TheSkewardHi.  I'm on Ubuntu 10.04 under the XFCE desktop environment, attempting to use Altec BX1220 speakers, and when I plug them in, they light up and give feedback, but no sound comes from them.  Can anyone help me?00:15
TheSkewardThe speaker icon says "100% | 0.00 dB | Internal Audio Digital Stereo (IEC958)" when I mouse over it00:16
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wowheadhello i just upgraded my video card and now i can not log into xubuntu from grub04:17
wowheadcan anyone help me04:18
wowheadi would like to get back into xubuntu my screen flashes and than nothing how can i fix thid04:20
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wowheadis anyone awake04:24
ridinmmmm, you might wanna ask in #ubuntu04:25
wowheadill give a cookie if anyone can help me04:25
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s_andyhi, im getting an error when i try to log into  any non root sesion on my xubuntu box, it says i have some problem with the power manager and that i should contact my system admin. What should  I do?05:22
s_andybtw, the problem, besides the error message, is that i just cant start a X session05:22
putaasplease somne help me06:18
psycho_oreoswe're not mind readers06:19
putaasat gdm, only root is able to login, normal users can't, they get back to gdm...06:19
putaasim trying to see what the problem is but not eve xsession files are being created06:20
psycho_oreossounds like you didn't install xubuntu straight off, that is you installed xubuntu-desktop06:20
psycho_oreosit could also be group rights issues06:21
putaasi was getting an error a few minutes ago about the poweranager swettngs not being loaded06:22
putaasa few times i have been able to login  but the seesssion looks weird, well,just, unconfigured06:23
putaasshouldnt userA be in group userA06:24
arpad2hello, good morning06:26
arpad2i restarted my pc06:27
arpad2and since than it can boot only win706:27
arpad2last time it was running transmission on xubuntu06:28
putaasxubuntu is starting too behave weird with me too06:28
arpad2grub2 also disappeared06:28
putaaseverytime i reboot is a different thing missing or working different06:29
psycho_oreosno I think the normal user should also be a member of other groups rather than being a group of its own06:29
psycho_oreosare these from upgrades?06:29
putaasi think i had installed originaly xubuntu 906:30
arpad2what i know is that during my installation i didnt install grub 2 the best way06:30
psycho_oreosupgrades are never done cleanly imo, probably best to backup all personal data and do clean install06:30
psycho_oreosarpad2, was windows installed after xubuntu?06:31
arpad2yes, indeed06:31
psycho_oreosarpad2, that's the problem, windows tends to overwrite the MBR of the hard disk/SSD with its own boot loader06:32
arpad2yes, but last night i didnt do any OS installation06:33
arpad2only doing with regular programs06:33
arpad2so i shall try booting with live cd?06:34
psycho_oreosso you had xubuntu and windows working on dualboot with grub2 and all of the sudden, the last thing you did on computer was using transmission on xubuntu which somehow caused grub2 to disappear completely?06:34
arpad2i didnt switch pc overnight06:35
arpad2switch off06:35
psycho_oreoshave you updated/upgraded any programs in the process?06:35
arpad2not as far i can remember:)06:35
psycho_oreosare the update/upgrades done automatically?06:35
arpad2automatic is only the notification06:36
psycho_oreoswell I guess the only way is to recover grub2 as per usual06:36
arpad2as shown at help.ubuntu.com?06:37
psycho_oreosor however you did it in the first place :)06:59
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nicofsDuring boot i get the message "Unable to detect available WMID devices" - which slows down my boot. How can i remove that. [Running Acer Aspire One 532h, N270 1,66GHz, latest Xubuntu]13:07
nicofsHow can I speed up my boot process? I recently upgraded my netbook with an SSD - but i am still far away from these 10-second-boot promises i heard. [Running Xubuntu on Acer Aspire One 532h, N270@1,66GHz]13:40
TheSheepnicofs: whoever made that promise, he lied13:41
Sysiyou don't need to repeat13:41
Sysiare you counting login to that time?13:41
nicofsTheSheep: even 20 second would be an improvement...13:41
nicofsSysi: i am not repeating... and i disabled login.13:41
Sysiinstall bootchart13:42
nicofssysi: ok, will try...13:42
nicofssysi: i installed is... how do i use it? or is installing enough already?13:46
nicofssysi: *it13:46
Sysireboot and see /var/log/bootchart/13:47
nicofssysi: /var/log/bootchart is empty...13:52
Sysii have files there and i didn't remember it's installed13:53
D347H-C0D3Hi gys... I just used debootrap for ubuntu 8.04 on my ubuntu 9.04(hosted on virtual box). When i tried installing xfce desktop on ubuntu 8.04 the folowing error came: http://paste.ubuntu.com/464024/13:59
gaussfrankCan anyone tell me how to set the window color in xubuntu13:59
Sysigaussfrank: install/change theme, for many default themes it changes with gtk-theme14:00
gaussfrankI want to change on my opinion14:00
Sysimake own theme :P14:00
gaussfrankOnly want to change a white-color-window into a green-color-window14:01
gaussfrankOh,how can I do it easily?14:01
TheSheepgaussfrank: you can use an existing theme as a base14:01
Sysioh wait, what do you mean by "window color"?14:01
TheSheepgaussfrank: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeArt/Tutorials/GtkThemes14:02
gaussfrankFor example14:02
gaussfrankYou can see white in Mousepad14:02
gaussfrankSorry for my ugly English.14:02
SysiD347H-C0D3: you could try to reinstall cups14:03
gaussfrankI meant that the color background in a window or a dialog14:05
D347H-C0D3Sysi: When i run apt-get install xubuntu-desktop that cups package is downloaded14:05
D347H-C0D3Sysi: The error comes during installation14:06
Sysidebootstrap can give odd problems..14:06
Sysigaussfrank: are you looking for something like gnome-color-chooser?14:07
gaussfrankMaybe yes. I edited it in gnome easily. Or instead, edit some configure files.14:09
gaussfrankFor another example,we can change "web background" color in firefox.14:10
gaussfrankI want to edit all window like firefox.14:11
gaussfrankIs there any tool like this?14:14
gaussfrankOh,Sysi,not gnome-color-chooser14:25
gaussfrankIn gnome, we can edit color in there14:28
Sysiafaik there isn't anything like that in xubuntu14:30
Sysibut if you can save theme "created" like that, you can maybe use it14:30
gaussfrankoh,but can i edit it by editing some configure file.14:31
Sysii think they are in gtk theme14:31
gaussfrankI've found theme files in system. maybe /usr/share/**14:31
gaussfrankThen there's a file named gtkrc14:32
Sysiyeah, that's the gtk-theme14:33
gaussfrankI don't know which one is what I want to edit14:36
gaussfrankI don't know the one which I want to edit14:36
gaussfrankThere are many color settings in this file. I'd edited a one, but .............14:37
gaussfrankIs there any official manual14:44
gaussfrankIf i get it, i can search for translations.14:44
Sysisearch for "creating gtk-theme" or something15:09
gaussfrankwhat does 'style "default"' mean15:09
gaussfrankIs it?15:09
gaussfrankIf I search "creating gtk-theme' in Chinese, I found how to MFC and how to VC++ ......15:12
bazhanghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=944189 no easy way gaussfrank15:15
gaussfrankIt's the most difficult way for me is to read English......So I translate it in Google Translation15:18
gaussfrankI failed15:57
gaussfrankI edited style "default"15:57
solotimhello. my prime partition is shortage of space, so I moved my /home to another partition and created a symbolic links pointed to that. I wonder if I can do the same thing to other root directories. Any suggestions?15:59
TheSheepsolotim: try 'sudo apt-get clean'16:02
TheSheepsolotim: this will clean apt-get cache16:03
solotimTheSheep: that's far from enough, I've tried.16:07
solotimwhatsoever, there are only 200M left in my prime partition16:07
TheSheepyou can move any directory in / to another partition and mount it in that place16:07
TheSheepbut that usually requires booting from a cd, so that the files are not in use while you move them16:08
TheSheepit's common to have /var and /usr on separate partitions16:08
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solotimYes, I thought the same way.  I've managed to mv /var to another partition.  But for /usr it is a little bit unsafe I feel16:11
solotimsince the binary file 'sudo' sits in /usr/bin, it seems we can't cp those kinds of special file.16:12
solotimI get no cd driver. My solution is firstly cp the whole directory tree to another partition, and then mv, say /var, to /var_bk, and "sudo ln -s /media/sda5/var /var"16:14
solotimhello, TheSheep, are you there?16:19
Sysiyou can boot from usb16:21
solotimSysi: I can't. LOL, this is a pretty old computer  Dell C60016:25
solotimThanks for the advice16:25
Sysii forgot 'maybe' :p16:29
bourkehi, in xfce compiz seems to be putting shadows over my menu bars until I mouse over them. would anyone know how to disabl this?16:34
charlie-tcaDay 4 of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloper Week starts in 20 minutes in #ubuntu-classroom16:39
knomecharlie-tca, one space too many? :)16:50
nicofsCan anyone help me fix my 3g modem? it's there and recognized as such, i can create a connection. when i try to connect the first time - it shows the connecting-icon for a few seconds and then goes to "Disconnected". If i retry after that it goes to "Disconnected" right away. If i try to connect via wvdial i get "invalid dial command". The SIM has no PIN, i have reception and the problem persists with various providers. I was able to co16:52
charlie-tcaknome: Oh! yeah, I guess so16:53
arpad2hello everybody!18:24
* likemindead waves.18:25
arpad2what does it mean if with fdisk -l command on live cd only one out of two HDD s is seen?18:26
nicofsCan anyone help me fix my 3g modem? it's there and recognized as such, i can create a connection. when i try to connect the first time - it shows the connecting-icon for a few seconds and then goes to "Disconnected". If i retry after that it goes to "Disconnected" right away. If i try to connect via wvdial i get "invalid dial command". The SIM has no PIN, i have reception and the problem persists with various providers. I was able to co18:30
charlie-tcanicofs: your paragraph is too long. The last visible part reads "I was able to c "18:31
ridinc food18:32
ridinsee? aaaa18:32
nicofsCan anyone help me fix my 3g modem? it's there and recognized as such, i can create a connection. when i try to connect the first time - it shows the connecting-icon for a few seconds and then goes to "Disconnected". If i retry after that it goes to "Disconnected" right away. If i try to connect via wvdial i get "invalid dial command". The SIM has no PIN, i have reception and i was able to connect before.18:33
Facualguien que hable español?18:58
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.18:58
arpad2what does it mean if the BIOS cant detect the hard drive?19:00
Sysisounds like broken hard drive19:00
arpad2end of the lifetime for that item?19:01
Sysican be19:01
arpad2or can it be revitalised somehow?19:01
charlie-tcacould be the cable, too19:01
arpad2so , to go with it to a service coold help..19:02
arpad2unfortunately xubuntu was on that drive?(19:03
charlie-tca Xubuntu presentation in Ubuntu Developer Week at 19:00 UTC today in #ubuntu-classroom19:49
nicofsCan someone help me troubleshoot my 3g modem? it stopped working (i can't connect anymore)20:03
nicofsCan someone help me troubleshoot my 3g modem? it stopped working (i can't connect anymore)20:11
simarHi everyone.20:45
wowheadi just upgraded my video card and i can not log into xubuntu the screen just flashes than goes blank could someone help me with this21:39
wowheadcan anyone help me with this21:41
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.21:42
nicofscan anyone help me with my 3g modem? i can't connect anymore. i'm trying sakis 3g atm, but it doesn't work... neither does wvdial ("invalid dial command"). I need help. i need that connection to work 2morrow...22:50
nicofsthere is a program in my Software Menu in the category "Network" which i need to start from console - how can i find out how it is called? The name displayed in the menu is not the name of the package...23:35
Sysiis there something like "about" in menubar (if any)?23:36
nicofs"About Xfce"23:37
Sysiin that window i mean23:38
nicofsyou mean the program i'm looking for? it won't start from the menu... i suppose it needs sudo - hence the console...23:39
ridinwhat's the program called?23:40
nicofsridin: Mobile Partner23:41
ridinwhere did you get it23:42
ridinubuntu software center23:42
nicofsridin: http://www.acer.com/aspireone/support/files/connect.html - came with a shell script...23:42
nicofsridin: apparently, ubuntu doesn't provide anything that get's me connected to 3G23:43
totoronicofs: ftp://ftp.acer-euro.com/netbook/aspire_one_110/linux/application/huawei081126.sh.zip ?23:48
nicofstotoro: yes, that...23:49
totoro.zip, extract that23:49
totoroand then double click the .sh file23:49
nicofstotoro: i am not asking how to install it... i need to know, how to start the programm i installed from a terminal...23:50
totorotype in macles23:50
totorojust a guess23:50
nicofstotoro: guess what my guess was...23:52
totorothat i guessed wrong23:53
nicofstotoro: yep. macles didn't work...23:53

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