dr_WillisexperiMENTAL:  when you boot the PC. You hit some keys to get to the pc's 'bios' settings.. what you are describing sounds like a Hardware issue. Not a ubuntu/software issue11:42
Dr_WillisMetalGeek_N00b:  for the GDM login screen. i suggest just setting the wallpaper as you like. and leave the rest alone.11:43
MetalGeek_N00bI downloaded the nsa login11:43
MetalGeek_N00bam trying to learn linux terminal11:43
MetalGeek_N00bso i extracted and moved it as per instruction but got lost11:44
htorquehello, where can i get the novueau driver with basic/unsupported/experimental 3D support?11:44
MetalGeek_N00bdid it with terminal though so proud of myself11:44
blainhtorque you have the nvidia driver with stable/supported 3D support11:44
Dr_WillisMetalGeek_N00b:  gdm in 10.04 is 'gdm2' the old gdm themes wont work with the newest gdm.11:45
experiMENTALdr_willis: i reset bios to manufacture settings before ubuntu install11:45
Dr_WillisexperiMENTAL:  so you can get to the bios and the screen looks fine eh?11:45
toyman61Ubuntu 10.04, Mozilla Firefox version 3.6.6 and Thunderbird version 3.0.5. The "mailto" content type is mapped to "thunderbird (standard)" in Firefox.But when I click on a link with "mailto" Thunderbird does not start.... (?!?!?!).  Anyone ?11:46
rafaekhello, anyone can help me? i install ubuntu 10.04 and i need install a new driver to my VG, my vga is a INTEL G31. Where i can find the driver, and where i configure xorg?11:46
erUSULrafaek: why you need a new driver?11:47
abhi_navstanley_robertso, ping11:47
Dr_WillisMetalGeek_N00b:  what does setting a sceensaver have to do with gdm?11:48
xoverwould 15% packet loss cause 1 frame per 10 seconds? Dr_Willis11:48
rafaekbecause i do a little mistake and install a driver to ubuntu 9.10, my X stop work, i try many things and bring X up again, but now i dont have 3D resources... can u help me?11:48
experiMENTALdr_willis: i dont remember any bios problems. ill check bios again, and if any problems appear, ill leave screen shot in my thread.11:49
Dr_Willisxover:  15% packet loss on a local lan?  that would point to some bad network  issues.11:49
MetalGeek_N00bits the instructions i got with the lock screen "NSA Lock Screen (Ubuntu 10.04)   2.0  "11:49
xoverover internet11:49
MetalGeek_N00bthats what im trying to install11:49
Dr_WillisexperiMENTAL:  what i am getting at is does the bios screens look OK?  What you described (lines on half a mnonitor) sounded exactly like a hardware issue ive seen on laptops befor11:50
josh-NAnyone here experienced with Akonadi errors? I pasted a log at http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/BcDbYdph but i don't really get what's wrong.11:50
erUSULjosh-N:  #kubuntu ?11:51
Dr_WillisMetalGeek_N00b:  perhaps spend time learning more linux/ubuntu basics and not worrying about screensavers and stuff.   Im not even sure what NSA lock screen even is. Got a url?11:51
lincGryllida:hello .11:51
josh-NerUSUL: thx11:51
rafaekerUSUL: because i do a little mistake and install a driver to ubuntu 9.10, my X stop work, i try many things and bring X up again, but now i dont have 3D resources... can u help me?11:51
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution11:51
erUSULrafaek: what little mistake?11:52
rafaekerUSUL: i install the drivers to Ubuntuy 9.1011:52
peppeuzhi guys. I have a problem, i can't mount my camera, a Panasonic DMC FX10. any solution?11:52
rafaekerUSUL: i install the drivers to Ubuntu*** 9.1011:52
MetalGeek_N00bThat how im learning linux, one little task at a time, yesterday i was looking at netstat, iptables and the lsof command, today customizing ubuntu desktop, tommorrow the world11:53
MetalGeek_N00bthe url is http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/NSA+Lock+Screen+%28Ubuntu+10.04%29?content=12503311:53
erUSULrafaek: what drivers? from where?11:53
MetalGeek_N00bi just try to do it all in cli to learn11:53
rafaekthe driver to VGA, from intel repository, i think11:54
Dr_WillisMetalGeek_N00b:  the comments for that thing mention that many otehr people have issues with it not working.  Youmay want to experiment with somthing else.11:55
civixierDr_Willis: I got a spooky error message while it was booting. '(process:398) GLib-WARNING**: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0) stdin:error0'11:55
odb|fidelhi - realizing an interessting issue here -while running ubuntu 10.04 in a vm. i've added the workspace switcher applet to my panel - rightclicking it offers a preference dialog - but i can not add another workspace there11:55
rafaekerUSUL: the driver  for VGA, from intel repository, i think11:55
odb|fideli see the added workspace for about 1 sec in the pref dialog and then it disappears again11:55
MetalGeek_N00bok, scrap that, i'll go look for someting else to learn today, cheers guys11:56
ionutwhi when i want to transfer images with pidgin, it doesn't work anymore ?11:56
civixierDr_Willis: My usb live ubuntu that is. What should I look for?11:56
erUSULrafaek: look for errors in the Xorg log /var/log/Xorg.0.log ( grep 'EE' /var/log/Xorg.0.log )11:56
Dr_Williscivixier:  well user id 0 - is normally the root user. But what are you doing exactly? ive frogotten.11:57
odb|fidelionut: is that supposed to be a question or just a statement? ;)11:57
ionutodb|fidel: question11:57
odb|fidelionut: asking in äpidgin might help too11:57
ioodb|fidel: A question mark usually marks a question.11:57
odb|fidelionut: well - so you are asking if it doenst work anymore - confusing ;)11:58
Dr_Williscivixier:  i normally make a usb-live setup usiong the ubuntu usb-creator tool. or grub2. could be a bad file or somthing else that will be very hard to trak down11:58
ioionut: Over what protocol?11:58
civixierDr_Willis: Can you do it persistent from there?11:58
ionutodb|fidel: how can i check the protocol11:59
ioionut: AIM, IRC?11:59
ionutio: yahoo11:59
MetalGeek_N00bwhen i use rmdir in cli how can i make it not worry about files and folders inside the one im removing?11:59
civixierDr_Willis: Ah, nvm. Found it in wikipedia :)11:59
civixierDr_Willis: Thanks! :)11:59
ioionut: What version?11:59
ubottuFor an introduction to IPv6 and information on tunneling IPv6 through IPv4 connections, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IPv6 | To disable IPv6 see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WebBrowsingSlowIPv6IPv412:00
ionutio: of pidgin?12:00
ioionut: Yes.12:00
ionutio: 2.6.612:00
erUSULMetalGeek_N00b: use « rm -r folder/ » to remove folders with data in12:00
Dr_Williscivixier:  Ubuntu usb creator tool - can make a persistant save file. yes.12:00
MetalGeek_N00bcd /12:00
MetalGeek_N00boops wrong window sos12:00
MrPlopsydoes anyone here actually use empathy12:02
ioionut: I am not sure - file transfer is working for me. Did you try in #pidgin yet?12:02
ionutio: yes, nobody answers12:02
ionutio: how can i reset pidgin?12:03
MrPlopsypull the plug12:03
ionutio: or maybe cancel everything about his existence on my system and reinstall it12:03
MetalGeek_N00bDr_Willis, I downloaded a load of theme engines earlier today so where should i go to get themes and mods that do work then?12:03
thedooranyone can help me? my mouse scroll is not scrolling the page, it's changing the volume =/12:03
blainthedoor check in system settings12:04
ioionut: Open up Terminal (Applications menu -> Accessories -> Terminal) and type "sudo apt-get purge pidgin" then "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade --show upgraded && sudo apt-get install pidgin".12:04
thedoorblain, where is system settings? i searched in there but it's don't work :(12:04
ioionut: That will remove Pidgin (and all its configuration data) and re-install it.12:04
thedoorops, but i can't find it12:04
Dr_WillisMetalGeek_N00b:  use a tool like gnome-art or gnome-art-ng, and  gstyler, and epidermis  they automate it.12:04
ionutio: ok, i'll try, thanks12:04
* thedoor don't speak english very well12:04
MetalGeek_N00bcan i get from software center12:05
Dr_WillisMetalGeek_N00b:  theres a lot of very badly done theme and theme parts and other things on those gnome art sites. always check the comments.12:05
erUSULthedoor: maybe you prefer to ask in your language's channel ?12:05
ubottuEnabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto12:05
io!mouse | thedoor12:05
ubottuthedoor: please see above12:05
Dr_WillisMetalGeek_N00b:  fire up software center and serh and answer that yoruself. :)12:05
Dr_WillisMetalGeek_N00b:  learn to use synaptic also. it has better search features.12:05
io!themes | MetalGeek_N00b12:05
=== random is now known as experimenta
ubottuMetalGeek_N00b: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy12:05
Dr_Willis!info gnome-art12:05
ubottugnome-art (source: gnome-art): install GNOME themes from art.gnome.org. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2-12 (lucid), package size 26 kB, installed size 204 kB12:05
=== experimenta is now known as experiMENTAL
AdvoWorkHi there, anyone had any experience with rdp? ie i run an intranet, which is slow from another site coming in due to internet connection, but just come across rdp and was wondering if its easy to setup12:05
blainAdvoWork it is12:06
experiMENTALbios looks OK12:07
AdvoWorkblain, can you make it so it appears like you're on site here?12:07
blainyou want to remote connect?12:07
blainuse krdc12:07
linxehAdvoWork: you cant run an RDP server on linux ?12:07
jigpfigure002: thanks ill study the ftp :)12:08
linxehAdvoWork: if you want to access linux desktop apps remotely, have a look at freenx12:08
linxehAdvoWork: if you want to access windows servers remotely, look at rdp12:08
erUSULAdvoWork: rdp only works with windows servers ( i.e there are linux clients but not linux servers)12:08
AdvoWorkahh ok. basically i just need users from site B to be able to connect to a pc/virtual server maybe here at Site A, and use web/email etc12:09
kasunHello, today I encountered a strange problem today. That is, i get following error when I do any file operations: mkdir test12:09
kasunmkdir: cannot create directory `test': No space left on device12:09
AdvoWorkand was wondering if its quiter doing that, than using the web to remote get data from site b to site a12:09
linxehkasun: you may have run out of inodes or something, do you have lots of small files ?12:09
=== [1]umisenken is now known as umisenken
kasunlinxeh, yes, i have lot of files of source files from repositories12:10
=== LjL-Temp` is now known as LjL-Temp
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest86794
kasunlinxeh, Is this the problem? So, what can I do for this?12:11
kasunlinxeh, Is this the problem? So, what can I do for this?12:11
linxehkasun: try df -i12:11
linxehkasun: and df -h12:11
linxehit should let you see whether you've run out of inodes, or run out of space12:11
trijntjeHi all, trying to set up ICS like ubottu told me, but I cant get it to work. Worse, i dont know how to find out where its going wrong. Does anyone have some advice for me?12:11
kasunlinxeh, I have enough space and inodes as well: /dev/sda2            10623916 1999440 8624476   19% /media/DATA12:13
kasunlinxeh, this is for df -h: /dev/sda2             179G  171G  8.2G  96% /media/DATA12:13
linxehheh ok, so you dont have space12:13
rocket16Hello all,12:13
Dr_Willis5% is reserved.. is that part of the 96% or not.. :) im not sure12:14
abhi_navflootdboots are flooding :D12:14
kasunlinxeh, well, 96% is not enough??12:14
linxehkasun: linux filesystems typically maintain a reserve that only root can use12:14
Dr_Williskasun:  this is just a data drive? or your /home/ ?12:14
linxeh171G is a lot of source code ;-)12:14
kasunDr_Willis, it's a DataDrive and is ntfs12:15
linxehthen ignore what I said12:15
kasunlinxeh, ok,12:15
geirhakasun: Are you sure you're in the right dir? what does ''df -h ./'' say?12:15
kasunDr_Willis, linxeh, I can create files in my home folder.12:16
linxehthe only time I use NTFS from linux is if someone begs me to help them12:16
=== geowany is now known as geowany[away]
kasunlinxeh, its the same12:16
Dr_WillisI have to wonder why did it say 19% for /media/DATA then 96% for /dev/Data ? did i miss somthing?12:16
Rishab_hello evey one12:16
geirhaDr_Willis: inodes vs free space12:17
rocket16I have a minimalistic system, with GNOME (Openbox in place of metacity, PCmanfm in place of Nautilus) and all visual effects are disabled, with minimal look. I made almost all possible tweaks to boost the speed of my system, and it was running quite nicely uptill yesterday. But from yesterday, certain errors are displayed whenever I try to install/remove an app, like "unknown media type in all/all" and so. And my System is extremely slow. I disabled all unnece12:17
kasunDr_Willis, sorry for not being clear: 19% is for INodes i.e. for df -i12:17
kasunDr_Willis, and other is for df -h12:17
Dr_Willisdo inodes even apply to NTFS ?12:17
fungo_hi,there. where is the mount point when I access net shared folders through samba?12:17
Rishab_getting error while mounting DVD. it says "Cannot mount volume. Unable to mount the volume 'UDF' Volume ".. Any clues ?12:17
geirhakasun: I don't know then. I'd boot windows and have the filesystem checked. Just to rule out corrupt fs.12:17
zambawhere do i specify which locales to generate?12:17
io!locales | zamba12:18
ubottuzamba: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf12:18
linxehkasun: whats the same ?12:18
Dr_Willisfungo_:  if the user mounted them they may be in .gvfs12:18
fungo_Dr_Willis, I'll check to see12:19
rocket16Any help?12:19
kasunlinxeh, i meant "df -h ./" command gives the same answer  gave to you12:19
Rishab_hello, getting error while mounting DVD. it says "Cannot mount volume. Unable to mount the volume 'UDF' Volume ".. Any clues ?12:19
Dr_Willisrocket16:  try to install/remove an app how exactly?12:19
linxehkasun: try the disk again on a Windows machine and run chkdsk or whatever it is these days12:19
rocket16Dr_Willis: Like "sudo apt-get install pidgin" in Terminal, then it displays messages like "unknown media type in all/all" and others looking alike.12:20
fungo_Dr_Willis, yeah,They are there.I thought it's /media/*.  Thank you very much!12:20
blinkizHi. Am looking for a way to include the interface in a ufw oneliner. Is this possible?12:20
kasunlinxeh, geirha I didn't used windows for several months now. I couldnt partition it to ext4 as there was some data on it12:21
kasundoes fsck.ntfs would help?12:21
comaghi. if i insert an usb stick i get a dialog "not authorized". thats uncool. what should i do?12:21
erUSULrocket16: paste the whole error message please ...12:21
erUSUL!paste | rocket1612:21
ubotturocket16: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:21
rocket16erUSUL: Sure,12:21
kasunlinxeh, it looks there's no command called fsck.ntfs.12:22
Dr_Willis!find fsck.ntfs12:22
ubottuPackage/file fsck.ntfs does not exist in lucid12:22
trijntjeHi all, trying to set up ICS like ubottu told me, but I cant get it to work. Worse, i dont know how to find out where its going wrong. Does anyone have some advice for me?12:22
Rishab_any help ??12:22
linxehkasun: there might be ntfsfix12:23
Dr_WillisRishab_:  this is a movie dvd? or what exactaly?12:23
Rishab_Dr_Willis yes its a movie DVD12:23
linxehkasun: but ideally, find a way to move all that stuff from the ntfs drive onto an ext4 drive12:24
Dr_WillisRishab_:  I normally just start up VLC or GMplayer and they handle it. I dont have to mount them beforhand12:24
Rishab_Dr_Willis i installed libudf0 and udftools package but its not working12:24
nisstyre65Can I ask a question? Why do so many people think ipv6 causes slow DNS requests? it's one of the first suggestions on google, and there's threads full of people doing it on ubuntu's forums. Yet there's absolutely NO proof it does ANYTHING, or solves the real issues people are having with their network.12:24
Dr_WillisRishab_:  ive never had to install any of that stuff in the past. I can access dvd video disks  as if they were data disks just fine. What are you wanting to do with the disk? Playit? if so try vlc and see if vlc mounts it poperly12:25
kasunlinxeh, i would love to. But about 96% filled HardDrive and no portable drive in hand, I have no option12:25
Rishab_Dr_Willis and how to do that ?12:25
kasunbut to stick with ntfs drive12:26
geirhakasun: No, linux can't do filesystem checks on ntfs. You must have windows for that.12:26
Dr_WillisRishab_:  Install the vlc player.. start vlc.. tell it to play the dvd...12:26
erUSULnisstyre65: quote « I can think of several rational explanations for the poor user experience. If the DNS query for a web site first returns a AAAA record and you do not have IPv6 running smoothly, the browser will first time out before trying the IPv4 address. »12:26
rocket16erUSUL: I removed youtube-dl installed on Laptop, through Terminal, and strangely, no error occured this time. But, I only have Firefox and Pidgin running now, and that "sudo apt-get remove youtube-dl" took nearly 4 minutes to complete and it took 100% of Processor of CPU, so I couldn't even move the mouse then, :(12:26
Rishab_okay let me try that thx... Dr_Willis12:27
n00b_wher can i get nubuntu12:27
Dr_Willispeople cant install vlc and hang in irc at the same time? :)12:27
erUSULrocket16: have you checked for clues in the logs ? what is consuming the cpu ? ( use top  to see )12:27
kasunlinxeh, Dr_Willis geirha okay. i'm going to boot in to windows and I'll try to do a file system checkup12:27
nisstyre65erUSUL: why would the browser make a DNS request for an ipv6 address if you don't have a public ipv6 address?12:28
kasunlinxeh, Dr_Willis geirha thanks for all the help12:28
=== sexy18 is now known as loooolllll
erUSULnisstyre65: becouse you usually get one by defaultif you have ipv6 enabled ( see the problem ? )12:28
=== jim__ is now known as jtravnick65
nisstyre65erUSUL: but that's a bug in the browser then correct? and not the ipv6 module.12:29
erUSULnisstyre65: i'm sure the standars mandate that behavior if you get a AAAA record then query through ipv6 and only do ipv4 when that timeouts12:30
erUSULnisstyre65: the problem is that most people « ... do not have IPv6 running smoothly, ... »12:30
erUSULnisstyre65: including me; mind you12:31
rocket16Is there a way to repair the current Ubuntu installation from the Ubuntu CD, without removing the files? (To make it like a new, fresh system)?12:32
nisstyre65rocket16: why would you want that?12:32
linxehkasun: can you not borrow a drive temporarily from a friend / family ?12:33
nisstyre65I don't think there is any program on the ubuntu live cd that can do that anyway12:33
rocket16nisstyre65: Because my System is too slow now, and I wish to keep my files (without backing up) where they are.12:33
nisstyre65rocket16: you could back up your /home directory to keep all of your personal files and configurations12:33
nisstyre65and your /etc directory12:33
its-me-againhi I have turned off os-prober. 40_custom entries will not come up in bootloader now. what do i do??12:33
its-me-againbecause os-prober is turned off can i now add entries to grub.cfg.12:34
trijntjeHi all, trying to set up ICS like ubottu told me, but I cant get it to work. Worse, i dont know how to find out where its going wrong. Does anyone have some advice for me?12:34
rocket16nisstyre65: My Home directory is too large, about 70 GB, and I have a a 4GB Pen-Drive, so backing it up to my main Computer will be troublesome. Also, I don't have any external HD.12:34
Dr_Willisits-me-again:  how did you turn off os_prober?12:34
its-me-againDr_Willis: i added entry in /etc/default/grub12:35
nisstyre65rocket16: what files are you wanting to keep?12:35
its-me-againDr_Willis: should i now run update grub12:36
jpds!en | administrator__12:36
ubottuadministrator__: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat12:36
MaRk-I!cn | administrator__12:36
ubottuadministrator__: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk12:36
=== administrator__ is now known as COOD
its-me-againDr_Willis: i added this line "GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=true"12:37
kasunlinxeh, yeah... I'll try to get a portable drive from someone. Im going to boot in to windows now.12:37
=== name is now known as Guest53272
nisstyre65rocket16: the only thing I can think of is to make a new partition with your /home directory...in fact I don't know why ubuntu doesn't do this by default12:38
ne2k__how can I install sun java on Ubuntu 10.04?12:39
nisstyre65rocket16: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving12:39
rocket16nisstyre65: Thanks, :)12:39
its-me-againhow do i update grub now then12:39
nisstyre65make sure to backup your /etc directory as well rocket16 if you want to keep your settings12:40
linxehne2k__: any reason you dont want to use openjdk ?12:40
MaRk-I!java | ne2k__12:40
ubottune2k__: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.12:40
nicofsDoes anyone know how long kompiling a custom kernel takes? it's been working now for about 2 hours... is there any way to see how far along the process is?12:40
ne2k__MaRk-I: how can I enable a repository from command line?12:41
rocket16nisstyre65: ok, thank you. :)12:41
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »12:41
linxehMaRk-I: those links go to pages that are awfully out of data (particularly the "JavaInstallation" one)12:41
ne2k__MaRk-I: thanks12:41
linxehMaRk-I: why do you need the sun java as opposed to openjdk btw (I'm a java developer, I'm curious)12:42
MaRk-Ilinxeh: I didnt make them12:42
MaRk-Ilinxeh: I didnt ask for java12:42
linxehne2k__: why do you need the sun java as opposed to openjdk btw (I'm a java developer, I'm curious)12:42
ne2k__linxeh: I have a third party app that runs fine on sun java. I've had problems using it on any other jre before. I'm now upgrading to 10.04 and I don't want the pain of trying out a different jre, when I know that sun works.12:43
linxehMaRk-I: my bad; and I realise you didnt write them - I was just pointing out they arent great resources (eg the JavaInstallation page only talks about 8.04)12:43
james1111111Hi, I justin install squirrel mail on my ubuntu server and I cannot send or recive e-mails through it, allthough I can send mail though a script on my website, I get this error - "ERROR: Message not sent. Server replied:" there was no error code and no message the server replied with so Im rather stuck any ideas/12:43
ne2k__what is that ($lsb_release -sc) ?12:43
ne2k__$(lsb_release -sc) even12:43
ne2k__is that an alternative to `` ?12:43
linxehne2k__: ok. openjdk is the same source as sun java largely - I havent found any issues yet (but like you, I have had issues with other Java's in the past, eg IBM, and obviously GCJ)12:44
rocket16Does compiling a kernel in Ubuntu 10.04 increase the speed?12:44
linxehne2k__: that just assigns the name of the release (lucid) to a variable12:44
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linxehwell, kinda12:44
=== _bnd_ is now known as bnnd
linxehcaptures the output of it12:45
nisstyre65rocket16: you could theoretically remove some unneeded aspects from the kernel, but the advantage is optimizing it for your cpu12:45
nisstyre65but, there's no real reason unless you have an old computer12:45
djbeenieanyone know of a streaming client for ubuntu, I used vlc for shoutcast, but it looks like they removed the support which stinks..anything else out there?12:45
rocket16nisstyre65: Thanks again friend, :)12:46
anubisHello , Would someone be able to help me with a Peerguardian (mobloquer) problem12:46
anubisOk well can anyone help me enabeling some modules in my Kernel ?12:47
MaRk-Idjbeenie: you want to listen to shoutcast streams?12:48
judgenSorry for a wier question but should not gtk-icon-theme-name="/usr/share/icons/Ken'sIcons" in gtkrc-2.0 work? or have i typed it wrongly?12:48
judgeni only get tango as default no matter what i do.12:48
djbeenieMaRk-I, sure or anything really..12:48
nicofsDoes anyone know how long compiling a custom kernel takes? it's been working now for about 2 hours... is there any way to see how far along the process is?12:48
MaRk-Idjbeenie: rhythmbox does, but you have to add the stations manually12:49
djbeenieMaRk-I, oh ok didnt know that, that is fine I only listen to a few anyways, thanks!12:49
kartheeHi .. how do I veryify if  processor is lacking hardware virtualization in my ubuntu 10.04 ?12:49
Jordan_Ukarthee: Run "kvm-ok"12:50
nisstyre65nicofs: it's probably going to take a LONG time, it took me 6 hours to compile xorg on a machine with 512 mb of memory12:50
MaRk-Idjbeenie: yw and heres a short video on how to ;^) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J0YvYQ09WI12:50
=== zbaka is now known as zabka
MegaHerzHi all. How to reinstall a module to bring up dialogs about replacement of config files again?12:53
james1111111what should the group in my Maildir be ? "mail"12:55
=== dmart is now known as Guest15895
biharii have problem i cant able to insert my data in my pendrive  in my ubuntu9.1012:56
Aciidime: stop pinging #ubuntu users12:58
bihariHi MaRk-I12:58
=== LjL-Temp` is now known as LjL-Temp
anubisAnyone know a good guide .. how to enable new modules in the kernal?12:58
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest15723
newtoldapanyone here to help me on ldapscripts12:59
nisstyre65anubis: you can use modprobe to load them, I'm not entirely sure how to do it permanently, as I've only done it on arch linux13:00
=== zz_severity1 is now known as severity1
newtoldapldapscripts not adding user to ldap while i can add group. The same time i can add existing user to group using ldapscripts13:02
MichaelKohlerhow can I reset the gnome panel?13:03
MichaelKohlerlooks like I got a few widget attached to it that don't show properly and I have no idea how to remove them13:03
EventyretMorning all13:04
EventyretCould anyone help me regarding Menu.lst got a problem with shutdown on my asus laptop.13:05
gabelhello i need help - is there a way for noob how to change dpi on roccat kone mouse? for logitech i used program called lomoco... pls help13:06
nicofsDuring boot i get the message "Unable to detect available WMID devices" - which slows down my boot. How can i remove that. [Running Acer Aspire One 532h, N270 1,66GHz, latest Xubuntu]13:07
Eventyretnicofs: im just new here but isnt there a #xubuntu help channel :)13:07
newtoldapanyone to help on ldap?13:08
nicofsEventyret: yes there is - but this problem is more general - it exists in Gnome, KDE and Xfce, as far as i know. and in #xubuntu there are only 63 people compared to 1484 in this one...13:09
gabelnobody knows how to change dpi for my mouse? :(13:09
jezi22guys what ubuntu version is best for very very old laptops?13:10
Eventyretnicofs: i see :) I heared you could edit menu something ?13:11
gabeljezi22, for neboot i found "lubuntu" very very fast13:11
jezi22very fast?13:12
jezi22@gabel what is the spec of your netbook?13:12
gabeljezi22, asus eee pc 1000 h.13:12
nicofsjezi22: try Xubuntu as the Xfce interface uses the least resources - otherwise you might try Damn Small Linux (that's not ubuntu, though)13:12
adfasi'm having problems with accessing internet from my computer, There isnt anything wrong with the cable or router as the same cable when plugged in another lap works fine !! any suggestions13:12
farciarz84does evolution reads html-emails?13:12
gabeljezi22, but now i am back on ubuntu.. but lubuntu was much faster. i am serious.. but i am noob, so i need "system for noobs :)13:13
Eventyretadfas: is the drivers installed ? :)13:13
rapslihow do I disable hpet on ubuntu 10.04 ... seems to make problems on my notebook13:13
nicofsDuring boot i get the message "Unable to detect available WMID devices" - which slows down my boot. How can i remove that. [Running Acer Aspire One 532h, N270 1,66GHz, latest Xubuntu]13:14
adfasi think ubuntu has got all the drivers instelled right!! also this is not a regular problem.. it happens just few times.. still it's disgusting!!13:14
jezi22i just want to try to revive a very old laptop.. replace win98 to linux.. XD13:14
adfasEventyret: i think ubuntu has got all the drivers instelled right!! also this is not a regular problem.. it happens just few times.. still it's disgusting!!13:14
gabeljezi22, try lubuntu or xubuntu...13:14
jezi22@gabel exactly what version of it? XD13:15
Eventyretadfas: ahhh ok :)13:15
gabeljezi22, 10.413:15
gabeljezi22, its using not gnome but LXDE13:15
adfasEventyret: got any clue?!! :) when I restart into win7 it sometimes becomes fine but sumtym the problem continues :(13:16
farciarz84does evolution reads html-emails?13:17
Eventyretadfas: might be the internet connection itself ? :) Intermitted internet issues is something i also have, but its just my router though.13:17
gabelguys.. i need help with my mouse.. .pls how to change dpi on it... pls.13:17
adfasi told you if i plug the cable into other laptop it's working very finee!!13:17
jezi22@gabel: lubuntu 10.4?13:18
adfasi'm having problems with accessing internet from my computer, There isnt anything wrong with the cable or router as the same cable when plugged in another lap works fine !! any suggestions :(13:18
gabeljezi22, yes13:18
gabeljezi22, http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/lubuntu-10.04.iso13:18
jezi22@gabel gonna try it.. for my uncle's very very old win98 laptop lol13:18
Eventyretadfas: question then to confirm, does it work sometimes or does it not work at all in ubuntu ? :)13:19
newtoldapI am facing a problem with ldap server (Ubuntu 9.04-server) . LDAp installed and running well except home directory is not creating when adding a new user manually. I am able to create user manually without any problem. But I cant add using ldapscripts. But at the same time I can add an existing user to a group. anyone to help13:19
adfasEventyret: it doesnt work sometimes.. and work sumtym!!13:19
Eventyretok so its intermitted then,.13:19
adfasEventyret: yup13:20
jezi22installing ubuntu in laptops. you will edit a certain file.. but i forgot about what file is that.. >_<13:20
EventyretAnd it was a laptop adfas  ?13:20
adfasEventyret: yeah. Is there anyway if the hardware is working fine?13:20
adfasEventyret: *to check13:20
Eventyretnicofs: The issue i have is that i cant seem to find the menu.ls something file in /boot/grub13:21
trijntjeHi all, I have Internet Connection Sharing running using the guide from ubottu, the only thing not working is DNS. Any suggestions on how to fix this?13:21
Eventyretadfas: well it sounds to be its eighter 1) Your hardware (Meaning the hardware plug - where you connect the cable) or 2) Router disconnects.13:21
EventyretElse i really do not know.13:22
* adfas !!!!!!!!!13:22
Eventyretadfas: it seems to be 2) since its working intermitted. Witch is wierd13:23
Eventyretadfas: Does the other computer Disconnect when yours does ?13:23
adfasEventyret: not att all13:23
SnapzillaHello, I am running Kubuntu 8.04 on my asus netbook. It didn't recognize my wireless card (atheros AR81 family). I installed the driver but its asking for a module installed. I have tried the ones from the files I downloaded but to no prevail.13:24
nicofsEventyret: in how far would grub help me with that problem?13:24
=== Guest15723 is now known as LjL-Temp
Eventyretnicofs: well it states to set apci=off13:25
Eventyretnicofs: the issue is that it dont shutdown completely. It just hangs there screen goes black13:25
=== LjL-Temp is now known as Guest88103
Eventyreteighter it is a reboot or a shutdown i have to use the power off button "hold" for 3-5 sec to get a shutdown. nicofs13:25
nicofsEventyret: are we talking about my or your problem?13:26
Eventyretoh mine ^13:26
Eventyretsorry nicofs  i didnt see your question13:26
fabioubuntu netbook remix on emachines 250 ... GPU problems13:26
jezi22guys do are there any extra configurations when after intalling ubuntu in laptops?13:27
MaRk-Inicofs: you could black list wmi13:27
iojezi22: What do you mean?13:27
nicofsMaRk-I: how do i do that?13:27
nhakwhich command is used to enter suspend mode?13:27
newtoldap"error adding user to LDAP" ldapscripts log says: ldap_add: No such object (32) matched DN: dc=example, dc=net13:27
jarod51AtHomeIs it possible to move/offset  a wallpaper in gnome ?13:28
MaRk-Inicofs: what do you get in terminal with:  lsmod | grep acer-wmi13:28
jezi22io: i read long ago about editing something in a notepad file..13:28
MaRk-Inewtoldap: you could try #openldap or #ldap13:29
nicofsMaRk-I: nothing13:29
iojezi22: I can't understand what you are trying to do.13:29
Eventyretbe right back then13:29
MaRk-Inicofs: then you could try blacklisting it13:29
nicofsMaRk-I: and how do i do that?13:30
jezi22io: is there any laptop mode in ubuntu?13:30
newtoldapmark LDAP server running well. But I am unable to create user using ldapscripts13:30
iojezi22: What do you mean "laptop mode"?13:30
fabio[   35.223198] atl1c 0000:03:00.0: Unable to allocate MSI interrupt Error: -613:31
MaRk-Inicofs: do this:  sudo updatedb && locate blacklist.conf13:31
iojezi22: What do you expect a "laptop mode" to do?13:31
jezi22io:  /etc/laptop-mode/laptop-mode.conf13:31
codeshepherdI find 50 instances of console-kit-daemon running in my server.. . what does it do? Do I really need it? how do I stop it?13:31
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nicofsMaRk-I: done. and now?13:32
iojezi22: That file does not exist.13:32
MaRk-Inicofs: did it tell you where's the blacklist.conf file?13:32
nicofsMaRk-I: yes. open it in editor?13:33
MaRk-Inicofs: yes gksu gedit13:33
Beyecixramdhow do i hide my /home/foo folder so users can't browser it? (not even list files, but i want /home/foo/public/ to have read only permission for everyone, and read-write permission for me)13:33
MaRk-Iand just add: blacklist acer-wmi13:33
jezi22io: it exists in mine... but nvm.. XD13:33
io!chmod | Beyecixramd13:33
ubottuBeyecixramd: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions13:33
Beyecixramdthanks io13:34
iojezi22: What version of Ubuntu are you running?13:34
nicofsMaRk-I: i assume something like "blacklist acer-wmi" ?13:34
trijntjeHi all, I have Internet Connection Sharing running using the guide from ubottu, the only thing not working is DNS. Any suggestions on how to fix this?13:34
MaRk-Inicofs: correct, add that line, save it and restart the pc, check if you get the error13:35
p1l0tAlmost 1,500 dammmn13:35
jezi22io: 9.1013:35
p1l0t(Good Morning)13:35
newtoldapMaRk: I am using openldap. I can create user manually. only ldapscripts giving error. Also home folder not creating while adding new user.13:35
Sbiokohi all13:35
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!13:35
MaRk-Inewtoldap: ok, but sorry not familiar with it you could try asking in #openldap room13:35
IndustrialI want to start a second X session with a different window manager while keeping the first not to lose my windows, processes and basically my work desktop. This so that I can mess around with other window managers :)13:36
IndustrialHow would I do that?13:36
Industriallike screen for X13:37
p1l0tI wonder what happens if you use screen under x... I guess to works withing the terminal window13:37
Misteriop1l0t: Most of GUI applications don't work with screen13:37
nicofsMaRk-I: apparently it worked. Thanks for that.13:38
MaRk-Inicofs: yw13:38
nicofsHow can I speed up my boot process? I recently upgraded my netbook with an SSD - but i am still far away from these 10-second-boot promises i heard. [Running Xubuntu on Acer Aspire One 532h, N270@1,66GHz]13:40
feindbildhello, I need php-5.2.13 installed on a server, but apt-get build-dep php5 only brings me this: http://pastebin.com/8qFayhSr13:41
* theadmin has resolved theadmin's broken package issue13:41
theadminNow back to second question: How (with command line) to see what domain names are assigned to the IP specified?13:42
theadmin...huh. Wait, let me reconnect, stuff is being weird :/13:42
feindbildanybody having an idea what that exactly means?13:42
p1l0tI went onto my netbook and typed screen tomboy - lol it stopped the window from popping up, but the menu icon on the top bar still worked13:42
iofeindbild: Don't you want 'install' rather than 'build-dep'?13:43
experiMENTALproblem not solved, plz. black screen with white flashing stripes up to half of the screen preceded by a message "checking battery state... [OK]": http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=153154313:43
feindbildio: isn't build-ep supposed to install the dependencies? hmmm ....13:44
iofeindbild: I misread what you were trying to do - ignore me.13:44
guntbertfeindbild: no, apt-get/aptitude  install already pull in all needed dependencies13:45
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D347H-C0D3Hi gys... I just used debootrap for ubuntu 8.04 on my ubuntu 9.04(hosted on virtual box). When i tried installing xfce desktop on ubuntu 8.04 the folowing error came: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464024/13:47
p1l0tD347H-C0D3: Any reason why you are using 8.04?13:49
D347H-C0D3p1l0t: It is recommended for my project kernel wont compile on any other ubuntu13:49
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p1l0tD347H-C0D3: is the device pts mounted?13:51
vaibhavcannot find volume control in ubuntu 9.1013:52
knxvilleMy pc runs kinda slow, the GUI is laggish.. and Xorg is taking 20-30% CPU, how come?13:52
D347H-C0D3p1l0t: I dont know how to mount it. I have mountd only proc,configfs,/dev/nfs13:52
D347H-C0D3p1l0t: No HDD13:53
vaibhavhow to add volume control in ubuntu 9.10??13:53
gabohey, anyone tried to install ubuntu with unetbootin?13:53
io!unetbootin | gabo13:54
ubottugabo: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:54
feindbildhttp://pastebin.com/TASPCJNL what on earth does this 'but it is not going to be installed' mean? >.<13:54
p1l0tD347H-C0D3: usb?13:55
feindbild'The following information may help to resolve the situation' <- yeah, right, okay.13:55
gabotna obottu13:55
iofeindbild: What version of Ubuntu are you using?13:55
D347H-C0D3p1l0t: Nop actually debootsrap is set to be mounted via nfs on client pcs like LTSP13:55
feindbild /etc/debian_version: squeeze/sid13:56
iofeindbild: You are using Debian, or Ubuntu?13:56
josip_hello, suddenly, I get initramfs errors saying `argument incorrect` and the system won't boot13:56
feindbildio: I was told ubuntu. but then I didn't install it13:57
josip_I tried plugging in /dev/sda6 instead of the hash, but the error pertains13:57
feindbildbut all entries in sources.list point to ubuntu, so I guess it is ubuntu13:57
gaussfrankIs there anyone using xubuntu(or xfce)13:57
feindbildcdrom:[Ubuntu-Server 10.04 LTS _Lucid Lynx_ - Release amd64 (20100427)]/ lucid main restricted13:58
iofeindbild: "lsb_release -a" please.13:58
io!xubuntu | gaussfrank13:58
ubottugaussfrank: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels13:58
feindbildlsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description:    Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Release:        10.04 Codename:       lucid13:58
iofeindbild: You are using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS then. Try "sudo apt-get install --fix-missing".13:59
blink_I want to make gnome-volume-control-applet step volume by 1 instead of by 5 using the mouse wheel.  I've set it like this `gconftool-2 --set --type int /apps/gnome_settings_daemon/volume_step 1` but the wheel doesn't observe that value. any ideas?13:59
gaussfrankCan anyone tell me how to set the window color in xubuntu13:59
p1l0tD347H-C0D3: oh I c now you are trying to test a package or something but can't jail yourself13:59
iogaussfrank: Xubuntu support is in #xubuntu.13:59
tomiondrumshi, i'm looking for some documentation of the meaning of particular groups in ubuntu, i.e. i want to know which privileges a user gets exactly from a particular group membership. can you give me any hints?14:00
D347H-C0D3p1l0t: I am trying to install a light GUI on my server(i.e ubuntu 8.04)14:00
arandfeindbild: Try "aptitude why-not libtool"14:00
feindbildio: no, not really: http://pastebin.com/vK39uwiy14:00
feindbild# aptitude why-not libtool Unable to find a reason to remove libtool14:01
blink_anybody know how to set volume step value for mouse wheel with gnome-volume-control-applet?14:01
p1l0tD347H-C0D3: I'm too noob for that... have you tried asking in #ubuntu-server?14:01
D347H-C0D3p1l0t: Nop but thamks for replying14:02
arandfeindbild: And "aptitude install -f" generates the same error?14:03
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »14:03
nisstyre65D347H-C0D3: you'll need the xorg packages first of all14:03
nisstyre65then just install whatever window manager it is you want14:03
nisstyre65then I believe you edit ~/.xinitrc and add exec somewindowmanager14:04
D347H-C0D3p1l0t: They were downloaded durin apt-get insatll xubuntu-dektop14:04
feindbildarand: no, now it wants to downgrade: libc6 [2.11.1-0ubuntu7.2 (now) -> 2.11.1-0ubuntu7.14:04
feindbildarand: I guess thats ok?14:04
feindbildoops: libc6 [2.11.1-0ubuntu7.2 (now) -> 2.11.1-0ubuntu7.1 (lucid-security)]14:04
josip_hello, suddenly, I get initramfs errors saying `argument incorrect` and the system won't boot. Anyone with an idea on how to fix this14:05
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arandfeindbild: To be honest I don't know. Do you have any non-standard software sources? (check in admin -> software sources)14:05
feindbildarand: there was a dotdeb, but I removed it since it screwed up php, everything else looks ok to me: http://pastebin.com/G1Uk2kUC14:07
BoulderDaveI am starting to configure a stripped down ubuntu web server, and my root user has all the bash profile settings (such as mouse up history, etc)... when im creating new users... how can i copy this to each new user?14:07
zusi've noticed when i use the gwibber its not posting to facebook.. any idea why?14:08
busfahrerExcuse me, is it possible to set a master password in Evolution?14:09
llutzBoulderDave: copy it to /etc/skel14:09
BoulderDavellutz, 'it'  are you meaning the .profile file?14:10
llutzBoulderDave: .profile/.bashrc whatever files you changed for your setup14:10
IndustrialHow do I completely remove everything xubuntu from my ubuntu install? I removed xubuntu-desktop with synaptic (and in fact anything matching xubuntu that i had installed) but that leaves all the apps.14:11
its-me-againlol i finally managed to edit grug2 in ubuntu after all the headache things where, with to many ppl trying to advise me, i did it.14:12
arandfeindbild: Also /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* is of interest here, if there's any repos defined there.14:12
feindbildarand: nothing there14:12
its-me-againIndustrial: how did you install xubuntu in first place14:12
gaussfrankinstall xubuntu: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop14:13
arand!ot | band14:13
ubottuband: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!14:13
its-me-againband: do you mean pm(private message)14:13
its-me-againband this is not a general chat room14:13
gaussfranksudo apt-get --purge remove libxfcegui414:13
its-me-againIndustrial: hello14:14
tuxrockshey hi...actually i cant see the network manager panel icon...i removed ...how do i add back14:15
tuxrocksusing lucid14:15
tuxrocksi dont see n/w manager in add to panel14:16
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tuxrockshow do i reset the panel14:16
Unknown0BCHello, trying to compile a program it tells me that: configure: error: Qt library not found. Maybe QTDIR isn't properly set or wrong --with-Qt-dir parameter.14:16
Unknown0BCWhen I run configure.14:16
its-me-againtuxrocks: right click on panel and ad to panel its there somewhere14:16
its-me-againtuxrocks: you need to readd what you removed cantreset to default that easily14:16
Unknown0BCi've tried to run it ./configure --with-Qt-dir using various directories I see qt libraries in.14:16
tuxrocksits-me-again: add wat14:16
Industrialits-me-again: with synaptic14:17
Unknown0BCNo go.14:17
Industrialits-me-again: i installed xubuntu-desktop14:17
arandfeindbild: Right, .2 is from -proposed, so the downgrade there should probably not matter. Likely there might be items installed from dotdeb that lingers and thus is messing with your package system. Try starting synaptic (Or aptitude ncurses, might do likewise) and checking out what's under "local/obsolete packages" And see if you can downgrade the relevant packages there to the proper ubuntu version. Take care if that wants to remov14:17
Unknown0BCI always get stuck compiling stuff.14:17
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its-me-againIndustrial: then uninstall again in synaptic easy as14:17
ActionParsnipUnknown0BC: what are you compiling?14:17
Industrialits-me-again: like i said i removed all xubuntu-* packages but the apops (eg thunar and xfce-*) are still there14:18
arandfeindbild: One you've marked all relevant downgrades (marked changes is a good filter to check status there.)14:18
Unknown0BCActionParsnip, midingsolo-0.1.314:18
ActionParsnipUnknown0BC: looked for a ppa?14:18
Unknown0BCActionParsnip, mmmm ?14:18
ActionParsnipUnknown0BC: its a 3rd party repo, i just searched launchpad and there isnt one listed there14:19
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freakynlhi, i'm running 10.04 server with a java based webserver that is used to upload lot's of data (online backup). The clients uploading regularly loose their connection for up to 5 minutes and then log a network error, after the 5 mins they happily continue. ufw is enabled and 80/443 is open in there (http(s) is used to upload). I think it's some kind of rate limiter in ufw or something can it be removed (and perferably only for the 80/443)?14:20
Unknown0BCActionParsnip, Well. If I can just figure out why the ./configure is not seeing my libraries.14:20
its-me-againIndustrial: in terminal try this "sudo apt-get purge xfce4 && sudo apt-get remove xfce4" if that does not work then find each application adn remove them in synaptic ok14:20
ActionParsnipUnknown0BC: do you have the qt lib dev package installed?14:20
Unknown0BCI see stuff in various directories like: /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/imageformats/libqtiff.so14:21
feindbildarand: thanks14:21
Unknown0BCand /usr/lib/libqt-mt.so.314:21
BoulderDavellutz, copied the root user .bashrc and .profile into the /etc/skel but still not working (such as tabbed completion) for the new user14:21
ActionParsnipUnknown0BC: as you are compilig, you need the dev package, not just the binary14:21
its-me-againIndustrial: reboot and let us know if that works14:22
Unknown0BCI've gone nuts installing everything qt to try resolve the problem.14:22
Industrialreboot o_O?14:22
Unknown0BCActionParsnip, yeah i know.14:22
ActionParsnipUnknown0BC: i'd ask in #qt14:22
its-me-againIndustrial: after you run that command reboot, restart computer ok14:22
dsfis it possible for screen or tmux to survive after a reboot14:22
its-me-againIndustrial: reboot - restart computer14:22
kishonhow to enable usbfs in ubuntu 10.0414:24
llutzBoulderDave: if you create new users, files from /etc/skel will be copied into the new-users $HOME. for users already existing you have to copy those files manually and source them to make changes active14:24
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BoulderDavellutz, ah great, thank you :)14:25
=== abhijit__ is now known as abhijit
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ActionParsnipBoulderDave: as well as chown to the same username14:26
bandarand HI HOW ARE U14:27
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tofufishNoob question: Whats the easiest way to tell what video card is being used to output video using the live cd?14:28
tofufishI have 'hybrid graphics' and want to find out which GPU is being used14:28
ActionParsniptofufish: sudo lshw -C display14:28
VCooliotofufish: try this: lspci | grep -i vga14:29
kishonhas anyone enabled usbfs in ubuntu14:29
eduardohello, i'm here14:29
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!14:29
kliwonhi BlueLotus14:29
freakynlanyone on ufw? somehow i find iptables directly much less complicated, which kinda voids the name of ufw...14:29
its-me-again tofufish ^ bith thoes suggestions wil work for you try both they do give slightly different ivfo but both give you what ou need14:29
its-me-again* both14:30
eduardoalguien habla spanish14:30
p1l0t!es | eduardo14:30
ubottueduardo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.14:30
figure002!nl | figure00214:31
ubottufigure002, please see my private message14:31
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BoulderDaveActionParsnip, what do you mean 'as well as chown to the same username'14:31
its-me-again!nl | its-me-again14:31
ubottuits-me-again, please see my private message14:31
BoulderDavellutz, hmm.. i created a new user, and still no luck :(14:31
ActionParsnipBoulderDave: if you copy the file over the file may not be owned by the right user, you will need to chown the file so that its owned by the right user name rather than root14:32
BoulderDaveActionParsnip, ahh thank you :)14:32
tofufishGrr they dont really help, both those commands report both video cards14:32
p1l0t!chown | BoulderDave14:32
ubottuBoulderDave: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal14:32
kishon1is usbfs supported by default in ubuntu 10.0414:33
BoulderDaveubottu, p1l0t i know chown  , i was asking more about what file he was needing me to change14:33
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:33
BoulderDaveubottu i know chown  , i was asking more about what file he was needing me to change14:33
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:33
BoulderDavep1l0t,  i know chown  , i was asking more about what file he was needing me to change14:33
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tofufishActionParsnip: VCoolio: Is there a way to see which one is enabled?14:33
tofufishRather then which ones are available14:34
p1l0tBoulderDave: It's alright the answer was kind of fail anyway I might suggest a new one for the bot14:34
BoulderDavep1l0t, lol  :)14:34
arandtofufish: Lookin at the xserver/gdm log might show it /var/log/*  or ~/.xserver   I think14:35
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tofufisharand: No easy way? :P14:36
feindbildI guess there is no official php-5.2.13 for ubuntu?14:37
BoulderDaveActionParsnip, the .bashrc and .profile file was copied into the new user folder properly when i created the user... however i still don't have the same command line options (such as tab completion) that the root user has (of which i copipes its .bashrc and .profile files from).   am I going the right diretion with this?14:37
linxehfeindbild: isnt the standard version 5.3.2 now ?14:38
arandtofufish: Meh, you want butoons and flashing text? :p   There probably is, but I don't know them. Maybe in properties -> display...14:38
BoulderDave(they came from the /etc/skel directory, and are owned by the new users, looks right)14:38
feindbildlinxeh: yes, but some proprietary module needs 5.214:38
feindbildand 5.2.13 is the current 5.2 release14:38
lvhCan I do an alternative install (onto a RAID array) from the Live media?14:38
happyfacehow do I open emacs in non-x11 mode (from ssh)?14:38
VCooliotofufish: maybe something like 'grep -i display /var/log/Xorg.0.log' but I never used multiple video things so I'm not too sure, it does show what I have enabled14:38
feindbildlinxeh: *cough*ZendOptimizer*cough*14:39
lvhI know the Live media supports starting the installer, but I'm guessing it starts the default desktop install, not the alternative14:39
tofufishThanks arand and VCoolio14:39
tofufishVCoolio: Output is ' (II) Intel(0) : ....... '14:40
tofufishDo you know what the (0) is?14:40
BoulderDaveActionParsnip, should i be changing the /etc/.bashrc instead?14:40
linxehfeindbild: what about on dotdeb ?14:40
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VCooliotofufish: no, but I have that too, only with Nvidia14:41
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tofufishVCoolio: Bugger, i was hoping it meant it was using my onboard inter rather then my nvidia14:41
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VCooliotofufish: if that's in xorg log, it is using the intel thing, or is there also a nvidia entry for you?14:42
arandfeindbild: http://2bits.com/drupal-planet/various-ways-running-php-52-ubuntu-1004-lucid-lynx.html14:42
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arandfeindbild: Might be useful.14:43
tofufishVCoolio: Using lshw -C Display and lspci | grep -i vga there are intel and nvidia entries14:43
tofufishbut using your command, there is only the inter(0)14:43
feindbildarand: thank you14:43
tofufishWhy do i keep mistyping that.14:43
D347H-C0D3Hi gys... I just used debootrap for ubuntu 8.04 on my ubuntu 9.04(hosted on virtual box). When i tried installing xfce desktop on ubuntu 8.04 the folowing error came: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464024/14:43
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VCooliotofufish: so, you have both cards listed in hardware info, which is right; you have intel in the logs, to that's the one that is enabled I'd say14:44
tofufishExcellent, Is it assumed the other one is not being powered?14:44
feindbild*cough* debian is too complicated for me14:44
VCooliotofufish: if it is recognized in the hardware list I'd say it is, only not used at the moment14:46
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tofufishVCoolio: Is it possibly to disable it somehow?14:47
tofufishI dont have an option in the BIOS14:47
VCooliotofufish: I don't know that, also isn't really ubuntu/linux related so maybe there is a better place to ask14:48
tofufishVCoolio: Alright, thanks for your help though14:48
VCooliotofufish: the bios is the place to look however, I disabled onboard sound there14:49
Vigo_I was trying for a vanilla Ubuntu, I do not need Bluetooth, Printers, and other packages,I downloaded the Minimal with hopes of doing a custom or personal install ofg packages as I needed or required that uses minimum resources and is not such a monolithic kernel of packages I never use, I did the Minimal Install, but ended up with tti only, what or where did I foul up at?14:52
n00b__i want to dispaly all my dpkg --get selections | less during my startup , what should i do???14:54
DrMax__I have a macbookpro, I want the "gauge" key (F4, without function) to be remapped to show battery information. What's the best way of doing so ?14:54
abhijithello abhinav_singh14:54
abhinav_singhhello abhijit14:55
n00b__i want to dispaly all my dpkg --get selections | less during my startup , what should i do???14:55
jimlovell777Vigo_: I've never tried a minimal install only the alternate install but perhaps you didn't foul up, maybe that's just what it is. I would do a full install and de-select everything you don't need use. Synaptic will generate a script to copy that action should you need to re-install at a later date,14:55
ActionParsnipVigo_: install lubuntu-desktop   for a minimal distro14:55
theadminn00b__: You wouldn't pipe it to less, or else your boot'd be stuck14:55
ActionParsnipyou can remove cups and bluetooth stuff after the install but it will be very small and incredibly fast14:55
n00b__y so ??? wil the EOF wont work14:55
jimlovell777DrMax__: System->Preferences->Keyboard shortcuts should do it I think,14:56
ActionParsnipn00b__: less is interactive14:56
theadminn00b__: Just DON'T pipe it to less and that's all?14:56
DrMax__jimlovell777 : no, there's no "show battery status" in there14:56
Vigo_jimlovell777, ActionParsnip: Thank you very much.14:56
DrMax__I've also looked in gconf-editor for a setting that had no interface element attached to it, to no avail14:57
n00b__so what if i want to print all these with a diff of .25 seconds or less14:57
n00b__but still how to do it14:57
jimlovell777DrMax__: You would add the "Show Battery Status" command and map the key to it. I'd have to google the "Show battery Status" command though.14:57
DrMax__n00b__ : maybe with watch?14:57
Vigo_ActionParsnip: I think that is the ticket, I do not have a printer and knew I was forgetting something.14:57
ActionParsnipn00b__: make a script to do it then launch it at startup with an ampersand to put it in the background14:57
ActionParsnipVigo_: just pull out cups and you'll be ok14:57
n00b__can you please elaborate i am very new to linux14:58
coz_Vigo_,  I found that Edubuntu-desktop  has both kde and gnome applications but is far faster than if you installed both of those DE's onto ubuntu14:58
theadmincoz_: Somehow that is true14:58
DrMax__jimlovell777 : yes, I thought of that, but after quite a lot of googleing I haven't found an acceptable lynx-èsque way to do this. All I found was complicated scripts to parse ACPI information14:58
Vigo_ActionParsnip: I was going to use that auto script on the forums, looks painless enough....14:58
DrMax__which are susceptible to break at next update...14:58
coz_Vigo_,  and if you install that with minimal install  where it gives you the choice  you will be please  I just installed it this morning via mini cd14:58
zet#ubuntu ua14:59
=== eminor2 is now known as eminor
jimlovell777DrMax__: The status bar top right shows it at a click, there's gotta to be a way to invoke it with a keypress. I/we'd have to find that command though, I think that's the most favorable solution.14:59
theadminHm... Say, if I'm torrenting something onto a NTFS device, will it be in any way slower (?) than on ext4?14:59
ActionParsnipn00b__: ampersand puts commands in the background so other apps can run, you can use a script to do whatever you wish. I recommend you output the output of your commands to files and you can read the files14:59
ActionParsnipn00b__: be patient, i'm not that bloody fast14:59
jimlovell777theadmin: I don't *know* but I'd say not.15:00
Vigo_coz_: Yes, I  am happy with the TLI, I also want to test some eye-candy out to see performance stats.15:00
knightstalkerHello,Any reasons all Persian subtitles I download are changed to some weird characters?15:00
ActionParsnipn00b__: less is not appropriate here as the whole bootup will hang while you read the screen15:00
coz_Vigo_,  then compiz would be one approach15:00
theadminknightstalker: Encoding. Do you know what encoding they are in?15:00
DrMax__jimlovell777 : that's the solution I was exploring. There aught to be a way, since on my other laptop, the xf86Battery key works well15:00
coz_Vigo_,  which is the hardware configuration of your machine?15:00
theadminknightstalker: That's unlikely since then they would display properly :/15:01
coz_Vigo_,  rather "what" is it15:01
zetpeople you see what i write?15:01
jimlovell777DrMax__: I'll do some googleing... That might be a feature I want on my laptop too.15:01
knightstalkertheadmin -.-15:01
theadminzet: Yah.15:01
Vigo_coz_: Older CPU, 1.7g RAM.15:01
knightstalkertheadmin,well,I just opened them in gedit and it failed,let me also try in Media Player15:01
coz_Vigo_,  that shouldnt be a problem...how much ram and which video card?15:01
theadminVigo_: 1.7 gig? That's damn fast to run GNOME... (which runs perfectly well on even 512mb)15:01
ActionParsnipVigo_: for compiz we only need your video chip, the rest is moot15:01
n00b_please help15:02
przemek_I have some problem, I tried to compile QMYSQL driver on Ubuntu in this way:  qmake "INCLUDEPATH+=/usr/include/mysql" "LIBS+=-L/usr/local/lib -lmysqlclient_r" mysql.pro && make. In result: ../arm-none-linux-gnueabi/bin/ld: cannot find -lmys