holsteingo for it00:03
ScottLsiretart, you probably need to talk to TheMuso about jack1 and jack2 in ubuntu00:47
TheMusosiretart: Plan is to promote jackd2 and jackd-defaults to main, and demote jack-audio-connection-kit to universe. I'm happy to head that effort. Jackd2 and jack-defaults are in the NEW queue, as they have been synced to maverick.00:49
siretartTheMuso: the thing is, at least in debian, all applications are going to be compiled against jack101:06
siretartTheMuso: at least in debian01:06
siretartTheMuso: so it might make sense to promote at least the source, libjack-dev and libjack0 to main01:06
TheMusosiretart: The source of which package?01:07
siretartunless you want in ubuntu to compile everything against libjack from jackd2, which would mean you'd have to adjust the packages and shlibs01:07
siretartTheMuso: j-a-c-k01:07
siretartthe provider of jackd101:07
TheMusosiretart: right, so jack-audio-connection-kit01:07
TheMusoSo, we lave j-a-k in main, demote all but the binaries you suggested, and promote jackd2 and jackd-defaults01:08
TheMusogah typing01:08
siretartif you want minimal divergence from debian, I'd suggest to a) keep all of jackd-defaults and jackd2 in main, b) have libjack-dev and libjack0 from j-a-c-k in main and the rest of j-a-c-k in universe. yes01:09
siretartanother option would be to compile every package against jackd2, but this is something we revert from in debian right now01:10
TheMusoNo, makes more sense to build all against jack1.01:11
TheMusoI'll get the MIRs written later today, and file the necessary bugs.01:11
siretartah, excellent thanks!01:11
siretartare you aware of any ubuntu local changes? or are all packages plain syncs?01:12
TheMusoOnly change is no kelt support when in main.01:12
TheMusoso jackd2 will nee to be changed to take care of that, once its in maverick proper.01:12
siretartwell, if you want I could arrange you git commit access to the pkg-multimedia team, so that you can the ubuntu diffs there01:12
TheMusoActually, that might e a good idea. I'll send a formal request to the pkg-multimedia-list.01:13
TheMusoAs I do read it.01:14
HPLovequestI need help making Midi work06:32
HPLovequestAt worst nothing comes out. At best I get fuzz like a broken moog06:33
its-me-againHPLovequesthi from linuxmint-help06:33
its-me-againHPLovequest hi from linuxmint-help06:34
its-me-againthey wikk hekp you here ok06:34
its-me-againi cant06:34
HPLovequestIf I were Mark Mothersbaugh this would be a fantastic development06:35
HPLovequestDevo, weird sounds06:35
HPLovequestI can get some of the weird synth stuff to work but it makes the soundfonts come out all wonky06:35
its-me-againjust ask and wait this channel is not that monitered06:36
its-me-againcould be your midi kboard06:36
its-me-againnot compatable with appliction06:37
its-me-againi dont know so am leaving06:37
holsteinhello HPLovequest06:38
holsteinyou using JACK?06:38
HPLovequestQsynth. Can't make jack work good right06:39
holsteinJACK is what you need06:39
holsteinand maybe a realtime kernel06:39
holsteinif the latency is not low enough06:39
HPLovequestI'll gove jack another try06:39
holsteinHPLovequest: try starting 'jack control'06:39
holsteinand click on 'setup'06:40
holsteinand lets talk about the settings06:40
HPLovequestwhen I try to open up the jack control frontend I get this http://pastebin.com/dJW6eqPm06:41
holsteinHPLovequest: yeah06:42
holsteindont start it yet06:42
holsteinjust launch jack control06:42
HPLovequestthat's all I did06:42
holsteinand click on 'setup'06:42
holsteinlook at http://qjackctl.sourceforge.net/qjackctl-ss1.html06:42
* zus smiles06:43
holstein5th screenshot down06:43
holsteinmake sure over in the misc tab06:43
HPLovequestMisc options?06:43
holsteinthat start automatically is not checked06:43
holsteinzus: :)06:43
holsteinwas it checked?06:44
HPLovequestit was06:44
HPLovequestit is now not06:44
holsteingo back to the settings tab06:44
holsteinthats screenshot206:44
holsteinHPLovequest: what sound device is this?06:45
holsteinyou internal soundcard?06:45
HPLovequesthow do I check that?06:45
HPLovequestI did it earlier but plum forgot06:45
HPLovequestin terminal06:45
holsteinwell, what are you wanting to use?06:45
holsteina USZB deivce?06:46
HPLovequestjust the internal soundcard06:46
holsteinHPLovequest: OK06:46
holsteinso alsa driver is what you want06:46
holsteinand should be selected already06:46
holsteinin the terminal06:46
holsteinrun uname -a06:46
holsteinand give me that here06:46
HPLovequestLinux drshoggoth-desktop 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux06:47
holsteinso in the setup06:47
holsteinon the left side06:47
holsteinthere is a realtime checkbox06:48
HPLovequestit is checked06:48
holsteinUNcheck that if it is checked06:48
zusholstein,  btw not to intereupt,.. i now have an ooption on boot up for my rt kernel...06:48
holsteinzus: COOL06:48
holsteinzus: you getting better latency you think?06:48
HPLovequestit was unchecked at first but I checked it in accordance with the proph...screenshot, but I unchecked it again06:48
holsteinHPLovequest: in the terminal06:49
HPLovequestI also have unlock memory checked, should that be checked or not?06:49
zusnever tried it im still working on getting wine to not be such a pain n my arse06:49
holsteinsudo adduser YOURUSERNAME audio06:49
zusthe wine people aint helping  either..06:49
holsteinHPLovequest: UNcheck unlock memory too06:50
holsteinwe'll try to get the settings right for your setup06:51
holsteinHPLovequest: did you run that addusers command?06:51
holsteindid it say you were already in that group?06:51
HPLovequestNo it did not06:51
HPLovequestit added me though06:51
holsteinHPLovequest: are you on that machine now?06:52
HPLovequestNever had any audio trouble except with midi06:52
HPLovequestyes I am06:52
holsteincan you log out easily and back on?06:52
HPLovequestI'm the only user on it06:52
holsteindo that06:52
* holstein not really sure if you have to log out or not with group changes06:53
zusholstein,  ping me when you get to where you can change latency please?06:53
holsteini should double check that next time it come up06:53
holsteinzus: just tweak those settings really06:53
holsteinyou should be able to check that realtime box too06:54
zusonly when i log into the RT kernel though?06:54
holsteinand try like 256 frames/period06:54
holsteinand 2 periods/buffers06:54
holsteinzus: yeah06:54
holsteinyou can save differnet 'presets' though06:55
zus:) ty holstein06:55
holsteinHPLovequest: OK06:55
holsteinso get back to jack control06:55
holsteinand back to setup06:55
holsteininthe middle there06:55
holsteinyou probably want 44.106:55
HPLovequestit's set to that06:56
holsteinthere are 2 things that we tweak06:56
HPLovequestbtw, it does not have a midi driver selected06:56
holsteinthe frames/period and periods/buffer06:56
holsteinHPLovequest: should be cool06:56
holsteinwill get to that :)06:56
holsteindown in the bottom right06:57
holsteinwhat does it say for 'latency'06:57
holsteinright now?06:57
HPLovequestframes/period is 1024, periods/buffer says 2, latency says46.4msec06:57
holsteinthat should do06:57
holsteinHPLovequest: you can tweak that frames/period setting06:58
holsteinto lower your latency06:58
holsteinHPLovequest: you know what we're talking about with latency?06:58
HPLovequestKind of generally06:58
holsteinlike when you push a key on the keyboard06:58
HPLovequesthow long it takes to generate the sound after I trigger it06:59
holsteinright now it will take 46.4ms to hear the sound06:59
holsteinpretty much06:59
holsteinHPLovequest: yeah06:59
holsteinclick OK06:59
holsteinand go back the the main window06:59
holsteinscreenshot 106:59
holsteinand hit start07:00
HPLovequestno error messages this time07:00
holsteingood news07:00
holsteinSO your running JACK then07:00
holsteinHPLovequest: what MIDI device?07:00
holsteinUSB midi keyboard?07:00
HPLovequestjust the normal keyboard right now07:00
holsteinin the main window07:01
holsteinclick 'connect'07:01
holsteinyou'll have a window come up07:01
holstein8th screenshot down @ that link07:01
holsteinyou should be lookin gat the 'audio' tab07:02
holsteini think there are audio alsa and midi tabs07:02
holsteinlook in hte audio tab right now07:02
holsteinyou should see one thing on the left and one on the right07:03
holsteinboth with little '+' signs07:03
holsteinclick the plus signs to expand07:03
holsteinon the left07:03
HPLovequestcapture_1 and capture_207:03
holsteinthose are the physical inputs on your soundcard07:03
holsteinand on the right are the outs07:03
holsteinwhen you lauch qsynth07:04
holsteinand create a synth07:04
holsteinyou'll seee it show up here07:04
HPLovequestsame with lmms?07:04
holsteinand you can route it to the soundcards output07:04
HPLovequesto i c07:04
holsteinand under the alsa tab or the midi tab07:04
holsteinthats where the midi connections happen07:05
holsteinHPLovequest: should be the same with lmms07:05
holsteinlast time i looked at LMMS it did not like JACK07:05
HPLovequestthat's what i read07:05
holsteinHPLovequest: SO07:05
holsteinif you want07:05
holsteinyou can install a realtime kernel07:05
holsteinand maybe get your latency down more07:06
holsteinyou can tweak and test07:06
HPLovequestdoes the latency cause the horrific buzzing sound?07:06
holsteinBUT most of your sound issues should be taken care of07:06
holsteinHPLovequest: i hope so07:06
HPLovequestlemme try playing a midi file real quick to test07:06
holsteinHPLovequest: im off for the nite probably07:06
holsteinbut let me know if you need a hand07:07
holsteincheck out #opensourcemusicians too if its too quiet in here :)07:07
holsteinHPLovequest: http://wootangent.net/category/music/tutorials/07:07
holsteinhere are some great midi tutorials a friend put together07:08
HPLovequestthank you much07:08
HPLovequestyou're a gentleman and a scholar07:08
holsteinhis nick is [lsd] or in #opensourcemusicians07:08
holsteinHPLovequest: :)07:08
rage2is it just me, or is the "Add/Remove Programs" equivalent not in the newest ubuntu studio?10:50
Conzeit_hey all...I have a question...I normally wouldnt ask (juts migrated to ubuntu) but I'm blown away by the way you update things in linux21:17
holsteinno worries21:17
holsteinwhats up?21:17
Conzeit_I installed a 32x version of lucid by accident, is it possible to make it 64x without reinstalling?21:17
holsteinyou mean 32bit?21:17
holsteini wouldnt lose any sleep over it21:18
Conzeit_not worth it?21:18
holsteinthere are still some issues with 64bit21:18
holsteinand its arguably worth it21:18
holsteini dont have any 64bit chips21:18
holsteinbut when i build my next box21:18
Conzeit_oh great21:18
holsteinit'll be 64bit21:18
holsteinand i'll run 32bit on it21:19
Conzeit_oh I didnt notice it was you again holstein =)21:19
Conzeit_good to see you again21:19
holsteinConzeit_: do you need flash?21:19
Conzeit_well yeah, I was wondering because some adobe programs wont run in windows if it's not 64 bit, so I thought the same may happen in Linux21:19
holsteinin a web browser?21:19
holsteinthat could be the deal breaker for you21:20
holsteini dont care about flash on my studio box21:20
Conzeit_I see21:20
Conzeit_I did run flash tho :p21:20
Conzeit_in 3221:20
holsteinConzeit_: yeah21:21
holsteinits 64bit thats got no flash21:21
holsteinor sketchy flash support21:21
holsteinat best21:21
Conzeit_that's weird21:21
holsteinim going to run 32bit until somebody says things are just crazy amazing over in 64bit21:21
Conzeit_adobe is the reason I'm looking for a 64bit xp install....and it's the reason to stay 32 in ubuntu :p21:22
holsteinConzeit_: do you have over 4gb of ram?21:22
holsteinthats a good reason to run 64bit linux21:22
holsteinsupport of more than 4gb of ram21:22
holsteinbut if the motherboard supports it21:22
holsteinyou can run a PAE kernel21:22
holsteinin a 32bit OS21:23
holsteinand access all your ram21:23
holsteinim told*21:23
Conzeit_I see21:23
Conzeit_that's good to know21:23
Conzeit_when I need more ram21:23
holsteinyeah, if i were you, id just sit on 32bit like an egg :)21:23
Conzeit_thanks again holstein =)21:23
holsteinbut to answer your question21:24
holsteinyou have to reinstall to migrate to 64bit21:24
Conzeit_but...not my problem, right? ;p21:24
Conzeit_ah....good to know, cya later holstein..and thanks =)21:25

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