natarenHello. I am running bzr 1.16.1 on Windows, and I have a rules files saying 'eol = native', it used to work fine but all of a sudden stopped working, and now my checkout come down as LF only.00:12
natarenDo you have any advice on how I can make it work fine.00:13
natarenI am experiencing nasty merge conflicts due to the newlines problem.00:13
natarenI created the repo and the branch as --2a00:13
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riochI've just committed some code and I have a release ready. I want to tag this. Is it just a case of doing: bzr tag <tag-name> or do I need to specify the revision? I assume I also need to push after the tag?12:15
fullermdtag will tag the head of the branch if you don't specify a revision, so if that's the rev you want to tag...12:18
riochit is :)12:18
riochis it also possible to get a list of all the tags?12:18
riochit's strange that bzr status doesn't show that I've created a tag12:20
fullermdWhy would it?12:20
riochbecause my local repo. isn't the same as the repo. in launchpad, so I need to push that tag over there. I use bzr status as a way of seeing if I need to do that.12:21
fullermdAh.  Then you're misusing status  ;)12:21
fullermdIt talks about uncommitted stuff.  Doesn't have anything to say about differences between two branches.12:21
rioch:) good point12:22
riochbut I do need to push this tag to get it into launchpad, right?12:22
fullermd(and tags don't get committed anyway, so status wouldn't have anything to say about them regardless)12:22
lifelessplease file a bug about status not showing the tag12:22
lifelessfullermd: people look there. therefore we should do *something* to make it clear either what does happen, or perhaps do what they expect12:23
riochI'm confused. If I tag and then push, it says "no new revision to push", so how do I get my tag into launchpad?12:24
lifelessthat should have pushed it12:24
riocheven when it said "no revisions to push" it still pushed something?12:26
fullermdYeah, there's a bug about that.12:26
riochah ok.12:26
fullermdpush only _talks_ about revisions, though it does push tags too.12:26
fullermdActually, at one point it didn't push tags if there weren't revs to push too, but I'm pretty sure that one got squashed a while ago.12:26
riochcan I verify that it pushed it in launchpad?12:27
fullermd`bzr tags $URL`.  Probably `bzr tags :push` in your branch, since the LP branch is presumably the push location.12:27
riochI normally do bzr push lp:prioritise12:30
riochI did bzr tags -d lp:prioritise and it took a bit of time, then came back with the tag so I think it's in there.12:33
riochIf not, I can remember revision 10 for now :D12:33
fullermdYeah, tags is probably a bit slow remotely, looking up revids.12:34
fullermdtags --show-ids may be faster since it doesn't have to do the translations.12:34
fullermdprioritise-0.1.0     jon@nijmegen-20100717110900-hdevk45kz74p5rck12:35
rockstarjam, https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/tarmac/+bug/60474121:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 604741 in Tarmac "HookFailed is deprecated (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]21:02

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