geekilizedwho can help me with a specific problem with ubuntu one music store?01:29
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wageCan someone tell me the path to the ubuntu one client, my icon is missing?06:31
duanedesignwage: in Lucid the Ubuntu One applet was replaced by the Ubuntu One Preferences window06:38
duanedesignyou can get to it from      Me Menu --> Ubuntu One06:38
duanedesignSystem --> Preferences --> Ubuntu One06:39
duanedesignubuntu one should autostart for you if you have the computer added to your Ubuntu One account06:39
wageok, should the panel applet be showing?06:39
duanedesignno the applet was replaced by the entry in the me menu06:42
wagewhats broadcast messages archive?06:46
duanedesignwage: that will log all your messages sent from your Broadcast Accounts06:53
wageoh, gwibber?06:53
duanedesigni am pretty sure :P I dont use it.06:54
wageyeah, thats kinda a weird one06:54
duanedesigncould be easier to understand06:54
wagewell, i think i got it working now. thanks for the help.06:55
duanedesignwage: any questions at all just ask06:56
duanedesignthe room is full of Ubuntu One developers between 12:00 - 20:00 utc06:57
wageyeah, my biggest problem was it moved and I kept finding sites talking about it in the old location so i thought it was missing.06:58
duanedesignwage: the contact and bookmark sync are currently not working. They should be back up soon07:02
wagewill i have to tell it to connect after every boot? I couldn't figure out why it wasn't syncing and it turned out it wasn't connected07:03
duanedesignwage: it should auto connect at boot07:03
duanedesignwage: can you open system > preferences > Startup Applications07:04
wageok good, that might have just been because it had 2 entrys for this computer or something07:04
duanedesignyou should see an Ubuntu One entry07:04
wagei have 2 startup apps for ubuntu one07:04
duanedesignok i had that too07:04
duanedesignits the old version from Karmic07:04
wagedo i need to delete one?07:05
duanedesignwage: click on one and select edit07:05
duanedesignin the command line07:05
duanedesignthe old one will be:  ubuntuone-client-applet07:05
duanedesignthe new one:  /bin/sh -c '[ -d "$HOME/Ubuntu One" ] && ubuntuone-launch'07:06
duanedesignjust uncheck the old one07:06
wageok done thanks07:06
wageit'd be cool if it had truecrypt support built in07:07
duanedesignmandel: morning08:01
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mandelvds, ping09:29
vdsmandel: pong09:29
mandelvds, morning :D09:29
vdsmandel: morning09:30
mandelcan you try this: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-windows-installer/fix_tomboy_installer/+merge/2995809:30
vdsmandel: sure09:30
mandelvds, I'm making the installer to be more modular and easier to understand :D09:30
vdsI should be able to test the script with the folders in like 10 min09:31
mandelvds, if you run the following "tools\Nant09:31
mandel\bin\NAnt.exe installer" it should create an installer for you09:31
mandelvds, I was saying09:34
vdsmandel: I got till create an installer for you09:34
mandelvds, that is all then :D09:34
mandelvds, I need that to be merge so that I create a new fragment that will install gtk-sharp09:35
mandelvds, is a dependency we have from tomboy09:35
mandelvds, to test the installer tou have to install gtk-sharp inyour machine, you can find it here: http://www.go-mono.com/mono-downloads/download.html09:36
mandelvds, install and then run UbuntuOne.msi09:36
mandelas soon as the branch is merge I'll remove the need to manually install gtksharp09:36
RogaschHi, i have some Problem sycronizing my evolution-contacts with couchdb. In fact my CouchDB is emty. Do i have to create the tables by my self?09:47
rodrigo_Rogasch, no, replication has been disabled while we fix a scaling problem in the server, should be enabled soon09:49
rodrigo_Rogasch, you don't need to create dbs manually09:49
Rogaschi htought my contacts are saved first in the db and then sync with ubuntuone09:50
rodrigo_Rogasch, ah, you mean they are not in your local couchdb after saving them from evolution?09:55
duanedesignRogasch: is this the guide you used https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Tutorials/Contacts09:55
rodrigo_do you get any error when saving them in evolution?09:55
Rogaschno i dind use this at all, maybe thats why i dont work :)09:56
Rogaschbut i created a Kontakt directly in the UbuntuOne Adress Book on evolution09:56
rodrigo_Rogasch, you dind't use what?09:56
Rogaschthe Tutorial09:57
rodrigo_that should have worked, yes09:57
rodrigo_if you close evolution and open it again, the contact is not in the U1 address book?09:57
Rogaschno it is in the addressbook but not on CouchDB09:58
rodrigo_what do you mean by 'it's not on couchdb'?09:58
RogaschcouchDB is totaly empty no DB at all09:59
Rogaschi used: http://localhost:5984/_utils/database.html?management09:59
duanedesignRogasch: try that and replace USERNAME10:00
duanedesignthat should open the couch interface in Firefox to the CouchDB that U1 uses10:02
Rogaschhmm after forwarding there is a connection prob10:03
Rogaschim at here: http://localhost:33646/_utils10:03
mandelvds, any luck?10:03
duanedesignRogasch: the port changes everytime10:04
vdsmandel: fighting with win, but I'm getting there10:05
duanedesignRogasch: can you open a Terminal10:05
mandelvds, and the installer?10:05
mandelvds, could you create it? if you install you should have just tomboy installed10:05
duanedesignRogasch: we will try and restart desktopcouch.10:05
vdsmandel: I was talking about the installer10:06
duanedesignRogasch: run the command:  killall beam.smp; killall beam10:06
mandelvds, need to restart (bloody windows) I'll be abck10:06
Rogaschno process found10:07
duanedesignRogasch: thats ok. run: rm ~/.config/desktop-couch/desktop-couchdb.ini10:07
duanedesignRogasch: this is a config file that will be regenerated10:07
duanedesignRogasch: ok a long one:  dbus-send --session --dest=org.desktopcouch.CouchDB --print-reply --type=method_call / org.desktopcouch.CouchDB.getPort10:07
duanedesignRogasch: then:  xdg-open file:///home/YOURUSERNAME/.local/share/desktop-couch/couchdb.html10:10
duanedesignRogasch: or just put the file:// in Firefox address bar manually10:10
duanedesignthe xdg-open is just a Terminal command to open the address from the browser10:10
RogaschError org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.10:10
duanedesignRogasch: which command was that10:10
Rogaschthe last one10:10
Rogaschdbus-send --session --dest=org.desktopcouch.CouchDB --print-reply --type=method_call / org.desktopcouch.CouchDB.getPort10:10
Rogaschsame error as before10:19
Rogaschmaybe sudo :)10:19
Rogaschthere is surely somthing screwed10:20
duanedesignRogasch: can you run the command:  ps aux | grep beam10:21
duanedesignRogasch: do you get anything other than :00 grep beam10:21
duanedesignRogasch: dont paste it here cause it might be a lot of text10:21
Rogaschroman    10568  0.0  0.0   7628   904 pts/0    S+   11:21   0:00 grep --color=auto beam10:22
duanedesignthats the grep process10:22
Rogaschbefore that: ps aux | grep beam10:23
Rogaschcouchdb   9562  0.3  0.3 125988 13168 ?        Sl   11:20   0:00 ... large text10:23
duanedesignRogasch: can you try visiting the address: file:///home/YOURUSERNAME/.local/share/desktop-couch/couchdb.html10:26
Rogaschlink me to http://localhost:33646/_utils with no connection10:27
duanedesignRogasch: can you open a Nautilus window and navigate to:  /home/duanedesign/.cache/desktop-couch10:29
duanedesignwell replace duanedesign :)10:29
duanedesignRogasch: were looking for: desktop-couchdb.stdout10:30
Rogaschim there10:30
duanedesigncan you post the contents of that file at  http://paste.ubuntu.com10:31
Rogaschthere are 4 of them 3 with .1-310:31
duanedesigni think 1 is the newest10:32
duanedesignRogasch: hmmm, ok we might need some help.10:33
Rogaschohh ok. why10:34
duanedesignrodrigo_: i am stumped :\10:34
duanedesignRogasch: i am not sure why desktopcouch is not starting10:34
Rogaschhmm i knew it. nice things never work like they shoud :-)10:36
mandelduanedesign, Rogasch mind if I take a look ?10:40
Rogaschnot at all10:40
duanedesignmandel: please10:42
duanedesignI butted in on rodrigo :P10:42
mandelduanedesign, Rogasch do you mind telling me whats the issue?10:43
duanedesignmandel: getting a dbus error when trying to start desktopcouch10:43
duanedesignmandel: no contacts showing in evolution is the original10:44
mandelRogasch, can u access desktopcouch from the browser?10:44
duanedesignmandel: so we tried the kill beam and desktopcouch.CouchDB.getPort10:44
duanedesignand get a dbus10:44
duanedesignmandel: it returns10:45
duanedesignlink me to http://localhost:33646/_utils with no connection10:45
duanedesignmandel: i got so far as to look at the stdout of desktopcouch http://paste.ubuntu.com/463931/10:45
mandelduanedesign, ok, so beam is dead for sure and when you try to restart desktopcouch from dbus it does not work, did I get ti right?10:47
duanedesignmandel: yes we did a grep beam10:49
duanedesignmandel: ahh, we did get:10:49
duanedesign04:23 < Rogasch> couchdb   9562  0.3  0.3 125988 13168 ?        Sl   11:20   0:00 ... large text10:49
mandelduanedesign, have you tried to start desktopcouch from python, the python lib does not us dbus and you will see a nicer error10:50
mandelduanedesign, or at least will tell you is not desktopcouch itself but dbus10:51
duanedesignmandel: have not10:51
* duanedesign nods10:51
mandelduanedesign, do you want me to send a small script for that?10:51
duanedesignplease if you have time10:52
mandelduanedesign, no problem, give me a sec10:53
rodrigo_duanedesign, yes, what's up?10:53
mandelrodrigo_, issues with starting desktopcouch through dbus10:54
mandelrodrigo_, I proposed to start it through the python lib since it does not use dbus to see what is up10:54
* rodrigo_ looks at the paste10:54
RogaschThanks for your help guys10:55
rodrigo_it looks like an erlang/couchdb problem10:55
rodrigo_http://paste.ubuntu.com/463931/ <- these are erlang errors10:55
mandelrodrigo_, yep, I would like to see what the python lib is trying to do10:57
rodrigo_Rogasch, but you said the contacts are in your evolution's U1 addressbook?10:57
rodrigo_ok, so the contacts are saved to couchdb10:58
Rogaschthere is one Contact in it10:58
Rogaschfirst i thougt the are no entries in the DB because there (http://localhost:5984/_utils) was not DB10:59
duanedesignRogasch: that is your system wide couchdb11:00
Rogaschthen duanedesign postet some other link that dont work because der was no connection11:00
Rogaschahh ok11:01
duanedesignRogasch: there is a user specific one11:01
rodrigo_Rogasch, right, that's not your local couchdb11:01
Rogaschso couchDB have more then one engine running?11:01
rodrigo_Rogasch, if you quit evolution and open it again and the contact is in the U1 addressbook, the contact is in your local couchdb for sure11:01
rodrigo_Rogasch, yes11:02
Rogaschahh ok11:02
rodrigo_so, the problem seems to be that you can't get to your local couchdb's HTML page11:02
Rogaschbut how can i take a look on the tables?11:02
rodrigo_I can't neither, it's a known problem with basic auth not working11:02
rodrigo_Rogasch, install slip-cover and use it to browse it11:03
rodrigo_btw, a better app is coming -> https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~rodrigo-moya/+junk/guton11:04
Rogaschwhere can i find slip-cover11:05
rodrigo_Rogasch, it's in universe, for maverick, afaik11:05
rodrigo_Rogasch, my app shows the list of documents, but not the documents' contents, that's why I didn't suggest it tou use it11:06
rodrigo_but if you just want to check if there are dbs and documents, use my app if you want11:06
rodrigo_bzr branch lp:~rodrigo-moya/+junk/guton11:06
rodrigo_you'll have to compile it though11:06
Rogaschok, im very thankfull for you help. i will get a try withit11:07
mandelrodrigo_, guton? hehe you do not like sleep cover or what ever the name it is ;)11:08
duanedesignRogasch: https://edge.launchpad.net/~rick-rickspencer3/+archive/ppa/+packages11:08
rodrigo_mandel, slip cover is horrible, yes :)11:09
* duanedesign is off to get breakfast11:10
mandelrodrigo_, I agree :D11:10
Rogaschok guys a have to leave, thanks again11:10
duanedesigngood luck Rogasch11:10
Rogaschthank you guys too11:10
mandelvds, where is the screenshot? :P11:24
vdsmandel: on it's way\11:26
mandelvds, ok, but we stay inthsi channel :P11:26
mandelvds, can you try an run the installer again11:43
mandelvds, it should not let you "another version is installer"11:43
vdsmandel: well it starts and let me choose between repair and uninstall11:50
mandelvds, use uninstall11:50
vdsmandel: one more screenshot on it's way11:54
mandelvds, ok11:54
vdsmandel: it's unable to close the app11:54
mandelvds, ein?11:54
mandelvds, are u running tomboy?11:54
mandelyou have to close it first11:54
vdsI'm continuing the uninstall11:54
vdsit says it can take care of it :)11:55
vdsand I trusted it11:55
vdsbut it fails11:55
vdsand btw if I'm running tomboy I don't see where it is...11:55
vdsyep it is running11:56
vdsthe process manager says so11:56
vdsmandel: cool it runs in background and there is no obvious way to turn it off unless you actually run it again and choose quit from the menu11:57
vdsonce TB was down the uninstall finished correctly11:58
mandelvds, yes, that is tomboy..... I need to make the uninstall smarter11:58
mandelvds, I suspected it11:58
vdsmandel: good job so far!11:58
mandelvds, well, is moving foward, I need to bungle gtksharp with tomboy and it is a pain11:59
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mandelvds, I need to build tomboy from scratch to fix the issues regarding gtksharp... I shoul dbe able to fix it soon12:10
chrisccoulson_hi, i accidentally clicked the "Enable" button in a large folder in nautilus on maverick a few days ago - is there any way i can stop this from sync'ing now?12:13
chrisccoulson_everytime i start ubuntuone, my computer goes completely unresponsive, and i've tried "u1sdtool --delete-folder", but that always times out12:14
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ryechrisccoulson_, chrisccoulson hi, yes, it is possible12:26
ryechrisccoulson_, 1. u1sdtool --list-folders - note the ID that is used by new UDF12:26
mandelvds, got time?12:27
ryechrisccoulson_, 2. u1sdtool --unsubscribe-folder=$ID (where $ID =  id that was received by running list-folders)12:27
ryechrisccoulson_, 3. u1sdtool --quit  - this will quit the syncdaemon and drop the queue12:27
ryechrisccoulson_, 4. u1sdtool --start - start syncdaemon again, but not connect12:28
ryechrisccoulson_, 5. (in new terminal, since it will take a while) - u1sdtool --delete-folder=$ID12:28
ryechrisccoulson_, 6. in old terminal - u1sdtool --connect12:28
chrisccoulson_rye - thanks, i'll try that now12:29
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vdsmandel: shoot12:45
mandelvds, dont worry, fixed it :D12:45
chrisccoulsonhmmm, rye, i'm stuck at step 5. i just get dbus timeouts12:48
ryechrisccoulson that's ok, you can see that there is a DeleteVolume call in u1sdtool --waiting-meta, our task is to add that call to the queue and then connect syncdaemon - u1sdtool --connect12:48
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chrisccoulsonrye - i can't see anything with --waiting-meta either, as that times out too ;)12:51
chrisccoulsonbut i'll try --connect now anyway12:51
ryechrisccoulson hmm12:52
ryechrisccoulson wait12:52
ryechrisccoulson is HDD in use now? or ubuntuone-syncdaemon process taking a lot of CPU now?12:52
chrisccoulsonrye - just the HDD. it never seems to use any CPU, but it never stops accessing the disk12:53
ryechrisccoulson aha, so it is loading metadata now... how big is the folder? find $folderpath | wc -l ?12:54
chrisccoulsonrye, there are 2 big folders - 1 of them that i don't want to sync, and one of them has been sync'd for a long time. 1 second, i'll try them both12:55
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chrisccoulsonrye -  12278 for the folder that i actually meant to sync12:57
chrisccoulsoni suspect the other folder is significantly bigger12:57
chrisccoulsonyeah, 737067 ;)12:57
chrisccoulsonah, i can see the output of --waiting-meta now13:00
chrisccoulsonand i see several DeleteVolume's in there ;)13:00
chrisccoulsonprobably because i tried it a few times13:01
chrisccoulsonrye - should i try --connect now?13:01
ryechrisccoulson yes, try connecting13:02
ryedesktop+ guuys, can we have a "close" button on that banner that says that Ubuntu One is disabled? And raise a dialog that asks whether we want to hide that bar completely and give a link to ubuntuone web site...13:05
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ryeclicking accidentally on the button is not what we want to achieve i believe13:11
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vdsmandel: is Basic Microsoft Windows Server 2008 32-bit ok to run the build?13:19
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mandelvds, yes, a basic Windows server it ok13:49
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duanedesignrye: i had a nautilus window in focus. I thought i had a terminal in focus. I typed TAB and RETURN. That clicks the 'enable' button in that U1 Nautilus banner in Maverick14:30
duanedesignjust sharing an experience, saw you were discussing it. Oh, and good morning :)14:31
ryeduanedesign, morning, That's what i am talking about....14:32
ryeduanedesign, and more - frankly speaking when i see that something is disabled in every other window i want to enable it so that it won't bother me,14:34
mandelvds, can you approve the merge?14:36
vdsmandel: I'm on it14:36
mandelvds, thx! :D14:36
mandelvds, should be the same as last time14:36
vdsmandel: LP is doing weird things14:36
mandelvds, ok, np, I'm working on the gtksharp fragment fo the installer14:37
mandelvds, a pain in the ass, but on it ;)14:37
vdsmandel: done, I have to swap some of my hours I'll be back!14:38
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ottermatonHow does one allow another person to view but not sync with their notes? Where are there instructions for doing this? I can't find them15:15
rodrigo_ottermaton, to view them on the u1 web ui?15:17
ottermatonrodrigo_, yes15:17
rodrigo_ottermaton, ah, another person, you can't right now, unless you give them your credentials15:18
ottermatonrodrigo_, Oh, I thought you could. My fault. You say "can't right now" - does that mean it's being planned?15:19
rodrigo_well, it's something we would like to have, but not real plans right now15:19
ottermatonAnother thing I've been wondering about: I'm pretty sure I saw a setting to set how often U1 syncs but I can't find it now? Where is it?15:20
ottermatonOr did I dream it? (entirely possible)15:20
ryeottermaton, re sync rate - the files are synced immediately, but couchdb replication is triggered every 10 minutes. You can set up tomboy to perform automatic replication for the notes though15:23
chrisccoulsonrye - does it normally take this long when deleting a folder? syncdaemon is still accessing the disk a lot (for 2.5 hours now)15:29
ryechrisccoulson u1sdtool --list-folders ?15:30
chrisccoulsonrye - that's just timing out atm15:31
verterokchrisccoulson: a directory inside ~/Ubuntu One?15:32
verterokchrisccoulson: it was a big directory?15:32
verterokbig == lot of stuff in it15:32
chrisccoulsonverterok, yeah, i accidentally shared a directory with lots of source packages in15:33
chrisccoulsonand now i can't do much else as long as syncdaemon is running ;)15:33
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verterokchrisccoulson: if it was big it will take some take some time to settle :(15:34
chrisccoulsonverterok, it never settles though :(15:35
chrisccoulsoni've left it for many hours, and it's still accessing the disk just as much15:35
verterokchrisccoulson: please, pastebin or take a look to ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon-exceptions.log15:35
ottermatonrye, Yes that's where I saw the option to set the sync rate. However, I can't do it now. Under Synchronization the Service selection box and whole top part are greyed out and I can't figure out why15:37
chrisccoulson_verterok, ok, will try and SSH in and have a look. it's frozen solid atm15:38
chrisccoulson_verterok, that file is empty15:41
mkarnickiverterok: I've sent you a short mail titled 'question about node.getParentNode()' , I would appreciate if you could take a look at it later today :)15:42
verterokchrisccoulson_: ok, so syncdaemon is running ok, I was afraid it was on some weird loop15:42
verterokmkarnicki: yes, just looked at it, need to think a bit about it :)15:42
mkarnickiverterok: thanks =)15:43
verterokchrisccoulson_: ok, could you patebin the last ~100 lines of ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log?15:43
verterokchrisccoulson_: that would help me to find out what it's doing :)15:43
chrisccoulsonverterok, http://paste.ubuntu.com/464077/15:48
ottermatonI can't sync my notes any longer, though it had worked yesterday. The selection box for Service is now greyed out. All of my Sync Add-ins are activated. Tools -> Sync fails too (obviously). Where should I be looking for the problem?15:50
rodrigo_ottermaton, quit tomboy and run it on a terminal with 'tomboy --debug' and then try to sync15:52
* verterok is back after the power surge15:56
verterokchrisccoulson: hi, I got disconnected15:56
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chrisccoulsonverterok, this is the link i pasted (not sure if you saw it before): http://paste.ubuntu.com/464077/15:59
verterokchrisccoulson: no, I missed that15:59
ottermatonrodrigo_, done and pasted at http://paste.ubuntu.com/464084/16:02
rodrigo_hmm, this looks as if you're not authenticated16:03
verterokchrisccoulson: looks like it's being disconnected...so it will take longer16:06
ottermatonrodrigo_, sorry, I walked out of wifi area. Here's the link if you didn't see it http://paste.ubuntu.com/464084/16:08
ottermatonrodrigo_, and I haven't since any of your responses if you made any16:08
rodrigo_<rodrigo_> hmm, this looks as if you're not authenticated16:08
ottermatonrodrigo_, well, I don't even know how it could be trying to auth since it won't even let me pick a sync service16:09
rodrigo_in the tomboy preferences, you don't have a sync service set up?16:10
ottermatonrodrigo_, no. I did to U1 and it worked but now the whole section is greyed out16:11
rodrigo_which whole section?16:11
rodrigo_in tomboy prefs?16:11
ottermatonrodrigo_, yes, under the sync tab16:11
rodrigo_ottermaton, that's normal, it grays it out as soon as it's configured, you can press 'clear', but don't, that would reset the syncing16:12
ottermatonrodrigo_, ok. But how do I get it back now?16:14
ottermatonrodrigo_, Or maybe I should say reset it16:16
rodrigo_ottermaton, reset the tomboy sync stuff?16:17
ottermatonrodrigo_, yea. I guess that's what I would like to do. er, nevermind, you just told me hitting clear would reset it16:17
rodrigo_yes, but do you have local changes?16:18
ottermatonrodrigo, I've modified a note, that's all. I'm not worried about losing it though16:18
rodrigo_ok, then reset it and re-authorize16:18
ottermatonrodrigo_, that worked. I should have been able to figure that out myself. sorry16:28
rodrigo_ottermaton, well, you shouldn't have gotten the 404 at all, if that tomboy instance was authenticated16:29
ChipacaUbuntu One Desktop+ standup starting on mumble16:30
dobeyrodrigo_: authenticated or not, a 404 shouldn't happen. if there's a 404, there's a problem on the server :)16:31
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lifelessa/win 6716:46
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mkarnickiverterok: good you are here. we talked about checking the download progress, but I forgot how can I check the size of the node before download? (in case it's a file)19:10
verterokmkarnicki: I'm about to hit send in the reply of that mail, gimme 5' :)19:10
mkarnickiverterok: :D19:11
duanedesigngood day mmk19:14
mkarnickiduanedesign: yes?19:14
mkarnickiah, good day duanedesign :)19:14
mkarnickiindeed, very productive here19:14
duanedesigngood good19:14
mkarnickiyesterday + the day before I spend 30 hrs on the project ;)19:15
mkarnickiI really hope to have up or download today19:15
duanedesignmkarnicki: I got stalled this morning on a function that i endeed  up  not even being able to use :P But I am getting some stuff done now19:15
mkarnickicurrently working on download19:15
duanedesignmkarnicki: nice19:15
verterokmkarnicki: mail sent19:15
mkarnickiduanedesign: oohh :(19:15
mkarnickiverterok: thanks ! ^_^ will check right away!19:16
mkarnickiduanedesign: good luck with code :)19:16
verterokmkarnicki: I need to go back and finish some stuff, will be looking at the other 2 mails later19:16
mkarnickiverterok: sure, thank you Guillermo :)19:16
duanedesignmkarnicki: you too. And thanks19:17
mkarnickiduanedesign: :)19:17
mkarnickiverterok: thank you, that clarified things :)19:20
Chipacaanybody here looking for reviews? i'm in a reviewing mood19:27
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alecu-lunchChipaca, https://launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/gsd-plugin/+merge/29922 ?19:37
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alecu-lunchChipaca, that was quick!19:39
Chipacaalecu-lunch: nessita had already mentioned that one :)19:39
alecu-lunchjejeje. guessed so :-)19:40
nessitaChipaca: I've got some connection issues, not sure if you could read my "retryable errors on the url read" question19:41
Chipacacould you repeat?19:42
nessita(03:31:56 PM) nessita: Chipaca: do we know what are the "retryable errors on the url read"?19:43
nessita(03:32:20 PM) nessita: I see from the doc that it can fail with URLError, but not sure how retryable is that19:43
Chipacanessita: I'm pretty sure if you send it a signal during the read the read barfs with something lower down in the stack. Can you check?19:44
Chipacanessita: if it doesn't, then ignore :)19:44
Chipaca(it would mean urllib2 is actually hiding that mess from you, yipee yay etc)19:44
nessitaChipaca: I'll be happy to check , but not sure how19:45
jumpaWhat was the command to view the number of files to be uploaded?19:45
nessitaChipaca: signal lik ctrl-c you mean?19:45
nessitajumpa: u1sdtool --waiting-content19:45
Chipacanessita: or SIGUSR1 fwiw :)19:46
nessitaChipaca: let's see19:46
* dobey needs to teach you all some things to check for in reviews :)19:46
* Chipaca is listening to dobey19:47
nessitadobey: like running tests? ;-)19:47
dobeynessita: no, tests should be run automatically :)19:47
nessitadobey: I disagree, but we've gone this road before19:48
jumpanessita: what could be the reason for this command to not printing anything and just keep waiting?19:48
dobeylike not marking strings for translation that contain only brand names, and avoiding some things in Makefile.am, like duplicating CLEANFILES variable contents, and putting Makefile.in in MAINTAINERCLEANFILES19:48
nessitajumpa: can you please try u1sdtool -s?19:48
jumpaohh .. finally something happend. ill paste it19:48
nessitajumpa: does u1sdtool -s work?19:50
jumpasame output19:50
verterokmkarnicki: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/464179/19:51
jumpaubuntuone-syncdaemon takes 100% of cpu19:51
dobeynessita: "do the tests pass" isn't a review of the changes in the branch necessarily. it's a review of the tests. people need to read the diff more carefully too :)19:51
nessitadobey: I agree to the "too"19:52
dobeyalso, launchpad needs comment id links for comments on merge proposals19:52
jumpa(i have just added a directory witz 160 fiels and 700 mb19:52
jumpa*with, *files19:52
nessitajumpa: you just started it, probably, it's reading the metadata for all your files19:52
nessitajumpa: you need to wait19:52
jumpahmm .. okay :D19:52
nessitajumpa: try again the -s switch, in a few minutes19:53
nessitaif it doens't work, shout!19:53
mkarnickiverterok: lovely! :D (I wonder if I remember how to export the jar ;d ... maven package?)19:53
nessitajumpa: just to be sure, what "head ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log" says?19:53
verterokmkarnicki: mvn source:jar package19:53
mkarnickiverterok: \o/ thank you!19:54
verterokmkarnicki: you will need to tweak the diff, as it contains your changes for android19:54
mkarnickiverterok: I will take care of that (any synonyms of 'thank you' ? :D I'd buy you a beer if you were here!)19:55
verterokmkarnicki: :)19:56
mkarnickiverterok: oops, gotta go off-line for now. take care!19:57
verterokmkarnicki: later!19:58
nessitadobey: question, what does ubuntu-sso-login do? I've run it and got no window at all20:07
nessitaChipaca: would you know?20:09
dobeynessita: if you don't call the dbus method to do the login it doesn't do anything, but wait a while, and exit if nothing calls it20:09
nessitadobey: is that script currently in use? who calls it?20:10
dobeynessita: ubuntuone-syncdaemon, ubuntuone-preferences, the music store plug-in, maybe a few others?20:11
nessitadobey: ok, thanks20:11
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verterokmkarnicki: btw, that patch might change if I find a better way to do it...but for the moment that's the easiest way to get the node attributes20:20
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mkarnickiverterok: ok, not a problem at all :) if you have a second for an easy question - can I call getCOntent() from two or more threads? e.g. can I fetch two or more directory contents at the same time?20:43
verterokmkarnicki: I'm sure that should work with the netty version, let me think about it for the OIO20:43
verterokmkarnicki: there is no locking in the client20:44
verterokmkarnicki: it should work(tm)20:44
mkarnickiverterok: oh, it's not so easy then..20:44
mkarnickiverterok: haha ^_^20:44
verterokmkarnicki: but if I'ld write a test to stress getContent from multiple threads20:44
verterokmkarnicki: why do you need to download mutlitple contens in parallel?20:45
mkarnickiverterok: it should work ™ :D (ok, good idea)20:45
mkarnickiverterok: imagine a user browsing  fast into /root/foo/bar , so he opens the app and taps foo and before service finishes refresh, he already taps bar20:46
mkarnickiverterok: so refresh of foo (currently) is done first, and then refresh of bar is done next.20:46
verterokmkarnicki: ok, I think it shoudl work ok, as the client don't use threading to get stuff from the server, it's all done in a single thread...except uploads (I think)20:47
mkarnickiverterok: so, in theory, when he enters bar folder, a refresh for foo can come first, and I didn't think about a way to cancel running deferreds20:47
mkarnickiverterok: oh, so anyway, it will execure refresh(foo) and refresh (bar) deferreds in that order anyway?20:48
verterokmkarnicki: the Deferred can't be cancelled, as it's nothing more than a ticket for the response that the client might eventually receive from the server20:48
verterokmkarnicki: no, there is no queue20:48
mkarnickiverterok: right20:48
mkarnickiverterok: ok, I'll try it out :)20:49
verterokmkarnicki: the Request can be cancelled, don't remember if it's implemented :p20:49
mkarnickiverterok: I'll try to download some files first20:49
mkarnickiverterok: :D20:49
* mkarnicki laughs20:49
jumpaHmm ... i have 30629 files waiting for upload but the system monitor says, that the upload rate is 0 bytes / s. syncdaemon.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464199/20:55
nessitajumpa: the syncdaemon is working20:56
nessitajumpa: as per your log20:56
jumpanessita: where is the bottleneck located?20:56
nessitajumpa: couldn't say without looking at the whole log file20:57
jumpai have send you the paste by notice20:59
* nessita looks20:59
nessitajumpa: what u1sdtool --current-transfer says?21:00
jumpauploads: 0, downloads: 021:01
nessitajumpa: which ubuntu are you running?21:01
nessitarye: ping21:02
nessitajumpa: you can have further info on what's the syncdaemon doing by running https://launchpad.net/magicicada21:03
nessitajumpa: you can install it from the PPA21:04
ryenessita, /me reads backlog21:06
nessitarye: do you have some standard procedure to have users running magicicada from the PPA?21:06
dobeywhich ppa?21:07
nessitadobey: magicicada's21:07
ryenessita, i need to write that somewhere - sudo add-apt-repository ppa:chicharreros/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install magicicada21:08
jumpayeah, already done21:08
nessitajumpa: ^21:08
nessitajumpa: ok, do you have better info with that?21:08
dobeyah ok21:08
jumpaits loading21:09
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jumpastill loading ...21:12
jumpai dont see any interesting information21:15
jumpamaybe its just about the ubuntuone servers calculating too much stuff for too many users21:17
jumpai will try it again tomorrow. thanks for your help and see you21:18
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bj0so i had this bug occur again: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/59958322:13
ubot4Launchpad bug 599583 in ubuntuone-client "files in the "Ubuntu One" folder periodically dissappear (affects: 1) (heat: 55)" [Undecided,New]22:14
bj0but i wasn't watching the directory so I didn't notice it until today, though it happened on the 7th22:14
bj0the ubuntu one logs don't go back that far do they?22:14
mkarnickiCardinalFang: yet another question ^ ^ if we started the service with startService(), then bindService(), and later we run stopService() - it will run until last client unBinds, right?22:34
CardinalFangmkarnicki, hi!22:35
mkarnickiCardinalFang: hi ^ ^!22:35
mkarnickiCardinalFang: good to find you here again :)22:35
CardinalFangHrm.  I don't know.  My only idea is to try it or to imagine what could happen.22:36
CardinalFangSo, stopService(), then we make an API call.  That shouldn't start the service, right?22:37
mkarnickiCardinalFang: you know what.. i'll just test it. I have a checkbox in preferences "Run in background" and I wanted to stopService() on uncheck, but not to destroy if the client is bound :) oh crap.... it unbinds in onPause, my bad22:37
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mkarnickiCardinalFang: looks like my question was invalid22:37
CardinalFang... ah.22:37
mkarnickiCardinalFang: when Preferences screen shows, the client unbinds, therefore onStop would stop the persisten service, however22:38
CardinalFangonPause() is a good place to synch the config changes to the running state.22:38
mkarnickiCardinalFang: when we go back, the client would bind again, so the service would restart.. pretty stupid, but that's the way it would work.22:38
mkarnickiCardinalFang: what do you mean? I mean, I know what's onPause for, but didn't get you clearly22:39
CardinalFangmkarnicki, I was saying that I liked what you were saying in "you know what..."^.22:40
mkarnickiCardinalFang: oh ^ ^22:41
mkarnickiCardinalFang: thanks anyway!22:41
* mkarnicki tests the app22:41
CardinalFangmkarnicki, so, are you applying changes on exit of preferences Activity, or on returning from preferences Activity?22:42
CardinalFangI can't decide which I would choose.22:43
mkarnickiCardinalFang: that's actually interesting. for some live (real-time applied) prefs I have onPreferenceChangeListener, buf for majority I just set that it is persistent (in the xml) and22:43
mkarnickiCardinalFang: (android:persistent="true") and you don't have to care22:44
CardinalFangAh.  Cool.22:44
mkarnickiCardinalFang: I think Android saves the preference whenever it changes , in such case. and it works.22:44
mkarnickiCardinalFang: so, for those standard controls Preference'es you can set persistent="true" and that'll do the job :)22:45
CardinalFangmkarnicki, right.  I was wondering about applying the preferred settings to the running environment.  Whether a service is to run, for instance.22:45
CardinalFangI hope I'm not being dense.22:46
CardinalFangmkarnicki, wait, are you in GMT+2 or something?22:46
mkarnickiCardinalFang: indeed :) 23:4622:46
mkarnickiCardinalFang: I also use default values for preferences, but since it seems their not populated by default on the first activity run, I only take care of setting manually a setting to have the service run persistent, by default. rest is handled by Prefs PreferenceActivity22:48
mkarnickiCardinalFang: if you want, have a look: lp:androidu1/0.x22:48
CardinalFangmkarnicki, I will look, tomorrow. I must get something finished before I end my work day.22:49
CardinalFangBranching now.22:49
mkarnickiCardinalFang: excuse my code style, I plan to clean it up, I'm in a bit of rush. ok, get back to work :) (so will I!)22:50
CardinalFangmkarnicki, :)22:52
mkarnickiCardinalFang: excellent, checkbox works as intented22:55
CardinalFangmkarnicki, I lied.  I'm looking at the code.22:58
mkarnickiCardinalFang: xD oh come on, I'm distracting you! your job is more important..22:58
CardinalFangmkarnicki, it's strange there's no android.util.Log.e(String, Throwable)  There is a .w() and .wtf() .22:59
CardinalFangBut .e demands some description.22:59
mkarnickiCardinalFang: Theres Log.e.(TAG, message) Log.e(TAG, message, throwable)23:00
CardinalFangI noticed the empty ones, which is why I had to look.23:00
mkarnickiCardinalFang: and I know about wtf, but I don't have it o_O strangely enough..23:00
CardinalFangIt's new to API 2.0 or something.23:00
CardinalFang"API Level 8"23:01
mkarnickiCardinalFang: oh..  my minSdk is API 5 (Android 1.5), but target is .. 7 or 8 I think23:01
mkarnickiCardinalFang: anyway, now I know why it's not there :)23:02
CardinalFangHrm.  Unless you're introspecting, you don't want to use wtf() then.  :\23:02
CardinalFangAh well.  Now we're distracting each other.  GBTW!23:02

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